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A publication of the Santee Chamber of Commerce INSIDE: Raceway Electric & Solar: Sparking Change in Our ConcreteCommunityEvidence: Construction Trades are Essential Fall | 2022

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Get the inside scoop from local real estate agent and resident, John Olsen

In Memoriam 32

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Community Calendar 35

Insight to the current climate of tradework and the opportunities it provides as a career

A message from Santee Chamber CEO, Kristen Dare

My Hometown 21

Mike Dombo, Owner | Raceway Electric & Solar

On The Cover

5 Ways to Get Career Training for Tradework 25

Get connected with what you need around town

Remembrance of two amazing community contributors: Jim Peasley and Pam Wilson

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Get the inside scoop from local real estate agent and resident, John Olsen

Check out some amazing career training offerings through GUHSD and their Adult School

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Hello Santee

Take a peek at what’s on deck for some Fall fun around town

Socializing Santee 15

A look back at Santee Chamber events and member activities

A note from the desk of current Santee Chamber Board Chair, Melissa Dombo

2022 Chamber Officers

RetentionTinaBookkeeperBethanyCommunicationsHeatherManagerBury-CharpentierCoordinatorCookFirestoneSpecialist @SanteeChamber @SanteeChamber @SanteeChamber @SanteeChamber | TSM4

Susie Parks, 1st Vice Chair Coffee Corner - 619.368.5525

Darcy Fagerwold, Past Chair Expressions Dance & Movement Center 619.490.7000

2022 Office Staff

Sarah AllegianceWoodHeating & Air Conditioning619.244.4584

Bobbie Jo Lewis, Secretary/Treasurer Walmart – 619.823.5618

Melissa Dombo, Chair of the Board Raceway Electric & Solar – 619.596.1918

Richard CaliforniaHatcherCoastCredit Union - 619.889.5981

Kristen Dare, ACE JennaeCEO Gonzalez Office

9625 Mission Gorge Road, Suite B2-315 Santee, CA 92071 619.449.1515

James Sly East County Economic Development CouncilCityPam619.729.1413WhiteofSantee - 619.258.4100 ext 223

Bryan WhisselKociRealty - 619.244.0339

Greg Gagnon The UPS Store - 619.249.6657

Curtis Anderson Salon Thrive - 619.888.8407

Barbara Ryan Santee School District - 619.701.5751

Daniel Buksa, Chair Elect Mission Realty – 619.368.8371

2022 Chamber Directors

Mike Aiken, 2nd Vice Chair Carlton Oaks Golf – 619.540.3295

Kristen Dare, ACE Chamber of Commerce, CEO

John JayMichalOlsenRansonRenard

Kristen Dare

Kristen Dare Melissa Dombo

Nick Ossey

Jennae Gonzalez

Contributing Editors



Heather Bury-Charpentier Kristen Dare

As I write this message, I am saddened to think I have to start by saying our organization has some unpleasant news. Recently, we had a member of our Board of Directors pass away and he will be sorely missed. Jim Peasley was an amazing person in many ways. Not only was he a trusted addition to our board, he was an incredible community contributor, resourceful mentor, and a family man throughand-through. More about Jim can be found on page 32.

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Lynda Marrokal

Santee Chamber of Commerce

Jennae Gonzalez

Melissa Dombo

As we see a seasonal shift and approach the fall, I’m always grateful for what the previous season has given, and for the Chamber, our summer was still so full of celebration. Bringing back our Santee Street Fair over Memorial Day weekend was the most work our staff had put into that event in my tenure at the Chamber. We seemed to reach hurdle after hurdle but for me personally, I could have never kept jumping if it weren’t for the support of our Office Manager Jennae Gonzalez and our Event Chair Tim Staump. Many stepped in on the day of the event as well, but none more so than community volunteer Charlie Plavi. These three were really there to carry us across the finish line and I am in their debt for their contributions. Looking forward, we are giddy with excitement as the new school year begins for campuses near and far and we continue to guide our children into their next phase of lives. Much like beginning a school year, I see the anticipation of local companies who are hopeful for their futures yet also anxious about how to get there. As we see an upward trend in personal health and hope to move more towards an “endemic”, we try to understand more about business health as we seek to prioritize the needs of our business community.

Kristen Dare Graphic Design


Reach out if I can help point you in the right direction:



5TSM |

East County is no stranger to proud, blue collar work being a large part of said business community. In fact, it has been a dominant part of my homelife as my husband has always been in construction trades of some sort, thus preparing him to become a business owner himself very recently. This foundation (pun intended) was set by tradework being widely respected in our region and opportunities abound. We have provided what we see as a wonderful lifestyle for ourselves and our two kids with his career playing a large role in the security for our family. But why the huge lack of employees now in trades? Like many other industries, we have seen an older generation reach the age of retirement without a large enough pipeline to fill their absence once gone. Tradework is more in need of quality employees than ever before and their line of work is what we can now call “essential” or “pandemic proof”, if you will. The strength of having an essential profession is something to not only be proud of, but to encourage young people to take into consideration as they look at their own futures. Reaching these career paths may not have the most obvious route (like going to a four year university), but the pathways that exist are available, right here in our region, and imperative to keeping our society operational. If you or someone you know are looking for a career in the trades, please consider the versatile post-high school educational opportunities that exist for these jobs.

