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a beautiful place to live Again and again, we’ve seen the location, versatility and liveability of Sunshine Cove win over those looking to secure their slice of our wonderful coastal lifestyle.

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DWYER QUALITY HOMES Email: Mobile 0402 736 388. Master Builders Display Village - 8 Arlington Drive Pelican Waters

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IT’S GOOD TO SHARE DAMIAN WATTS COVER PHOTOGRAPHER Growing up on the east coast, I have always had a deep bond with the ocean, beaches and hinterland. When I discovered my love for photography it seemed natural to spend my days shooting the surf and beach scenes where I already spent so much of my time surfing. I always try to incorporate the ocean, surf and surf culture in my landscapes and feel so blessed to call this beautiful part of the world home. You can find my work online at or on Instagram @thesaltypixel ON THE COVER I took this photo at Noosa main beach during a recent easterly swell. Although the waves weren’t big, the sets were stacking up so nicely at First Point. Using a long focal length from further down the beach, I was able to compress the scene and fit more waves in the frame. To top it off, the golden sunrise peaking over the National Park created some beautiful light.

Every issue I am surprised and delighted by the breadth and diversity of the stories we uncover about the people and places that make up our region. I shouldn’t be – I’ve worked on salt long enough to know that we could publish a magazine three times the size and never run out of things to write about. Even so, when my writers came to me and pitched some of the ideas for this issue, I was blown away. For example, Lahnee Pavlovich revealed that the region has become quite the destination not just for tourists and day trippers, but also for social media influencers, models, businesses and brands who are looking for unusual and striking photo shoot locations. Discover a few of their favourite places over on page 18. I was just as delighted to chat to Candice Holznagel about her story on the conscious living movement. There are loads of people who are attracted to our region because they are eschewing the trappings of a consumer world that just doesn’t do it for them anymore (or ever did) and embracing a simpler life where they

can focus not on materialism but on mind, body and soul. They’re living a life that is fulfilling and harmonious. Candice talks to a few locals about what it is to live consciously and why we could all use a little waking up. That is over the page. I also love hearing about and sharing the stories of those who are living their dreams and pursuing their passions, such as author Marg Gibbs (page 30), art therapist Nicola Turschwell (page 38) and emerging artist Finn Cossar (page 110). This creative trio is just a handful of the people who fill our pages. I hope you enjoy reading their stories as much as I did. If you want to read about even more local happenings and incredible people, don’t forget to sign up to salt’s sister news site You’ll get free daily news in your inbox. Yes, free! Also, follow us on Instagram and sign up to Pepper newsletter. Until next time!





salt is published by The Publishing Media Company Pty Ltd ATF The Media Trust. Our distribution area covers the entire Sunshine Coast north to Rainbow Beach, south to Glass House Mountains and inland to Kenilworth. 4

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One of the best parts of being a journalist is discovering the back stories of the amazing people we interview. In a pre-interview phone call with author Marg Gibbs, I learned how the oldfashioned pastime of writing and posting letters has led her to a successful career spanning decades.

I can’t go past getting to sample all the delicious seafood at Noosa Boathouse. Views, sunshine, seafood – that was a standout moment for me.






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Spring, inspired.

From furniture and homewares to lighting and artwork, create the look you love for your home. 250 brands. Endless inspiration.

Image supplied: James Lane

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The locals who are embracing a new way of living

18 LOCATION, LOCATION The region has become a photo shoot haven




34 PROFILE Mark Kerr from Antiques & Possibilities

38 ROLE MODEL Nicola Turschwell

42 LIFE STORIES Olivia Banks

106 ARTIST Julie Holland and Greg Peeler from Hearts and Minds Art

110 OFF THE WALL Finn Cossar

TASTES 50 NOSH NEWS Food news and ideas


54 TABLE TALK Noosa Boathouse

58 RELAXED RECIPES Raw by Nature



The fine art of blending wines

66 WORTH THE WAIT Tatum Dunwoody and Ben Quintner


70 I DO Wedding day treats

The best spring looks

94 BEAUTY Skin deep

100 HOMEWARES Blonde ambition 6

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72 24 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Things to do and see


