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February/March 2016

Ali Abukar Executive Director Saskatoon Open Door Society

Saskatoon Open Door Society

Assisting newcomers settling in our community


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February/March 2016

Featured Articles President’s View Pg. 4

Local policies helps keep Saskatchewan competitive in the global market

Cover Story: Saskatoon Open Door Society Pg. 5 Assisting newcomers in settling into our community

Settlement Services in Saskatoon Pg. 6 Member Profile: Seventy-Seven Signs Pg. 8 Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies celebrates 40th anniversary Pg. 13 Seven tips that demystify lead generation Pg. 17 2 Web Design

Sustainable procurement - a growing trend Pg. 18 Ali Abukar, Executive Director of the Saskatoon Open Door Society. (See story on page 5). Image: Grant Romancia Photography.

BUSINESS View­is a bimonthly publication of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce 104-202 4th Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0K1 Phone: (306) 244-2151 Fax: (306) 244-8366 Email: Website: Twitter: @stoonchamber Feedback on articles is invited, but views expressed in BUSINESS View are those of contributors and are not necessarily endorsed by, or are policy of, the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce or its Board of Directors. We encourage you to support the business leaders whose names and products you see advertised in this issue as well as throughout our entire membership. The Board reserves the right to edit submissions.


SREDA assists local business expansion through business development incentives policy Pg. 19

Kent Smith-Windsor, Executive Director Derek Crang, Sales & Membership Director Terry Lawrence, Administrator Roz Macala, Executive Secretary Kevin Meldrum, Marketing Director Linda Saunders, Bookkeeper Ryan Wig, Communications Director Czarina Catambing, Committee Operations Intern Meghan Johnson, Committee Operations Intern

Cover image by Grant Romancia


President’s View

Chamber advocacy at work Local policies helps keep Saskatchewan competitive in the global market

In business, the landscape is always changing. Customers are looking for more options and the choices they have are constantly growing. Competition isn’t just the store across the street; the best option may be a company on the other side of the world that has found a way to be global. As local businesses, we have two options, we can either innovate ourselves, or we can try to shut out the competitors. The first option is challenging, and the second is almost impossible. For us to participate in a global market, we need the policies and regulations to support this type of trade. Saskatchewan is a major export market, and it is important that our policies support what our businesses need at a local, provincial and federal level. Your Chamber is active in policy development and advocacy at all three levels of government. We do this through our local, provincial and national networks. Often this advocacy work happens without any announcement or press release; however, I believe that it is important for our members to have an idea of some of the conversations we are having on their behalf.

Non-residential property tax rates As an example, our Chamber recognizes

that there is a property tax differential in Saskatoon between residential and nonresidential property tax rates. Currently, the non-residential rate is 175% of the residential rate. We believe that this premium should be reduced because it is good for business and it is good for individuals. Encouraging business growth and investment drives a larger tax base, which in turn means the tax burden can be shared amongst more taxpayers. Our Chamber continues to share this message with City councillors and Administration. We recognize that changes like this cannot be made in one or two years, so we continue to encourage a long term view of reducing the differential over time.

Immigrant nominee program At the federal and provincial levels, we work with the Canadian Chamber and the Saskatchewan Chamber to adopt policy priorities relevant to our members. We then work with our local MP’s and MLA’s to educate them on the local business position for policy changes so that they are armed with good information to make choices on policy. An example of this relates to skilled worker programs. We continue to believe that there are still barriers to entry in the temporary foreign worker and immigrant nominee programs. Increasing the number of entrepreneurs and skilled workers in our city has a multiplying effect on additional employment. If we can fill skilled worker positions, we will create more jobs overall, thereby expanding our employment opportunities. Although the economy has softened, there are significant pockets of

need that we continue to address or we will lose these businesses from our community. We are having these discussions with all levels of government.

Trans-Pacific Partnership Another top of mind issue right now is the Trans-Pacific Partnership (“TPP”). While there is still much to be learned on the details within this agreement, our Chamber believes that Saskatchewan has much to gain from the TPP and that we should be advocates for the ratification of this agreement. With our export market playing such a large role in our economy, reducing barriers to trade in other markets has a very positive impact on local business. We plan to have an education session and round-table for local businesses in the near future on the TPP, and will continue to work with our federal counterparts to advocate for the ratification of this agreement. I have shared just a few examples of the policy work that the local Chamber does on behalf of members. If your business is facing challenges with policy or regulations or other trade barriers, please let one of our board or staff members know. We want to make sure that we know the issues our members are facing so that we can prioritize concerns and, where appropriate, advocate on your behalf. Tanya Knight President 2015/16 Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

2015-16 Board of Directors for the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce 2



President Tanya Knight - MNP LLP. 1st Vice-President Jason Yochim - Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®. Vice-President Kelly Bode - WMCZ Lawyers & Mediators. Past President Tony Van Burgsteden - Federated Co-Operatives Ltd. Bill Cooper - PotashCorp. Peggie Koenig - Koenig & Associates. Silvia Martini - Interlink Research Inc. Karl Miller - Meridian Development. Sandra Ribeiro - Canadian Light Source Inc. Chris Sicotte - Affinity Credit Union. Sanj Singh - AdeTherapeutics Inc. Brian Skanderbeg - Claude Resources Inc. Trevor Thiessen - Redekop Manufacturing. Chris Woodland - MacPherson, Leslie and Tyerman LLP. Colleen Yates - Equinox3 Consulting Ltd.