Contributing Writers

Committee Members


EXPERT. Serving San Diego since 1993. TRUST. Second generation family owned & operated from Santee. SERVICE. Full service electrical and solar contractor. IT’S GOOD TO KNOW A SPARKY. LIC#: 674638 (619) RESIDENTIAL596-1918& COMMERCIAL BOOK ONLINE: NOW HIRING ALLSERVICESELECTRICAL FULLTROUBLESHOOTINGCARCHARGERSPANELUPGRADESPVSOLARSYSTEMS Santee’s avorites SanteeChambercom 2018 antee’s avorites SanteeChambercom 2019 QUIETCOOL WHOLE HOUSE FANS Santee’s Favorites 2020 Check out our Google reviews online. | TSM6

- Melissa Dombo Santee Chamber of Commerce, Chair of the Board

Community Catalyst


It’s official, fall is right around the corner, and that means that schedules are hectic, the weather is STILL hot, and time seems to go by faster than ever. With over half of this year behind us, we have so much to reflect on. I am in awe that we are about to say hello to fall. Kids are back in school and business is humming. Now is a great time to stop and evaluate. It allows us the opportunity to reflect on this year thus far and see where we have succeeded and where we have struggled.

note of our East County Young Professional (ECYP) group as of late? They are working hard to put together great events for young professionals who'd like to get more involved and network. Up next: Young Pros Mixer at the Padres game in September.

One of our celebratory moments was the return of the Santee Street Fair and Craft Beer Festival. A successful event after a two-year hiatus. We saw over 150 merchandise and service vendors—offering thousands of items for sale from artisans, home services, fashion, and more. There was something for all ages. Kids rides were back alongside live performances from Expressions Dance & Movement Center, Staump Music School, and many more as MC Clint August carried us through the day. For the 21+ crowd, over a dozen local breweries and distilleries showcased their craft in the beer garden complete with a live DJ hosted by Deano’s Pub. In honor of Memorial Day we presented alongside the local Santee VFW Post 9327 a generous gift from Sycuan to this year's Gold Star Family. Our local fire station flew a giant American Flag above the stage and the festivities spanned the entire day. I’d like to personally thank our sponsors that helped make this day happen, Gechoff Orthodontics, Staump Music School, and Sycuan Casino Resort.

Community Conveners

7TSM |

Thank you 2022

Community Champions

I'd be amiss if I didn't acknowledge that our Chamber of Commerce had a tough loss this summer. Board member Jim Peasly passed away. I met Jim through the Chamber of Commerce and I’d like to say I will truly miss his presence in this organization. He was the best cheerleader, he led with fair and tough questions and always finished with a positive, encouraging outlook. He was full of great conversation and business advice and truly added so much value to the chamber.

Please take a look at The Santee Chamber’s calendar on for details. As always, I hope to see you at the next Santee Chamber of Commerce event.


The Chamber is eagerly looking forward to a robust November! We kick off the month with our Veterans Appreciation Golf Tournament and finish it with our Taste of Santee event. Our annual Taste of Santee will be held on a new date, Giving Tuesday! This event will feature local eats and local non-profits. For our local food vendors who are interested in highlighting their cuisine please register now on our website. We will be hosting this event in The Plaza at Lantern Crest, who graciously donated their space for this year’s event. If you haven't seen this space, you are in for a treat – it’s gorgeous! Tickets and vendor registration are available on our website at


As we look ahead to the remainder of 2022 our organization continues to reassess, shoot higher, and think about the future. We promise to continue to measure our goals, remember our “whys” and pursue being a proud advocate for a well-balanced community, supported by a healthy, expanding business

| TSM8

Electric & Solar

Sarah Wood with Allegiance Heating & Air comments on careers in the trades. “To the women who are considering a career in the trades—as intimidating as it may seem, the majority of men in our industry are ready to support those who are new to the trades, despite gender. Your success in the industry is up to you; opportunities are endless if you have the grit, passion, and willingness to learn.”

Stacks at RDS Contracting also shared his thoughts with me. He said, “The construction field in general needs people who have the ability to take two-dimensional plans and build them into a three-dimensional field application. It sounds easy but way more difficult to implement. The field workers we deal with on a day-to-day basis are exceptionally smart and experienced. Majority have no college degrees but degrees in hard work and experience that you can't teach at college—yes these workers who want to excel within the trades have an unbelievable growth opportunity… They are needed and wanted in today's construction industry.”

