Discover Benelux, Issue 59, November 2018

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More and more men who suffer from hair loss are considering hair transplantation. But what if you are not eligible for it, or ready to commit to a surgical procedure? Pro Hair Clinic has a solution: Micro Hair Pigmentation. “After this procedure, people will ask ‘why won’t you grow your hair?’ That is how real it looks,” says Bart Verbeeck, founder and CEO of Pro Hair Clinic. Micro Hair Pigmentation (MHP), also known as Tricopigmentation, is a nonsurgical procedure which uses the latest technology to create the effect of a full head of hair, by depositing nonpermanent pigments on the scalp. “It is an ideal choice for men with an advanced 64  |  Issue 59  |  November 2018

hair loss pattern, but who are not ready or eligible for a hair transplant.” Some people do not want to undergo a surgical procedure. Others may not have enough hair left to transplant, in which case a transplant might not take. And some might be too young, because the hair growth or loss is not finished yet. “If you transplant hair too early, then the front side of the head might look good, but behind the transplanted parts, the hairline will start to recede,” explains Verbeeck. “You can imagine what that would look like.”

Creating a ‘shaven-look hairstyle’ MHP enhances the optical density of hair and creates virtual ‘hair stubble’ by depos-