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April/May 2016

Lana Sheppard Owner Checks n Balances Business Services

In the business of helping small business Checks n Balances celebrates the success of their business and of their clients

What if we celebrated success in in our community? PotashCorp is proud to sponsor and take part in honoring all nominees of the SABEX Celebrate Success! Awards. We share their commitment to business excellence, and helping our province to continue to shine bright.


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April/May 2016

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City of Saskatoon Land Bank. Are the returns worth the risk to the taxpayer?

Cover Story: Checks n Balances Business Services Pg. 5 In the business of helping small business

Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo Pg. 6 Chamber Board Election Candidate Profiles Pg. 8 2 Web Design Pg. 17 The team at Checks n Balances Business Services (see story on page 5). Image: Grant Romancia Photography.

Five Minutes for Business: The Federal Budget & Business Pg. 18

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Writer: Terri Eger Photography: Grant Romancia BUSINESS VIEW SASKATOON APRIL/MAY 2016 3

President’s View

City of Saskatoon Land Bank Are the returns worth the risk to the taxpayer?

Imagine this scenario. You have invested in some real estate – you got in while the market was hot and planned to sell some of your properties to use the cash flow to fund your spending next year. The only problem is that oil went to $30 a barrel, the economy softened a bit, and there ended up being more sellers than buyers in the market. So now you are faced with a decision – hold the properties in the hopes of a future rebound, sell at a lower price than you were hoping for or rent the properties out. You were counting on that cash flow, so option #1 is out. That leaves selling now or renting. You may have read the above and said – “nice story, but that doesn’t apply to me.” Actually, it does. The example above is the Saskatoon land bank and some of the challenges we may face as taxpayers. Background •

The city has been in the land bank business since the 1920’s, when the city found itself owning a large amount of land due to tax arrears Since then, the city has moved from owning land reactively (upon tax enforcement) to owning land proactively through strategic acquisition Today, Saskatoon Land operates to provide a supply of land, to be active in the planning and design of new growth and to provide financial returns to the City.

The last decade has proven beneficial to be in the land business – there have been some good returns on land investments. The question is, are the returns worth the risks? In my Board tenure, the land bank topic has come up more than once, so I decided to do a bit of my own research, and I came up with more questions than answers. Looking at the 2014 annual report for Saskatoon Land, I found the mandate of the Land bank. What I wasn’t able to find out was the financial information (outside of annual sales). My biggest question is around risk and opportunity cost. Our City has a great credit rating and can afford to be in the “buy and hold” land market. The question is – should we? Does tying up our tax dollars make sense or are there more strategic investments and returns we could be making and receiving? Without more information, we can’t answer that question. Are we competing with the same private businesses that we are trying to support and attract to our city? Yes, we are. Through my role in the Chamber, I know from stories we hear, there is a lack of understanding about Saskatoon Land. The City is in a unique position, wearing the hats of regulator, developer, and customer. To be sure, this causes a perceived conflict of interest. To avoid this perception, it is imperative to have more transparency. To get that transparency, Saskatoon Land should report on whether it is achieving its mandate, particularly as it relates to the following identified objectives: 1. Providing an adequate supply at competitive market rates – with such a large percentage of the market, is Saskatoon Land competitive with the market or are they determining the market? 2. Providing innovation and

leadership in design for new growth – is the City the best entity to provide innovation and leadership or could we have even better solutions by opening this up? 3. Operating on a level playing field with other land development interests in the City – do we have the metrics to assess whether this is happening? The city has outlined some of the financial risks in the 2016 budget. These risks include uncertainty around market conditions resulting in possible reduced land sales, lot absorption rates and reduced investment return. I believe we should quantify the risk and quantify the opportunity cost of the dollars at play so that we can truly understand the position we are in. To be clear, I am not concluding that Saskatoon Land has or hasn’t achieved its mandate or whether it should or shouldn’t exist. I am simply stating that I don’t believe that taxpayers have enough information to make that assessment, and I believe that as a City operation, if we are setting the mandate we should also be assessing and reporting on whether we are meeting the mandate. So back to my opening comments: If this was your personal investment, what would you do? You would start by evaluating your current financial position, being clear on your goals, identifying your risks, and measuring your success. As a City operation, I believe that Saskatoon Land should do the same. Tanya Knight President 2015/16 Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce

2015-16 Board of Directors for the Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce 2



President Tanya Knight - MNP LLP. 1st Vice-President Jason Yochim - Saskatoon Region Association of REALTORS®. Vice-President Kelly Bode - WMCZ Lawyers & Mediators. Past President Tony Van Burgsteden - Federated Co-Operatives Ltd. Bill Cooper - PotashCorp. Peggie Koenig - Koenig & Associates. Silvia Martini - Interlink Research Inc. Karl Miller - Meridian Development. Sandra Ribeiro - Canadian Light Source Inc. Chris Sicotte - Affinity Credit Union. Sanj Singh - AdeTherapeutics Inc. Brian Skanderbeg - Claude Resources Inc. Trevor Thiessen - Redekop Manufacturing. Chris Woodland - MacPherson, Leslie and Tyerman LLP. Colleen Yates - Equinox3 Consulting Ltd.


Cover Story

In the business of helping small business Checks n Balances celebrates the success of their business and of their clients By Terri Eger

Lana Sheppard (fourth from the right) credits the strength of her team for her business success. (Image: Grant Romancia)

Lana Sheppard is in the business of helping small businesses succeed. An entrepreneur herself, Sheppard started her bookkeeping and payroll business out of her home 10 years ago and has expanded her business to a point where Checks n Balances serves 600 clients annually. With more than a dozen employees on staff at Check n Balances, the business takes care of payroll and bookkeeping needs for small and medium sized businesses across the city. “We spend a lot of time helping make business owners better. We show them how to read an Income Statement, how to prepare payroll…whatever it takes to save them time and money,” said Sheppard. Check n Balances works with clients to determine their needs either providing full services or training so clients can do some

items in-house. Sheppard’s staff is trained on labour laws, tax rules, T4s and WCB returns to name a few of the services offered. Dedicating time to ongoing training to ensure staff is up to date with all the rules and regulations associated with the tax and recording laws is at the heart of her business and provides clients with peace of mind. “You don’t know what you don’t know and you can get yourself into trouble if you haven’t reported things correctly and followed the rules,” said Sheppard. Keeping up to date on those rules has resulted in numerous clean audits for the business which is gaining a positive reputation across the city. In addition to the services

companies expect, Checks n Balances also provides clients with a complete year-end report. “It’s really a present for the accountants,” chuckles Sheppard. The year-end report is Continued on page 10...