Since the pandemic and rapid changes in our economy, we have seen a surge in demand and a whole new found respect for those in the construction trades. Everyone should know that the vital skills our tradesmen and tradeswomen provide are essential to our communities. In light of the ongoing demand for these valuable trades, I find myself wondering why the construction trades would be overlooked as a viable career. Not just in demand—they provide great pay, excellent benefits, and rapid growth potential.



9TSM |

The demand is real. Since taking over our family company in 2016, my husband and I haven’t seen demand like we are seeing and hearing about today. I have spoken with many of my friends in the construction industry and there is no shortage of conversation on the topic. Even though we are experiencing it firsthand I am optimistic that it will turn around. My husband (Mike Dombo, Raceway Electric & Solar) shares his perspective, saying, “People will be taking note of the rising pay for these skilled tradesmen, low to no debt for trade school education, shorter training schedules, and on-the-job training. This creates a very attractive opportunity just waiting to be tapped

Beyond the demand for tradesmen, our local contractors are also an essential part of our community. When we take a closer look at the construction trades, it is nothing short of positive. Especially in East County, where it’s easy to see the community impact of this industry across a multitude of local projects. Local contractors are constantly investing back in the communities in which they live and work. Davis Roofing generously donated the roofs for the Santee homes that were destroyed back in October’s fatal plane crash. Please read more about Davis Roofing on page 27.

Davis Roofing

We all have seen amazing work from the trades on social channels, and many have amassed HUGE followings. The hype is real. This kind of exposure has really elevated the satisfaction of working with your hands—an online showcase shining a light on skilled trades work.

RDS Contracting

As a local electrical contractor Raceway Electric was honored to help with the new Veterans Memorial here in Santee. We invited a trade school to take a field trip and watch what we were doing—sharing some tips and hands-on tricks-of-the-trade along the way. Mike reflected on this particular job experience saying, “I hope those students can drive by that monument and feel some pride that they were onsite for that build because I know I do.”

| TSM10

HVAC contractor Sarah Wood puts money back into local education. Allegiance Heating & Air donates to the Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Contractor’s Academy of San Diego – a non-profit that supports the education and hands on training for tradesmen eager to learn a skilled trade.

Raceway Electric & Solar working with local trade school at the Santee Veterans Memorial.

The growth potential is there. Contractors are leveling up with modernization. “As a commercial electrician turned Electrical Contractor, the modernization of business systems and promotion of the trades make construction in residential services scalable and elevate our work.” says Mike Dombo, “Tradesmen can instantly share their craft online, work with integrated systems that perfect customer communication, GPS routing, log jobsite photos, SMS dispatching, and more. The sky really is the limit.”

– Melissa RacewayDomboElectric & Solar

The door is open. Skilled trade programs are readily available and easy to access. There is room for a whole new generation of carpenters, electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, builders, and more. From my perspective, the construction trades are a great career choice. It can provide meaningful work, satisfaction in a skilled craft that is in demand, and a great living. We are looking forward to watching the trades grow.

11TSM |

Allegiance Heating Air & Solar

Drive-thru EventDrive-thru Event 11/25/22 - 12/24/2211/25/22 - 12/24/22 Thursdays - SundaysThursdays - Sundays 5:30PM-8:30PM

Dogs ARE Welcome in Designated Areas.

Santee Lakes

– Laura SanteeKovalLakes Recreation Preserve

13TSM |

Meet Jeffrey!

As a self-sufficient park and campground that does not receive Padre Dam rate payer or tax payer funds to operate, we’ve tried to strike the right balance for all of our guests, including a core base that comes to enjoy our wildlife. We allow dogs in the RV campground with registered campers and on our designated dog walk accessed through the Lake Canyon entrance. The good news for dog walkers is the City of Santee has four dog parks, including an entire acre in Mast Park. Santee Lakes enjoys being a great compliment to City services and parks.

For our bird list, bird story map, and gallery please visit:

Ducks, Dogs & More at the Lakes

Another special bird story involves our beautiful Wood ducks. At one time they were endangered, but Santee Lakes and other wildlife preserves implemented nesting programs that have successfully aided in a population increase. Great job, Santee!

Regulars at our park have come to find that our birds have personalities, just like pets. And although they are wild animals, we love them just the same.

Not every bird at Santee Lakes has a name because we have over 230 species and thousands of birds that call Santee Lakes home, but some make a special connection with our guests and staff, like our favorite Snowy Egret, Jeffrey. You can find Jeffrey along the shoreline looking for tasty fish or hitching a ride on the harvester while we “mow the lakes’, snapping up fish snacks as they make their way up the conveyor belt. He’s one smart bird.

Other park favorites are Junior the Great Blue heron and Hot Fire and Nibbles the original Canadian geese duo.

What about Dogs?

