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Thank You to all our buyers - Your business is appreciated! Hedley Livestock • Bishop Farms Fraser Shorthorns • Mark Frost Page 3The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022Page 4 Publications Mail Agreement #40019886 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: The Canadian Shorthorn Report Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 The SHORTHORNCanadianREPORT Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 Fax 306-525-5852 Email Grant Alexander 306-861-5504 Saskatchewan Livestock Association Belinda Wagner 306-757-6133 Next Issues Fall 2022 Deadline - September 15 Publication - October 15 January 2023 Deadline - December 15 Publication - January 15 Spring 2023 Deadline - February 1 Publication - March 1 Herd Reference 2023 Deadline - July 1 Publication - August 1 Advertising Rates Full Page $450 2/3 Page 340 1/2 Page 275 1/3 Page 220 1/4 Page ................................ 180 1/6 Page ................................ 150 Business Card $65 or $180 yearly Colour extra. Subscriptions 1 Year (Canada) .................... $24 1 Year (U.S.) $30 US 1 Year (Foreign) $55 GST is applicable on all feesBN 107956021 Where Can I Buy a Few More Weeks of Summer? to keep the industry strong. Beef cow numbers in Canada are near record lows, which should suggest strong feeder prices in the future, especially on the higher quality cattle on offer, so producing the best quality you can remains extremely important. What happens in the next few months could have a major impact on what changes we will see. It seems like there has been some peril affecting the beef industry for several years now, but the industry pulls through. Anyone who says that plant-based products will soon replace authentic beef products needs to take a strong dose of reality!

The Shorthorn family is one of the best! Like most families, there may be disagreements from time to time, but at the end of the day, we all are back working together to make this breed better. I think we all should be aware of how fortunate we are to be in this breed where everyone is considered to be a part of the family. Our food industry, and our beef industry in particular, continues to struggle with internal and external pressures. This is nothing new, however, we do need to continue to have good leadership

On a brighter note it is wonderful to see our world start to return to some sense of normality after two years of pandemic that pretty much slowed the world to a crawl. It is great to see livestock shows and sales returning to normal and I hope this continues. I was unable to attend the recent Canadian Junior National Shorthorn show in Collingwood, Ontario but I have heard that it was a huge success. There were lots of kids, lots of quality cattle and lots of enthusiasm displayed. This is great to hear and it is events like this that develop future breeders and build a strong base for the future of the breed. If you haven’t already started to plan for the upcoming fall shows, now is the time to do so. Occasionally I hear some people say that cattle shows are old school and not required any longer, but I would have to disagree with this way of thinking. Having our breed get together and display our cattle is important to show the beef industry what we can offer. It is also important for breeders to compare notes on what they are producing. I really don’t see this ever becoming less important. I am expecting to see a great display of Shorthorns at many of the fall events. Until next time, Grant Another summer has come and is rapidly moving towards fall. I am always amazed how much I anticipate the arrival of summer and how quickly it goes by. Already it is quite noticeable how much shorter the daylight hours are getting each passing day, and this is just a reminder to us all that fall and winter are starting to make plans to come back again. Here in Southern Saskatchewan, we have had a very good summer so far with excellent moisture and good crops. Our Shorthorns are really enjoying having so much grass after seven years of drought here on our farm. I can’t begin to tell you how much stress leaves a person, when you know your livestock will have feed and water for the rest of the year. Before I go any further, I would like to thank the Manitoba Shorthorn Association for hosting the CSA Annual Meeting in June. June is a very busy month on the farm (which month isn’t?) so it is hard to know how many people will attend these meetings. I was pleased to see a very good number of Shorthorn breeders attend this annual event from all across this country. Getting together with other Shorthorn breeders and their families are very special times. This breed is as much about the people who raised Shorthorns as it is about the cattle themselves.

Grandpausedtosay“Buyagoodbullwhenyouseehim,notwhenyouneedhim”Thisisprobablystillastruetodayasitwasbackthen,buttodaythissayingshouldbeexpandedtosay“Buygoodgeneticswhenyouseethem,notwhenyouneedthem!”Thisnotonlyincludesyourherdbullbutthatspecialreplacementfemale,donororfrozengeneticsaswell.Wehaveembryosfromourleadingdonorsavailableallyearroundandsomeofthebestgeneticcombinationsareoftentimesavailableinthesummermonths.Ourembryosaleshavebeenverygood,however,westillhaveagoodselectionavailable.Weselectpracticalgeneticsfromaroundtheworldtomatewithourdonorstoproduceembryosthatwillworkforyou.Belowareacoupleexamplesofembryosthatarepresentlyavailable.Theyarepricedaffordablyandsellonafirstcomebasis.Herearejustacouple:WepresentlyhaveembryosfromReneDottie72Rsiredby:ReadyGoxCrookedPostCurfew8FxFraser’s3NDrPepper132DxEionmorUltra8Cx Frimley Rene Dottie 72R x Embryos are presently available from Lassie 5G ET sired by: Bell M Foreman 30A x Crooked Post Curfew 8G Weyburn,x Saskatchewan Grant & Chris Alexander, Gerald Alexander 306-861-5504 Facebook: Horseshoe Creek Shorthorns There are also several other embryos available from leading donors and sires. Watch for information on our 17th Frozen in Time Online sale in the next issue of the Shorthorn Report. HorseshoeHCLeadingLassie5GETCreekFarms Ltd.We welcome your inquiries anytime! The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022 Page 5

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022Page 6 PresidentShorthornCanadianAssociationBoardofDirectors RayRossburn,ArmbrusterMB Ph: 204-859-2088 Cell: ray.armbruster@gmail.com431-761-4477 President Elect Bob Aldergrove,MerkleyBC Phone 604-607-7733 Cell circlemshorthorns@telus.net778-240-7233 Directors DanOkotoks,StephensonAB Phone 403-938-4112 Cell PhonePh:306-287-3420Boxdjstephenson1@gmail.com587-436-2224RichardMoellenbeck47,Englefeld,SKS0K1N0Cell:306-287-7904bellmfarms@outlook.caDaleAsserDuntroon,ONCell705-444-9403hillhavenshorthorns1@gmail.comDennisCoxCompton,QC819-837-2086Fax819-820-5080triplejcox2018@gmail.comMarvinPeters Springfield, PE Phone BelindaCanadianmipet@yahoo.com902-315-2939ShorthornAssociationWagner,Secretary-Treasurer Email Shayla Chappell Member & Registry Phoneregistry@canadianshorthorn.comServices306-757-2212Fax306-525-58522ndFloor,CanadaCentreBuildingREALDistrict,Box3771,Regina,SKS4P3N8 Office hours - M-F - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm www.canadianshorthorn.com