Member Profile

Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo A gathering place where memories are made By Terri Eger

“Phoenix” the Red Panda, at the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo (supplied photo) Amid the hustle and bustle of life in the city there is a peaceful park where time slows down. It’s a place where the noise and distractions of the city fade away. A place where people can connect with nature and one another. The Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo is once again becoming a gathering place for family and friends. Approximately 250 animals from 78 different species call the zoo home but that number changes frequently, especially this time of year. New babies are being welcomed into the zoo throughout the spring season from a wide range of animals. “Every day is a different adventure,” said Manager John Moran. The area was originally established as a forest nursery station by the Federal Government. From 1916 to 1966, 146 million trees where shipped out to add to the 6


development of homesteads across Northern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. In 1966 the property was sold to the City of Saskatoon on the condition that it remain a greenspace. “The area was traditionally used as a gathering space with demonstration gardens drawing in those interested in horticulture,” explained Moran. Today meditative gardens, beautiful green spaces and picnic areas continue to bring visitors to the site. The attractions at the park increased in 1972 when the zoo was established and animals were brought in. Over the years, the exhibits and attractions at the zoo continue to draw attention and attendance numbers continue to climb. In 2003 there were 65,000 visitors to the zoo between April and October. That number has increased dramatically with 145,420 visitors touring the zoo during those same

months in 2015 and 285,000 coming through the gates at the park entrance. The development of the Ark Exhibits and educational programs are being credited with bringing more people to the zoo. Designed as a host location, the Ark Exhibits allow the local facility to bring in animals from other zoos. With different animals coming and going from the exhibits it has created a great deal of excitement and interest for visitors. Educational programs have also increased the number of visitors at the zoo with 4,000 children coming to the site during the winter months last year alone. “In 2008 we built a Learning Centre which provides us with dedicated space to host our programs,” said Moran. Species at risk and animal adaptation sessions tie into the Grade 1 and Grade 4 curriculums although programs can be modified to accommodate different age groups.

These expansions were created through the supportive efforts of the Saskatoon Zoo Foundation and generous donations from businesses and individuals throughout the province. “Our current project is the development of the Carnivore Trail,” said Foundation Executive Director Dawn Woroniuk. “The space will be very interesting with a trapper’s cabin and a plane adding to the display. The Carnivore Trail will be home to cougars and wolves and will include a glass tunnel that will allow visitors to tour right through the enclosure. The fundraising goal has been set at $5 million by the Zoo Foundation and work on the project as already begun. Water and sewer lines were installed by Hamm Construction in 2015. As the zoo and park continue to change and expand, the area attracts families of all ages. Each year the park is transformed during the Enchanted Forest from November to January, which is a huge fundraiser for both the Zoo Foundation and the Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation. On June 17 the informal Zoogala will take place, featuring several different chef stations, entertainment and private tours of the exhibits. Tickets are on sale now and are once again expected to sell out. “The gala is a great event that is open to the public,” said Woroniuk. “Everyone is invited to come in casual wear, taste some great food and tour the exhibits during the evening.” The park itself is a wonderful place to bring the family for a picnic or a special occasion. Rentals for weddings, anniversaries and business events are available. The fullyaccessible playground provides a safe, peaceful environment for the entire family. Whether checking out the exhibits or coming for a special event, the Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo is where family memories are made. “The park is once again becoming a gathering place for families,” said Moran. “As the city grows, more and more people are learning about the zoo and what we have to offer.”

Manager John Moran and Foundation Executive Director Dawn Woroniuk (photo: Grant Romancia)

Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park & Zoo 1903 Forest Dr, Saskatoon, SK S7S 1G9 Phone: (306) 975-3382

Artist conceptual rendition of the “Carnivore Trail” BUSINESS VIEW SASKATOON APRIL/MAY 2016 7


Peggie Koenig

Vendasta Technologies, Inc.

Koenig & Associates Inc.


Current Chamber Involvement: Chamber Member Current Roles in Other Organizations: Saskatchewan ICT Task Force Member Strengths and Sector Knowledge I can Contribute: Consumer product goods industry experience, my current technology sector involvement, combined with my Accounting / Finance background and 17 years of overseas roles will allow me to contribute both local and international viewpoints. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: Its friendliness. My wife and I moved back to Saskatoon to ensure our children were able to experience this great city. I grew up here, and no matter where I have worked and visited, I am, and have always been a proud Saskatonian who always advocates for this city. Why the Chamber Board? I believe the Chamber plays a critical role in shaping the economic direction of the city, and I would appreciate the opportunity to play a part in the process. I believe there will be challenges in the coming years as our economy continues to shift, a strong Chamber Board will be instrumental in keeping the environment as favourable as possible.

Bill Cooper

Manager, Public Affairs and Issue Management

Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.

Current Chamber Involvement: Executive Committee, Board of Directors, and Governance Committee Chair Current Roles in Other Organizations: PotashCorp United Way Committee; church and community organizations Strengths and Sector Knowledge I can Contribute: Experience in the provincial government and business; specific insights on how public policy develops, its impact on business, and our community. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: Saskatoon is a vibrant, growing community and a great place to do business and raise a family. Why the Chamber Board? I want the Chamber to continue to be a strong voice for business. Business’s greatest challenges ultimately are attitudes: fear, envy, and old thinking. It’s important for the Chamber to engage not only government, but also the public with new ideas. We need to demonstrate business isn’t a problem, it’s a solution. I’d like to work toward this on your Board.

Angela Degelman

Consultant, Accounting & Finance

David Aplin Group

Current Chamber Involvement: Chamber Member Current Roles in Other Organizations: Wiegers Care 4 Kids Foundation Board; Ronald McDonald House, United Way, & Free the Children Volunteer; and my community association, my church, children’s school and their sports Strengths and Sector Knowledge I can Contribute: My sales experience and business acumen make me an ideal advocate for the Chamber board. I have a large network within our business community. My degree in psychology has given me a deep level of understanding what truly motivates people. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: Saskatoon has grown into and feels much like a “big city” but continues to maintain the values and friendliness of a small town. When I moved here, I immediately fell in love with the people, their great work ethic and ‘can-do’ attitude. I am impressed with the energy and optimism of our community, the province and its commitment to growth and improvement. Why the Chamber Board? It is my belief that continuing to build a prosperous business community within Saskatoon is important for our future. The Chamber is committed to creating a better business climate. Nothing makes a community stronger than a dynamic economy. I certainly welcome the opportunity to join the Chamber to encourage growth and investment here in Saskatoon.




