Discover Benelux, Issue 54, June 2018

Page 16

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Design with experience TEXT: ELLA PUT  |  PHOTOS: DIMITRI DE ROECK

Whether feeling like redecorating the entire office and house or in need of a new bookshelf, the excellent craftsmanship of designer Dimitri de Roeck and his team will turn each renovation project into a success story. The ever-expanding Dutch interior scene can look back on many successful collaborations in and outside of the Netherlands in the past few years. With over 15 years of experience, interior designer Dimitri de Roeck and his devoted team deliver excellent craftsmanship to any budget and almost every occasion. But what exactly could explain such international success? “We base our work on experience. We hold knowledge on each and every detail of all the renovations that we do,” owner Dimitri de Roeck explains. “This means that when a client hires us, they can count on us in each step of the renovation, no matter the size of the project.” 16  |  Issue 54  |  June 2018

Having worked on renovations of restaurants, houses and showrooms, de Roeck explains that listening to the wishes of the client creates the important base to start with. “We listen to clients’ desires. This means also showing the client that we work with passion, patience and expertise. I compare it with handling a baseboard; one can hit it with nails, or glue it with patience. We choose the last one – patience, but with care.”

But even after all these years, the thrill of working on projects still comes from the same place: “In the end, the ultimate joy is simply making beautiful things. However, the biggest reward comes from our clients, seeing them happy and satisfied with the work we do for them. When everything looks exactly as they imagined it to be, our mission is completed.”

A preview of the outstanding craftsmanship can be seen in the 900-square-metre warehouse in Wormerveer, just a stone’s throw away from the eclectic capital Amsterdam. “When I started this company 20 years ago I did not dare to even dream of where we are today,” De Roecks explains. “I was driving around in a rented minivan, doing most of the work myself. Now we have an experienced, devoted team that works incredibly hard to make the most of every project.”