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Fall 2012

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2012 Purebred Breeder of the Year Johnson Livestock, Peebles, SK

by Bob Toner

Nothing is achieved without commitment. Whether it be to a cause, personal values or a way of life, it takes the commitment of one or many people to stay the course and achieve a goal. This is an overview of four generations at the Johnson family of Peebles, Saskatchewan and their commitment to a way of life in Agriculture that now impacts many across North America. The year was 1905 when Jorgan and Anna Johnson made the decision to immigrate from Norway to Canada. Jorgan had spent the winter loading ice onto ships and this began to take a toll on his health. He had seen a picture saying “Canada’s Winters are Beautiful”so that, combined with the fact that he wished for a bigger farm, began the journey toward what we all know as Johnson Livestock. That year Jorgan and Anna, along with their three daughters arrived in Regina. Upon their arrival in Regina, the flat, wide open plains didn’t appeal to them so they continued on their way east until they reached the gently rolling land that more reminded them of their homeland. They homesteaded on the NW20-14-7, the same location that David and Anne live on today just a few miles north east

Dale Easton, Saskatchewan Angus President and Belinda Wagner, General Manager present the Johnson’s with their award. of Peebles. The first winter was spent in a single ply house with the nearest wood ten miles away. This meant keeping a supply of firewood was a big job. I wonder what they thought of that picture in Norway now? It was during this first

winter twin boys John and Harold were born. Over the next few years Jorgan and Anna improved and expanded their farm growing wheat and oats and always milking cows. Two more sons were born: Henry, David’s father and Sydney. Continued on Page 8

100 Year Farm ~ 4th Generation

Jack & Gail Kuntz are retiring and offering...

20 Bred Heifers

70 Young Bred Cows


30 2012 Heifer Calves

Retirement Dispersal

Futuristic Red Angus Lots

November 29, 2012

Johnston Auction Mart, Moose Jaw, SK

**The Future is Bright!**

Kuntz Farms Jack and Gail Kuntz

Visitors Always Welcome! Page 2

306-771-2600 Cell: 306-535-1606 Clint Kuntz Cell: 306-536-6838 Fax: 306-771-2941 Box 62, Balgonie, SK S0G 0E0

4.5 miles east of Balgonie on Hwy #1

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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IvanhoeAngus Consigning 4 Bred Heifers to the

Gateway Female Sale Monday, December 3, 2012 Johnstone Auction Mart Moose Jaw, SK

Ron & Marilyn Mountenay Box 23 Belle Plaine, SK 306-345-2560 Cell: 306-630-5871

Ivanhoe Royal Pride 45Y

Ivanhoe B.E. Royal 24Y

Ivanhoe DNA Pride 30Y

Ivanhoe Lucy 15Y

Sire of 45Y - Sandy Bar Innovator 46R

Sire of 24Y Crescent Creek 07 Emblazon 62W

Service Sire: Sandy Bar Ideal 185W 216Y

Sire of 15Y & 30Y - Youngdale TD 58R

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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Saskatchewan Angus Association 2012 Board of Directors President Dale Easton Wawota, SK 306-739-2805

1st Vice-President Mike Howe Moose Jaw, SK 306-691-5011

Jason Frey Oxbow, SK 306-483-2720

2nd Vice-President

Karla Hicks Mortlach, SK 306-355-2265

David Johnson Peebles, SK 306-224-4341

Adam Knutson Wapella, SK 306-532-4745

Executive Director

Jenna Loveridge Melville, SK 306-728-3823

Bob Toner Kelfield, SK 306-932-2180

Past President Clint Smith Mankota, SK 306-478-2470

Erin Toner Junior Director Kelfield, SK 306-932-2180

Glen Briere Mankota, SK 306-478-2233

Kevin Blair Canadian Director Lanigan, SK 306-365-7922 Jon Fox Canadian Director Lloydminster, SK 306-825-9702 Corinne Gibson Canadian Director Fir Mountain, SK 306-266-4895 Garth Hollinger Honourary President Indian Head, SK

Gord Roger Balgonie, SK 306-771-2305 Michael Wheeler Saskatoon, SK 306-382-9324


Belinda Wagner

General Manager 2nd Floor, Canada Centre Building, Evraz Place Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 Fax 306-525-5852 Email Website

Office Hours

8:30 am - 4:30 pm

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Website: Publications Mail Agreement #40019886 Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Saskatchewan Angus Association Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Fall 2012 Distributed to approximately 750 Angus Breeders’ and 2000+ Commercial Producers in Saskatchewan. 3 Issues per year November deadline - October 1 February deadline - January 15 Summer deadline - May 1

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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Breeder of the Year... Unfortunately one day while the family was out milking cows, Sydney was lost in a fire at age three. The 30’s and 40’s saw the three brothers Harold, John and Henry farming together. The operation had grown to six quarters of owned land as well as some rented. The work was originally done with teams of horses, switching fresh teams at noon. Henry owned some heavy horse studs at this time which he would travel with, offering breeding services to others in the area. Later, when a tractor arrived on the scene the brothers kept it going 24 hours a day. The brothers also continued to milk cows through this time.

In 1948 Henry married Sadie and together they raised five children: Sydney, Anne, Marlene, David and Lyall. In the 50’s and 60’s Henry and John continued working together, farming six quarters of land, milking 16 cows and starting a purebred Hereford herd. The 70’s and 80’s saw an expansion to the Johnson farming operation. Brothers Sydney, David and Lyall formed Diamond JB Farms. More grain land was acquired, the dairy expanded to 80 purebred Holsteins and a purebred Simmental herd was started. Gallant, one of the first Simmental bulls imported, was used on Hereford heifers to begin this new venture. In 1977 David and Anne were married and began their family of Andrew, Terry, Leanne and Laura. Andrew married Laurie and their three daughters: Brielle, Page 8

Maya and Desta represent the fifth generation on the family farm. Terry is a minister. Leanne married Rocky Pankiw and has a family of three: Marcus, Sadie and Hunter. They live at Elk Point, Alberta. Laura is married to Ryan Moore and they make their home in Regina. 1983 brought major changes to the Diamond JB operation. David bought out the home farm including the dairy and Simmentals. Sydney moved 11 miles east where he currently farms 5000 acres along with his family. Lyall moved seven miles east where he farms 7500 acres with his family. In 1988 David and Anne dispersed the Simmental herd and began a commercial herd which they bred Red Angus. 1991 saw the sale of the dairy and the beginning of a small feed lot. In 1998 Andrew and Laurie returned to the farming operation and the feed lot began to expand. When BSE hit, the feed lot had 1700 head in it. These cattle were caught there most of the summer and many of the steers weighed over a ton when they finally went to slaughter. In the fall of 2003 David and Andrew purchased their first purebred Black Angus cows. Volume purchases from the herds of Bar 20, Freyburn Angus Farm, Howe Angus, Toner Angus Farms, Mountain View Farms, Dryland Angus, Eastondale Angus and Peak Dot Ranch as well as selections at leading consignment and production sales saw the cow herd rapidly expand.


continued from the cover Herd bull selection was a task not taken lightly by David and Andrew. In their herd you will see a very strong SAV influence. Carbon Copy, who is a full bred brother to Net Worth; Four Seasons, whose daughters are the backbone to the Johnson Livestock program; Young Jock, who brings the outcross genetics of CAR Duke to many Canadian herds; Eliminator and Bullet have walked the pastures and been heavily used in A.I. to produce large groups of ½ and 3/4 blood brothers and sisters for their program and yours. Also Final Answer, Bismarck, Net Worth, and Sitz Upward are heavily used in A.I. and transplant work. This aggressive approach has allowed Johnson Livestock to progress rather quickly in the Angus world. March 31, 2007 saw Johnson Livestock host their First Annual Production Sale. 56 bulls, 16 purebred heifers and 100 commercial heifers were catalogued. In his opening,

David says this first sale is really a tribute to all the breeders who put in the years of work to develop his cow herd. At that time, after only four years, their cow herd had grown to 250 cows. On March 15, 2012 Johnson Livestock hosted their Sixth Annual Bull Sale. 162 bulls, 26 purebred heifers and four embryo lots were offered and sold for an average of $3925. The cow herd is now 700 strong. Last year Johnson Livestock was in the top five for both registrations and transfers in Canada. Plans are well under way Angus Edge - Fall 2012

for the Seventh Annual Sale when they plan to sell over 200 head.

When asked who makes the breeding and marketing decisions at Johnson Livestock, the response was that it’s a “team effort”. David and Andrew make breeding and herd bull selections and Laurie steps in to help with the marketing and advertising. When one attends a Johnson Livestock Sale you

Eliminator really get an idea of how big the “team” really is, as many family and friends attend to help out in any way possible. With a cow herd of 700 matrons and 6000 acres of hay and pasture land, David and Andrew feel they are pretty much maxed out as far as labor goes. Future plans are to keep things about

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

this size and to continue to improve the herd by keeping large groups of similar bred heifers. Producing bulls that will add value for their customers is a goal they will continue to pursue. When one sees the number of repeat customers at a Johnson Livestock Sale I would say they have been pretty successful at JL Evening Tinge 8001, the former Ontario show female of the year and most recently sold a half achieving this. share for 40,000. Currently owned by Bob May, The influence of females Pembrooke and R+R Angus. from the Johnson Livestock After receiving the history of the program is something else that shouldn’t Johnson family, I can’t help but admire be overlooked. Although their sales have the “commitment” of four generations, been mainly focused on bulls, females and a fifth in training, to their personal from this event have gone on to produce values, a way of making a living in top sellers in programs across Canada agriculture and making their mark as and into the United States. The top seller one of the leaders in the Angus breed. at the Remington Dispersal last year was Although this new chapter is only ten a Johnson Livestock female and the years into its development it is truly lead off pair in the LLB Fall Sale was making an impact and I feel, very a Johnson Livestock cow with heifer deserving of the “Breeder of the Year” calf at side. As time goes by you will award. see more and more females surfacing at the top with the Johnson Livestock prefix attached to them. Not only has David been busy at home developing and promoting his program, he has also taken time to be a Director of the Saskatchewan Angus Association. He is currently in his second term and his input into breed activities is appreciated. Johnson Livestock has a continually updated blog at www.johnson-livestock. com.

I feel we as a breed, are fortunate that Jorgan and Anna decided to try their luck in the “Land of Beautiful Winters”.