Occasionally we are asked about our dog policies. Santee Lakes established ourselves as a bird and fish park long ago and are proud to be a migratory stop for many birds as well as the #1 hot spot for birding in San Diego County. Unfortunately, dogs disrupt wildlife, even when they’re leashed and well-behaved. There is also the issue of canine fecal matter, which carries a number of diseases and parasites that may be passed to our wildlife. Service Animals are allowed; however, all other pets (including therapy and emotional support animals) are not.

Same Day Delivery Available!!Follow us on Facebook & Instagram! | TSM14

ECYP Summer Bash

Open New Miss Santee Titleholders

On June 9th, Santee Chamber staff along with the Miss Santee Director, Lauren Gaines, and the City of Santee got to witness the crowning of the 2022 Miss Santee titleholders. Our Miss Santee is Heather Cantin, our Miss Teen Santee is Julianna Abrajan, and our Junior Miss Santee is Ezrah Collier. They have quickly took on their new role effortlessly and we are excited to see them at future events throughout their reign!

Raymond’s Barbershop Ribbon Cutting

On July 20th the East County Young Professionals hosted a Summer Bash at Mission Realty Group. The evening was filled with networking, cornhole, drinks, and our Committee Chair was even grilling burgers and hot dogs! Take a look at their upcoming events on page 35.

15TSM |


On July 24th, we got to celebrate the new location of Raymond’s Barbershop. You can get your friendly cuts or shaves now at 225 Town Center Parkway conveniently located in the same parking lot as Coffee Corner! Store owner, Javier, hosted an epic celebration with a classic car show, music, and pizza. Fun was had by all in attendance!

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Goncha Santee is a Bubble Tea Shop that specializes in fresh brewed tea, milk tea, coffee, smoothies, and fruit tea drinks. It is topped with boba and jelly to create a unique, flavorful, and fun beverage.

Why did you come to Santee?

We believe that Santee is a thriving and culturally diverse community, and we wanted to introduce our unique beverages to it. We also wanted to create a safe and a pleasant environment for members of the community to gather and socialize. While at the same time provide jobs to the community.

What is your most popular menu item?

What is Gongcha Santee?

Our three most popular menu item is Brown Sugar Milk Tea, which comprise of our flavorful brown sugar with black milk tea. This is our signature drink. Mango Green Tea, which comprise of Mango purée syrup with green tea. And Passion Fruit Green Tea, which comprise passion fruit purée with green tea. These our popular summer refreshing and flavorful fruity drinks.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Our drinks are unique and flavorful. We brew fresh tea every morning and afternoon so that our drinks are of the highest quality. We provide good and friendly service. We want our customers to come and feel welcomed and be happy. Bringing happiness and making people smile is our goal.

A place where they can feel relaxed or charged up for their day. When they walk out, we want them to feel that we've provided a cup of happiness to take with them.

17TSM |

What can people expect when they come into your store?

I'm excited school year! Parent Santee community a our students succe continuing these pa our students thrive!

2022-2 SCH IS N m d

President Elana Le

A new beginnings, new opportunities. This innovate and buil that make our Dist

Welcome Back

Vice President Dian

The Santee School District has always been considered a “lighthouse district”, a district others look to for strong practices focused on student needs. As we head into a new school year, we are re-imagining our expectations for our students and staff so we can continue to shine.

Board Member Du


Santee Schoo California Department of Educa

The beginning brings a special typ students, staff, paren year yet full of learn from the Santee School Board

nning District and a model for Prescho chools

new school year brings new new adventures and new es. This year, let us continue to d build upon the many things ur District so wonderful. ginning of a new school year al type of excitement for all: parents. I hope this is the best f learning and growth.

In this new year we will continue to create new ways to foster imagination and creativity in our students and staff. Here's to another great year in Santee!

ber Dustin Burns

Dianne El-Hajj

Board Clerk Ken Fox Board Member Barbara Ryan

RECYCLE YOUR FOOD SCRAPS Remember to throw all of your food scraps and food-soiled paper into your organics cart along with your yard to reduce contamination and •odor:Use a dedicated food scraps pail in your kitchen. • Clean out your refrigerator the day before scheduled service. To learn more, visit or | TSM20

What do you love about the kind of work you perform?

– Kristen Dare, ACE Santee Chamber of Commerce

You started your company in your early twenties, what advice would you give to young people considering tradework for their career path?

For a quote, call or text Adam at 619-966-8543.

You’ve been in Santee your whole life, why is it so important to you?

Santee has a strong community atmosphere, with a small town feel, while also being a growing city. It's a place where you can go all the way from kindergarten through high school and then your kids can follow behind you (and even have some of the same teachers). As Cajon Park and Santana High alumni, it’s been a blessing to watch my kids grow up on the same campuses where I have many memories of my own. Santee is so unique. It’s really a place where you can memorize names and faces of local business owners and employees, get to know them on a personal level, and feel a connection where you shop. It’s a great feeling.