CSA N ew S ... Greetings to all, hope your summer is going well. I would like to first report on the 136th Canadian Shorthorn Annual General Meeting held in Brandon, Manitoba June 2-5. We can certainly be proud of the longevity and relevance of the Shorthorn breed. Representation from all parts the country and strong local attendance enjoyed a weekend of information, business and fellowship. I was pleased to announce at the meeting that we have a new agreement with Digital Beef to continue to display our registry and data that will take us to 2025. This year’s meeting dealt with more business than usual as there resolutions dealing with the constitution, deleting parts that are no longer relevant such as the registry of Lincoln Reds and Dairy Shorthorn. Also, there was a lively discussion on mandatory myostatin testing of sires for registry. At the time of this writing the results of the mail in votes are not this time I would like to recognize and congratulate the recipients of the Legends of the Breed awards, Les and Shelley Peterson of Prospect Hill Shorthorns, Alberta and Keith and Eleaner Poole here in Manitoba. We were pleased to honour Orville and Eleanor Renwick and Jean Edmundson as lifetime members of the Manitoba Shorthorn Association. Awards were presented at the banquet following the meetings. Thank you for your years of service and dedication to the breed! Thank you to fellow Manitoba members for a well-run annual meeting. Provincial and regional junior shows and activities are getting back on track this year and the National Junior Shorthorn show was recently held at Collingwood, Ontario with a very strong contingent of Junior participants. Thank you to the Junior board for their work and effort on the show and to all who supported the event. Wishing the Juniors continued success building leadership and organizing events. CSA will be running a Shorthorn steer finishing trial if there is enough commitment from members and commercial producers. Over the last 20 years we have seen the Canadian Shorthorn beef herd shrink from over 5 million to 3.5 million head. However, the Shorthorn registry has held steady with modest increases in numbers. This is very good news. At the same time, we cannot be complacent about our position in the beef industry and to maintain and position our breed for growth in the industry we are organizing a Fed Steer trial. The goal is to finish a group of Shorthorn steers to obtain data on feed, gain and carcass yield. As very few Shorthorn breeders finish their own animals, this would provide us with raw data for promotional purposes. This is an excellent opportunity to invest in our breed for now and into the future. We are targeting Shorthorn or Shorthorn cross steers, 600-700 weights to go on about a 200-day trial in November. We could also possibly accommodate an earlier delivery for steers born early in the year. Any size of group would be accepted. If there is enough interest a group could be made outside this weight range. The trial will take place at the Manitoba Bull Test Station, Douglas, MB. Owners would retain ownership of their steers on test until slaughter and would pay feed and health care expenses. We cancelled the trial last year due to the availability and cost of feed but are confident this year will be better. For more information on the steer trial contact myself, Ray Armbruster at 204- 859-2088 or email me at or Richard Moellenbeck at 306-287-7904 email We encourage your Well,participation.that’sitfor this report. Hope the rest of your summer goes well: hay is good, crops grow and calves gain. Before long we’ll be back to preparing for shows and sales. Until then. Ray By Ray Armbruster


The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022Page 8 The New Kid In Town UphillShorthorns Ross C Hamiota,GrayManitoba Ph. 204-365-7155 email: Find us on Facebook. Sired by Royalla Rockstar K274 and out of Diamond Flourescent Susan 14F. We are very pleased with his first calf crop. Pictured below is just a sampling. Watch for the Uphill consignments to a couple of new sales in Manitoba this fall. Diamond Royalty 8H Box 4, Site 11 Swift Current, SK S9H 3X7 Scot 306-741-6833 Russell 306-741-1727 Casey 306-677-7102 Tanner 306-677-7755 2nd Annual Muridale Heritage Sale December 7-8, 2022 online at DLMS Farmgate Selling 30 Purebred & 25 Commercial Shorthorn Bred Heifers MuridaleShorthorns You are welcome to come view the herd anytime.

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• Livestock services: local and provincial veterinarian, brand inspector, truck hauling company, feed supplier, auction barn, government agricultural offices

2. Create an inventory. Develop and regularly update an inventory list, including hay and additional feeds, livestock count per pasture or site, machinery, equipment, and other primary farm supplies. This inventory may be associated with your annual income tax/farm financial operation budget; if so, have copies in multiple places. Take photos of as many of these items as possible.

• Other: neighbors, friends, and family members

In agriculture, we tend to be humble folk. However, as this family learned, “When you experience a disaster, you need help. When people offer to step forward to help, allow them to help.” Stay safe, make a plan, and help a neighbor. 

• Local services: police, fire, ambulance

• Insurance Companies: farm, homeowners, livestock insurance company, and contact person along with insurance policy numbers.

Hearing stories from many friends in the livestock industry and the incredible challenges they have faced from weather-related events has been heartbreaking. All over cattle county, ranchers seem to have met such extremes, and it has tested their patience, strength, and livelihood. Weather plays an essential role in our business, impacting moisture needed to provide enough grass for summer grazing the growing degree days for raising crops and winter feed and keeping the dugouts full. Ranchers are in tune with the weather daily and doing their best to be optimistic, understanding the role weather has in agriculture. Some weather events can lead to an emergency. What happens when a blizzard knocks out power taking electrical crews many days to repair? How can you save baby calves when you can’t get to them if the roads are washed out? What happens when a wildfire breaks out and the wind shifts to the direction of your ranch? Weather emergencies emphasize the importance of having an emergency awareness plan in place.

Ranchers can’t control the weather, but we can be proactive and prepare for weather- related emergencies. It seems that once we go through an emergency, we better grasp the “should have’s,” yet, we can’t roll the dice and wait for the crisis to happen to create an action plan for our ranch, our livestock, and our families. The “what-if” and “how-to” of the plan must be thought out and developed ahead of time. Here are some steps to take toward developing an emergency preparedness plan. Prepare and Plan

• Local companies/providers: gas, water, power,

5.Farm/Ranchextinguishers.Data.What necessary financial/personal/ business paperwork would impact you going forward if destroyed? Have you backed up your computer with your calving and herd records recently? Do you have off-site backups of all documents in a safety-deposit box at a bank or other secure site. Is essential paperwork or documents stored in a waterproof or fireproof location? In addition to records vital to the ranch’s operation, don’t overlook having a plan for accessing, backing up, or removing family records or Aftermemorabilia.dealing with a very stressful and scary disaster, one ranch family told me about some of the lessons they learned and wanted to share with others in the ranching community. “You need insurance coverage levels you are comfortable with, which will meet your needs. Don’t buy the cheapest insurance, thinking it won’t be needed,” explained a family member. “Have a good relationship with your insurance agent and shop local if you can, as local entities will understand what you have experienced and allow for more timely communication when quick decisions are needed.”