44 GOOD READS Turn the page

46 OUR BACKYARD Inspiring snaps of our region

96 ATTRACTIONS Touristy treats that locals love

114 ART DATES Galleries you must visit



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PHOTO: Lisa Pearl

A NEW consciousness

Trent, Teagan & Mala Banyan with dog Coco



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PHOTO: Lisa Pearl

ON AN ORGANIC farm in Doonan, Trent and Teagan Banyan live a simple life with daughter Mala and dog Coco. Their home – a converted caravan – sits on open land, which backs onto rainforest. A nearby community garden provides food, and the farm is home to pigs, and banana, citrus and arrowroot plants. Chickens can be heard clucking as they run free in the Banyans’ backyard, challenged in volume only by seven-year-old Mala’s squeals of delight as she plays on a rope swing hanging from a nearby tree. The Banyans have no television – they prefer it that way. Instead, they spend their spare time lying in the sun, practising yoga and meditation, connecting as a couple or family, and dining under the stars around the glow of a fire. They lead holistic, harmonious lives of mindfulness and manifestation. It keeps their emotional and physical buckets full. This way of life is “pretty magical” Teagan says, and a far cry from their traditional upbringings. Trent grew up in Brisbane. A son of a single-parent family, he attended private schools, played soccer and had no holistic influence in his earlier life. Teagan was also raised solely by her mother, but her childhood was slightly more alternative. “I grew up in Mooloolaba,’’ she says. “I had a pretty beautiful upbringing. We only had what we needed but we had so much love, so much fun. I didn’t meet my father until I was 14. He left when I was four months old. My mum was what you would call alternative. I grew up knowing my crystals and started meditating when I was eight. I had a healthy upbringing from my mum.” The Banyans are one of the many Australian families who are exploring a new way of living. The zeitgeist movement of consciousness has similarities to the free-spirted counterculture of the 1960s hippy movement. Both movements reject

materialism and celebrate the mind and spirit. But the psychedelic music and drugs synonymous with the former are nowhere to be seen in modern age. Living consciously is about making conscious decisions in every aspect of life, from the food you eat to the clothes you wear and the work you do. Mind-altering substances such as drugs and alcohol generally don’t play a part in the lives of those who are committed to conscious living. For Teagan and Trent, the inception was a life-changing journey to South America. Before this, Trent had worked in a high-paying construction job but had begun to realise



D e si g n e r S e c o n d h a n d Em p o r i u m A n t i q u e s & Vi n t a g e C o l l e c t a b l e s Je w e l l e r y, B o o k s, H o m e D e c o r F i n e C h i n a & C r y st a l w a r e , L i g h t i n g G i f t Li n e s, Li c e n se d Bi st r o O p e n T u e s d a y t o S u n d a y . Te l 5 4 7 9 6 6 0 3 . 3 - 5 M a i n S t r e e t , P a l m w o o d s Q l d 4 5 5 5

w w w. t h e s h e d s c a . c o m . a u


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PHOTO: Ed Sutherland at Blue Vale Media

Aaron and Levi VanderAa, on stage and opposite

there was more to life than money and long hours. “We crossed paths with a woman in Guatemala,” he jovially recalls. “She told us there was a meditation centre over the lake and I was open to that. “When we got to the meditation centre we stayed a whole month, from full moon to full moon,” Teagan continues. “We would wake up and do meditation, do yoga. We were living in our spiritual world and still partying. We were still young and exploring and not quite aligned yet. That meditation really changed things.” Trent says, “Numerology, Kabbalah, tarot. Whatever you got drawn to they would support you through that. I cut off my dreadlocks, stopped drinking alcohol, stopped doing illicit drugs. I cleared a lot of things off my chest and it was there that I started applying for my acupuncture degree.” Today, Trent is sought out by people of all ages and backgrounds for his mentorship, energy-healing workshops, bliss-out community events, retreats and work with the pillars of chi flow. He is a familiar face at the Sunshine Coast’s growing list of alternative events including Pranafest. His business, High on Chi, now has two centres – Chi Hub Noosa and the recently launched Chi Hub Nambour. “In the early stages of our relationship 17 years ago, we wrote on a sheet of paper that we wanted to open a holistic centre, and that’s what we have done,” Trent says. “It’s all connected to us, our relationship, where we are in this life and in this world.” Trent no longer aligns himself with traditional acupuncture, preferring to connect with clients spiritually through the new-age esoteric approach. “I began to feel restrictive to the offerings of traditional acupuncture,” he explains. “When you are high on chi you are in the flow of life, you feel more connected to spirit and your beliefs and perceptions feel more balanced. “The yin and the yang of your body is more in harmony and you feel like you are able to achieve whatever it is that 10