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President’s Report ... Greetings from Saskatchewan Angus Board!!! I hope all is well - what a great harvest season certainly not many stops because of mother nature in most places, although most people would gladly take some time of out of the tractor cab or those dusty corrals in exchange for a three day soaker right now, or at least I sure would. We held our fall director’s meeting on October 1st and had a very good discussion about the future of our Association and the Angus breed in our province and how we could formulate a strategic plan for that future. We as a board decided we must find ways to add value for our membership with the resources we have in front of us.

by Dale Easton

showing of some very good Angus bulls displayed in their working clothes.

we may be able to learn greatly from each other!

I urge you to try to make time to get out to a Rancher Endorsed Angus feeder sale sometime this fall and see the program as well as some commercial Angus producers and find out their stories of how they may be enjoying the Angus genetics and programs that are in front of them, I believe

Hope to see you this fall at Agribition, stop by the Saskatchewan Angus booth for a cup of coffee! Respectfully submitted Dale Easton

A committee will be formed to find our way - SAA director Michael Wheeler is heading the committee and will tell you about the way we will proceed on in his report in the Angus Edge. I hope you can find the time to stop around the Angus booth at Agribition and help us out! So on to Agribition notes, plans were finalized for us hosting the show again; many do not realize what it does take to put on a show of this calibre. The entries are up a bit from last year, great news and the Saskatchewan Angus sponsored Masterpiece Sale sounds like it is being supported well with some very good consignments! I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors of the show there are far too many to name but if you have sent a cheque into the office for sponsorship, we thank you for that generosity! If you make it to Agribition be sure to take a walk through the commercial barn and visit some of the commercial cattle exhibitors, of course the barn is high percentage Angus influenced so it should not be hard to find someone to talk about the Angus cattle business and what it may be offering to them. And when you are there check out bull pen alley I am sure it will have a strong Page 10

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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From The Director's Chair ... What I know for sure... I have two favourite times of the y e a r, Sp r i n g Calving and Fall Weaning. Summer is okay, cruising through the cows with a cold beer in the console (I think there’s a song about that?!) I love the spring and fall the most! Nothing like watching brand new babies running across bright green hills, dreaming about what they might become… and then fall, realizing what they did become! Those two times of the year make all the hard choices and big decisions in between worth it – did I sell the right cows for the right reasons, choose the right bulls for the right cows, manage the grass for these groups the right way in the right rotation, budget right, cash flow, management… is all the stress worth it… I know for sure the answer to that is YES! Writing this on October 1 is bittersweet, as not many days ago our outfit started on some marketing strategies in the front of what seemed to be the strongest calf market in some time… only to have those plans hijacked and delayed by plant closures due to an e-coli scare. The optimist in me is telling me to not even write about it as it will all be a distant memory – a blip in

the road – by the time this article lands on your kitchen table. Time will tell. What I know for sure about this industry is the only thing that is constant is change. Frederick Douglass said “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Let’s hope there are valuable lessons learned from this event and we come out a stronger industry on the other side. Back to my question, is it all worth it… another thing I know for sure is that our changing industry is driven by passion. Without a passion for being a steward of the land or a grass harvester, we wouldn’t have cows. Without a passion for good efficient money making cows, we wouldn’t have black or red cows. Without a passion for selling the very best, most sought after beef product possible, we wouldn’t use Angus genetics. It is the passion for having the best that drives us every day. Yes, it is worth it. It’s just that simple. As we head into the fall with the burden of fall work on our shoulders weighing as heavy as the first snowfall on our minds, take a moment to breathe. Take your time, spend it with loved ones, spend it with friends… easier said than done isn’t it? The fall presents us with as many opportunities to get out and network as the spring – calf sales, fall shows, and if you are politically motivated our fall SCA District Meetings and elections. Take some time to get out,

Director Profile... Greetings to my fellow Saskatchewan A n g u s Breeders. I’m running late as usual this time of year and with getting Belinda my profile. Most of you know my wife Shelly & I operate Justamere Farms. We just had our 13th Annual Production female Sale and Page 12

By Karla Hicks see what’s going on, learn about what’s going on, get involved, but mostly just get away. The final thing I know for sure… this spring I took two very large steps back from “cowboy politics” to make time to take my kids on the road for rodeo. From the first weekend in May until the last weekend in September we were gone every weekend… and for the first time in 18 years of marriage my husband Jason travelled with us to more than half of the rodeos – as a family we travelled – all together – every weekend - seeing lots of diverse Saskatchewan country… PRICELESS! We can hardly wait to start again in the spring and do it all again! Coming home late Sunday nights was tiring, but Monday morning gave you a new perspective of what needs to be done, a new view of the work list, and a plan as a family to tackle the work load together instead of groaning about the seemingly unending mundane list of jobs that never seem to get done. So, what do I really know for sure… not much really except please take time to follow your passion and enjoy it. Please enjoy the people around you, cuz life is changing, our industry is changing, our world is changing. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “You may delay, but time will not.” And that my friends, is what I know for sure.

By Jon Fox it was a resounding success. As were all the Saskatchewan sales this past week. Congratulations to all our fellow Angus Breeders. The cattle business is for the most part on a upward trend - the majority of us had our best bull sale season in a long while. It is so very good to see our always important commercial sector returning to profit. I’m honored to be one of the Saskatchewan Directors on a very diverse, forward thinking Canadian Angus Board. There are many challenges facing our Association but

also very many rewards. I look forward with optimism on serving Saskatchewan Angus Breeders as well as all Canadian Angus members. Any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you and lets have a great fall of Angus Sales both Purebred and Commercial. I look forward to visiting with you at Agribition.

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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Saskatchewan Angus Strategic Plan ... There seems to be a feeling in the cattle industry that we are at a turning p o i n t . We must prepare ourselves for the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead for us as Angus breeders. Our Saskatchewan Angus Association is feeling that change in the tide as well, and your board of directors has decided now is the time to do some strategic planning to prepare for the future. The board has laid plans for a three step process. First we will be conducting a very short survey of members and exhibitors at Agribition to get a feeling

On September 22, 2012, Bobby A. Vargo of Mound City, South Dakota, USA, died suddenly at the age of 27 years. Bobby Allan Vargo was born December 13, 1984 to Glen and Lynn (Clarke) Vargo in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. He attended Kipling High School in Kipling, SK. Bobby was very involved in 4-H and hockey. He went on to junior college at the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture taking classes in livestock judging and then went on to Oklahoma Panhandle State University and continued his studies in livestock judging, graduating in May of 2007. He married KaAnne Silvey on July 14, 2007 at Guymon, Oklahoma. Bobby worked for Murphy Brown as manager trainee for one year after graduation. Bobby and KaAnne moved to the Herreid area in September, 2008 and began working for PIC as Breeding Department Head for three years. He was recently promoted to Site 1 Manager which was his dream job. Page 14

of what are the important issues and topics to our membership. After we get a sense of what some of the “hot topics” are we will be holding a brain storming session in December to chart the future direction of the association. We will have the date and location set by Agribition and will be looking for a time commitment of approximately 4-6 hours. We would like input from a cross section of breeders that will give us a good representation of where we need to be going. If you are passionate about our industry and your operation we would love to hear your ideas. This is a great opportunity for those that have ideas to share, but don’t necessarily want to sit on our board, to have their voice heard. The priorities laid before us by this group will give the board of directors a mandate to chart a new course over the coming years and decade. Where should

By Michael Wheeler

the important resources of time, money and volunteers be best spent to best serve your provincial association and its membership? After the board reviews the outcome of our planning session we will then meet next January with our Canadian Angus CEO Rob Smith to see if there are certain projects and priorities that the national and provincial boards can collaborate on to maximize the value of your membership. The board hopes to have a plan to present to the membership at our Annual Meeting in January, so make plans to attend.

In Memory ... Bobby Vargo

December 13, 1984 September 22, 2012

Bobby is survived by his loving wife KaAnne of Mound City, son Hudson Coy Vargo and baby Vargo due March, 2013. His parents Glen and Lynn Vargo of Kipling, SK; brother Austen Vargo of Kipling, SK; Sister Ashley (Scott) Caouette and nephew Carson of Estevan, SK; grandmother Eva Clarke of Spy Hill, SK; father and mother-in-law Travis and Judy Silvey of Walsh, CO; brother-in-law Jason Silvey of Guymon, OK; sister and brother-in-law Justin and Cassie House; nephew Lynnox; and niece Leighton of Boise City, OK. A memorial service was held Saturday, September 29, 2012 at Kipling, SK. A savings account for Bobby’s children has been established at the Kipling Credit Union, Box 351, Kipling, SK, S0G 2S0 as well as the Campbell County Bank in Herreid, SD. Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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CEO Comments ... Good day, folks; What a wild ride this fall has been! Strong prices and optimism still pervade our sector amid the huge public relations nightmare that was XL Beef’s E.coli debacle that has ultimately led to a significant new player emerging in our Canadian marketplace that will arguably assure competitiveness and stability in our market for years to come. We are witness to an American Presidential election that, at press time going into the third and final debate, is too close to call and has proven the value of communication because this race was pretty much written off as a ‘boring nonstarter’ until the first debate re-engaged the public because of the frontrunner’s lackluster performance and the upstart candidate’s dominant prowess. These are indeed interesting times but our beef cattle future appears secure for as long as anyone is forecasting. On your CAA front, we are enjoying an impressive fall because of your enthusiasm for and belief in the future of Canadian Angus genetics. It looks like we will post another year of increased registrations, transfers and tag sales as well as our strongest financial performance for years. Lest you think we don’t have plans as to what to do with what will inevitably be a net profit for the fiscal year 2012, please know that your faithful CAA staff servants in Calgary have LOTS of ideas for spending our surplus, all of which is to create added value for you in your CAA membership or access to member products and services. So here are key messages for this fall including upcoming deadlines and information we want to share. Chances are you have already been exposed to some of this information through the CAA monthly e-news (which grows monthly in relevance), Angus World, our Facebook site, our website or through direct mail. Every marketing expert in the world, however, says that we need Page 22

