Discover Benelux, Issue 49, January 2018

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Pharmaspray is a contract manufacturer that develops, produces and fills aerosol products. Being active in the sector since 2003, the Veendam-based company has been a trusted partner for the medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary industry for more than 15 years, always honouring its pillars of quality, safety, and service. Sprays to ease your sports injury, get rid of your warts, or help your partner stop snoring: you might never have wondered where they come from, but they are essential for a better quality of life. Dutch company Pharmaspray produces these products in collaboration with their clients: the world’s top companies in the (semi) 34  |  Issue 49  |  January 2018

medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary industry, among others. Pharmaspray stands for an ever-excellent end product, whereby top-notch technology and strict safety standards are put in the high seat.

Partner in unburdening Every year Pharmaspray produces millions of aerosols for their clients, which are then distributed under the clients’ own brand. The end product is partially or fully developed by Pharmaspray: either a client already delivers the product to fill the aerosol products with, or develops it in collaboration with Pharmaspray. “We do more than filling spray cans,” smiles Jan Erik Strootman, operations manager at Pharmaspray. “Whatever kind of product

a client has in mind, we can take care of it from A to Z. It starts with an idea, after which we select the raw materials for the product, create it in our lab, and finally apply our aerosol technology. We even take care of the packaging and distribution. We take the work out of the hands of our clients – we fully unburden them.” Pharmaspray is an independent part of the Mobacc Group. For more than 35 years now, the Mobacc Group has been one of the top companies in the European aerosol industry in the field of developing and filling aerosol products in the technical industries which are marketed in the B2B business under private label. Pharmaspray focuses on medical de-