Discover Benelux, Issue 51, March 2018

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Luxurious living in Knokke (Zoute) TEXT: MICHIEL STOL  |  PHOTOS: IMMO BROWN

Belgium is full of beautiful places to live, especially on the west coast, in Knokke (Zoute), where the standard of living is outstanding. There is incredible nature and stunning surroundings, the best restaurants and sports facilities, with the beach always nearby. If you are looking for a luxurious property, villa, house, or apartment in this specific region, then IMMO BROWN will most probably find one for you within its extensive offerings. “We have seen a new trend over the past 18 months,” explains Stefaan Geerebaert, who runs IMMO BROWN together with his wife Patricia. “More and more people are 66  |  Issue 51  |  March 2018

wanting to leave the crowded cities and move to a permanent base at the seaside, where they have peace and space, instead of busy streets, like the ones you’ll find in most major cities. We often hear of CEOs who will work four days of the week – starting later and ending later to beat traffic – and enjoying extended weekends in their beautiful homes on the coast.”

from generation to generation, we have secured our place in the market in a relatively short time - due to our professionalism,” remarks Geerebaert. “Thanks to our (International) network, in which we have invested a lot, we have an impressive portfolio of properties in the upper sections of the market, in the region’s most beautiful locations.”

The perfect region

And the Knokke region is the perfect place to live. “The Knokke, Het Zoute, Duinbergen and Retranchement areas offer so much beauty, space and luxury,” expresses Geerebaert. “From the astonishing nature in Het Zwin and around the golf course, to the coastal areas on the

IMMO BROWN started ten years ago and in that time they have become the leading real estate agency in the Knokke region, when it comes to high end houses, villas and apartments. “Unlike most real estate agencies, which are usually handed down