4.Stockpile resources. Where will these essential items be when you need them? Critical items such as flashlights, batteries, first-aid kits, fencing supplies, portable pens, generators, hoses, and water tanks should be stored and easily accessible in a designated area on the farm or in a specified building. Develop a regular rotation (e.g., daylight savings day, the first day of summer) to conduct servicing of emergency equipment such as fire

What’s Your Emergency Plan of Action?... By B. Lynn Gordon

1. Create a phone list. Make a list of emergency phone numbers and post the list in a visible place, including on your cell phone, where you can easily and quickly access the following list:

3.Have an evacuation plan. Schools conduct regular fire/ emergency drills to prepare children for emergencies and learn evacuation routes. When was the last time you had a training drill on your farm or at home? Family members and employees should be trained and practice preparedness tactics, such as escape routes in case of fires and know the designated safe meeting site in the case of evacuation. Where will you meet up to know that your family members are safe? What are the first actions or responses you must take for the different potential emergencies, for example, shutting off the power, filling water tanks, preparing equipment?

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Almost one half (45%) of respondents are 1st generation Shorthorn breeders.

Survey respondents

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90% of respondents were members of 4H and/or a junior purebred association members highest priority for junior members is leadership development and creating future Shorthorn breeders.

2) The Biggest Misperception of the Shorthorn Breed is Inadequate Growth/Performance rated this answer 3.5 times more than any other trait as being misunderstood by buyers about the Shorthorn breed. Plans at the Director Level currently: Develop and implement junior and young breeder programs focusing on leadership. Initiate fundraising programs for junior and young breeder Conduct steer trials to produce data focused proving that inadequate growth/performance in the Shorthorn breed is a misperception and not reality.


1) Importance of Our Juniors and Young Breeders

development 2)



Your comments and additional perspectives are welcome. Please feel free to direct them to Belinda Wagner at 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% MartimeSaskatchewanAlbertaBCManitobaOntarioQuebecProvinces Location of Respondents' Farm 65% of Participants - Western Canada and 35% - Eastern Canada 35% were 50 years or under and 65% were 51 years or over. Western Participants were generally younger with 41% being 50 or under. Eastern participants only 24% were 50 years or younger. Age of Survey Participants 22-34 35-50 51-65 Over 65 25%20%15%10%5%0% 1 to 5 6 to 10 11 to 29 21 to 40 Over 40 Years Registering Shorthorns 40% of respondents have registered Shorthorns for 10 or less years. 22% have registered Shorthorns for more than 40 years. Profile of Participants

the following

You will


Canadian Shorthorn Association Survey Results remember that our members were asked to complete a survey to gather information on our Shorthorn operations and programs across the country. The goal was to provide the CSA Directors with direction in identifying and implementing national strategies. The response was good with 109 completing the survey out of an eligible 315 members. Thank you to all who responded and provided valuable information. you read the summarized data in pages will come to your own conclusions. However here are a few strong messages that jumped out at our Director’s review of the survey.


The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022 Page 13 30%25%20%15%10%5%0% 10 or less 11 - 25 26 - 50 51 - 75 76 - 100 101 - 200 201 - 300 301 +

Profile of Cattle Operations

Number of Registered Cattle All Breeds Two Thirds had 50 head or less of registered cattle (all breeds) with only 10% having 100 head or more. This did not vary significantly between Eastern and Western Canada. However, Western Canada had larger size commercial cattle herds with 25% having 50 or more head of commercial cattle, vs 5% of Eastern Breeders. 40% said the show ring plays no direct role in their Shorthorn Cattle business. 46% indicated that they used the show ring to promote their breeding program.

Nature of Business Operations

The three most significant sources of income indicate by survey participants are: Purebred Breeds Raised by Respondents

Angus Simmental Hereford Charolais Other Limousin Speckle Park Gelbvieh CharolaisHereford 60% have both purebred and commercial cattle businesses. In Western Canada this rose to 73% while in Eastern Canada it was 37%. About half (47%) reported having another breed of purebred cattle.



The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022Page 14 Trait Percent rating in as 1st or 2nd Buyers pay less for stocker groups not of uniform color 80% Muscling/Yield grade 35% Calving ease/birth weight 22% Feed efficiency 13% Marbling/Quality grade 11% Trait Percent rating in as 1st or 2nd Disposition/Docility 73% Maternal ability 73% Fertility 32% Calving ease/birth weight 31% Calf Vigor 29% Top Strengths Top Weaknesses Trait Percent rating as Top 3 asratingPercentBottom 3 Milking ability/udder quality 59% 4% Calving ease 53% 6% Lower birth weights 40% 12% Muscling/Yield Grade 36% 10% Fertility 33% 11% Feed efficiency 32% 5% Maternal ability 28% 13% Disposition/docility 27% 16% Marbling/Quality grade 25% 15% Longevity 22% 12% Buyers say the biggest advantages of Shorthorn genetics are by far: Disposition / Docility, Milking ability, Maternal ability, and Maternal calving ease. All other characteristics were rated as significantly below these Respondentsfour. believe that the greatest progress in improving the breed over the last decade has been in: Structural soundness, Udder quality, Birthweight/Calving ease and Fleshing ability. By far the biggest misperception of the breed as reported by respondents is Inadequate Growth/Performance. This rated 3.5 times more than any other trait as being misunderstood about the breed. 60%50%40%30%20%10%0% 1-5 6-10 11-20 21-50 More than 50 None Breeding Bulls Sold Annually 75% sell breeding bulls each year and 90% sell breeding heifers. Only Western Canada sold between 11 and 50 breeding bulls per year. 45%40%35%30%25%20%15%10%5%0% 0 1-5 6-10 11-20 21-50 More than 50 None Replacement Females or Show Cattle Sold Annually 44% participate in Association Sponsored Sales and another 12% would do so if available in their province. A quarter of respondents consign to other breeders’ sales. About 50% sell beef products off the farm with about a third of those selling them as “specialty raised” Nature of Business Operations continued Shorthorn Breed Traits Herd Improvement Focus

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022 Page 15 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% I use them to help make more informed breeding decisions I use them to help in selecting bulls/females to purchase I use them as a marketing/promotional tool I use them to help determine which bulls/females to cull or keep in my herd All of the below I don’t use them at all How Respondents Utilize EPD/Genomic Data 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Develops leadership skills within our youth Creates future breeders of Shorthorn cattle Teaches young people about the beef cattle industry Provides a fun social activity for young breeders and families Teaches young people to become skilled cattle feeders, handlers and showmen Showcases Shorthorn cattle in the beef industry and creates a demand for Shorthorn cattle Top Two Ranked Benefits of Youth Organizations 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Maintain an accurate Herdbook Assist members with registry functions (ex. registrations, enrollments, DNA etc.) Develop marketing material to promote our breed Attract new breeders into the breed Manage shows and junior activities Educate Shorthorn breeders Provide opportunities for socializing with fellow Shorthorn breeders Top Two Ranked Roles of CSA Breed Improvement Practices Association Role and Impact

