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March/April 2018

The Park Town Hotel CEO Terr y Verbeke looks back on 60 years of the hotel’s histor y in Saskatoon

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March/April 2018

STAFF Darla Lindbjerg, CEO Kendra Cruson, VP Business Development Roz Macala, Executive Secretary Terri Eger, Events & Communications Director Terry Lawrence, Administrator Kevin Meldrum, Marketing Director Linda Saunders, Bookkeeper

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Board of Directors Chair Kelly Bode - WMCZ Lawyers 1st Vice-Chair Peggie Koenig - Koenig & Associates 2nd Vice-Chair Paul Labbe Past President Jason Yochim - Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS® Executive Sandra Ribeiro - Canadian Light Source Inc Bill Cooper - Nutrien Stacy Dybvig - ICR Commercial Real Estate Usha Kapoor - Park Town Hotel Linda Exner - PCL Construction Management Ltd. Deborah Meyers - Saskatchewan Polytechnic Karl Miller - Meridian Development Chris Sicotte Brian Skanderbeg - GFG Resources Inc Trevor Thiessen - Redekop Manufacturing Chris Woodland - MLT Aikins Canadian Publications Mail Agreement No. 40052085 Return Undeliverable Addresses to: Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce 104-202 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0K1

Photographer: Grant Romancia

Cover and Inside Images: Grant Romancia

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Cover Story - Park Town Hotel

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From the CEO


Merlis Belsher - Giving Back




Popping the top on the Brewing Industry


New Members


Three Insights I learned from Greg Sutton

BUSINESS VOICE­ is a publication of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce 104-202 4 th Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0K1 Phone: (306) 244-2151 Fax: (306) 244-8366 Email: Website: Twitter and Instagram: @stoonchamber

Correction: In our previous Dec/Jan 2017/18 issue, our story on the Saskatchewan Rush (pg 14-15) did not include the photo credit for all images to GetMyPhoto. ca. We regret the error.

Feedback on articles is invited, but views expressed in BUSINESS VOICE are those of contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by, or policy of, the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce or its Board of Directors. We encourage you to support the business leaders whose names and products you see advertised in this issue as well as throughout our entire membership. The Board reserves the right to edit submissions.



Chamber on Business Luncheons Scott Livingstone is taking the lead on the newly formed Saskatchewan Health Authority. Hear first-hand how the transition from 12 Regional Health Authorities to a single provincial body affects you and your family.

The Saskatoon Community Foundation released its second Vital Signs report on November 20, 2017. The report presents a snapshot of data about Saskatoon and its vitality.

SPEAKER: CEO Scott Livingstone BUSINESS: SK Health Region DATE: March 7 TIME: 11:30am LOCATION: Sheraton Cavalier

SPEAKERS: Carm Michalenko BUSINESS: Saskatoon Community Foundation DATE: March 14 TIME: 11:30 am LOCATION: Radisson Hotel

Mayor Charlie Clark gives a progress report on innovation and inclusion at the City of Saskatoon. Hear Mayor Clark’s strategy to unlock the city’s full potential as he discusses smart growth, automation, sustainabilty, disruptive technology and a changing global economy. SPEAKERS: Mayor Charlie Clark & City of Saskatoon Council Shaken with a Twist BUSINESS: City of Saskatoon DATE: April 17 TIME: 11:30am LOCATION: TCU Place Presented by:

Co-hosted by:

Chamber Networking Events Chamber 101 This is your introduction or refresher on how you can make the most out of your Chamber Membership. Learn about the Chamber Group Benefits Plan; cost savings programs for Staples, First Data and more; marketing opportunities; advocacy; events and other info you need to know. DATE: March 7 TIME: 3:30 pm LOCATION: LB Distillers

Chamber on Tap cont.

SPEAKER: Percy Hoff BUSINESS: DSG Canada DATE: April 4 TIME: Doors open 4:30pm, Speaker 5:00pm LOCATION: LB Distillers

Explore what is HOT in health and technology. Join us for happy hour, networking, and a feature spotlight

solo talk, with candid stories and interactive discussions Hear what’s HOTbetween in Health and Technology guests. as you connect with Research” members of these “Patient-Oriented Helenthe Kenyon, Ex Dir Wednesday of sectors. Held on third - Saskatchewan Centre for ent-Oriented Research an interview each month, Pati HOT includes October in 18 these fields. with business leaders Doors Open at 4:16 PM for networking, drinks and appetizers Guest Speaker at 5 PM

Connect with the business community and enjoy great food and drink at Chamber on Tap on the first Wednesday of each month at LB Distillers. Learn Entrepreneur Insights when our host Evan Drisner interviews members of the business community. SPEAKERS: Ricky Forbes & Travis Low BUSINESS: Blue Moose Media DATE: March 7 TIME: Doors open 4:30pm, Speaker 5:00pm LOCATION: LB Distillers 4

SPEAKERS: Angela Jamieson & Cathy Rock Creek - Stonebridge Ave. (lounge side) Edwards #210Seats3020arePreston Limited to 50 guests! Pre-register at BUSINESS: VidaShield DATE: March 21 TIME:Doors open 4:15 pm, Speaker 5:00 pm LOCATION: Stonebridge Rock Creek SPEAKER: Adele Kulyk BUSINESS: Global Healthcare Connection DATE: April 18 TIME:Doors open 4:16pm, Speaker 5:00pm LOCATION: Stonebridge Rock Creek



Held in partnership with WESK, Shaken with a Twist is an opportunity to hear the behind-the-scene story of promenent women in our community. Join host Shawna Nelson as she interviews a new guest each month. Great snacks and drinks add to this networking opportunity. SPEAKER: Dr. Donna Jubin BUSINESS: Bella Sante MD DATE: March 22 TIME:Doors open 5:00pm, Speaker 5:30pm LOCATION: Village Guitar & Amp SPEAKER: Daria Malin BUSINESS: Boost Strategic Coaching DATE: April 12 TIME:Doors open 5:00pm, Speaker 5:30pm LOCATION: Village Guitar & Amp Visit for information and registration for all our upcoming events.


Sending Sacred Cows to Slaughter...or at Least to Pasture

Chamber Board Chair Kelly Bode

Nearly every business has had one – that particular event, service, policy, structure; that certain way of doing things, that set of beliefs, that ingrained way of looking inward or outward – that it has used, offered, done or abided by since before anyone can remember.

Perhaps at one point, it was the organization’s bread and butter or even its initial reason for existing, but now, none of its people understand why it continues to exist. It is a sacred cow. Defined by the dictionary as an idea, custom or institution held to be above criticism. Sort of like that sweet wallpaper in your Grandma’s house – everyone knew it was hideous but it was a part of the landscape for so long that no one saw it anymore. Sacred cows are, by their very nature, difficult to notice, let alone call out and question. But doing so is vital to the survival or relevancy of a business. In order to stay

relevant, businesses must grow – not in the sense of size or worth, necessarily – but in an evolutionary sense. Everything that a business does sends a message, whether it is the physical space, the people it employs or the marketing, and if a business is hanging on to an old event, service or structure that doesn’t align with the business it currently is or wants to be, the sacred cow will necessarily hold back that business’ evolution. Even more difficult than criticizing sacred cows is sending them off to slaughter. Cutting a service that you’ve always offered or an event you’ve always held, can seem outlandish or impossible, especially if it is a profit center or something you’re known for. But step back and consider what kind of a drag these services/events are on the organization and whether or not they reflect the image and values of the current (or aspired to) business. If these services or events were eliminated, what amazingness would result from the void created? If a business sticks to what it’s always done the way it has always done it, chances are it won’t achieve any better results than it always has. I’ve been there more than once – either in my own business or for an organization I represent as a board member. When sitting around the table talking strategy or vision, you can always spot the sacred cow by its characteristic mantras: “but we’ve always done it that way”, or “that’s been around since we started”. That’s when you know when to pounce. But be prepared. Going after the blessed bovine is always going to be an uncomfortable process and is always going to be met with opposition, either from inside or outside the organization. Just

It is that uncomfortable space where you really examine the sacred cow that growth and opportunity lives.

keep in mind that it is that uncomfortable space where you really examine the sacred cow that growth and opportunity lives. And you don’t have to slaughter it. Looking at it with a critical eye is a big step and maybe the result is that you still want your wagon hitched to it. Rather than slaughter, you may also want to just put it out to pasture for awhile and reassess. As you’ve probably guessed by now, I don’t have all the answers in terms of when and how the cow should go, but I believe that awareness and critical thinking are half the battle. And if big change results from a sacred cow examination and complaints start to fly, take solace that if that change is done in alignment with strategy, sound governance and/or vision, it can be defended, embraced and championed. These ideas can be applied to us as business owners and, generally as humans, as well. What sacred cows do we walk with as individuals? What do we tell ourselves that just “is” without questioning why or if that story could or should change? Just think of what would be possible if we weren’t limited to places we could go with a 1,500-pound cow… Kelly Bode is the Chair of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and partner with WMCZ Lawyers.