President / CEO

Current Chamber Involvement: Board of Directors, Human Resource Committee, and Chamber representative to Saskatoon Airport Authority Current Roles in Other Organizations: TCU Place Board and LutherCare Communities Board Strengths and Sector Knowledge I can Contribute: Governance experience as a result of numerous board appointments and executive committee roles; human resources and organizational strategy expertise, 20+ years of business and entrepreneurial experience; business network. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: I love that feeling of community in Saskatoon. We are developing a big city feel but continue to have the engagement and energy of a smaller community. I hope that never changes. Saskatoon has always had a “can do” attitude and I think that is why business thrives here. As an entrepreneur and member of the business community in Saskatoon, I feel there is a sense that positive things can and will happen. There is no limit to the possibilities. Also, the river and Meewasin trail system are one of the great outstanding outdoor features of this city that just can’t be beat. Why the Chamber Board? Supporting the interests of and the climate for business in Saskatoon is important to the ongoing economic prosperity of Saskatoon. Business is the economic engine. I believe the Chamber is the voice of business and has a responsibility to make sure that the interests of the business community are kept top of mind with policy makers and investors.

Paul Labbe

Principal, Business Development

Stantec Inc.

Current Chamber Involvement: Chamber Member Current Roles in Other Organizations: VP and Chairman of the Canadian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy; National Minister’s Advisory Committee on Minerals Research (MNAC). Education, scholarship & program advisory committees these organizations. Current member Program Advisory Committees for the Mechanical Engineering Technology, Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing Technology and the Mining Engineering Technology programs . Strengths and Sector Knowledge I can Contribute: Mining/Mineral Processing, Manufacturing, Construction and Design Consulting/Business Consulting Sectors. I have grown or developed significant businesses 5 times. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: My favorite thing about Saskatoon is our connectedness and my multi-generational family and family roots that surround us. I love the smell of a fresh spring morning; a summer sunset & that I can see from horizon to horizon. Why the Chamber Board? Opportunity to impact the positive development of our community and economy by providing leadership, mentorship, teaching & strategic planning. I see the Chamber board as a unique opportunity to do this.

Silvia Martini

Vice-President, Strategy & Market Development

Interlink Research

Current Chamber Involvement: Board of Directors and Health Opportunities Committee Current Roles in Other Organizations: Board and Chair of Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility Committee for SaskWater Corporation; Vice-President, Board and Fundraising Committee for Word-on-the-Street (Saskatchewan) Festival Strengths and Sector Knowledge I can Contribute: Strategy and implementation. Governance expertise. Market development and branding. Mentorship and coaching. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: “Complacency” is not a word in Saskatoon’s vernacular. We lead with courage and resolve, but also with a compassion and humility toward positive outcomes. The passion and commitment of its citizens, at all levels of meaningful engagement, are evolving this city toward a healthy and vibrant culture in which to live, work and play. Why the Chamber Board? “Success = Quality Effort/Time”. Relentlessly, passionately and with focus, our Chamber has demonstrated its dedication to its mission. It has been a privilege to serve in this leadership capacity, and I look forward to contributing toward further strengthening our platform for greatness. Possibility creates, and quality action sets the foundation for realizing success.


Brian Skanderbeg

PCL Construction Management Inc.

Claude Resources Inc.

Manager, Finance & Administration

Current Chamber Involvement: Chamber Member Current Roles in Other Organizations: St. Albert Youth Community Centre (Edmonton) Past Board Strengths and Sector Knowledge I can Contribute: Strong accounting background (CPA, CMA); 20+ years’ experience in the construction industry; outgoing, friendly personality, not afraid to make a cold call or help out in any way; and a hands-on team member who’s able to jump into diverse opportunities or challenges and add value. I understand board governance and, due to my financial background in combination with working in the engineering/construction industry, am well suited to develop systems, protocols, and procedures for success. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: The people are so friendly and welcoming. It has a small town feel, with big city amenities. Also, the downtown/river valley areas are so pretty and excellent for outdoor activities year round. Why the Chamber Board? The Chamber makes a difference in the business community in Saskatoon (and in Saskatchewan) and I would welcome the opportunity to perhaps bring another perspective to upcoming issues or aid in advancing work that is currently underway to ensure the continuation of a great business climate here in Saskatoon.

Deborah Meyers

CFO & Vice-President, Administrative Services

Saskatchewan Polytechnic

Current Chamber Involvement: Chamber Member Current Roles in Other Organizations: SRNET (Saskatchewan Research Network Inc.) Board Strengths and Sector Knowledge I can Contribute: Significant experience in strategic planning and executive management. Strong accounting and finance background. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: The people! Also the opportunities for the city. It would be great to be involved in fostering a growing, prosperous Saskatoon. Why the Chamber Board? I would like the opportunity to advocate for local businesses. My organization, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, supports industry through the provision of well-trained and skilled graduates, and I see involvement with the Chamber Board as another way to contribute.

Karl Miller President

Meridian Development

Current Chamber Involvement: Board of Directors and Audit & Finance Committee Current Roles in Other Organizations: Broadway 360 Board Member Strengths and Sector Knowledge I can Contribute: Extensive knowledge of the Real Estate Development Community in Saskatoon, This includes residential, commercial and institutional experience. We also employ a diverse workforce of new immigrants and First Nations people, along with Canadian citizens from many provinces and territories, giving us a unique perspective through the eyes of many diverse cultures. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: The amazing generosity of the people in Saskatoon. People are always willing to help and offer advice and guidance, giving Saskatoon that small town feeling within a rapidly growing and vibrant city. I have travelled to many countries around the world and Saskatoon is one of the finest cities, in my opinion, in the world and is where my family calls home. Why the Chamber Board? Saskatoon is currently an exciting and growing community with so many possibilities. I would be honored to continue to be a part of a very successful Chamber Board that promotes Saskatoon in such a positive way.

