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During my many presenta tions about Spartanburg Down town and general aviation, I am often asked about our airport’s environment and ecological im pact, especially from the younger generation. With these questions, we came up with our Airport Carbon-Offset Program, launched in May 2020, and it was designed to offset the emissions from local air traffic by protecting our local lands and forests.

The Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport is owned and operated by the City of Spartanburg. The program has the City voluntarily donating two cents per gallon of fuel it purchases from World Fuel Services. These cumulative donations are provided to our local environmental organizations. One such organization is the Noble Tree Foundation.

The Noble Tree Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization formed in 1999 by Roger Milliken with the mission to promote the education and activities of the people of Spartanburg County relating to the knowledge and planting of Noble Trees, landscaping, and alignment of projects that help beautify the broader community.

Since 1999, the Noble Tree Foundation, with the help of many partners, has planted over 5,000 trees in Spartan burg County and invested over $2.5 million in their mission. As a Foundation, they educate, plant, and collaborate by providing funds and grants to individuals and organizations that sponsor projects that meet their mission and vision. The education piece involves teaching children and adults about the science and value of trees. The planting piece provides funds for the planting and care of trees in projects through out Spartanburg County. And the collaboration piece has been accomplished by working with over 20 partners in Spartanburg County since 1999.

The airport and the foundation have partnered in using this carbon offset program to support and continue to make our community a better place to live, work and raise a family. Our joint vision is to educate, inform and build awareness and inspire others in our community about trees and their value to our environment. I have learned by listening to our young er generations with their environmental concerns for the future that we, together, can build a better tomorrow with the community’s acceptance and pride of the airport and its facilities.

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SCAA President
On April 14th, 2018, City of Spartanburg opened its new airport park using airport land that was not being utilized. The new airport park planted trees from the Noble Tree Foundation to inspire airport park visitors within our community about trees and their value to our environment. The park provides green, open recreational space and attracts young and old to its fences and viewing areas.


James Stephens, Executive Director

For me, this newsletter is my last as the Director of the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission. With this reality hitting me as I write, I can’t help but feel so much emotion about what I’ve been able to be part of since 2012 and what we’ve been able to accomplish together.

The South Carolina Aviation Association is a special group! For years you all have advocated for airports, aviators, and the industry. I’ve seen you embrace change and difficulty with unity and perseverance. Collectively, you’ve grown your influence and seen success. Today, I see attention being paid to aviation, I see leaders listening to what you say, I see partnerships that started, grew, and matured, and I see a group of like-minded leaders that are willing to work hard to promote aviation to the next generation and our state leaders. It has been my honor to work alongside of each of you!

As I transition out of this position, I’d like to encourage each of you to continue your personal promotion of aviation. Talk to others about the value our industry brings to the state and your local community. Advocate for your local airport and its growth. Educate those that don’t understand what aviation provides to a community and educate the next generation. Collectively, we’re responsible for our future.

The actions that we take will enhance or impede our industry, and it’s our responsibility to see that the next generation is ready to take off and depart the pattern.

In the last hundred years, we’ve seen amazing change, but the technological change that’s on the horizon is just as amazing and possibly more life changing for us all. Together, let’s see what we can do to point the next generation in the right direction, and although I won’t be in this role, I’ll continue to work with you side by side to continue our promotion of aviation across the state.

Thank you for the roles that you play in aviation here in South Carolina!

Blue Skies!

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Carolina Aeronautics Commission Update
Thank you, James, for your leadership!

Air Traffic Control / Airport Operations 4-3-3 Traffic Patterns (a) 3.

“Helicopters operating in the traffic pattern may fly a pattern similar to the fixed-wing aircraft pattern, but at a lower altitude (500 AGL) and closer to the runway. This pattern may be on the opposite side of the runway from fixed-wing traffic when airspeed requires or for practice power-off landings (autorotation) and if local policy permits. Landings not to the runway must avoid the flow of fixed-wing traffic.”