By Rob Smith, CEO Canadian Angus Association

to see and hear information seven (7) times BEFORE we learn it, so here goes one more time. Perhaps, for some of you, this is the time it really sticks and resonates with you. Genomics here we come: CAA now endorsing and selling Igenity and Pfizer tests. We will be launching this information formally in the coming days, but for right now, here is a teaser: from November until March 31 st, 2013, the CAA is offering “2 for 1” DNA analysis based on the Igenity and Pfizer Genomic Panels. We are offering this based on Alberta Innovates Program (AIP) funding and will lead to the generation of the CAA’s first-ever genomically-enhanced EPDs, or GE-EPDs. Arrangements have been made with both our American partners, AAA and RAAA, to factor this analysis into our National Cattle Evaluations and the ABRI programming is already under way to incorporate this into your CAA Herd Book information. We feel as if this technology is now prime for utilization, the proverbial ‘kinks’ have been worked through, and you as a CAA member is ready to reap the benefit. For more information, be sure to contact Kajal in your CAA office. When you purchase an animal, for heaven’s sake… PAY FOR IT!!! One of the most significant challenges we have in your office is the need to transfer registration certificates on animals that have been purchased. Many of these take place after the six month transfer date that is actually part of federal law that is the Animal Pedigree Act. You have financial incentive to make this transfer happen within the first 60 days after the transfer and then a higher fee after 60 days. It has become common practice for purchasers to make arrangements to remit payment after that first 60 days. This is what your CAA office proposes to ‘stem the tide’ of problems with purchasing and transfers. Everyone… PLEASE… do NOT

purchase on credit or request a longer time to pay; please pay for the animal you purchase today… TODAY!!! Please bring your cheque book with you to the sale and, perhaps, even your stock trailer so that you can accept responsibility for your animal at the moment you sign your cheque. I know this seems like a ‘little’ thing, but let me tell you… the biggest problems we deal with in your CAA office would be eliminated through a more comprehensive approach to this very transaction. One of Canada’s most prominent CAA members took the approach last spring, through both the sale catalogue and announcement from the block on sale day, that all animals would become the buyer’s responsibility upon the gavel dropping, payment would be made on sale day and the bull taken from the facility by the new buyer. I must admit, this seemed a little abrupt but you know what? This CAA member had their BEST bull sale EVER, all bulls were paid for that day and every one left with their new owner. What seemed to me like a ‘hard line’ was ultimately the illustration of real leadership and I applaud this practice. So, to abide by the law and assure freedom of barriers or complications to business, please pay for animals the day you buy them and take them into your possession. The federal law will thank you, the RCMP will thank you, your Association will thank you and, most importantly, both your seller and you as the buyer will thank this best case scenario! Share your recipes for the Foundation Cookbook... The schedule for creating the first-ever Canadian Angus Foundation Cookbook has been revised by a year so you can look forward to purchasing this highly sought-after item during the 2013 Christmas season. That means you have another year to submit your favorite Continued on page 52 Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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Your opportunity awaits you!

W Windy Collin & Michelle Sauder W Willows Box 55, Hodgeville, SK S0H 2B0 • Ph/Fax: (306) 677-2507 F Farms Collin’s Cell: (306) 677-7544 • Email:

We are offering: • 30 registered Black bred heifers as individuals or in groups. All heifers were AI’d to Final Answer, Bismarck or Cedar Ridge on May 6 and later exposed to Bad Lands Canuck 35Y. • 30 commercial bred heifers exposed June 1 to These heifers currently on grass, are not overfitted and have been proven calving ease sires. raised in a practical manner to ensure their long term productivity. All heifers will be pregnancy examined, • 10 Red bred heifers, some AI’d on May 6 and vaccinated and treated with ivermectin and will be available in early November. then exposed to our Red herd bulls. Please call for prices and more information.

W e are als ial of the ma ny co mm erc ed tifi for ve producers who ha bre th their programs wi us!d heifers purchased from

There are moanveyrymproroue!d

Success! We like to measure our success by the success that our customers, both registered and commercial have had with seedstock purchased from us. In the recent Soo Line Dispersal, one of the feature and high selling females at $13,000 was a daughter of Windy Willows Euthalla 90P, selected by Soo Line as a bred heifer. The Lady Sandy family prominent at KBJ and LLB in Alberta, Sane Farms in Quebec and Soo Line in Saskatchewan all trace to WWF Brad Lady Sandy 53B who was selected by KBJ from us as a bred heifer. WWF Windy Blackbird 49R produced the Junior Bull Calf Champion at Agribition 2010 for Wiwa Creek Angus and he is now in featured service at Lambs Quarters Angus. WWF Advantage Euthalla 42P produced a leadoff and high selling heifer for Johnson Livestock. WWF Alliance Jennifer 6N produced the Bull Calf Champion at the Saskatchewan Gold Show and served as an embryo donor for Forsyth Ranch. WWF Prime Time Heroine 88M produced a highly successful herdsire for Bad Lands Angus.

Top Ten NO COST or LOW COST Marketing Tools for By Marnie Somers Your Angus Operation - Installments #3 & 4 In this third installment of top ten marketing tools, I recommend why and how to make the best use of media (press) releases to help you promote your Angus operation to your target market. A media release is simply a written statement prepared for distribution to media outlets to provide newsworthy, accurate and interesting information for broader publication. Why should you use media releases?… • To keep your target market informed about what’s new about your individual cattle operation • To create and keep “Top of the Mind” awareness about your business – when someone mentions Angus, the first mental image which comes to their mind is your Angus operation – psychologists call it “word association”. • To drive traffic to your website – just because you have a website doesn’t mean the world will beat a path to it – media releases capture interest and provide a reason to visit (and to revisit) your website. • To take advantage of extremely valuable free publicity in your trade area’s industry magazines and agricultural newspapers – if you had to pay for this same coverage it would create a serious dent in your advertising budget. When should you use media releases?... • “Pre-event” releases are valuable tools to announce future events, such as an upcoming sale. They must be sent out quite far in advance (at least six weeks to several months prior) so publications have them before their production dates. • “Post-event” releases are used to announce the results from an event, such as a sale report or the results of an important breed show, or the purchase of a new herd bull. Submit Page 24

your news immediately. No editor will publish “old news. For daily newspapers, send in your news the following day. For weekly newspapers, within a couple of weeks, at most. For industry magazines, submit prior to their next issue deadline. Mark magazine deadlines on your annual calendar, so you can submit media releases in time to meet publication dates. • The headline (title) of your news release is THE single most important element. On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body of the release. When you have written an eye catching headline, the odds of reading the body is improved by 80%. • When space is limited, editors cut from the bottom up, so be sure to get your most important information across in your first paragraph. How do you do it? … The body of a media release must answer five questions: Who, What, When, Where and Why? • Why is this newsworthy - the single most important factor in whether or not your news will be published. Editors look at whether it will capture their readers’ attention and bring them into the full story. It’s your job to sell the editor on the value of your release. Typically, editors look for words like “new” “first”, “best”, “introducing”, “announcing”, etc., to determine news value. • When did this news item happen? Include the actual date the news event took place. It must have happened recently. Timeliness is the second most important factor in whether or not your news will be published. • What is your news? Did an animal that you own or bred, or did a customer’s animal earn a prestigious award? Did you purchase a new herd bull? Did you, or your business, win an award?

Did you launch a new website? Ask yourself what you would like your target market to know about you, that they don’t already know? • Who is involved in this story? Be sure to include all the relevant participants - you, your family, your provincial or national breed association, your sector of the cattle industry. • Where did this take place? Never assume that people know all the facts about where your story took place. It’s your job to provide all the information they need to understand it. Don’t just say “at the National Show” – fully identify which “National show” (using the correct title) and at what actual venue (facility, plus city/province/ state/country). • Photographs – if possible, supply a good quality, high resolution photograph. Editors love them to draw readers into the story. Always provide the photographer’s name. And, be sure you have his or her permission to publish it. Don’t assume that because you bought a print you have right to use it as you see fit – you don’t! • One final note: never embellish your story, or leave out pertinent facts. Editors do “fact checks” before they publish (very easy to do on the Internet). Should your media release not live up to the facts, your future releases may be ignored. Be straightforward and honest. Recommended best practices for submitting media releases and photos… • First and foremost, be considerate. Publication of media releases is strictly at the discretion of the media. They are under no obligation to use your materials. Be aware that YOU are asking for a favour – you are not doing THEM a favour! You are asking for FREE publicity. So don’t demand, request coverage politely! And, thank them in advance for considering your materials for publication. Angus Edge - Fall 2012

• The most efficient way to submit is through email. A cover email gives you an opportunity to describe why your media release is news and would interest their readers. Supply your name and contact information in case the editor needs to get in touch with you for clarification. • Attach your media release to your cover email, as an MS Word or other digital text format. Editors can then cut and paste from your document and not have to retype everything. If you make it easy for them, they are more likely to use your materials. • Attach digital photographs to your cover email, saved at 300 dpi resolution and resized no larger than 5” x 7” image size. Include the photographer’s name, with confirmation you have permission to publish the image(s). Supply a cutline (caption) for your attached photo to identify the people, for example write: “Left to Right: Joe Producer with his Grand Champion female, with wife Jane Producer and children, Dick and Sally”. Although it may seem like an extravagance, spend the money to buy professional photos. Plan ahead. Pre-order photos to send out with media releases. If you scan them into digital format, then you can also post them on your website, and display the hard copy print at your display booth, getting even more value out of your purchase. What layout or format do we recommend you use? … • Media releases are issued in a standard format easily recognized by editors. To look as professional as possible, we strongly recommend you follow that format. A sample format may be found at this link on the Internet: http:// press-release/format.html Hopefully, I’ve taken the mystery out of creating and submitting media releases and made it less intimidating. Try your hand at it – go ahead and draft one. If you wish, send your first draft to me and I will critique it before you distribute Angus Edge - Fall 2012

