Discover Benelux, Issue 27, March 2016

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Artisanal, young and small, but worldly and modern TEXT: BERTHE VAN DEN HURK | PHOTOS: BELGOO BEER

It does not have the hundreds of years of history as some brewers have. In fact, it all started as a hobby. Yet the Belgian Belgoo Brewery, founded in 2007, has grown into an international company, with awardwinning beers. “We are artisanal, young and small, but we have modern equipment and a love for creating great Belgian beer,” says Jo Van Aert, founder of Belgoo. “Based on a mix of different grains such as barley, wheat, spelt and oats, and several richly infused world hops, we brew six different well-balanced Belgoo beers, each with its own character.” The six brews are all bottle fermented and unfiltered to retain a maximum flavour for a longer period. 42 | Issue 27 | March 2016

Belgoo Saisonneke Blonde Saison beer with a pleasant bitterness and only 4.4 per cent alcohol. Richly dry hopped with European hops. It is brewed with two different types of grain: barley and wheat.

Belgoo Magus Blonde cloudy ale brewed with a unique combination of barley, wheat, spelt, oats and a fruity yeast. Hopped with fine saaz and spalt hops for both bitterness and aroma.

Belgoo Luppoo Dry hopped ale brewed with barley and oats and a delicate blend of five dif-

ferent hops. It has a fresh citrus aroma, thanks to the dry hopping with exotic New Zealand hops.

Belgoo Arboo Strong blonde dry hopped ale, brewed with a fragrant selection of four different types of hops and three different grains: barley, wheat and spelt.

Belgoo Bio Blond and Belgoo Bio Amber Organic ales brewed with a distinctinve mix of three different grains: barley, wheat and spelt. The Bio Blond has citrus aroma and Bio Amber has a fruity, hoppy character.