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Cherie Gough

Halloween Fun! 12 Alternatives to Trick-or-Treating

Feeling apprehensive about trick-or-treating this year? Have no fear—we’ve hunted down creative ways to delight your little (and big) pumpkins. These fun ideas will help you plan an epic (and safe) Halloween for the whole family!

Pumpkin Carving Why it works: Pumpkin carving is best when done outdoors with a small group. You’ll need: A few tables spaced apart, large trash bags, pumpkin carving templates, Sharpie markers, and no-cut options such as stickers and paint for little ones. Have each family bring their own pumpkins and carving tools.

Mask Decorating Not-So-Spooky Parade Why it works: A neighborhood Halloween parade is outdoors, builds community and offers natural distancing. How to pull it off: Emily Dolton of Clairemont suggests inviting a small group to decorate themed bikes, wagons and scooters. Encourage costumes that match the theme. Invite neighbors without kids to wave, cheer and vote for favorites from their driveways.

24 • • October 2020

Why it works: A mask is sure to be the costume accessory of 2020. You’ll need: Reusable plain cotton face masks (available in bulk). Sequins, pom-poms, fabric markers and other decorations. Books or pictures (of animals, mythical creatures and favorite characters) for inspiration.

How to pull it off: Invite your group to dress as zombies, vampires, mummies or in other creepy attire. This parade could take place at sundown, but make sure there are street lights so everyone can see the characters. You’ll need: Teen-appropriate treat bags or gift cards to a favorite local spot. For each of the above, add a simple photo booth with props and post pictures online. Award prizes for various categories: cutest, scariest, funniest, most creative. Support neighborhood businesses by awarding prizes like a pizza delivery to the winning child or family.

Backyard Movie

Zombie Walk

Why it works: An outdoor Halloween movie for a few friends or neighbors provides a festive atmosphere and social distancing.

Why it works: It’s the equivalent of a parade (see above), but for tweens and teens.

You’ll need: Projector, blank wall or screen, chairs, blankets, pre-made bags of popcorn and wrapped candy.