First and foremost, it gives me the ability to give my potential clients a far more competitive bid than if I were traveling to other cities. It reduces my carbon footprint and gives me control over my individual environmental impact. It also gives me the ability to be an involved parent in school functions, sports and extracurricular activities for my kids. As I do things around town, I really enjoy being able to take local pride in my completed jobs. I see my work as a personal contribution to upgrading the town where I grew up; it really makes me feel like I’m doing my part to give back to the place we call “home”.



From my experience, tradework is a never-ending industry that I realized (at a young age) would allow me to feed my family and be successful without having a formal education. Not to be mistaken though, there is a lot of struggle, hard work, and long hours that have gone along with it, but with that comes a huge sense of satisfaction and accomplishment of finishing something with my own two hands. Construction trades are needed more than ever in a modern society. It takes dedication and a willingness to oftentimes put projects ahead of your personal life because people's homes are in your hands and without continuing forward for them, their life can be on hold.

For me, it’s the satisfaction of seeing a homeowner fall in love with their new space once completed. That alone is worth its weight in gold, even though this has also been fruitful for my family! I also have the thrill of meeting new people daily. You get to see their different flavors and tastes before even touching a job, which is exciting. It doesn’t just take the ability to do the work, it takes a personality for people to welcome you into their home and have a willingness to allow you to do work in their personal space. Earning my customers’ trust upfront is just as important as the work I put into their homes. Their satisfaction at the end of the project is front-of-mind the whole way through. I specialize in additions, home remodels, office TI and more.


Why do you strive to keep your business local?

City of Santee

The City of Santee has got you covered. Santee has both indoor and outdoor space available for rent. Reservations for Picnic Shelters can be made online. For room rental availability, pricing or any other questions on how to obtain reservations call the Community Services Department at 619-258-4100 ext. 222.

| TSM20 Still have questions? Contact Community Services at (619) 258-4100 ext. 222 or go online at

Hosting a party or gathering soon & need a space to rent?

| TSM22

RECREATION Seniors 55+ Teen Center SKATE PARK Classes Parks Trails Due

PARKS & More Recreating this Fall

Santee Hometown Heroes Banner Program

AT&T Channel 99 | Cox Channel 117 | Stream Email Us: Call us: (619) 258-4100 x162tv


Sponsorship & vendor opportunities are still available. Contact:

Tree Lighting Ceremony, Live Music, Santa Photos, Kids’ Activities, Vendors, and More!

Town Center Community Park East • 550 Park Center Dr. Fundraiser supporting People, Parks, and Programs

Live Music by the New Cat•illacs

Santee Holiday Lighting Celebration

23TSM |

special events

Saturday, October 22 • 5:30-9:30 p.m.

Would you like a chance to help the City honor a family member or lost loved one who served in the military?

Stay connected watch live or stream

For More Information: and (619) 258-4100 x222

The City of Santee’s Hometown Heroes Banner Program will recognize and honor selected Santee residents or their family members who have served, or have given their life in service in the United States Armed Forces. Banners featuring the names and faces of Santee’s approved military Hometown Heroes will be displayed on light pole banners along the Veterans Memorial Bridge (Mast Blvd Bridge: Be tween Pebble Beach Drive & Fanita Parkway).

Santee Trolley Square • 9884 Mission Gorge Rd.

Holiday Lighting Celebration

Tickets & Reserved Tables on Sale Now!!

For more information: >>> Click on Services & select Military & Veteran Support

Giving Trees & Opportunity Drawings • 21+ Event

21TSM |

City of Santee

Food & Beverage Samples (while supplies last)

Friday, November 18, 5:30pm - 8:30pm

INFO@SANTEECHAMBER COM SANTEECHAMBER COM WANT TO ADVERTISE IN THIS MAGAZINE AND REACH EVERY HOME AND BUSINESS IN SANTEE? REVIEW DEADLINES AND RATES ONLINE NOW OR CALL OR EMAIL US TODAY! 619 449 1515 Join us for worship every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Visit Join us for worship every Sunday at 11:00 a.m. Visit Open 7 days a week Instagram & Facebook @furologypetspaw a WINNER Santee’s Favorites Santee’s Favorites Santee’s Favorites Our groomers hold certifications from: American Kennel Club; Fear Free Pets; National Cat Groomers Association; Small Mammal Grooming Summit Promoting Cleanliness, Comfort and Good Grooming For All Furred Companions Need to board your cat for the Holidays? Ask about our Holiday Boarding Specials Book your AppointmentsHolidayearly! • Dedicated exclusively to cats and small mammals • No dogs allowed! • Full grooming services available • Hours by appointment • Boarding ‘Retreat’ condos designed specifically for felines and small mammals • Visit our website: Call 619-486-6726 for an appointment! 9730 Cuyamaca Street Suite D • Santee • ‘SPaw’ personalized packages for each FUR friend • Walk in bathing area for larger or older pets • Convenient location, curbside drop off/pick up • Boutique with CBD and more • Winner Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite • Open 7 days/week • Visit our website: Call 619-334-6218 for an appointment! 9730 Cuyamaca Street Suite A & F • Santee | TSM24

Some amazing programs right here for Santee students are Manufacturing and Product Development including courses on Drafting and Design, Green Urban Design and Technology, and Manufacturing and Prototyping. Available at both Santana and West Hills. Also available is Transportation including courses on Auto Body Repair and Refinishing. Available only at Santana.

