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Upon entering restaurant Savage, a large tree instantly catches the eye as it stands tall between the tables. Savage offers a piece of the wild in the heart of Rotterdam, as guests are reconnected to nature through culinary creations. Sommelier Xander Rodrigues, who owns and runs Savage together with his wife Natalia, explains that nature is at the heart of their philosophy. Guests are brought closer to the natural world while enjoying a spectacular multi-course meal. “Today, we are practically forced to eat out of a package or a sachet. Our society is chained to the supermarkets and food has become nearly unrecognisable,” he says. “We want to turn this around and reconnect people to nature.” This is expressed in every aspect of the business, from sourcing products to food presentation and the restaurant’s 44  |  Issue 41  |  May 2017

ambiance. Rodrigues and his team personally know all their farmers and growers, and work closely with them. “We watched the pigs grow up, so we know they had a good life. Farmer Jeffrey Korsmit only rears Hungarian pigs that produce stunning Mangalica meat, which is like the Wagyu of pork.” Korsmit has a beautiful farm and is currently expanding to different kinds of animals.

buckthorn dish, which is served with the whole plant next to it, and some of their goat meat dishes are presented on the goat’s bones. “We don’t do this to confront people. We want our ingredients to be recognisable so we serve them that way, for example by using tree trunks, pieces of moss or surrounding a meat dish with bunches of hay that the animals would live on,” he says.

Rodrigues proudly explains that in the Savage kitchen they always order whole animals and nothing goes to waste. “This is out of respect for the products and simultaneously pushes us to be more creative. Head chef James Maros, together with sous chefs Thomas Pagé and Rijk Jutten, make the most delicious creations while literally using everything ‘nose to tail’.”

Savage, which only opened last September, serves guests a set menu of five, seven or nine courses. This can be paired with a choice of two wine selections, a beer pairing or guests can opt for Savage’s special, self-created alcohol-free drinks range. The restaurant is also open for lunches with creative bites and has an inviting outdoor seating area.

Elements of the wilderness are also brought to the table: take their sea


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Discover Benelux, Issue 41, May 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Discover Benelux, Issue 41, May 2017  

Promoting Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.