to the media. Submit a copy to your community’s newspaper which usually has a limited budget and will appreciate having access to free content about local residents. Submit copies to weekly regional agricultural newspapers, such as the Western Producer. Forward copies to your Provincial and/or Canadian breed associations, and to cattle industry magazines with readership in your target market. What have you got to lose? Even if it never gets published externally, it can be beneficial as a marketing piece to email to your family, friends and customers, and to post on your website. What if this all seems too daunting, but you recognize the benefits for your business of issuing regular media releases? Consider hiring a freelance writer to handle the media release writing and submission process for you. In this fourth installment of top ten marketing tools, I recommend why and how to showcase and market your products/services to help you promote your angus operation to your target market. Installment one described categorizing potential customers, known as “niche marketing” – matching your products or services with the most likely buyers. The next step is ensuring these most likely buyers either are, or become aware that your cattle operation can meet their needs and wants. Two marketing strategies that will help you are: Differentiation is figuring out how your cattle business is unique so that when prospects are ready to buy, they immediately think of your operation, not a competitor’s. A savvy marketer jumps out ahead of the herd – to create “top of the mind marketing”. In its most simple form differentiation is like word association – for example, what comes to mind when someone mentions “cola”, to you? Your next thought will probably be “Coke”. Do you have a marketing edge over your competitors, such as owing n the only herd sire with

his particular bloodlines in Canada? Make the most of these differences to stand out. Positioning is identifying how your business is at the very top of your “niche” in the market. People like to buy from the best - it gives them bragging rights to impress their friends with. For example – “Well, I bought my new herd sire from Canada’s best (or newest, or largest, or oldest, or most successful) Angus breeder.” Create a tagline (a business slogan) which identifies your business as the top “whatever”. One client tag lined his operation with “Bulls are our business – our females keep us in business!”. Don’t be shy about letting your clients know your claim to fame. If you and another competitor can both equally make the same claim, then make the claim first - before your competitor does. It’s pretty hard to knock you off your pedestal, if you get there first. Unfortunately with marketing, there is no one magic trick to build your business. It’s built through the cumulative efforts of your whole stable of marketing strategies. Some of these methods will be familiar to you, such as the traditional ones: • acquire business cards, letterhead, brochures, and printed materials • a d v e r t i s e i n c a t t l e i n d u s t r y magazines and directories, and agricultural newspapers • p u t u p s h o w b a n n e r s , s t a l l decorations and signs at when competing at cattle shows • create sale posters or catalogues in which showcase your consigned animals • issue media (press) releases to the public and your clients (see Installment three) • create and maintain your own business website Other no cost or low cost electronic strategies to showcase your product/ services include: • create outgoing email marketing messages – visit: www.constantcontact. Page 25

Marketing Tools...

continued from page 25

com/email-marketing/index.jsp • buy and/or sell Google ad space on your website - visit: com/adsense • create a Facebook page for your cattle business - visit : Article-216-AroadmapforsettingupFa cebookpageforbusiness • use other Social media networks: Tw i t t e r – v i s i t : w w w. n - u s i n g - t w i t t e r- f o r- b u s i n e s s / LinkedIn – visit: static?key=business_info • create videos of your sale animals and post them on YouTube (you can then post links to these YouTube videos on your website) – visit: com/watch?v=_O7iUiftbKU , and/or you can convert your videos to CD/ DVD format and snail mail to your prospective customer list. While each of these marketing tools can stand alone, they work so much

Page 26

harder for you when they support and complement each other. Be sure that any creative designs you use are consistent with your business branding. The last thing you want to do is to have several different looks or styles to your advertising materials; because you can’t capitalize on the benefits of repeating the visual image of your brand to your target market. One other essential checkpoint: make sure every marketing strategy you use includes all critical contact information, your mailing address/ telephone/fax number, email, social network links, and website addresses.

livestock producers. Somers has been a media/marketing consultant to the horse industry since 1997, and has presented Marketing Tips seminars. In addition, she is the Past President of the Canadian Quarter Horse Association and a current Director-At-Large on the Board of Directors of the American Quarter Horse Association. Somers may be contacted via email at: marnie@ Her Marketing Tips blog may be found at www.horsescoops. com/blog/.

Marnie Somers is a freelance writer and web designer. Her articles have been published in numerous magazines across North America. She is the designer/webmaster for horse and cattle associations and individual

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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Page 28

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Page 29

S A S K A T C H E W A N B E E F I N D U S T R Y C O N F E R E N C E Page 30

Week at a Glance • Full Schedule of Events • January 22 - 25 (Some industry meetings may be subject to change)

Tuesday, January 22 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

SBIC Conference Office and Registration Desk open Horned Cattle Purchases Act Advisory Committee SBIC Trade Show set up SBIC Trade Show Exhibitors Hospitality Suite

Wednesday, January 23 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. 2:45 p.m. to 3:15 p.m. 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

SBIC Registration SBIC Industry Conference and Beef and Forage Symposium Verified Beef Production AGM Buffet Luncheon and SBIC Trade Show Nutrition Break and SBIC Trade Show Cocktails Dinner and entertainment by “Don’t Mind Us” improv comedy group

Thursday, January 24 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. 12:15 p.m. 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. 1:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. 10:00 p.m.

SBIC Registration and Buffet Breakfast SBIC Industry Conference and Beef and Forage Symposium Closing Remarks Buffet Luncheon and SBIC Trade Show Saskatchewan Shorthorn Association Directors Meeting Saskatchewan Angus Association Directors’ Meeting Saskatchewan Cattle Feeders Association AGM Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association Semi-Annual Meeting Livestock Loan Guarantee Program Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association AGM Cocktails

Awards Banquet, Auction and SBIC Trade Show SBIC Trade Show tear down


2013 Saskatchewan Angus Association


The 2013 Saskatchewan Angus Association Annual meeting will be held at 12 noon, Friday, January 25 in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference. Angus Breeders Ron & Marilyn Mountenay will be receiving a SLA Honour Scroll at the convention banquet Thursday evening, January 24. Everyone is welcome to attend the banquet. Along with the presentations there is some special entertainment planned. In addition to Committee and Financial Reports, Elections of Officers and Directors, the Breeder of the Year will be selected. We would welcome your input and ideas concerning your Association and the Angus Breed in general. Directors are required for the Board for three year terms. If you are interested in running for those positions, would like more information on what is involved, or would like to nominate someone else, you are welcome to get in touch with the nominating committee - Mike Howe - 306.691.5011 or Gord Roger - 306.731.2305.

Friday, January 25 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. 12:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. 12:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m. 1:00 p.m.

Saskatchewan Livestock Association AGM and Breakfast Saskatchewan Cattle Breeders Association AGM and Board Meeting Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association Board Meeting Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association Board Meeting Livestock Marketers Saskatchewan AGM Saskatchewan Angus Association AGM Saskatchewan Simmental Association Directors Meeting Saskatchewan Charolais Association Directors and Committee Meeting Saskatchewan Hereford Association Directors Meeting Saskatchewan Shorthorn Association Annual Meeting Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Harvesting The Future • January 23 - 24 • Saskatoon, SK SBIC Beef & Forage Symposium Agenda, January 23 and 24 - Moderator: Kevin Hursh

Wednesday, January 23 7:30 a.m. Registration and Trade show 8:30 a.m. Greetings from: The Honourable Lyle Stewart, Minister of Agriculture, Province of Saskatchewan Dean Mary Buhr, University of Saskatchewan College of Agriculture and Bioresources 8:45 a.m. Growing Forward II Update Nithi Govindasamy - Associate Deputy Minister, Ministry of Agriculture 9:15 a.m. Canada’s Beef Industry - Price Maker or Price Taker? Ted Bilyea, Agri-Food Consultant 10:15 a.m. Coffee break and trade show 10:45 a.m. Use of Triticale as an Annual Forage Source Dr. Vern Baron, AAFC, Lacombe 11:15 a.m. Optimizing Forage Yield & Quality for Swath Grazing Dr. Greg Penner, University of Saskatchewan 11:35 a.m. Barley Forage or Barely Forage? Leland Fuhr, Dairy Smart Nutrition 11:45 a.m. Management of Annuals as a Forage Source Presenter TBA 12:15 p.m. Luncheon and SBIC Trade Show 1:30 p.m. Beef Cattle Research Council Update Reynold Bergen, Science Director, BCRC 2:15 p.m. Where’s the Margin? A 10-year Overview Kathy Larsen, Beef Economist, WBDC 2:45 p.m. Coffee break 3:15 p.m. Feed Efficiency in the Cow/Calf Herd Dr. Steve Miller, University of Guelph 4:00 p.m. Cattle Market Outlook Duane Lenz, Manager of Analyst Services, CattleFax 6:00 p.m. Cocktails 7:00 p.m. Banquet and entertainment by improv comedy group “Don’t Mind Us”

For more information, contact: Shannon McArton, Conference Co-ordinator McArton & Associates 306-731-7610 Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Thursday, January 24 7:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. 8:45 a.m. 9:30 a.m. 10:00 a.m. 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 11:30 a.m. 12:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:00 p.m.

Registration and buffet breakfast Managing the Message - Issues Management in the Ag Industry Presenter TBA Beef Cattle Code of Practice Dr. John Campbell, University of Saskatchewan Mitigating Pain of Castration Dr. Eugene Janzen, University of Calgary Coffee break and trade show Seed Sorting - Impact on Feeding Cattle Dr. Tom Scott, University of Saskatchewan Canola Juncea - New Meal in Town Dr. Tim McAllister, University of Saskatchewan On-farm NIRS Technology Presenter TBA The CCA Perspective Martin Unrau, Canadian Cattlemen’s Ass’n Luncheon and SBIC Trade Show Cocktails Awards Banquet and Auction

To view presenter biographies and register for the conference, visit


Conference Page 31

Saskatchewan Angus Association Breeder of the Year Nominations will be received by mail and from the floor at the Annual Meeting. Nominations will then be posted and a vote taken at the Annual Meeting to determine the winner. The following is some general guidelines to keep in mind during the nominations and voting. The recipient should be a person(s) who: 1) represents and promotes Angus cattle in general, to the best of their ability; 2) produces quality cattle that meet market demands; 3) does a good overall job of contributing to the affairs of the Association. Please give due consideration to both small and large operators.

I wish to nominate: ______________________________________________ Name _________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________ Background Information _______________________________________________________________

_______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ Signature


Name ______________________________________________ Address

Phone # ________________________

___________________________________________________ Nominations will be accepted up to and during the 2013 Annual meeting - January 25, 2013.

2012 Saskatchewan Angus Heritage Awards

Don and Glenda Bell

Irene Olynyk

Jack and Joyce Burkell

Presented to these deserving recipients at the 2012 Saskatchewan Angus Gold Show, for their perserverance and dedication to the Angus breed.