Already out of high school and looking for more? GUHSD has an Adult School to get you the training you need. Here are 5 ways to obtain training for tradework:

3. Grossmont Adult Education Construction Career Pathway - Framing & Drywall: This 8-week framing and drywall installation class teaches the necessary skills to obtain entry-level carpentry jobs in general construction.

5. Grossmont Adult Education Advanced Manufacturing & Welding Career Pathway - Introduction to CADD: This 10-week course provides an introduction to computer-aided design and drafting. Autodesk Suite programs are used as the learning system. Students will also receive hands-on experience using a 3-D printer, laser cutter and CNC machine.

Did you know...

Visit for information about the five Career Pathways listed above and get the training you need today for your career!


25TSM |

The Grossmont Union High School District offers Career Technical Education (CTE) courses for their students? CTE connects secondary and post-secondary education to college expectations and labor market demand so students are focused, and ready for the future. Modern CTE is adaptable, aligned with industry standards, college options and is an integral part of college prep education. The success of the pathways is due in part to the strong business partnerships the course have with local industry sectors. CTE - connecting college and career!

1. Grossmont Adult Education Construction Career Pathway - Concrete Mixer Truck Training: The Concrete Mixer Truck Training will train students to drive, maintain and safely navigate a concrete mixer truck at a construction site.

4. Grossmont Adult Education Advanced Manufacturing & Welding Career Pathway - AWS Welding Certification: Instruction in this course covers safety, personal protection equipment, welding and electrical theory, basic equipment setup and repair.

2. Grossmont Adult Education Construction Career Pathway - Construction and Marine Industry Repair: This accelerated course is a hands-on introduction to different areas of the construction industry, residential, building, and ship repair.

A top priority for Cox during a wildfire or other natural disaster is to keep customers connected so they can stay informed, check in with family and friends, and even access their shows and movies while away from home.

During a wildfire or PSPS, Cox works closely with the power company and public safety agencies to monitor the situation and ensure the safety of its network and facilities to keep residential and business customers connected.

Download Cox apps before a wildfire or PSPS occurs

In the event of a PSPS, wildfire or natural disaster, Cox will post service outage updates,

• Cox app Check on outages, stay up to date with text alerts and manage your account.

Have a charged backup battery for your landline phone

Wildfire season now begins earlier and ends later than in years past, so Cox prepares all year long, reviewing its business continuity plan and running through mock wildfire events so employees in all facets of its operations will be prepared and know their role and responsibilities during a natural disaster.

Most cordless home phones require electricity and won’t work in an outage. In addition, power is needed for telephone equipment and Cox’s network to be accessed. During an emergency, if Cox’s network is operating during a power outage, make sure you have a charged backup battery to help ensure you can receive a Reverse 911 call. You can purchase a backup battery by calling 855-324-7700 or visiting the Cox Solutions Store in Santee, 9349 Mission Gorge Rd

• Cox Contour app Cox TV customers can access the latest news and weather and stream favorites to their mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

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For Southern California residents, preparing and protecting your home or business in the event of a wildfire is a daily reality.

• Cox Voice Everywhere app We recommend Cox Voice customers keep corded landlines and a fully charged backup battery for phone modems in case of emergency. To purchase your battery, call 855-324-7700 or visit your Cox store.


Get updates via Cox’s Twitter handle

residential customers and business customers like Cox that it will be implementing a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). In the event of a PSPS, Cox services may be interrupted in a neighborhood where power will be shut off.

tips and other important information on Twitter. Customers can follow Cox at @coxcalifornia.

When strong winds and other weather conditions create an increased risk for wildfires, the local power company may notify its

There are also some things Cox customers can do to better prepare for an unexpected event like a wildfire or Public Safety Power Shutoff.

For more helpful information and tips, visit

Portable generators may prolong your services In the event your power goes out, a generator may prolong your services if your Cox service location still has power. Check your generator's owner’s manual for details on power capacity and safe operation.

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Mission Realty Group 619-855-1151 • DRE#01374369

There is not yet an end date for the rebuilding of these homes, but the progress already being made by the generous members of our community assures us that there is an end in sight. Thank you so much for your contributions to the -community!JaniceAylward

Hi, I’m John Olsen, a longtime resident and business advocate of Santee. As an active member of the Santee Chamber I often showcase upcoming development projects and events around town. Be sure to follow me for more on

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“When it's your community, it matters to you and you do what you can.”