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If you live a life of purpose and do good things for your body, you will naturally reside in that space of love and gratitude.

you desire. It’s the highest of highs and the purest. You are simply tapping into ancient traditions of living to promote good health and longevity.” Chi practices promote a connection with nature, mindfulness, a healthy sleep routine, breath work and a focus on life purpose. “I get FIFO guys who hate their jobs and being away from their families, but are trying to figure out how to make an income. I support them,” Trent says. “I have young 20-yearolds who don’t want to be partying and drinking anymore. They tell me they feel lost and alone and are looking for a new path.” Teagan and Trent are aware that their way of life may not be for everyone and they welcome criticism just as they do every aspect of their lives: with positivity, love and hope. But they do believe that more people are aligning themselves with a conscious way of living. “I think COVID reset some values for a lot of people right across the globe,” Teagan says. “In a lot of communities


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PHOTO: Ed Sutherland at Blue Vale Media

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around Australia, people now value the need to grow their own food and to come back to the land. They are looking out for the community, the elderly. That is valuable, bringing that sense of love and community. “People question how this can shift in normal everyday life. But I do know some of the conscious community ways – such as home schooling – COVID created more of this. People are now seeing the value of why tiny home movements have been getting stronger. We are all in normal jobs, not in alternative jobs. “But we get to come back to this community.” The conscious movement is growing momentum on the Sunshine Coast largely due to the region’s affinity with nature and pockets of community rarely found in the city. It was the birth of Mala that spearheaded the Banyans’ desire to connect at a deeper level with nature. This craving led them here. “We started to integrate, living as a whole with our work and life,” Teagan says. “The connection to the land has really shifted our life again. There are seasons and we are just part of it. Now we are one with this land. It has been a really beautiful connection to nature and ourselves. “There are so many masks [people wear],” Trent chimes in. “People are not in their full integrity and authenticity. It is so beautiful to now see people starting to question their path and have love for themselves. It comes back to nature. It comes back to community. It comes back to us being one.” It’s a philosophy echoed by Sunshine Coast-based musician Aaron VanderAa, who at 30 speaks with maturity beyond his years. “Manifesting. It’s the power of continuing to move towards positive intention and aligning your thoughts with your dreams. Yes, bad things happen, life hits you,

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PHOTOS: Lisa Pearl

but you need to keep in that way of thinking about what aligns with your soul. Why you are here? Manifestation doesn’t necessarily happen at a drop of the hat. But if you have a vision, have a goal and keep putting one step in front of another, things happen.” Aaron and brother Levi, who together make the celebrated indie-soul-rock duo of VanderAa Collective, are leading the way in the movement of healthy, conscious living for thousands of young followers. The celebrated pair are the founders of one of the Sunshine Coast’s newest events, The Secret Garden Oasis. The second annual festival is earmarked for February 2022 and is a celebration of music, interactive art and connection. It is a raw collective of expressive movement, spirituality and, above all else, self-expression and a collaboration of the brothers’ own experiences of discovery and consciousness from life on the road. “We knew pretty early that music was a love and passion and something we wanted to do for the rest of our lives,” Aaron says. “Our parents are our biggest supporters. Our mother is an artist and Dad loves music so they constantly nourished that passion.” The pair spent eight years travelling through Australia, Europe, Canada and the US – where they performed at the celebrated Burning Man festival. “This whole cultivation of music and arts led us on this path. When I was gifted a didgeridoo from an Indigenous elder in Darwin, a strong bond was formed with the culture and we carry this to this day,” Aaron says. “I’ve had some deep experiences with the didg that left me in feelings of more than the five tangible senses. For that, I’ve been on a spiritual quest. If you live a life of purpose and do good things for your body, you will naturally reside in that space of love and gratitude. “Conscious living is just building awareness to a lifestyle that supports your dreams. And just figuring out how that is possible. “If you are in a space of love, support and compassion, you actually see that manifest within your world. At the end of the day we all have the choice and that’s the beautiful thing. It’s why we are all here.” 12

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“You don’t have to change your whole life,” Teagan Banyan says of adopting a more conscious way of living. “There are simple things you can do at home. I get up in the morning and I brush my body with a brush. While doing it, I say little affirmations to myself. That’s one simple thing. I might do five minutes of dance, or lie in the sun. All of those things bring me back to myself and add up through the day. We don’t have a TV or listen to the radio and that has really helped with connection and our connection to creativity. It’s about starting with something simple like switching off from negative media.” In today’s modern world, yoga, Pilates and meditation are easily accessible with online tutorials readily available. The art of mindfulness is also a growing movement in western cultures. Popularised by Dr Russ Harris’ The Happiness Trap, mindfulness is a psychological toolkit used to enhance health, wellbeing and life. It’s the art of focusing or refocusing the mind on positivity by engaging fully in the moment. Those people who adopt a conscious way of life also consider each decision carefully – do these decisions align with your goals or purpose? As Aaron VanderAa says, it can be as simple as considering your food choices. “Life is all about those minute choices and decisions. It’s understanding your vision and bringing it down to how and now. It’s eating a healthy bowl of food instead of a burger, or going for a walk. It’s as simple as saying, ‘today instead of feeling bad, I’m going to allow myself to feel grateful to be alive’.”


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For many Sunshine Coast residents a regular visit to DOUBLE ISLAND POINT OR RAINBOW BEACH is a must to reconnect with nature, take a dip in the ocean and enjoy the scenic views. The area is part of the Great Sandy National Park and if you haven’t already visited – or it’s been a few years since you were last there – it really is worth exploring. And we’ve found a fantastic way to do just that. Epic Ocean Adventures offers a range of adventures, including the Dolphin View Kayak Tour. There’s much to enjoy on the tour, including the chance to see not just dolphins but also turtles, rays and even whales if you time it right. Find out more at Map reference O5 PHOTO: Tourism and Events Queensland



AUSSIE WORLD has recently introduced a new thrill ride called the SX360. It is, Aussie World tells us, Australia’s tallest and fastest 360-degree pendulum swing that cost the park $2.5 million. It is also the first new ride to open there since 2011. This ride is not for the fainthearted – it reaches speeds of 80 kilometres per hour and launches riders 32 metres into the air. Make sure you jump on it before you eat! The SX360 joins Aussie World’s other thrilling rides including The Wasp, The Plunge and The Redback. Aussie World is at 1 Downunder Drive, Palmview. 5494 5444 Map reference M18




PH: 07 5343 7906 WWW.FAIRHILL.COM.AU · 114-132 FAIRHILL ROAD NINDERRY (20 MINS SOUTH OF NOOSA) 31/5/21 11:02 am


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7/09/2021 9:10:51 AM

When the buzz of Hastings Street gets too hectic, our tip is to jump in the car and head to Cooroy for a stroll around NOOSA BOTANIC GARDENS. This eight hectares of former farmland on the shores of Lake MacDonald is now home to native and exotic plants which attract loads of wildlife. Wander along the winding paths past expanses of lawn where you can rest with a picnic, then relax while the kids enjoy the children’s play areas, check out the fern house and lily pond, and spend some time testing the acoustics at the muchphotographed Greek-style amphitheatre. The gardens are on Lake MacDonald Drive, Cooroy, about a 25-minute drive from Noosa. Map reference K13

PHOTO: Tourism and Events Queensland

The Olympics make us all appreciate sports that we wouldn’t normally be into, and a few of us in the salt office couldn’t get enough of the skaters and BMX riders doing their thing in Tokyo. Lucky for us, on the Sunshine Coast there are a few skate parks where we can go and watch local skaters. One of our favourites is the ALEXANDRA HEADLAND SKATE PARK. Right by the beach at Alex, the park is both street style (that means it has obstacles like rails) and transition style (that’s going from the ground down a ramp or into a bowl), which means you’ll see riders of all disciplines skating there. Given the various features such as the bowls, handrails and stairs you’ll also see beginners of all ages plus more experienced young and adult riders. The Alex Skate Park is right next to the surf club on Alex Beach. Map reference N17

PHOTO: Anastasia Kariofyllidis

Sunshine Coast Council recently released an EVENTS WEBSITE and we have to say this hub is a handy place for residents and visitors to find out what’s on in the region. The easy-to-use site has a comprehensive list of community events, arts and culture, music, environmental, business, sport events, festivals, competitions, classes, expos and so much more. So whether you’re looking for something to do today, next week or next month, jump online and check it out. Visitors to the region can also find out information on the Sunshine Coast, including things to do. Find it at