John and Patricia Simpson Page 32

Lorne and Grace Fandrey

Congratulations! Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Page 33

Page 34

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Page 35

View catalog online at

RED ANGUS - 2 Bred Heifers, 4 Open Heifer calves & 1 Bred Cow

BLACK ANGUS - 37 Bred Heifers, 18 Open Heifer calves & 2 Bred Cows

Monday, December 3 2012 Johnstone Auction Mart, Moose Jaw, SK

GATEWAY ANGUS SALE 306-799-2108 306-483-2291 306-536-1927 306-638-6277 306-775-2900 306-731-2940 306-587-2523 306-345-2560 306-726-4307 306-363-2203 306-784-2850 306-336-2245 306-869-2801 306-723-4832 306-771-2305 306-345-2046

Sale Manager: Johnstone Auction Mart Scott Johnstone Moose Jaw, SK Ph: 306.693.4715 Cell: 306.631.0767 email:

Black Pearl Angus Freyburn Angus Glen Gabel Angus Glendor Acres Hall’s Cattle Co. Hi Low Angus Irving Angus Ivanhoe Angus JD Angus Farms Kenbert Acres Midnite Oil Cattle Co. Nu Horizon Angus Sunny Grove Farm Triple H Red Angus Valley Lodge Cattle Co. Wilmo Angus Ranch


Page 36

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Page 39

ld o G s u g n A n a w e h c t a rs o s Sask n o p S w ho S r o i n u J & Yorkton, SK 12 July 5-6, 20

Gold Sponsors

Blairs.Ag Cattle Co. & Blair’s Crop and Livestock Solutions Friendly Acres Seed Farm Hackman Feed Services Ltd. Yorkton Exhibition Assoc.

Silver Sponsors

Castlerock Marketing CIBC Cornerstone Credit Union Glen Gabel Angus Heartland Livestock Maple Farm Equipment MCS Angus Melville Veterinary Clinic Optimal Bovines Inc. Prairie Co-Op Ltd.

Bronze Sponsors

Bohrson Marketing Services Farrell Agencies Olson Diesel South-West Animal Health Centre Today’s Angus Advantage Yorkton Co-Op Agro Centre


Junior Show Sponsors 20/20 Angus 3H Angus Arm River Red Angus Bar DK Angus Bar Kay Cee Angus Bear Hills Angus B-Elle Red Angus Belmoral Angus Bounty B Ranch Breed Creek Angus Ranch Bridgeway Farms Carruthers Livestock Clay Enterprises DKF Red Angus DM Angus Dolittle Angus Double Bar D Farms Double C Red Angus Eastondale Angus Flying K Ranch Freyburn Angus Farms GBS Angus GBT Angus Gerlei Angus Ivanhoe Angus J&S Cattle Co. JJL Livestock Johnson Livestock

Johnston Angus Justamere Farms MCS Angus Moose Creek Red Angus New Force Angus Nu Horizon Angus Parkwood Farm Pasquia Red Angus Rambling Rose Stock Farms Redekop Cattle Company Riverdale Stock Farm Skyebrooke Angus South Shadow Angus Spittalburn Farms Summit Creek Angus T-K Ranch Twin Heritage Farm U6 Livestock Valley Lodge Cattle Co. Wheeler’s Stock Farm Wilbar Farms Wilmo Angus Ranch Wright Livestock, Meskanaw Wright Livestock, Melfort Young Dale Angus

s and Volunteers or ns po S e th to ou -y nk ha T e Gold Show at the show, as well as th r great Committee for anothe vent! ‘Saskatchewan Angus’ E Page 40

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Page 41

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Report and Board Profiles... Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Board of Directors Shane Roger - President Balgonie, SK -- 306-771-2305 Katie Wright - Vice-President Melfort, SK -- 306-752-3543 Erin Toner - Secretary Kelfield, SK -- 306-932-2180 Directors at Large Tyra Fox Lloydminster, SK -- 306-825-9624 Cole Ward Saskatoon,SK - 306-931-3824 Eric Yewsuk Wynyard, SK -- 306-554-2697 Email Kodie Doetzel Lipton, SK - 306-336-2245 Katie Olynyk Goodeve, SK - 306-876-4420 Wade Olynyk Goodeve, SK - 306.876-4420

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association

Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 Fax 306-525-5852 Page 42

Wow, another year is almost upon us, but that doesn’t mean we should forget all the awesome events that occurred through the summer. Let’s start from the beginning. The 2012 Saskatchewan Junior Angus Gold Show was held at the beginning of July this year in Yorkton, SK, and what a great event that ended up being! This year was a bigger turn out number wise for the show, and we were pleased to have so many juniors come out and participate as well. Following the Gold Show was the 2012 Canadian Junior Angus Showdown, held in Lindsay, ON. For those of you who attended last year’s Showdown in Weyburn, you know it was a great success, but for those of you who attended the 2012 Showdown, will know that it was an even greater success! This year we had the most juniors attend than we’ve ever had before! The show could not have been as great of a success if it weren’t for the sponsors that supported the show! Thanks to all who attended and sponsored the show. The location for Showdown 2013 was released at Showdown 2012, but for those of you who missed it, it will be held on July 2527, in Armstrong, BC. Also at our Junior Show in Yorkton, we held our Annual meeting where our board was elected with myself, Shane Roger as President, Katie Wright as Vice-President and Erin Toner as Secretary, along with some new and old faces as directors at large - check out our profiles following my report here. As Agribition nears, the deadline for the 2012 SAA scholarships for junior members is November 15th, 2012. For an application form and more information, visit the SAA website at During Agribition we will be having our Junior Bowling & Pizza Social on Friday, November 23 hope to see you there! Also slowly but surely, the 2013 Canadian Junior Angus Association GOAL (Guiding Outstanding Angus Leaders) conference is coming up in February at Edmonton, AB this year! It will be held at Fantasyland Hotel, February 16-18. The Saskatchewan Angus Association along with the Saskatchewan Junior Association will be sponsoring juniors to attend the conference. Send in your application along with a brief outline of why you should be sponsored to go!

Well that’s it for now, if you have any questions, please feel free to give me a shout! I hope to see you at some of the Angus events down the road! Shane Roger President ******************************** Hello, I am Kodie Doetzel and am 13 years old. I live on a farm north of Lipton, SK. We raise purebred Red and Black Angus cattle as well as some commercial cattle. Our farm name is Nu-Horizon Angus. We moved to Saskatchewan from Alberta in 2008. I go to school in Cupar and am in grade 7. I belong to the Valley View 4-H beef club. Between showing cattle in 4-H and Junior Angus and helping with the daily chores, I am kept pretty busy. In the winter I enjoy skiing and snowmobiling and in the summer I like riding my dirt bike. I have attended the Saskatchewan Junior Angus show in Yorkton and Saskatoon as well as Showdown four times. This past summer Showdown was in Ontario. I had a great time. Every time I go I meet new people and have a lot of fun. If you like meeting new people, showing cattle, and having fun, give Junior Angus a try. I know you will like it! ******************************** Hello everyone my name is Tyra Fox. I am 14 years old and live in Lloydminster SK, myself and my family own and operate Justamere Farms. My number 1 hobby is my horse “Dude” and taking weekly lessons with a private trainer. One day I hop to be a horse instructor myself. I am in my 5th year of Piano lessons and just a few weeks ago I found out that I have the honor of receiving a Medal of Excellence for having the highest mark of all of Saskatchewan students who took the Level 2 tests. I love 4-H and showing at all the shows that we can get to. I love to help out at the farm as much as possible in all area’s. I look forward to another year on the Saskatchewan Angus Junior Board and hope to learn as much as possible and meet new people again this year. ******************************** Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Hello everyone! My name is Kaitlin Olynyk and I am excited to be on the board this year. I am 19 years old and I grew up on Crescent Creek Angus farm with my parents Wes and Kim and three brothers Orie, Dany and Wade. When I wasn’t busy helping out with chores I enjoyed playing hockey, softball, handball, volleyball, track, dance, and singing. Unfortunately most of those hobbies have taken a backseat for the time being because I am currently pursuing my double degree of Physical Education and Special Education at the University of Regina. I am an avid cattle lover and am a member of 4-H as well as SJAA and CJAA. I own my own small herd of Black Angus cattle on the farm. I attend Agribition every year with my family, and am fortunate to have a heifer calf in the junior section of the Masterpiece sale this year. If you find yourself at Agribition and have nothing to do (which rarely happens I know) feel free to stop on by my stall and say hello, I love to have a conversation with a fellow cattle person! Sitting on the board is a great opportunity and I look forward to meeting new people, and learning more about the cattle industry. ******************************** Hi I am Wade Olynyk and a new board member on the Junior Angus Association. I am 14 years old and I have been in 4-H for 8 years and I have showed cattle for 8 years as well. I live by Goodeve, SS on the farm, Crescent Creek Angus. I have been around cattle since I was born and I am familiar with them. I am in grade 9 and I am in school sports like Football, and volleyball. I also play hockey, baseball and like to golf. I own about 10 head myself and I do enjoy showing them and growing my heard bigger. I do help lots during Agribition and the calving season. We have our annual bull sale the first Saturday in April. I hope that I can do a lot for the association and help and move on up. I will like to be a leader for others and help others. This past year I was the president of the Goodeve 4-H beef club. I hope this gives you a good picture of who I am and what I like to do. I hope my first year on the board is a good year. Thank you. ******************************** Hello, my name is Shane Roger, I live on small purebred Black Angus operation north of Balgonie. I am in my final year Angus Edge - Fall 2012

of high school, and plan to attend the U of S next year on my way towards becoming a vet! I have been in the Valley View 4-H Beef Club for twelve years now, and have been on the board for many different positions; reporter, photographer, and president. This will be my last year in 4-H, and I will most definitely miss it! This is my second year on the SJAA board, and this year I am the President. Angus cattle have been a part of my life since I can remember, and it has made a major impact on my life. I look forward to staying in the business for as long as I can! ******************************** Hi, my name is Erin Toner and I am the secretary on the SJAA board. I currently am living in Regina enrolled in Elementary Education at the University of Regina. I grew up on a farm North of Kelfield, Saskatchewan. Together with my family we operated Bear Hills Angus. I was involved in the Handel Multiple 4-H club for twelve years and when I moved to Regina I joined the Herbert Grazers 4-H Club. I have been a part of the Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association for many years and have served as Director, President and Vice-President. I truly enjoy having a hand in planning and organizing the many Provincial junior events and fundraisers including our summer show and our Agribition fun day. Seeing the juniors coming out to these events and enjoying themselves is what keeps me on the board and keeps me involved. I love seeing juniors from across the country working together and building relationships because we are the future of the breed. I am very excited to be a part of this association and cannot wait to see more and more juniors out at our shows and events and taking advantage of all the opportunities the SJAA provides for them. ******************************** Hi - I’m Cole Ward and I am working on my second year on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board. I live 20 minutes out of Saskatoon on my family farm, Ward’s Red Angus. We mainly raise Red Angus but I own my own herd of Blacks (C Wards Black Angus). I am in Grade 12 at Delisle