Cover Story

Saskatoon Open Door Society Assisting newcomers settling in our community By Terri Eger

Ali Abukar, Executive Director of the Saskatoon Open Door Society. (Image: Grant Romancia)

Moving to a new country can be exciting yet daunting. For the past 35 years Saskatoon Open Door Society has been leading the way for immigrants and refugees in the community. Each year the organization assists thousands of newcomers to navigate their new country and get settled in their new home as quickly as possible. “Our mission is to assist newcomers to settle and integrate into the community,” explained Executive Director Ali Abukar. “We will help them become active participating members in our society.” When an immigrant or a refugee comes to Saskatoon, case workers with the Open Door Society will assess their needs and guide them in the right direction to meet those needs. Newcomers come to Canada for various reasons. Some immigrants come as investors and are able to start their own businesses. Others come as part of an International Study Program, bringing their families with them, all whom eventually work toward becoming Permanent Residents. The Society also provides assistance to refugees

who have been sponsored by the Federal year and is designed to address issues that Government and those who are privately impact them. sponsored. The situation and stories behind The language and daycare unit offers their decision to move to Saskatoon are as language training to newcomer adults varied as the people telling them, and the while providing licensed daycare and early Open Door Society is there to assist, support childhood education. The language classes and bridge the gaps. prepare newcomers for employment and The organization’s main office is located to become participating members of our in the heart of the city and offers a wide community. range of services. A number of employment services are Settlement & Family Support Services offered through the Open Door Society, for help settling all family members in their new both youth and adults including job fairs home. Information and orientation sessions held in the spring and fall each year. on how the Canadian system works and what “We are helping newcomers integrate support is available for Immigrants to settle into the work force,” said Abukar. “We help and transition smoothly in their new country. connect employers with people who have Programs include initial settlement support for the skills, expertise and training they are refugees, needs assessment, referral support looking for.” and family programs, including men’s and Language classes, resume writing and women’s programming, parenting classes and case management. The Settlement & Community Support Services is designed to connect people in the Community with the newcomers and form bonds. Various volunteer opportunities are available through the agency to assist in providing these services. Working with members of the community is an important aspect of the work done by the Open Door Society. Programs include outreach and Saskatoon Open Door society has provided services for newcomers in the city for 35 years. (Image: Grant Romancia) connecting programs such as community connections, cultural bridging, other job related readiness services are and settlement support in schools and youth also available. programs. With many employers looking for Canadian “We do a lot of culture bridging,” said experience, the Open Door Society provides Abukar, explaining that the organization volunteer connections and other networking will provide free cultural presentations to opportunities. organizations throughout the community, “We empower newcomers to seek connecting with schools, city facilities, police employment, instill hope in them and advocate services, the university and health region in for their full integration in our community.” promoting cultural understanding, acceptance “We encourage newcomers to visit the and sensitization. Society and see what we have to offer as ‘We Youth programs are also offered and bring employers and newcomers together’.” include everything from homework support Contact: Saskatoon Open Door Society to recreational activities engaging our future 100-129 3rd Ave. N. Saskatoon, SK S7K 2H4 Tel: leaders in the community. An annual Youth Conference is held in February of each 306-653-4464 . Visit us at: BUSINESS VIEW SASKATOON FEBRUARY/MARCH 2016 5

Settlement Services

Saskatoon’s settlement services Settlement services can help newcomers with immediate needs like housing, health, insurance, obtaining a driver’s license, etc., as well as more in-depth one-on-one planning and guidance for people as they settle in the community. Here are some of the great service organizations operating in Saskatoon and what they do:

Global Gathering Place Since 1998, the Global Gathering Place has been offering an everwidening suite of services to meet the needs of Saskatoon’s fastest-growing demographic group— newcomers. Approximately 2,000 individuals from 100 different countries visit our centre a total of nearly 30,000 times every year! They come for support, skill development opportunities, social connections, and above all, acceptance and a welcoming environment. Global Gathering Place is welcoming. It’s what sets us apart…that, and our client centered approach. As far as clients are concerned, the care and attention that we take in everything we do means that our centre becomes like home and the amazing

staff, volunteers, and clients become like family. The range of activities we offer is almost dizzying—everything from English as a Second Language classes, cooking classes, computer classes, swimming classes and more, to health programs, counselling, social activities, creative writing classes, and sport. Refugees receive Life Skills training from our centre. Life Skills workers provide handson training on a wide variety of topics, such as preparing for winter, laundry, shopping, or taking the bus. We noted that all clients could benefit from this knowledge, so we began offering a series of information sessions. We now offer information sessions on 24 different topics. Programs at GGP begin with the client. For example, we noticed that clients were coming to us with mental health issues, so we partnered with Saskatoon Community Mental Health services in order to be able to provide one-on-one mental health counselling on-site to our clients. Clients were asking for help to pass their Class 7 driving theory exam, so we started a Driving Theory course. Whatever needs clients have, we try to fulfill,

either through group sessions, or one-onone drop-in support. Our most recent success is the formation of the Saskatoon Refugee Health Collaborative and subsequent Refugee Health Clinic. The clinic grew from a partnership between the Saskatoon Health Region (Population and Public Health, Primary Health, Mental Health and Addiction Services), Saskatoon Community Clinic, University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine (Department of Pediatrics, Family Medicine, Community Health & Epidemiology), and the Global Gathering Place. It is now open for service and will provide all Syrian refugees with their initial health assessment, lab work, and immunizations. There are many exciting opportunities ahead of us. With the support of its funders, staff, volunteers, board, and clients, we know that there is no direction for the Global Gathering Place but up! Global Gathering Place 100 5th Ave North Saskatoon, SK S7K 2N7 phone: (306) 665-0268

Saskatchewan Intercultural Association Saskatchewan Intercultural Association’s (SIA) mission: to promote intercultural understanding and the retention of cultural identity and language to fully include Newcomers and Indigenous peoples in Canadian society.

