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Based in Brussels, epure is a versatile architectural firm, founded in 1998. The company’s contemporary approach to architecture is innovative, and offers clients tailor-made solutions that fit the surrounding environment. With projects spanning from Belgium to Luxembourg, France, the Netherlands and Egypt, epure’s portfolio covers everything from offices to retail spaces, housing complexes and private homes. At the forefront of epure’s values lies a belief in creating a strong relationship with clients, which they consider to be key to the success of any project. “As a result, whatever size or type of project we are involved in – housing, offices, retail spaces, renovation or construction – our approach is always the same: to work closely with our clients,” says Christophe Bichara, 16  |  Issue 59  |  November 2018

epure’s owner. Ranging from big name clients to individuals, no job is too big or small for epure Architects. “Maintaining a confidential and intimate relationship with our clients is of utmost importance to us. This has allowed us to work on several high-profile projects,” he adds.

Combining function and wellbeing The firm’s designs always take into consideration the functionality of the space in question, and the user is the focal point in all designs. “We are detail-oriented, and it is our job to highlight issues and finer details. Everything serves a purpose, and we do not do any useless designs. In offices and housing, people’s wellbeing is the main focus. For example, in an office, gaining an understanding of how people work within the company, will determine how we will organise the office space: whether to have an open-plan office, or

individual cubicles, or to group some departments together. This is only possible when clients have complete confidence in us. It will also guide us in choosing which departments are put next to each other, which can have a big impact on work satisfaction and productivity – something that might not be immediately obvious to outsiders. It is those tiny details that we are able to spot, and we make design recommendations and decisions based on those,” Bichara explains. Environmental sustainability is always taken into consideration when it comes to choosing materials. In renovation projects, epure Architects aims to keep and reuse as many materials as possible, and whenever possible, they favour sourcing wood, glass and stone from somewhere as close to the site as possible, for example, rather than shipping it from