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022Page 16 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% The Canadian Shorthorn Report Shorthorn catalogs/flyers/eblasts (mail or online) CSA and/or Provincial Websites and Facebook Various shorthorn breeder and related social media options All of the below Shorthorn Country (ASA magazine) Shorthorn Media Followed Regularly 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% Provincial newspaper, magazine and/or online media Canadian Cattleman’s magazine Sale Barn and Auction sites online All or some of the below but very irregularly None of the above General Beef Cattle Media Followed Regularly 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% Open discussion on issues/currentSpeakersevents Social time (Banquet, Hospitality suite etc.) Directors’ summary of past and future Financialprojectsreview Top Two Ranked Agenda Items of Interest at AGM Association Role and Impact continued Shorthorn and General Beef Industry Media

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022 Page 17 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% Visiting farms and seeing the animals Catalogs and/or flyers through the mail Photos, videos of sale animals (including sire/dam if available) Online sale catalogs and/or flyers Shorthorn sales: on farm or auction facilities Word of mouth, reputation EPDs, weights, frame scores, carcass data if available The Shorthorn Report and/or ShorthornShorthornCountryshows Media and Activities Influencing Buying Decisions 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% To look up information on a particular animal’s pedigree. To check on my own animal’s current EPDs To look up a CSA member’s profile or contact information To update my herd information (ex. culled animals, adding WW and/or YW ) Once a year to do my annual enrollment & membership renewal To update my personal profile information (ex. new phone #) Top Three Reasons for Signing into Digital Beef Registry 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% To find fees and forms (ex. ordering DNA) To see what is new on the upcoming Events Schedule To view instructions on various applications or requirements To see what semen/embryos/animals are currently selling Top 2 Reasons to Sign into CSA Website We welcome office@canadianshorthorn.comEmailcomments.yourtheofficeat

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Muscling in rear end was so exaggerated that his anus was tucked in 4-5 inches and he couldn’t even keep himself clean. Noticing this calf and the myostatin talk that was surfacing; we decided to do some testing. We found the only source of this gene coming into our herd would be from the two previously mentioned purchases. We had already picked some fantastic heifers from 2 calf crops. Sure enough, all but one heifer carried one copy. Because of the nature of the gene, these are the ones most breeders would unknowingly pick for replacements. Inside of just 3-4 years we went from no problem at all to a full blown problem that demanded attention. So, what should be done? First of all, be very knowledgable of what you are doing with the gene. Certainly the worst that one could do is nothing at all or even knowingly sell a carrier animal to another breeder without letting them know. It is certainly possible that this could be a valuable gene when used properly such as a Terminal cross. It has been said that “Ignorance is bliss”. Not so in this case; it may cause undue problems for yourself and hurt your fellow Ibreeders.amglad to see our association taking a serious look at this. I can understand the frustration of having to test for another gene. Will this extra testing be like the straw that broke the camel’s back and some breeders decide to stop registrations? I hope not, but maybe the association can help out with a portion of the testing cost. Whatever, let’s be respectful and caring for our Shorthorn folks while we work at overcoming this challenge. We can! Let’s try! 

RespectfullyBillsubmitted,Acheson, Herbourne Shorthorns

Myostatin - Good or Bad? I would like to share some of my personal experience and opinions in dealing with the increasing challenges this gene is presenting to us as Shorthorn breeders. As of late this gene has increased and become more prominent in our genetics. It demands our awareness and, moving ahead, knowing what we have, and how to deal with it. I am not an expert in this field. I am open to corrections. My understanding is this: Myostatin is not new. It has been around for years. It is more prominent in breeds such as Belgian Blue, Limousin and Maine-Anjou; and is now surfacing more in other breeds such as Speckled Park, Shorthorn and probably other breeds. The main effect of the first presence of the gene in an animal is an increase in muscle. A lesser effect could be an increase in growth rate. So, one can see that one copy of this gene may well be good for some. Certainly if one has smaller cattle and slower growth rates, it can give one quite a little boost for the better. The bad comes with some increase in birth weights. This is especially troublesome to a breeder that has been concentrating on growth rates and has bigger cattle and was already having a challenge to keep birth weights reasonable. If one brings the gene in again and gets 2 copies of the gene in their offspring one can get extreme muscling and even double muscling. Birthing becomes a much bigger problem. Any excessive physical activity can become quite stressful for them. (Such as lagging behind in a cattle drive to a different pasture.) These outcomes I believe most breeders would consider as Bad! The calf pictured with this article was born in February 2021. It got one gene from the bull and one from the cow. Both animals were purchases brought into our herd and were our first experience with the presence of the gene in our herd. I would like to mention that I feel sure both herds that I bought from were probably not aware that Letter to the Editor... these animals were carrying the gene. And I certainly wasn’t.

Getting back to the life history of the calf pictured. His mother had her first calf quite normally decent heifer. This one, a full sib to the first one, was taking quite a while to arrive. It took a good pull to get out especially hips and was somewhat slower but managed with help. His birth weight was 123 lbs. The calf grew well above average in the first few months. Muscle expression became more pronounced. Later on in the summer on a fairly hot day a few head including this calf got out and walked over near neighbour’s cows approximately 1/2 mile away. When they were chased back, it was real pitiful to see that calf, he was just about done in, thought I might even lose him. His growth rate from this time on was actually a little less than the rest. He did grow to be a finished market steer, probably a fantastic yield. Certainly wouldn’t want any more animals like that in my herd.

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022 Page 19 Let us help you with you programbreedingandShowstring. Section B HatfieldWelshShorthornsClydesdales Monty Thomson Box 54 Gladstone MB R0J 0T0 204-870-0089 Start planning your marketing in the next issue of the Canadian Shorthorn Report. It will be here before you know it! Deadline is September 15th for an October 15th publication date. Good Luck to all those holding Sales or attending Shows in the coming months. Here’s hoping the fall season is a successful one for all. Call or email Grant horseshoe@sasktel.netat306-861-5504

