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ABOUT REI We are an alliance of trainers, organizers, and institutional leaders who have devoted ourselves to the work of creating racially equitable organizations and systems. We help individuals and organizations develop tools to challenge patterns of power and grow equity.

Santa Fe College's Office of Access and Inclusion is offering virtual racial equity workshops in

Measuring Racial Inequity: A Groundwater Approach "Measuring Racial Inequity: A Groundwater Approach" is an interactive presentation on the nature and impact of structural racism and what it looks like across institutions. We examine

partnership with the Racial Equity

narratives around racial disproportionality and make use of

Institute. These workshops are

compelling research data to illustrate the systemic nature of racism

free to SF employees and open to the public for a $49 fee.

and the fallacy of typical explanations like poverty, education, social class, individual behavior or cultural attributes that often get associated with particular racial groups. The Groundwater Approach teaches how to use data to measure the systemic impact of racism and to track institutional change.


Friday, Sept. 4, 9 a.m. - 2 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 28, 9 a.m. - Noon

Visit sfcollege.edu/access-inclusion/initiatives/rei-trainings to register.


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Sept 7 Labor Day (college closed) Oct 2 UF Homecoming (college closed)

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Oct 31 Halloween A leaf-covered trail under a canopy of trees makes Loblolly Woods Nature Park in Gainesville an inviting place for a walk, jog or bike ride. The trail, that cuts through the 159 acre park, follows both Hogtown and Possum Creeks.

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Understanding this brochure Course Title

How To Use Your Kindle Fire Learn all the basics of your Kindle Fire (and HD), Fire parts and basic navigation; books, movies/TV, music, apps, search the web, and check email. Learn about Amazon’s Cloud Services and the benefits of buying Amazon Prime.

COM0040 is the course #

1F4 is the section #

COM0040.1F4 3 Wed., starts 7/2, 6 p.m.—8 p.m. Instructor: Ken Humphlett SF NW Campus, B-204 FEE $39

3 Wed. means this course runs for 3 Wednesdays and starts on 7/2 Registration FEE

First time class is offered

Course location: Bldg B, Rm 204

Contact us at 352-395-5193 or visit sfcollege.edu/communityed for more information.

In order to adapt to COVID-19 safety requirements, all Community Education courses will be offered online for the Fall 2020 term, except for outdoor classes where social distancing can be safely practiced. View sfcollege.edu/communityed or call 352-395-5193 for more information or to register. | 3

Animal Activities Horseback Riding 101

Horse riding for beginners (all levels are welcome) should be fun and exciting! In the first few lessons, riders will have the opportunity to interact with their horses on the ground. Learn the basics of grooming and riding in a structured, fun environment. Become a confident rider and handler under the professional training of Madonna Bynum. ANI0055.1B4 4 Thu., starts 9/24, 6 - 7:30 p.m. Instructor: Madonna Bynum MADONNA’S EQUINE ACADEMY, Barn 7624 NE 62nd Dr FEE $29 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Additional $100 facility fee paid to instructor at 1st class. Class will meet in outdoor arena. Wear appropriate clothes: long pants, closed‑toe shoes or boots with 1/2” heel (no tread). Directions will be emailed. Any questions, call Madonna Bynum at 352-222‑3266.

Social Distancing Guidelines: · · · ·

Wash hands Follow directions arrows in and out of the barn Social distance (horse distance) One person in the tack room at a time

Career and Test Prep College and Career Pathfinder

Arts - Performing Arts/Writing/Drawing Introduction To Voiceovers

Discover current trends and how they make it easy and affordable for just about anyone to get involved. Learn about different types of voiceovers and tools needed to find success. Your instructor, a professional voice actor from Voices For All, will take notes as you read a real script in this one-on-one video chat setting, and offer some coaching to improve your delivery. 18 and over. HOB0005.1F5 Instructor: Voices For All One-on-One Online Course Voices For All, Inc. FEE $49 NOTE: No sr. waivers. This is a 1-time online live video chat, 90-minute introductory course. Receive a professional voiceover evaluation later. Sign up anytime during the term. Must have Internet access and video chatting capabilities using either of the following free methods: Skype (for PC), iChat, FaceTime, or Zoom.

Publishing Your Work

Whether you have a book of poetry, memoir, graphic novel, mystery, or other you no doubt want your work in print or available as an e-book. How do you get your work published in today’s competitive market? Learn about the different types of publishing options available, how to prepare a query letter, find an agent or self-publish, depending on your individual needs. Now that Create Space is no longer in existence, how do you self-publish most effectively? We will cover the latest info on the publishing world in general.

Charcoal and Graphite Art

Want to take your drawings to a new level as you improve your drawing skills? This is not your grade school pencil art class, so be prepared to be amazed! ART0026.1N3 4 Wed., starts 9/9, 9:30 - 11 a.m. Instructor: Caroline Crawford Online, ZOOM FEE $49 NOTE: No sr. waivers. A supply list (approx. $25) will be emailed by your instructor before class, but please have any drawing supplies that you have on hand for 1st class.

Drawing With Colored Pencils

This class is for students with some experience in drawing. Expand your knowledge of subject drawing and be introduced to the beautiful medium of colored pencils. It’s very relaxing and requires patience while you learn about developing colors and technique. Beware: You may get hooked on it. ART0028.1R1 4 Mon., starts 9/7, 9:30 - 11 a.m. Instructor: Caroline Crawford Online, ZOOM FEE $49 NOTE: No sr. waivers. A supply list (approx. $25) will be emailed by your instructor before class, but please have any drawing supplies that you have on hand for 1st class.

ENG0002.1A1 6 Wed., starts 9/9, 12 - 2 p.m. Instructor: Wendy Thornton Online, ZOOM FEE $69 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Have pen and paper for taking notes.

4 | View sfcollege.edu/communityed or call 352-395-5193 for more information or to register.

This workshop is for students and adults who are wondering about possible careers, majors, and colleges. We will focus on the training opportunities available at Santa Fe College and the jobs to which they lead. We will also introduce you to useful online resources for researching possible career paths, choosing academic and career goals, and planning effectively to achieve those goals. CAR0040.1F1 1 Thu., starts 9/10, 6 - 8 p.m. Instructor: James Yawn Online, ZOOM FEE FREE


Mystical Belly Dancing

Come shimmy into shape and unlock the ancient mysteries of belly dancing. Belly dancing is a cardiovascular activity for women of all ages and shapes. It strengthens core muscles, burns calories, and improves flexibility. Be prepared for an energetic class that will lift your spirits as you shimmy and sway your body into better health. DAN0020.1B2 6 Tue., starts 9/8, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. Instructor: Marjorie Malerk Online, ZOOM FEE $49 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Be sure there’s enough available space for you to be able dance.

College For Kids Fun With Photoshop

In this Zoom online project‑based class, we’ll introduce students to the interface, terminology, and essential tools in Adobe’s Photoshop. Learn to enhance, modify, and create effects digitally in your Photoshop projects. COM0061.1N4 6 Mon., Wed., starts 9/14, 10 - 11 a.m. Instructor: Gwendolyn Thompson Online, ZOOM FEE $89 NOTE: For ages 8 - 14. Must have an account/license with Adobe Photoshop.