Composite School. I enjoy many school sports such as Football and Basketball. I have enjoyed taking part in many Junior Angus events and am looking forward to many more. ******************************** Hello, my name is Katie Wright. I live on our family farm Wright Livestock, near Melfort, SK. My family and I currently run around 50 purebred Red Angus and about 50 purebred Black Angus cows, along with a small herd of commercials. I am currently in my first year of nursing in Melfort. I also hold down a part time job as a lifeguard at the Northern Lights Palace in Melfort, SK and I volunteer at the local care home in Kinistino. I am a member of the Meskanaw-Ethelton 4-H beef club. I have been involved with this club for 12 years. I have served on various committees as well as being club secretary and as club president. Currently I am the district 27 member rep. I have been on the Saskatchewan Junior Angus board for 6 years. I was a director at large for 2 years, the secretary for 2 years, president for 1 year and am currently the Vice president. I am one of the newest members on the Canadian Junior board as well. I have taken part in many Saskatchewan and Canadian Junior events such as, GOAL, Showdown, Gold shows, Saskatchewan junior shows and Canadian Western Agribition. Looking forward to seeing you all down the road at Angus events. ******************************** Hi, my name is Eric Yewsuk and I am 20 years old. I am an apprentice Ag Mechanic and I work at KMK Sales Ltd. In Humboldt, SK. I also am involved with the family farm, U6 Livestock, near Wynyard, SK. We run a purebred Red Angus herd of about 100 cow calf pairs, along with a few Black cows. We sell bulls each year in March at the East Central Bull Power Sale in Yorkton, SK.

   Page 43

Saskatchewan Junior Angus Show Results Judge: Clint Oxtoby, Whitewood, SK Heifer Calf Born in 2012 - Open Class 1 Red U6 Audrey 31Z Eric Yewsuk 2 Schwan Mystical Density 2Z Ty Schwan 3 Red Emmatt Miss Knight 201Z Matthew Wushke 4 Swan Hills Tibbie 12Z Robyn Tibble Calf Champion Female Open Division Red U6 Audrey 31Z Eric Yewsuk Reserve Calf Champion Female Open Division Schwan Mystical Density 2Z Ty Schwan Female Born 2011 - Open Class Split 1 - Female Born Feb 12 - Mar 27 1 S7R 77W Fern 50Y Alexis DeCorby 2 BH Tibbie 2Y John Hogberg 3 Red South Border Rose 4Y Kodie Doetzel Split 2 - Female Born Jan 4 - 31 1 Crescent Creek Eula 36Y Wade Olynyk 2 Nu-Horizon Tibbie 101Y Kodie Doetzel 3 S7R 77W Millie 6Y Alexis DeCorby 4 Crescent Creek Margaret 11Y Crescent Creek Angus Junior Champion Female Open DIVISION 77W Fern 50Y Alexis DeCorby Reserve Junior Champion Female Open Division BH Tibbie 2Y John Hogberg Female Born In 2010 - Open 1 MVF Tibbie 25X Martina Tibble Calf: Swan Hills Tibbie 12Z Female Born In 2009 - Open 1 Red Lon of Two M 13W Katie Wright Calf: Red Triple L Wright’s Comboy

Page 44

July 6, 2012 Yorkton, SK

Senior Champion Female Open Division Red Lon of Two M 13W Katie Wright Reserve Senior Champion Female Open Division MVF Tibbie 25X Martina Tibble

Senior Champion Female Owned Division Crescent Creek Stumpie 9R Katie Olynyk Reserve Senior Champion Female Owned Division Eastondale Annie K 30’10 Wade Olynyk

Grand Champion Female Open Division Kevin Senft Memorial Award Red Lon of Two M 13W Katie Wright Reserve Grand Champion FEMALE Open Division 77W Fern 50Y Alexis DeCorby

Grand Champion Female Owned Division (Kevin Senft Memorial Award) Crescent Creek Stumpie 9R Katie Olynyk Reserve Grand Champion Female Owned Division Eastondale Annie K 30’10 Wade Olynyk

Heifer Calf Born in 2012 - Owned 1 Crescent Creek Annie K 35Z Wade Olynyk 2 Red Koru Thelma 72Z Sarah Schmidt Heifer Calf Champion Owned Division Crescent Creek Annie K 35Z Wade Olynyk Heifer Calf Reserve Champion Owned Division Red Koru Thelma 72Z Sarah Schmidt Female Born in 2011 - Owned 1 NRA Rosebud 49Y Shane Roger 2 Anderson’s Tibbie 4Y Austen Anderson Junior Champion Female Owned Division NRA Rosebud 49Y Shane Roger Reserve Junior Champion Female Owned Division Anderson’s Tibbie 4Y Austen Anderson Female Born In 2010 - Owned 1 Eastondale Annie K 30’10 Wade Olynyk Calf: Crescent Creek Annie K 35Z Female Born In 2009 Or Earlier - Owned 1 Crescent Creek Stumpie 9R Katie Olynyk Calf: Crescent Creek Einstein 68Z 2 Red Koru Thelma 51T Sarah Schmidt Calf: Red Koru Thelma 72Z

Crossbred Class - Female Born In 2011 1 LPF Silver Shane Roger Crossbred Champion LPF Silver Shane Roger Best Pair Of Females Crescent Creek Eula 36Y & Crescent Creek Margaret 11Y Wade Olynyk Bull Calf - Born in 2012 1 Red Triple L Wrights Cowboy Up Katie Wright 2 Red Koru Gladiator 69Z Sarah Schmidt 3 Crescent Creek Einstien 68Z Katie Olynyk 4 Red U6 Hickstead 38Z Eric Yewsuk Bull Calf Champion Red Triple L Wrights Cowboy Up Katie Wright Bull Calf Reserve Champion Red Koru Gladiator 69Z Sarah Schmidt Grand Champion Bull Red Triple L Wrights Cowboy Up Katie Wright Reserve Grand Champion Bull Red Koru Gladiator 69Z Sarah Schmidt

Angus Edge - Fall 2012


Junior Champion - John Hogberg Reserve Junior Champion - Payton Schwan Intermediate Champion - Alexis DeCorby Reserve Intermediate Champion - Ty Schwan Senior Champion - Wacey McCaw Reserve Senior Champion - Eric Yewsuk

Judging Grand Champion Female - Owned Division Crescent Creek Stumpie 9R - Katie Olynyk

Junior Champion - John Hogberg & Kodie Doetzel Reserve Junior Champion - Payton Schwan & Kaitlyn Burkell Intermediate Champion - Ty Schwan & Wade Olynyk Reserve Intermediate Champion - Martina & Robin Tibble Senior Champion - Katie Wright & Shane Roger Reserve Senior Champion - Erin Toner & Eric Yewsuk


Reserve Grand Champion Female - Owned Division Eastondale Annie K 30’10 - Wade Olynyk

Grand Champion Female - Open Division Red Lon of Two M 13W - Katie Wright

Junior Champion - Kodie Doetzel Senior Champion - Eric Yewsuk Reserve Senior Champion - Erin Toner Literature Junior Champion - Kodie Doetzel Senior Champion - Shane Roger Reserve Senior Champion - Katie Wright Showmanship Junior Champion - Kodie Doetzel Reserve Junior Champion - Kaitlyn Burkell Intermediate Champion - Alexis DeCorby Reserve Intermediate Champion - Wade Olynyk Senior Champion - Katie Wright Reserve Senior Champion - Katie Olynyk

Print Marketing

Junior Champion - Kodie Doetzel Reserve Junior Champion - John Hogberg Intermediate Champion - Wade Olynyk Senior Champion - Katie Olynyk Reserve Senior Champion - Erin Toner

Reserve Grand Champion Female - Open Division 77W Fern 50Y - Alexis DeCorby

Grand Aggregates

Junior - Kodie Doetzel Intermediate - Wade Olynyk Senior - Shane Roger & Katie Wright Grand Champion Bull Red Triple L Wrights Cowboy Up - Katie Wright

Reserve Grand Champion Bull Red Koru Gladiator 69Z - Sarah Schmidt Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Spirit of Youth Award Erin Toner

Page 45

2013 GOAL Conference (Guiding Outstanding Angus Leaders)

Dream Big at Fantasyland

Hosted by the Canadian Junior Angus Association

February 16 - 18 - Fantasyland Hotel, Edmonton, AB West Edmonton Mall





Birth Date: ____________________ CJAA Membership #: __________________ Province:


Postal Code: _______________

Phone: ________________________

Fax: ______________________

E-mail: _______________________________

Jacket/Shirt Size: ___________

Rules:  All participants must be 15 years of age and older or accompanied by a parent or guardian.  No alcohol allowed at or during the conference. Fee: $125.00  Includes - Binder, deliverable, room (Saturday & Sunday), listed meals, all sessions and tours. Registration Deadline:  January 10, 2013. Schedule:  The conference will start Saturday afternoon and end after lunch on Monday. A detailed agenda will be available on the web-site at later this fall. Forward registration form with payment to: Canadian Junior Angus Association (CJAA) Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone (306) 757-6133 Fax (306) 525-5852 Email Page 46

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

14th Annual Canadian Junior Angus Show July 25 - 27, 2013 Armstrong, British Columbia

• Quiz Bowl • Marketing • Grooming • Art • Photography • Conformation • Judging • Scrapbook • Graphic Design • Public Speaking • Showmanship • Literature • Angus Cook-off and • Lots of FUN!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

1:00 pm ................. Move In Begins

Thursday, July 25, 2013

11:30 am ............... Grooming Demonstration 12 noon.................. Move in Complete 12:30 pm ............... Orientation & Lunch 1:00 pm ................. CJAA Annual Meeting 2:00 pm.................. Judging (Individual competition - written reasons) 3:00 pm.................. Team Grooming 5:30 pm.................. Supper & Extravaganza

Friday, July 26, 2013

9:00 am ................. Showmanship 11:00 - 4:00 pm...... Print Marketing 12 noon.................. Public Speaking 1:00 - 4:00 pm ....... Sales Talk 2:30 pm.................. Show Ring Team Judging (must qualify from the individual competition) 6:00 pm ................. Cook-off & BBQ

Saturday, July 27, 2013

8:00 - 10:00 am ..... Breakfast 10:00 am ............... Conformation Classes 5:00 pm.................. Banquet, Awards Presentations, Auction & Dance

* Move out must be complete by Sunday, July 28 at 12 noon.

