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Café Schinkelhaven: the true taste of Amsterdam TEXT: XANDRA BOERSMA | PHOTOS: CAFÉ SCHINKELHAVEN

Imagine this: you are on a trip to Amsterdam, checking out the canals, taking a walk in the Vondelpark and you want to get something to eat. But where? Café Schinkelhaven is the perfect place to take shelter if it rains or enjoy the lovely terrace in summer. And you really must try their burgers. On the edge of the Vondelpark you will see this terrace decorated with colourful lights. It is quite hidden, but will give you a hint of its located on the Amstelveenseweg 126. At Café Schinkelhaven it is always crowded, because there is always an excuse to hang out here. “I bought it back in 2007,” owner Marilyn Heil says. “I loved the location, but we redecorated.” The result is this neat, organised place with many wooden tables and a comfy atmosphere. If you are lucky enough to be there on a Tuesday, you will be provided another excuse to eat at Schinkelhaven: Burger Tuesday! You will get an extra good deal on their famous burgers such as the vegetarian burger. “We spend

extra time creating that one,” Marilyn explains. “Lots of places serve vegetarian burgers these days, but we wanted to make it perfect. So we experimented a lot and came up with this recipe. It gets a lot of compliments.” This is also the case for their service, by the way. The waiters are kind and friendly and will always take the time to tell you about the versatile menu. So if you are in Amsterdam and you want to experience the true taste of Amsterdam: Café Schinkelhaven is the place to be.

A surprising but beautiful place to stay TEXT: CATHY VAN KLAVEREN | PHOTOS: EARLY’S OLYMPIC B&B

It is hard to find a place that has all the sparkling qualities of the city as well as the relaxed calmness sought by holidaymakers. Early’s Olympic B&B in the southern district of Amsterdam comes very close and its location in the capital of the Netherlands makes for a surprising entrance. Owner and host Early Bouwman: “It once was a storage for charcoal. I can imagine people coming here and thinking: where did we sign us up for? But once they enter my B&B, I never have any complaints. Guests are really taken by surprise once they enter here.” Early’s B&B has three studios, all comfortably decorated. Guests have a little kitchenette and from the living room there is a door leading right up to your own personal terrace by the water. The terraces sit next to each other and, according to Bouwman, this can make for good conversation between guests. 52 | Issue 32 | August 2016

Because of the small-scale nature of the business, Bouwman is able to offer each guest their deserved attention. He always welcomes and says goodbye in person, which means he sometimes works from sun up to sun down. His services include picking up his guests from Schiphol airport and organising boat rides for them. To top the services off

with a Dutch twist, he offers bicycles free of charge. “It is a rewarding thing to do, seeing happy people,” Bouwman smiles. Early’s is the perfect place to relax in Amsterdam, with a host who will ensure a worry-free trip in a location you would never have imagined.

Owner and host Early Bouwman