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EPÉÆÃPÀè¨ï ZÀlĪÀnPÉU¼À À ªÀiÁ»w Members of Eco Club with Eco friendly banner.

Notice board with Eco Club activity.

Qn 2-12-2011,world pollution control day G.H.S Thummanahalli had

organized a small trip to Batraya sawami park Chikkadasararahalli.Children started to the park at 10:AM,they walked around 7km to reach the park. Children shouted slogans about environmental protection. The rout was planned though a forest where they observed different kinds of herbs shrubs and trees. The also observed some birds and animals living in that environment. The following programmes were organized in the park‌


Quiz :- 5 teams were made & named as bhumi,agni, vayu, jal, akash . Questions were asked in 4 rounds .The winners was bhumi. The participants of the winning team were Munendra,Lavanya.K.S,Gajendra S.R and Madan T.P.

Drawing competition : 11 students participated in the competition. They made beautiful drawings depicting environment and environmental pollution. Pradeep of class VIII won the first place and was given prize.

Lecture : A lecture was given by the invited guest Mrs. Geetha, Head Mistress of Malmachanahalli High School about environmental pollution and its protection.

Pick and talk : Topics like ozone, pollution, soil,food chain were given to children.Children actively took part in the competition.NaveenH.D of class 9 won the first prize, Sapthagiri of class 8 won the second prize and Roopa T.R of class 8 won the third prize.



On December20011, Head Mistress,teachers and children of G.H.S Thummanahalli planted medicinal plants like mint,aluvera,hibiscus,castor etc in pots.Children were also given information about medical use of the plants in daily life by the biology teacher Saleha Banu.

Cleaning programme

On 12 December ‘11, children of G.H.S Thummanahalli took part in cleaning the school premises. Children separately collected biodegradable and non biodegradable waste. Biodegradable waste was used for preparing manure.

Procession. On 24th December 2011 teachers and students of G.H.S Thummanahalli went in a Procession all round the village. The students were holding banner and pla cards containing slogans about environment protection.They were also shouting the same slogans.

eco club thummanahalli  
eco club thummanahalli  

eco club thummanahalli