Virtual S.T.E.A.M. Fair With Spark

In this fun, interactive online course, students will become familiar with Adobe Spark, an online and mobile design app for making graphics for social media, short videos, and web pages. Choose a Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design, or Math (S.T.E.A.M) topic that “sparks” your interest. Then create a Spark presentation to share in our Zoom Classroom. Do your best for our panel of esteemed judges. CFK8007.1N5 6 Tue., Thu., starts 9/15, 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Instructor: Gwendolyn Thompson Online, ZOOM FEE $89 NOTE: For ages 8 - 14. Must sign up for a free Adobe Spark account (https://spark.adobe.com/students) unless your child’s school has an Adobe license.

Computers and Technology Microsoft Office Basics - Part I

This six‑week course will cover the three most popular applications in Microsoft Office: Part 1 will be focusing on file management, Word, and the basics of Excel, focusing on many of the most popular and useful features. All students need to bring a USB drive have a computer with microphone and video camera, high speed internet service, and possess a basic working understanding of Windows. COM0039.1F3 6 Thu., starts 9/10, 5 - 6:30 p.m. Instructor: Brian Fox Online, ZOOM FEE $69 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Have a USB/ flash drive. Must be comfortable with the keyboard and typing. *Prerequisites: PC for Beginners and Beyond 1 and 2.*

Health and Fitness Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness, designed to help people lead full and healthy lives. We will use posture, rhythm, breathing techniques, mantra, and meditation to deepen internal awareness, build energy and strength, release tension, improve flexibility, and calm the mind. Appropriate for ALL levels. HEA0021.1G3 6 Thu., starts 9/10, 6 - 7:30 p.m. Instructor: Kim Holton, Ph.D., RYT Online, ZOOM FEE $54 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Please have a yoga mat and a blanket or large towel.

Stretch and Relax With Yoga

Focus on basic breathing techniques, warm-ups, Hatha yoga postures and techniques for relaxation, releasing stress, and revitalizing the mind, body, and spirit. Each class is structured, beginning with an initial check-in and brief education, body and breath awareness, warm-up, postures, deep relaxation, and ends with a final check-in. HEA0098.1F2 4 Tue., starts 9/15, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Instructor: Shenna Benarte Online, ZOOM FEE $44 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Please have a yoga mat and a blanket or large towel.

PC For Beginners & Beyond I

This course is for people new to computers or those wanting to move beyond the basics. Learn the parts, terminology, the basics of Windows, how to create and save files, how to make a smart computer purchase, and much more. COM0020.1F3 4 Tue., Thu., starts 9/15, 2:30 - 4 p.m. Instructor: Brian Fox Online, ZOOM FEE $84 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Purchase a USB/flash drive (storage device) and have at first class.

Minecraft Monster Factory

Do Krakens truly lurk below the ocean waves? Do griffins command the air above? Have you ever wondered whether legendary beasts still wander among us? Explore the world of Mythological Monsters inside and out of Minecraft. Learn how these creatures relate to real‑world animals, then recreate them as a mob in Minecraft using the coding platform Tynker. Learn about their habitats and needs and create a Redstone habitat for them. Finally, use all your new skills to go on an in‑game adventure to find and rescue them. CFK8006.1N4 6 Tue., Thu., starts 9/15, 10 - 11 a.m. Instructor: Gwendolyn Thompson Online, ZOOM FEE $89 NOTE: For ages 8 - 14. Must have a Microsoft 360 account and free access to Minecraft.edu thru your child’s school.

Sports Golf For Beginners

In this beginners class, you’ll be taught basic golf fundamentals from putting through driving. Receive one hour of instruction and one hour of supervised practice or playing. SPO0020.1E1 6 Wed., starts 9/9, 3 - 5 p.m.

Golf Part II

Building on the basic golf fundamentals taught in level I. Receive one hour of instruction and one hour of supervised practice or playing. SPO0019.1E6 6 Tue., starts 9/8, 3 - 5 p.m. Instructor: Eric Thomas IRONWOOD GOLF COURSE 2100 NE 39th Ave FEE $49 NOTE: No sr. waivers. $30 greens fee paid at 1st class; covers use of the course, golf balls and any available clubs.

At Ironwood Golf Course, we have inserted pool noodles inside the cups to keep the ball from going all the way in the hole. We also have everyone riding one per cart unless part of the same household to maintain social distancing. We will be using every other hitting bay on the driving range to keep everyone spread out. Our guidelines for group classes will consist of: · Do not touch other players clubs. · Do not use a rake in the bunker, even if available, rather rake with your feet. · Do not touch the flagstick. · Stay 6 feet from each other. · Please use glove hand to retrieve any holed putts. · Wash your hands before and after class. Also, we have hand sanitizer and sanitizer wipes all around the building. If there are any concerns or suggestions, please let instructor know!

View sfcollege.edu/communityed or call 352-395-5193 for more information or to register. | 5

Health and Wellness A Practical Guide To Pandemics

This one‑hour online Zoom class will cover topics ranging from how to wash your hands to “Will cloth face coverings protect me?”, with live demonstrations and activities to help us make sense of the current pandemic. We will also cover the CDC recommendations and guidelines on how to prevent infection and briefly discuss pandemics past and present. WELL0028.1N2 1 Fri., starts 9/11, 4 - 6 p.m. Instructor: Jim Thompson Online, ZOOM FEE $24 NOTE: No sr. waivers. A great class for the entire family.

De-Stress and Relax: Meditation

Students will learn effective and retainable methods to achieve calmness with meditation. WELL0039.1F1 5 Mon., starts 9/14, 7 - 8 p.m. Instructor: K. A. Shakoor Online, ZOOM FEE $44 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Wear comfortable clothes.

Intro To Energetic Medicine

Students will be introduced to concepts of energetic medicine and how to apply it to their daily lives for a better quality of health and wellness. WELL0030.1F1 5 Mon., starts 9/14, 6 - 7 p.m. Instructor: K. A. Shakoor Online, ZOOM FEE $44 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Wear comfortable clothing.

Qigong For Everyone Online Workshop

Develop flexibility, coordination, balance and agility. Gain a stronger body, a sharper mind and a happier mood. Qigong (pronounced “chee gung”) is China’s rich tradition of self‑healing using movement, breath and awareness. HEA0099.1W3 4 Thu., starts 9/24, 8:30 - 9:45 a.m. Instructor: Ernest Campbell Online, ZOOM FEE $39 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.

WELL0019.1R2 5 Tue., starts 9/8, 6 - 8 p.m. Instructor: K. A. Shakoor Online, ZOOM FEE $44 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Wear comfortable clothes.

Intermediate Spanish

Money and Finance

FIN0019.1N1 1 Mon., starts 9/21, 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Instructor: Elizabeth Pepine Online, ZOOM FEE $29 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Have pen and paper for notes.


LAN0040.1F2 6 Tue., starts 9/8, 5:30 - 7 p.m. Instructor: Julia Lunardo Online, ZOOM FEE $69 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Please purchase “Spanish the Fast and Fun Way” by Gene Hammit.