Page 4 Palmetto Aviation
Section 7
of small aircraft should avoid operating within three rotor diameters of any helicopter in a slow hover taxi or stationary hover.” Safety Update Leo Berube, CFI, CFI-I, MEI, FAASTeam Representative ROTOR WASH Too Close Encounters AERONAUTICAL INFORMATION MANUAL AIM Accident Video - Cessna 120 caught in Helicopter Wake Turbulence https://aviation-safety.net/wikibase/273729


A few years ago, the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission and SCAA added a new component to the annual Aviation Week celebration, the South Carolina Aviation Maintenance Technician (AMT) of the Year Award. This year, the Aviation Week committee awarded the South Carolina AMT of the Year award to Mr. Henry Williamson, who works at the Horry County Airport in Conway, S.C.

Mr. Williamson has spent 49 years in the aviation industry. Since 2009, he’s been the owner of H&H Air Service, he’s the former Director of Maintenance at NAIA in Conway, S.C., and a former Aircraft Mechanic with Eskridge and Long Construction, Carolina Air/Florence Airlines and Cox Aircraft.

“Mr. Williamson is one of the most humble, honest men I know. He’s an excellent aviation maintenance technician, and an even greater human being. His trustworthiness has made him well known throughout the state for his knowledge, experience and skill in maintaining aircraft`,” said Chris Bethea of Myrtle Beach. Bethea, who is the District 7 Representative of the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission, nominated Williamson for the award.


Donaldson Field General Manager Danny Moyd has been named 2021 General Aviation Manager of the Year by the FAA’s Southern Region Airports Division. The award is presented each year to an individual who “exemplifies excellence in airport management.”

Located at the South Carolina Technology & Aviation Center (SCTAC) in Greenville, S.C., Donaldson Field (GYH) is the state’s largest general aviation airport encompassing 1,400 acres. Operated as a service of SCTAC and under the sponsorship of the City of Greenville and County of Greenville, the airport is the Global Home of the Lockheed Martin F-16.

SCTAC President and CEO Jody Bryson said, “The significant achievements that Danny and his team consistently produce at Donaldson Field are evidence that this award is hard-earned and well deserved.” Moyd also holds the title of Chief Operations Officer at SCTAC.


The South Carolina Aviation Association’s Annual Conference will be held in Spartanburg, SC, on February 15-17, 2023. Be on the lookout for more information on how to register for the conference, and visit scaaonline.com to reserve your room now.

SCAA is hosting a silent auction at the conference. Last year, the association raised $5,365 for the SCAA Scholarship Fund. Please consider donating items again this year. Karen Trunk with SCAA is collecting the items and can answer any questions regarding the auction. Email confirmed items to karen@beaconamc.net.

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(left to right) Chris Bethea, SC Aeronautics Commission, District 7; Mr. Henry Williamson, Terry Connorton, SCAA President; James Stephens, then-Executive Director of SC Aeronautics Commission and current Director of Greenville Downtown Airport.
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The Saluda County Airport, located at 180 Airport Road in Saluda, South Carolina, is the newest airport member of the South Carolina Aviation Association. The airport is six miles south of the Town of Saluda, 14.5 miles west of the Town of Batesburg-Leesville and around 6 miles south of U.S. Highway 378. The airport has a single runway that is 3200 feet long, 60 feet wide, constructed with asphalt and has a weight bearing capacity of 11,300 pounds on single gear. The airport offers 6 available tiedown positions and 8 hangers.

In 1967, the property that the Saluda County Airport sits on was deeded to Saluda County and, in June, the FAA granted acquirement of the land for airport development.

During 2019 and 2020, the airport underwent a major improvement project. The apron by the terminal was replaced and the taxiway was redone. Holt Consult ing and Satterfield Construction assisted with the project, and it was funded by the FAA and the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission.