Your Voice in Business

Saskatoon Chamber CEO Darla Lindbjerg

Welcome! We have a new look and a fresh feel – both as an organization and through this publication, which is now branded as the Business Voice to reflect the fact that the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce is the Voice of Business for Saskatoon and its surrounding region. We represent over 1,450 members and over 55,000 business professionals. As the longest serving and largest business association in Saskatoon, we take our responsibility to represent our business community very seriously.



The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce is celebrating its 115th year of serving the Saskatoon business community.

In 2017, we welcomed 168 new members to our organization. Our members continue to be our number one priority and we are excited to continue building programs and solutions that meet their needs. We also hosted 145 events for our members in 2017 that offered our members networking opportunities, education and the ability to meet with government leaders. Over 4,000 people attended these events, which ranged from highlighting local talent and successes to bringing in the leaders of our country to talk about their areas of responsibilities and initiatives. It’s going to be a year of excitement and change for the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce! We have a great staff team, a fantastic board, amazing volunteers and a membership that is engaged and growing. Lots of fresh ideas and insights to drive our initiatives! As the first female CEO to oversee the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, it is inspiring to know that I am part of such a strong and diverse business community. The welcome I have received has been overwhelming. As the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce celebrates its 115th year of serving the Saskatoon business community, I have the pleasure of building upon its rich history by creating and delivering even more value to our members. What does membership in the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce mean to businesses? It means unparalleled access to business advocacy, strategic events, thought leadership, networking opportunities, programs to save businesses time and money and much more. If you’re not a member, I encourage you to reach out to our business development team to learn about everything the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce has to offer. Darla Lindbjerg, CEO, Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

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Urban Spice

Serving currylicious flavours

The Best Authentic East Indian Flavours in Town

#50-622 Circle Dr E Saskatoon, S7K 0T9 306-715-6317 306-954-7742

Bucket list of  Gluten Free & Vegetarian Options Available Come Enjoy with your Family  & Friends Ask us for Festival Specials & Group Discounts Prices are subject to change.


Chamber Members in the News Sutton Group

Sutton Financial Group welcomes senior associate Gordon MacAulay and his valued long-term clients to the firm. Gord is a recognized specialist in the areas of HR, employee benefits and pensions. He has made his name as the “Group Guy” of Saskatoon and in 2017, he began the pursuit of his business succession plan. He is working towards a full retirement by 2020. “Sutton Financial Group represents all the principles that have guided me over the years, and they have the experience to have their own proven track record.” said Gord MacAulay.

Saskatoon Tourism

On January 1, 2018, Tourism Saskatoon’s President & CEO Todd Brandt, celebrated 20 years with the organization. Over two decades there has been tremendous growth in the organization, as it went from a staff of five with limited program dollars, to today’s 15 full time staff managing a budget of $3.7 million. Brandt’s proudest accomplishment has been working with the private sector to establish a Destination Marketing Program in 2006, a feat that took more than three years. In 1998 only one private dollar was invested against three public dollars to support marketing and product development. Today, for every public dollar invested, approximately nine private dollars support the lucrative tourism industry in Saskatoon. 8

SKYXE Celebrates Renos

Skyxe Saskatoon Airport opened its doors to the public on January 15 during a grand re-opening celebration of its new Maintenance Operations Centre. The original building was established in the 1950s, with the last restoration in 1989. The 2017 renovations were completed by two local firms: AODBT Architecture & Interior Design developed the design and Con-Tech constructed the expanded facility. With a focus on sustainability, seventy percent of the construction waste from the MOC project was diverted to a recycling facility. A large sky-light in the kitchen area provides natural light and all new Energy Star appliances are now being utilized.


The MOC supports the facilities and airfield operations team, which enables successful 24/7 airport operations. “The Maintenance Operations Centre expansion provides a space that can accommodate our growing operations in an efficient and modern way,” said Stephen Maybury, President & CEO of Skyxe Saskatoon Airport. “This expansion helps recognize the hard work of our facilities and airfield operations team which has contributed significantly to our recent accolades of receiving Airport Councils International’s 2016 Best Airport in North America (under 2M passengers) and #1 On-Time Performance in Canada.”


Just For You Day Spa

Saskatoon is already marked as a mustsee destination for world travellers and for those who call the City of Bridges home, it is a place of high end business, excellent shopping and second to none spa experiences. Jess and her team at Just For You

Day Spa opened the doors of their brand new building at the corner of 33rd Street and Quebec Avenue earlier this month. This second fabulous Saskatoon location compliments the well established 8th street spa and joins their other two locations in Regina and Lloydminster in providing the ultimate in spa services and relaxing ambiance. With over 10,000 square feet of luxury, the 33rd Street spa is the first Lia Reese Cosmetics Flagship store, an exciting decision for the award winning entrepreneur. As a 2017 Woman of Distinction, Jess brings style and heart to the spa industry with an eye for quality and good business practice. Featured in Flare Magazine as one of the Top Ten Facials in Canada, the Just For You Day Spas are simply that; at the top of the industry and Just For You.

City Perks

Sutherland BID

Some sixty years ago, Sutherland was a small railway town on the outskirts of Saskatoon. But these days, the proximity to the university, its young population and booming business district makes it one of the more desirable places to live in the city. With the completion of the majority of our streetscaping projects, we have seen a real change in the look of our business community. This makeover is attracting boutique and locally owned stores that fit the area’s character. Sutherland is an established neighbourhood with a well-defined commercial sector that has one of the lowest commercial tax assessment structures.

Big News is happening in the City Park neighbourhood with community favourite, City Perks set to increase its already sumptuous offering.  Get ready for grown-up bevies like craft beer, wine and ciders to pair with the soon to be expanded light fare delights.  City Perks cafe offers a variety of fresh baking, light lunch fare and desserts. Focus is on fresh, light, and local ingredients with special attention to the coffee from 49th Parallel Roasters in B.C, very pleasing to the local coffee enthusiast. Open M-F 7am-8pm and weekends 8am5pm, stayed tuned for extended hours.  Local owners, Mike and Coralee Dahlen, invite you to experience City Perks today.

Hands-On Marketing

The phrase “when it comes to advertising, I throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks” is uttered by small local business owners the world over. Most of the advertising resources available are written for big brands with big budgets, and are focused solely on online strategies. Enter Daria Malin of Boost Strategic Coaching. Malin is an advisor who works alongside business owners across Western Canada to line up their marketing, branding and sales. She becomes the “co-pilot” in their business as they work toward their goals, becoming a trusted source of support, guidance and accountability. In her new book, Hands-On Marketing, Malin offers unique insight into both online and traditional advertising options. It’s the confused business owner’s guide, spelling out all the options in your advertising toolbox. This book is an information guide and workbook designed to help you figure out which tools to choose to get the job done for your business. The included Action Plan will guide you through creating a customized strategy for your business.  Written with real-life examples and stories, Hands-On Marketing will give you new insight and inspire you to tell your story proudly, whether you are brand new to business or a seasoned veteran. Connect with Daria Malin at, or 306-241-1022. 



Superior Cabinets Named First Lean Certified Company in Saskatchewan

Global Health Care

Adele Kulyk of Global Healthcare Connections has been recognized as an opinion leader and innovator in cross border healthcare ad medical travel by Medical Travel Today Spotlight. By bridging the best of what’s available in state-of-the-art conventional medicine, Global Healthcare Connections provides information and services connecting real patients with targeted and powerful solutions for improved health. As a result, Global Healthcare Connections is leading the way in Canada by helping patients and doctors forge a path toward the future of accessible global medicine. Advocating for individuals needing help to access care to deal with a Cancer diagnosis, manage a chronic condition like MS or to improve their overall health, meshes well with Kulyk’s passion for assisting others, her personal values, and her extensive business skills. Global Healthcare Connections Inc. meets the needs of the public as a conduit of information relating to medical services. The company tailors individual medical or dental needs and completes a plan, taking you off lengthy Canadian waiting lists and into the care of experts. Medical Travel Today is the authoritative newsletter of the medical tourism industry. Written and edited by experts in international healthcare, Medical Travel Today keeps its readers abreast of trends, industry news, and the advancement of care for the rapidly growing ranks of medical travelers. Learn more at HOT on April 18th. Details at 10

Superior Cabinets is pleased to announce that the business has been named the first company in Saskatchewan to achieve Lean Certification, as presented by the Canadian Manufacturing & Exporters. An internal Lean audit was conducted by the CME in January, 2018. Superior Cabinets began its Lean journey in 2012 as part of a complete business transforamtion focused on restructuring the company back to productivity and profitability. Superior Cabinets has been in operation since 1980, is one of Western Canada’s leading manfucturers and suppliers of frameless kitchens with a long-held and well-earned reputation for fine quality products, outstanding customer service and dedication to employee success. Superior sells through its retail stores in Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary and Edmonton, as well as a network of 75 dealers with significant room to grow


leveraging their 55,000 square foot cabinet production facility based in Saskatoon. Superior Cabinets will continue to empower its teams to drive Lean and 5S inititives throughout the entire organization including its manufacturing facility, corporate head office and four corporate stores.