For more information contact: Erin Toner, CJAA President - 306-932-2180 Allison Speller, British Columbia Director - 250-375-2268 Belinda Wagner, CJAA Coordinator - 306-757-6133 email Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Page 47

Page 48

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

rsg ev..en.ts ... n onJthuesne io An’tttwaentntotmiio excitin ss out

You wo

Friday, November 23, 2012 - Attend the 2012 Canadian Western Agribition Junior Angus Pizza Party & Bowling. We’re meeting at the SAA Booth at 3 pm to go bowling - drivers will be provided. Pizza will be served at 5 pm in the Angus barn. February 16 - 18, 2013 - Win your way to the 8th annual Canadian Junior Angus National Youth GOAL Conference to be held in Edmonton, AB. There will be workshops, keynote speakers and entertainment. All Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association members aged 15 and over are eligible to enter. Write an essay explaining why you should be selected to attend the conference and include your experience with the Angus industry and the SJAA and SAA may help you with your travel costs and the registration fee. Fax, mail or email your application to the Saskatchewan Angus Association by December 30, 2012 - no late applications will be accepted. There are a limited number of spots so don’t delay!

SJAA Scholarship

The Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association offers Two $500 Scholarships each year. Deadline - November 15, 2012 Applications are available from the Saskatchewan Angus Office or get one off the website. Saskatchewan Junior Angus Association Box 3771, Regina, SK S4P 3N8 Phone 306-757-6133 • Fax 306-525-5852 Email: Website: Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Page 49

“Angus” Winners 2012...

Davis Schmidt, Watrous, SK Regina Spring Steer & Heifer Show Grand Champion Heifer Chance Jackson, Sedley, SK Regina Spring Steer & Heifer Show Reserve Grand Champion Heifer Jamie Schwark, Condo, SK Battleford 4-H Show & Sale Grand Champion Steer Hanna Beatch, North Battleford, SK Battleford 4-H Show & Sale Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair Kelsey Bloder, Unity, SK Battleford 4-H Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair Jordyn Tuck, North Battleford, SK Battleford 4-H Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Steer

Hunter Watson, Neudorf, SK Yorkton Regional Show & Sale Grand Champion Breeding Herd Project (1-2 Year Old)

Doyle Watson, Neudorf, SK Yorkton Regional Show & Sale Grand Champion Heifer Logan Betham, Balcarres, SK Yorkton Regional Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Heifer & Grand Champion Breeding Herd Project (2-3 Year Old) Tanner Piller, Neudorf, SK Yorkton Regional Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Market Steer Cody Tataryn, Hubbard, SK Yorkton Regional Show & Sale Grand Champion Market Steer

Maren Wiklund, Meadow Lake, SK Maguire Blair, Drake, SK District 36 4-H Beef Show & Sale Saskatoon Prairieland Junior Ag Showcase Overall Reserve Grand Champion Steer Grand Champion Female & Reserve Grand Champion Female Lacey Burgess, Pierceland, SK District 36 4-H Beef Show & Sale Mellisa Wasden, Spiritwood, SK Overall Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair Spiritwood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Grand Champion Steer Matt Holba, Goodsoil, SK District 36 4-H Beef Show & Sale Megan Wasden, Spiritwood, SK Overall Reserve Grand Champion Spiritwood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Cow/Calf Pair Grand Champion Yearling Heifer & Overall Reserve Champion Female Ted Creech, Lloydminster, AB Lloydminster Regional 4-H Expo Chelsea Lepage, Leoville, SK Reserve Grand Champion Yearling Heifer Spiritwood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Steer Kianna Brooks, Storthoaks, SK Alameda Regional 4-H Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Steer Rene Boutin, Alida, SK Alameda Regional 4-H Show & Sale Grand Champion Steer Bea Bank 4-H Club with Sports Packs The Saskatchewan Angus Association’s 4-H program in 2012 was pleased to present over 300 4-Hers with Sports Packs for their Angus Project at Achievement days. We will again be offering awards to all 4-H members with an Angus Project in 2013. Page 50

Lindsay Curtis, Bethune, SK Moose Jaw International 4-H Beef Show Reserve Grand Champion Female Emily Okerstrom, Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw International 4-H Beef Show Grand Champion Steer Austen Sentes, Raymore, SK Parkland Regional Show & Sale Overall Grand Champion Female Shyla Rothwell, Shellbrook, SK Prince Albert 4-H Regional Finished Beef Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion 3 Year Old Cow/Calf Pair Dallis Aiken, Canwood, SK Prince Albert 4-H Regional Finished Beef Show & Sale Grand Champion 3 Year Old Cow/Calf Pair Blake Wilson, Prince Albert, SK Prince Albert 4-H Regional Finished Beef Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Steer Jacob Feige, Parkside, SK Prince Albert 4-H Regional Finished Beef Show & Sale Grand Champion Steer Jayne Keeley, Whitewood, SK Whitewood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Overall Grand Champion Steer Callyn Hansen, Major, SK Kerrobert Regional 4-H Show & Sale Champion Bred Heifer Summer Hansen, Major, SK Kerrobert Regional 4-H Show & Sale Reserve Champion Two Year Old Female Janelle Hawkins, Major, SK Kerrobert Regional 4-H Show & Sale Champion Two Year Old Female

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Congratulations & Well Done !! Darby Meyer, Kerrobert, SK Kerrobert Regional 4-H Show & Sale Champion Three Year Old Female Kailee Lundago, Sheho, SK Wadena Regional 4-H Show & Sale Reserve Grand Champion Steer Cameron Choquette, Kelvington, SK Wadena Regional 4-H Show & Sale Grand Champion Steer & Grand Champion Heifer Shanna Klassen, Herbert, SK Swift Current Frontier Days Overall Reserve Grand Champion Steer

Codee Scott, Eastend, SK Maple Creek Regional Fair Reserve Grand Champion Steer & Reserve Grand Champion Heifer Brady Scott, Eastend, SK Maple Creek Regional Fair Grand Champion Heifer & Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair Emery Scott, Eastend, SK Maple Creek Regional Fair Reserve Grand Champion Cow/Calf Pair

Maguire Blair, Drake, SK Saskatoon Prairieland Junior Ag Showcase Grand Champion Female & Reserve Grand Champion Female

Alex Pawlitza, Hazlet, SK Swift Current Frontier Days Grand Champion Female

Jayne Keeley, Whitewood, SK Whitewood Regional 4-H Show & Sale Overall Grand Champion Steer

Maren Wiklund, Meadow Lake, SK District 36 4-H Beef Show & Sale Overall Reserve Grand Champion Steer

Emily Okerstrom, Moose Jaw, SK Moose Jaw International 4-H Beef Show Grand Champion Steer

Ted Creech, Lloydminster, AB Lloydminster Regional 4-H Expo Reserve Grand Champion Yearling Heifer

2012 Yorkton Regional 4-H Show

ons Reserve Champi d an s on pi m al ha C receive a Speci s w ho S l na io eg sored at the 4-H R or Jacket spon e di oo H ’ on pi m ‘Angus Cha ssociation. hewan Angus A tc ka as S e th by Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Shanna Klassen, Herbert, SK Swift Current Frontier Days Overall Reserve Grand Champion Steer Page 51

CEO Comments ... continued from page 22 recipes for what we hope will become a mainstay in Canadian homes, our Angus Cookbook. For more information, please check out this e-address: http://www. The ground has been broken on YOUR new building… Although we have not determined the exact size of your new CAA office east of Balzac, Alberta, we have ‘broke ground’ ceremonially during the CAA Board of Director’s Meeting in Calgary this past September. I would say that just a few days from you reading this will be an announcement of the exact size and cost of our new national headquarters. I suspect that our plans have passed to ‘house’ the nation’s industry (a lofty challenge that proved to have more barriers or challenges than any of us ever expected!) so my ‘best guess’ is that the building will be the National Angus Centre only, but please pay attention to your handhelds and computers in November for the formal announcement and construction agenda. For your convenience and customer service, however, we can tell you our address is confirmed in our current lease through February, 2014; this rental was sealed a few weeks ago and will assure our move only takes place once. ILR-LIVE coming your way… Some of our members have cited the ease and speed of registering animals in other breed association Herd Books based on a ‘live’ system whereby you receive a registration number based on your submitted data within seconds of submission. The CAA is beta-testing a ‘live’ system commencing January 1st, 2013 and if you’d like to be among the test herds/users, please contact Cheryl or Stacy in the office. SNP Conversion As I’ve been travelling through Russia and Kazakhstan with colleagues from Canada’s other breed associations, they told me I was ‘nuts’ that the CAA Page 52

reduced the fee for parentage verification to our membership upon the conversion to SNP analysis, a less expensive test than our former microsatellite analysis. I responded that your CAA office is in a constant quest to create greater value for your membership and service/product fees and we were actually quite thrilled to be able to pass the cost reduction to our membership. Part of this in because we hope you will use the saving to invest in one of the two new tests that will result in genomically-enhanced EPDs (which can be simply explained as Igenity for Black Angus and Pfizer 50K for Red Angus, the latter of which includes parentage verification. As above, for more information, Kajal is your ideal source). The ‘2 for 1’ pricing also applies to SNP testing and now might be a good time to do some (or all) of your breeding females due to the new parentage verification requirement that all bulls, prior to progeny being registered, be typed to their sire and their dam, effective January 1, 2014. This is, of course, your choice but I just want you to know that our attempts to lower your costs are being noted… and criticized… by other breed associations. Now I’ll be honest… that’s criticism I’m rather happy to take! New Embryo Transfer rules At the Association we are always looking for ways to improve and streamline policies that affect our members. You have probably noticed already that a number of rules have changed under the registry banner already this year and I am announcing one more today. The rules governing how ET calves born from purchased embryos are treated have changed. We have streamlined the process to make it easier on every breeder who buys and sells embryos. Embryo Flushes will from now on be treated similar to AI sires -- once a flush gets registered, any resulting calf, which also meets all other registration requirements including DNA testing, will be registered.