The Saluda County Airport is a popular destination due to its proximity to Persimmon Hill Golf Course. Visitors like to fly in to play a round of golf and enjoy a delicious meal at the Persimmon Hill Grill. In addition, the Saluda County Airport is a popular fly-in spot because of its low fuel costs and low hanger rates. Many private pilots use this airport who are traveling up and down the east coast.

“It’s a great stopping point because we’re centrally located. It helps being a rural airport. Pilots love to fly in because the air traffic is not as busy, and folks like the ease of getting in and out of our airport,” Jill Warren, Assistant Emergency Management Director/Airport/Grants with Saluda County, said.

Along with travelers visiting friends and family, the Saluda County Airport sees a lot of local industry workers flying in and out for plumbing and electrical jobs. Twice a year, Marine Forces Special Operations use the Saluda County Airport for training.

Phillip Hodgens, with Saluda Sky Aviation, is the fixed base operator (FBO) at the airport offering quality aircraft maintenance. Hodgens can be reached at (803) 3071452 for maintenance work and he’ll even arrange transportation for pilots and visitors.

Warren credits the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission, W.K. Dickson & Co., Holt Construction, the FAA and the Saluda County Council for the success of the Saluda County Airport.

Phillip Hodgens, with Saluda Sky Aviation, holds a program with Boy Scouts at the airport offering 4 to 5 classes a year. Engaging with young aviation enthusiasts helps build tomorrow’s aviation work force. The Persimmon Hill Golf Course An aerial view of the Saluda County Airport.


The South Carolina Aeronautics Commission, education grants to academia and the aviation community are available to help prepare, inspire and recruit the next generation of aviation professionals. Here are a few educational aviation initiatives supported by the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission that are happening around the state.



The GUNS Garin Memorial Foundation, named after Major Richard Charles “GUNS” Garin (Rick), was founded to honor his life and to inspire young aspiring pilots to follow in his footsteps. The foundation sees the importance of preserving his memory by supporting local military families during times of hardship and helping educate and encourage youth to explore a career in aviation. They accomplish both of these mission objectives by providing flight training scholarships, aviation education grants, and emergency monetary relief for military families in need. In 2021, the foundation’s grant was used for digital outreach to connect young adults to a new career path in aviation. The foundation hoped to reach 40,000 young adults and ended up exceed ing that reach to 450,000. The GUNS Garin Foundation continues their work in the midlands of South Carolina. Help carry on the legacy of GUNS Garin by joining their mission and consider a tax-deductible contribution. Visit their website www.gunsgarin.com to learn more!


The Lowcountry Aerospace Academy has a mission to educate, inspire and empower diverse junior, high school and college students through formalized aviation, aeronautical and STEM education, professional aviation training, and special events. As part of their mission, they provide LIFT Camps to prepare students to get pilot licenses, and potentially land themselves a job in the industry after they graduate from high school. LIFT camps include free flight, simulator and ground training from an FAA CFI for students ages 15-19 years old. On August 20th, students participated in a LIFT camp at Summerville Airport. For more information on the LIFT camps, visit the Lowcountry Aerospace Academy Facebook page or email LowcountryFlying@gmail.com.


The Children’s Museum of the Upstate (TCMU), with locations in Greenville and Spartanburg, S.C., is one of the largest children’s museums in the nation. As a South Carolina Aeronautics Commission education grant recipient, TCMU has solidified plans for a new aviation exhibit, Wings in the Air at its Greenville location. Wings in the Air will occupy 2,000 square feet on the museum’s main floor and will introduce children and caregivers to the world of aviation through immersive, play-based learning experiences. Additionally, TCMU joined in the celebration of Aviation Week 2022; families participated in aviation-themed programming at both TCMU locations, free with the price of admission. More information can be found at www.tcmupstate.org

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Major Richard Charles “GUNS” Garin (Rick) The GUNS Garin Golf Tournament is held each October at the Fort Jackson Golf Club in Columbia, SC.
Photo provided by TCMU. Photo provided by The Lowcountry Aerospace Academy.

