Discover Benelux, Issue 32, August 2016

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Patient safety must be the first priority TEXT: ANNA VILLELEGER | PHOTOS: DUINBERGEN CLINIC

Are you considering an aesthetic medical treatment? Whether you are thinking about a surgical or non-surgical procedure, it is fundamental that you consider your own personal safety and select your clinic wisely. The plastic surgeons at Duinbergen Clinic in Belgium recommend anyone contemplating an aesthetic treatment to ask themselves a series of questions. Are you sure that who is treating you is a physician and do you know their qualifications? Are they trained to carry out the procedure you are considering? Are you well informed about the process and any risks? “A lot has been written about aesthetic medical treatments. We appreciate the attention for our profession. But unfortunately a lot of media attention is put on things that can go wrong and the consequences for patients. This can be confusing for patients,” explains plastic surgeon Dr. Ivar van Heijningen. “Of course, every procedure has its risks, but it is our priority to reduce these risks as much as possible. A clear and satisfying answer to the above questions help you to stay safe. You take control of your decision and increase the chances of success.” 84 | Issue 32 | August 2016

Also key is knowing your expectations. “Plastic surgery in particular and aesthetic medical treatments in general are about managing expectations!” says plastic surgeon Dr. Marianne Medot. “That means making sure that what a patient wants can be realistically delivered, or else making sure they adjust their expectations. “Serious physicians are members of their specialty’s national society, in our case the Royal Belgian Society for Plastic Surgery ( You can recognise plastic surgeons with a serious interest in aesthetic procedures because they are also members of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).”

Hendrickx also emphasises the importance of being a member of ISAPS. “ISAPS has been committed to safety in aesthetic plastic surgery for people across the globe. When a surgeon operates in an accredited facility, patients can be assured that their care will meet the highest standards of safety,” he explains.

From left: Dr. Ivar van Heijningen, Dr. Marianne Medot and Dr. Benoit Hendrickx

Plastic surgeon Dr. Benoit Hendrickx offers a few more points for consideration: “Will you be able to approach your clinic with any questions, even at the weekend? And do they have a complaints procedure?” Other important things to consider are whether you have had enough time to reflect on the proposed procedure, and if your clinic will take care of your pre and post procedure care.