President and CEO

Current Chamber Involvement: Board of Directors and Government Affairs Committee Current Roles in Other Organizations: Exposure to corporate governance via my Vice President Exploration and Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer roles with Claude Resources. Reporting to the Board of Directors monthly on all operational, human resources and communications issues. Strengths and Sector Knowledge I can Contribute: Executive level experience in the mining and mineral exploration sector including all aspects of operations, equity and/or debt financing, human resources, corporate communication & strategic planning. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: Saskatoon has a small town feel yet offers great professional and personal opportunity. Great for families and great for business. Why the Chamber Board? I believe Saskatoon and our Province has a great platform to support continued growth and prosperity and see the Chamber of Commerce Board as playing a key role in fostering relationships and supporting business development.

Charmaine Wintermute Sole Proprietor

C. Wintermute HR Consulting

Current Chamber Involvement: Chamber Member Current Roles in Other Organizations: None Strengths and Sector Knowledge I can Contribute: Human resource professional with 17 years’ experience working with diverse business organizations in Saskatoon. I am a systems thinker and enjoy working with “builders” who are focused on sustainability. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: I cannot resist the beautiful riverbank and trails – Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall – and watching Saskatoon residents and visitors enjoy its tranquility and splendor. Why the Chamber Board? I am born and raised in Saskatoon. I have never lived or worked anywhere else. I appreciate Saskatoon’s history and am committed to supporting a thriving business community now and in the future – for the next generation to grow and prosper. I walk and drive through Saskatoon with awe and excitement as I remember what “was” and revel in what “is”. All of the change and successful growth is built on the foundation of hard work and an unwaivering belief that anything is possible in this beautiful City. The Chamber Board is the champion for Saskatoon business opportunity, growth and prosperity.

Colleen Yates President

Equinox3 Consulting Ltd.

Current Chamber Involvement: Board of Directors and Sustainability Opportunities Committee Chair Current Roles in Other Organizations: Road Map Saskatoon Board and Municipal Planning Commission Chair Strengths and Sector Knowledge I can Contribute: Over 25 years of experience in the environmental and community planning sectors, strong understanding of the City of Saskatoon operations through eight years in a managerial capacity. My favorite Thing about Saskatoon is: Its great sense of community and cooperation that provides tremendous support encouragement for entrepreneurs and business people, as well as provides a great quality of life. Why the Chamber Board? The Chamber Board provides an opportunity to voice and leadership on important matters affecting business and the community as a whole. The Chamber’s long, highly respected reputation means that it is listened to by decision makers in business, government and the community as a whole. As our economy evolves, I see the Chamber Board as one of the most effective ways to help support and Saskatoon’s business community.

The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce is run by our volunteer board of directors. All members of the Chamber are elligible to vote in the board elections. Look for information the last week of April in your email on how to cast your vote online. Elections will officially close May 6th, 2016. For additional information contact Terry Lawrence at BUSINESS VIEW SASKATOON APRIL/MAY 2016 9

Cover Story Cover Story continued from page 5...

a concise package including payroll reports, financials, bank reconciliations and the like. “We knew this was what the accountants wanted and we’ve put it together to save the business time and money.” By anticipating the needs of the client, and acting on that need to provide quality service, Checks n Balances has expanded from a home office to a graduate of the Ideas Inc. entrepreneurial program. The coaching and support offered by the program was “instrumental in getting us up and on our way,” said Sheppard. In 2011, the business moved to its current location at 502 45th Street and continues to grow each year. Another key component to the success of Checks n Balances has been the SABEX Awards, given annually at the Chamber’s “Celebrate Success” Awards Gala, presented by PotashCorp. Nominated by a number of clients, the business was a finalist in the categories of Growth and Expansion (2009); Customer Service, Growth and Expansion,

and Small Business (2012); and Customer Service and Small Business (2013). In 2015 the business was the overall Small Business winner. While Sheppard admits she was surprised by the win she said the hard work and quality service provided by her business is what got them to the top. Being nominated was both humbling and an opportunity for evaluation. “Going through the questions to finalize the nomination is a great experience,” she said. “You have to be honest with yourself and take a look at what is working and what can be improved in your business.” The entire staff at Checks n Balances works together as a team to serve clients and Sheppard involved them in the evaluation and subsequent awards celebration. “It was a team effort and to get the opportunity to publicly thank my staff and clients was fantastic,” she said. Quality work, professional service and personal relationships have been at the core

of Sheppard’s business from the beginning and help make Checks n Balances the success it is today. “I go the extra mile to accommodate clients,” she said. Meeting with them outside of regular hours, making sure they understand the financial side of their business and helping them improve their operations has led to further success for Sheppard as well. “Being part of 600 little businesses makes me feel like a mother hen,” she said. “I love all my clients and I love being able to celebrate their successes with them.” Contact: 502-45th Street West 2nd Floor, Suite 217 Saskatoon, SK S7L 6H2 By Phone: (306) 955-7855 By Email: For information and tickets to the 2016 Celebrate Success Awards Gala on May 19th (presented by PotashCorp) visit www.

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Member News

U of S Huskies Women’s Basketball Champions For the first time in their history, the University of Saskatchewan Huskies are CIS Women’s Basketball Champions. The Huskies knocked off the Ryerson University Rams 85-71 on Sunday March 20 at the Richard J. Currie Center in Fredericton to lift the CIS Championship trophy, the “Bronze Baby”, for the first time. “I can’t be happier for this group of women,” said head coach Lisa Thomaidis. “The amount of time they dedicated to this program, I can’t thank them enough.” Laura Dally, the Canada West MVP and First Team All-Canadian, came up with a big game when the Huskies needed it most. The fifth-year guard scored 25 points and was named the player of the game. Dally hit four of her first five three-point attempts and added six rebounds.