South Carolina’s Aviation Week is an annual, week-long celebration promoting aviation through events at airports across the state. This year’s week-long celebration was held August 14-20, 2022. SCAA planned multiple activities to highlight economic development through airport improvement and expansion, to showcase education opportunities by connecting communities to local airports, and to celebrate legislative support of the state’s airport system and aviation industry.

Thank you to SCAA Aviation Week Committee Members for planning a productive 2022 S.C. Aviation Week. The committee included Katie Eleam (Chair), Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport; James Stephens, SC Aeronautics Commission; Katie Meyers, Parrish and Partners; Rob Hoover, Greenville Downtown Airport; Chip Maier, Bamberg County Airport; Nick Harrington, Mead and Hunt; and Terry Connorton, Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport.

1. James Stephens, then Executive Director, SC Aeronautics Commision; S.C Senator Josh Kimbrell; S.C. Representative Rita Allison; Dave Edwards, President/ CEO, Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District; Minor Shaw, Chair, Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Commission; and Leland Burch, Commissioner, Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Commission cut the ribbon on the newly expanded portion of Greenvillle-Spartanburg International Airport’s Cargo Facility.

2. Gennady Myalik and his daughter, Susan, stand in front of the Clear Skies Cafe at Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport.

3. Erik Lindbergh, grandson of Charles Lindbergh, stands with Terry Connorton, Director at Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport. Lindbergh was the keynote speaker at the 95th Anniversay Gala commemorating the elder Lindbergh’s visit to Spartanburg in 1927.

4. Drashit Patel observes a pre-flight inspection prior to her back to school discovery flight at Fairfield County Airport.

5. A young artist shows off her aviation-themed work at the Children’s Museum of the Upstate.


Saturday, August 13

• Tour De York Aerial Parade at the Rock Hill-York County Airport

• 95th Anniversary Lindbergh Gala at Converse University in Spartanburg

Sunday, August 14

• Clear Skies Café Grand Opening & Ribbon Cutting at Spartanburg Downtown Memorial Airport

Monday, August 15

• Student Discovery Flights at Fairfield County Airport

Tuesday, August 16

• Runway Safety Action Team Meeting hosted by the Columbia Metropolitan Airport

• Terminal Building Ribbon Cutting at Hartsville Regional Airport

Wednesday, August 17

• Cargo Expansion Ribbon Cutting at the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport

Page 8 Palmetto Aviation A SUCCESSFUL SC AVIATION WEEK 2022
1 3 4 5 2

• Podcast/Carolina Traveler: Terry Connorton, South Carolina Aviation Association President, shared details on the aviation industry’s

South Carolina. He also discussed Aviation Week and the week-long events.

• Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Expands Cargo Facility was covered on aircargonews.net and the

produced a news story

• South Carolina Celebrates Aviation Week


student discovery flights at the Fairfield County Airport.

Local Events was covered on the greenvillejournal.com.

South Carolina Aviation Week Promotes Economic

Carolina Aviation Week Off to A Flying Start.

6. Cerulean Aviation, which operates the cargo facility at GSP, moved over 96,800 tons of air cargo in 2021 and the recent expansion will allow for additional growth.

7. The Hartsville community celebrated the ribbon cutting of Hartsville Regional Airport’s new terminal building.

8. Bamberg County Administrator, Joey Preston, led a celebration of aviation at Bamberg County Airport.

9. Airplanes line up to begin the Tour de York Aerial Parade at the Rock Hill-York County Airport. Photo by the The Rock Hill Drone Guy.

10. Chris Bethea, Skeets Cooper, Doug Barnes, James Stephens, Terry Connorton, Lara Kaufmann, Ann Espisito, David Anderson and Marco Carazzoni pose for a group photo at the luncheon honoring James Stephens’ service to South Carolina Aeronautics.