Has your business been in the news? We’d love to highlight Chamber Member success stories in an upcoming issue of the Business Voice magazine. Email submissions up to 200 words in length with high resolution photos to businessvoice@


New Members Aspire Too

Counselling and Assessment Services Sherry Tucker 306-1114 22nd St W, Saskatoon p: (306) 382-2391 Counselling / Training

ATL Heritage Services Corp.

Private and locally owned heritage consulting and stakeholder engagement/ consultation firm. A leader in the services offered - academic, field and business relations experience. Colleen Butcher 150-203 Packham Ave, Saskatoon p: (306) 242-2822 w: & Consultants

Black Fox Farm & Distillery

An agri tourism location offering handcrafted spirits and exceptional experiences. John Cote Comp 117 Site 310 RR 3, Saskatoon p: (306) 955-4645 w: Tourism Industry AND Beverages

Brandt Engineered Products

A 208,000 square foot machining, heavy fabrication and manufacturing plant building mining, agricultural, industrial and construction equipment. Pieter Cruson 826 58th St E, Saskatoon p: (306) 242-4114 w: Manufacturers

Brent Schuler p: (306) 933-3133 Individual Members

Burnt Orange Solutions

IT support Lorna Woroniuk 28-102 Cope Cres, Saskatoon p: (306) 986-2600 w: Consultants - Computer

Individual Members

DSG Power Systems Inc.

p: (306) 220-5871 Individual Members

Diesel Parts, Service and Additives, Generators, Skid Steers and Light Towers Percy Hoff 230 29th St E, Saskatoon p: (306) 242-7644 w: Automobile -Parts / Repair / Maintenance

City of Saskatoon Saskatoon Land

Dynacare Insurance Solutions

Chris Sicotte

Since 1954, Saskatoon Land has played a significant role in developing communities and supplying serviced industrial and commercial land to accommodate business and employment growth. Frank Long / Jeremy Meinema 201 3rd Ave N, Saskatoon p: (306) 975-3278 w: Real Estate - Developer AND Government Agencies - Civic / Municipal

Paramedical vendor including paramedicals, Attending Physician Statements (APS), tele-interviews, e-paramedical services (ePara), lab sample collections. Michele Unger 20-1501 8th St E, Saskatoon p: (306) 374-5000 w: Insurance Companies / Agents

Indus Travels Inc.

CoHR Solutions

Specializes in small group tours and independent vacations to over 50 worldwide destinations. Praveen Syal 233-11951 Hammersmith Way, Richmond, BC p: (866) 978-2997 Tourism Industry

Human Resources Consulting Services Laurie Ballantyne 323 Adaskin Cove, Saskatoon p: (306) 280-2360 w: Consultants

d’Lish by Tish Cafe

Ixtapa Travel

Tisha Paget 702 14th St E, Saskatoon p: (306) 652-5483 Restaurants

Digitex Canada

One of Western Canada’s leading suppliers of managed print services. Offers hardware, software, supplies and solutions all under one roof. Tom Prima / Bryce Visser 232B Robin Way, Saskatoon p: (306) 244-2679 w: Office Furniture / Equipment

Full service travel agency offering “advice worth getting’’ to all destinations in the world. Barbara Crowe 103-3929 8th St E, Saskatoon p: (306) 664-3233 w: Travel Services

Dr. Huey-Ming Tzeng p: (306) 966-6222



New Members (Continued) J. Mendoza & Associates Jeric Mendoza 1006G-201 21st St E, Saskatoon w: Consultants AND Immigration / Relocation

Jami Young

Writer, speaker, teacher, coach, and consultant who specializes in leadership development and business training. Jami Young 242 Keeley Cres, Saskatoon p: (306) 371-5863 w: Consultants

JMK Massage Therapy

Provides massage therapy, online booking and myofascial therapy. Jennifer Kyplain 522 Duchess St, Saakatoon p: (306) 880-8533 w: Massage Therapy

JT’s Tasty Treats

Offers concession treats within Saskatoon. Operates ice cream bikes within Saskatoon neighborhoods, Provincial Park concession services, and event food services. Joshua Turner 1-501 Pakwa Pl, Saskatoon p: (306) 241-8931 w: Restaurants

Kindersley Transport Ltd. Douglas Siemens 2411 Wentz Ave, Saskatoon p: (306) 975-9301 w: Transportation Industry

Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) LTD.

Global infrastructure business support company specializing in Office Systems, Software Systems, Medical Imaging, Industrial and Production Print, Software, Managed IT Services, Robotics. Jason Booker / Derek Derkach 30-710 Cynthia St, Saskatoon p: (306) 934-2909 w: Technology

Lana Wickstrom; Separation Specialist Lana Wickstrom 1004-201 21st St E, Saskatoon p: (306) 955-5008 w: Consultants AND Legal Services

Lift Accounting

Forward-thinking accounting firm for startups and small businesses in Saskatoon. Jordan Brown 203-120 Sonnenschein Way, Saskatoon p: (306) 713-2477 w: Accountants / Bookkeepers

Linda Yu CPA P.C. Inc.

Public accounting firm services include accounting, tax, and business advisory. Providing services to individuals and small businesses located in Saskatoon and Calgary. Linda Yu 610A-350 3rd Ave N, Saskatoon p: (306) 952-0922 w: Accountants / Bookkeepers

KMP Law North Syl Lepage 321 6th Ave N, Saskatoon p: (306) 652-8833 Legal Services



Monat with Jennifer McCowan

Naturally based, premium, anti-aging haircare that combines the best of nature with cutting edge science providing effective solutions for every hair concern. Jennifer McCowan 122 Mulcaster Cres, Saskatoon p: (306) 203-0389 w: Home-Based Business

NexGen Energy Ltd.

Uranium exploration and development company with a portfolio of high-impact projects that span the Athabasca Basin in Saskatchewan. Jeri-Lynn Walton 212-4014 Arthur Rose Ave, Saskatoon p: (306) 954-2275 w: Mining & Exploration

Nine Yards Technologies An expert in home automation, physical security solutions, and multi-media entertainment design. Christopher Dupuis 338 Coldspring Cres, Saskatoon p: (306) 341-2477 w: Technology

OBR Saskatoon Ltd. (SHIFT Restaurant)

Oliver & Bonacini Events has been planning events since 1993, with an extensive portfolio of exclusive event venues across Canada; including the Remai Modern in Saskatoon. Rami Flamand / Michelle Lear 102 Spadina Cres E, Saskatoon p: (306) 978-8958 w: Caterers / Food Services AND Restaurants

Paul Labbe

p: (306) 249-2342 Individual Members


New Members (Continued) Prairie Proud

Cole Thorpe 103-120 Sonnenschein Way, Saskatoon p: (306) 250-3232 w: Retail

PWM Private Wealth Counsel

Wealth Advisors to a select group of business owners and professionals that, among other things, aspire to a work optional lifestyle. Kevin Hegedus 205-210 Wellman Cres, Saskatoon p: (306) 975-9500 w: Financial Services / Planning

Road Coffee Co.

Every cup of coffee has been handcrafted, ethically sourced, and is guaranteed conversation fuel. See you on the road. Alisha Esmail 1415 Ontario Ave, Saskatoon p: (306) 241-8734 w: Food Processors / Distributors

RoxDar Supply Chain Solutions

Specializing in improving your company’s performance and bottom line through procurement and supply chain management services. Darnell Therres p: (306) 370-1172 w: Business Services AND Home-Based Business

Russell Hendrix Foodservice Equipment

First in foodservice equipment and supplies. Largest dealer in Canada, with half a century of experience and expertise. Rodney Francis / Bob Kolt 1475 Rose St, Regina p: (306) 209-8721 w: Wholesale

S & E Trusted Online Directories Inc.

The Rent-It Store

Sara Wheelwright 434 20th St W, Saskatoon p: (306) 244-4150 w: Advertising / Public Relations

Equipment rental and retail sales. Doron Broadfoot / Andy Travers 633 45th St E, Saskatoon p: (306) 652-0101 w: Rental

Saskatchewan Health Authority

TISHAL Tours & Travel Ltd.