“It feels awesome, it feels amazing,” said Dally as the team celebrated on the court. “I couldn’t be happier to bring it back to Saskatoon, to the community that supports us so much.” Fellow fifth-year’s Kelsey Trulsrud and Dalyce Emmerson posted identical doubledoubles of 14 points and 12 rebounds. Emmerson was a force on the defensive end with five blocks. Emmerson, who recorded a double-double in all three of the Huskies’ games at the Championship, was named the Tournament MVP. Emmerson and Dally were both named tournament all-stars for their performance. “That’s what you want from your fifthyear All-Stars and All-Canadians, to bring it on the biggest night” said Thomaidis of the

Huskies performance. “They showed why they are so important to this team. They are all impressive individuals and I couldn’t be prouder.” Not only did the Huskies have a number of teams at CIS National Championships in March, but they also brought home to Saskatoon four CanadaWest Championships; men’s hockey, women’s basketball, men’s track & field and men’s wrestling. Special Event Notice: Lisa Thomaidis will be the guest speaker at “Shaken with a Twist” on April 21st. Check for details on this upcoming event.

Photo courtesy of University of Saskatchewan Huskie Athletics


Member News

YXE quality of service awarded “most improved” in North America Saskatoon International Airport (YXE) is pleased to announce that it been awarded the Airport Council International (ACI)’s award for the Most Improved Airport in North America in 2015. The ASQ program is used to benchmark passenger satisfaction at airports worldwide. “Saskatoon International Airport is committed to be the most valued airport experience in Canada,” says Stephen Maybury, President and CEO of Saskatoon Airport Authority. “Together with our airport partners, we have made significant strides in improving service quality to be acknowledged as the Most Improved Airport in North America”. YXE plans to continue to build on these scores to improve key areas such as parking and other value-adding terminal services. YXE is also proud to announce it has the top On-Time Performance (OTP) scores in the country for 2015. “Our guests have a stated

departure time on their boarding pass,” says Maybury. “We work collaboratively with all of our partners to facilitate efficient operations and contribute to a positive experience at our airport”. OTP is considered leaving within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time. “Significant investments have been made to achieve top scores in both Service Quality and On-Time Performance,” explains Maybury. “Completion of the $53 million terminal expansion in early 2015 has created space for guests to be comfortable and to enjoy the new experiences the airport has to offer.” In addition, YXE has expanded its operations by providing 24/7 support that assists in meeting airlines’ departure/arrival schedules and responding to challenges as they arise. The ACI Airport Service Quality (ASQ) programme is unique as the airport industry’s only global benchmarking programme measuring passenger satisfaction in real time while passengers are at the airport.

Implemented at over 300 airports worldwide, the ASQ programme delivers an in-depth assessment of the quality of the customer service experience, including elements such as check-in; security; wayfinding; food & beverage; and more. The resulting database allows for a comprehensive analysis of the customer service experience at each participating airport. “We see ever-greater competition among airports and with it increasing pressure to optimize performance across the operation, especially when it comes to the passenger experience,” noted Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World. “Today’s airport managers must respond to the passenger’s demand and expectation for superior customer service.” 2015 ASQ results place Saskatoon International Airport (YXE) among the world’s best airports for the quality of its customer service experience.


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Nancy MacLeod 1-800-781-2411 Additional 15% discount for Chamber members



Laddie James

General Manager, Hairstyle Inn Salons

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Meckelbourg Financial Group Ltd. Meckelborg Financial Group Ltd. (MFG) is a licensed Portfolio Management Firm, Investment Fund Manager and Exempt Market Dealer located in downtown Saskatoon. We manage portfolios for individuals, corporations, foundations and pension plans across Canada. We pride ourselves on sourcing and distributing investment opportunities that are exclusive to MFG investors. We recognize that unique investment opportunities, coupled with a strong understanding of each client’s individual objectives, provide our clientèle with the platform needed to satisfy their investment goals. Our team at MFG consists of two registered Portfolio Managers, five Associate Portfolio Managers, one Research Analyst and a full support staff in place to service all of our clients’ needs. MFG participates in both the public and private markets throughout North America, as well as manages its own

internal mutual fund. This allows our clients the freedom to choose their investment path whether it be in traditional methods, alternative investments, private equity or real estate. Our goal is to create a solution that truly diversifies your investments based on your individual objectives. We are a team of investment professionals who see things differently. We take the fruits of your labour and work hard to diversify and grow your portfolio. Where others see fields, we see markets; where others see financial returns, we see the growth and security of families. We combine a variety of perspectives and strategies to provide customized wealth management plans, transform portfolios and fund futures. MFG’s registrations include; • Portfolio Management • Investment Fund Manager • Exempt Market Dealer • Life Insurance

We offer the following services; • Unique Insurance Concepts • Proprietary Retirement Planning Software • Pension Analysis • Corporate Structuring & Planning • Discretionary Portfolio Management • Access to Alternative Investments • Institutional Platform • In-house Asset Management Our team approach, combination of registrations, industry partnerships and unique investment strategies separate us from other firms in our industry. Contact Information: Address: #300-728 Spadina Crescent East Phone: 306-933-9993 Email:

EXCLUSIVELY FOR CHAMBER MEMBERS Save more with First Data’s preferred rate program for chamber members: or call 844.675.6357


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Chamber on Tap welcomes Shaken with a Twist and new sponsor BRITEBOX Storage Chamber on Tap The Chamber’s monthly free networking events, “Chamber on Tap” and “Shaken with a Twist” are great ways to meet other business people. “Shaken with a Twist” is the second Thursday of the month at Village Guitar and Amp and is sponsored by Trusted Marketing Services and BDC. “Chamber on Tap” is the first Wednesday of the month at Hudson’s Tap House, and is sponsored by Aurora Workplace Solutions and Sutton Financial Group. Sound is provided by Soundlounge by tBone, and sponsored by BRITEBOX Storage. Join us for fun, networking and a great guest speaker at these two Chamber events each month! Visit for information on all our upcoming events. Photos below are courtesy of Grant Romancia Photography.