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022Page 20 CJSA Update...Canadian Junior Shorthorn Association Board of Directors President: Samantha samilundy2@gmail.comCollingwood,LundyON Vice-President: Royce royce.moellenbeck@outlook.comEnglefeld,MoellenbeckSK Secretary: Taylor Carlson Elm Creek, lilupthecreek@yahoo.caMB Directors: Jessica newviewranch@gmail.comElmNolanbrooke3vandevoorde@gmail.comMeetingBrookedoublearrowstockfarm@gmail.comThorhild,Evansamdempsey87@icloud.comWestSamueljessicaadavey@gmail.comSaskatoon,DaveySKDempseyBrome,QCPatriquinABVanDeVoordeCreek,ABVandersluisCreek,MB Wow, the Canadian Junior Shorthorn board of directors are thrilled with how great our Canadian Junior Shorthorn Nationals were this past July in Collingwood, Ontario. We were pleased to have had 75 juniors and just over 95 head at the show. We would like to thank all our volunteers, sponsors and bidders and buyers for making this event a huge success, we would not have been able to do it without your support. Thank you to all our exhibitors for attending and being apart of such an amazing weekend. Congratulations also goes out to Russell Moellenbeck the lucky winner of the Sponsorship Extravaganza. He took home a new semen tank and three sets of rare semen! Thanks to everyone who supported this fundraising initiative and the donors of the tank – EastGen, Glen Islay Shorthorns, Diamond Future Cattle Company and the semen – Paint Valley Farms, Shadybrook Farm and Hill Haven Farm. Juniors, don’t forget that Canadian Shorthorn Scholarship applications are due November 1. There are two available – one for $1000 and one for $500. You can’t win if you don’t apply! Watch for more details coming soon on the Leadership Forum which will be held February 3-5, 2023 in Calgary, Alberta.  Canadian Shorthorn Association Belinda Wagner, Secretary-Treasurer 2nd Floor, Canada Centre Building REAL District, Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-2212 Fax 306-525-5852 Email Website Office hours - M-F - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm by Samantha Lundy Scenes from the Show…

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The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022Page 22 2022 Canadian National Junior Shorthorn Show Sunday, July 17th Judge: Jack Oattes, Renfrew, Ontario PEEWEE DIVISION Heifer Calf (born in 2022) 1 Hill Haven Verona Violet 5K Logan Hargrave 2 DF Anneka’s Kendall 3K Archer Den Haan 3 Flightpath Blossom Kalla 119K Elise Stevens 4 Crawfdown Sally Sue 27K Dana Stevens 5 Robway Acres Augusta Kora 9K Ryan Murrell 6 Flightpath Perfect Karma 201K Amelia Ruetz 7 Glen Islay A Pretty Lady 5K Ava Den Haan Champion Peewee Heifer Calf Hill Haven Verona Violet 5K Logan ReserveHargraveChampion Peewee Heifer Calf DF Anneka’s Kendall 3K Archer Den Haan Champion Peewee Bull Calf Coldstream Pendleton 7K Sam Pedlar OPEN DIVISION Heifer Calf (born in 2022) - Split 1 1 Flightpath Perfect Karma 201K Oliver Ruetz 2 HRBK Primabella 6K Summer McKay 3 Coldstream Minnie 18K Sidney Sicard 4 Crawfdown Silver Rose 13K Morgan MacIntyre 5 Robway Acres Rosewood Kay 13K Molly Arnold 6 HRBK Pearl 7K Parker McKay 7 McNiven Farms Tilly 2K Josey McNiven 8 Madard Getaway Glitter 10K Emma Martin Heifer Calf (born in 2022) - Split 2 1 Crawfdown Lucy 03K Shelby Crawford 2 Crawfdown Silver Rose 04K Reegan Sawyer 3 Blenview Champagne’s Kahlua Carson Blenkiron 4 DF Anneka’s Kendall 3K Samantha Lundy 5 Flightpath Blossom Kalla 119K Jessica Davey 6 Coldstream Bayou Girl 6K Reese Pedlar 7 Robway Acres Duchess Katie 1K Jenny Murrell 8 Robway Acres Augusta Kora 9K Colin Arnold Champion Heifer Calf Crawfdown Lucy 03K Shelby ReserveCrawfordChampion Heifer Calf Crawfdown Silver Rose 04K Reegan YearlingSawyerHeifer(born 2021) - Split 1 1 RFSS Hot Rose Mary 243J Ethan Broughton 2 Glenrothes Rosewood 4J Brianna Lockhurst 3 Cedarview Red Ruby 3J Alec McNiven 4 Glenrothes Countess 10J William McNiven 5 Madard Chaser Jen 12J Emma Martin 6 Glenrothes Rosewood 14J Everett McNiven 7 Madard Magnum Goldenrod 11J Aaron Martin 8 Madard Magnum Jealous 14J Abby Martin 9 Horseshoe Valley Maddie 5J Aki Koresky Yearling Heifer (born 2021) - Split 2 1 Focus Maria 3J Reegan Sawyer 2 Maple Key Cherry’s Jubilee 18J Caden Martin 3 Snowdon Janna 2J May Norton 4 Hill Haven Sierra Savannah 29J Aleah McKay 5 BBO Suzette 8J Isabelle Strachan 6 Cair Cherri Commodity 2112 ET Gabriela Kott 7 Madard Magnum Money 4J Jacob Martin 8 Madard Magnum Jennie 1J Howard Martin 9 Glenrothes Clara Raven 3J Maverick Parliament Yearling Heifer (born 2021) - Split 3 1 Cair Demi HC 2102J ET Samantha Lundy 2 Blenview Joy 210J Connor Swackhamer 3 Little Rebel Junebug 1J Benjamin Gilpin 4 Windyview Secret Julia 11J Mitchell Ormiston 8 Devil’s Ridge Jillian 4J Jacob Ball 5 Devil’s Ridge Jasmine 2J Wesley Dennis 6 Maple Key Jitterbug 9J Sydney Martin 7 Red Rose Big Ticket Soda 3J Colin Arnold Champion Yearling Heifer Cair Demi HC 2102J ET Sami ReserveLundyChampion Yearling Heifer Focus Maria 3J Reegan Sawyer Peewee Champion Hill Haven Verona Violet 5K Logan Hargrave Reserve Peewee Champion Coldstream Pendleton 7K Sam Pedlar