To get a flush registered, the owner of the donor dam on the day of the flush should complete and submit form CAAFORM28- Application for Registration of a Flush and a copy of the Certificate of Embryo Recovery to the office as soon as possible after the first sale from the flush. The flush will be registered and any required DNA testing which hasn’t already been completed will be set up. Once DNA testing as per the current DNA policy (CAA Handbook, Registry Section, Page 18) is completed all progeny, meeting all other registration requirements, will be registered. ET calves do still require parent verification to both the sire and dam prior to registration. Transfers of ownership on embryos will no longer be required. The fee to record a flush has been set at $30. Flushes that have been recorded in the past will not require additional registration and will be grandfathered in. If you are registering a calf from a purchased embryo, please use the updated CAAFORM26-Embryo Transplant Application for Registration, providing the flush date is now mandatory and the calf cannot be registered until that information is provided, successful parent verification results will result in the completion of the registration. As we make this transition our registry staff will notify you if information is missing or incomplete. If you have any questions regarding this or any other recent (or not so recent) rule changes please feel free to contact Stacy or any of the registry staff who are always 100% dedicated to providing answers to your questions. Herd Name regulations If you don’t have a registered Herd Name, please make sure you book one with the CAA office as quickly as possible because, effective January 1st, 2013, this will become mandatory, as will the placement of the Herd Name at the START of each registered name (after RED in the case of registered Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Red Angus cattle). To set up your registered Herd Name, or if you have any questions, please contact Stacy or one of our friendly registration staff in your national Angus office. Canada Youth Teams to 2013 World Angus Forum Information about and Canadian Team qualifications for next year’s New Zealand World Angus Forum Youth Programme and Adrenaline Tour are located at the following two webaddresses: 2013 WAF Information: http:// youthprogramme.html. Canadian Application Form: http:// WAF%20youth%20program.pdf. The deadline for Canadian Angus youth to apply is January 15th, 2013. Don’t miss this opportunity because if you do, trust me, you will regret it! 2012 Canadian Junior Angus Association Scholarship Donation Heifer… Please remember that this ‘Donation Heifer’ at Agribition in November is actually TWO BRED heifers, both donated by the CAA Staff as their outcome from the 2009 Foundation embryo lottery. Canadian Lynn 18Y (CAAS 18Y, 1599534) and Canadian Lynn 22Y (CAAS 22Y, 1599535): Check out their data on the CAA website.

Heart Bar Cattle Co. kindly donated the recipient dams for the staff’s three embryos and shepherded two live calves to weaning. From there, Remitall Farms took possession of the two heifer calves and have raised them ever since, including a top quality, exciting breeding to Remitall F Odyssey 67X. So please be on the lookout for these two genetically exciting bred heifers. We must proffer thanks to the Newton’s for taking them to weaning and the Latimer family for looking after them for more than the past year and getting them bred. Smart phone APP The CAA is currently working on an “app” for your handheld or smart phone that will incorporate easier access to the Herd Book, hopefully a Canadian Angus Rancher Endorsed tag reader that links to the Herd Book and any other information access and provision you want. So this is where you fit it; if there is something you’d like from your CAA office in an ‘app’ form, please contact Cassie or Michael to let them know what you’d like and we’ll try to incorporate it. We will only create our CAA app for the first time once, so let’s make it be all you want, need or expect it to be. Social Media I have been thrilled with the response to my Facebook posts while on the trade mission to Russia and Kazakhstan. Some of my updates have been read by over 600 people and that is, in my opinion, a significant number of readers.

I will continue to try and ‘post’ what I’m doing when I’m traveling on your behalf so you can stay abreast of what is going on in our Canadian Angus scene. Cassie will continue to train me and improve my formats and approaches on both Facebook, our CAA web blog and, perhaps, Twitter, in the coming months. Marketing Training Finally, one of our greatest new opportunities this year was hiring, for the first time ever, a Marketing & Branding Director for your CAA. This fall, Cassie will be working at some of our major shows to offer marketing workshops to our membership. Given the success of her session at Convention back in June, I suspect this will prove popular. We appreciate the support and cooperation from folks like Belinda in Saskatchewan for making this happen during Agribition and please contact Cassie if you want or need further information. That is all, folks! If you are going to be in Brandon, Toronto, Edmonton or Regina in the coming month for our Gold Show program, I will see you there. Otherwise, please know that the office door is always open, the telephone lines are always clear and e-mails always responded to. Have a great continuation to your fall. by Rob Smith, CEO

Join us at the 2012 Canadian Western Agribition, Evraz Place, Regina, Saskatchewan. November 19 - 24, 2012 • Nov 20 - First Lady Classic • Nov 21 - “Masterpiece” Angus Sale • Nov 22 - Black and Red Angus Shows • Nov 23 - Commercial Cattle Show • Nov 23 - Bull Pen Alley Show • Nov 23 - Junior Angus Social • Nov 23 - Power & Perfection Sale • Nov 24 - Junior Beef Extreme • Nov 24 - Commercial Cattle Sale • Nov 24 - RBC Beef Supreme Challenge Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Page 53

Business Directory

November 19 - 24, 2012 Regina, SK 306-565-0565

November 7-10, 2012 Saskatoon, SK 306-931-7149

GRANT ROLSTON Box 1562 Vulcan, AB T0L 2B0


Phone: 403-593-2217

Canadian ANGUS Association 1-888-571-3580 142, 6715 - 8th St. NE Calgary, AB T2E 7H7

Coming Events... Nov 1-3............. Lloydminster Stockade Round-up, Lloydminster, SK Nov 1-3............. Manitoba Livestock Expo, Brandon, MB Nov 2-11........... Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, ON ......................... Nov 4 - National Angus Show, Toronto, ON Nov 3-11........... Northlands Farmfair International, Edmonton, AB Nov 7-9............. Yorkton Harvest Showdown, Yorkton, SK Nov 7-10........... Saskatoon Fall Fair, Saskatoon, SK Nov 15.............. SJAA Scholarship Deadline Nov 17.............. Northern Select Sale, Camrose, AB Nov 19-24......... Canadian Western Agribition 2012, Regina, SK ......................... Nov 20 - First Lady Classic ......................... Nov 21 - “Masterpiece” Angus Sale ......................... Nov 22 - Black and Red Angus Shows ......................... Nov 23 - Commercial Cattle Show ......................... Nov 23 - Bull Pen Alley Show ......................... Nov 23 - Junior Angus Social ......................... Nov 23 - Power & Perfection Sale ......................... Nov 24 - Junior Beef Extreme ......................... Nov 24 - Commercial Cattle Sale ......................... Nov 24 - RBC Beef Supreme Challenge Nov 29 ............. Kuntz Farms Retirement Dispersal Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Dec 1 ............... Keystone Klassic Angus Sale, Brandon, MB Dec 3................ Gateway Angus Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Dec 3 ............... Double C Red Angus Sale, Tuffnell/Foam Lake, SK Dec 3................ Six Mile Ranch & Guests Commercial Female Sale, Swift Current, SK Dec 5................ Cudlobe Angus Bull Sale, Stavely, AB Dec 7................ Touch of Class Female Sale, Saskatoon, SK Dec 8................ Gehl Ranch & Raymond Land & Cattle Bred Heifer Sale, Hodgeville, SK Dec 11.............. Canadian Legacy Sale, Olds, AB Dec 12.............. Gerlei Angus Young Cow Herd Dispersal Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Dec 13/14......... Geis Angus Farm Total Dispersal, Clyde, AB Jan 10............... Deadline for the 2013 GOAL Conference Registrations Jan 15............... Deadline for the Spring Issue of the The Angus Edge Jan 15............... Deadline for the CAF World Angus Forum Youth Program Applications Jan 23-25.......... Saskatchewan Beef Industry Conference, Saskatoon, SK ......................... Jan 25 - SAA 2013 Annual General Meeting, Saskatoon, SK Jan 26............... M.C. Quantock Bull Sale, Lloydminster, SK Feb 16-18......... CJAA GOAL Conference, Edmonton, AB Apr 1................. Triple A Bull & Female Sale, Moose Jaw, SK Apr 10............... Flying K Ranch Bull Sale, Swift Current, SK Jul 25-27........... Showdown 2013, Armstrong, BC Oct 4-19........... World Angus Forum, New Zealand

Index of Advertisers... For all your printing needs

(306) 525-8796

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Anderson Cattle Company.............................38 Bronyx Angus.................................................16 Canadian Legacy Sale...................................17 Crescent Creek Angus....................................13 Cudlobe Angus...............................................41 Double C Red Angus......................................19 Eastondale Angus...........................................20 Flying K Ranch...............................................33 Freyburn Angus Farms...................................15 Gateway Angus Sale......................................35 Gehl Ranch & Raymond Land & Cattle..........36 Geis Angus Farm.......................................28,29 Gerlei Angus..................................................6,7 Glen Gabel Angus..........................................10

Howe Red Angus...........................................BC Ivanhoe Angus..................................................4 JJL Livestock..................................................26 Keystone Klassic Sale....................................39 Kuntz Farms.....................................................2 Masterpiece Sale..............................................3 Northern Select Sale......................................38 Northern View Angus......................................18 Optimal Bovines Inc........................................55 Power & Perfection Sale.................................11 Six Mile Ranch Ltd..........................................37 Touch of Class Female Sale...........................21 Triple A Bull Sale............................................27 Windy Willows Farms.....................................23 Angus Edge - Fall 2012

Angus Edge - Fall 2012

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Howe Red Angus is pleased to be consigning females to: • Red Roundup, Red Deer, AB

• Masterpiece, Regina, SK • Touch of Class, Saskatoon, SK

Feel free to give us a call on any of the females we will be consigning. We are extremely excited in the set of females we have on offer this fall ... they will do a lot of good in the Industry.

Howe Red Angus

Mike Howe #183, 325 - 4th Avenue SW, Moose Jaw, SK S6H 5V2 306-691-5011

Angus Edge Fall 2012  

Saskatchewan Angus Newsletter - Fall 2012

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