Discover Benelux, Issue 53, May 2018

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‘Almost every chocolate bar in the world is produced on one of our machines’ TEXT: MICHIEL STOL  |  PHOTOS: ROYAL DUYVIS WIENE

The heart of the world’s cacao producing industry lies in the Zaan area in the west of the Netherlands, just above Amsterdam. And for more than 130 years, Royal Duyvis Wiener has been producing cocoa and chocolate processing machines in Koog aan de Zaan. “There isn’t a chocolate bar in the world that isn’t produced by one of our machines,” smiles CEO Mirjam van Dijk. The company started out as a repair shop for processing machines for industrial food processors, especially for the cocoa industry. Soon, Royal Duyvis Wiener shifted the focus on building the machines themselves. “We build and deliver machines for the biggest chocolate companies in the world, as well as local chocolatiers and gourmet chefs. People nowadays want to know where their chocolate is coming from and with our machines, the chefs can literally show their process,” explains Van Dijk. The company builds machines for 68  |  Issue 53  |  May 2018

every part of the chocolate making chain, from roasting machines to chocolateprocessing machines.

products. Whether it is chocolate, cocoa or nuts; trails can be performed, and methods and recipes tested.”

“We see a lot of growth in Asia for instance, even though chocolate is not ‘native’ over there, like it is here in Europe or the United States, where most of the cocoa beans were being processed. By talking to our customers and working together as partners, we can assess the market needs, and easily scale up and build the machines necessary,” Van Dijk continues.

Royal Duyvis Wiener puts a strong focus on innovation, elaborates Van Dijk. “Optimising process lines and looking at ways to make the lines more sustainable is something that we want, but also our customers too. Our team of food experts and engineers work side by side to analyse taste and optimise performance in collaboration with our clients, who come here from all over the world.”

The biggest testing facility in the world Since every chocolate bar has its own recipe, machines and production lines have to be customised. That is why Royal Duyvis Wiener recently opened a 2,000-square-metre testing facility next to the plant in Koog aan de Zaan. “It is a one of a kind, hi-tech facility,” says Van Dijk. “Here, customers are able to test and analyse the development of their new

Concludes Van Dijk: “And the beautiful view in the testing facility of the Zaan area is an extra bonus.” Mirjam Van Dijk.