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022 Page 23 Two-Year Old Female with 2022 calf 1 HRBK Primabella 7H Aleah McKay 2 Maple Key Homecoming Queen 85H Caden Martin Mature Female with 2022 calf 1 Millbrook Juanita DD 33F Reegan Sawyer 2 Hill Haven Victoria’s Glory 4E Spencer McKay 3 Madard Gold Mona 21B Howard Martin 4 Madard Gold’s Glory 9A Jacob Martin Champion Mature Female Millbrook Juanita DD 33F Reegan ReserveSawyerChampion Mature Female Hill Haven Victoria’s Glory 4E Spencer McKay Champion Heifer Calf Boothville Kentucky Ghost 1K Sydney ReserveMartinChampion Heifer Calf Gableton Sierra’s Sienna 1K Gabriela Kott Yearling Heifer 1 Hill Haven Pretty Abigail 34J Kaitlyn Broughton 2 Blenview J-Lo 215J Blair McGlashan 3 Glenrothes Clare 18J Joline Quinn 4 Maplelm Jewel 4J Jamey Eby 5 SLSF Julia 38J Lucy McNiven Champion Yearling Heifer Hill Haven Pretty Abigail 34J Kaitlyn ReserveBroughtonYearlingChampion Heifer Blenview J-Lo 215J Blair MatureMcGlashanFemalewith 2022 calf 1 Hill Haven Pretty Rose 2G Kaitlyn Broughton Champion Mature Female Hill Haven Pretty Rose 2G Kaitlyn Broughton BRED & OWNED DIVISION Heifer Calf (born in 2022) 1 Little Rebel Knay Knay 2K Blair McGlashan 2 BRO Sweet Rose 302 Kaitlyn Broughton Champion Heifer Calf Little Rebel Knay Knay 2K Blair ReserveMcGlashanChampion Heifer Calf BRO Sweet Rose 302 Kaitlyn YearlingBroughtonHeifer 1 Dynamite Livestock Cotton Ball Tyler Turpin 2 Windyview Ready J-Lo 10J Colin Ormiston Champion Yearling Heifer Dynamite Livestock Cotton Ball Tyler ReserveTurpinChampion Yearling Heifer Windyview Ready J-Lo 10J Colin MatureOrmistonFemale with 2022 calf 1 Dynamite Livestock Fluff Ball Tyler Turpin Champion Mature Female Dynamite Livestock Fluff Ball Tyler Turpin Grand Champion Female Crawfdown Lucy 03K Shelby Crawford Reserve Grand Champion Female Cair Demi HC 2102J ET Sami Lundy Grand Champion Female Hill Haven Pretty Rose 2G Kaitlyn Broughton Reserve Grand Champion Female Hill Haven Pretty Abigail 34J Kaitlyn Broughton OWNED DIVISION Heifer Calf (born in 2022) 1 Boothville Kentucky Ghost 1K Sydney Martin 2 Gableton Sierra’s Sienna 1K Gabriela Kott 3 Maplelm Kansas 1K Jamey Eby Grand Champion Female Little Rebel Knay Knay 2K Blair McGlashan Reserve Grand Champion Female BRO Sweet Rose 302 Kaitlyn Broughton

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022Page 24 SHORTHORN PLUS DIVISION Heifer Calf (born in 2022) 1 Crawfdown Sally Sue 27K Shelby Crawford 2 JBCC Charlotte’s Kloe 106K Madi Bott 3 Coldstream Vierra 23K Hunter Perkes-O’Neill 4 Sweetgrass Little Rebel Kiss N Tell 4K Jack O’Reilly 5 Dynamite Livestock Kandy 2K Brandon Turpin Champion Heifer Calf Crawfdown Sally Sue 27K Shelby ReserveCrawfordChampion Heifer Calf JBCC Charlotte’s Kloe 106K Madi YearlingBottHeifer 1 RFSS Roan Margie 220J ET Samantha Lundy 2 Crawfdown RPCC Red Alicia 07J Josie Crawford 3 HEI Last Call’s Legacy 315J Sarah Height 4 Hill Haven Margie 41J ET Gabriela Kott 5 Maple Key Jello Shot 27J Sydney Martin 6 Snowdon Jager Bomb 7J Valerie Brunning Champion Yearling Heifer RFSS Roan Margie 220J ET Samantha Lundy Reserve Champion Yearling Heifer Crawfdown RPCC Red Alicia 07J Josie Two-YearCrawfordOldFemale (with 2022 calf) 1 Independent Ren’s Storm 6H Blair McGlashan Champion Mature Female Independent Ren’s Storm 6H Blair SteerMcGlashanCalf(bornin 2022) 1 Coldstream Anarchy 1K Sidney Sicard BULL DIVISION Bull Calf (born in 2022) 1 Coldstream Pendleton 7K Josey McNiven 2 Focus Wild Fire 2K Reegan Sawyer 3 Blenview Fire Kracker 103K Carson Blenkiron 4 Robway Acres Kingsley 3K Colin Arnold 5 Madard Getaway Moonshine 3K Jacob Martin Champion Bull Calf Coldstream Pendleton 7K Hunter ReservePerkes-O’NeillChampionBull Calf Focus Wild Fire 2K Reegan YearlingSawyerBull 1 HLLC Double Vision 42J Connor Swackhamer Champion Yearling Bull HLLC Double Vision 42J Connor SwackhamerGrandChampion Bull Coldstream Pendleton 7K Hunter Perkes-O’Neill Reserve Grand Champion Bull HLLC Double Vision 42J Connor Swackhamer Grand Champion Female RFSS Roan Margie 220J ET Sami Lundy Reserve Grand Champion Female Crawfdown RPCC Red Alicia 07J Josie Crawford Grand Champion Steer Coldstream Anarchy 1K Sidney Sicard

Team GroomingChampionJunior Team Josie Crawford and Brandon Turpin Reserve Champion Junior Team Isabelle Strachan and Shelby Crawford Reserve Champion Intermediate Team Nico Dempsey and Gabriella Kott Champion Intermediate Team Colin Arnold and Madi Bott Champion Senior Team Morgan MacIntyre and Spencer McKay Reserve Champion Senior Team Joline Quinn and Sarah Height Champion Junior Josie Crawford Reserve Champion Junior Shelby Crawford Champion Intermediate Madi Bott Reserve Champion Intermediate Gabriella Kott Champion Senior and Overall Showman Blair McGlashan Reserve Champion Senior Reegan Sawyer Showmanship Page 25The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022


Jack O’Reilly Reserve Champion Junior Mitchell Ormiston Champion Intermediate Nico Dempsey Reserve Champion Intermediate Colin Arnold Champion Senior Royce Moellenbeck Reserve Champion Senior Morgan Lehmann Card ChampionJudgingJunior Morgan Giplin Reserve Champion Junior Josie Crawford Champion Intermediate Maverick Parliament Reserve Champion Intermediate Madi Bott Champion Senior Reegan Sawyer Reserve Champion Senior Morgan MacIntyre

Cattlemen’s Written Test Champion Junior Molly Arnold Reserve Champion Junior Parker McKay Champion Intermediate Gabriella Kott Reserve Champion Intermediate Maverick Parliament Champion Senior Royce Moellenbeck Reserve Champion Senior Morgan Lehmann


Jenny Murrell Reserve Champion Junior Shelby Crawford Champion Intermediate Gabriella Kott Reserve Champion Intermediate Colin Arnold Champion Senior Morgan MacIntyre Reserve Champion Senior Carson Blenkiron Graphic Design Champion Junior Jenny Murrell Reserve Champion Junior Josie Crawford Champion Intermediate Sidney Sicard Reserve Champion Intermediate Colin Arnold Champion Senior Jessica Davey Reserve Champion Senior Morgan MacIntyre Peewee Team Grooming Ryan Murrell, Amelia Ruetz, Dana Stevens and Elise Stevens Missing from photo - Nico Dempsey Peewees Archer Den Haan, Ava Den Haan, Logan Hargrave, Ryan Murrell, Sam Pedlar, Amelia Ruetz, Dana Stevens, Elise Stevens The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022Page 26 We have some very talented Juniors!

