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WELCOME TO STOCKHOLM — “The Culinary Capital of Scandinavia”!


Kenneth Lagström

For the sixth consecutive year, we’re sharing our favorite restaurants in the Stockholm region, all emphasizing culture, history and gastronomy. We’ll guide you to the restaurants that are among the best in their genre, that you might not have found as easily on your own. Let us introduce ourselves: Kenneth Lagström has a long background from leading positions in the most well-known companies in the restaurant industry in Sweden. Kenneth is today an independent food and beverage

professional with clients from a wide range of local restaurants, restaurant chains and Martin & Servera the leading wholesale company to the restaurant industry in Sweden. Stefan Ossmyr manages ”Savor Media”, Stockholm’s leading media and marketing firm, targeting visitors with high demands. Stefan has a culinary interest himself and is proud to assist you to savor Stockholm at it’s best. We hope you’ll be inspired and that you’ll have an unforgettable evening. Scan the code on the back for more information.

Enjoy yourselves! Kenneth Lagström and Stefan Ossmyr

Stefan Ossmyr

STEFAN OSSMYR +46 (0)8 717 95 40

KENNETH LAGSTRÖM +46 (0)70 556 27 25

Portal Taste this! Grilled shellfish, well-aged meat, carefully deboned birds. Seasonal vegetables – often both locally produced and organic. Relaxed and knowledgeable service. Together with a wide choice of quality wines and Swedish craft beers. Portal is run by former Chef of the Year Klas Lindberg, who often appears in

the dining room himself. The restaurant is minimalist Nordic, and behind the large arched window looking out towards Sankt Eriksplan, you will be seated comfortably, either at a pre-booked table or more spontaneously at the food bar. Portal is open every day of the week and is a restaurant for every occasion.�

St Eriksplan 1 +46 (0)8 30 11 01

Le Rouge For several hundred years the canteens of Le Rouge have been involved in gastronomy. Already in medieval times, these quarters were Stockholm’s busiest trading place for fish. During the 1700´s, the “Potato King” Jonas Alströmer, stored his potato treasures here and in the 1800´s the house was the most fun wine tavern imaginable.

Today, these premises have been turned into a restaurant and bar with a cinematic atmosphere. Imagine playful Moulin Rouge, with a menu emphasizing salmon, entrecote and vegetables. We understand that we have a great historical legacy to continue, but we feel we have an even greater responsibility to never cease to surprise you.

Brunnsgränd 2-4 +46 (0)8 505 244 30

Österlånggatan 17 As new tavern owners here in the Old Town, we were delighted to discover that a gentleman named Hindrich Nywardt lived here in the 1700´s. Who? Well, an old chap who had the responsibility for organising the wine carriage transportation in Stockholm. Quite simply, he was a decent fellow who provided the citizens with a steady supply of good wine.

This is just exactly what Österlånggatan 17 is today ­– to be kind to all citizens and offer a great atmosphere, food and drinks. Our food is influenced from all over the world, but with a lot of inspiration and respect to our local producers. Welcome to Österlångatan 17, brothers and sisters! Here it should be easy to intoxicate yourself with the good life.

Österlånggatan 17 +46 (0)8 505 244 60

Fem Små Hus In the heart of Gamla Stan, close to the statue of St. George and the Dragon is the classic restaurant Fem Små Hus. This first-class restaurant is situated on Nygränd in six beautiful cellar vaults in five different houses. Architect Tore Lögdberg painstakingly decorated the restaurant in 1969, and it is still in its original

condition. As far back as the 1600´s, there was a tavern in these cellar vaults.   Welcome to culturally historic surroundings where many antiques and special furnishing details are preserved to this day, and enjoy classic Swedish food from well-composed menus.

Nygränd 10 +46 (0)8 10 87 75

Restaurant Pelikan Traditional Swedish cuisine at its best! An institution among Stockholm’s restaurants. For over 100 years, guests from near and far have been able to eat authentic, traditional Swedish cuisine with us. Meatballs, herring and reindeer are some of our guests favorites. We are also innovators of Swedish tradition. But we aren’t changing our knuckle of pork: we gently cook it

overnight and serve it with the best mashed swedes in the city. Snaps to enjoy with our dishes is no exception. For dessert, you simply must give classic Swedish cheeses a chance, served with a perfectly paired glass of port, just like in the old days. Be sure to try out our wellstocked bar. Start or finish your night at Pelikan! Welcome!