Establishing one provincial approach to plan and deliver health-care services will break down geographic boundaries and service silos, to provide more consistent and coordinated health-care services. Scott Livingstone / Lynel Martinuk / Corey Miller 4-2105 8th St E, Saskatoon p: (306) 665-0080 w: Health Care - Services / Supplies


Leanne Persicke 2025 Victoria Avenue, Regina p: (306) 566-3040 Government Agencies - Provincial / Federal

Shawn Murphy Royal Lepage

Specialized representation in all areas of real estate. Shawn Murphy 620 Heritage Lane, Saskatoon p: (306) 880-4050 w: Real Estate - Services

Offers services to East Africa in tourism, tour guide, air ticketing, transportation, student exchange program and volunteering. Maureen Alice Torr 411 Evergreen Blvd, Saskatoon p: (306) 251-2272 Tourism Industry

Voce Developments Corporation

Commercial and Residential Construction and Renovations Joanne Perrot-Hill 108-103 Marquis Cort, Saskatoon p: (306) 384-5599 w: Contractors

WCW Maintenance Ward Williams p: (306) 717-0066 Home-Based Business

Storozuk McClelland Debusschere CPA PC Inc. A Saskatoon CPA accounting firm with a passion for small businesses and entrepreneurs that has a reputation for treating your business like it’s their own. Chris McClelland 206-502 45th St W, Saskatoon p: (306) 242-1019 w: Accountants / Bookkeepers



Member Renewals 360o Painting Saskatoon 617311 Saskatchewan Ltd. 628495 Saskatchewan Ltd. ABC Canada Technology Group Ltd. Academy Studios Acklands-Grainger Inc. Action Mechanical Inc. ADM Agri-Industries Company Advanced Electronic Solutions Ltd. Advertising ONE AECOM Canada Ltd. Affinity Credit Union Ag-West Bio Inc. Al Anderson’s Source For Sports Alexander’s Restaurant All Brite Industries Ltd. Allegro Montessori School Allied Physicians Medical Prof Corp. Allnorth Andrew Peller Ltd. Anne Jane Grieve Consulting aodbt architecture + interior design AREVA Resources Canada Inc. Assemblée Communautaire Fransaskoise Associated Appraisal Co. AutoLogics Repair Bank of Montreal Basaraba Services Bill’s House of Flowers Bit Service Company Ltd. Blackstone Insurance, Benefits & Bonding Inc. Blucher Transport Ltd. BNT Sales Agency Limited Booster Juice Brainsport The Running Store Brent Mock Bridgepoint Business Brokers Bridges Health Broadway Business Improvement District Brunsdon Lawrek & Associates Brunskill Pharmacy Buckwold - Western Business Furnishings (Sask) Ltd. Butler Byers Insurance Ltd. Cameco Corporation Canadian Cancer Society Canadian Light Source Inc. Canadian Red Cross Canadian Western Bank and Trust Canpotex Limited Cargill Limited Cervus Equipment Peterbilt CGI Charlie’s Seafood Market Choice Nutrition CIBC City of Saskatoon - Assessment Branch City of Saskatoon - Community Services Dept. Collector’s Choice Art Gallery Concorde Group of Companies Confederation Inn Connect Energy Con-Tech General Contractors Ltd. Cosmopolitan Industries Ltd. Costco Wholesale Inc. Cowan Imaging Group CP Technical Services Ltd.


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The Park Town Hotel Celebrates 60 Years

Image: Grant Romancia

The name Verbeke has been synonymous with hoteliers in Saskatoon since the 1950s. Starting as a small motor hotel on the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, Terry Verbeke has grown the Park Town Hotel into the full-service property of today. Serving as the current CEO of Park Town Enterprises, Terry continues his family’s legacy as the property embarks on its 60th year. Do What You Love Growing up in the business, Terry has, at one point or another, occupied almost every position in the hotel. From dishwasher to pub manager, Terry learned the ropes from the ground up, giving him an insider’s edge in managing the various moving cogs of the business. Under the careful watch of his father, Gus Verbeke, Terry acquired a zest for life, people, and all things hospitality leading him to the eventual position of CEO. Taking over as CEO in 2008, Terry has remained an active and driving force in the business ever since. Focusing on his passion for travel and people, Terry’s ownership has been a labour of both love and tenacity.

Shifting Business Strategies Unlike most hotels, The Park Town Hotel was built in stages, with the first part of the actual hotel being built in 1978. At this time the city was still governed by temperance law which meant that the east side of Saskatoon was unable to have any liquor services. During this period the primary focus of the Park Town 16


Hotel was on food and beverage rather than accommodations. As one of the closest establishments to the east side of the city, the hotel focused its business strategy on garnering food and beverage sales from customers located on the East side. With the university a stone’s throw away, the hotel was uniquely situated to profit from its geographic position. The laws governing liquor licensing during this time mandated that to own and operate a beverage room, the owner had to own a hotel with a minimum of 100 rooms. As such, the Park Town built its first major addition, bringing its total room count to 109. After adding the subsequent rooms, the hotel was able to open the Four Seasons Restaurant, The Hop House pub and Fast Freddies- the nightclub that operated in the basement of the hotel. As the popularity of Saskatoon increased in the early 1990s, tourism became an increasingly important endeavour and the business model of the hotel once again shifted. Food and beverage was no longer the priority as the focus shifted toward accommodations. In 1999 the last three floors of the hotel were added, once again transforming the hotel into the current downtown landmark of today.

Growing The Business While Terry is most widely known as the CEO of the Park Town Hotel he is also the CEO for Parkville Manor. Both the Park Town Hotel and Parkville Manor comprise what is known as Park Town Enterprises. Seeing a disparity in the senior’s living market in the early 2000’s, the senior’s residence was built directly behind the hotel on 25th Street. With the tag line “The Home of the Underage Senior,” the residence was built to appeal to the growing population of baby boomers embarking on retirement who were not yet ready to accept a typical retirement lifestyle. Between the hotel and the manor, Terry became an expert at handling operations on both sides of the accommodations coin.

Remaining Independent The challenge of remaining an independently owned and operated property in an era of franchises and chains hasn’t been an easy one for Terry. Competing with international brands, and an increasing number of chain hotels in the city has meant that he has had to be shrewd with his business strategy. Choosing to remain independent has been a constant battle, but one that he believes honours his family’s legacy. Remaining independent has afforded Terry the luxury of making quick and decisive changes while being able to react to fluctuating markets immediately. The ability to operate by his own standards is what has made the Park Town Hotel a continued competitor in the Saskatchewan accommodations market.

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Terry Verbeke CEO, Park Town Enterprises Image: Grant Romancia



Cover Story Continued from page 16

Continued Success

Image: Grant Romancia

Investing in People

long-term guests.

For Terry family always comes first. As such, his HR approach has always been to treat his employees as family, often helping them in their private lives. From assisting employees from overseas bring their own families to Canada, to fostering the growth and development of his managers, Terry has always had a vested interest in his staff. Building the loyalty of his employees has been intrinsic in building the loyalty of his

Looking Back Looking back, there isn’t much Terry would have done differently. From the days of the nightclub Fast Freddies in the basement of the hotel to the implementation of a comedy club, Terry sees each change as a vital stepping stone for the business. If he could go back the only thing he would have changed is not building the hotel taller, faster and sooner than he did.

8 hotels 179 shops & boutiques 101 restaurants & lounges World-class arts & entertainment venues

BE DOWNTOWN Endless entertainment.



Park Town Enterprises continues to be a leader in the Saskatchewan hospitality community. Winning both Business of the Year and Employer of the year from Tourism Saskatchewan last year has only strengthened the business’ commitment to community and tourism. With his eyes on the future, Terry’s largest aspiration is to keep the hotel a family owned and independently operated property. The keys to success for him are to maintain personalized communications with his customers while operating effectively in a digital era. Fostering his current team of employees and grooming them for the future is at the heart of his current business plan. As an underage senior himself, Park Town Enterprises can be assured of many continued years of leadership with Terry at the helm.

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Entrepreneur Organizations

Professional Development

Dress for Success

Dress for Success Saskatoon recently celebrated its 5th anniversary. To date, the non-profit organization has given a hand-up to more than 450 local women. The mission of Dress for Success is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire, and development tools to help clients thrive in work and in life. Women entering or re-entering the workforce after career training are referred to the entirely volunteer-run DFS Saskatoon by one of its 37 partner agencies, such as the YWCA and Gabriel Dumont Institute. At an interview suiting, the client is given a confidence boost with her ‘boutique experience’ where volunteers provide her with advice and service as she tries on various pieces and selects an interview outfit. Once employment is secured, the client returns to select up to 30 pieces to carry her through her first weeks of work. She’s invited to join the Professional Women’s Group which provides speakers and networking opportunities, covering topics such as personal financial management and work/life balance. All services are provided to clients free of charge. Dress for Success was started in 1997 in New York City and has helped more than 850,000 women transition into the workforce through 150 affiliates globally. For more information on DFS, see our website:

One of the city’s best kept secrets, Leadership Saskatoon has been providing high-level programming to develop and support leaders for more than 17 years. The flagship program is a 10 month community leadership development program for individuals in the public, private and not-forprofit sectors. The program takes place one day a month from September through June and features instruction by some of Saskatoon’s leading coaches and facilitators. The content explores aspects of both individual and team leadership with a focus on current