Who We Are The SIA is a non-profit, charitable organization founded in 1964. For over fifty years, the SIA has been committed to supporting cultural groups retain their distinctive cultural identity, language



and arts. In the last 20 years, SIA has also focused on providing programs and services that empower and relieve barriers for Newcomers and Indigenous people in the areas of securing employment, language advancement, and cultural understanding. An integral part of SIA has always been to provide anti-racist education and promote intercultural understanding to the general public through workshops, programming, and community events.

What We Do SIA partners with many organizations in the community to offer a wide variety of programming including: employment skills training with work placements (Mentorship Program and LITE Program),

English language classes (LINC Program and Stage 1 & 2 Program), Heritage language classes (Saskatoon Multilingual Schools), youth programming (ConnectED Program, Global Movement Program, & Active Culture Program), and performing arts entertainment. SIA works towards intercultural understanding and acceptance in our community through intercultural education programming (Equity and Cultural Diversity Outreach Program) and committee work (Equity and Anti-Racism Committee). Contact us: Phone: (306) 978-1818 Email:

Settlement Services

Newcomer Information Centre

New to Canada? Talk to us first! We are Saskatoon’s Newcomer Information Centre (NIC) which is one of Saskatchewan’s Regional Gateways for newcomers. The NIC is set up to welcome and assist newcomers as they begin to settle in the Saskatoon gateway (the city and communities within a 150km radius). Created in partnership by the four local settlement agencies and the federal and provincial governments, the NIC is mandated as the first point of contact for newcomers to receive information and referrals on topics from: language training to employment, childcare to health care, driving to housing etc. A one-stop shop that is the neutral-central

International Women of Saskatoon

hub so newcomers can access information on all programs and services available to them to make informed decisions that will best meet their settlement needs. So imagine being new to a country and/or city. Where do you even begin? Wouldn’t it be nice if there is one place where you are welcomed and can get all the information/referrals you need to get started? Welcome to the NIC! We welcome anyone new to the Saskatoon gateway, regardless of their immigration status or length of time in Canada, so whether you are from another town in Saskatchewan, another part of Canada or from a country half way round the world, you are welcome to visit the NIC! Also, employers, public services and other community agencies are welcomed to reach out to the NIC if they have questions regarding newcomer settlement in the Saskatoon gateway. To make the NIC a more convenient and welcoming place for newcomers, we are located downtown (a half block from the downtown bus terminal), we have a play area for children and our services are drop-in based - no appointment needed! Besides the

International Women of Saskatoon (IWS) is an Immigrant/Refugee Serving Organization that is dedicated to improving the status of women and their families to assist them to become full participating members of society. The organization, located at 336 5th Avenue North, provides the following free programs and services, namely: • Language Assessments and Referrals • Employment Training and Workplacements • Job Counselling and Development • Settlement Advising

endless information and resources, we also offer free computer, printing, copying and faxing services to help newcomers with their employment and settlement processes. The NIC is a self-service centre open MondayFriday 9am-5pm where newcomers can find information with ease but helpful and resourceful NIC staff are always there to help too. The Newcomer Information Centre is grateful to be established in such a warm and welcoming city like Saskatoon that is supported by so many generous people, businesses and communities. We look forward to welcoming many more newcomers in the future. Want to know more? Well stop on by for a visit! Hope to see you soon! Contact us at 106-129 3rd Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 2H4. Phone: (306) 343-8303. E-mail: Hours: Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 5: 00 p.m. The Centre is closed on weekends and statutory holidays.

• • • • •

Women's Only Programs/Services Computer Literacy and Skill Training Children/Youth Summer Programs Volunteer Run Drop-in-EAL/ESL Classes Seniors' Program

Contact us at 301-336 5th Avenue North, Saskatoon, S7K 2P4 Tel: 306-978-6611



Member Profile

Seventy-Seven Signs Ltd.

