Discover Benelux, Issue 59, November 2018

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Carefree swimming in bespoke stainless steel TEXT: KARIN VENEMA  |  PHOTOS: HILDE VERBEKE

Nouv’eau does not need a showroom. The stainless steel pool maker has numerous satisfied customers who happily show off their stunning, custommade swimming pools to prospective clients. A look into Nouv’eau’s portfolio shows their dedication to precision and craftsmanship and the beautiful look of stainless steel swimming pools. Aside from being made from durable material, a stainless steel swimming pool has many benefits over classic constructions. “The colour of the water is very natural as the material reflects the light and the envi78  |  Issue 59  |  November 2018

ronment. The water colour is a mix of blue, grey and green, depending on the weather and the surroundings of the pool. The appearance is timeless and it fits in both modern and classic settings, depending on the finishing,” says Philippe D’hont, manager at Nouv’eau. The smooth, stainless steel surface stops dirt and grime from sticking to the sides. Thanks to the cleaning robot included, there is hardly any maintenance required. Moreover, the material does not become porous under the influence of sunlight and other weather conditions. In fact,

tests have shown that stainless steel swimming pools can last over 75 years. On the other hand, traditional pools usually need to be renovated or replaced after a decade or two.