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B I L LY ’ S … T H E O R I G I N A L A U S T R A L I A N P I E


Taking on the big boys of pie production Australians abroad yearning for a delicious meat pie often end up disappointed. So long-term Leiden resident, Australian Darren Handley, decided to bring a taste of home to the Lowlands and created Billy’s Bakehouse. “I wanted to make affordable, great-tasting meat pies that you bake yourself. A pie that would compete with the big boys of pie production: straight from the freezer to the oven to the plate, and in the shortest of times.” Something made from good quality minced meat, a light shortcrust base and a fluffy puff pastry lid. It could not be that difficult. Or could it? Darren could not find a single pie available for the consumer that fitted the bill. Son of a butcher and pie lady, but builder by trade, Darren approached the process without baking experience, allowing him to think outside the box. “Two years of research followed and with a simple change of ingredients and an even simpler change in the production process, I launched the final product,

giving the consumer the freshest baked pie on the planet.” In January 2017, Pierates (independent pie reviewers and judges of The British Pie Awards) took a delivery of an assortment of pies, and wrote the review Billy’s Bakehouse had been waiting for, leading the way for export to the UK. Darren’s unique combination cooks perfectly in about 20 minutes straight from the freezer, making it ideal for rugby and football clubs, cafés, bars and restaurants. And with proven results from steady growth in supermarkets and retail outlets, the future is looking bright at Billy’s. Darren Handley.

From the guys at Pierates: billys-bakehouse.html E-mail: Web: Facebook: australianpie



Innovative, high quality and animal friendly Mozzarella cheese is loved all over the world, and has been around for centuries. Real mozzarella is made from buffalo milk, which according to two gentlemen in the Dutch province of Limburg, is more versatile than you might think. Their company, Buffalo Foods, have set out to prove this. Founded in 2011 by Jan Seerden and John Probst, Buffalo Foods produces milk from Dutch buffalo herds and an array of high quality, animal-friendly products. Mozzarella is their number-one selling product, but Buffalo Foods also makes a type of feta cheese, and even yoghurt. “The girls do all the work,” exclaims Seerden, when he talks about the water buffalo. A notable claim, as Seerden makes it very clear that nature is not rushed when Buffalo Foods makes its various types of products. “At the buffalo farms, they don’t use anything to manipulate 56  |  Issue 52  |  April 2018

the animals into giving milk. It’s at their pace. You could say our products are slow food.” Seerden and Probst work with almost every buffalo farmer in the Netherlands. This collaboration ensures a production process which is as uniform as can be. “Our products have a ‘clean label’, which means we only use those ingredients the recipe requires. It means our cheese makers are perfectly skilled in making the product we want everyone to know. It’s for our customers to decide if they want to add their own personal flavour in the kitchen.” In the mood for a recipe involving mozzarella that differs from the traditional ‘caprese’? Seerden can offer some inspiration: “Instead of tomatoes and basil to complement the mozzarella, why not try raspberries and mint?” Discover more exciting recipes at

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