Making customers stand out for 40 years By Terri Eger

regulations and industry Businesses of all sizes standards,” said Miller. strive to stand out from the With every order being unique competition and with the and the products custom made help of Seventy-Seven Signs in house, each job creates its Ltd., that’s easy. Celebrating own set of challenges. its 40th anniversary, Seventy“No day is the same for our Seven Signs Ltd. continues employees,” said Miller. “Most to help clients get their name jobs are unique which keeps out to the public. things challenging and interesting “We work with a lot of for all of us.” businesses that are thinking, The focus of Seventy-Seven ‘We don’t want to be overlooked’,” Signs Ltd is to help businesses said President Devin Froese from find the best product to represent the office located on 50th Street their brand and business, East in Saskatoon. captured in the company’s slogan, The business presently employs 18 people who work to put General Manager Steven Miller (left) and President Devin Froese “Signs that Power Business.” “As our slogan suggests, our together signage of all types (right) of Seventy-Seven Signs, celebrating 40 years in business. signs help our client’s bottom and descriptions, according to (Supplied Photo.) line,” said Froese. “Sometimes business partner and General come,” said Froese. When installing signs the sign achieves this in a tangible way: Manager Steven Miller. that are as large as 14 feet tall and 18 feet through increased visibility, by updating Signage can be applied to almost any wide on the top of a high-rise building that what has aged, and by ensuring it lights up surface with Seventy-Seven Signs Ltd. at night properly, but also in other, not so recognized as a 3M Select manufacturer, is important. Clients can rest assured that tangible ways.” offering top quality print products and Seventy-Seven Signs Ltd. has the experience and track record they are looking for. “Sometimes the brand has grown to workmanship to its customers. A creative “We take our professionalism very demand attention and a sign represents their design team will work with customers to seriously,” said Froese explaining that all business confidence, making a statement develop a look and feel that suits the client which is seen by customers, investors and and the situation. From trade show displays equipment is carefully maintained and that employees participate in ongoing safety employees,” said Froese. “We work with with banners and back drops to wayfinding training. companies to ensure this is done properly.” signs that point customers from point A to Each sign that the company creates is Providing clients with a quality product in point B, Seventy-Seven Signs Ltd. can lead the way. Whether the signage is underfoot, custom built to fit the needs of the customer. a timely manner is of the utmost importance Comprised of employees with backgrounds to the business. Working with customers on a vehicle or several stories in the air, in design, electrical, welding, cabinetry and to develop a product they can all be proud Seventy-Seven Signs Ltd. can design, build mill work, the business designs and builds of is still something that motivates Froese. and install it with precision. unique signage to individual customer “Meeting with businesses that are all Illuminated signage and sign structures specifications. unique, having them tell us their vision and make up a significant part of the company’s “Training our staff is a big component of then working together to bring that idea to business and Seventy-Seven Signs Ltd. our business,” said Froese, who maintains reality is always positive.” is fully certified and adheres to all CSA that quality people in the company are one manufacturing standards. Seventy-Seven Signs Ltd. Main line: Through the use of industry leading of its greatest assets. Servicing existing signs is an important 306.931.1130 611 - 50th St East, Saskatoon, technology, Seventy-Seven Signs Ltd. can part of the business that works with LED, SK, S7K 5W8. create products that are both intricate in detail neon and fluorescent lighting. Specialized and crisp in clarity. Top quality products are Are you a Chamber Member who has a recycling equipment allows Seventy-Seven built to withstand the harsh climate without recent success story to share? Contact Signs Ltd. to dispose of fluorescent bulbs fading, tearing or deteriorating. businessview@saskatoonchamber. “We go through rigorous safety training properly, maintaining a healthy environment. com “We work closely with the Saskatchewan and testing to ensure our signs are installed safely and will remain stable for years to Sign Association to help develop environmental



Member News

The Saskatoon Community Foundation welcomes Carm Michalenko By Kristy Rempel

Carm Michalenko is the new Executive Director of the Saskatoon Community Foundation. (Supplied Photo.) The Saskatoon Community Foundation is very proud and excited to announce its new Executive Director, Carm Michalenko. Carm assumed management of SCF on December 1st, 2015, following the departure of long-time Executive Director Trevor Forrest. “Trevor very successfully grew the Foundation over the past 13 years and I’m excited to be building on such a great legacy,” Carm noted. Prior to joining SCF, Carm managed all areas of strategic marketing, including sponsorships and community giving initiatives for 18 years with Affinity Credit Union. In addition to her extensive knowledge in the financial and cooperatives sectors, she also holds a B.Comm in Marketing and Finance from U of S and an MBA from University of Regina. Her love for and dedication to community goes beyond her job. Carm is past Chair of READ Saskatoon and a thirty-year member of the Business and Professional Women’s



organization. She has also held leadership roles for various boards and committees in our community. “I am thrilled to be at the Saskatoon Community Foundation. It seems all roads were leading me here and the timing couldn’t have be more perfect,” said Carm. “The Foundation is ready to take the next step thanks to work done by my predecessor and our incredible board. We are very excited about the future”. The Saskatoon Community Foundation held a small reception in December to give stakeholders an opportunity to meet Carm. We were thrilled with the turnout, but also want to welcome those that were unable to attend to drop by the office. “We will be working on the direction of the SCF, and welcome your feedback about the community and our place in it,” said Michalenko. The staff and the board of the Saskatoon Community Foundation are very pleased to welcome Carm to the team!

Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce announces scholarship in honour of Red Williams The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce AgriBusiness Committee is pleased to announce the establishment of a new post-graduate scholarship honouring the work of retired professor and agriculture advocate C.M. (Red) Williams. “The AgriBusiness committee of the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce is extremely proud to honour one of their greatest supporters and members, Red Williams,” said committee co-chair Bert Sutherland. “Red has spent his life in the purpose of agriculture and we’re extremely proud to say he is one of ours. ‘’ The University of Saskatchewan is now accepting contributions to the scholarship. One graduate student will be given the award annually, with the possibility for renewal based on the success of the contribution campaign. Preference will be given to a graduate student doing research in crops, animal production and/or agricultural policy, with a focus on improving water sustainability in the province’s agricultural sector. The focus of the scholarship speaks to Red’s deep interest in drought-proofing agriculture in Saskatchewan. Water management is a challenge that Red sought to address for most of his life, and this interest continues in his retirement. “Red Williams is a legendary force for good in Canadian agriculture,” said Mary Buhr, Dean of the College of Agriculture and Bioresources at the U of S. “His passion for supporting young people in learning how to innovate, and to become, themselves, advocates for evidence-based decision making, has created legions of thoughtful leaders in our communities.” Red was a long-time professor at the U of S, also serving as the Department Head of Animal Science for eight years. Although he officially retired in 1997, he continued to teach for many years as professor emeritus, ultimately logging a total of 60 years at the university.

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Chamber Member News

Sutton Financial Group awarded Family Enterprise of the Year by CAFE Sutton Financial Group was proud to be awarded with the Family Enterprise of the Year Award by the Saskatoon Chapter of the Canadian Association of Family Enterprise (CAFE). The award was presented at the CAFE Saskatoon Family Business Day & FEYA Gala on October 14, 2015. This award was established in 1986, and is given annually by CAFE to recognize, celebrate and promote the achievements of Canadian family businesses and the considerable contribution they make to both their local communities and our national economy. For more information, visit the website: saskatoon.

Left to Right: Tim Hansen, Andrea Hansen, Jay Stark, Stuart Sutton, Bob Sutton, Twylla Sutton and Paula Simon, CAFE Saskatoon. Front: His Worship Mayor Donald J. Atchison (Supplied Photo).


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Promotional Feature

Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies celebrates 40th anniversary

In 2016, the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies (SIIT) is celebrating 40 years of delivering quality post-secondary education for First Nations people. After tremendous perseverance and dedication by the Saskatchewan Chiefs who were its founding Fathers, SIIT was established by order-in-council as the Saskatchewan Indian Community College (SICC) under the Community Colleges Act. In 2000, the Province of Saskatchewan recognized SIIT as a post-secondary institution through the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technologies Act. This legislation established the Institute as one

of four provincially accredited credit-granting institutions, allowing SIIT students to transfer credits to other post-secondary institutions and to have their certificates and diplomas recognized by both First Nation and non-First Nation employers. The Institute was created to meet the need for an educational environment that promotes traditional ways and fosters student success in a culturally focused educational environment. SIIT’s original mandate of adult academic upgrading soon expanded into accounting and community health. Today SIIT offers close to 50 different programs in the Trades and Industrial, Business, Technology and Community Health sectors while maintaining its original role of academic upgrading through Adult Basic Education programming. “SIIT is a vibrant, growing institution with three campuses, eight career centres and numerous community sites located throughout Saskatchewan,” says President and CEO Riel Bellegarde. “Exploring knowledge from a First Nations perspective gives our people the skills, confidence and commitment to lifelong learning

that will allow them to fulfill their promise as economic contributors, role models for future generations and leaders in their communities.” “SIIT will be celebrating 40 years of First Nations education on April 21st, 2016 with a major Fundraising Gala. This event will be a celebration of accomplishments, partnerships and student successes. Funds raised at the Gala will go towards the SIIT Scholarship Fund, which has grown to over $400,000 annually thanks to our wonderful partners,” Bellegarde added. Providing the support our students need to be successful throughout their education has always been a pillar of SIIT and will continue to be a fundamental differentiating factor in years to come. The Scholarship Fund is a key aspect of that continuing commitment to support students throughout their education. “Your generous offering has given me the opportunity to gain some control back, for that, I am truly grateful,” explains Donovan Kahnapace, one of SIIT’s many grateful students. Tickets for the Gala are available through Picatic under SIIT 40th Anniversary Gala. For information about sponsorship opportunities, contact Amy Wall at walla@ or (306) 665-5257. BUSINESS VIEW SASKATOON FEBRUARY/MARCH 2016 13

Chamber Events

Shaken with a Twist and Chamber on Tap The Chamber’s monthly free networking events, “Chamber on Tap” and “Shaken with a Twist” are back for 2016 in full force. “Shaken with a Twist” is the second Thursday of the month at Village Guitar and Amp and is sponsored by Trusted Marketing Services. “Chamber on Tap” is the first Wednesday of the month at Hudson’s Tap House, and is sponsored by Aurora Workplace Solutions and Sutton Financial Group. Sound is provided by Soundlounge by tBone, and sponsored by BRITEBOX Storage. Join us for fun, networking and a great guest speaker at these two Chamber events each month! Visit for information on all our upcoming events. Photos below are courtesy of Grant Romancia Photography.

Derin Hildebrandt, Projectline Solutions.

Cindy Suski, Andrew Peller Ltd.





JUNE 20-26



The Graham & Ruby DeLaet Foundation is pleased to become the host organization and driving force behind the SIGA Dakota Dunes Open ft. Graham Slam. The Event will showcase a week of premier golf and entertainment, and will support youth causes in communities across Saskatchewan.