WELL0026.1D3 4 Wed., starts 9/23, 11:30 a.m. - 1 p.m. Instructor: Beth Michelson Online, ZOOM FEE $54 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Be sure you have enough space to stretch out in, please have a mat, small towel, or small pillow, and wear loose comfortable clothes. Instructor is Beth Michelson LMT, Certified Somatics Exercise Instructor.

Are you interested in getting into the short-term rental market? Now is the perfect time to consider owning and hosting a short term rental with an Air BnB. Learn from Air bnb owner and licensed Realtor, Betsy Pepine! You will be taught the tools and resources needed to start your journey. Additionally, learn income and expense expectations, financing options, time commitment/management options, property identification, listing positioning, optimal pricing, tax knowledge and risk and liability.

This class will address energetic exercises in four categories: 1) Medical Qi-Gong, 2) Tai Chi, 3) Hatha Yoga, and 4) Mindfulness and Meditation. This class is for all levels; beginners welcome. The goal of this class is to achieve balance, energy and relaxation.

In this interactive course, students learn basic greetings and useful questions and answers for getting to know people and places. Basic vocabulary, grammar, syntax, and proper pronunciation will be emphasized. Students should purchase Barron’s “Learn Spanish the Fast and Fun Way” by Gene Hammitt.

In this class, learn a maintenance program of slow, gentle, relaxing self-care movements fitting for all ages and fitness levels. You can do these exercises at home to relieve pain and muscle tension, effortlessly improve posture, increase flexibility, prevent and recover from injury, warm up, and cool down from workouts. They are an effective way to combat stress. You can do these exercises, once learned, in just 20 minutes per day.

Quit Your Day Job: AirBnB 101

Integrated Energetic Medicine

Beginner Spanish

Somatics For Moving Pain Free

Japanese For The Beginner

Are you interested in speaking Japanese or are you planning to visit Japan? In this course, you will learn the basics of Japanese grammar and conversation skills. Subjects will cater to travelers, students and business professionals. LAN0073.1F2 6 Fri., starts 9/10, 6 - 8 p.m. Instructor: Sayuri Anderson Online, ZOOM FEE $84 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Purchase text “Japanese for Busy People”: Romanized Version; with CD attached. Can be purchased at any local or online bookseller for approx. $16. Further study materials discussed at 1st class.

In this course, students will continue to practice conversations using the present tense and learn the preterit – one of the past tenses in Spanish. There will be continued work on vocabulary building, use of reflexive verbs, direct and indirect object pronouns, and commonly used idioms using reading and listening comprehension exercises, Quizlet sets, and other online activities. LAN0044.1N2 6 Tue., starts 9/8, 7:15 - 8:45 p.m. Instructor: Julia Lunardo Online, ZOOM FEE $69 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Please purchase “Complete Spanish Step by Step” by Barbara Bregstein.

6 | View sfcollege.edu/communityed or call 352-395-5193 for more information or to register.

Retirement Planning Today!

Are you ready for retirement, how do you stack up? We will discuss preparing/saving for your retirement, making your wealth last a lifetime, how much you will need to retire and budgeting in retirement. In this course learn how to: manage investment risks, use new tax laws to your advantage, make informed decisions about your company retirement plan, and adjust your estate plan to function properly under the new laws. However, money is only one aspect of retirement planning. This course blends financial education with life planning to help you build wealth, align your money with your values, and achieve your retirement lifestyle goals. This course includes a 223page illustrated textbook. Couples may attend together for a single registration fee. Class sizes are limited so register today. Taught by Financial Advisors Kirk Kinsman and Josh Fischer. FIN0012.2F2 2 Thu., starts 10/1, 6 - 8 p.m. FIN0012.1F2 2 Tue., starts 10/6, 4 - 6 p.m. Instructor: Gainesville Financial Solutions Staff Online, ZOOM FEE $49 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Please provide your email address, instructor will be sending you the textbook digitally before class begins.

Outdoor Adventures Refund Policy For Outdoor Adventure Trips — Consider your reservation for a trip/class carefully! All classes require preregistration. No refund for cancellations made less than 24 hours before tour. * Please call Adventure Outpost at least 2 days before trip to discuss boat preference (canoe, kayak or tandem kayak.)

For All Outdoor Adventures — * No sr. waivers. Maps or directions will be emailed 1-2 days before trip. Lessons are included for beginners and equipment is provided. If you have any questions about your hike or canoe/Kayak adventure, you may contact your trip leader for further information. The phone number is listed below: Lars Andersen/Adventure Outpost: (386) 454-0611

Island Hopping The Cedar Keys

Nature still rules in the Cedar Keys area of Florida’s Big Bend. It’s a low, wet country where land merges gradually with the sea, shrinking and expanding with the ebb and flow of tides. Shore birds, dolphins, horseshoe crabs and a menagerie of plant and animal species make this a fascinating area to explore by kayak. Difficulty: Moderate paddle on open water. Three hours of paddling may be tiring to some. Skill level: Good for beginners and pros alike. Basic instructions given for beginners. SPO0024.1W3 1 Sun., starts 9/27, 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. Instructor: Lars Andersen CEDAR KEY FEE $59 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Maps to be emailed 1-2 days before trip. You must call Adventure Outpost at least 2 days before trip to discuss boat preference (canoe, kayak or tandem kayak), or call them if you have any questions: 386-454-0611.

Marjorie Rawlings’ Cross Creek

On this kayak/canoe tour of Cross Creek and portions of Orange and Lochloosa Lakes, we’ll explore the wild realm made famous by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings. The charming creek, beautiful lake vistas and abundant wildlife remain little changed since the early ‑ mid 1900’s, when Rawlings lived here and wrote such Florida classics as The Yearling and Cross Creek. Good for beginners, basic lessons included. SPO0005.1B6 1 Sat., starts 10/10, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Instructor: Lars Andersen CROSS CREEK FEE $59 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Maps to be emailed 1‑2 days before trip. You must call Adventure Outpost at least 2 days before trip to discuss boat preference (canoe, kayak or tandem kayak), or call them if you have any questions at 386-454‑0611. Difficulty: Easy paddle on gentle current.

Lower Suwannee Wildlife Refuge

On this kayak/canoe trip, we’ll explore the remote backwaters of the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge where we’ll learn about Frank Chapman’s 1880’s ornithological expedition. We’ll compare today’s wildlife with that noted by Chapman (which included now‑extinct?) ivory‑billed woodpeckers. Difficulty: Easy paddle on gentle current; Skill level: Good for beginners and pros alike. NAT0002.1B6 1 Sat., starts 10/3, 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Instructor: Lars Andersen Suwannee River FEE $59 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Maps to be emailed 1‑2 days before trip. You must call Adventure Outpost at least 2 days before class to discuss boat preference (canoe, kayak or tandem kayak), or call if you have any questions: 386-454‑0611.

