Discover Benelux, Issue 53, May 2018

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Ontwerp DZAP. Photo: Fotografie Zibber

Ontwerp Switchs-Studio OK. Photo: Fotografie-Stijn Poelstra

‘Interior design is part of your style’ TEXT: MICHIEL STOL  |  PHOTOS: BUREAU VANDERVORM

A well designed office interior is not just about nice furniture or a beautiful lamp. It says something about the company and gives your employees a sense of being at home. “You have to ask yourself why you want certain furniture. Most people don’t do that, so we ask these questions for them,” says Melvin Schalkx, director of Bureau vandervorm. “Office spaces need to be more efficiently designed and to have multiple purposes. But always keep in mind the users,” elaborates Schalkx. “And the design has to fit within the style of the building as well as the company.” Bureau vandervorm carefully guides its clients from concept to execution. “Whether we are being hired by an architect with a fully developed plan, or by clients that come to us directly with just an idea; we will always be asking these questions, to create the perfect design.” Bureau vandervorm have been working with this passion and tenacity for over 24  |  Issue 53  |  May 2018

eight years now, first in Zaandam and now in Naarden. “We all love design and quality furniture,” explains Schalkx. “Even though my background is in business, I have always been fascinated by design and stylish furniture. To put that in practice for all kinds of different clients - from a department of the municipality of Rotterdam and bank branch offices, to multinational companies like Heineken - and create the best interior designs for them is really great.”

One step further “Each client has their own style and wishes,” Schalkx continues. “For instance, for Heineken we have designed a learning centre. That sounds pretty straight forward, but people who use it, also need places where they can meet. So we created several lounge places, where employees and users can talk to each other in private. That makes the room much more efficient. We always try to go one step further.” Bureau vandervorm often incorporate Dutch designers. “They create amazing,

timeless and diverse products that are of high quality, and almost always fit with a concept,” says Schalkx. “The Dutch are amongst the best designers in the world. Take a look at what’s being displayed at the Dutch Design Week each year. We should be more proud of them.” “As a company you want to emit a certain style. The interior design of your office or building is part of that style,” Schalkx smiles. Ontwerp DZAP. Photo: Fotografie Stijn Poelstra