Public ChampionSpeakingJunior Josey McNiven Reserve Champion Junior Isabelle Strachan Champion Intermediate May Norton Reserve Champion Intermediate Colin Arnold Champion Senior Lucy McNiven Reserve Champion Senior Sami Lundy Back L to R: Morgan Lehmann, Samuel Dempsey, Bryce Raymond and Royce Moellenbeck Front L to R: Harleigh Carlson, Sami Lundi, Taylor Carlson and Jessica Davey Cookoff Grand ChampionAggregatesJunior Josee Crawford Reserve Champion Junior Shelby Crawford Champion Intermediate Colin Arnold Reserve Champion Intermediate Gabriella Kott Champion Senior Morgan MacIntyre Reserve Champion Senior Jessica Davey ChampionLiteratureJunior Isabelle Strachan Reserve Champion Junior Josie Crawford Champion Intermediate Colin Arnold Reserve Champion Intermediate May Norton Champion Senior Taylor Carlson Reserve Champion Senior Jessica Davey Page 27The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022Page 28 Half Diamond Double R Ranch Orville,Renwick’sEleanor&Family Box 607, Melita, MB R0M 1L0 204-522-8686 Email: BODMIN George & Elizabeth Procter RR Brussels,#5 ON N0G 1H0 PH 519-887-9206 FAX 519-887-9880 email - For all your printing needs (306) 525-8796 Philip Burgess and Family “Committed to Shorthorns” 1519 Highway #1 Falmouth, NS B0P pattyburgess1974@hotmail.com902-798-51741L0(h)902-790-2985(c)GreenGrove Visit us at the farm or www.prospecthillshorthorns.comat RAISING QUALITY SHORTHORNS FOR OVER 50 YEARS Prospect Hill Box 64 Meeting Creek, AB T0B 2Z0 SHORTHORNS Les & Shelley Peterson 780-877-2444 Kettleview TheShorthornsShelley’s Ronald, Carol and family Fax: (519)4631335-3939PerthRoad 178, RR #2 Gorrie, ON N0G 1X0 Tel: (519) 335-3679Est.1901 Box 597, Rossburn, MB. R0J 1V0 Phone/fax 204 859 www.birdtailshorthorns.comshorthornsue@gmail.com2088 Birdtail Shorthorns Ray & Susan Armbruster R.R. Mannville,3 AB T0B 2W0 6 1/2 miles South ofonMannvilleHwy881 Doug & Karen Hess & family Ph/Fax: (780) karenahess@hotmail.com763-2209 Dennis & Marlene Cox, Jeremiah, Joseph, Jessica Ph: triplejcox2018@gmail.com819-837-2086 Triple J FarmsJJJ P.O. Box 590 Crossfield, AB T0M 0S0 Ph: 403.946.4551 Fax: embryos@davis-rairdan.com403.946.5093www.davis-rairdan.comEmbryoTransplantsLtd. Dr. Christine Ewert (306)452-7867christine.ewert@gmail.comHill(C)•(306)452-3803 (H) Box 31, Redvers, SK S0C 2H0 DAVID & JOANNE CURRIE & FAMILY 2878 King St, Caledon, ON L7C 0R3 David’s Cell: Jessica’sdavid.flightpath@gmail.com647-400-2844Cell:519-400-3160jesscurrie@hotmail.comJoanne’sCell:416-274-7124 Peterson Family Farms Meeting Creek, AB Christy 780-608-6197 Steven & Danielle 780-281-0569 Alberta’s Finest Bull & Heifer Sale March 18, 2023 Agriplex - Stettler, AB For more albertasfinestsale@gmail.cominfo:

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022 Page 29 Coming Events ... TAMARACK SHORTHORNS Alvin Johnson Box 27 Brownvale, AB T0H 0L0 Ph/Fax 780-618-9044 Sept 17 Shadybrook Decades of Excellence Sale, West Brome, QC Oct 15 ..............Hill Haven Selections Sale, Stayner, ON Oct 15 All Star Classic Sale, Stettler, AB Oct 26-29 Manitoba Ag Ex Show, Brandon, MB Nov 6 Royal Agricultural Winter Fair National Shorthorn Show, Toronto, ON Nov 11 Farmfair International Shorthorn Show, Edmonton, AB Nov 23-24 ........Horseshoe Creek’s 17th Frozen in Time Online Sale, Weyburn, SK Dec 1 Canadian Western Agribition Shorthorn Sale, Regina, SK Dec 2 Canadian Western Agribition Shorthorn Show, Regina, SK Dec 4 4’s Company Shorthorn Sale, Camrose, AB Dec 7-8 Muridale Online Heritage Sale, Swift Current, SK Mar 4-6 ............On Target Online Shorthorn Sale, Radville, SK Mar 18 Alberta’s Finest Bull & Heifer Sale, Stettler, AB Index of Ads ... All Star Classic Sale 9 Anwender Cattle Co. ...................................... 30 Bell M Farms 11 Canadian Junior Shorthorn Association 20,21 Canadian Shorthorn Association 6 Coldstream Farm 7 Hatfield Shorthorns ........................................ 19 Hill Haven Shorthorns 2 Horseshoe Creek Farm 5 Kroner Cattle Co. ............................................. 3 Muridale Shorthorns 8 Paintearth Shorthorns 29 Prospect Hill Shorthorns 11 Saskvalley Stock Farm 31 Shadybrook Shorthorns ................................ BC Uphill Shorthorns 8 CHAMPION FEMALE Alberta Shorthorn 2022 Jackpot Show Member of 4's Company Sale December 4, 2022 Camrose, AB Sire: HC Bluebook 22B Dam: Butterfield Maiden 18S Paintearth Maid 43J ET Paintearth Shorthorns Albert & Susan Oram Castor, www.paintearthshorthorns.comAB