Suncoast Keys: World of Mangroves

Salt water environments require interesting adaptions of the many species that live in them. Nowhere in North‑Central Florida are these adaptations more beautifully revealed than in mangrove forests of the Suncoast Keys on the Gulf Coast. The same conditions that make this area ideal for mangroves‑‑shallow, calm water with numerous islands‑‑also make it ideal for kayak exploration. Difficulty: Easy paddle on calm, open water. Three hours of paddling may be tiring to some. NAT0031.1B6 1 Sat., starts 9/19, 9 - 11:30 a.m. Instructor: Lars Andersen CRYSTAL RIVER FEE $59 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Good for beginners, basic lessons provided. Directions emailed 1‑2 days before trip. You must call Adventure Outpost 386-454‑0611 at least 2 days before trip to discuss boat preference (canoe, kayak or tandem kayak), or call them if you have any questions.

PLEASE NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made the following minor adjustments to our tour procedures: · All boats, paddles, vests and gear are wiped down or sprayed with disinfectant between each tour. · To allow natural distancing between kayaks and canoes, we are limiting group size to 14 people so we don’t cluster closely during on-water discussions or moments of nature interpretation. · We are not doing any tours that require shuttle in the confined space of a shuttle van. So, all tours are round trips that begin and end at the same launch site. · To minimize clustering at the ramp, we will forego our usual pre-paddle “map talk” until we are on the water. We will then gather loosely on the water, where I will give the overview of the river’s history, geology, archaeology, etc. (More of this information, as well as nature lore about plants, birds & other animals, is discussed throughout the tour.) · Experienced paddlers: Rather than launching all at once, we’ll have you launch individually, whenever you are geared-up and ready at the ramp. Expect to spend maybe 10 - 15 minutes piddle-paddling around in the general area of the launch site, until everyone has launched. (Could be a nice time to do some birding or just enjoying the beauty). Once everyone is on the water, we will re-group and head down the river. Anyone who would rather not spend these extra minutes on the water is welcome to stay on land and be among the last to launch. · Beginning paddlers: When you arrive at the launch site, please inform the instructor that you need basic lessons. We will have you stand off to the side until all beginners have arrived. I will then give basic lessons, while the experienced paddlers are launching at the ramp. We will then launch you individually and you will join the others already on the water. Thank you for your cooperation. Strange times call for creative planning.

Special Interests Buddhist Philosophy and Meditation

This class will cover how Buddhist philosophy has integrated into the countries of the pan-Buddhist diaspora as well as learning practical and retainable methods to achieve calmness through meditation. HIS0035.1F4 4 Thu., starts 9/17, 6 - 7 p.m. Instructor: K. A. Shakoor Online, ZOOM FEE $39 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Please wear comfortable clothing.

Mind Mapping For Productivity

If ‘To Do’ lists don’t help you accomplish anything at work or home, it’s time to explore how mind mapping can increase your productivity. This technique helps with organization, memory deficits, and creative thinking, especially for teens and adults who have attention disorders. PGR0011.1F2 1 Thu., starts 9/17, 7 - 8 p.m. Instructor: Helen Kornblum, MA Online, ZOOM FEE $24 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Have pen and paper for taking notes. Please provide email address, information will be provided by the instructor before class begins.

Outsmart Procrastination

If chronic procrastination is a big problem in your life, don’t waste any more time complaining about it. A professional organizer and coach will offer an understanding of its many causes, strategies to help you overcome it, and case studies, perhaps including your own, to analyze possible solutions. HOM0055.1F2 1 Tue., starts 9/29, 7 - 8 p.m. Instructor: Helen Kornblum, MA Online, ZOOM FEE $24 NOTE: No sr. waivers. Have pencil and paper to take notes. Please provide email address, information will be sent by the instructor before class begins.

View sfcollege.edu/communityed or call 352-395-5193 for more information or to register. | 7

Art and Design Mastering Your Digital SLR Camera

Introduction To Interior Design

Interior design takes training as well as talent, and these lessons will give you the know-how you need to design a room from floor to ceiling. Delve into color theory, industry trends, spatial arrangements, floor plans, traditional and modern interior design ideas, and other basics.

In this course, break through the technology barrier and learn how to use your DSLR to take beautiful photos. Learn about the many features and controls of your DSLR and look at the lenses you need for the kind of photography you enjoy. Learn about metering, exposure compensation, managing aperture, shutter speed, and ISO.

Gain a complete understanding of rhythm, melody, and harmony, and be able to recognize pitches on the musical staff and on the keyboard. Each lesson will build on previous lessons, while also introducing new musical concepts.

Learn to use digital editing techniques to show off your photos and memorabilia in Introduction to Digital Scrapbooking! Using Photoshop Elements 11, 12, or 13, this course will teach you how to make the most of your scrapbooking talents and artistic ideas when you combine traditional and digital scrapbooking.

Available Online ANYTIME! Starting at $119 Check ed2go.com/santafecollege for start da tes.

Additional classes online!

Drawing for the Absolute Beginner

Introduction To Guitar

Learn to play guitar and become the musician you’ve always wanted to be! In these fun and informative lessons, build basic guitar skills step-by-step with the help of hands-on exercises, audio and video recordings, and detailed illustrations. Whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate student, this course will take your musical talent to the next level.

This course will teach you what you need to capture scenes from around the world and bring them back to your home. Learn how to get the best shots of animals in captivity and animals in the wild. Discover ways to blend in with nature and the best kind of equipment for specialized shooting.

Music Made Easy

Introduction To Digital Scrapbooking

Gain a solid foundation and understanding of the basics of drawing and become the artist you’ve always dreamed you could be! Become intimately familiar with paper types, drawing styles, rendering techniques, and the basic principles of perspective, layout, design, lighting, volume, and space.

Travel Photography for the Digital Photographer

Secrets of Better Photography

Whether you use a DSLR, a point-and-shoot camera, or your phone for your photography, learn how to get the best results from your camera. Take your camera out of auto mode after learning about lighting, motion, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings. Explore common photography topics, including portraiture, children’s photography, pet photography, and digital editing.

Photographing Nature with Your Digital Camera

In this course, learn about the many aspects of outdoor photography as well as how to master your digital camera’s controls and features. Explore composition and lighting issues and find out how to take beautiful photos of landscapes, flowers, trees, and water. Delve into your camera’s shutter speed and aperture controls so that you’ll be able to capture the photos you really want.

Home and Garden Growing Plants For Fun

Learn how to grow and market plants on a small scale without major capital investment. This course is your practical guide to licensing, site preparation, equipment, how and where to find supplies, how to select and produce plants appropriate to your climate zone, how to produce quality material and, most importantly, how to market your product.

Introduction To Interior Design

Interior design takes training as well as talent, and these lessons will give you the know-how you need to design a room from floor to ceiling. Delve into color theory, industry trends, spatial arrangements, floor plans, traditional and modern interior design ideas, and other basics.

Start Your Own Edible Garden

Grow delicious, nutritious fruit and vegetables in your own backyard! In this course, learn how to give your garden a healthy start and keep it growing strong all season. Begin by figuring out which type of garden is right for you. Explore climate considerations, learn how to read a zone hardiness map, and find out how to spot a micro-climate in your yard.

