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Spring Promotion 2023

As of April 11 − while stocks last!

From 11/04/2023 – only while stocks last. Leap into spring with the SATA BBQ promotion and get yourself a stylish BBQ apron as well as solid, innovative and multifunctional BBQ tongs in stainless steel. Whether at the next garden party or on the camping site – with our SATA BBQ Kit you are perfectly set.

The 100% cotton canvas apron is wax-finished as well as fire-resistant. The adjustable neckband is made of faux leather and it is finished with eyelets and metal fasteners. The apron has a large breast pocket and two side pockets with faux leather embellishments, as well a faux leather SATA Logo.

The promotion also includes a pair of satin finish BBQ tongs, which are laser engraved with the SATA Logos in two areas.

The innovative, professional BBQ tongs are a must-have for every wanna-be Grill Master. With five practical functions in one device, including BBQ tongs, grill fork, bottle opener, grill grate cleaner and lifter, it is the perfect friend for the BBQ.


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SATA Canada Inc. Issue 7 No. 1, 2023
Specialists INFO

Mid Island Collision -

Lexxie Wota

Some people are just born to be painters. Lexxie Wota is currently her father’s journeyman apprentice at Mid Island Auto Collision in Nanaimo.

Lexxie has been painting full time for about a year now and it is something she wants to make a career of.

Her father has an 83 Oldsmobile Cutlass that she will help repaint next year in a planned custom red colour with fade effects.

“At Mid Island we have two body technicians with my father and I as painters. Currently I am doing the prep on collision work, inners, and bumpers etc. Dad does the topcoat, though I have done completes on my own car and some others.”

“I must give him credit for purchasing our SATA spray guns, but I can attest to the ease of use and excellent results. My spray gun is the SATAjet X 5500 HVLP 1.4 “O” nozzle. My dad has the same.

I love the SATA equipment, I have used a gun from a competing manufacturer, left behind by a former painter, my SATA gun works so much better and sprays so smooth. From my own experience SATA is an excellent choice for a new painter. Even as a relative beginner I haven’t had any runs or dry spots, well at least with the clear gun.”

The father daughter teams’ clear gun is the SATAjet X 5500 PHASER RP 1.2 “I” nozzle with a SATA adam 2. They also have a SATAminijet 4400 B RP 1.3 and a SATAjet 5000 B HVLP 1.4.

“We use SATA RPS of course, they compare so well to the competition, they are easier to store paint in as they don’t

“My focus is on gaining experience and an education in refinishing, with the goal of gaining my Red Seal Certification. I started working in the industry as soon as I finished high school and am looking forward to completing my studies at college.”

A shared passion for automobiles with her father was the catalyst, “what attracted me to the trade was my dad and of course a passion for automobiles. I love cars, I host annual car show, the Nanaimo show and shine.

I liked the idea of being able to paint my own car and got into the trade from there. I work on my own car and help work on my dad’s car too. I have a 96 Acura Integra, it started as a daily driver but quickly evolved into a show car.”

The Acura has a custom paint job and anything that could be painted from top to bottom has been. The engine bay is finished in a chameleon effect colour shifting paint, “there are so many colours on the car as there are so many colours I want to experiment with.”

Lexxie’s car just got back on the road after painting the undercarriage and with a new carbon fiber hood and wing.

have bags. The SATA cup seals easily, and you can write in sharpie on the lid to label it correctly.

I have had a Girls Behind the Gun paint suit for year now and it has held up beautifully and is really comfortable.

■ Lexxie Wota continued p. 4

lexxie_wota SATANEWS 01 I 2023 SATANEWS | 2



100% cotton-canvas - wax-finished Fire-resistant material Adjustable neckband Big breast pocket with two compartments, two side pockets

Faux-leather SATA patch included


Innovative BBQ professional tongs with five practical functions: BBQ tongs fork bottle opener grill grate cleaner and lifter

Satainless steel - satin brushed 2x SATA Logo Laser Engraving

SATAjet X 5500

Select your favorite nozzle Revolutionary. Efficient, Silent. Consistent. The SATAjet X 5500 with the X-nozzle system defines a new standard for the future.

3 | SATANEWS 01 I 2023 SATANEWS Spring Promotion

SATA - Carbon Monoxide Monitors

options for safety in the paint booth

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, highly poisonous gas caused by partial combustion. Combustion does not take place in a compressor. Yet an overheated compressor could convert lubricating oil to carbon monoxide, or contaminated air could be drawn into the compressor intake from an outside environment.