Davis Family Roofing has been a part of our East County community for more than 40 years. Mike Davis has lived in Santee all of his life, and is the owner of Davis Family Roofing after taking up the business that his father started. Mike and Vanessa Davis have ingrained themselves into our community through their business, sponsorship of the Bulls Only Rodeo, and, most recently, their generosity to their


11, 2021, our community was shaken by the fatal plane crash that took two lives and destroyed two homes on Greencastle. Mike saw the plane coming down and was present in the chaotic aftermath of it all, and he knew that he wanted to help in any capacity that he could. Davis Family Roofing is a small, local business, but they were the homeowners choice for the re-roofing of their homes. In describing his dedication to the project, Mike said, “We’re just one part of this entity, but when it’s your community, it matters to you and you do what you can.”

Dr. Al Klitzke laserdds8@gmail.com619-596-0144DDSAlbert Klitzke, DDS CosmeticFamily,&ImplantDentistry 30 Years Experience Small Office Atmosphere Military and most insurance accepted Financing available Voted as a Top Dentist in East County by his peers Free Second Opinions when you bring in your X-rays $79 Exam Digital X-Rays and Cleaning for new patients EXPIRES 10/31/2022 619.596.0144 8790 Cuyamaca Street #E, Santee 92071 VOTE OR BE! CA GENERAL ELECTION TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8 OUTVOTED. B a l l o t M e a s u r e s : P r o p o s i t i o n s 1 , 2 6 , 2 7 , 2 8 , 2 9 a n d 3 1 P a d r e D a m M u n i c i p a l W a t e r D i s t r i c t S e a t s 1 , 3 a n d 5 S a n t e e S c h o o l D i s t r i c t S e a t s 1 a n d 5 S t a t e A s s e m b l y D i s t r i c t 7 5 S t a t e S e n a t e D i s t r i c t 4 0 U S C o n g r e s s D i s t r i c t 5 0 | TSM28


Keeping kids Happy, Healthy, and Safe - It’s what we do! The benefits that dance education provides are needed now more than ever. The past 2 years have taken their toll on all of us, and kids are no exception. They have missed out on important socialization, been stuck behind screens, and had fewer opportunities for self-expression. Dance class gives students an opportunity to make friends, learn to work as a team, and create collaboratively with others. In class, students get great exercise all while increasing musicality, balance, flexibility, strength, and body awareness. In addition, studies have shown that dancing decreases anxiety and depression. We partner with parents to provide a positive environment where kids can experience all the benefits described above and more!

Expressions Dance & Movement Center is a Youth Protection Advocates in Dance certified studio. This means that all of our staff are background checked, CPR and First Aid Certified, and have received training on how to keep kids safe, both physically and emotionally. This summer we have added 2 new rooms and upgraded our other studios, all are equipped with sprung floors to protect dancers’ bodies. We keep kids and their wellbeing at the center of all that we do. Come in for a tour and see the EDMC difference!

– Darcy Fagerwold Expressions Dance & Movement Center

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The Objective or Qualifications Summary: Keep objective simple. Don’t write fluffy statements about your desire to change the world through this job. Try to convey why you should be hired—your desire, work ethic, etc. If you have solid qualifications for the job, list those instead.

Employment History or Work Experience: If you have experience, always include your most recent work experience at the top and include all relevant experience no matter how old. If you’ve had many job changes or short stints at jobs, be sure to explain why, but do not blame the job or previous employer.

Your résumé is the primary tool for communicating information about yourself to prospective employers. Résumés follow a fairly standard format, which include Header, Objective, Skills, Experience, and Education. The layout of your résumé will change depending on the amount of work experience you have, as well as your level of experience in the field for which you are applying. If you don’t have much experience in the specific career field you are applying for, it’s best to detail your past work experience and relate the skills required in your previous jobs to the new job.


Education: Include full details on your education including degrees and awards received. Include any relevant training classes for previous jobs.

Skills: If you have limited experience, list your basic job skills. For the more experienced, include as many of the skills that are required for the job as possible, including computer skills, knowledge of specific business software, even specific tasks that you know the job will require.

The Header should contain full name and all necessary contact information. Provide at least one phone number. If you have a cell phone, give that number. Be wary of any e-mail address or website URL you provide as you may be judged on the content of your website or the name on your e-mail address.

| TSM30

Do not lie, and do not stretch the truth. Have quality copies made from a fresh master copy. Included below are explanations of each section of your résumé and a sample résumé outline.


➢ Inspection


Overview of machining processes.

The Grande Foundation has completed 9 classes with over 55 graduates and has a 97% placement rate within the manufacturing industry.