8 | View sfcollege.edu/communityed or call 352-395-5193 for more information or to register.

Available Online ANYTIME! Starting at $119 Check ed2go.com/santafecollege for start da tes.

Additional classes online!

Computer Skills Basics of PC Security

Learn why you’re at risk and what you can do to protect your precious personal and business data from the outside world. This course will quickly bring you up to speed on the fundamentals of PC and network security. Understand and explore the vulnerability of operating systems, software, and networks.

Creating WordPress Websites

WordPress is an easy-to-use solution that will help you put your site on the Web in far less time than by coding, and at a much lower cost than hiring a professional. Find out how to use WordPress to create pages and posts, add images and videos, change a site’s look and feel, and include user-friendly features. NOTE: The WordPress.org version covered in this class is the platform the pros use. While it normally requires a paid hosting account, this course includes a totally free, no obligation SiteGround hosting account for three months, along with a private place on the Web for practice.

Typing and Keyboarding

In these lessons, use the Keyboarding Pro 5 program, a typing tutorial designed for personal computers, to learn how to touch-type—that is, to type text you read from a printed page or a computer screen without looking at your keyboard. With the skills you master here, become faster and more confident at the keyboard.

Introduction to Windows 10

Welcome to Windows 10, the complete operating system from Microsoft, which offers a more robust, more powerful, and completely unique computing experience. File Explorer can help you manage your files and create basic text documents using WordPad. From to finding files and folders, to organizing and editing photos, to managing files on external drives, learn everything you need to know about getting the most from this operating system.

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016

This hands-on course will teach you dozens of shortcuts and tricks for setting up fully-formatted worksheets quickly and efficiently. Learn the secrets behind writing powerful mathematical formulas and discover how to use the function wizard to quickly and automatically calculate statistics, loan payments, future value, and more. In addition, get tips on sorting and analyzing data, designing custom charts and graphs, creating three-dimensional workbooks, building links between files, endowing your worksheets with decision-making capabilities, and automating frequently-repeated tasks with macros and buttons.

Artists, photographers, designers, and hobbyists all rely on Adobe Photoshop for image creation and editing. The course provides detailed, step-by-step instructions that will teach you how to use Photoshop CC with confidence. Learn how to create simple digital paintings. Edit your own photographs to get rid of dust and scratches, fix the color, and correct image exposure. Master techniques for switching the backgrounds on images and removing wrinkles and blemishes from photos. Learn about the content-aware Move tools in CC that, like magic, let you move something on an image and intelligently replace the “hole” left behind at the same time.

Available Online ANYTIME! Starting at $119 Check ed2go.com/santafecollege for start da tes. Introduction to Microsoft Outlook 2013

Most Web traffic comes from search engines. That means the most important thing you can do to increase your website’s traffic is to improve its search engine ranking. To do that, you must understand both the art and science of search engine optimization (SEO). In this course, gain the knowledge you need to boost your website’s visibility.

Introduction to Google Analytics

Introduction to Microsoft Word 2019/Office 365

In this course, learn to use Google Analytics to make the most of your online traffic. See how you can track all your online content, but also determine which content is the most appealing, where your visitors came from, what devices they used, how long they stayed, which links they clicked and where they went when they left.

Introduction to Photoshop CC

In this course, explore how the cloud works, what drives its incredible growth, and how you can use cloud services. Start by looking at the building blocks of the cloud, where it started, and how it transitioned. Gain a clear understanding of IaaS (infrastructure), SaaS (software), and PaaS (platforms), and examine why each may be attractive to some businesses, but not to others. Learn about the different kinds of clouds (public, private, and hybrid).

Quickly learn how to manage your email, calendar, and contacts, and how to streamline and automate your work with keyboard shortcuts, rules, Search Folders, and Quick Steps. Don’t waste your time on low-value aspects of Outlook. Instead, focus on the important things like sending, receiving, and managing your mail, and using tools such as the calendar, tasks and to-dos so you can manage your schedule and get your work done.

Achieving Top Search Engine Positions

QuickBooks is designed especially for the small- to midsized-business owner who needs a fully functional accounting system that’s easy to use. In 12 lessons, gain hands-on experience as you master the tools you need set up a chart of accounts; reconcile your checking account; create and print invoices, receipts, and statements; track your payables, inventory and receivables; create estimates; and generate reports.

Understanding the Cloud

Blogging and Podcasting for Beginners

Through hands-on exercises, discover the benefits of using free web tools like Blogger, WordPress, Audacity, and YouTube. Find that creating a blog and podcast is much easier than you ever imagined. Learn how to develop a plan for the content, setup, maintenance, and how to use free blogging software like Blogger and WordPress to put that plan into action. Learn how to record a professional-sounding audio podcast with a very simple recording tool you already have.

Introduction to QuickBooks

Additional classes online! Note: Unless a prerequisite is noted, classes are designed for all levels!

From writing reports to knowing how to use Microsoft Word, the most widely-used word processing program, adds an important skill set to your professional profile. This course will introduce you to the 2019 version of Microsoft Word, available through the Office 365 online platform. Learn the basics of Word 2019 needed to write and edit text and to create, format, and organize documents.

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Health and Wellness Genealogy Basics

Genealogy Basics will help you understand the genealogy research process and how to interpret the information you find. This course guides you through the search process for family names using several subscriptionbased websites, which you can access while enrolled in this class. Learn through hands-on examples that help you dig deeper into your family’s past.

Secrets of the Caterer

In this introductory course, learn how to put your cooking and party planning skills to work. Learn the fundamentals of the catering business, how to cook for large crowds, organize your kitchen, manage your time, and work with clients. The course focuses on cooking skills every caterer needs, with an introduction to the business side of catering.

Luscious, Low-Fat, Lightning-Quick Meals

Learn how to reduce fat in recipes without sacrificing flavor or texture. Explore how to use flavor profiling to expand your culinary horizons. Learn how to prepare casseroles, crock-pot dishes, vegan dishes, oven-fried foods, meat-based meals, and many other entrees that are both nutritious and delicious! Discover tips for grocery shopping, menu planning, food preparation, and quicker cooking.

Lose Weight and Keep It Off

In this comprehensive course, discover how to establish a healthy approach to weight loss and weight maintenance. Master how to set and achieve weight-loss and weight-maintenance goals that make sense for you. By the end of this course, know how to set appropriate and effective goals for eating, exercise, and many other elements that affect your weight. Have the skills you need to lose weight and keep it off for a lifetime!

Food, Nutrition, and Health

The goal of this course is to provide a holistic overview of current food and nutrition issues and their impact on physical, social, emotional, and spiritual health. Learn how to change your eating habits for more healthful outcomes, including swapping processed sugar for other sweeteners, adding probiotics to the diet, and harnessing the healing effect of herbs.

Available Online ANYTIME! Starting at $119 Check ed2go.com/santafecollege for start da t es.

Additional classes online!

Languages Beginning Conversational French

This course has been carefully crafted to ensure you will have no trouble pronouncing French words correctly. The first three lessons introduce the basics needed for most conversations in French, such as “please” and “thank you.” Learn numbers, days of the week, months of the year, and telling time. After the introduction and basic conversation lessons, learn what to say at the airport. From the airport, learn how to talk about transportation. After you have settled into your hotel, the course also covers how to communicate in restaurants. Also available: Self-Paced.