The X767 is an AC powered Carbon Monoxide Monitor with LCD readout for larger shops or shops that require remote alarms. These monitors provide continuous digital indication of CO levels from 0 to 199 ppm and operate with the reliable Electrochemical sensor. The units give an audible (85db @ 3ft) and visual alarm at 10 ppm. Air sample tubing connects the monitor to the filter unit. The X767 monitor housing is fitted with RF filters to minimize interference from portable radios and cell phones. Optional remote alarms and horns are available.


The Model X288 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor and Alarm is a battery-operated instrument with LCD readout that can be surface mounted near the filtered compressed air supply (within the temperature range of -4 F to 122 F). Provided air supply tubing and fittings allow the unit to be connected to a SATA filter/regulator. It continuously samples the compressed air for carbon monoxide to comply with OSHA rules. Both audible and visual alarms at 10ppm CO.

We have a SATA vision 2000, when I start doing bigger jobs, I will be getting my own SATA air vision 5000.

As to being a woman in the industry; “In the shop I don’t have any problems, its more people my age, the guys in the car scene who might not take me seriously."

Long term, Lexxie wants to open her own shop, with a focus on custom work. "I love cool paint jobs and work with people to understand what they want."

"For those considering a career in the refinish industry, I would say, don’t be scared, visit their local shop, talk to them, ask for job openings, apprenticeships, experience is important.

The trade is a great work environment when you get in, don’t listen to the guys that say you can't do it, you can be as good as them and even better if you set your mind to it.”


SATA - suit race lady

The SATA suit race - now adapted for women!

The paint suit is made of 98% polyester and 2% carbon. This ensures durability, protection and easy cleaning. In addition, the SATA suit race lady is antistatic, paint impermeable and low linting.

Available in the following sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

„ High quality, comfortable to wear

„ Combines function, form and design to a new standard; a both fashionable and functional dress for each painter

„ Colours: anthracite, silver-grey, red

„ Featuring flame-retarding SATA labels on the back and the upper arms

„ Material composition: 98 % polyester, 2 % carbon

„ Washable at 60° C / ironable

Material/fabric features:

„ Flame-retardant according to EN 14116_Index 1

„ Antistatic according to EN 1149-3

„ Free of paint-impairing substances (silicone-free)

„ Impervious to paint overspray

„ Breathable

„ Lint-free

SATA Catalogue Now On-line!

The SATA Canada Volume 23 catalogue just like our SATANEWS is available on-line to read and/or download.

See what's new on your phone, tablet or PC!

Simply click on the image below or scan the QR code to access the catalogue and our most recent newsletters in English and French.

Available from your SATA dealer
01 I 2023 SATANEWS

MIKE CUSTOMS, St-Alexis de Montcalm, QC.

Owner: Michel Lafontaine

This spring SATA Canada had the opportunity to visit the world class shop of Mike Customs in St-Alexis de Montcalm, QC. A true dream garage for car enthusiasts.

After a devastating fire that destroyed the original barn shop, Michel decided

Mike has four decades of experience as a lead mechanic, so someone with refinish experience was a priority to get the new business off to a great start. He knew just the guy, Francois Masse, a fellow co-worker with 25 years painting experience.

ed hundreds of projects, working with fiberglass, steel and plastics to create beautiful custom creations, with still many more to come. The guys estimate that projects can range between 300 to 3,000 hours per job.

to restart his business anew, with a focus on his passion for the restoration of classics and muscle cars as well as lowriders and trucks.

Since Mike Customs opened 14 years ago, they have restored, modified, and transformed hundreds of vehicles, garnering many prizes across the years. Vehicles from Mike Customs have been featured in magazines such as V8 Passion and won awards at car shows across North America. Over 20 awards for best paint and best display just to name a few.

Together Mike and Frank have complet-

In 2022, Francois or rather Frank, as he likes to be called, needed new spray guns to upgrade his well used collection of guns.

“I was referred to my local SATA Business Development Specialist, I was very pleased with the knowledgeable service offered, receiving expert advice on the full range of products and the opportunity to demo the guns.

I was really impressed with the SATAjet

Mike and Frank C3 Corvette in Mike Customs booth

SATA Canada Merchandise

• SATA toque

• SATA t-shirt

• RPS coffee cup

• SATA water bottle

• SATAjet X 5500 key chain

• SATA "PHASER" zippo

1500 B SoLV, purchasing an HVLP and RP technology versions for application of base coat and clear coat.

I also added a SATAjet 100 B F to apply sealer, it lays so smooth that you just know that you will not have issues during the paint application process. A night and day difference from my old spray guns.

