Discover Benelux, Issue 33, September 2016

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Discover Benelux | Amsterdam Special | The Nine Streets Highlights

A global leading brand in long-lasting sustainable fashion TEXT: XANDRA BOERSMA | PHOTOS: FILIPPA K

They are a little unusual in the world of retail. Filippa K only uses 100 per cent sustainable fabrics for their collections. Each piece of fashion is made in an environmental and humanfriendly way. This makes them a perfect fit in Amsterdam’s Nine Streets. “Did you know that no store in the Nine Streets will ever sell fur?” Filippa K’s business manager Cor de Haan says. “It is one of the reasons we feel so at home in this street. It is filled with love and passion.” Filippa K, known for their timeless classics, was founded at a kitchen table in Stockholm. So what about their perfect black T-shirt? “This is still our signature piece. But of course the collection grew. And still 28 | Issue 33 | September 2016

does. Recently we released a soft sports collection. We want to offer a complete wardrobe. For business trips, fancy dinners and a yoga class.”

dress you donated to us will be a part of the blazer you buy next year! That is why we believe, live, and are passionate about circular fashion.”

Everything is as nature friendly as possible. No plastic, but dried nuts for example. “Farmers pick those up after they have fallen out of trees, we turn them into buttons. A perfect example of how we treat our products. People need to stop buying so much and think about what they need: a few quality basics that come back every season.”

If you buy a piece at Filippa K and are done wearing it, you can return it to the store and they will compensate you for the effort. “We recycle. Maybe a piece of that