Danielle Robson, Tim Hortons Franchise Owner

Heather Abbey, 14


BRITEBOX Storage is the newest sponsor of “Chamber on Tap”, whose sponsorship helps provide the excellent sound service supplied by “Soundlounge by tBone”. What is BRITEBOX Storage? Here’s their story: Heather is a gardener extraordinaire, but was without a garden. She enjoyed digging in the fresh loamy earth, planting and tending her flowers and fresh summer veggies. Since childhood she had been rooted in the gardening tradition, and had a collection of the most unusual and interesting garden décor. Black scrolled iron mannequins for displaying her succulent collection, a cerulean blue patio table with two chairs she had painted herself, and an eclectic collection of pots and containers in baby blue, indigo and periwinkle. She would visit her BRITEBOX storage unit with her thermos of tea on warm sunny days, and peruse the newest garden bulb and seed catalogues, gently swinging on her white wicker love seat. You see she was in-between houses and had no room for her lovely collection. We listened to both happy and sad pieces of her story each time she came to visit her “BRITEBOX garden place”. Bob can make anything. What had started as a hobby building things for family and friends became his new occupation creating things that people wanted for their house, yard cottage or garage. With excitement, he shared with us the story of each new addition, describing the projects he was currently completing. He was proud of his collection of the best electric saws, hammer drills, ladders, all kept in superb condition. His “BRITEBOX building place” included a small section of old office files. But as his reputation grew so did his collections. He was running out of space. We have over 400 BRITEBOX storage units in 8 different sizes and each has its own story! The Britebox team, Sara, Trevor and Ryan have become good listeners and will help you find the right unit for your individual collections. Heather and Bob were looking for a safe and secure place for their treasures and tools. The Britebox team can supply that place for garden decor, your building tools and almost anything else. Not long ago we said a sad goodbye to Heather. She purchased the perfect garden that came with a house she liked. We still get occasional visits from Heather, and she told us about her friend needing to store her Pilates equipment, while she is between places. Our new heated storage will be just right, and we are ready for new stories. Now Bob the builder is excited. We told him about our new bigger drive through units and he is planning to move to it and making a home for his new truck. Come visit us at 3915 Wanuskewin Road. We can put the coffee or tea on, and if you’re lucky there may even be cupcakes! 3915 Wanuskewin Road, Saskatoon SK 306-668-3300,


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We can connect all the pieces in more ways than ever before. For more information, visit or contact your media sales consultant.

27th annual

President's Golf Classic Thursday, June 16th, 2016 Dakota Dunes golf Links

Champagne Breakfast 9:00 to 9:45 am Shotgun Start 10:00 am Golf includes champagne breakfast, lunch and power cart Golf - Members: $175 + GST/each Golf - Non-members $225 + GST/each Champagne Breakfast only $30 + GST

Register at

Sponsorships Available contact:

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Seven tips that demystify lead generation By Mouneeb Shahid, Founder & CEO, 2 Web Design Would you agree that one of the greatest uses of your website is to generate quality leads for your business? In addition to building credibility and trust, your website is the hub that connects you to your audience. It has the potential to generate quality leads if it attracts the right target audience. However, the site needs to be well designed and optimized for this to happen. In this article I have laid out seven tips that you need to consider if you are serious about lead generation: 1. Begin With Your Customer Journey Understand how your customer finds you and build your website around your target audience. Often you end up with a website that might look great but does not really convert. The reason is simply because it does not resonate with your customer. The design, the messaging and the flow of information should be around your customer’s persona. I recommend that you develop at least three personas of your ideal client and tie your messaging and design around that. 2. Track Website Performance Before trying to improve a website, it’s important to understand where exactly the improvements are required on your website. Another mistake that businesses often make is that they rush to creating a new design, rather than understanding how their current website is performing and building from there. By not tracking and understanding your website’s performance you are bound to make the same mistakes again. The mistakes might look much prettier, but they will still be mistakes. Use a free tool like Google Analytics to track data and understand user behavior. 3. Include Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons Call-To-Action buttons are perfect for prompting visitors to make a decision. However, these buttons need to be strategically

placed on the website in order for the visitor to first see it clearly, get attracted to it, and then take action. The Call-To-Action button must also be designed well enough to invite the visitor to read what is being offered and seek to know more. The button itself must be clear and big enough for the visitor to notice it and easily click on it. CTA buttons help a lot in generating quality leads through your website because you can sort out those visitors who are more interested in the product or service and who are most likely to become buying customers. When placing CTAs, size really matters especially when it comes to mobile.

will be viewing first, it is important that these pages engage audiences and create interest about the website products or services among visitors. Also, since the landing page is often the first impression that the visitor will have about the website, it has to be very good. What’s more, the company has to ensure that the page fulfills the objective, which is of course to generate leads. Through the process of A/B testing, companies can test two versions (A and B) of their landing pages and see, which one performs better. The one that fulfills the company’s objective and provides the best user experience to visitors is the one that should be chosen.

4. Add Live Chat What better way to generate leads than by personally engaging with visitors who are currently on the website? Installation of the live chat plugin is very simple and very helpful as well, in terms of lead generation. With this, not only can you see the live number of visitors on your website, but also get a chance to interact with them directly. Your company personnel can have a live chatting session with your website visitors. If they respond, then a host of information can be derived from these visitors such as what would be the specific product or service that they are searching for, how is their experience on the website so far, and much more. Visitors would also be grateful if a company assistant would personally help them resolve any queries that they may have, or who would be able to provide them with more information about the offerings of your company.

6. Use Quality and Compelling Content Well-drafted, informative and relevant content on landing pages engages your audience. Content be in the form of videos, demos or even webinars. Basically, any content or media which the company feels that their visitors will find interesting should be added to the website. When creating content, think about what kind of content is worth sharing and allow the ability for users to share the content on social media channels.

5. Test Your Landing Pages No one can check the effectiveness of a website or a landing page without the help of testing - A/B testing to be precise! Since landing pages are the ones that every visitor

7. Use Intelligent Tracking (Caller-ID for your website?) Remember when Caller ID came out? It changed the game of receiving and accepting calls. Imagine if you were able to know who has come to your website, much like the callerid on your phone. Go to www.kaizencms. com to learn more about this technology. Hope you enjoyed this article. Following is a tribute to our recent clients that have put their trust in us: - - -


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The federal budget and business Maybe they’re just not that into you?

