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ACCOMPLISHMENT REPORT DE LITE DE Lite is the extension of classic model supported for 5 years. AIF in its different program supports schools only for 3 years. Due to the interest of the DELL, the program was continued for next two years by name “DE Lite” by providing minimum financial support. The motto of continuing this program was to enrich the Teaching Learning Process by providing the technology resources and pedagogical support to the Teachers and Students simultaneously.

DONOR DETAILS DELL is a privately owned multinational Computer Technology Company based in all over the world. DELL has been one of the funder for AIF from long. DELL Company is not only lending their services through providing funds and computer to the DE schools, the DELL employees has been volunteering in the program activities.

DURATION OF THE PROGRAM The DE Lite was implemented for 05years in a school with the MoU signed with the DSERT of Education Department


10 computers with supporting UPS and accessories for 9 schools 1 Digital Camera for each school 10 tables and 20 chairs for 09 schools A dedicated Hi-speed internet connection Cluster Coordinator for training and monitoring

DE Karnataka: DELL accomplishment Report 2014

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Students – 1199 Teachers – 53

PROGRAM DETAILS To build the capacity of teachers in technology and support the teachers to integrate technology and pedagogy in their classroom, AIF jointly worked with EZ Vidhya Academy and developed the training modules. The modules contain 85 hours of components which will take nearly 2 years to deliver the content and 1 year for integration of the training. Considering the sustainability of the program, we continued for 2 more years, thus strengthening the teachers thorough mentoring by cluster coordinator.


Techno – Pedagogy Training DE Project Lesson Plan Teachers Project Usage of Internet DE Period DST Balamela

PILOT INITIATIVE WITHIN THE PROGRAM ENGLISH HELPER:To make the learning of English language more appealing and easier, English helper was introduced to schools. English Helper Project provides support to teacher through Teach Helper (TH) and students through Read to Me (RTM). Through this project, teachers and students from 10 schools have benefited. Due to initiation of EH project, there is an increase usage of English in day to day activities by teachers and DE Karnataka: DELL accomplishment Report 2014

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students, proficiency in speaking the language has improved, knowing the language will help the students for higher education and clears the inhibitions of not knowing the language. Number of Schools covered: - 05 Number of Teachers involved: - 05 Number of Students benefited: - 747

FLIPPED CLASSROOM:The Flipped Classroom is a pedagogical model in which the typical teaching and homework elements of a traditional classroom are reversed. Short video and animations are viewed by students before the class session. During the class session, discussion and facilitation by the teacher happens. The pre-visit of content through videos & books by the students and the facilitated class session are considered as the key ingredient in the flipped approach.   

To make the teaching- learning process more child centric To create a learning environment focusing on engaging the learner. To create space where, the child gets an opportunity to develop critical and analytical skills.

Number of Schools covered: - 01 Grade Selected: - 6th STD Number of Teachers involved: - 02 Number of Students benefited: - 40

OTHER ACTIVITIES DELL Volunteers have done the various following activities with the schools during the year 2009 to 2014      

Posters for republic day Drawing and hardware training Cultural program – DELL campus Learn English – To make the students learn English Drawing and essay competition regarding importance of education Painting the class rooms

DE Karnataka: DELL accomplishment Report 2014

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 

Some the computers were effected by virus and we did not had options to install antivirus. Hence OS was reinstalled. The teachers were taught hardware training and reinstallation to rectify the infected computers Four RAM’s were corrupted in one of the school. The Head Teacher was motivated to purchase new RAMs’ with the school amount. Motivating the Nalikali Teachers(1st to 3rd standard) to use technology during their classroom transactions. The coordinators provided resource CDs and motivated the Nalikali Teachers to use the technology wherever necessary.


Students have learnt to prepare the survey method projects with the integration of images and information outsource. Students have learnt Internet usage – Browsing information, downloading images Students have learnt collaborative learning – Working with team Teachers have learnt the usage of technology inside the classroom – Taking the laptop and CDs inside the classroom. Teachers have learnt to prepare the projects with the integration of images and information from outsource. Teachers are conducting class session using technology. The teachers have transformed to facilitators.


DE Project – 128 DE Period – 1728 Lesson Plan – 87 Teachers Project – 99 DST – 5

DE Karnataka: DELL accomplishment Report 2014

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ACKNOWLEDGMENT DIET and Other Officials:AIF thank DIET for the great support provided for the betterment of DE Program. Few of the DIET faculties visited the DE Lite schools at Bangalore Urban and gave the valuable feedback making the DE Program even stronger. They heartily welcomed AIF representatives to all the meetings and provided good opportunity to enrich and to bring the awareness about DE Program at all levels of Government Officials.

School Management and Teachers:AIF thanks and congratulates the school management and teachers for the extreme support given for the organization to implement the Digital Equalizer Program in their respective schools. AIF appreciates the teachers for integrating the technology and few pedagogic aspects wherever necessary. AIF appreciates the school management for taking the DE program ahead for the advancement of the Teaching Learning Process.


DIET Official: “AIF is doing great social work which cannot be done by Government. AIF is not only providing the resource but it is also giving pedagogical assistance for teachers to enrich their subject which is more appreciable”. -

Mr. Rama Mogera, ET Head, Bangalore Urban DIET

Head Teacher: I appreciate AIF for supporting the backward schools in Bangalore Urban District. Because of AIF the retention of the students has gradually increased”. -

DE Karnataka: DELL accomplishment Report 2014

Timmaraju, Head Teacher, GHPS Halgewaderahalli

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Teacher: “We thank AIF for choosing our school under DE Program. AIF has not only provided the computers to our school but also provided the Read To Me (RTM) English software, which is more useful for Higher Primary school teachers and students. This software helps our students to increase the language proficiency. Thanks to AIF and we are expecting this program for next year too”. -

Mrs. Shwetha, Assistant Teacher, GHPS Kithganahalli

Student: “As we are studying in Government we are attached only to text book and charts. Few years ago we had heard about computers but we did not work with that. When AIF provided computers and other resources with the support of DELL, we learnt a lot and we were able to do projects, creating Email ID, taking printouts, downloading the pictures and videos which are more relevant for our subject. Thanks to AIF and DELL for choosing our school for DE Program”. -

Krishna, 8th STD Student, GHPS Munnekolala

According to the AIF policy and as mentioned, the program is designed for 5 years. Initiated in the year 2009, the school teachers with support of AIF have been strengthened in the Techno-Pedagogy. The teachers are using the technology regularly in their classroom transaction. The teachers and students are elated with DE Program. 2014 is the last year of our five year affiliation with these schools. Now they are graduated DE schools! The AIF has handed over the schools to the Government with the resources provided by AIF as per Memorandum of Understanding. AIF extends its gratitude to DELL for supporting us to make the DE Program a successful one.

DE Karnataka: DELL accomplishment Report 2014

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Dell completion report final