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Seven tips that demystify lead generation By Mouneeb Shahid, Founder & CEO, 2 Web Design Would you agree that one of the greatest uses of your website is to generate quality leads for your business? In addition to building credibility and trust, your website is the hub that connects you to your audience. It has the potential to generate quality leads if it attracts the right target audience. However, the site needs to be well designed and optimized for this to happen. In this article I have laid out seven tips that you need to consider if you are serious about lead generation: 1. Begin With Your Customer Journey Understand how your customer finds you and build your website around your target audience. Often you end up with a website that might look great but does not really convert. The reason is simply because it does not resonate with your customer. The design, the messaging and the flow of information should be around your customer’s persona. I recommend that you develop at least three personas of your ideal client and tie your messaging and design around that. 2. Track Website Performance Before trying to improve a website, it’s important to understand where exactly the improvements are required on your website. Another mistake that businesses often make is that they rush to creating a new design, rather than understanding how their current website is performing and building from there. By not tracking and understanding your website’s performance you are bound to make the same mistakes again. The mistakes might look much prettier, but they will still be mistakes. Use a free tool like Google Analytics to track data and understand user behavior. 3. Include Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons Call-To-Action buttons are perfect for prompting visitors to make a decision. However, these buttons need to be strategically

placed on the website in order for the visitor to first see it clearly, get attracted to it, and then take action. The Call-To-Action button must also be designed well enough to invite the visitor to read what is being offered and seek to know more. The button itself must be clear and big enough for the visitor to notice it and easily click on it. CTA buttons help a lot in generating quality leads through your website because you can sort out those visitors who are more interested in the product or service and who are most likely to become buying customers. When placing CTAs, size really matters especially when it comes to mobile.

will be viewing first, it is important that these pages engage audiences and create interest about the website products or services among visitors. Also, since the landing page is often the first impression that the visitor will have about the website, it has to be very good. What’s more, the company has to ensure that the page fulfills the objective, which is of course to generate leads. Through the process of A/B testing, companies can test two versions (A and B) of their landing pages and see, which one performs better. The one that fulfills the company’s objective and provides the best user experience to visitors is the one that should be chosen.

4. Add Live Chat What better way to generate leads than by personally engaging with visitors who are currently on the website? Installation of the live chat plugin is very simple and very helpful as well, in terms of lead generation. With this, not only can you see the live number of visitors on your website, but also get a chance to interact with them directly. Your company personnel can have a live chatting session with your website visitors. If they respond, then a host of information can be derived from these visitors such as what would be the specific product or service that they are searching for, how is their experience on the website so far, and much more. Visitors would also be grateful if a company assistant would personally help them resolve any queries that they may have, or who would be able to provide them with more information about the offerings of your company.

6. Use Quality and Compelling Content Well-drafted, informative and relevant content on landing pages engages your audience. Content be in the form of videos, demos or even webinars. Basically, any content or media which the company feels that their visitors will find interesting should be added to the website. When creating content, think about what kind of content is worth sharing and allow the ability for users to share the content on social media channels.

5. Test Your Landing Pages No one can check the effectiveness of a website or a landing page without the help of testing - A/B testing to be precise! Since landing pages are the ones that every visitor

7. Use Intelligent Tracking (Caller-ID for your website?) Remember when Caller ID came out? It changed the game of receiving and accepting calls. Imagine if you were able to know who has come to your website, much like the callerid on your phone. Go to www.kaizencms. com to learn more about this technology. Hope you enjoyed this article. Following is a tribute to our recent clients that have put their trust in us: - - -


Chamber Committees

Sustainable procurement - a growing trend By Shannon Dyck An increasing number of consumers around the world are seeking authentically sustainable experiences, services, and products. Simply take a look at many of Saskatoon’s most recent business startups, which are not only focused on quality customer experiences, but also on providing local and organic products, recycled or reclaimed materials, and other healthy, sustainable options. This growing demand for ethical and environmentally responsible products and services is making it increasingly important (and attractive) for businesses, governments, and industry to “green” their supply chains. Sustainable procurement is the practice of prioritizing purchases based not only on price and quality, but also on the whole life-cycle cost of a product or service. Purchasing decisions strive to balance Image courtesy of environmental stewardship, social and ethical responsibility, and long• term financial sustainability, while the • procurement strategy itself can be adapted • to meet the specific needs and opportunities of each unique business. • Industry trends demonstrate that investing • in sustainable procurement can benefit businesses in multiple ways: • • • • • • • •


Reduced operating and maintenance costs Increased productivity and efficiency Competitive advantage Strengthened brand Increased staff retention and engagement Interest from quality employees and applicants Supplier and vendor innovation


unethical practices that may exist within the supply chain.

Did you know? The Radisson Hotel has started saving money by integrating sustainable procurement principles into their business practices. For example, they’ve saved over $10,000 per year by simply eliminating unnecessary air fresheners, converting their parkade lighting to LED bulbs, and changing to single-ply, recyclable hand towels.

Want to learn more?

the Government of Alberta.

The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce is offering a sustainable procurement workshop to interested businesses and organizations on March 8, 2016. A panel of local speakers from the University of Saskatchewan, Federated Coop, and the City of Saskatoon will provide insights into the sustainable procurement process and how it can be used to improve business performance.

Strengthened public reputation Enhanced customer experience New clients (while also maintaining existing clients) Expansion into new markets Increased sponsorship and partnership opportunities Risk mitigation (by ensuring industry best practices are met) Strengthened green economy

Date: Tuesday, March 8; 11:30am-1:30pm Location: Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce, Large Boardroom (104 - 202 4th Ave N). Cost: $20. Everyone welcome. Lunch will be provided. Register at Space is limited, so register early!

