Discover Benelux, Issue 57, September 2018

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Adding true creativity to its strategy and design, Clockwork is an ideal go-to partner for cutting-edge business innovation and digital solutions. “These are exciting times for new business,” Clockwork manager Johan Steppe declares with a big smile on his face. “There is a real dynamic, and markets are in constant flux – which means organisations need to adapt, spot new opportunities and build new strategies. And that’s where we come in.” Clockwork is a young innovation and service design company that helps businesses to address complex problems which often require radical new business models and disruptive digital strategies. 70  |  Issue 57  |  September 2018

As part of Ordina Benelux, Steppe and his team serve a roster of large businesses and organisations, including Nike, Barco, KBC, the City of Antwerp, ADMB group and Eneco. “Clients come to us directly, or they are redirected to us through our mother company Ordina. Usually, they ask us to help them innovate their business using digital tools and platforms, whether it’s to reposition their business in the digital ecosystem, or to develop new digital products and services.”

Value-based process One of the things setting Clockwork apart from the competition is the extensive amount of research, analysis and data projections they conduct before they start working on a strategy and a solution. “We

call this ‘shaping the problem space’,” Steppe’s colleague, co-business unit manager Bart Haedens explains. “It’s the first phase in a process designed to add value to the market.” This process comprises a value discovery phase, a value delivery phase and, finally, a value acceleration phase. “The value discovery phase and, in particular, developing a clear and well-defined challenge for the design of a product or service, is vital in this process. It’s where we have to create awareness among the key business stakeholders and make sure they are all agreed and aligned.” Having set a clear challenge based on goals, KPIs and various analyses, the