Discover Benelux, Issue 47, November 2017

Page 52

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Gastronomical grilling at Argenvino No need to wait for summer to enjoy the taste of perfectly smoky steak again: Argenvino has captured the true Argentinian barbecue taste in their cosy restaurant in the centre of Ghent. A stone’s throw away from the Korenmarkt, in the very heart of Ghent, Argenvino has perfectly merged Belgian gastronomic culture with the more southern tradition of barbecuing. Marbled steaks are grilled on the Josper charcoal grill using pure Argentine coal, giving every dish the aroma and taste of a true Argentine Asado.

The menu lists various grilled meat and fish dishes. “Our classic? Our Argentine rib-eye steak,” enthuse owners Tom and Lorena. “Although we have evolved from a purely Argentinian steak restaurant into a more gastronomical setting, this dish is still a beloved favourite.” While the staple meat dishes are solid factors in the restaurant, Tom and his team renew the menu very frequently, depending on the season and what the market has to offer. All produce is fresh and handmade. “Every time you come, there is always something new to try,” they smile. Argenvino puts fine wines in the high seat with a list that counts over 50 wines, which are


all available for sale. Customers regularly take a bottle of their favourite wine home after enjoying it during dinner. Argenvino opened its doors in mid-2012, after which it quickly had to move to meet the increasing demand for expansion. “Our team has such a passion for the job,” Tom concludes. “Like no other, we know how beautiful a good piece of steak accompanied by a fine wine can be. We want to give our guests that experience as well.” Web: