Discover Benelux, Issue 30, June 2016

Page 84

Natural beauty that will last a lifetime TEXT: ELLA PUT | PHOTOS: HANNAH

Ladies (and gentlemen), it is time to give our skin the attention and love it deserves. After all, the skin is the body’s largest and fastest-growing organ and it is a perfect reflection of how we nurture our bodies. Enhance your inner and outer beauty with hannah Xperience and the effective, affordable and sustainable hannah products? It all started with an ambitious lady and her innovative vision. Hannie Hakze was a woman like no other. As a trained and professional skincare specialist, she had seen men and women using skincare products not suited to their needs. She also noticed that many beauty treatments 84 | Issue 30 | June 2016

were not effective. A visit to a beauty salon was mainly seen as a moment of relaxation, but what about taking care of your biggest organ, the skin? Unfortunately, that seemed to be forgotten.

With Hakze’s experience and keen vision she decided to turn the ‘cannots’ of the beauty industry into ‘cans’, and put her dreams into plan. In 1979, she created her own unique skincare concept: the hannah Xperience, a connective tissue massage with an efficient step-by-step skincare programme focusing on effective and sustainable improvement of the skin. Or, as Hakze repeatedly said herself: “It is not about what you do to your skin, but how you do it.” “It was Hannie’s life mission to teach people how to take good care of their skin,” director of hannah and long-time friend of Hannie, Monica van Ee explains. “With her progressive approach to beauty