Bold. Dynamic. Professional

For 22 years, WESK (formerly Women Entrepreneurs of Saskatchewan) has supported women in Saskatchewan as they start, build, and grow their businesses. In May of 2017, WESK launched a new brand to reflect its commitment to be relevant to Saskatchewan’s entrepreneurial community. The new brand is inclusive and speaks to every entrepreneur - the Indigenous entrepreneur, the Newcomer, and the Millennial, regardless of age, culture, or stage of business growth. WESK has a distinct financing program and

trends including: systems thinking, leadership styles, feedback, change management, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence and more. Unique to the program is a mentorship component, where participants are matched with a leader in the community who serves as their mentor during their time in the program. It is this connection to community that makes the Leadership Saskatoon program an exceptional experience. Leadership Saskatoon is supported by its founding partners the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, University of Saskatchewan and Saskatoon Community Foundation. Since 2001, we have graduated more than 400 individuals with the skills, attitudes, and perspectives needed to provide great community leadership. Leadership Saskatoon also offers halfday workshops, lunch & learn programs, and alumni events. Check us out at: www.

through it has disbursed more than $35 million in loans and leveraged more than $27 million. WESK offers business financing for up to $150,000. Interest collected from the loans is then reinvested in women-owned or controlled businesses in the province. In addition, WESK provides one-on-one business advising services to its members. WESK has a community of approximately 800 members in Saskatchewan and is dedicated to providing a comprehensive and seamless support system for women in business through Business Advising, Financing, and Learning & Connecting Opportunities. The next issue of the Business Voice Magazine will feature Non-Profit organizations. Email content submissions to


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Saskatoon Open Door Society Diversity Awards By Ahmad Majid

The Employment Services Unit at Saskatoon Open Door Society (SODS) held their Annual Diversity Award Gala on January 25, 2018. The achievements of Saskatchewan employers and individuals in recruiting and retaining immigrant workers, as well as their commitment to collaborating with SODS were recognized at the event. Seven award categories were created to ensure fair competition between corporate and non-corporate employers and individuals. The 2018 Saskatoon Open Door Society Workforce Diversity Awards went to: Leadership in Immigrant Employment, Small Local Employer – Jerry’s Food Emporium Leadership in Immigrant Employment, Corporate Employer – Saskatoon Inn & Conference Centre Excellence in Immigrant Integration, Small Local Employer – 7Shifts Employee Scheduling Software Inc.

Jerry’s Food Emporium won “Leadership in Immigrant Employment, Small Local Employer” (Photo by Kevin Hogarth)

Excellence in Immigrant Integration, Corporate Employer – The Home Depot and Maple Leaf Foods Inc. Saskatoon Open Door Society Employer Partner of the Year – Vendasta Technologies Inc. Saskatoon Open Door Society Long-Term Employer Partner – Saskatoon Co-operative Association Ltd. Individual Achievement in Immigrant Employment and Integration – Jim Bence The value of immigration to Saskatchewan

is indisputable; not only do immigrants bring unique professional skills and experience, they also enrich the culture of our workplaces and communities. However, despite this importance, immigrants still face multiple barriers to employment. To help remove these barriers, it is crucial that local employers demonstrate leadership and commitment in the recruitment and integration of immigrant workers. Saskatoon Open Door Society’s ESU provides employment services to all newcomers to Saskatoon. In December, more than 150 new clients received employment assistance. From that number about 70 found a job and are currently employed. They are working in all sorts of positions, from basic entrylevel jobs to more professional established lines of work. Ahmad Majid is the Team Lead, Employment Services Unit, Saskatoon Open Door Society.



Merlis Belsher - Giving Back Image: Grant Romancia

Where ever there was turmoil. Where ever I could become involved and learn something. Those were the clients that most interested me.

By Terri Eger Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

focused on learning and building his future. Belsher graduated from high school in 1953 and continued his education with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Saskatchewan in 1957. From there he became a Chartered Accountant in 1960 before continuing his studies in law. He graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree in 1963 and was admitted to the Law Society of Saskatchewan in 1964. While articling to become a CA the professional accounting firm held a variety of large and small businesses as clients. It was the smaller businesses that he was more interested in. “Where ever there was turmoil,” he said. “Where ever I could become involved and learn something. Those were the clients that were of most interest to me.” One of those clients was Weldon’s Concrete Products, (named after its 1946 founder Earl E. Weldon) a concrete products manufacturing business located in Saskatoon. Belsher soon became a

Determination and hard work have been the key to success for Merlis Belsher. His life has been ripe with obstacles that would have turned others around. Instead they gave the Saskatoon businessman and philanthropist challenges to overcome and opportunities to succeed.

From an early age, growing up on a farm near McCord, Saskatchewan, Belsher developed a strong work ethic. “I had lots of opportunity to learn,” he said. That learning took a steep curve when both his parents died in a blizzard when Belsher was only 15 years old. His grandparents who lived nearby and were key people in his life had passed away in the previous 21 months. Through the good will of some local businessmen and friends, Belsher was given the opportunity to attend Luther College in Regina for Grades 11 and 12 where he 24


Many buildings throughout Saskatoon include precast concrete products manufactured by Weldon’s Concrete. All Images Courtesy Merlis Belsher, Weldon’s Concrete Products


The SaskTel Centre includes precast structural columns and beams, underground concrete pipe and manholes, concrete blocks, paving stones and expanded precast seating by Weldon’s Concrete Products.

If you’re not having fun in business it has to be terrible. You have to have fun.

products could be manufactured. This also meant that the best production equipment would have to be acquired to manufacture quality products for the consumer. This strategic plan was executed over a period of years. In addition, the acquisition of competitor businesses in Saskatchewan was undertaken. The result was that Weldon’s Concrete Products became one of the most diversified precast concrete plants in Western Canada. “We have done hundreds and hundreds of projects in this city,” said Belsher. Much of the work the company did is underground in the form of storm and sanitary sewers in Saskatoon and within Saskatchewan. One of the most visible projects the company contributed to was the SaskTel Centre. Precast structural columns and beams, underground concrete pipe and manholes, concrete blocks, paving stones and the expanded precast seating for the 1989 World Junior hockey tournament were supplied to this City of Saskatoon project. Many buildings at the University of Saskatchewan include precast concrete products manufactured by Weldon’s. Sound business decisions and risk taking that paid off led to the development of a successful business. One of the most challenging parts of running the business was the desire to keep up with technological changes.

staple at that business. To enter law school “I took some good advice, started my own small accounting practice with Weldon’s as an anchor client to pay tuition and costs of raising a family that included two children.” “I’d go to law school until noon, eat lunch in my car, work at Weldon’s until 5, have supper and then head to the court house library to study,” he recalls of those early days. “I had lots of balls in the air.” It’s clear that the challenges he faced were drivers for Belsher. Following admission as a lawyer an opportunity finally came. In 1965, with generous terms from the vendors, Belsher and a partner purchased Weldon’s. His work to grow this business then began in earnest. How could this growth be accomplished? Belsher explained, “One of the things that I learned on the farm was the need to have several sources of income. It was difficult to earn a living on just grain farming. My parents sold turkeys, milked cows, shipped cream to the dairy and had a few cattle and pigs. My dad delivered chickens and cream to the trainmen twice a week when the train passed through McCord. Strange as it may seem, drawing on that experience from the farm, it became apparent that diversification was necessary if our concrete products company was to be sustainable.” He determined that the existing plant facility required extensive modernization and expansion so that a diverse range of precast

“Wanting to have better equipment but knowing the local market couldn’t handle it was a struggle,” he said. However, the days in the business were fun for Belsher who said he enjoyed the challenges he faced. “If you’re not having fun in business it has to be terrible,” he said. “You have to have fun.” Belsher sold the company in 2008 and turned his attention elsewhere. He has always been involved in his community in Saskatoon. This included years of coaching hockey, baseball and serving in non-profit, church, business and political organizations. He remains an active member in the professions of law and accounting. He continues to be connected ‘to his roots’ with farming interests at McCord. Over the years he was involved with the Saskatoon Board of Trade and the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. While his time in business was stressful, he was able to leave work at work, and used his love for all sports as an escape. His connection to the local hockey scene and his ties to the community led the University of Saskatchewan to approach him in 2015 for a donation to build an arena on campus. “I knew that the Rutherford rink was well beyond its lifetime and that the Huskies deserved a new rink. When I noticed the plans included a second rink with approximately 1500 hours for minor

Continued on page 26 BUSINESSVOICE SASKATOON MAR/APR 2018 25


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This is not about me. I did this for the kids. This community is full of good people who give their time to ensure youth can play sports of their choice.

hockey the project was compelling to say the least. I then remembered the education that I received from the U of S,” said Belsher. After much behind the scenes planning, it was announced on October 13, 2016 that Belsher would be donating $12 million to the creation of the facility. Belsher worked with the group to develop a sound plan for the University multi-purpose facility and to involve the City of Saskatoon through an additional $3 million contribution. He was also determined to have the Saskatoon Minor Hockey Association, and youth in the city involved and matched their fundraising efforts for the facility with a further $250,000 donation. “This is not about me,” he said. “I did this for the kids. This community is full of good people who give their time to ensure youth can play sports of their choice.” The donation was his way of giving back to the community and the institution that helped jump-start his career. “I have deep gratitude to the U of S for the education they provided. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the education I received there,” he said. “It gave me confidence and the ability to be successful.” Merlis Belsher Place is scheduled to open for minor hockey in October of this year with the U of S Huskies’ first game booked for January, 2019.