Conversational Japanese

Throughout this course, gain cultural knowledge and learn useful conversational phrases and vocabulary words particular to a specific area of travel. Practice these in drills, interactive exercises, and dialogues. In each lesson, find helpful audio aids and Japanese words written in the English alphabet. This technique will allow you to bypass one of the biggest obstacles for most beginners of Japanese: the letter system. Also available: Self-Paced.

Discover Sign Language

Throughout this course, learn by watching videos that demonstrate how to make the signs and how to incorporate facial expressions to communicate in this beautiful language. This course is taught using the best practices of the industry with a minimum of audio support. Gain an introduction to the world of the Deaf culture and explore topics such as lipreading, baby signs, and the career of interpreting. Also available: Self-Paced.

Instant Italian

This dynamic course will teach you how to express yourself comfortably in Italian. Learn practical, everyday words. Read, hear, and practice dialogues based on typical situations that you’re likely to encounter if you plan to vacation in Italy. The dialogues and follow-up exercises of each lesson will teach you to communicate in Italian in a wide variety of settings. This course will make it simple to master your pronunciation of Italian. Also available: Self-Paced.

Speed Spanish

This course is designed for anyone who wants to learn Spanish pronto. Learn six easy recipes for gluing Spanish words together to form sentences. In no time at all, be able to go into any Spanish speaking situation and converse in Spanish. ¡Qué Bueno!

Speed Spanish II

This Speed Spanish course is unlike any other Spanish class you’ve ever taken. See words, hear them pronounced properly, and be granted plenty of opportunities to practice your pronunciation. Learn several clever recipes that you can use to glue the words together into sentences. Also available: Self-Paced.

Speed Spanish III

In this advanced-level course, learn the final six recipes that will serve as templates to help you create any Spanish sentence you want. Guided practice will include lots of new vocabulary, pronunciation, and speed drills, as well as in-depth study of Spanish parts of speech to help you speak and understand Spanish in a snap.

Spanish For Medical Professionals

This course skips the “touristy” topics and focuses on the basic medical Spanish phrases you really need to know in a medical setting. Whether you’re new to the language or just want a refresher, this medical Spanish class can help you. ¡Vamos! (Let’s go!)

Spanish For Medical Professionals II

This course picks up where the first course, Spanish for Medical Professionals, left off. This course is also for healthcare providers who already have a pretty good sense of Spanish, but just need more medical vocabulary to sharpen their skills. Review the basic body parts and organs and explore vocabulary and phrases related to insurance and expressions for patient assessments, exams, and communicating pain.

10 | View sfcollege.edu/communityed or call 352-395-5193 for more information or to register.

Spanish For Law Enforcement

Whether you’re new to the Spanish language or just want a refresher, this course will teach you the basic Spanish phrases you need for everything from making casual conversation to handling life-or-death situations. Start with simple vocabulary for everyday topics including colors, numbers, conversational phrases, family names, and words for asking questions. Learn

Grammar Refresher

Develop your English grammar skills and take your writing and speaking to the next level of excellence. This course explores the eight parts of speech, punctuation and mechanics, and foundational sentence construction. Learn about phrases, clauses, problem words, common grammar mistakes, and much more through practical, hands-on exercises.

Grammar Refresher II

This course reviews the foundational elements of grammar, including the parts of speech, and master the basics of punctuation and mechanics. Explore sentence structure, nouns and pronouns, and work with the different kinds of verb tenses. Explore adjective and adverb use and be introduced to some best practices for using these parts of speech effectively in your writing.

Grammar For ESL

This course is designed as an in-depth analysis of English grammar for intermediate to advanced English as Second Language college students. Grammar for ESL is one of the required courses in most college ESL programs to transfer to mainstream English or to transfer to a university.

Available Online ANYTIME! Starting at $119 Check ed2go.com/santafecollege for start da tes.

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Advanced Fiction Writing

In this course, explore all the topics a writer needs to create a successful manuscript, including story structure, plot, character, dialogue, setting, suspense, conflict, action, viewpoint, tense, and even how to get published. Each lesson includes an assignment that will help you develop or polish your manuscript. Explore the essential techniques that are often overlooked in a clear, step-by-step fashion.

Beginner’s Guide to Getting Published

This course will teach you how to give yourself the kind of credibility you need to succeed. This course will provide you with instant access to critical information most other writers don’t discover for years and will walk you through every step of the publishing process. If you really want to be a writer, this course will give you all the tools you need to get published.

Publish and Sell Your E-Books

This course introduces you to everything you need to know to do a professional job of turning your manuscript into a book that will help you make money on the Internet, whether you want to self-publish a novel, a nonfiction book, or a picture book. Learn how to format your e-book and get it ready to sell through bookstores like Amazon and Apple.

Research Methods for Writers

Attention all writers! Learn how to efficiently and effectively conduct research for any writing project: fiction, nonfiction, business . . . even term papers and dissertations. Learn how to identify and access every information source imaginable.

How to Make Money From Your Writing

Whether you want to create your own business, add to your income, supplement your retirement, or boost what you’re earning as a writer, find the how-to’s here. Learn secrets, methods, and tips to help you generate income with your writing. This class includes all the practical information that so rarely gets taught in writing classes. Explore a dozen genres that can help you establish a sometime, part-time, or full-time career as a writer.

In this high-energy course, learn several invaluable tricks from the published writer’s toolbox. Whether you’re at work now or hoping to write a novel, a nonfiction book, a memoir, short stories or articles, Writeriffic liberates the imaginative, inventive bolts of genius that are inside everyone.

Writing for Children

Business and Marketing Writing

If you’re a writer, learn essential self-editing tools to give your manuscripts the professional look that publishers like to see. From the language of editing to grammar, punctuation, and syntax to the all-important relationships between editor, author, and publisher, every facet of editing will be explored in this copyeditor course. Online editing is gaining popularity; its complexities will be unraveled, and its advantages and pitfalls explored. Tips and resources for finding work will be addressed at length.

Writeriffic: Creativity Training for Writers

This course helps you develop the same story structuring skills the pros use. Each assignment in this course helps you develop your own original novel or story. As you apply each technique, your story will take shape, with a clear path from beginning to end. Before you know it, you will be prepared to write fiction like a pro.

This online course will help you write your own creative piece. Learn literary techniques, peer review a classmate’s work, and receive constructive criticism on your work. In addition, learn how to move your work from the prewriting stage to editing and final revision. Learn how to use literary devices, meaningful dialogue, and imagery in your different drafts. By the end of this online workshop, have a thoroughly developed creative writing piece.

The Keys to Effective Editing

This course will allow you to write a complete scene and learn the internal structure that makes every scene feel right. Discover special techniques that apply to mysteries, including crime scene description, MacGuffins, and the use of red herrings to misdirect your readers and create suspense. Following each lesson, get to practice on your own story. This information-packed online course combines the best advice of many writing professionals.

