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The era in which hospitals were entirely clad in ice-cold whiteness lies behind us. Interior designers like Suzanne Holtz smuggle colours and homeliness into the long, depressing corridors, transforming them into a healthy, healing environment. “As an interior designer, you can really make a difference in a patient’s time at the hospital,” Suzanne Holtz explains. “They have to navigate themselves through the clinic towards consultations, tests, operations, scans... nothing but unpleasant things. By using different colours, themes or materials, it’s easier for them to orientate. This takes some of the stress 38  |  Issue 59  |  November 2018

away and gives them a feeling of control. They’re at their most vulnerable and deserve a little extra attention.” Since her studio started to design hospital interiors a couple of years ago, Holtz took on many opportunities to change clinical atmospheres in all corners of the Netherlands. “I like how these assignments surpass the light-footedness that interior architecture can have sometimes. Not only do I have to create a nice environment to work and stay in, I must also take the draconically strict regulations for infection prevention into account. It’s the art of making something very functional look as hospitable as possible.”

Suzanne Holtz