SATA has high quality products that helps me to create showing winning paint jobs and makes the multiple hours in the booth worth it.”

to see the full line of SATA Canada merchandise Art No. 900001 black Hemi orange / TNT Express Charger, Dukes of Hazard clone by Mike Customs

Back Corner Studios

- a stunning beginning starts with a 1950 Merc

Back Corner Studios – Stratford, ON

When SATANEWS last spoke with Josh Dobson over two years ago, he was working at a busy collision shop and had a home studio turning out complex custom paint and airbrush work on motorcycles and helmets.

As of July 2022, he had gone full time with his shop, Back Corner Studios. We caught up with the busy Josh at the recent Toronto Motorama in March. The Back Corner Studios booth was prominently featured in the main hall next to a stunning 1950 Mercury coupe that he had painted.

Back Corner Studios offers full restoration as well as custom paint services.

“I’m doing all the paint and body work along with minor fabrication. I have been working on full builds with Binbrook Speed & Custom, a traditional hot rod shop, they are responsible for the major panel work, chassis, and drivetrain work. Binbrook will send me the car for final fitment, bodywork and paint.”

The classic Mercury was the company’s debut, Back Corner Studios first big restoration in the new shop. The Mercury retains its stock roofline, but Binbrook worked its magic adding a big block Ford bored out to 466 cubic inches and suspension upgrades bringing the ride height four inches closer to the pavement.

“We partnered with Binbrook, they wanted to show case their work at Motorama and allowed us to do the same.”

The Mercury received considerable attention for its clean

resto mod design and perfect black paint work. Under the show lights the unique red and black pearl finish, created especially for the Mercury by Josh, could be studied, and appreciated.

backcornerstudios SATANEWS 01 I 2023 SATANEWS | 8
01 I 2023 SATANEWS

“The customer wanted a black car but one that would appear red in the bright sunshine, highlighting all the curves and contours that Merc’s of that era have.

To create this in-house custom colour, I used some speed shapes to model just the right blend for the Mercury. I took two different pearls from the Sherwin-Williams Sunfire Line and then experimented with various percentages of the pearl and sprayed out the different versions, allowing the customer to select which colour he thought was best.”

Josh used SATA equipment throughout the refinish process, “for epoxy primer I used my SATAjet 4000 B RP with a 1.4 nozzle and a SATAjet 100 B F RP with a 1.8 nozzle for sealer.

Painting the Mercury was a bit of a challenge and quite a bit different than regular collision work. The car has a lot of curves, Josh explained and the panels are much larger, meaning more gun time, for a real work out and some sore shoulders.

Base coat was applied with a SATAjet 5000 B RP with a 1.3 nozzle, clear coat with a SATAjet X 5500 1.2 “I” and absolutely nothing but SATA RPS cups - “that is how we get that great flow with no starvation.”

“I love matching the RPS system with my SATA guns and an adam 2. Everything is balanced perfectly while you are spraying, even with a full cup.

SATA equipment is designed to work together, you can feel the quality design and engineering while you are painting. RPS helps prevent the fatigue you might get with other heavier cup systems, especially when you are using 0.9 liter cups full of base coat, clear or sealer.”

Josh also relies on SATA breathing protection in his shop, "I have a SATA air vision 5000 and a SATA 284 series filter allowing me to breath clean compressed air.

Proper breathing and skin protection was instilled in me from day one when I started painting in the late nineties. Lessons imparted at a family-owned collision shop where the owner never saw breathing protection as an unnecessary cost. He believed in investing in safety for his workers.

I spend a lot of time in the booth, and I don’t suffer the ill effects that others have, who didn’t enjoy the same opportunities.

I am truly fortunate to learn these lessons at a young age and it is why I have my health today. The apprentice that I have here now, is very aware of my thoughts about PPE and fresh air, so he has his own SATA breathing system."

Back Corner Studios is also well known for its custom paint and airbrush work.

“I want to do more of that, it’s a fun mix to go from restoration to custom work, whether it be metal flake designs, airbrush stencil designs or pinstriping,”

We joked that Josh just needs a full-size lowrider project to combine all his painting skills.

In the near future Back Corner Studios will be offering, custom airbrush training.

“I am teaming up with another custom painter, to offer classes. Come for a day, we can show you the tips, tricks and techniques to get the effects that we use in our custom paint work. Whether airbrushing “true fire”, skulls or lowrider graphics.

What’s next in the shop, upcoming builds include a 1966 Chevy G10 van as well as a 1969 C10 long box, “we are doing everything, welding, some fabrication, body work and of course paint.”


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