Page 9 Palmetto Aviation
impacts on
WLTX/News 19
on the
produced two news stories: 2022
and Educational Impact of Aviation Industry and South
MEDIA COVERAGE FROM AVIATION WEEK Thursday, August 18 • Maintenance Personnel Training and Cookout at the Jim Hamilton –L.B. Owens Airport • Celebration of Aviation and SCAA Board of Directors Meeting at the Bamberg County Airport Friday, August 19 • Airport Directors & Managers Meeting and Celebration Luncheon at the SC Aeronautics Commission in West Columbia Saturday, August 20 • FOD Walk at the Greenville Downtown Airport • LowCountry Aerospace Academy Lift Camp at the Summerville Airport Sunday, August 21 • South Carolina Breakfast Club at the Triple Tree Aerodrome Airport
6 7 8 9 10

Joseph R. Frasher is a prominent Greenville, S.C., native whose lifetime contributions and extraordinary achievements in aviation and for the surrounding community directly impacts the well-being of people in Greenville County, the State of South Carolina, and the Nation. Generations of families and government representatives recognize Joe’s life of service and the positive impacts made during his 39 years as the Greenville Downtown Airport Director.

Joe’s achievements as the Greenville Downtown Airport Director for the last 39 years are innumera ble. His law degree and experiences enhanced his ability to write and apply for state and federal grants growing GMU exponentially during his tenure. His accomplishments and positive influence resonate not only in his professional career but all aspects of his life. His lifetime achievements made a huge difference and impacted not only his community and the state but also helped influence general aviation improvements for the nation.

James Stephens has been with the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission since 2012 and has been the Executive Director since 2014. He is charged with managing the state’s executive aircraft fleet as well as the state’s system of airports. He holds degrees in Aviation Management and Aircraft Maintenance, is a licensed Airframe & Power plant mechanic and Pri vate Pilot and is a Certified Member with the American Association of Airport Executives.

Prior to Aeronautics, he served as Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the Special Services Corporation in Greenville, S.C. During his time with Special Services, the aircraft management company grew from a fleet of four aircraft to ten, most of which were offered on the aircraft charter market for private use. Stephens’ past experiences also include airport management in McMinnville, Tennessee, and aircraft maintenance in Greenville, South Carolina.

Stephens served as Treasurer on the executive committee of the National Association of State Aviation Officials (NASAO) for the past year. He successfully planned and executed the 91st Annual NASAO Convention held September 10-14, 2022, in Greenville.

Joe Frasher is awarded the Order of the Palmetto

On behalf of Governor Henry McMaster, Lieutenant Governor Pamela S. Evette presented Joseph R. Frasher the Order of the Palmetto at a ceremony in the Greenville Convention Center on September 15, 2022. Joe received the award for his 39 years of service to the State of South Carolina as the airport director of the Greenville Downtown Airport. The Order of the Palmetto is the state’s highest civilian honor awarded to South Carolinians for a lifetime of service and achievements of national or statewide significance.

Congratulations to Joe Frasher on his extraordinary achievements in aviaiton, his retirement and receiving the prestigious Order of the Palmetto from the Governor of South Carolina. Congratulations to James Stephens on his accomplishments at the South Carolina Aeronautics Commission and his new role as Director of the Greenville Downtown Airport.


The South Carolina Aviation Association and South Carolina Aeronautics Commission are hosting an Airport Safety & Innovation Fair on November 4, 2022, from 10am -3pm. A select group of exhibitors will provide 20-minute education sessions about products and services they offer to enhance safety at your airport. Participating vendors have been select ed because of the advanced products they offer.

Attendees include airport managers and their employees tasked with keeping airports safe for all users. The cost is $50 for SCAA members and $100 for non-members.

Lunch is included as well as a list of participating vendors and supporting presentations. Register at SCAAonline.com


Since 1989 the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI) has hosted the International Aviation Art Contest to challenge young people to illustrate the importance of aviation through art. The U.S. portion of the contest is conducted by NASAO and the NASAO Center for Aviation Research and Education.

