Discover Benelux, Issue 56, August 2018

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Preserving the heritage of real Belgian Chocolate is their biggest goal. The family recipes are still in use and perfected over the years, but the company also safeguards the future of chocolate with their sustainable cacao programme.

Belgian chocolate: probably the best pairing of words. Its reputation has always been one of great taste and superior quality. In the village of Erembodegem, Belcolade, the real Belgian chocolate brand of Puratos, produces some of the best chocolate the country has to offer.

Sustainability as win-win

Belcolade was founded in 1988 and has remained a family business. The owners’ love for chocolate is much more than always pursuing the highest quality ingredients and achieving superior taste.

Puratos’ sustainability programme is called Cacao-Trace. It has all the required parts of sustainable certification, but with an additional element. The fermentation of the cocoa beans is fully under the control of the company. It is just as great wine de-

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pends on how its grapes are fermented, the more expertly fermented the cocoa beans, the better the final chocolate will taste. In post-harvest centres close to cocoa farmers, expert fermenters monitor and improve the fermentation process and check the quality of the cocoa beans. This ensures Belcolade Cacao-Trace chocolate will have a consistently exceptional taste. Laura Remory explains: “Our sustainable cocoa sourcing programme (consistency) is an added value for everyone. From growing the cocoa to the end customer,