Merlis Belsher generously donated more than $12 million to the University of Saskatchewn for the creation of Merlis Belsher Place. The hockey arena is scheduled to open in October for minor hockey with the U of S Huskies’ first game booked for January, 2019.

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SaskTel Centre

Thursday, March 22nd 2018 7:00 PM

Tickets available at or at 306.244.2151


Rubik’s Cube of Saskatchewan’s Leadership by Rob Norris According to the Star Phoenix’s Murray Mandryk, “transition in government is always messy.” And even if it’s not, it’s at least a little complicated. As premierdesignate Scott Moe takes the helm of the Saskatchewan Party and the Government of Saskatchewan, many people are asking: given the stakes for Saskatchewan families, communities, institutions, organizations and businesses, how can we better understand this transition? In the 1950s and 60s, Professor David Easton suggested that governmental decision making occurred in a “black box,” making it difficult to peer inside or understand. Perhaps in the 21st century, it might be helpful to use a Rubik’s Cube analogy to help explain key government decisions and directions, specifically those being undertaken taken by Saskatchewan’s incoming premier. As we know, adjusting one side of the cube affects the other sides. The same is true with transitions. With more than 400 million Rubik’s Cubes sold around the world since 1980, hopefully this image is both meaningful and modern. The top of the cube is the new Premier’s modus operandi. Quite simply, as with sports teams, businesses and other competitive entities, the captain leads by example. Based


on our time together in government, I’ll suggest that Scott is a tireless worker, active and empathetic listener, disciplined decision maker and trusted leader with a healthy dose of common sense. He’s also a really humble guy who asks detailed, intelligent questions. In short, our new premier knows he is serving the interests of the people of Saskatchewan. The bottom of the cube will be the Premier’s Office. It’s really important, but also often invisible. The Premier’s Office provides essential support for the Premier, ensuring he can maximize his political capital, resources and especially his time. While some might speculate about individuals who will fill these executive roles, it’s also important to inquire about the roles and responsibilities that will be delegated to ministers and MLAs. The first side of the cube represents key positions to be filled within cabinet and caucus. For example, which MLAs will be selected as Deputy Premier, Minister of Finance or Attorney General and what about the election of Caucus Chair? With significant caucus support, careful consideration needed for leadership rivals and perennial concerns about regional balance, gender inclusion and also ethnic diversity, the incoming premier has an embarrassment of riches to carefully sort out. He is likely also mindful of striking


a balance between continuity and change. In reality, he’ll simply have some caucus members who are quietly disappointed. The second side of the cube can be conceived as policies to be pursued. A top policy priority will have to be the budget. In tight times, the allocation of scarce resources can be almost all-consuming. But other priorities require attention too: campaign promises and external pressures demand attention and action. For example, Saskatchewan’s future prosperity is being affected by trade deals being negotiated by Ottawa and decisions being made in other provinces, like B.C.’s proposed restrictions on oil sands exports. The pace of transition is the third side of the cube. With a new cabinet soon to be sworn in, it’s clear that Scott Moe is taking charge. A question remains: will we see a long shadow of Brad Wall – one of the most popular leaders in Saskatchewan’s history – through this transition or will the new premier quickly begin rebranding both policies and the Party? An early answer will arrive with the expected call of a few by-elections. And finally, the last and perhaps most sensitive side of the cube relates to party unity. After almost half a year of leadership rivals – and their respective teams – battling it

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Continued from previous page out, how and how quickly premier-designate Moe quells various family feuds will be a vital barometer of success for the government and his party. Given his obvious strengths, he’s likely already working to restore unity and rekindle the government’s commitment to bolstering Saskatchewan’s prosperity. A former board member of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber, Norris is a senior strategist at the U of S; he served as a cabinet minister under Brad Wall and was the MLA for Saskatoon Greystone from 2007-2015.

WCBC’s Salary Surveys Canada’s unemployment rate dropped to the lowest point in more than 40 years. With the economy adding over 400,000 jobs in 2017, Canada experienced the biggest year-over-year new job gain since November 2007. If the labour market continues to grow, we could see salaries accelerating in 2018.

To ensure you are paying your employees appropriately, access to current compensation data is crucial. Our surveys cover 400+ positions and give organizations information on current salaries, bonuses, group insurance, retirement benefits and compensation best practices. Western Compensation & Benefits Consultants 2000 - 1188 W. Georgia Street Vancouver, BC V6E 4A2

Nancy MacLeod 1-800-781-2411 | |

KEEP UP WITH THE PACE OF CHANGE Staying on top of the latest HR-related legal developments can feel overwhelming. Our labour and employment lawyers help cut through the noise and provide the up-to-date information you need to address key issues in your workplace. Register for one of our upcoming Saskatchewan events.

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Why I Love The Chamber of Commerce Bank, a couple of retail business and SCICom Data Services where she went to work for Dwight Percy. Little did she know how her position with SCI-Com would influence and impact her life in such a positive way in the years to come. As time went on, Terry took some time off from her career to raise her two daughters. If you already know Terry, you will know that she loves learning new things. This desire prompted her to take an accounting program offered at the time by Deloitte and Touche. At that time Dwight Percy was the Executive Director for the Saskatoon Chamber and having worked with Terry previously, Dwight scooped her up immediately following

directory, she is a woman of many talents. When asked about highlights, she smiles brightly and praises Ken Zeigler for his vision and engagement as a leader on the Chamber board. “[Ken’s] leadership made a tremendous improvement in the engagement of the entire board and he loved communicating with the membership at luncheons,” Terry recalls. Terry also has high praise for former Chamber Executive Director, Kent SmithWindsor. “Kent taught me that flexibility is key. Things are always changing.” Terry credits Smith-Windsor for assigning her tasks “outside her comfort zone” and for

Terry Lawrence

by Kendra Cruson Like many successful organizations, there is a back office force in constant pursuit of getting the work done correctly, solidifying the foundation for the rest of the build. Terry Lawrence of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce is that force. She is certainly not accustomed to the limelight nor is she particularly fond of it, thus a wee bit of arm-twisting may have happened (off the record) in the production of this article. Terry grew up in the small town of Whitemouth, MB. As the child of family business entrepreneurs, she and her siblings worked and played in the local grocery store owned by her parents. While the kids in town had visions of non-stop chocolate bars and candies dancing in their heads, Terry recalls the reality of having to eat out-of-date goods that customers would not purchase. Terry’s parents sold the business shortly after their children moved away because they no longer required the distraction for their teenagers. It does seem though, that this exposure to business and entrepreneurship set the course for Terry’s future career. Before coming to the Chamber, Terry worked for the Royal Bank, the Toronto Dominion 30

Terry is an accomplished artist, creating beautiful works of art in several medium. The acrylic painting above depicts her hometown, Whitemouth, MB.

her internship with the Chamber before anyone else even had a chance. That was on September 6, 1993. During Terry’s tenure at the Chamber she has had the privilege of working in almost every department. From reception to events to accounting to designing the


challenging her to try new things leading to her extraordinary professional development. While Terry is keen to learn more at the Chamber, she also reserves time to be creative and learn with her hands in her personal time. Terry is an accomplished artist

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Delta Bessborough in acrylic. Artist: Terry Lawrence

who loves painting with many techniques including acrylic, oil and grisaille. Terry is an avid reader and book reviewer, crushing two plus novels a week. Thankfully, Terry has no plans to retire but does have her heart set on some travel in the near future. Terry is grateful to the Chamber leadership and membership she has had the privileged to serve over the past 24 years. She is exited for the new opportunities for the Saskatoon Chamber with CEO Darla Lindbjerg at the helm and for the Greater Saskatoon Community as a whole. Terry loves contributing to the Chamber’s continued success and is planning to be around for a long time to come.

The Dirt • • • • •

Second generation Canadian with German heritage on both sides Moved to Saskatoon in 1981 for her husband’s work in construction Loves the colour orange because of its vibrancy and excitement Always hires Chamber members for personal use Bucket travel: Maritimes, Nashville, Germany

Rapid Fire • • • •

Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate Morning or Evening? Morning Tea or Coffee? Coffee Football or Hockey? Hockey

Kendra Cruson is the VP of Business Development & Member Experience with the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce.