PurposeClinics/Auditing /

Six Sigma Green Belt

Understanding Non Destructive Testing CNC Machining

Subjects Covered

Evolution of machine tools

➢ Quality

Graduating students earn the following certificates recognized by manufacturingtheindustry:

For more information contact: Tom info@qcmfginc.comShultz(619)4433997

The role of the machinist

31TSM |

Understand the need for CAD/CAM in Lean Manufacturing. and create with Mastercam

The Grande MANUFACTURINGFoundationACADEMYNowRecruitingfor2023 Graduates of the Academy can start their career NDT6CertificateInspectQualityNDTMachinin:ingionofAchievementSigmaGreenBeltCertificateEducationalOverviewCertificate ➢ Shop Theory

Overview of Math for machining Blueprint

Overview of CNC Machining (Computer Numerical Control)

The Grande Foundation with the support of QCMI has offered the Manufacturing Academy since 2014. The course provides 65% hands on training using the latest equipment and Machines.


ISO 9001 / AS9100 / NADCAP Quality Cause and Corrective Actions Shop Math

Learn the Lean Six Sigma philosophy

Understanding Micrometers, Calipers and Gages Manual Machining

Learning to read and understand Blueprints

Overview of Lathe Machining, Mill Machining and Grinding

A 17 week course that will give you the education to start your career in the Manufacturing Industry


It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of Santee Chamber of Commerce Board Director, James “Jim” Peasley. Jim has served on our Board of Directors at the Santee Chamber since February of 2016. His regular contributions to goal setting, strategic planning and his outstanding volunteerism will be sorely missed. He was a regular source of wisdom and positive influence for our entire organization and he served on numerous committees over the years ranging from Government Affairs, Magazine/Communications, to safety roles as a member of the Advisory Committee for San Diego County’s CSA-69.

He was a friend, mentor and great example of a generous being who regularly put family first and served his community well. Our thoughts go out to all who knew and loved Jim, especially his wife Linda, who graciously shared his time with us.

| TSM32

Jim was also well known for having served on the Padre Dam Municipal Water District’s Board since December of 2010, having served as Board President in 2014 and again in 2019, and Vice President in 2013, 2018 and 2022. Jim had over 35 years of experience in water, recycled water, and wastewater industries as a Registered Professional Civil Engineer, providing years of valuable service to our region.

It is with great sadness that we share the passing of Pam Wilson— she meant so much to so many. Family was lucky enough to call her wife, mom, nana, sister, and aunt. To the community, she was Director Pam Wilson.

While the world may have lost some of its sparkle, her legacy lives on in each of us and those she touched.

Pam was a pioneer of female camaraderie and empowerment and enjoyed directing the Miss Santee, Miss La Mesa, and Miss California USA pageants for more than four decades. She opened her heart and home to generations of young women, mentoring them to be kind, bright, and loving representatives of our communities. Her style and grace were unmatched, and she was a beautiful soul inside and out.

In her last weeks, she spent time with family and friends and requested that Christmas decorations be put up in August so she could live each day as her favorite holiday. She was warmed and humbled by the outpouring of love and support she received while she battled cancer over the last year. She passed away peacefully at home on August 17, 2022, surrounded by her family, who she loved so dearly.

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In my new book, Who’sStealingYourRetirement?, I expose these 7 risks, how they threaten to steal yours, and what you can do about them! Here’s

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November 2022 2

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Boys & Girls Club

Tuesday Nov 29, 2022 // 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Tuesday Nov 29, 2022 // 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Taste cuisines from local eateries.

Location: The Plaza at Lantern Crest // 800 Lantern Crest Way, Santee

Entry Fee: $25 Community Members or $20 Chamber Members

Special thanks to our sponsor:

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Taste cuisines from local eateries.

Tuesday Nov 29, 2022 // 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Entry Fee: $25 Community Members or $20 Chamber Members

Special thanks to our sponsor:

Location: The Plaza at Lantern Crest // 800 Lantern Crest Way, Santee

Tuesday Nov 29, 2022 // 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Join Us On Giving Tuesday

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Give, Receive & Connect with Local Community Partners:

Join Us On Giving Tuesday

Location: The Plaza at Lantern Crest // 800 Lantern Crest Way, Santee

Special thanks to our sponsor:

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Join Us On Giving Tuesday

Taste cuisines from local eateries.

Special thanks to our sponsor:

Taste cuisines from local eateries.

Give, Receive & Connect with Local Community Partners:

Entry Fee: $25 Community Members or $20 Chamber Members

RegistrationVendor PurchaseTickets

Join Us On Giving Tuesday

Give, Receive & Connect with Local Community Partners:

Entry Fee: $25 Community Members or $20 Chamber Members

Location: The Plaza at Lantern Crest // 800 Lantern Crest Way, Santee

Give, Receive & Connect with Local Community Partners:

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