Blekingegatan 40 +46 (0)8 556 090 90

Urban Deli Urban Deli is a grocery store, food hall and restaurant/bar fusion, and as such, provides a unique atmosphere in the heart of SoFo, in Södermalm, as well as in the centre of Stockholm. Urban Deli serves from morning to night – breakfast, lunch, dinner & drinks – 7 days a week. On weekends, lunch becomes brunch! If you prefer

to create your own meal, then our food halls & stores have everything needed for a fresh breakfast, family dinner, or a luxury dinner party. We also have fresh readymade meals, other dishes and accessories to make life easy. If you’d like to sleep over, try Hotel With at Urban Deli Sveavägen. Welcome to Urban Deli.

Nytorget 4, Sveavägen 44 +46 (0)8 425 500 00

Tranan A place to meet at, have a bite to eat and something to drink. That is what Tranan was known for in 1929, and still what Tranan is known for today. Tranan has been open seven days a week for almost seventy-five years and has

been situated at the same address for the whole of that period. As early as the 1930’s, the regulars called Tranan the Club.  We shall naturally continue to greet both regular as well as new guests with a warm welcome. Enjoy your meal!

Karlbergsvägen 14 +46 (0)8 527 28 100

Djurgårdsbrunn They say that Queen Kristina used Djurgården to hunt wild lions—such a pursuit is no longer required. It is here we have created an idyllic retreat for everyone. The menu consists of timeless and reinterpreted classics with inspiration from traditional Swedish recipes

and the Mediterranean. Outside our rotisserie roasts whole lambs slowly and you can enjoy a game of boule. We can’t think of a more pleasurable excursion here in Djurgården, even if we don’t have any lions. Welcome!

Djurgårdsbrunnsvägen 68 +46 (0)8 624 22 00

Fotografiska Fotografiska by Stadsgårdskajen Wharf offers a breathless view of the entrance to Stockholm Harbor. The museum’s restaurant goes out of its way to serve organic food made from locally produced ingredients. The

diverse daily menu is based on the freshest available options. You can order meat and fish as side dishes to the various vegetable entrées. The restaurant has been cited as one of the world’s best museum establishments.

Stadsgårdshamnen 22 +46 (0)8 50 900 500

Tures Restaurang &Bar Tures is a lively restaurant with a wonderful atmosphere, where classic Swedish dishes are served in an international and modern environment. This fantastic meeting place has an extremely highquality bar, and Tures is one of the city’s best after work venues. The broad spectrum of clientele suits most people, and the staff always have a

friendly, relaxed and professional attitude which even extends to the guests’ fourlegged companions; useful to know if you can’t find a dog sitter! If you’re looking for a truly high-quality restaurant in terms of both food and drink – right in the heart of the capital – visit Tures. You definitely won’t regret it.

Sturegallerian 10 +46 (0)8 611 02 10

Hotel Diplomat Hotel Diplomat´s restaurant is one of the city’s most popular restaurants. The kitchen focuses on classic Swedish cuisine, with a dash of international, innovative influences. Here, in the vibrant athmosphere of this stunning Art Nouveau

building by the quay, you can splurge in the generous hotel breakfast, have lunch with the local business crowd and enjoy dinner & cocktails with friends. Don’t miss Hotel Diplomat´s famous Afternoon Tea – served daily since the 1960’s.

Strandvägen 7c +46 (0)8 459 68 02

Ulla Winbladh This elegant, classic Swedish tavern is situated on lovely Djurgården Island. The menu reflects the excellent local produce of the season and focuses on Swedish traditional favourites. If you want to savor classic fare such as homemade meatballs with potato purée

and lingonberries, this is the place! The impeccable service, charming surroundings and exquisite food all contribute to an unsurpassed eating experience. Don’t miss dining outside in the summer season’s openair restaurant.

Rosendalsvägen 8 +46 (0)8 534 89 701

Konstnärsbaren Konstnärsbaren “The Artists’ Bar” was established in 1931 and in popular parlance is simply called KB. It is no coincidence that the restaurant is located close to Norrmalmstorg, just a stone’s throw from Sweden’s largest and most important stage, the Royal Dramatic Theatre, and numerous other theatres and cultural institutions. KB quickly became a

watering hole for famous artists and actors, and still today, the restaurant’s guests include many actors, authors, artists and journalists. With a strong commitment to quality and using the finest ingredients, Konstnärsbaren offers you an opportunity to experience classic Swedish dishes with a modern twist in a timeless milieu that combines rustic elements with fantastic works of art.