Children between the ages of 6 and 17 may participate. Entries will be judged in three classes, according to age and at least in part for its creative use of the theme in relation to the aviation world. This year’s theme is Air Sports and the Environment and additional information about the contest can be found at www.nasao.org. The dead line is January 10, 2023. The SC Aeronautics Commission is taking entries; contact the commission by phone at (803) 896-6272 for more information.


Need to advertise an open position at your airport? SCAA now has a job board accessible on SCAAonline.com. This is a benefit for members and it’s FREE. Send your job listings to SCAA and we will post them online.

Current Openings:

Airport Manager position at the Lowcountry Regional Airport (RBW)

The Lowcountry Regional Airport (RBW) is a general aviation airport located in Walterboro SC.

Please send resumes and letters of interest or inquiry to: Bill Young, Chairman - Walterboro Colleton County Airport Commission wyoungjr@comcast.net 843-908-2571

Airport Manager position at the Beaufort Executive Airport (KARW)

Please send resumes and letters of interest or inquiry to: Steve Parry stephen.parry@bcgov.net (843)-962-3940

Applicants must apply via the Beaufort County Government website: https://www.beaufortcountysc.gov/human-resources/

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Established in 1991, the South Carolina Aviation Hall of Fame honors pioneers and leaders in the aviation industry who have made significant contributions to the development, advancement or promotion of aviation and have close ties to the state of South Carolina.


The SC Aviation Hall of Fame is on display on the SCAA website. Navigate to scaaonline.com, click the “SCAA Promotes” drop down, and select “Hall of Fame.” You can also visit in person at the Jim Hamilton L.B. Owens Airport in Columbia.


Nominations for the 2023 SC Aviation Hall of Fame Induction will be accepted through November 1, 2022. An application is available in this publication or on the SCAA website and should be accompa nied by verifiable documentation of the individual’s contribution to aviation to include no less than the following: a biographical resume (as detailed as possible) and documentation, clippings, citations, and awards regarding the contribution to aviation. Letters of reference may also be included.

Nominees must be of good character, and they may be living or deceased. Their contribution to aviation must be substantial and performed with a high degree of excellence, above and beyond the performance of the nominee’s vocation or political position. This contribution may be a single gallant event or achievement over time that has made a positive lasting impact on aviation. A single gallant event will be defined as an event, which was brave, spirited and honorable, such as Ronald McNair’s sacrifice as part of the final Challenger mission.

The nominee must have made their contribution to aviation in South Carolina. The nominee may have significant contributions to aviation outside South Carolina, but those will be considered secondary.

Please visit scaaonline.com for more information.

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Hansford Johnson, Inducted 2005 Ellie G. Shuler, Jr. Inducted 2012 Capt. Edward T.H. Shaffer Jr., Inducted 2002 Caroline Etherdge Hembel, Inducted 1995 Ernest Henderson, Inducted 1991

Call for Nominations Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Page 13Page 13 Palmetto Aviation Please attach all documentation. Applications are due November 1. 1.
Full Name of the Nominee Nominee’s known living address City State Zip Nominee’s Phone Number Fax Number ( ) ( ) Date of birth Date of death (if deceased) Nominee’s place of birth (city, state) Nominee’s nearest living relative City State Zip Nominee’s nearest living relative phone number Fax Number ( ) ( ) Name of Nominator Date Address of the Nominator City State Zip Nominator’s Phone Number Fax Number Email ( ) ( ) 2. Verifiable documentation should be provided with the application to support the accomplishments of the nominee. Mail to: SCAA Hall of Fame, PO Box 80994, Charleston, SC 29416 Questions? Call 1-877-FLY-SCAA (1-877-359-7222).



The annual Triple Tree Fly-In at the Triple Tree Aerodrome in Woodruff, SC, has turned into a can’t miss event on everyone’s fly-in calendar. Aviators from across the the U.S. anxiously await for the fall to make the annual pilgrimage to the manicured 7,000-foot grass runway to experience one of the fastest-growing general aviation events in the country.

