Discover Benelux, Issue 47, November 2017

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Europe Racking offers unique storage systems for every space and application. With more than 30 years of experience and complete in-house production in the Netherlands, the Culemborg-based company prides itself on creating flexible, safe and high-quality solutions to maximise storage capability. Europe Racking specialises in the storage of products that are manually handled. The projects range from small-scaled archive rooms of a few square metres to 10,000-square-metre warehouses with up to four levels of racks. Europe Racking makes tailor-made solutions for every storage problem. The extensive product portfolio ranges from multi-system shelving, to tyre racking, to bicycle racking systems, to counters and desks, to free-standing mezzanine floors. Europe Racking’s clients are located all over Europe, with a main focus on the Benelux, Germany and Denmark. All production takes place in Europe Racking’s own factory in the Netherlands. “Every company – no matter how big or small – will experience the benefits of a 36  |  Issue 47  |  November 2017

good storage system,” begins managing director Dirk Dessers. “It is remarkable how much difference our solutions can make to the efficiency and overall look of a business.” Dessers founded Europe Racking after a takeover of the storage system division from Bosal, one of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers. Although Europe Racking still produces for many automotive companies, its clients come from every possible industry. Europe Racking storage solutions are characterised by their high-end appearance, the possibility to tailor the colour scheme to the customer, and the good value for money. “Of course, we work with an extensive range of standard products, but sometimes a specific corner of hallway requires a tailor-made solution,” Dessers continues. “We are able to provide this.” Another element Europe Racking greatly honours is speed: it is no exception for a client to request a quotation and receive it on the same day. This flexibility also shines through in the layouts Europe Racking can provide.

“Other suppliers of racking systems often require multi-floor solutions to carry the same racking configuration and layout on every floor. We offer the possibility to build a different racking layout on every floor because many customers want their heaviest, biggest or most picked products to be downstairs, and less heavy and smaller products upstairs.” Seemingly simple solutions, yet the answer to so many essential and complex problems. Europe Racking has in a mere four years positioned itself as an economic and flexible provider of storage solutions of the highest quality.