Write Fiction Like A Pro

Beginning Writer’s Workshop

Using clear explanations, real-life examples, and an animated style, this course solidifies the relationship between business, marketing principles, and written communications. Learn how business and marketing objectives affect writing choices. Get practical writing instruction in grammar, clarity, structure and more. Understand issues unique to this discipline, such as buzzwords, working with a team, and marketing ethics.

Mystery Writing

Travel Writing

In this course learn how to develop the skills of a travel writer. Learn how to translate what is seen, heard, tasted, touched, smelled and felt (intuitively and physically) into publishable articles and books. Understand the writing styles and methods needed to sell material in today’s competitive market. Learn about popular styles and types of travel writing that are the friendliest to new writers.

Introduction to Screenwriting

There’s never been a better time to start a career as a screenwriter. With technological breakthroughs bringing the cost of making and distributing movies down to almost nothing, there is an ever-increasing demand for great scripts—and for people who can write them. Whether you want to write micro-budget indie films or Hollywood blockbusters, this course will teach you everything you need to know to write a script that sells.

If you are a beginning writer, this course will help you transform your book idea into a finished product. If you are an already successful writer, this course will help you explore new opportunities and markets for your work. Explore the changing world of children’s literature and understand the various formats, including picture books, chapter books, middle grade or young adult novels. Get insights from publishing professionals to gain a better understanding of the needs of today’s market.

Write Your Life Story

Have you thought about writing your story, sharing lifealtering events? Does your family really know about their heritage? If you’ve ever thought about writing your life story, now is the time! In this course, have the satisfaction of telling history your way. Learn how to bring characters to life, recall vivid memories, engage readers, and even manage your creative time. You may even find a lucrative market for your story, just like the authors of the bestselling Rocket Boys and Angela’s Ashes.

Available Online ANYTIME! Starting at $119 Check ed2go.com/santafecollege for start da tes.

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Life Skills Get Funny

Achieving Success with Difficult People

This course will teach you how to see things from others’ viewpoints based on their needs, values, beliefs, experiences, skills, knowledge, and self-interests. Learn to approach difficult situations by answering the questions: who? what? where? when? how? and why? And by answering these questions, understand who your difficult people are, what they’re like, how you react to them, and their response to your actions.

The ability to create humor is a skill many people don’t have, yet wish they did. If you’re interested in learning how to come up with jokes or witticisms on the fly, punch up dull material for an audience, or make a living as a comedy writer, this course will get you going. Once you’ve learned some of the methods of creating humor, be ready to apply it to all aspects of your life. Punch up speeches and presentations so that the audience is instantly on your side. Mix laughter with learning in the classroom and watch your students’ attention spans grow.

Everyday Math

Math can be incredibly useful - but only if you understand how and when to apply it in your everyday life. This course will show you how to use math to your advantage. The lessons that make up this course are filled with practical exercises and information that you can put to immediate use. Find out some very interesting things about how calculators work, and then discover how best to get a handle on your income and expenses.

Discover the different types of journaling and many journaling techniques, exercises, tools and resources. Explore a seven-step process that will ease you into writing a journal. Get detailed instructions on developing, decorating, and customizing your journal, and learn exciting new ways to express yourself and develop your creativity.

Listen to Your Heart, and Success Will Follow

This course will help you enjoy the rewards that come from doing what really makes you happy! It will help you begin designing a life that really works for you. With a complete understanding of your own interests, values, needs and abilities, learn how you can use work to express yourself and share your interests and talents.

Skills for Making Great Decisions

Learn how to make excellent everyday decisions from an experienced counselor and life coach. In this online course, learn about some wonderful abilities you’re born with for figuring things out and making good decisions. Develop some important guidelines for when to take risks, when to trust your luck, and what to do if you make a mistake.

Get Assertive!

Are you tired of being intimidated and treated badly by others? Learn specific techniques to become more assertive in all parts of your life. Discover how people manipulate you and how you submit to be a victim. Understand the difference between passive, aggressive, and assertive behaviors, and see how inner dialogues keep people acting in passive ways.

Introduction to Journaling

Introduction to Algebra

This online math course integrates mathematics, specifically algebra with many other areas of study, including history, biology, and geography. Develop a rich understanding of math while you study algebra right here in a relaxed and supportive learning environment. Its emphasis on practical math applications of your newfound algebraic skills will help you learn math reasoning in a real-world context.

Wow, What a Great Event!

Discover how all the pieces in the event planning process fit together to make any size or type of event successful, whether it’s for your family or friends, your employer, or your favorite charity. Learn about themes, venues, menus, entertainment, décor, and much, much more. Develop skills, find resources, and gain confidence to plan any event.

Homeschool With Success

As you discover what you need to know to homeschool your children, become familiar with the terminology the homeschool community uses. See how homeschooling gives you the opportunity to socialize your children as well as build long-lasting and productive relationships with peers and adults. Find out how homeschooling gives you unique opportunities to teach valuable life skills.

Merrill Ream Speed Reading

Are you struggling to keep up with a flood of email, articles, reports, and books? Save yourself hours of time and increase your productivity by learning to read faster and with better comprehension. This course is a complete speed-reading experience. Topics are presented in a logical progression with plenty of time to help you master the skills and techniques you will need for lasting proficiency as a speed-reader.

Available Online ANYTIME! Starting at $119 Check ed2go.com/santafecollege for start da tes.

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Money and Finance Accounting Fundamentals

This course covers all the bases, from writing checks to preparing an income statement and closing out accounts at the end of each fiscal period. Whether you’re a sole proprietor looking to manage your business finances, or you simply want to gain an understanding of accounting basics for career advancement or for personal use, this course will give you a solid foundation in financial matters.

Personal Finance

This course will prepare you for a lifetime of worthwhile personal financial planning. Learn to create and use a budget, borrow and invest wisely, make intelligent decisions about insurance, and plan for your financial future. Develop a retirement savings plan, and you will be better prepared to make large purchases and plan for taxes. Learn the essentials of household bookkeeping, record-keeping requirements, and much, much more.

Where Does All My Money Go?

This course will teach you the very basics of how to get control of your finances rather than letting them control you. Learn how to fund your dreams and how to save money for everything from emergencies to vacations.

Introduction to Stock Options

This course will give you a look under the hood of option pricing, so you understand what contributes to option value. Understand why some options are overpriced and some are underpriced - and be able to tell the difference before you trade.

Keys to Successful Money Management

In this course, a certified financial planner will walk you through the steps you need to take in order to achieve true financial success. Become comfortable with the broad array of investment choices available to you right now, and discover the best ways to acquire and accumulate both cash and real property.

Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay

Learn how to create titles that get noticed, how to craft advertising copy that sells items quickly and for top dollar, and how to create and upload photos of the items you are selling. Learn how to safely conduct financial transactions, how to accept credit card payments, and how to pack and ship any item hassle-free.

Real Estate Investing

Start developing a plan for your own investing efforts based on proven methods used every day by full-time, professional real estate investors. Learn how to invest in foreclosures, manage a rehab project, and build your team of real estate professionals (title officers, lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, appraisers, and more).