By Hendrik Brakel Senior Director, Economic, Financial & Tax Policy, Canadian Chamber of Commerce Last week, we published our analysis of the 2016 federal budget, a report card based on business priorities and we awarded it a B-. We liked the investments in skills, the efforts to stimulate the economy and the focus on green technology. But we disliked the postponing of legislated reductions in the small business tax rates, the deficits and the focus on social goals rather than productive investments in infrastructure spending. Since then, we’ve heard from a number of chambers across the country that perhaps we’ve been too generous with our grading. A Bloomberg reporter told us that the importance of business has plummeted, pointing out that the word “business” appeared 622 times in last year’s Conservative budget. This year, just 87 times. So has business become an afterthought? The biggest challenge for grading the agenda is that in so many ways, this is the “wait and see” budget. Like a lovelorn Taylor Swift, the business community deperately wants to spend time with a stronger economy, but is waiting by the phone, hoping the government will pay attention to it. On infrastructure, we, alongside



every economist in the country, had been urging the type of trade-enabling investment that will boost productivity, such as roads, bridges, ports and digital infrastructure. Instead, the government announced $11 billion for public transit, water, green infrastructure projects and social housing (including cultural and recreational infrastructure). What happened to the stuff business wanted? The government said Phase 2 of the infrastructure plan, which contains the “fast, efficient trade corridors that allow Canadian exporters to benefit fully from international trade” will be announced in the next year. So we’ll have to wait and see. $2.26 billion of funding was announced for innovation, but almost all of it is destined to universities and colleges. The private sector was hardly mentioned, a challenge because Canada lags in commercialization, in venture capital and in growing technology businesses beyond a certain size. But the government will launch its Innovation Agenda, a “bold new plan” to redesign how it supports innovation, in 2016. Again, we’ll wait and see. On taxes, we were disappointed that the reductions in the small business

tax rates were deferred, which will cost small business almost a billion dollars. How long until we see these tax cuts? We’ll wait and see. The government also announced that it will undertake a review of the tax system, with a view to eliminating poorly targeted and inefficient tax measures. We’ll wait and see what that will look like. What about pensions? What about health funding? The government is consulting with the provinces so we’ll wait and see. To be fair, the government has only been in office for 150 days. Imagine if it had announced an innovation strategy just two months in, as if it had it all figured out. That would be far worse. Unlike Taylor Swift, we won’t just wait by the phone. Nor should you. We want to work with the government to make the private sector and commercialization the central part of its Innovation Agenda and to ensure we get the infrastructure we need to make Canada more competitive. For more information, please contact: Hendrik Brakel, Senior Director, Economic, Financial & Tax Policy 613.238.4000 (284) |

5 Minutes for Business

(Reprinted with permission)

The Federal Budget and Business: Maybe They’re Just Not That into You?

Member News

Gitzel named recipient of “Canadian Resource Champion”

Kent Smith-Winsdor (left) and Tanya Knight (right) present Tim Gitzel (centre) with the “Canada Resource Champion Award”. (Photo: Grant Romancia)

The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce that Mr. Tim Gitzel, President and CEO of Cameco Corporation, has been selected as a recipient of the “Canada Resource Champion Award” by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. The Resource Champions Award was established to recognize and highlight the outstanding efforts of organizations and individuals who have supported Canada’s world-class resource industry. Tim joined Cameco in 2007 as senior vice-president and chief operating officer, and was subsequently appointed president in 2010. On July 1, 2011, he was appointed chief executive officer. Tim has extensive experience in Canadian and international uranium mining activities through more than 25 years of senior management and legal experience. Prior to joining Cameco, he was executive vice-president, mining business unit for AREVA based in Paris, France

with responsibility for global uranium, gold, exploration and decommissioning operations in 11 countries. He also served as president and chief executive officer for AREVA's Canadian subsidiary, Saskatoon-based AREVA Resources Canada. Tim recently completed his service as chair of the World Nuclear Association. He is also a past president of the Saskatchewan Mining Association, and has served on the boards of Mining Association of Canada, the Canadian

Nuclear Association, SaskEnergy and the Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce. In his leadership positions at Cameco, and previously at AREVA, Mr. Gitzel has been an industry leader in building relationships with the people and communities in Saskatchewan's north. Under his leadership, Cameco has developed programs and partnerships in the north that focus on five key pillars: workforce development (including education programs designed to train the workers of tomorrow), business development, community investment, community engagement and environmental stewardship. Read more about the Canadian Chamber’s “Resource Champions” initiative and Mr. Gitzel’s nomination by visiting the Canadian Chamber of Commerce website:

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UPS® Members Benefit Program Make the most out of your Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce membership and take advantage of some of the most competitive rates available on shipping services with the UPS Members Benefit Program. Put logistics to work for you. You can receive these discounts even if you already have a UPS account. It’s free to sign up and there are no minimum requirements. See how you’ll save:

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A BENEFIT OPPORTUNITY Audio Conferencing, Web Collaboration, Webinar Services

In the changing business landscape virtual collaboration tools are becoming more and more important. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Evolve Collaboration, Canada’s leading provider of conferencing and collaboration services in an effort to make these tools available to members. Program Benefits: • Members receive discounted rates on Audio Conferencing, Web Collaboration and Webinar Services


Peter Howser T 1-855-253-4780 x 9771 C (647) 454-3315

• Chamber members have access to an Evolve Collaboration expert who will assess where collaboration tools can enable your business and provide guidance and training. IN PARTNERSHIP WITH

Program Highlights: • Audio Conferencing Rates starting at 4.5¢/min: 50% below commercial industry average • Adobe Web collaboration unlimited use $50/month • Free Virtual Collaboration Assessment • Electronic Billing • Bilingual Operator Support • No Contracts or Activation Fees Sign up here:


Angela Roy Coordinator, Chamber Development & Services

1-800-661-2930 x 265

Evolve Collaboration in proud partnership with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce

MEMBERS PAGE COMMITTEE CHAIRS Agribusiness Opportunities Bert Sutherland - Loran Forer - BMO Business Growth Mark Zielke - Start Fresh Media Business of Science & Technology Bill Lewis - Engineering for Kids Raj Nayak - University of Saskatchewan Sandra Ribeiro - Canadian Light Source

The Canadian Red Cross is proud to announce an exciting new event to recognize humanitarians in Saskatchewan. The inaugural Red Cross Power of Humanity Luncheon is happening May 4th, 2016, at the Radisson Hotel in Saskatoon. It will be an opportunity to present two awards to recipients who have demonstrated the spirit of humanity in a local, national or international capacity. Heather Ryan and David Dubé, will be presented the 2016 Humanitarians of the Year award and the 2016 Young Humanitarian of the Year award will be presented to Mike McDonald. All the proceeds from the Power of Humanity Luncheon in Saskatoon will go to help the Red Cross in Saskatchewan in two ways: comforting families affected by disaster, and reaching students with education and tools to promote respect and help prevent bullying behaviour. For more information on award recipients or to purchase tickets for the Power of Humanity Luncheon, contact the Red Cross office in Saskatoon by calling 306-668-0720 or by e-mailing Richard Kies at