Edwards School of Business Centennial Centennial 1917

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Join us for the Centennial

Dean’s Speaker

Symposium SEPT 21, 2018 From humble beginnings as the first accounting school in Canada, the history of Edwards School of Business began with 17 students who registered in the School of Accounting in 1917. Our Centennial marks the thousands of alumni who’ve left our classrooms armed with knowledge and practical experience to make a tremendous impact on our communities. Our alumni are building nations and they’ve been doing so for 100 years. As part of the three day centennial all-years reunion, Dean Keith Willoughby is proud to present five keynote speakers who exemplify citizenship at the 2018 Dean’s Speaker Symposium. Citizenship demands participation, involvement and contribution. Every action, large or small, strengthens our communities and these renowned alumni and industry leaders are no strangers to making the world a better place. Please join us for this event on Friday, September 21. Tickets are on sale now at

Gabrielle Scrimshaw

Indigenous Entrepreneur, Activist & Speaker

Murad Al-Katib

President & CEO, AGT Food & Ingredients

Michele Romanow

“Dragon”, CBC Dragons’ Den & Co-Founder, Clearbanc

Wayne Dunn

President & Founder, CSR Training Institute

Ainsley Robertson

Co-Founder, The Princess Shop & Product Manager, Clio

Get your tickets today! Visit for full speaker bios.




Chamber Happenings

Hospital Foundation

Chamber 101

The Chamber welcomed new members and those wanting to get even more benefits out of their membership at Chamber 101 in December. It was a great opportunity to connect with other members, meet the staff and learn about the programs and benefits offered by the Chamber.

Leaders from each of the four Saskatoon Hospital Foundations presented at HOT in January. Bruce Acton, St Paul’s Hospital Foundation; Brynn Boback-Lane, Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital Foundation; Arla Gustafson, Royal University Hospital Foundation; and Steve Shannon, Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation explained the “Present State: Future State of Saskatoon’s Hospital Foundations’ Investment in Research and Innovation.”

Chamber on Tap

If you are wanting to connect with the business community and learn an entrepreneurial story, Chamber on Tap is the place to be. In December our host, Evan Drisner, interviewed Mike Lawton of ConTech Contractors and in January he hosted Jess Tetu of Just For You Day Spa. Along with the serious side of business, there is always a laugh or two.

Indigenous Econ Dev Medicinal Marijuana

Christine Hrudka of Pharmacy First explained the ins and outs of Medical Cannabis during HOT in December. With cannabis consumption soon to be legal, this was a topic that sparked a lot of attention.

Sask Polytechnic

Dr. Larry Rosia of Saskatchewan Polytechnic was the guest speaker at the January luncheon. Sask Polytechnic is doing its part to ensure citizens are educated and ready for the workforce.

Councillor Dalyn Bear gave an inside look at the economic development initiatives at Whitecap Dakota First Nation during the Chamber on Business luncheon in December. This is a thriving, growing community that is invested in the future.



Popping the Top on the Brewing Industry

9 Mile Co-Founders Garrett Pederson & Shawn Moen. Photo by Matt Smith.

9 Mile Legacy Brewing

After spending roughly a decade in professional careers (law and engineering technology respectively), Shawn Moen and Garrett Pederson decided to climb through the window of opportunity and pursue a long-held passion - brewing beer for a living. In starting 9 Mile Legacy, Shawn and Garrett were inspired by their family histories - a century ago, the Moens and Pedersons homesteaded 9 miles apart in the Cabri/Abbey area and each generation has found itself working alongside one another over the years. 9 Mile Legacy is a perpetuation of that partnership and likeminded approach to community, fostering a location where people connect and share one another’s company over a glass of well made craft beer. The 2017 ABEX New Venture Award winner started life as an exceptionally small “nanobrewery” in 2015 (roughly 1/10th the size of a typical microbrewery) and, following a 5 times expansion in 2017, remains smaller than most microbreweries in Saskatchewan. This small size has allowed the brewing team to play with variety and creativity amongst beer styles and tailor their production to retail partnerships and events. Being ingrained 34

in its local community and advancing local beer culture are fundamental values at 9 Mile Legacy and having a small production

Lucky Bastard Distillery

Ever feel unjustifiably lucky? Maybe your spouse is way hotter than you are, maybe you


size allows both values to be pursued in meaningful and innovative ways. The most prominent feature of 9 Mile Legacy’s recent expansion is its taproom on 20th Street W. This is not your grandparent’s brewpub. Instead, the taproom is a place that is family friendly, welcomes takeout from local restaurants and finds itself used for a host of diverse events and purposes. Come in and enjoy what the brewers have cooked up this week, grab a glass of an old standby or, if you can’t decide, enjoy a taster flight of several small samples. Many craft breweries will claim that their business stands out due to the high quality and variety associated with its liquid product. 9 Mile Legacy is no exception - you will often find something new and boundary pushing pouring at the taproom. But, it is the nanobrewery’s role in a diverse and changing Riversdale neighbourhood that truly makes 9 Mile Legacy unique amongst peers. 9 Mile Legacy Brewing Co Inc.: 229 20th St West, Saskatoon, 306-373-2337

won the lottery, or maybe you just tested positive for awesome. The creators of Lucky Bastard Distillers feel like Lucky Bastards all the time. Opened in 2012 and inspired from a lottery win Lucky Bastard Distillers is proud to be the first distillery to operate in Saskatoon since prohibition. Handcrafting high quality spirits with locally sourced ingredients is their passion and they won’t bottle until the products are over proof awesome. Since expanding to the 14,000-square foot location in 2015, the distillery is proud to continue its open-door policy, welcoming in the public for complimentary tours and tastings. Look for their products on shelves and bar rails across Saskatchewan and mix your next drink with Lucky Bastard. Book your tour online at www.luckybastard. ca. Private event inquiries: 814 47th Street East, Saskatoon. 306-979-7280. Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-6pm, Sat noon-6pm.


Crossmount Cider Co

The Crossmount Cider Company was incorporated in 2014 and is proud to be Saskatoon’s first locally owned and operated cider company. The name of their first cider blends, honouring prairie proud, is Flatlander. The Flatlander series includes: Dry - a cider appealing more to beer and scotch drinkers; Gold - a clean and balanced medium dry blend; Crisp - a light bodied sparkling with green apple tartness; Citri Hopped - a bright peach passionfruit and grapefruit blend with green hoppy aromas; and Cider & Black - a blend rich with black currant fruitiness. Crossmount’s certified cider masters are constantly creating new and innovative blends, including seasonal varieties. All products are made from fresh apples, handcrafted, with fermentation and production taking place in the on-site cidery. Crossmount Cider Company is part of a 400-acre Crossmount development, including a 55+ aging-in-place community, Crossmount Centre for Healthy Aging, and an agri-tourism area called the Glen. Crossmount is more than a cider company – it is an experience. Located five minutes south of Saskatoon, perfect for day trips and outings. The Cidery Tasting Room is open Monday through Saturday with hours adjusted seasonally. Extended hours begin in April; check for updates on the website or

by following Crossmount on Facebook. Book an appointment for your next tasting. If you are heading to the cabin, hanging with friends, or taking it to the grid, visit Crossmount and stock up on your favorite ciders. Located 5 km south of Saskatoon on Lorne Avenue/Highway 219. E:, (306) 374-9884,, Facebook: Crossmountcider, Instagram: crossmountcidersk



Straight from the heart of the prairies to your door. We hand-craft our cider using 100% Canadian apples in the beautiful city of Saskatoon, and all of our Ciders are gluten-free. Whether you’re heading to the cabin, hanging with friends, or taking it to the grid, stock up on your favourite ciders. Located five minutes south of Saskatoon – perfect for day trips and outings – the Cidery Tasting Room is open Monday through Saturday. Try all of our Prairie Proud Flatlander flavours in select stores now!


TRENDS ewan, they understand the potential of the ingredients grown in the region and place their attention on local terroir. This focus leads them to grow the choicest ingredients, which is their greatest strength. In keeping with this commitment to quality, 90% of the ingredients used to craft their award-winning spirits are grown exclusively on their farm. They offer a variety of quality gins including the World’s Best Oaked Gin, as well

as unique vodkas and liqueurs. Their passion for agriculture extends past spirits and liqueurs, they also boast the province’s largest U-pick flower fields. They host annual events such as the Gin Fest, Gladiola festival, Pumpkin Fest and more. Located 5 minutes outside of Saskatoon, it’s only a short drive to experience something so familiar to the prairies, yet entirely unique. Something natural, yet transformed by Black Fox.

