Discover Benelux, Issue 49, January 2018

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If you are looking for the perfect partner to light up your business, Sizo is the Netherlands’ number one company for retail and office signage and branding. Sizo’s portfolio contains some of the biggest retail brands in the Netherlands, including Plus supermarkets, sporting goods retailer Decathlon, Europe’s number one consumer electronics retailer Mediamarkt and the world’s first airline company KLM. “With the scale and range of our production capability, we can deliver almost any signage scheme, no matter how big,” says Sizo’s owner Hans Zevenbergen.

Signage and branding From projecting signs and entire store facades outdoors to super-graphics, store navigation, entrance features, lobby cladding and concession signage indoors, 26  |  Issue 49  |  January 2018

Sizo can prototype, pilot, manufacture and install large retail and office signage programmes over short timescales. The company manage and carry out the entire production process in-house, from design to printing, cutting and construction, using their own people and facilities. They also provide regular maintenance of their signs and arrange any licensing that is needed. “It’s a great asset that we have all these resources under our own roof,” says Hans. “It means we can work quickly and efficiently, and maintain total control over the process. It’s the best safeguard for our high standards in customer service.”

Cars and narrowcasting As well as their signage services, Sizo also offer car wrapping, digital branding and narrow-cast solutions. “Vinyl wrapping

techniques have come a long way since they first came to the fore in the 1980s,” Hans explains. “Modern wrappings are affordable and look fantastic. And they are easy to peel off after use, so compared to spray-painting cars, they can save you thousands of euros.” With their digital narrow-cast solutions, Sizo offer their customers a way to strategically brand their company on different locations tailored to the target customer group. “And through our partner networks we control the operation and maintenance of the equipment 24/7.”

New technologies Having been in the signage and branding business for more than 21 years, Sizo has built up extensive expertise in all areas of the business. “And we are always at the