Business of Science & Technology ICT Subcommittee Allan Wolinski - Vendasta Technologies Celebrate Success! Lynn Eberle - Saskatchewan Polytechnic Chamber on Tap Evan Drisner - Nu-Fab Building Products Future Opportunities Committee

Bill Brooks - Eclecthink International First Nations and Métis Opportunities Committee

Chris Sicotte - Affinity Credit Union

Going Global Ken Ziegler - Robertson Stromberg LLP Monica Kreuger - Global Infobrokers Government Affairs Michael Chudoba - Foundation Realty

Remai Modern is excited to announce an exclusive LUGO pre-party featuring special performances, hors d’oeuvres, cocktails and unique contemporary artist projects. Only 100 tickets are available through the Remai Modern Development office at 306.975.8060 or Kick off your LUGO evening with a moving experience. Pre-party tickets include complimentary cocktails featuring Sperling Silver spirits, hors d’oeuvres, and exclusive art experiences for pre-party guests. Tickets also include entry to the main LUGO event. LUGO 2016 features a diverse line-up exploring the theme of movement through live music, visual art, film, contemporary dance, photography, and interactive media. This year’s theme of movement not only reflects Remai Modern’s transition to River Landing in 2017, but also relates to collective action, physical movement in art, and movements in both music and poetry. For optimum effects in the pre-party experiential photo booth, we encourage you to wear white and/or black clothing. Visit our inspiration board to plan your perfect look for the night! TICKETS: $150 (19+) on sale now. Partial tax receipt will be issued. Call 306.975.8060 or email


Health Opportunities Dave Dutchak - MD Ambulance Care Ltd. Sanj Singh - AdeTherapeutics Inc. Corey Miller - Saskatchewan Cancer Agency

Sustainability Opportunities Colleen Yates - Equinox3 Consulting Ltd.

For more information or to join a volunteer committee email us at:



Nominations are now open for the first annual Newcomer of the Year Awards (NEYA), which celebrates small business owners who have journeyed through immigrating to Canada and have successfully launched and grown their business in the Saskatoon region. The finalists will be honoured at the NEYA Gala on June 6, 2016 in Saskatoon, SK. Award categories, criteria and nomination forms available at: Nomination Deadline: April 29, 2016.

For membership information contact Derek Crang

(306) 664-0702 Visit today under Member Services for more details

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A1 Accounting Group LLP Accountants / Bookkeepers 605 33rd St W, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 653-4885 Jordan Anderson

Global Public Affairs Consultants - Communications 901-50 O’Connor St, Ottawa Phone: (403) 264-8430 Kristin Anderson

Prairie Roots Dental Studio Health Care - Services / Supplies 402 1st Ave N, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 665-7676 Michael Meier

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The Ivy Dining & Lounge Restaurants 301 Ontario Ave, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 384-4444 Daniel Beavis

Rayacom Print & Design Printing Services / Supplies AND Signs 125A Idylwyld Dr N, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 477-7468 Bert Sutherland

Kikinaw Development Corporation Non-Profit Organizations 220-220 20th St W, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 664-4113 Jeff Lindgren

Rivercity Technology Services Ltd. Computers - Custom Software AND Education / Training 112-116 Research Dr, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 380-6330 Jeff Shirley

Alyss Gehl Realty P.C. Ltd. Real Estate - Residential Phone: (306) 291-1709 Alyss Gehl Ayden Kitchen and Bar Restaurants 265 3rd Ave S, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 954-2590 Dale Mackay The Bassment Night Clubs / Lounges AND Non-Profit Organizations B3-202 4th Ave N, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 683-2277 Julie Dell The Brasserie Restaurants 226 2nd Ave S, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 952-4477 Daniel Beavis Crossmount Farm and Cidery Ltd. Agricultural AND Food Processors / Distributors 30 Glen Rd, Crossmount Phone: (306) 374-9884 Les Morrison Crossmount Senior Health Corp. Convention & Entertainment Facilities / Services AND Real Estate - Residential 10 Glen Rd, Crossmount Phone: (306) 374-9890 Jessica Kletke Dave Dutchak Individual Members Phone: (306) 975-8808 Dr. Petrus Jansen van Rensburg M.C. Health Care - Services / Supplies Phone: (306) 220-4053

Mack, Sonya Individual Members Phone: (306) 251-2725 Meckelborg Financial Group Ltd. Financial Services / Planning AND Investments / Venture Capital 300-728 Spadina Cres E, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 933-9993 Zach Sim Mock, Brent Individual Member Phone: (306) 380-1777 Moneris Solutions Financial Services / Planning AND Home-Based Business Phone: (306) 501-0040 Brittany Saunders The Mosaic Company Agricultural AND Mining & Exploration 1700-2010 12th Ave, Regina Phone: (306) 523-2800 Andrea Baker / Sarah Fedorchuk O’Shea’s Irish Pub Restaurants 222 2nd Ave S, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 384-7444 Daniel Beavis

Saskatchewan First Nations Economic Development (SFNEDN) Non-Profit Organizations 215-2553 Grasswood Rd E, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 667-5661 April Roberts Saskatchewan Transportation Co. Transportation Industry 50 23rd St, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 787-4583 Bob Bailey / Wayne Piper / Gord Thompson Saskatoon Housing Coalition Non-Profit Organizations 319 Camponi Pl, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 655-4979 Jo-Ann Coleman Pidskalny Smart Energy Alternates Retail AND Sound / Light - Systems / Tech 718 Circle Dr E, Saskatoon Phone: (306) 270-6060 Safeer Chatoor Verdesian Life Sciences Agricultural 480-1001 Winstead Dr, Cary, NC, USA Phone: (919) 447-7136 Jennifer Neilson Wintermute, Charmaine Consultants - Employment / Training AND HomeBased Business Phone: (306) 665-8258




JUNE 20-26



The Graham & Ruby DeLaet Foundation is pleased to become the host organization and driving force behind the SIGA Dakota Dunes Open ft. Graham Slam. The Event will showcase a week of premier golf and entertainment, and will support youth causes in communities across Saskatchewan.