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A healthy work-life balance is strongly encouraged, with a multitude of activities on offer. These include sports, music, art, theatre, debate, Global Issues Network, Model United Nations, student council and community service, amongst others.

Statement of philosophy “We believe it is vital to teach children the knowledge and skills they need to function successfully within both the community of our school and the multilingual, multicultural societies in which we live,” says director Mrs. Crush. The school considers the following attributes, which it strives to instill in students, to be of great importance: inquiry, critical thinking, communication, open-mindedness, risk-taking, creativity, and reflection. Outside of the classroom, ISL offers students many opportunities to reach the

highest levels of attainment and performance. Students regularly participate in international festivals for music, theatre and debate, and in a wide range of competitive and recreational sporting events, service learning and outdoor activities. Technology plays a key role in supporting learning; students learn to use it in a balanced and discerning way.

Beyond academia: charity and extracurricular activities What sets ISL apart from other international schools? Besides its excellent academic record, ISL is located on a 20,000-square-metre campus in the City of Luxembourg, with state-of-the-art sports and recreational facilities, music and arts facilities, libraries and science labs. ISL places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities in both the Lower and

Upper schools. The huge variety on offer includes arts and craft classes, private music lessons, choir, band, sports clubs (swimming, karate, basketball, running, rugby, field hockey, capoeira and others), cooking, math club, debate club, history club, theatrical productions, and yoga. The school also organises many charitable events, including raising emergency funds released to Médecins Sans Frontières and the Red Cross for responding to humanitarian crises.


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38 homerooms from Preschool to Grade five arranged in eight clusters throughout the building 21 EAL or modern language rooms A sizeable sports hall which can be divided into two sections A state-of-the-art auditorium An extensive library Media room A multipurpose gym Large cafeteria Science room Cooking room Three music rooms Three art rooms Offices/administration spaces External outdoor spaces for sports and recess Fitness trail

UPPER SCHOOL BUILDING: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

88 fully networked classrooms An extensive library Seven science labs Three art studios Two drama studios Two music rooms One band room One choir room One composition lab Two music practise rooms One darkroom Two gymnasiums One fitness centre Two cafeterias One auditorium One design technology centre One full-sized football field A spacious playground 25-metre and 50-metre Olympic swimming pools, shared with neighbouring schools on campus

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