During the 2022 Fly-In, they had over 800 airplanes visit throughout the week from 43 states nationwide. Also during that week, the Triple Tree Aerodrome had over 1,700 aircraft movements and a record 804 movements on Saturday. These statistics made the Triple Tree Aerodrome one of the busiest airports in South Carolina for that week.

Make plans to attend next year’s event. Mark your calendars for September 18-24, 2023, for the 16th annual Triple Tree Fly-In.


The Federal Aviation Association Safety Team (FAASTeam) held an interactive maintenance workshop on September 10, 2022, at the Greenville Downtown Airport to help any aircraft owner, renter, or just interested pilots to understand how to maintain and inspect a plane’s airworthiness.

“In the 55 years of flying and the 22 years of instructing, I have unfortunately recounted far too many aircraft accidents that were entirely preventable,” said Leo Berube, FAASTeam Representative.

This was the first formalized FAASTeam hands-on maintenance workshop offered at the Greenville Downtown Airport.

“It is great that we are able to help people learn how to perform basic main tenance procedures properly and prevent potential problems in the future,” Berube said.

If your airport is hosting an event, email scaa@scaaonline.com to include it on our calendar.

Page 14 Palmetto Aviation
Information and photos provided by: Eric Barnhill Eric Barnhill talks about the importance of a planes weight and balance at FAASTeam maintenance workshop the Greenville Downtown Airport on September 10, 2022. Photo by Robert Hoover.
Page 15 Palmetto Aviation SOUTH CAROLINA BREAKFAST CLUB COMING SOON TO AN AIRPORT NEAR YOU! Following is a schedule of the remaining dates for 2022. Please visit southcarolinabreakfastclub.com for updates. MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION SOUTH CAROLINA AVIATION ASSOCIATION PO Box 80994, Charleston, SC, 29416 (P) 1-877-FLY-SCAA // (E) scaa@scaaonline.com (W) www.scaaonline.com __ $250 Airport Membership (Includes 8 members) __ $450 Corporate Membership (Includes 10 members, logo in all newsletters & email spotlight) __ $40 Individual Membership __ $25 Student Membership Total ____________ Membership Category Circle the category that best describes you: Pilot Government Official* FBO Consultant Vendor Airport Director/Manager *Includes airport commission member, state, federal, or other government agencies. Please include any additional descriptions that apply to you on the line below. (Examples: Commissioner, Commission Chair, Airport, Executive Director, Manager, FBO, Consultant, Vendor, Pilot, etc.) Name ________________________________________ Airport or Company ____________________________ Address ______________________________________ City/State/Zip _________________________________ Phone _______________________________________ Email ________________________________________ Circle your method of payment: Check Visa MC Amex Invoice Me CC#__________________________________________ Exp. Date _____________________________________ Security Code_________________________________ Name/Billing Address __________________________ ___ Please send me a printed copy of Palmetto Aviation Every other Sunday since 1938, pilots and aviation enthusiasts have met for breakfast at an airport somewhere in South Carolina and a few surrounding states – missing only events during World War II when aircraft fuel was not available. The Breakfast Club resumed meetings two years later and continues to this day. Oct. 30: Orangeburg Municipal Airport (KOGB) Nov. 13 : Conway – Horry County Airport (KHWY) Nov. 27: Fairfield County Airport (KFDW) Dec. 11: Hartsville Regional Airport (KHVS) Photo Credit: Scott Crosby
Valerie Anderson
Photo Credit: Valerie
Anderson Photo Credit: Scott Crosby Photo Credit: Valerie Anderson

PO Box 80994

PO Box 80994

Charleston, SC 29416

Charleston, SC 29416

1-877-FLY SCAA (359-7222) www.scaaonline.com

1-877-FLY SCAA (359-7222) www.scaaonline.com

SCAA Conference Sponsors

Union County Airport - Shelton Field

SCAA Conference Exhibitors

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Thank you SCAA corporate members!
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