Not only does sustainable procurement make good business sense, but it can also drive changes in employee, supplier and customer behaviours that benefit the environment. For example, a business may experience reductions in energy use, water consumption, waste generation, greenhouse gas emissions, and pollution, as well as avoid

(Information courtesy of Tourism Saskatoon. (2012). Gauging the Green. Canadian Municipal Collaboration for Sustainable Purchasing. (2014). Report on the State of Municipal Sustainable Procurement in Canada. Natural Resource Defense Council. (2012). Game Changer: How the Sports Industry Is Saving the Environment. Price Waterhouse Coopers, EcoVadis, INSEAD Social Innovation Centre. (2010). Value of Sustainable Procurement Practices. )

Sustainable Procurement Workshop

Member News

SREDA assists local business expansion through business development incentives policy will create more than The Saskatoon 13 full-time equivalent Regional Economic skilled and semi-skilled Development jobs for Saskatoon. To Authority (SREDA) date, CMI and HCL are manages the City of over halfway to their Saskatoon Business hiring target. Development “Although the mining Incentives Policy, industry is in a slight and actively seeks downturn, expanding out businesses that puts CMI and HCL in a can benefit from the good position to support incentives under this our customers as they policy. This policy realize the benefits of helps generate longtheir expansions. It also term job creation allows us to support within Saskatoon by future projects as they supporting business retention a n d The City’s “Business Development Incentives Policy” helped make Howatt’s new arise,” said Dwayne Howatt, President of expansion. 27,000 square foot facility a reality. Image courtesy of ADA Architecture. Howatt Enterprises Ltd. Through this policy, This project was a collaboration between qualifying companies looking to establish or and manufactured equipment solutions, grow a business in Saskatoon can make use and distributes equipment and components the Saskatchewan Ministry of the Economy, SREDA and Howatt. of various incentives to help maximize their to mining and industrial companies. HCL “The Business Development Incentives expansion impact, including: exemptions or has been serving Saskatchewan’s mining Policy helped solidify our decision to expand,” reductions of any city tax or fee, waiving of industry since 2007, providing full service said Howatt. “The incentives allowed us to utility deposits and down payments on land engineering consulting services, specialized invest in new infrastructure that will help and exemptions or reductions of prepaid in mining, mechanical engineering, project grow our company and create additional servicing levies. management, drafting and design as well as jobs for the Saskatoon region.” “The Business Development Incentives equipment design and prototyping. Policy is one example of how SREDA supports With the help of the Business Development To learn more about the City of Saskatoon business growth in the Saskatoon region,” said Incentives Policy, Howatt invested in a 27,000 Business Development Incentives Policy and Alex Fallon, President and CEO of SREDA. square foot facility in Saskatoon’s north other available business incentives contact: “Helping local businesses expand and create industrial area. The building will be used new jobs is important due to the positive by CMI and HCL primarily for warehouse David Gauthier impact on the Saskatoon region economy.” and office space and for a new development Executive VP & Director of SREDA Insights Howatt Enterprises Ltd. (Howatt) is facility involving electric battery powered (306) 664-0727 one of the businesses SREDA worked with underground mining equipment. The building on utilizing the Business Development also allows CMI to capitalize on potential Incentives Policy. Howatt is a locally owned service opportunities for equipment already and operated business that primarily focuses in service. on supporting the mining industry and other By investing in additional infrastructure, major industrial sectors in Saskatchewan. Howatt expects to see an increase in overall Howatt’s main subsidiaries are Continental revenue generation through improved Mine & Industrial Supply Ltd. (CMI) customer service, new product development and Howatt Consulting Ltd. (HCL). CMI, and synergy across the subsidiaries. On top established in 1990, creates custom designed of this, Howatt anticipates this investment


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UPS® Members Benefit Program Make the most out of your Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce membership and take advantage of some of the most competitive rates available on shipping services with the UPS Members Benefit Program. Put logistics to work for you. You can receive these discounts even if you already have a UPS account. It’s free to sign up and there are no minimum requirements. See how you’ll save:

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To get started today: CALL 1-800-MEMBERS (636-2377) M-F, 8 a.m. – 6 p.m. EST VISIT

A BENEFIT OPPORTUNITY Audio Conferencing, Web Collaboration, Webinar Services

In the changing business landscape virtual collaboration tools are becoming more and more important. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Evolve Collaboration, Canada’s leading provider of conferencing and collaboration services in an effort to make these tools available to members. Program Benefits: • Members receive discounted rates on Audio Conferencing, Web Collaboration and Webinar Services


Peter Howser T 1-855-253-4780 x 9771 C (647) 454-3315

• Chamber members have access to an Evolve Collaboration expert who will assess where collaboration tools can enable your business and provide guidance and training. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH

Program Highlights: • Audio Conferencing Rates starting at 4.5¢/min: 50% below commercial industry average • Adobe Web collaboration unlimited use $50/month • Free Virtual Collaboration Assessment • Electronic Billing • Bilingual Operator Support • No Contracts or Activation Fees Sign up here:


Angela Roy Coordinator, Chamber Development & Services

1-800-661-2930 x 265

Evolve Collaboration in proud partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

