Discover Benelux, Issue 52, April 2018

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Far from your average handbag TEXT: XANDRA BOERSMA  |  PHOTOS: OH MY BAG!

A handbag is the perfect accessory, giving even the most casual outfit instant class. That is, if you choose the right design. Luckily, Patricia Ramet is here to help. At her boutique, Oh My Bag!, she will most certainly have the perfect one for you. You will find much more than the average handbag at Oh My Bag! Ramet selects her collection with great care. “Of course, quality is very important to me,” she begins. “So I only sell brands that I know deliver quality every time.” Quality is not the only requirement though - a handbag has to be special. That does not necessarily mean extravagant, but unique and eye-catching nonetheless. “I want people to find something here that they won’t find in a regular store. I get that a lot from my customers. Recently there was a woman who travelled more than 30 kilometres to visit my boutique.” But let us go back to that quality for a moment, because it is not only the bags that 74  |  Issue 52  |  April 2018

must meet Ramet’s high quality standards. “Quality is in everything. I strongly feel that the service every customer receives needs to be perfect too. I always offer them a cup of tea or coffee and a nice conversation. I want Oh My Bag! to be a pleasant place to be. Even if you only want to check the collection and not buy anything at all.”

but I get very good reactions.” No wonder, because whatever the crowd, the bags at Oh My Bag! have something special about them and are always incredibly stylish. That will most definitely never change.

Located near Antwerp central station and the diamond district, Oh My Bag! is not a new boutique, although Ramet is fairly new - she took over the business a year and a half ago. As a newcomer to the fashion industry, it took some adjusting in the beginning. “I especially had to watch that I didn’t just purchase the designs that I loved. It’s important that there’s a market for it. I have to sell, of course.” To attract a younger audience as well as the regulars, she modernised the interior and the collection. “I added some new brands popular with a younger crowd. And I also started selling bags for men. It’s a smaller selection and a little bit more pricey,