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Ram’s Roti: ‘Our roti is addictive!’ TEXT: XANDRA BOERSMA | PHOTOS: RAM’S ROTI

The delicious curry smell will reach you from across the street, a sign that you should definitely take a step into Ram’s Roti to taste their authentic Surinamese roti. It is a recipe that has been in the family for over 30 years. Ram’s Roti is a family restaurant, founded by Sanjai Jairam’s father in 1985. Now he is the captain, as he calls it. You will find his brothers and nephews in the kitchen. But that is not the only family element here. “Our roti is a family

recipe,” Jairam says. “Of course the base recipe for roti is the same everywhere, but every family has its own way of making the masala, the yellow curry.” The way the Jairams make it is unmatched, according to their customers. It is by far the most popular dish, but not the only one. Surinamese specialties like bakkeljauw and Saoto soup are accompanied by Hindu dishes like pholouri and dahl. “Our vegetarian roti is extremely popular as well. Watch out, you’ll get addicted!” Jairam laughs.

But what is it that makes their food so addictive? “Continuously guarding the right taste. Continuity and quality are the two most important things when owning a restaurant. We keep our recipes as original as possible. Except for the spiciness, we turn that down a little.” And it works, as people come from afar to eat Jairam’s roti. “I told you it was addictive!”

The freshest fish, cooked and prepared on the spot TEXT: BERTHE VAN DEN HURK | PHOTOS: ROYALVIS

Since 2010, the Royalvis restaurant has become an established name in Amsterdam. People from across the country and even abroad come especially to Royalvis to enjoy the freshest fish and the tastiest food. Just outside the city centre, in the Amsterdam neighbourhood of ‘het Ij’, you will find Royalvis. The restaurant is famous for its delicious fish and fabulous side dishes. Owner Abdelhafid Rakas: “People always come back to us. We often see people at the beginning of their vacation coming back to eat with us every day. Local people and those from around the country also come to visit us often. There is even a man who lives in Germany who drives to Amsterdam every three or four months to have a meal at our restaurant.” Choose the fish you want and the staff will prepare it on the spot, right in front of you à la minute. They make everything themselves, and the fish are imported from Italy, Spain

and France, therefore the food is always fresh and inexpensive. Their famous fish soup, for example, is only two euros. Rakas: “At Royalvis, four adults can have a great meal for only 50 to 60 euros, for this amount you have a good and complete meal with all your favourites. “We have opened another restaurant, just across street, with Mediterranean dishes,” says Rakas. “People are just as enthusiastic as they are about the fish restaurant. We provide various couscous and tagine dishes. The concept is alike; you choose the meat and dishes you want, and we prepare it on the spot.”

Making reservations is advised for both restaurants, especially in the evening.

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