Smålandsgatan 7 +46 (0)8 679 60 32

Stockholm Fisk This elegant, laid-back city retreat attracts seafood lovers, but other fine food is also available on the menu. In the dining room’s relaxed atmosphere you’ll hear languages from round the globe and the

cocktail bar serves city-goers dropping in for drinks or coffee. The “heart of the city” is the only way to describe this restaurant’s utterly appealing location.

Vasagatan 1 +46 (0)8 580 017 30

Ångbåtsbryggan Ångbåtsbryggan Pier is an unmatched constellation of Swedish heritage – a firstclass restaurant surrounded by four floating museums. The concept and interior both stem from the bygone world of steamships. Drawing inspiration from the culinary excellence of the Titanic, the menu scintillates with luxurious side dishes, not to mention Swedish steamer steak

and other hearty entrées. Far astern you’ll find Skaldjursbaren with its offering of catch-of-the-day shellfish, wicked champagne, fine wines, a soothing sea breeze and an awesome view. The pier brings together history, culture, technology, pleasure and good company. Climb onboard for a journey through time.

Strandvägen, kajplats 18 +46 (0)8 534 89 704

Wedholms Fisk Legendary restaurateur Bengt Wedholm was one of the pioneers who put Stockholm on the world’s gastronomic map. His passion for the art of cooking and the perfect dining experience lives on today in this food

temple, of which Wedholm was one of the founders and which still bears his name. Wedholms Fisk is a delight for all the senses and evidence that tradition and quality can be a savory combination.

Nybrokajen 17 +46 (0)8 611 78 74

Waipo Waipo (waeipo) means grandma in Chinese. With us, it should feel like you are coming home to Grandma’s for a family dinner. We eat together and share everything on the table and it will be a constant stream of goodies served to the table. Waipo serves all food in

tapas style in order to be able to try as many dishes as possible. The dishes are served as soon as it is ready, and that means that not everything will arrive at the same time. All food served is authentic Chinese cooked Ă la minute by our talented and skilled Chinese chefs.

Drottninggatan 25 +46 (0)8 21 13 01

Orkide Orchid is one of Stockholm’s oldest Thai restaurants. In 1992, we opened the restaurant at Medborgarplatsen in Stockholm. Our outstanding chefs has a broad knowledge of the Thai culinary arts and

cooks each dish from the finest raw materials the market has to offer. Orchid took home the title as Europe’s best Thai Restaurant at the Asian Curry Awards in London 2012.

Medborgarplatsen 3 +46 (0)8 641 88 65

Kvarnen Custom, history and culinary excellence. Offering the best home-cooked Swedish meals has been the mission of Kvarnen ever since 1908. The venerable old establishment on Tjärhovsgatan at the heart of Stockholm’s trendy Södermalm district serves lunch and dinner, as well as classic beer and snaps from brashly independent micro-breweries. The generous brunches on the weekends bring together a

wide range of traditional and modern impulses. The ambience is folksy and inviting. Young people and old, celebrities and ordinary citizens, mix freely. Flavors and dishes that have epitomized Swedish culture for generations are waiting to be sampled. Berries from the mountains of the north, mushrooms, game, Småland smoked sausage and dainty seafood will delight your palate.

Tjärhovsgatan 4 +46 (0)8 643 03 80

Strömma Kanalbolaget Enjoy a brunch or a quiet lunch at sea. If you prefer an evening cruise Strömma Kanal-bolaget also has a wide variety of dinner cruises. They take great pride in their on-board restaurants and welcome you to enjoy freshly cooked meals and breathtaking views. Most of the ships are from the turn of last century and beautifully restored with lovely dining rooms. All meals served are

put together by their dedicated restaurateurs. Take a tour on Lake Mälaren and experience the beautiful Drottningholm Palace. Choose the archipelago and get a glimpse of the picturesque town Vaxholm. Whichever route you choose you can be sure that the staff will be dedicated in giving you a delicious meal and a cruise you will remember for a long time.

Departures from Stadhusbron & Nybroviken +46 (0)8 12 00 40 00



Dining Recommendations  

“The Culinary Capital of Scandinavia”! For the sixth consecutive year, we’re sharing our favorite restaurants in the Stockholm region, all e...

Dining Recommendations  

“The Culinary Capital of Scandinavia”! For the sixth consecutive year, we’re sharing our favorite restaurants in the Stockholm region, all e...