Discover Benelux, Issue 50, February 2018

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‘It is about working and enjoying time together’ TEXT: MICHIEL STOL  |  PHOTOS: MOODMAKER

Employees are the heart of every company. And when they are truly working together, being real colleagues to each other and having fun in the process, then a company can really strive. Moodmaker helps to achieve that positive vibe among co-workers, through inspiring team-building events. “Corporate team-building events used to have a focus on the competitive element. The problem with that was that you had ‘winners’ and ‘losers’. Not a very positive vibe there,” explains Yves Sandyck of Moodmaker. They have been organising team-building events since 2005. “That is why we shifted the focus of our events to collaboration and working together to get a chain reaction, quite literally.” The ‘Chain Reaction’ is one of the popular team-building events Moodmaker organises. “We divide the employees into groups of five and assign them a table. All the tables are in a line, with roughly 50 centimetres in between. We provide all kinds of materials (toys, pneumatics, 12V components, catapults, domestic appli72  |  Issue 50  |  February 2018

ances, etc.), but they are limited,” elaborates Sandyck. “Each team needs to build their very own chain reaction. Moreover, all teams also need to communicate with the tables in front and behind them, to bridge the gaps between the tables and link them into one big chain reaction.” Every detail counts and everyone is responsible for the success. “This is team building at its best! The groups really have to work together to get that chain reaction in the end. It is all about collaboration and getting that ‘WOW-feeling’ when the chain reactions work.” That also goes for another event Moodmaker has created: ‘Make a Film in One Day’. “The whole group has to work together: divide the different roles – like actors, camera crews and production between them. That also requires them to find a consensus, and be creative in order to make the film. Telling a story together and seeing the result at the end of the day really stays with everybody,” continues Sandyck. The films can also be an inspiration to make a movie about their own

company, in order to show applicants what the company is all about. “Organisations are looking for new ways to tell their story to potential new hires. A film is an innovative way to tell the story.” Moodmaker also has some more ‘traditional’ team-building events, like Highland Games (everybody in a kilt, bagpipe players, sheep and – if allowed – whisky), VR Bomb Defusal (admit it, you have always wanted to do this in real life), Soapbox Race (build, create and pimp your own soapbox) and Haka (team energiser). “Our team-building events are being held in different locations throughout the Benelux. We take all our equipment and crew to the venue of your choice,” says Sandyck. “Team-building is all about working together and enjoying time together. Creating a positive vibe that will continue in the workspace and makes your company even stronger.” Web: