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INSIDE: Pawsitively Wholesome: Passion and Purpose at Purrology & Furology Season of Gratitude: Finding Joy and Giving Thanks Around Santee Winter | 2022
A publication of the Santee Chamber of Commerce
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Hello Santee

A message from Santee Chamber CEO, Kristen Dare

Chair’s Message 7 A note from the desk of current Santee Chamber Board Chair, Melissa Dombo


your pet? Sister businesses Furology & Purrology

treat your animal like one of their own

Business of the Year 13 As 2022 ends, we thank Staump Music School for being a business leader and youth advocate

Socializing Santee 15 A look back at Santee Chamber events and member activities

Shop Santee

about local business, Coffee Corner, and be sure to Shop Santee

My Hometown 21 Meet resident, community volunteer and business entrepreneur, Bob Lloyd

5 Ways to Celebrate Winter in Santee 25 Check out some of the ways to experience Wintertime in Santee

The Santee Scoop 27 Get the inside scoop from local real estate agent and resident, John Olsen

Membership Guide 32 Join us in thanking our members and consider shopping with them this holiday season and beyond

Community Calendar 35 Take a peek at what’s on deck for some Wintertime fun around town

Community Resource Guide 36 Get connected with what you need for your home or business in Santee

On The Cover

Lindsey Nugent, CEO of Furology & Purrology

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9625 Mission Gorge Road, Suite B2-315 Santee, CA 92071 619.449.1515

2022 Chamber Officers

Melissa Dombo, Chair of the Board Raceway Electric & Solar – 619.596.1918

Daniel Buksa, Chair Elect Mission Realty – 619.368.8371

Susie Parks, 1st Vice Chair Coffee Corner - 619.368.5525

Mike Aiken, 2nd Vice Chair

Carlton Oaks Golf – 619.540.3295

Bobbie Jo Lewis, Secretary/Treasurer Walmart – 619.823.5618

Darcy Fagerwold, Past Chair

Expressions Dance & Movement Center 619.490.7000

2022 Office Staff

Kristen Dare, ACE CEO

Jennae Gonzalez Operations Manager

Heather Bury-Charpentier Communications Coordinator

Bethany Cook Bookkeeper

Tina Firestone Retention Specialist @SanteeChamber

2022 Chamber Directors

Curtis Anderson

Salon Thrive - 619.888.8407

Greg Gagnon

The UPS Store - 619.249.6657

Richard Hatcher

California Coast Credit Union - 619.889.5981

Bryan Koci Whissel Realty - 619.244.0339

Rocky Qualin Padre Dam Municipal Water District 619.258.4610

Barbara Ryan Santee School District - 619.701.5751

James Sly

East County Economic Development Council619.729.1413

Pam White City of Santee - 619.258.4100 ext 223

Sarah Wood Allegiance Heating & Air Conditioning619.244.4584

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@SanteeChamber @SanteeChamber @SanteeChamber


This issue will be hitting homes right before Thanksgiving, one of the most obvious times of the year to stop and be grateful. I am never shy about sharing all my blessings in life. From my amazing family, my rewarding job, this outstanding community, my endless opportunities - it’s clear that everyday I have a multitude of reasons why I am able to remain thankful. What does that mean for you, my readers? You get to see a few of the things I am thankful for in this issue!

So what are more things I am grateful for in this unique line of work, representing business in town? I’m grateful for every business in town, regardless of if they are a chamber member or have yet to join us. Working for a membership based organization is one of the easiest ways to put yourself behind the scenes and allow the much-deserving stars of the show to take the stage. In this case, the stars I refer to are our local businesses, of course. When they aren’t feeling front and center, you give them a queue from the side, remain behind the curtain, and adjust the spotlight to allow them to shine brighter. Small business is a big star for any local economy and ours is no exception, leading to an easy showcase for our cover. Check out more on the owners behind the Furology and Purrology shops in town on Page 8, or my go-to coffee shop on Page 17, or one of the most well-known automotive repair families in town on Page 21. Have more suggestions you’d like to see mentioned? Let us know by emailing us at

I would be remiss if I also didn’t mention someONE I am thankful for… not just now, but since I started working for the Chamber in 2014. In 2012, Arli Wolfson (alongside then CEO, John Olsen) was the original digital creator of The Santee Magazine. When I onboarded with the Chamber, Arli didn’t just become a work colleague, but a true friend. Her countless hours of making this magazine the successful publication it is today has been instrumental to our chamber, local businesses and our community at large. She retired from this project after a decade of service, producing her last issue with us in the Spring of 2022. Arli, we thank you for everything you’ve done!

Publisher Santee Chamber of Commerce

Editor Kristen Dare Graphic Design Nick Ossey

Contributing Editors Melissa Dombo Jennae Gonzalez

Committee Members

Heather Bury-Charpentier Kristen Dare Jennae Gonzalez

Contributing Writers

Kristen Dare Melissa Dombo Darcy Fagerwold Jennae Gonzalez Joe Mackey Lindsey Nugent John Olsen

Contributing Photographers

Kristen Dare

Melissa Dombo Lynda Marrokal John Olsen Chad Siford Printer Advantage, Inc.

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KEEPING SAN DIEGO BRIGHT SINCE 1993. voted a Nextdoor 2022 Neighborhood Favorite SCAN THIS CODE TO BOOK A QUOTE ONLINE RACEWAYELECTRIC.NET 619-596-1918 YOUR EXPERT FULL SERVICE ELECTRICIAN Solar / Whole House Fans / Panel Upgrades / Electrical Troubleshooting Light Fixture Installation / Car Chargers / and more...


It is almost Thanksgiving and in spirited tradition, it is THE time to reflect on this year. Of course we should ponder the concept of gratitude more than once a year. However, this time of year we get an excuse, a holiday, to stop and celebrate it all.

For me, I am super thankful for the journey. As I reflect on my role this year with the Chamber of Commerce I am thankful for the moments and the people that made up the journey. I am so fond of the dream team that is our board of directors and staff. I am proud to be part of this business community in my hometown. I am grateful that I get to participate and support our local businesses, our local charities, and our local events.

After we celebrate the journey this far… we will continue on this ride with the best intentions. For the Chamber of Commerce, we will continue to support local business for the betterment of the community. The chamber has great plans for the year ahead and to that I raise a glass and repeat “Onward and Upward!”, a saying I first heard from a former employer whom I deeply respect, quoting C.S. Lewis. I look forward to the continued support of this organization and remain thankful for the relationships that have been built from it.

I hope you get to enjoy your loved ones this Thanksgiving even if you can’t be with all of them in person. For those that are working over the holidays, thank you for holding down the fort.

With a thankful heart and a positive outlook—I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving Santee!

Thank You 2022 Chairman's Circle Members

Community Champions

Community Conveners

Community Catalysts

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| TSM 8
Furology, Inc.



Those of us who are fortunate enough to share our lives with pets would definitely agree! Our pets can help us manage loneliness, reduce our stress, make us laugh; the list could go on. When we are privileged enough to enjoy these benefits, our lives become more fulfilled and complete.

From a very young age, I’ve had a love and fondness for all sorts of animals. This love and passion grew with me, and I knew that my life would be spent working with animals and enjoying their company. I have been fortunate to spend the last three decades working in the pet industry, with half of that time in the pet grooming world. This fulfilling experience gave me what I was looking for - caring for animals in a way other than the clinical medical setting. This love of grooming, creating beauty and comfort for our most beloved companions, gave me a desire to start my own business where I could share my passion and knowledge with others. I knew that I wanted to create an environment and experience that was better for pets, their owners and employees who shared my passion.

In 2017 FURology Pet SPaw was born out of this passion. Early on, it was important that the business had a focus or mission statement to guide this belief. It was decided that FURology should be defined as “the practice of promoting cleanliness, comfort and good grooming for all furred companions”. This idea still guides us today, even through our growth and expansion. It is why we do what we do, and how we develop our operations. We are proud to offer professional grooming services and extensive knowledge to help people maintain their pet’s needs. All of this is done in an environment that was created to provide a low stress experience. To achieve this goal, we offer separate

rooms for the different aspects of the grooming process to reduce anxiety and stress. We have chosen to use products that are designed specifically for a variety of pet needs, administered by a highly skilled team of pet lovers. By creating this specialized environment, using tools designed for different grooming needs, and incorporating equipment and products designed for the pet industry, we are able to provide the best possible experience for our FURology friends.

Most pets will require some sort of professional attention during their lives whether it be for medical reasons or professional grooming. Both types of care are essential for a pet's overall health and well being. However, a pet groomer is privileged to know your pet in a different way than their veterinarian. Grooming visits are more frequent and enjoyable allowing a more positive relationship to be established. Through these repeated visits, skin conditions or overall health can be more closely monitored. When a positive relationship is developed between the groomer and pet, the rewards work both ways. Just as in an owner/pet relationship, the groomer/pet relationship also has its joys and rewards.

9 TSM |
Furology, Inc.

With the original opening of FURology, we provided grooming for dogs, cats and small animals in the same facility. But knowing that our feline friends and smaller mammals can be stressed when around dogs, I always wanted to provide a situation for them to be seen in an environment that was designed to meet their needs. When the opportunity presented itself, I seized it and created PURRology SPaw & Retreat, which is dedicated to grooming and boarding needs for cats and small animals. Our new facility has equipment designed to meet the specific needs of cats: smaller kennels, a quiet grooming room, drying kennels designed for cats, and a quick service room. Our Retreat is just that - spacious accommodations for cats to stay for extended periods of time and relax. These boarding suites have individualized air filtration systems, ensuring the air is always clean and fresh. Our guests have multiple levels to explore inside either the townhouse or condominium accommodation. There is

also the opportunity for each Retreat guest to spend time in the sunroom enjoying a different view to the outside world. Each stay comes with lots of love and attention from our staff. Being a sister of the original salon, PURRology enjoys the same philosophy and mission that began 5 years prior.

Due to our amazing clients and supportive community, our original FURology SPaw grew to a situation where we needed more space to continue providing the experience we have been so proud to offer. In September of this year, we were able to expand our location in the same complex enabling us to continue offering our unique approach to the grooming process reducing stress and anxiety. This expansion was also needed to provide our groomers adequate space to continue offering the best grooming experience possible. And, as our new SPaw is a bit smaller, we try to provide for our smaller clients in this setting. Our smaller pet clients enjoy being away from their larger, more intimidating friends. Our fur friends, their parents and employees are all appreciating this opportunity for a different experience.

| TSM 10
Purrology, Inc

At all three of our locations, we have an amazing team with over 100 years of combined experience in the animal field. We are a collection of dedicated professionals that want to share our passion and knowledge with our pet clients and their parents. We have a large variety of certifications including pet CPR, AKC Safe Salon Certification, and Fear Free Certified Stylists As a salon owner and employer, I embrace professional growth for all members of my staff by offering seminars and growth opportunities within the pet industry.

When looking back over the last five years, I am so grateful to have been on such a wonderful journey with so many amazing people. I have a dedicated staff that embraces my original passion and philosophy. My clients have not only supported my adventure but have shared their most treasured possessions, their pets. And finally, Santee has been an exceptional community to call a business home. Its citizens take pride in the community and are willing to support small businesses within its boundaries. It would be hard to imagine the growth and success that I have experienced in a different community. I am so grateful to call Santee my business home and look forward to many more years of involvement in such a wonderful city.

As we are approaching the holiday season, I can think of so many reasons to celebrate and say “thank you”. I am so grateful and blessed to be part of the business community in Santee. I am also grateful for the supportive team of employees that have supported the FURology journey and chosen to stay with me during all of my wild and crazy adventures. It goes without saying that the clients that visit us faithfully have created this wonderful opportunity to not only provide for their pets, but to share their lives with us. Let us all be grateful for our wonderful experiences and lives. May you each enjoy the upcoming holiday season to its fullest!

Furology, Inc.
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– Lindsey Nugent, CEO Furology, Inc. & Purrology, Inc.
Experience thousands of twinkling lights at Santee Lakes! This event features one mile of dazzling displays synchronized to music from your car radio for the entire family to enjoy. 9310 Fanita Parkway Santee, CA 92071 | 619.596.3141 @santeelakes Advanced tickets are required to attend. Lights at the Lakes Select dates November 25-December 24


With 15 years in business, they are the longeststanding music school in the Santee area. Staump has provided a safe space for students of all ages to express their creativity, learn new skills, and overall, enhance their lives through music. They pride themselves on the fact that they offer more than “just music lessons”. Staump ultimately cares for their students’ well-being to ensure they’re enjoying the entire experience.

Throughout the years, Staump has offered free classes in partnership with all nine Santee School district sites as well as the City of Santee Recreation Services. Currently they are offering a 30-Day Lesson Pass for all youth in East County to have the opportunity to experience music classes. They teach a wide variety of instruments - piano, guitar, drums, bass, ukulele, flute & voice. Perhaps their most unique and recognizable class offerings are their Rock Band classes. Kids starting at age 4 are able to play in a real band from day one, with no experience needed! Their KidzRock program for ages 4-7 allows young kids to

learn the basics of music while playing together as a band! They learn to read sheet music using colors and rotate between piano, guitar, and drums. The next level up from KidzRock is their Jr. Rockerz program for ages 7-12. These classes focus on tying in technique to popular songs. They also offer Rock Band classes for ages 12-17. Many students have moved up to these classes from the Jr. Rock program. Their advanced bands who have taken lessons for multiple years have performed at places like the House of Blues, Lestat’s, and the famous Whisky a Go Go.

In addition to rock bands, Staump offers private lessons for any instrument taught at their school. They also offer single instrument Group Classes for piano, guitar, ukulele and voice. Staump allows every student the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience, as well as record in a professional recording studio! They are thankful to have been recognized for their years of service and look forward to continuing to be part of this wonderful community!

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RECYCLE YOUR FOOD SCRAPS Remember to throw all of your food scraps and food-soiled paper into your organics cart along with your yard trimmings. Helpful tips to reduce contamination and odor: • Use a dedicated food scraps pail in your kitchen. • Clean out your refrigerator the day before scheduled service.
learn more, visit or | TSM 14


ECYP Speed Networking at Off Broadway Live

In August the East County Young Professionals hosted their highly favored event, speed dating with a twist: Speed Networking! This event was hosted at the beautiful Off Broadway Live where owner, Steve Rolf, ensured that the theater was set up to have our attendees sit comfortably in pairs. Each table of two was given 3 minutes to discuss set table topics. These topics were aimed to encourage our Young Professionals to share their most important and currently beneficial business tips. Be sure to keep a look out for the 2023 Speed Networking event!

Joint Chamber Mixer at Lantern Crest

In September we were on the lovely outdoor patio of Lantern Crest Senior Living for a Joint Mixer with the La Mesa Chamber. The evening was filled with networking, delicious food, drinks, and raffle drawings! If you have yet to see what Lantern Crest offers, be sure to scan the QR code on page 37 and get your Taste of Santee tickets since we will be hosting our 2022 Taste of Santee at the Plaza at Lantern Crest on November 29th. They are truly amazing hosts and their team will dazzle you!


Santee Twilight Brews & Bites Festival

In October the City of Santee hosted the Santee Twilight Brews & Bites Festival at Town Center Community Park. For those of you confused on what this event is, maybe you remember it as the “Bluegrass Festival” last held in 2019. Santee Twilight Brews and Bites Festival has participants take part in an evening filled with fine wines, a bevy of brews, tasty treats, bidding bazaar and live music. A wide variety of businesses, wineries, breweries and restaurants help support this event which helps raise funds for the Santee Park and Recreation Committee (SPARC)!

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| TSM 16


There are some businesses in town that always make me want to “Shop Santee”. One I talk of regularly and continue to introduce people to is Santee Coffee Corner. I was introduced to this business before my time with the Chamber began, as friend Clint August was a regular at their Carlton Hills location. I would often pop in on Friday mornings as he made himself available for friends and conversation, and even though he always had a crowd around him, he would always make room at his table for the next friend who arrived. I slowly got to know the family behind the Corner, the Parks.

Duane and Susie are a Santee power-couple with hearts made of gold and kindness that radiates throughout every bit of their being. They built a business to give their children a safe place to grow and learn and to give back to a community that had given them so much. With two locations now (Carlton Hills and Town Center Parkway) I find myself at their stores regularly. Former Santee Chamber CEO John Olsen started a monthly networking event (the Morning Buzz) which is still one of my favorite ways to interact with current and prospective members.

Walking into the Coffee Corner isn't like walking into just any regular business. As Mayor John Minto said recently, "You walk in as a customer, and leave as a friend." I have found this so true with their family. Duane never hesitates to make friendly conversation about my work and home life, Susie is always willing to lend an ear, and even their daughter Mikayla has worked as an intern for me at the Chamber! Susie has been faithfully serving on our Board of Directors and is Chair of the Taste of Santee Committee, an event we are hosting at the end of the month. She must get sick of seeing me so often, but would never let me know! Their store is my Central Perk... it's my place for friends, family, a second office, and of course, some of the best coffee in town.

Believe There is Good in The World.

The Santee Collaborative is calling on our community to spread kindness and embrace unity. Request a free #SanteeCares sign for your home or business and be sure to share the stories of kindness you have experienced in Santee schools, businesses and in your neighborhoods. Let's shine a light on what makes our community so wonderful. #santeecares #santeecollaborative Join us in celebrating kindness! Submit your story or request a sign here: Tag us on social media
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At the end of the summer, Lloyd’s Collision & Paint Center entered a new era. The next generation took over the family business in both their Santee and Lakeside locations from founder and father, Robert “Bob” Lloyd, Sr.

Since 1984, Bob has been building his empire in the automotive world by making customers feel like family and having family part of every pocket of his business. Bob, his wife Ailen, and their entire family have all been active servants to our region, involving themselves in volunteer roles and making countless generous contributions to community projects over the years. Personally, I was able to work closely with each of them as they served separate terms on my Board of Directors. Bob even filled in as interim CEO before my own transition into the role. For those lucky enough to have attended, they also Chaired the Black Tie Galas we hosted from 2016-2018. Bob is known around town for being a gentle giant and his calm, diplomatic demeanor almost landed him a place on the City Council. Although Bob never went through with political aspirations, we appreciate his deep care for our community as he often hosts fundraising events for local candidates and charitable organizations.

Bob has been a pillar in the community and we are so grateful for him and his leadership. They are still around though, enjoying life as grandparents and continuing to be active volunteers (I most recently saw them at the City of Santee’s Twilight Brews & Bites event in October). However, as Bob and Ailen step into their well-deserved retirement life, I’d like to ask everyone who knows them to wish them well and congratulate them on being able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Congratulations on your next chapter of life.

Onward and upward!

– Kristen Dare, ACE Santee Chamber of Commerce
| TSM 20 Contact Special Events at (619) 258-4100 ext. 222 or go online to Still have questions? Contact Community Services at or (619) 258-4100 ext. 222 Do More in the New Year! City of Santee Do More Recreating in Santee... Santee Parks & Recreation creates community by providing exceptional programming, caring for and enriching public spaces and facilitating rewarding life experiences. Classes and Activities • Parks, Fields & Trails • Camps Seniors 55+ • Skate Park (BMX & Scooters) Teen Center • Special Events 2 0 2 3 S P E C I A L E V E N T S JANUARY FEBRUARY MARCH/APRIL APRIL JUNE JULY OCTOBER NOVEMBER SANTEE DISCOVERY MONTH FIDO FEST TREE PLANTING EVENT HOP DOWN THE BUNNY TRAIL SANTEE SUMMER CONCERTS SANTEE SALUTES SANTEE TWILIGHT BREWS & BITES HOLIDAY LIGHTING CELEBRATION Scan Me | TSM 22





Do More Due East

Santee Hometown Heroes Banner Program

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SanteeTV is the City of Santee’s award winning Public, Educational & Governmental Access channel, also known as PEG. This channel keeps you connected to your local government and up to date on all things Santee. Would you like a chance to help the City honor a family member or lost loved one who served in the military?
Do More Connecting Facebook,
AT&T Channel 99 | Cox Channel 117 | Stream Email Us: Call us: (619) 258-4100 x162
Instagram, & Twitter @cityofsantee
10601 Magnolia Ave. Santee, CA 92071 The City of Santee’s Hometown Heroes Banner Program recognizes and honors veterans and activity duty members who have served or have given their life in service in the United States Armed Forces. APPLY NOW online @ under the Services tab or scan the QR Code Application process and eligibility requirements are listed online.
Poster Contest Open
Meet & Greet & More!
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The Santee Fire Department hosts and organizes several events and activities throughout the year to promote education, safety and emergency preparedness while showcasing the rigorous training and demands of a firefighter.
For event and activity details, visit the City’s website or follow us on Instagram @SanteeFire.
619 933 0163 tracey groos@sothebysrealty com Realtor® | DRE #02089864 @TraceyGroosRealtor @Realtor TraceyGroos www teamupwithtraceyg com Tracey Groos Connect with Tracey Today What could have been a stressful and difficult process, Tracey made it seamless as could be. Tracey really listened, cares passionately about her job and her calming manner worked wonders for everyone throughout the process. For all things Real Estate or San Diego Fun. Scan the QR code to get your free events calendar or home buyers guide Join us for worship every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Visit Join us for worship every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Visit | TSM 24



Enjoy the Lights Around Town

Did you make it to Trolley Square for the City’s Holiday Tree Lighting? If not, there’s an ALL NEW drive through experience “Lights at the Lakes” at Santee Lakes starting on November 25th (see page 12). Need more? The classic “Starlight Circle” is a neighborhood off Magnolia Avenue on Glendon Circle where the houses go above and beyond for the perfect (less than half mile) holiday stroll.

Grab a Cup of Cocoa or Seasonal Coffee

Coffee Corner has two locations and plenty of choices including a classic go-to this time of year, the pumpkin spice latte. (Fun Fact: They serve these all year long!) Another traditional choice is Kaffee Meister’s hot chocolate made with Guittard sweet ground chocolate and your choice of steamed milk. Bowls N Brews offers a Chamoy Holiday Smoothie, sure to get you feeling festive! Motorcycle Monkey and The Lean Bean are always great choices, as well.


at Services for the Season

Ever been guilty of showing up at church more during the holidays than the rest of the year? Let me fill you in on something: it’s okay! With many places to worship around town and many churches with festive displays, go celebrate your holidays with a service alongside your family and neighbors. My favorite in December is the Lady of Guadalupe mass at Guardian Angels.

Shop Small and Make a Local Impact

You’ve probably already witnessed the increased traffic in retail stores and restaurants, but did you know, of every dollar spent at a locally owned business, about 70 cents stays local? Join Mission Realty Group on Small Business Saturday (11/26) as they host a shopping event at their office, print your holiday cards at The UPS Store, or hire a local photographer to get those family portraits done!

Donate Where You Can and Support Your City

Find a way to give your Time, Talent or Treasure to some of the amazing organizations in town or nearby. Check in with your church, school or wherever you go for recreational services and see if they plan on doing something extra for the holidays. Want a quick find? Check out the Santee Food Bank or Santee Santas as they both have extra needs during the holidays.

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Presented By:


Hi, I’m John Olsen, a longtime resident and business advocate of Santee. As an active member of the Santee Chamber I often showcase upcoming development projects and events around town. Be sure to follow me for more on

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, we all have so many things that we can be thankful for. I am thankful for my family, friends, and the clients that I have the privilege of working with, many of which are veterans or active duty military and their families. I am grateful for the service that my clients have given this country and community, and I am grateful to be able to give back to them with the services I can provide them.

While I am able to show my thankfulness through my business, we all have the chance to show our thankfulness at many veteran-owned businesses in Santee! Here are just a few of the veteran owned businesses we have here in town:

Coastal Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics

Dr. Jordan Buzzell, or Dr. “Buzz” to his patients, is one of the amazing dentists working at Coastal Kids, and is known for his compassion, patience, and love for every patient. Dr. Buzz is a veteran of the Navy after serving for six years, and remains a member of the Active Reserves.

Copper Collar Distillery

Jason Pelle and Scott Nixon are the co-owners of Copper Collar Distillery here in Santee. They have a variety of high quality spirits that are created in house from scratch and are available in their tasting room or select local liquor stores. Both Jason and Scott served in the Navy as divers, which the name Copper Collar pays homage to.

IPM4You Pest and Termite

Jim Panknin, the Branch Manager and President of IPM4You, is a veteran from both the military and aviation. IPM4You is a great pest control company that services all over San Diego! They work with their clients to find the source of the issue, manage the issue on scene, and help them make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Red, White, and Badass Brew

Dustin Hayes is the owner and Navy veteran behind Red, White, and Badass Brew (RWBB) Coffee. RWBB has small-batch roasted coffee that comes in a variety of great flavors paired with quippy names, like “Whiskey Business.” Each sale also has a donation that goes toward helping fight PTSD and suicide within the veteran community.

Viking Battery

Viking Battery is an independent battery store in Santee that’s been around San Diego since 1963. They offer a wide variety of batteries from recreational vehicles to commercial equipment to solar! Richard, the owner, served in the Army in 1970. Viking Battery is a Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise.

Thank you to all of the veterans and active service members! We have so much to be thankful for.

Brought to you by:

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BUILT ON A FOUNDATION OF TRUST AND INTEGRITY (619) 577 - 4010 1810 Gillespie Way, Suite 101 El Cajon, CA 92020 Hard work, passion, and an exceptional team combine to ensure every project is completed to the client’s satisfaction. We never offer cookie cutter work, every project is unique and innovative. No need to take our word for it, let our work speak for itself. F i n a l i s t 2 0 2 2 East County's Largest Music Scho RANKED ONE OF TOP 8 IN THE NATION. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT SANTEE! "My kids love Santee Music academy. The teachers work so well with the kids at all different skill levels. They can gauge how to keep the lessons interesting for the kids and tailor the songs to their interests" Janelle C, Music Mom A L L 5 S t a r R e v i e w s o n G o o g l e ! 9225 Carlton Hills Blvd, S Call/Text (619)324-3499 Whatever instrument you or your child wish to are we teach it: Piano, Electric & Acoustic Guit Bass, Ukulele, Voice and Singing, Violin, and taught under one roof! We're Open 7 days a we by for a Free Tour or call us anytime! Having OAK TREE ESCROW in your corner makes your Residential, Business, Commercial or Other Property sales whole lot easier! 619) 440 - 1815 er Satisfaction is our #1 Priority Bobbi Pearson Owner/Escrow Officer bobbi@oaktreescrow com Teri Morris Manager/Escrow Officer teri@oaktreescrow com BUILT ON A FOUNDATION OF TRUST AND INTEGRITY (619) 577 - 4010 1810 Gillespie Way, Suite 101 El Cajon, CA 92020 Hard work, passion, and an exceptional team combine to ensure every project is completed to the client’s satisfaction. We never offer cookie cutter work, every project is unique and innovative. No need to take our word for it, let our work speak for itself. | TSM 28


My mentor, Misty Lown, always says, “We don’t teach kids to make great dancers, we teach dance to make great kids!” This is a philosophy that has always been central to the culture at Expressions. The benefits of dance training are many, and we see them play out every day at the studio. From social, emotional, and physical health, to friendship, creativity, and confidence, not many activities can compete with all that dance has to offer.

Recent West Hills graduate, Tori Lepur, said, “EDMC has taught me so many lessons that I genuinely think that I cannot list them all. Not only did I leave the studio as a strong, confident dancer, I left with the greatest group of friends that I could have ever wanted. There is an unspoken bond between all of my friends at the studio that I believe could have only been achieved through the studio’s environment. The studio creates a space for everyone to develop their own personalities while also fostering a community that unites dancers over common goals. The studio truly raises amazing leaders and good people in general.”

Tori joined our Teaching Assistant Program as a

young dancer and later became a member of our Junior Faculty. She is currently attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where she is studying to become a teacher. About the influence the studio had on her path, Tori said, “I found my love of teaching at the studio. I grew to love assisting and decided that I wanted to eventually teach at the studio. Once the opportunity for Junior Faculty opened up, I was so grateful to be able to teach and I quickly fell in love with all of my students. Every child I have ever taught has brought me so much joy and has increased my passion for dance even more. I’m so grateful to the studio for allowing me to teach and spread my love of dance to so many awesome kids.”

Tori’s is just one of the many success stories we have witnessed over our 12 years serving the Santee community. It brings us great joy to witness the growth of our students and to see them go on to achieve great things and make a difference in the lives of others. At Expressions, we are working to create a world where every child feels seen and cared for, and where they are supported in discovering and developing their unique gifts.

29 TSM |


Your résumé is the primary tool for communicating information about yourself to prospective employers. Résumés follow a fairly standard format, which include Header, Objective, Skills, Experience, and Education. The layout of your résumé will change depending on the amount of work experience you have, as well as your level of experience in the field for which you are applying. If you don’t have much experience in the specific career field you are applying for, it’s best to detail your past work experience and relate the skills required in your previous jobs to the new job.

Do not lie, and do not stretch the truth. Have quality copies made from a fresh master copy. Included below are explanations of each section of your résumé and a sample résumé outline.

The Header should contain full name and all necessary contact information. Provide at least one phone number. If you have a cell phone, give that number. Be wary of any e-mail address or website URL you provide as you may be judged on the content of your website or the name on your e-mail address.

The Objective or Qualifications Summary: Keep objective simple. Don’t write fluffy statements about your desire to change the world through this job. Try to convey why you should be hired—your desire, work ethic, etc. If you have solid qualifications for the job, list those instead.

Skills: If you have limited experience, list your basic job skills. For the more experienced, include as many of the skills that are required for the job as possible, including computer skills, knowledge of specific business software, even specific tasks that you know the job will require.

Employment History or Work Experience: If you have experience, always include your most recent work experience at the top and include all relevant experience no matter how old. If you’ve had many job changes or short stints at jobs, be sure to explain why, but do not blame the job or previous employer.

Education: Include full details on your education including degrees and awards received. Include any relevant training classes for previous jobs.

| TSM 30
Short Term 5 months Minimum Balance $500 in new money Safe & Secure Insured funds


Cook Bookkeeping & Consulting (619) 708-7870

SAS Tax & Consulting Solutions (619) 876-2036


Advertising Edge, Inc. (619) 258-9773

TCB Embroidery (619) 562-2320

Airport County of San Diego Airports (619) 956-4800

Assisted Living

Lantern Crest Senior Living (619) 258-8886

Automotive Advance Auto Parts (619) 219-8143

Five Star Express Car Wash (619) 448-2142

Horsman's Automotive (619) 596-8826

Lloyd's Collision & Paint Center (619) 448-8768

SoCal Truck Accessories & Equipment (619) 749-0742

The Dyno Shop (619) 562-3933

Toyota Certified of Santee (619) 270-2901

Banks & Credit Unions

California Coast Credit Union (858) 636-4229

San Diego County Credit Union (877) 732-2848

Beauty Salons/Spas/Skincare

Beautifully Bare Skin Studio (619) 403-1689

Beauty Bar by Thrive (619) 312-2454

MY SALON Suite of Santee (619) 567-9419

Salon Thrive (619) 258-2784

Supercuts (619) 562-4777

Books & Stationery

Friends of Santee Library (619) 596-1525

Breweries BNS Brewing & Distilling Co. (619) 956-0952

Burning Beard Brewing Co. (619) 456-9185


Copper Collar Distillery (619) 758-5926

Creative Creature Brewing Company (619) 277-2515

Groundswell Brewing Co. (619) 795-BEER

Mike Hess Brewing Co. (619) 255-7136

Pacific Islander Beer Company (619) 270-7777

Three Frogs Beer Company (619) 729-4917

Business Resources Alpine-Mt. Empire Chamber of Commerce (619) 445-2722

Assets Maker (760) 452-6700

Borrego Springs Chamber of Commerce (760) 767-5555

East County Career Center (619) 319-9675

East County Economic Development Council (619) 258-3670

San Diego Employers Association (858) 505-0024

San Diego Regional East County Chamber of Commerce (619) 440-6161

San Diego Small Business Development Center (619) 482-6391

Data Disposal (619) 585-0184

Casino Sycuan Casino Resort (619) 445-6002

Barona Resort and Casino (619) 443-2300

Childcare Children's Choice (619) 457-0381

Boys and Girls Clubs of East County (619) 440-1600


Barker Chiropractic (619) 449-1601

Dilliard Chiropractic Professional Corporation (619) 447-2651

Churches Pathways Community Church (619) 449-1269

Sonrise Community Baptist Church (619) 596-7667

Young Life (619) 602-2058

Coffee Shops Coffee Corner #2 (619) 996-9007

Lonesome Rider Coffee, LLC (619) 375-9772

Coffee Corner #1 (619) 996-9007

Bowls N Brews (619) 761-3101

Community Organizations

American Legion Post 364 (619) 599-6309

East County Transitional Living Center (619) 442-0457

Kiwanis Club of Santee (619) 375-7692

Lions Tigers & Bears (619) 884-2053

Rotary Club of Santee-Lakeside (619) 504-9210

Santee Historical Society (619) 449-2024

Santee Santas Foundation (619) 258-5947

Santee VFW Post 9327 (619) 562-4022

St Madeleine Sophie's Center (619) 442-5129

The Santee Food Bank (619) 448-2096

Toastmasters Club 474 (760) 738-2425

Computer Services iSquad Repair Inc. (619) 399-3811


Urban Systems Associates, Inc. (858) 560-4911

Contractors Alison Construction (619) 977-8543

RDS Contracting (619) 577-4010

TDT Construction (619) 448-2353

Construction Management TC Construction Company, Inc. (619) 448-4560

Construction Supplies

RCP Block and Brick, Inc. (619) 460-7250

Dance Expressions Dance & Movement Center (619) 596-3362

| TSM 32



Coastal Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics (619) 562-5437

Dr. Greggory Gechoff, D.D.S. (619) 448-1611

Dr. Mark Rothstein, DDS (619) 448-9455

Goodman Orthodontics (619) 749-4033

Santee Children's Dentistry (619) 449-4673

Santee Dental Team (619) 449-0050


Grossmont Union High School District (619) 644-8000

Grossmont-Cuyamaca CCD (619) 644-7573

Guardian Angels Catholic Church (619) 448-1213

Momentum Tutoring (619) 991-1422

Santee Music Academy (619) 334-0673

Santee School District (619) 576-4080

Santee School District Foundation (619) 258-2200

The Tony Kaforey Suicide Survivor Scholarship Corp (619) 787-6687

Electric & Solar Bolle Electric (619) 721-5007

Raceway Electric & Solar (619) 596-1918

Entertainment Off Broadway Live (619) 988-5483

Event Planning Best Day Ever Weddings + Events (858) 522-0504

Event/Equipment Rentals

Loki Entertainment LLC (619) 913-3313

Financial & Investment Services Arpad ''A.J.'' Tota (619) 500-4299

New York Life (858) 623-8600

Fitness Dropzone Athletics (619) 729-7747

F45 Training Santee (619) 938-4075

Sportsplex USA (619) 334-1000


Christine's Floral Designs (619) 569-4717

Food & Beverage

B's Fresh Squeezed Lemonade (619) 244-0440

Crumbl Cookies Santee (619) 728-4625

Full Circle Saloon (619) 596-8350

Funeral & Cremation Services Partridge Creek Mortuary (619) 334-3161

General Retail Diva That Blings Avon (619) 512-7335

G.T.M. Discount General Stores (619) 449-4953

Walmart (619) 449-7900

Golf & Country Clubs Carlton Oaks Country Club (619) 448-4242

Government City of Santee (619) 258-4100

San Diego District Attorney Office (619) 441-4588

Santee Sheriff's Department (619) 258-2200

Supervisor Joel Anderson (619) 441-4327

Grocery Stores Grocery Outlet (619) 258-2577

Heating & Air Allegiance Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. (619) 449-2469

Holistic Health Aloe Life International, Inc. (619) 390-1100

Custom-BiLT Massage (619) 972-8650

Together I Can Inc. 1-619-316-6900

Home Furnishings Budget Blinds (619) 271-3347

Home Owner Associations 360 Community Management (619) 270-7360

Home Services Santee Sherwin-Williams (619) 562-7115

All-Pro Quality Garage Doors, Inc. (858) 576-7223

Steve's Plumbing, Inc. (619) 971-5650

Hospitals & Clinics AFC Urgent Care of Santee (619) 456-0033

Children's Primary Care Medical GroupSantee (619) 749-2150

Grossmont Healthcare District (619) 825-5050

Neighborhood Healthcare (619) 746-4328

San Ysidro Health Santee Family Medicine (619) 442-4100

Sharp Grossmont Hospital (619) 740-4406

Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Center - Santee (858) 499-2600

Insurance O'Brien Insurance Agency (619) 602-3243

Ronn Hall Insurance and Notary Services (619) 562-8585

State Farm Insurance - James Cassady (858) 229-3312

Contractor Solutions Insurance Agency, Inc. (619) 741-5118

Farmers Insurance - Mike & Marla Clinkenbeard (619) 442-0415

Landscaping Perpetual Tree Care (619) 596-0990

Legal Services Best, Best & Krieger, LLP (619) 525-1300

Liquor Store Town & Country Wine and Spirits (619) 449-2313

Mail Services/Shipping

The UPS Store - Santee (619) 562-0888

Manufactured Homes Cameron Brothers Company LLC (619) 448-2133

Mobile Home Connection (619) 596-0333

Manufacturing & Production Scantibodies Laboratory Inc. (619) 258-9300

Yeiser Research & Development LLC (619) 449-2392

Medical Supply All Care Pharmacy (619) 449-0908

Mortgage Banking Movement Mortgage (619) 279-6162

33 TSM |


Creation & Earth History Museum (619) 258-9300

Music Studio Staump Music School (619) 212-6656

Optical Services Santee Family Optometry (619) 448-2020

Pest Control Simple Pest Management (619) 373-7378

Pets Essential Grooming and Wellness (317) 372-8513

FURology Pet SPaw (619) 334-6218

KageWerks Inc. (619) 448-7200

PURRology SPaw & Retreat (619) 486-6726

Real Roar LLC (858) 382-1711


Santee Community Pharmacy (619) 777-1000

Property Leasing & Management Alcott Estates, Santee Village Square (619) 463-4040

HomeFed Corporation/Fanita Ranch (760) 918-8200

Publications East County Californian (619) 441-0400

East County Community Times (619) 445-0374

East County Magazine (619) 698-7617

Real Estate Services

CrossCountry Mortgage (909) 518-0759

Deniese Ossey, Compass (619) 251-7546

Homes For Heroes - Realtor (619) 977-1244

John Olsen (619) 855-1151

Krystal Andersen, REALTOR® (619) 249-4587

Mission Realty Group (619) 448-2949

Oak Tree Escrows, Inc. (619) 440-1815

Suzanne Coleman - Big Block Realty (619) 206-2784


The Kimo Quance Group - Keller Williams Realty (619) 324-5397

Tracey Groos | Realtor | Pacific Sotheby?s International Realty (619) 933-0163

Velocity Realty (408) 603-6800

Whissel Realty (619) 304-4440

Recreation Cruzen Outdoors (619) 249-7441

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve (619) 596-3141


Restaurants Bad Hombres Good Mexican Food (619) 938-4454

Broken Yolk (619) 996-9655

Pepper Farm Deli (619) 201-8129

Asian Kitchen (619) 241-1018

Gong Cha Santee (619) 312-0949

Island Style Cafe (619) 456-4577

Jimmy's of Santee (619) 448-8994

Junction 52 Bar & Grill (619) 334-0752

Marieta's Mexican Restaurant (619) 449-2365

Chick-fil-A Santee (619) 562-0774

El Pollo Loco (619) 873-1558

Raising Cane's Chicken Fingers (619) 449-0565

The Omelette Factory (619) 596-9686

Security Services Excell Security Inc. (619) 579-0442

Saga Security Services, Inc. (619) 208-1953

Signs & Banners

Attention Getters Design Inc. (619) 441-8901

Specialty Food Finest City Sweet Treats LLC (619) 980-0880

The Cupcake Store (619) 749-7777

Sporting Goods Al's Sport Shop (619) 562-4263

Pedego Electric Bikes Santee (619) 738-2500

S&S Trophies (619) 449-8007

Storage American Eagle Self Storage (619) 562-8831

Rockvill RV and Self Storage (619) 631-7707

Technology Cox Communications (858) 836-7318

Travel Agencies Kiefner Travel (619) 823-1130

Utilities Padre Dam Municipal Water District (619) 448-3111

Republic Services (619) 562-9325

San Diego County Water Authority (619) 522-6600

SDG&E (619) 441-3895

Waste Management (619) 596-5198

Express Blinds & More (619) 461-2101

Handel's Ice Cream (619) 312-2381

Indoor Billboard Network (IBNSD) (619) 844-1123

Paul Broding Photography (619) 971-5374

Raymond's Barbershop (619) 448-2344

San Diego BackFlow Testing Inc. (877) 363-8378

San Diego County Library - Santee Library (619) 448-1863


November 2022

24-25 Thanksgiving Santee Chamber & City Hall Closed 26 Small Business Saturday Mission Realty Group Santee

Pancake Breakfast Santee Lakes Clubhouse 29 Taste of Santee 2022 The Plaza at Lantern Crest Senior Living

December 2022 1

SPARC Meeting City Hall 7 Morning Buzz Santee Coffee Corner #2 12 COMPOC Meeting City Hall 14 City Council Meeting City Hall 16 Senior Luncheon City Hall 23-26 Christmas Santee Chamber & City Hall Closed 31

Pancake Breakfast Santee Lakes Clubhouse

January 2023 2 New Years Santee Chamber & City Hall Closed 4

Morning Buzz Santee Coffee Corner #2 5 SPARC Meeting City Hall 9 COMPOC Meeting City Hall 11 City Council Meeting City Hall 14-15 Trout Reopening Weekend Santee Lakes 16

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Santee Chamber & City Hall Closed 25 City Council Meeting City Hall 28 Pancake Breakfast Santee Lakes Clubhouse

February 2023 1 Morning Buzz Santee Coffee Corner #2 2 SPARC Meeting City Hall 8 City Council Meeting City Hall 13 COMPOC Meeting City Hall 20 President’s Day Santee Chamber & City Hall Closed 22 City Council Meeting City Hall 25 Pancake Breakfast Santee Lakes Clubhouse

Website Resources:

Key: COMPOC = Santee Community Oriented Policing Committee

SPARC = Santee Park and Recreation Committee

35 TSM |


Animals (Dead on Public Property) City Public Services 619.258.4100 x304

Animal Services

San Diego Humane Society 619.299.7012

Animals (Stray) San Diego Humane Society 619.299.7012

Barking Dogs San Diego Humane Society 619.299.7012

Bees (Private Property) Information 411

Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates County Recorder’s Office

Boys & Girls Club Boys & Girls Club

Business Licenses City Finance

Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce

Child Care Referrals YMCA

City Council Meetings City Clerk

Crime Prevention

Santee Sheriff’s Dept

Disabled Services Independent Services

Disaster Preparedness Fire Department

DMV (El Cajon) Dept. of Motor Vehicles

Dump (Sycamore Landfill) San Diego Landfill Systems

Elementary Schools Santee School District

Employment City Human Resources

Events Info (Recorded Info) City Recreation

Fire Hydrants Padre Dam MWD

Food Bank Santee Food Bank

Garage Sales City Code Compliance

Graffiti City Public Services

High Schools Grossmont Union HSD

Household Hazardous Waste Waste Management

Insect, Mosquito & Rat Infestations County Vector Control Library Santee Public Library

Neighborhood Watch Santee Sheriff’s Dept

Noise Control City Code Compliance

Ordinances City Clerk

Park Reservations City Recreation

Potholes City Public Services

Public Records City Clerk

Public Transportation Metropolitan Transit Systems

Rattlesnakes Heartland Non-emergency Dispatch

Recreation Programs City Recreation

Recycling Information City Community Services

Santee Lakes Recreation Preserve Padre Dam MWD

Senior Citizen Trips/Socials City Recreation

Sheriff’s Department (non-emergency) Non-Emergency Dispatch

Sidewalk Repairs City Public Services

Storm Water City of Santee Street Lights City Development Services

Teen Center City Recreation

Traffic Accident Information Santee Sheriff’s Dept.

Traffic Signals City Development Services

Trash Pickup Waste Management

Volunteers City Recreation

Water Service Padre Dam MWD

YMCA (Cameron Family) Cameron Family YMCA

Business Awards Night Thursday March 16, 2023 Santee's Favorites Voting begins in January! Purchase Tickets now at Business Awards Night Thursday March 16, 2023 6 o 'clock pm at Sycuan Casino Resort Santee's Favorites Voting begins in January! Purchase Tickets now at

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