Business Finance for Non-Finance Personnel

Using practical explanations and real-life examples, this course will show you how money flows through a typical business. Learn the basics of how a business operates, including how to develop successful business strategies and how to use financial statements to make better business decisions. Whether you’re an employee, sales executive, supervisor, or manager, this course will help you understand basic financial information and use that information to make decisions that will positively affect your company’s financial situation.

Available Online ANYTIME! Starting at $119 Check ed2go.com/santafecollege for start da tes.

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Stocks, Bonds, and Investing: Oh, My!

This course will not only teach you about the stock markets, 401k plans, and retirement, but it will also address personal financial issues that are often ignored, but essential, to your success as an investor. Each lesson explains these concepts in detail, so you understand how and why things work in the investment world.

Remote Work Essentials Zoom As Your New Workplace Oh my goodness, was that a kid in your Zoom backdrop? The lines between work and personal life just got replaced by a camera lens. Green screens and virtual backdrops are great tools, but there is a lot more you can do with Zoom to interact with clients, customers and team members. We’ll take a deep dive into the best ways to use Zoom as your new office. BUS0127.B01 Thu., Sept. 10, 5 - 7 p.m. Instructor: Christina Sarabia Online, ZOOM FEE $79 Effective Virtual Communication Are you finding the virtual work world tricky to navigate? Now that we are no longer gathering around the water cooler or the whiteboard, communication is more challenging. Curiously, we are spending more time on Zoom meetings and emails but communication gaps are widening. We’ll cover effective virtual techniques to set expectations, brainstorm and have meetings to drive projects to successful completion. BUS0125.B01 Wed., Sept. 16, 5 - 7 p.m. Instructor: Christina Sarabia Online, ZOOM FEE $79


Motivation and Encouragement Now that we aren’t seeing everyone on the team face to face, keeping teams motivated is tricky, another virtual happy hour only goes so far. Individual encouragement is also less meaningful in the virtual world and the hybrid work world too. We’ll talk about individual encouragement preferences and how to meet them without being able to give a pat on the back. BUS0124.B01 Thu., Oct. 1, 5 - 7 p.m. Instructor: Christina Sarabia Online, ZOOM FEE $79 Virtual Hiring Judging a candidate by a firm handshake, but now that we don’t have a handshake, how can you conduct a meaningful interview? How can you be inclusive now that dropping a resume off at the front desk can’t happen? We’ll look at the use of structured interviews and behavioral assessments to make virtual hiring as worthwhile as an on-site interview. BUS0123.B01 Wed., Oct. 14, 5 - 7 p.m. Instructor: Christina Sarabia Online, ZOOM FEE $79

Measurement and Metrics for Virtual Productivity Think tracking the activity of your remote workforce is a great idea? Think again. Most employees loathe tracking activity and find it disengaging. We’ll reveal ways you can define compelling results and track goal progress without losing the hearts and minds of your employees. BUS0122.B01 Thu., Oct. 22, 5 - 7 p.m. Instructor: Christina Sarabia Online, ZOOM FEE $79 Building A Productive Virtual Team Now that everyone is working from home, how are you supposed to create a team? Zoom meeting after Zoom meeting is fatiguing and doesn’t work to pull everyone together. We’ll reveal the foundational elements of virtual teamwork where everyone gets involved! BUS0121.B01 Wed., Nov.11, 5 - 7 p.m. Instructor: Christina Sarabia Online, ZOOM FEE $79 Team Communication When Everyone is Remote Team communication in a remote team or a hybrid team is challenging. Many employees are enjoying working remotely, but not everyone is happier at their home office. Some employees are really missing the social interaction of the office. It’s hard to create the kind of camaraderie that water cooler talk enables, but this session will give you some proven alternatives. BUS0126.B01 Tue., Nov.17, 5 - 7 p.m. Instructor: Christina Sarabia Online, ZOOM FEE $79

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CANCELLATION POLICY Community Education reserves the right to cancel classes based on low enrollment or other causes. The student will be notified in advance, and a full refund will be provided.

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ZOOM Student User Guide How do students use Zoom? What can Zoom be used for? Zoom can be used to do many things outside of a regular classroom. Try using Zoom to... · Meet with group members for projects and assignments · Work on homework with classmates · Record a presentation · Schedule online tutoring · Host a meeting for a club or organization

What devices can I use Zoom on? · Laptop/computer (PC/Mac) - recommended · Tablet (Apple iOS, Android) · Smartphone (Apple iOS, Android)

Preparing for a Zoom Meeting Days Before · Remember to download and install the Zoom launcher (PC/Mac) or the app (iOS/Android) in advance, as it can take several minutes to complete. · Review Zoom instructions via the external Zoom link found in Canvas. More information can also be found at Zoom’s Getting Started page. · Join a Zoom Test Meeting to confirm your computer or device’s capabilities.

15 Minutes Before · Find a quiet space with strong WiFi that is free of distractions. · Open Zoom via the downloaded program, app or Canvas. · Test your headphones, microphone and camera to make sure the class can hear and see you (and vice versa). · Close any windows or programs open on your device that are unrelated to your meeting. This focuses your device’s power to provide the best Zoom meeting experience possible, and prevents potential embarrassing moments if you happen to share your screen. Do you really want your instructor to know how many cat videos you actually watch?

During the Zoom Meeting · Click Start Video to begin broadcasting from your webcam. · Click the Chat bubble to ask questions via text, share links to websites, and keep up with the class’s back-channel discussion. You can chat to everyone in the meeting, just the instructor, or a specific person. · Find out who else is in the meeting by clicking Participants. This is also where you can “raise your hand” to ask a question, answer a question, or start an intense philosophical debate. What you do with this power is up to you. · Be prepared to share your screen with the class. They can see the tabs you have open. · At the end of the class, click Leave Meeting.

Zoom On-Camera Tips · Getting clear video is a lot like taking a good selfie — it’s all about contrast. Light your face more brightly than the background to make it easier to see you. · Hold your head high in the picture frame. It conveys confidence. · Keep your clothing PG and professional. · Be yourself. Move physically and make facial expressions. · Microphones pick up all ambient noise, so keep your mic muted until it’s your time to speak.

No matter how many people are in a meeting, there’s probably someone watching your video at all times. It could be your instructor. It could be your classmate’s dog. Doing something embarrassing or distracting, like flossing, eating or using your camera to see if you have food in your teeth will probably be seen, no matter how quickly you do it. Don’t be that person.

· Remember that when on-camera, other activities such as eating, drinking, shuffling papers, etc. are extremely distracting (and sometimes unflattering). · If you can’t use video, upload a nice profile image of your face to your Zoom Account. · Have fun!

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In order to adapt to COVID-19 safety requirements, all Community Education courses will be offered online for the Fall 2020 term, except for outdoor classes where social distancing can be safely practiced. Check out some NEW classes for Fall term! A Practical Guide to Pandemics Charcoal and Graphite Art Coding for Kids Drawing with Colored Pencils Japanese for the Beginner Mask Making Photoshop for Kids Remote Working Essentials Somatics for Moving Pain Free and much more...

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