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Atrium Business Park is located in Bertrange, close to Luxembourg City.

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The workspace in Atrium Business Park in Bertrange, approximately three kilometres west of the centre of Luxembourg City, has exactly what modern businesses need. Sporting a singular blend of services and structures that make socialising, working, networking and keeping a healthy work-life balance easier, these workspaces are an obvious choice when it comes to facing the everyday challenges of modern work life.

says Jack Schulte from Deka Immobilien GmbH, the owner of Atrium Business Park. “So, by introducing a number of changes – such as, for example, new signage and digital display boards in each entrance hall, as well as a new landscaping project – we are creating a relaxed, worker-friendly environment that considerably facilitates everyday life. At the request of our tenants, we are also looking into providing more health/sports activities on-site.”

“When we took over the Atrium Business Park in 2016, one of our foremost goals was to improve the feel-good, inspiring and welcoming atmosphere of the facility,”

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92  |  Issue 59  |  November 2018

Located within comfortable reach of the motorways leading into Belgium, France and Germany, the Atrium Business Park

is easily accessible. By offering the tenants a secure, perfectly adaptable work environment, Atrium Business Park creates a unique ambiance for businesses that focus on inspiring work as well as on the perfect work-life-balance of their employees. “Atrium Business Park matches the requirements of modern people and enterprises,” elaborates Schulte. “For one, our buildings are secured by modern, high-end security systems and ultra modern signage to provide up-to-date guidance.” To cater to the needs of almost any company seeking quality business space, the office space offers great versatility. What