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Discover Benelux | Top Galleries & Art Exhibitions 2016 | The Netherlands

Joyful paintings of voluptuous ladies TEXT: KOEN GUIKING | PHOTOS: FINE FLEUR ART GALLERY

Gerdine Duijsens’ paintings of overweight, upper-class women sipping on wine are being sold in art galleries around the globe. Ironically, they are particularly popular with the high society of whom the artist actually mocks. Duijsens is also featured at the international art fair Art Nocturne Knocke, from 6 to 15 August in Belgium’s coastal city of Knokke.

vasses,” remembers Duijsens. “Sadly, copycats are now copying my art. But if you put their work next to mine you definitely see the difference.” Nowadays, Duijsens has her own gallery, Fine Fleur, in Oud-Zuilen near Utrecht, from where she sells her paintings to big galleries all over the world and in posh places like Beverly

Hills, Cannes and Cambridge. Besides her “fat ladies”, of which she has also made limited edition sculptures, lithographs, books and more, Duijsens’ paintings of running horses and abstract art are also very popular with art lovers. A selection of artworks by Gerdine Duijsens

“It is true that my art subtly criticises the emptiness of the vainglorious lifestyle of those indulging in luxurious dinner parties, but at the same time my paintings show that these luscious ladies are having a rather good time,” says Duijsens. “And in a way it is self-mockery, because I have to admit that I sometimes also find myself at these kinds of parties.” Her images of big ladies in gala dresses and red lipstick, always depicted at a rather unflattering angle, were first sold in the luxurious department store de Bijenkorf. “People were literally queuing to get their hands on one of my can-

A ‘museum’ that sells its masterpieces TEXT: KOEN GUIKING | PHOTOS: LIES VOGELZANG FOTOGRAFIE

A ‘musery’, a mix between a museum and a gallery, is what Sigrid Rhemrev calls Gallery De Ruimte. The art in this ‘musery’ is for sale and, once an exhibition is over, many of the masterpieces make their way into people’s homes. Art from previous exhibitors is sold in the gallery’s shop Het Kabinet. Almost all the artists exhibiting their work in this former post office in Geldrop, near Eindhoven,

are from the two most southern provinces of the Netherlands: Brabant and Limburg. Most of them have years and years of experience, which explains the impressive quality of the art in De Ruimte. The current exhibition, on show until 11 September, is a great mix of beautiful stone, bronze and stainless steel figures, photographs, elegant installations of steel wire, surrealistic paintings and fascinating, hypnotising pen drawings. “The work of six artists is mixed throughout the building. We

don’t give every artist his own space, but we place all pieces in such a way that it becomes one big, new art piece,” Rhemrev explains. De Ruimte promotes art in the broadest sense of the word. “We show visual art, but we also organise music performances, arrange fashion shows, invite art historians to give lectures, provide workshops and so on. Our aim is to connect art and people. Art needs to be seen and experienced.” Visit Gallery De Ruimte at Molenstraat 2 in Geldrop. Free entrance and parking. Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 5pm, or by appointment. deruimtekunst

Left: Sigrid Rhemrev

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