John Cote & Barb Stephanyshyn-Cote

Award-Winning Spirits by Black Fox Distillery

Saskatoon is not only one of the top travel destinations according to the New York Times, it’s also home to the World’s Best Cask Gin created by Black Fox Farm and Distillery. One of the rare on-farm distilleries found in North America where you can find a variety of quality, award-winning spirits and liqueurs. Owners Barb Stefanyshyn-Cote and John Cote are third generation farmers that have farmed, studied, consulted, and participated in agriculture on five different continents. They have been recognized as Saskatchewan and Canada’s Outstanding Young Farmers, by the national and provincial Institutes of Agrology, the Saskatchewan Ag Grads Association and are alumni of the Canadian Agricultural Lifetime Leadership program and Nuffield Canada. Drawing on their knowledge and experience they combine traditional methods of farming with modern technology to utilize the land as efficiently as possible. Their commitment to sustainability motivates them to work with the land to reach its greatest potential and leave it better for future generations. Having been born and raised in Saskatch-


Wine 4 You located on 8th Street East, Saskatoon

Wine 4 You

Wine 4 You has made a lot of great craft wine since the business opened more than eight years ago. More than 400,000 bottles! That’s what happens when an engineer with an enthusiasm for details discovers a passion for wine making. For owner Shirley Voldeng, the journey between engineering and wine involved many busy years with a family of three children, and farming with my husband and his family. After moving to Saskatoon, Voldeng needed to slow down and reconnect with what was important to her. A search for an opportunity to run her own business, and to have people be happy, somehow led to winemaking. “I love how it has all turned out,” she said. “Many amazing relationships and friends have been made along the way, with lots of stories and laughter.” The store’s stunning glass wall showcases


the wines being made, and the steps the wine goes through. The staff will help you choose your wine from the large selection based on what is best for you. A couple easy steps start the wine process, and then they take care of your wine over the next few weeks. Bottling your wine is fun and relaxing whether you are by yourself or with a group. Then take your wine home to enjoy with family and friends! “We would love to meet you, and to show you around so you can see how it all works, and get you started making some great wine of your very own,” said Voldeng. Wine 4 You – where making wine is easy and fun! Wine 4 You #260-2600 8th St East, info@

Local Leaders Converge to Discuss Saskatoon’s Economic Crossroads The Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA) will be hosting its signature event - the SREDA Forum 2018 on March 8 at TCU Place in Saskatoon. The theme of this year’s forum is ‘Crossroads: Facing the challenges of the new economy’. The forum will provide attendees with a detailed and insightful look at the year ahead. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn and discuss the future of the Saskatoon Region economy in the morning sessions featuring topics ranging from Clean Energy to Entrepreneurship, Creative Economy to Mining. “This year’s forum is our biggest forum to date with over eighteen speakers presenting on nine different topics influencing the local economy,” said Alex Fallon, President and CEO of SREDA. “The Saskatoon Region economy is at a crossroads with many sectors experiencing challenges and opportunities. This forum will help us understand how our local economy can still grow in challenging times as a result of our increased diversity.”


ALAN WALLCE V3 Companies





Ryde YXE




Saskatchewan Climate Change Strategy Focuses on Readiness and Resilience The Government of Saskatchewan introduced Prairie Resilience: A Madein-Saskatchewan Climate Change Strategy in December 2017. The strategy focuses on the principles of readiness and resilience, while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapting to the effects of climate change – without a carbon tax.

The strategy also includes �exible compliance options and sectorspeci�c output-based performance standards on large emitting facilities, such as those in oil and gas, and mining. These standards will be developed in consultation with industry throughout 2018, and will recognize actions already taken by industry to reduce emissions.

“This plan is broader and bolder than a single policy such as a carbon tax and will achieve better and more meaningful outcomes over the long term,” said Dustin Duncan, Saskatchewan's Minister of Environment. “Our climate change strategy is about protecting our people and communities as much as it is about working with industry and others to reduce emissions here in Saskatchewan.”

Stakeholder consultations will take place in 2018 to help re�ne the strategy and allow the province to implement regulations, resilience measures and reporting structures for implementation in 2019.

The strategy outlines actions in key areas, including: natural systems; physical infrastructure; economic sustainability; community preparedness; and measuring, monitoring and reporting. The strategy proposes increasing efficiencies in buildings by adopting the 2015 National Building Code; creating a freight strategy to improve delivery times, reduce fuel and increase efficiency; and developing a climate resiliency model to help ensure communities are able to adapt and mitigate against the effects of climate change.

“Saskatchewan is blessed with natural resources that provide food, fuel and fertilizer to the world, and innovative producers that supply these resources in the most environmentally responsible ways possible,” Duncan said. “This strategy will allow our industries to grow and continue providing these goods while staying competitive on the world stage. It will ensure Saskatchewan remains an attractive place to do business and reaffirms our commitment to reducing emissions and addressing climate change.”

Saskatchewan's climate change plan will ensure the province remains an attractive place to do business and reaffirms our commitment to reducing emissions and addressing climate change.

Learn more about Saskatchewan's climate change strategy. Visit and search 'climate change', or email to inquire about the consultation process.


Three Insights I Learned From Greg Sutton By Andrea Hansen

Greg Sutton is the Co-Founder and CEO of TinyEYE Therapy Services, the first company in the world to provide speech language pathology services online. It is TinyEYE’s vision to be the number one advocate in the world for children finding their voice. Greg Sutton and I met years ago at the Business Expo in 2004 hosted by the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce. At the time, Greg was the Executive Director at the Saskatchewan Advanced Technology Association prior to co-founding TinyEYE Therapy Services. Fortunately our tradeshow booths were across from each other and we hit it off instantly. Over the years, Greg and I have been part of a peer-mentorship group and I have gained many insights from Greg. He is one of my “go-to” people when I have a business idea or challenge. For those of you who know Greg, he is so gracious with his time and will always listen and share his wisdom. Greg has challenged some of my beliefs (he gives you his honest opinion and doesn’t just tell you what you want to hear), which is why he is such a great leader and mentor. I share these insights in the hope that you can apply them to your own life and business. 1. Kindness and Grit. Easy-going, friendly and kind are the characteristics you’ll

before) is if you look for dust, you’ll find dust, so don’t look for it! What I learned from Greg, which is so important in business, is that having a healthy skepticism doesn’t mean you are negative. You can still be an optimist, but don’t be so easily convinced and ask lots of questions. Otherwise you’ll be blinded by your optimism…you’ll get dust in your eye! “It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.”- John Wooden This is why my humble friend Greg Sutton has wisdom and insight far beyond his years. He has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, new perspectives and learning. Are you panning for gold or do you know it all? No doubt Greg has had a big impact in our world already and I know I am not alone when I say that I can’t wait to see what his future holds. Watch for next, “3 Insights I Learned from Kim Weimer”.

instantly identify when you meet Greg. That is his nature and what makes him so magnetic is that his kindness is anchored with grit. When you reflect on TinyEYE’s vision, you can appreciate the powerful WHY (read Simon Sinek’s “Start with Why” if you haven’t already or watch the TED Talk). However powerful your why or purpose in life, there are characteristics you must develop to achieve your why. From Greg, I believe Kindness and Grit are two of those critical characteristics. 2. Pan for Gold Nuggets. Because Greg is naturally curious, interested in people and an insatiable learner, he will always make time to chat with other entrepreneurs. When you listen to others’ challenges and show curiosity, you will gain insights and Greg is always panning for gold nuggets. He actively seeks advice and wisdom from those he trusts. Greg will remind you that even if you ask for advice, you don’t have to take it! You can still be open-minded, but you must be disciplined to pan for the gold nuggets to make sure the advice is right for you. 3. The Skeptical Optimist. My belief was that if you are a “glass half-full” person that your attitude should always be hopeful and look for the best. My outlook (some of you may have heard me say it

Maximize Your Return on Talent

Andrea Hansen, B.Comm., CFP®, GBA, is a Business Advisor, educator, writer and the creator of the SFG Employee Engagement Wheel. She can be reached at 306-934-5540 or

Take Action! Don’t miss your chance to discover the 9 essential components of a comprehensive rewards program! Business Advisor, Andrea Hansen of Sutton Financial Group, will show you how to uncover existing gaps in your Talent Acquisition & Retention Strategy and develop a prioritized action plan that will improve your employees’ productivity, loyalty, and of course, your bottom-line!

Stop losing money. Stop losing talent. Register NOW! Live Workshop May 1, 2018.

Discover additional best practices, strategies and tactics on HR Management and Recruitment from our special guest speakers Maryanne Larocque of New Roads Consulting and Tracy Arno of Essence Recruitment.

$195 Lunch Included. For tickets visit News & Events @ Purchase tickets by April 10 for a chance to win 2 tickets to Wellness Experience SK May 4 - 5 (Value $598).



From inputs to insights. Agrium and PotashCorp are now Nutrien. What do you get when the world’s biggest crop input retailer combines forces with the largest crop nutrient production and distribution operation on Earth? You get an unmatched supply of crop inputs, an extensive and efficient delivery infrastructure, and more than 1,500 retail locations, staffed with generations of farming experts. In the race to feed the world’s exploding population, ours is a whole new business model.

Danny Harms 3rd Generation Farmer Harms Farms

Matthew Durdan Field Representative Crop Production Services

Profile for Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

Business Voice March/April 2018  

Saskatoon's Business Magazine - a publication of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce March/April 2018 - "The Park Town Hotel" CEO Ter...

Business Voice March/April 2018  

Saskatoon's Business Magazine - a publication of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce March/April 2018 - "The Park Town Hotel" CEO Ter...

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