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Devilfish Bodyboard Race Pack 4 $44; 4+ These bodyboards are perfect for San Diego’s year-round temperate weather! Use them for swimming at a pool, riding small waves at the beach, and cruising down a Slip ‘n’ Slide. More durable than regular inflatables. “Love that it’s a 4-pack so there is one for [everyone in the] family,” says mom Lauren.


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Scrabble Slam $6.95; 8+ A card game version of Scrabble, but faster and easier. Change words one letter at a time (such as “bake” to “bike”) using cards in your hand. “This game is perfect for camping or RV travel,” says mom Emily. “It also makes a great stocking stuffer.”

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Playmobil Large Hospital $149.99; 4+ Two-story hospital with elevator comes with tons of features and accessories for hours of imaginative play. “This toy is amazing!” says mom Karen. “There are so many neat things to keep my daughter (age 6) occupied and engaged.”

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Under-the-Sea Mermaid Palace $49.99; 3+ An enchanting sea palace that has “working” parts such as a clamshell bed, palace gate and swing. Also includes three mermaids that can sit or stand! Bill Nye’s VR Science Kit $59.99; 8+ Watch Bill Nye “The Science Guy” come alive (via augmented reality) to introduce scientific lessons and principles like oxidation, chemical reactions and more! This kit includes over 30 hands-on experiments, VR goggles and a book. Teleport to Bill’s lab using your smart device with the goggles.