Discover Benelux, Issue 58, October 2018

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A perfect bathroom for every taste TEXT: XANDRA BOERSMA  |  PHOTOS: VEJA BATHROOMS

Classic, Victorian, retro or very modern − there is something for everyone: which sounds like a cliché, but is very true. At Veja Bathrooms, they make sure you get the bathroom of your dreams. It has been a year and a half since An-Benedikte Ceulemans and her husband Pieter De Jaeck took over Veja, which was founded in 1994. But looking at the difference they have made, it might as well have been years. “We’ve changed the showroom and collection completely,” Ceulemans says. “It used to be quite simple: wooden bathroom furni50  |  Issue 58  |  October 2018

ture, grey and white tiles… we decided we wanted to show off everything there is to offer.” How much more, exactly, Ceulemans discovered when she composed the new showroom. “We went to interior fairs in Milan and Paris, for example. I’m a big interior enthusiast myself, so luckily I have always been up to date with trends.”

High-quality bathrooms Trends are not the main priority for Veja though. While trends come and go, a bathroom design has to last for over ten

years. “That’s why quality means a lot to us. I ask every supplier before we go into business with them: if I buy your faucet now and ten years from now it breaks, will I be able to order the required parts? If the answer is ‘no’, we’ll simply not buy from them. We have to ensure that the product we sell to our customers is the best and they will not be disappointed.” Craftsmanship and quality are the cornerstones of the company’s ethos. Employees have been working there for a long time: they set the bar high for themselves and know the products thoroughly. “Those