Discover Benelux, Issue 52, April 2018

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Juice that is worth the squeeze TEXT: BAS VAN DUREN  |  PHOTOS: JUIZ~S

Getting your daily dose of vitamins and other nutrients can be a hassle, especially when we are all used to cooking our dinner - which results in a loss of vitamins. Enter cold-pressed juices where raw vegetables and fruits are used as the basis for a drink that contains all the powerful stuff in a bottle. It is instantly drinkable, a time-saver and has all the benefits of a complete meal. One such expert on cold-pressed juices is juiz~s in The Hague, a company that provides juices through its webshop and delivery system. A busy job, taking up sports and aspiring to a healthy lifestyle: sometimes it is best if you not only own a business, but are also exactly the type of person that your company caters to. Take Sylvia van Alphen for example, who founded juiz~s by rebranding an existing line of cold-pressed juices. She explains: “I was doing yoga in The Hague and the owners of the school had 50  |  Issue 52  |  April 2018

their own brand of juice. They asked me to do the sales and before long asked me if I wanted to take over. I took that leap of faith; quit my job, rebranded the product to juiz~s and retrained myself to become a fully licensed nutrition consultant.” Van Alphen took the business to another level, greatly increasing the production and using technology to improve the juices. “Take for instance the shelf life: with raw vegetables and fruits, the juices used to be preservable for up to two days. Now with high pressure processing, the oxygen gets removed from the juice, leaving no room for bacteria and increasing the shelf life to four weeks at most, making it that much more suitable for businesses and commuters.” With more than 12 different flavours and a ratio of around 70 per cent vegetables and 30 per cent fruit, the so-called ‘liquid salads’ from juiz~s are low in sugar and

have attracted the attention of Michelin chef Niven Kunz. “We keep developing new flavours and the Niven line is one with extra vegetables. There’s also variant for kids we concocted with children in elementary schools, making it easier for them to get the necessary veggies,” explains Van Alphen. “It’s fun to come up with new things and we’re not shy to help others gain access to our healthy juices.”