Discover Benelux, Issue 29, May 2016

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A beautiful and romantic inn with an idyllic setting TEXT: BERTHE VAN DEN HURK | PHOTOS: AUBERGE DE CAMPVEERSE TOREN

Veere is an idyllic Dutch town in the province of Zeeland. With a gorgeous environment and many buildings and homes built before the 15th century, it is essential for a quick getaway or a full vacation. The city of Veere offers many locations that will take your breath away. For example, the great church, which dates back to the 13th century, the City hall with a carillon that dates back to the late 16th century, and Scottish Houses on the quay, built by wealthy Scottish merchants. There are many smaller monuments and around 300 houses that show Veere was an important port at the end of the 17th century. Veere also provides one of the oldest inns in the Netherlands, and it has not changed its business for 66 | Issue 29 | May 2016

over 500 years. The Campveerse Toren was once built as a part of the city’s defense and as a coastal light, but has been an inn since the 15th century.

es, all created by a Belgium chef. The wonderful wine menu offers the finest wines from all over the world for everyone’s taste and budget.

Something for everyone For the last 70 years the Campveerse Toren has been a family business. Hendrina van Cranenburgh is now the owner and runs it with all the love and passion someone could possibly have for their business. “We do not only have great rooms to stay during a holiday or a quick getaway, there is also a great restaurant that offers many wonderful dishes with true Zeeland ingredients, like glasswort, oysters or the famous Zeeland mussels. Most products are from Lake Veere or elsewhere in Zeeland.” The sea view restaurant offers high-quality dish-

The hotel is, just like the restaurant, located in an incredibly old building. During a wonderful and relaxing stay everyone can see the many years of history the building has lived through. During the richer and poorer periods in time, war and peace, history proves itself in the building. Campveerse Toren has an old and authentic look, but with the modern luxury one needs. “Whether it is for a croquette or lobster, everyone can come here,” ends Cranenburgh.