Discover Benelux, Issue 62, February 2019

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Operating from the Flemish town of Temse near Antwerp, SASS Architects supports its creative designs with efficient project management, solid architecture and an aesthetic of clean lines and sustainable solutions in sync with natural surroundings. “The kind of modern architecture we believe in is about flexibility, timelessness and, most of all, simplicity,” says SASS founder and managing director Sam Van Mele. “Keeping it simple is our mantra.” Founded in 2015, SASS have hit the ground running with a range of successful commissions for private homes, 22  |  Issue 62  |  February 2019

town planning developments, apartment buildings and commercial property. In three years, Sam’s one-man band has grown into a mid-sized firm employing four freelance architects, an interior architect, a dedicated project manager and a commercial manager. “But we still operate more like a hub for creative minds than as a traditional architectural firm,” Sam smiles. “For every new commission, we like to challenge each other to come up with new perspectives and ideas. It’s what we have always done since we’ve known each other as students at the Luca School of Arts in Ghent, and in my mind it’s the only way that we can continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.”

Commercial property While high-end private builds still take up a sizeable proportion of their portfolio, SASS have also started to make a name for themselves in town planning architecture, residential apartment buildings, offices and other commercial real estate. “We have just finished our design for a large new multi-purpose development with a hotel, offices, restaurants and retail in Lokeren, which we are really proud of. It’s the kind of project we relish, because it’s about making creative use of resources and location to design a building which can be used for different purposes 24/7, where different uses of the building reinforce each other. In ad-