Discover Benelux, Issue 31, July 2016

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A place for everyone Café de Jaren is a place where everyone is welcome, whether on the terrace with its breathtaking views over the Amstel, or in the interior of this friendly restaurant. Café de Jaren, situated in the city centre, has a long and memorable history, once being the place where Rembrandt used to paint. It is also known for being one of the cosiest cafes in Amsterdam. The spacious building, which used to be a bank, is now the perfect location for locals and tourists to meet: “Many guests just keep coming back,” explains co-owner of De Jaren, Janet Griffin. “Some of them have been brought up here. They came here as little children and now that they are older, they come back with their own families or work here. It is wonderful to see.” With its high ceilings, light dining rooms and beautiful views over the Amstel, the restaurant has the vibe of an airy living room open to all. At the long reading tables, guests can enjoy a wide range of various international newspapers and magazines, while devouring an early breakfast which is served at 8.30am


every day. Furthermore, the daily menu offers a large selection of salads, vegetarian lasagne and delicious banana cream cake. “All recipes are homemade,” Griffin proudly explains. You can moor your boat on their beautiful quay and enjoy the views over Amsterdam while enjoying a freshly prepared meal. Furthermore, you can visit Rembrandt’s former painting room. What better way to spend a day in the Dutch capital?


In 1986, Jason Delhaye’s grandparents were one of the first to open a Thai restaurant in Amsterdam. Now, 30 years later, he is the owner of a Thai restaurant called Bangkok, located in the Reguliersdwarsstraat, which is still as successful as it was back then.

you will find Miss Poosaithong Duangduan - or Poo as they call her - creating your just-ordered dish à la minute. “She has been working with us for over 18 years,” Delhaye explains. “And her family members work in our kitchen as well. They all came from Thailand to help.”

Delhaye nods. “Which is why the majority of our meat is halal. And people really come back for our garlic shrimp, chicken cashew and fried rice.” Be sure to sample those next time you are in the area, or visit their recently opened second restaurant in Laren, North Holland.

It is safe to say that owning a Thai restaurant is a family tradition for the Delhayes, as is their menu. “We still have the menu my grandparents created,” Delhaye says. They learned to master Thai cuisine from their parents. The result is hundreds of authentic dishes, all prepared with fresh herbs that get delivered from Thailand every week. “And fresh vegetables as well of course, we get those every day. We like to provide a diverse menu for our guests.”

No wonder locals as well as tourists eat at Bangkok. “We get lots of different nationalities,”

The weekly delivery from Thailand is not the only thing special about this place in the city centre. Take a look at the open kitchen and 26 | Issue 31 | July 2016