The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022Page 30 Sun Country Shorthorn Sale March 9, 2022 Moose Jaw, SK 24 lots averaged $4570 For the fourth time out of the last five years, the Sun Country sale was hit with massive blizzard conditions. This year may have been the worst so far, as most of the highways in southern Saskatchewan were closed. Luckily, with the internet, the sale was held with good results. High $9500Sellers-Lot2 - HC Jubilee 13J ET (Horseshoe Creek) to Starbright Shorthorns, Bonnyville, AB $7500 - Lot 29 - Rocking L Apollo 25H (Rocking L) to Brown’s Coulee View AcresLtd, Strasbourg, SK $6400 - Lot 22 - H Bar D Esquire 38H (Lamontagne Holdings Ltd) to Lane Easton, Kennedy, SK $6000 - Lot 16 - Diamond Creek Great Guns 28G (Diamond Creek) to Kroner Cattle Co., Hamiota, MB $6000 - Lot 6 - HC Jeopardy 46J (Horseshoe Creek) to Gerard Caquette, High Prairie, AB $5500 - Lot 4 - HC Jaxson 49J (Horseshoe Creek) to Kelly Shaver, Bengough, SK $5000 - Lot 3 - HC Jackpot 19J ET (Horseshoe Creek) to Century Lane Farms Ltd, Stoughton, SK Top selling female - $4500 - Lot 108 - HC Marion Delight 6J to Century Lane Farms Ltd, Stoughton, SK 19th Annual Who’s Your Daddy Shorthorn Bull & Female Sale April 7, 2022 Saskatoon, SKAverage 33 Two-Year Old Bulls $4878 10 Yearling Bulls $3500 6 Yearling Heifers $4250 12 Embryos $300 High $8000Sellers-Lot21 - Muridale History 5H ET - An embryo transfer bull with the pairing of Gay Lad and Goose 76Y. Purchased by Head for the Hills Shorthorns, Redvers, SK. $8000 - Lot 34 - Saskvalley Hardcopy 4H - A dark red bull whose dam was purchased as a bred heifer with this mating at the Alliance Sale. Purchased by Jeff Stangeland, Deerhorn Farms, Barnesville, MN USA. $6500 - Lot 45 - Saskvalley Hardrock 123H - A white son of Shannon’s Todays Headline 89C. Purchased by Dean Buchanan, Crystal City, MB $6500 - Lot 46 - Saskvalley Herman 141H - A white son of Saskvalley Fresno 177F. Purchased by Dale Stephenson, Killarney, MB $4750 - Lot 66 - Bell M Brook’s Binnie 6J - A roan Saskvalley Eighteen Wheeler daughter. Purchased by Diamond Willow Ranch 1885, Delmas, $4750SK - Lot 67 - Bell M Brook’s Binnie 24J - Another roan Saskvalley Eighteen Wheeler daughter. Purchased by Diamond Willow Ranch 1885, Delmas, SK

• The average start weight was 797 lbs, and the average ending weight was 1081 lbs.

1) The bull with the lowest ADG gained 2.83 lbs/day. The bull with the highest ADG gained 4.82 lbs/day. The pen averaged 3.69 lbs/day.




2) The bull that ate the least amount of feed ate 15.45 lbs/day (all weights of feed are on a dry matter basis). This bull only ate 1.66% of his body weight per day (that is very good). The bull that ate the most amount of feed ate 22.95 lbs/day. This bull ate 2.28% of his body weight per day (that is still an acceptable amount). The pen’s average feed consumption was 19.63 lbs/day and averaged eating 2.09% of their body weight.

• The Residual Feed Intake (RFI) was calculated by Livestock Gentec, University of Alberta, Lisa McKeown and John Basarab.

Thank You S


• The test was conducted from February 9 to April 28, 2022.



• We tested 37 yearling bulls for individual feed efficiency.


• The bulls were fed a growing ration (NEgain 49 Mcal/cwt), not a high energy finishing ration.

2.04 5.39 -0.84 337J 3.53 17.81 2.05 5.05 -0.84 367J 3.57 19.20 2.01 5.40 -0.71 379J 4.16 19.62 2.01 4.79 -0.69 232J 3.55 19.84 1.99 5.58 -0.60 77J 2.87 17.17 2.17 6.08 -0.30 309J 3.42 17.54 2.19 5.19 -0.18 356J 3.69 19.48 2.07 5.24 -0.16 242J 3.78 19.88 2.08 5.23 0.04 64J 4.21 20.43 2.08 4.81 0.07 357J 4.82 20.70 2.09 4.34 0.13 188J 3.53 19.53 2.12 5.57 0.21 207J 3.83 20.44 2.08 5.34 0.21 355J 3.43 19.58 2.12 5.74 0.28 142J 3.52 19.47 2.15 5.56 0.36 187J 3.69 19.67 2.16 5.46 0.47 348J 3.40 19.18 2.21 5.67 0.62 123J 3.27 20.17 2.16 6.16 0.68 453J 3.26 19.42 2.22 5.93 0.76 233J 3.55 20.99 2.11 6.08 0.82 235J 3.62 19.91 2.24 5.56 0.96 268J 2.92 18.91 2.38 6.37 1.41 76J 4.18 22.00 2.19 5.28 1.43 19J 2.83 21.20 2.21 7.21 1.49 245J 3.96 21.40 2.24 5.54 1.64 292J 3.82 22.50 2.19 5.79 1.66 314J 4.21 22.05 2.25 5.33 1.74 47J 4.43 22.95 2.28 5.21 2.31 46J 3.48 22.09 2.34 6.35 2.59 Page 31The Canadian SHORTHORN REPORT - Herd Reference 2022


3) The bull with the best lbs of feed consumed:lb of gain ratio was 4.33:1. The bull with the poorest feed:gain ratio was 7.21:1. The pen averaged 5.38:1. For the second year the results from this bull test showed us that there is a huge difference in feed conversion (and also RFI) in a group of cattle. This difference cannot be evaluated by sight. Unless we did the trials we would not be able to determine which bulls were more feed efficient than others. We are so convinced that this trait has a large positive impact on the profitability of our cow herd, that we have purchased the equipment to perform the testing ourselves on our own ranch. We will be able to test both bulls and females and thus make genetic progress faster than only testing bulls. Last year the bull that ate the least amount of feed ate 30% less feed than the average. This year the bull that ate the least amount of feed ate 21% less feed than the average. All of the bulls in these 2 years of trials were sired by bulls that were not selected for feed efficiency. It will be interesting to see how efficient we can get our cow herd now that we can select bulls that excel in this trait. Think about how much it costs to feed a cow for a year and take 20% off. Multiply that by how many cows you have to see how much more profitable your cow herd can be. Having cows that are more feed efficient than average will drastically improve our profitability. If you would like to discuss any of the above data or opinions, please phone Barry. ASKVALLEY S TOCK F ARM I.D. ADG DMI %Body F:G RFI (lbs) Wt 323J 3.21 15.45 1.66 4.74 -4.21 220J 3.88 16.69 1.67 4.33 -3.91 3.61 18.10 1.90 5.05 -1.78 4.19 18.50 1.96 4.45 -1.46 3.86 19.53 1.92 5.00 -1.22 4.30 19.75 1.94 4.58 -1.14 3.90 17.90 2.05 4.60 -0.98 3.88 19.24 1.98 4.93 -0.89 3.29 17.95

barry 306 212 0240 • murray 306 232 7131 • carl 306 232 3511 to all the bidders and buyers in the Who's Your Daddy bull sale. Saskvalley Hardcopy 4H To Jeff Stangeland, Barnesville, MN Saskvalley Hardrock 123H To Thornbank Farms, Crystal City, MB Here are a couple of the Saskvalley high sellers. We once again tested our yearling bulls for feed efficiency. Hopefully this will generate some discussion. Important information to know before we get to the data: