Discover Benelux, Issue 46, October 2017

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Excellent Gietvloeren makes interiors come to life. The Belgium-based company offers top-notch epoxy and polyurethane resin floors suitable for a wide range of purposes and tastes. “People are always amazed how something that is in essence so simple, can elevate an entire home,” says owner Bjorn Saro. The name kind of gives it away: Excellent Gietvloeren settles for nothing less than excellence in terms of quality, service, and design. The Genk-based business masters in exclusive design floors and stone carpet. Originally intended for industrial applications, the synthetic floors offered by Excellent have slowly but surely found their way to the world of interiors

40  |  Issue 46  |  October 2017

and have gained popularity for their ability to give each home a sense of unity, warmth and space.

A sustainable business Excellent Gietvloeren offers a wide range of choices in terms of floors: think PU (polyurethane) mono floors, marble carpet, or industrial epoxy floors (among others). Each floor can be delivered on every possible surface size and is available in a wide set of colours. Particularly popular is the BIO PU 100 Floor, an unmatched choice in terms of aestheticism and quality and made from 100 per cent organic, bio industry raw materials. “Although it is rare for a rath-

er small-scale business like ours to have a large influence on a new product, we developed the BIO PU 100 floor together with our German supplier,” Saro starts off. “The floor is 100 per cent biological and UV-resistant. So above absolute top of the line, it is also a sustainable choice.” Sustainability is a word held high by Saro, who constantly invests in innovative and environmentally friendly business possibilities. From production, to placement, to maintenance: there is a significant care for the environment with every step of the way.

The more difficult the better Saro started his business after many years working in his father’s gravel floor