MEMBERS PAGE COMMITTEE CHAIRS Agribusiness Opportunities Bert Sutherland - Loran Forer - BMO Business Growth Elise Hildebrandt - The Mortgage Centre Mark Zielke - Start Fresh Media Business of Science & Technology Bill Lewis - Engineering for Kids Raj Nayak - University of Saskatchewan Sandra Ribeiro - Canadian Light Source Business of Science & Technology ICT Subcommittee Allan Wolinski - Vendasta Technologies Celebrate Success! Lynn Eberle - Saskatchewan Polytechnic Chamber on Tap Evan Drisner - Nu-Fab Building Products Future Opportunities Committee

Bill Brooks - Eclecthink International First Nations and Métis Opportunities Committee

Chris Sicotte - Affinity Credit Union

Going Global Ken Ziegler - Robertson Stromberg LLP Monica Kreuger - Global Infobrokers Government Affairs Michael Chudoba - Foundation Realty Ltd

Health Opportunities Dave Dutchak - MD Ambulance Care Ltd. Sanj Singh - AdeTherapeutics Inc. Corey Miller - Saskatchewan Cancer Agency

Sustainability Opportunities Colleen Yates - Equinox3 Consulting Ltd.

For more information or to join a volunteer committee email us at:



Raj Manek Mentorship Program is now accepting applications The Raj Manek Business Mentorship Program (RMMP) has been operating since 1998 and is accepting applications for their March 2016 intake. For more information please contact: The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce at 306-2442151; or email or visit: www.

Community Job Fair - March 9th, 10am to 4pm The Community Job Fair is an opportunity to show case employment opportunities within your business and aims to be inclusive and accessible to all city residents. With more than 50 exhibitors and 800+ job seekers in attendance at Bedford Road Collegiate in 2015, this is the perfect opportunity to recruit potential employees for your organization. The event is designed to connect core neighbourhood job seekers to meaningful employment in a variety of areas. Various industries across Saskatoon have found value in participating in this event and are represented each year from different sectors; hospitality and tourism, food services, construction and trades, financial services, and many more! Gain access to a large labour pool of qualified job seekers with a diverse skill set in a one stop environment. Book your spot today, which includes lunch, for the low fee of $50. All proceeds from the Community Job Fair go to Bedford Road Collegiate’s student group raising funds for annual Pow Wow. For more information, or to secure your table contact Kayla Brien, Quint Development: (306) 978-4041 ext. 234 or

FMG’s Saskatoon Dragon Boat Festival July 22nd & 23rd, 2016 “Team Up - A Great Team Building Event” Registration for FMG’s 2016 Saskatoon Dragon Boat Festival is well underway! Be part of Saskatoon’s largest corporate and community event. Team Up join Saskatoon’s corporate community, bring your team to join or teams - Team up now! Contact fmg@

For membership information contact Derek Crang

(306) 664-0702 Visit today under Member Services for more details

New Members

Advertising ONE Advertising Specialties / Sportswear Phone: (306) 477-2215 Claude Georget

FFB VoIP Services Consultants - Computer AND Telecommunications / Wireless Phone: (855) 515-VOIP Chris Black

Apex Automation Ltd. Technology AND Home-Based Business Phone: (306) 774-9775 Blake Heebner

Glass Doctor of Saskatoon Glass - Auto / Plate / Window 701 Haskamp St, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 477-4527 Jason Pingert

Circle Dr & 8th Street Dental Health Care - Services / Supplies 302-3301 8th St E, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 665-6665 Jenna Morin

Hue-Tone Interiors Interior Design / Decorators Phone: (306) 280-3134 Nadine Toner

D-Con Construction Ltd. Contractors Phone: (306) 242-4170 David Conway

Lakeview Square Dental Office Health & Fitness AND Health Care - Services / Supplies 6-1945 McKercher Dr, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 955-2555 Bob Anderson

Deanna’s Care Home Health Care - Services / Supplies 855 Coppermine Cres, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 384-2907 Bonnie Panamaroff-Reigel

Natural Chow Pet Food Corp. Manufacturers AND Pets / Pet Supplies / Pet Training 142 Carter Cres, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 291-5660 Brett Flahr

Della’s Music House Education / Training Phone: (306) 249-3434 Della Roy

SamTron Homes Construction 3110 8th S E, Unit 8B-396, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 262-2115 Jeff Cao

Delzen Electric Ltd. Electrical Contractors / Equipment / Services Phone: (306) 664-0557 Sandra Delorme Electric Umbrella Images Inc. Photographers - Sales / Services AND Technology 302-220 3rd Ave S, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 230-2300 Derek Mortensen

Shoeless Joe’s Sports Grill Restaurants AND Night Clubs / Lounges 303 Cope Lane, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 954-5637 Linda Sutherland / Ryan Sutherland Smokes Poutinerie Restaurants 307 21st St E, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 653-2873 Jason Evanochko / Darryl Finch Varial Technologies, Inc. Internet 104-220 20th St W, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 934-3444 Ryan Smith VSW Planning Services Ltd. Financial Services / Planning 120 33rd St E, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 244-0949 Brenda Montieth Ward Homes Ltd. Home Builders / Renovations AND Real Estate - Developer 809 Sandy Rise, Martensville Phone: (306) 290-4333 Chad Ward

Saskatoon Aerocentre Air Transportation - Maintenance / Service / Training AND Transportation Industry Hangar 10, John G Diefenbaker Airport, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 931-8552 Mike Bartusek / Graham Snell


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