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We’re excited to hear that the FLOATING LAND BIENNALE will return to the Noosa region this October. The event gives participating artists the opportunity to raise environmental awareness through their practice in stunning natural surrounds. This 16-day event will deliver 30 curated and thought-provoking projects at Boreen Point and the Park Road Boardwalk at Noosa Heads. It will also include an abundance of site-responsive projects, tours, artist-led workshops, performances and unique opportunities for visitors. Featuring local, national and international artists at varying stages of their professional careers, Floating Land: At the Edge of Ideas will run from October 9 to 24 and will launch with a free community event at Boreen Point on Saturday, October 9 from 3pm to 6pm. All are welcome. For full details of the artistic program and associated events, visit Map reference L11 and N12 MAIN PHOTO: Black Swan Theory by Fabrizio Biviano, 2021 (photo by Jennifer Dean). INSET PHOTO: Sing by Debbie Symons, 2021 (photo courtesy of the artist)

Plastic-free July might be over, but we reckon we should all be looking at PLASTIC-FREE ALTERNATIVES at any time of the year. Plastic bags, coffee cups, takeaway forks and knives have such a short life before they are tossed away. Because they are so light, they also often get swept away before they are disposed of. Remember, plastic never breaks down – it just breaks up – and the pieces get smaller and smaller. Worryingly, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation projects that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. So, how do you help? Head to for tips on how you can reduce your plastic use, such as using reusable coffee cups and water bottles, taking your own cloth shopping bags, not buying fruit and veg wrapped in plastic and refusing plastic straws. Also, support local businesses and cafes who are doing their bit to go plastic free with bulk food offerings and plastic alternatives. The website also has handy tips and ideas.

Did you know Maleny has a botanic garden? MALENY BOTANIC GARDENS AND BIRD WORLD is a privately owned 18-acre garden that overlooks the Glass House Mountains and has a rainforest backdrop. Wander along the more than six kilometres of walking paths past layered gardens, waterfalls and lakes. If that seems like too much, you can tour the gardens in a self-drive golf cart. The gardens feature a huge range of plants as well as gazebos, a fairy-tale garden, and treehouse. No wonder people choose to get married here. Bird lovers will enjoy the walk-through aviaries, which house hundreds of native and exotic birds. Maleny Botanic Gardens and Bird World is at 233 Maleny-Stanley River Road, Maleny. 5344 0010 or Map reference J19

BUDERIM CRAFT COTTAGE’S MIXED MEDIA GROUP is turning the Atrium Gallery and Studio North into an incredible arts hub for three days from September 24 to 26. All pieces are less than $200 each and include work from more than 25 local artists in many mediums and forms (the piece pictured is by Helen Saint-Smith). The Mixed Media Group is always working on a wide range of ever-changing styles and themes and these beautiful works will no doubt fly off the shelves. Some of the artists will also be on hand to talk about the works. A commission from each piece sold will go to the Buderim Craft Cottage to fund ongoing improvements and support local artists. Keep an eye on the cottage’s website as it often holds exhibitions and events for art lovers and creatives. Buderim Craft Cottage is at 5 Main Street, Buderim. 5450 1714 or Map reference N17


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Ed Edwardian c1910 9ct 9 Yellow Gold Amethyst Pendant Am & Chain $1,850

PHOTO: Lisa Pearl

One of the things we love about the Sunshine Coast is the treasure trove of retail gems you can find if you know where to look. Noosa’s DEFINE WATCHES is one such place worth checking out, as it’s home to Australia’s largest collection of independent watch brands. Define’s husband and wife watch experts, Peter Petzold and Lydia Dalle Nogare, tell salt that watch lovers from all states of Australia as well as international visitors make a point of visiting the boutique when they’re in town, walking out, says Lydia, “with a big smile and a new watch to remind them of their time on the Coast”. Define has stunning collections from more than 15 German, Swiss and Austrian brands – there are sports watches, everyday watches and pieces for more formal occasions. Next time you’re in Noosa pop in, say hi to Lydia and Peter and see what all the fuss is about. Define Watches is at 5/2 Quamby Place, Noosa Heads. 5447 4643 or Map reference N12

Edwardian 18ct Yellow Gold Handmade Oval Moonstone & Diamond Ring $6,600

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A new online portal has been launched to show Noosa’s history. Heritage Noosa hosts the Noosa Council Heritage Library’s HISTORICAL IMAGE COLLECTION, and other digital heritage items such as maps, digital stories, oral histories and videos. “We’re very excited to share the portal and its amazing capabilities,” Noosa Council’s Jane Harding says. “The beauty of this platform is that if someone recognises a family member or even themselves in an image or video, or they know more about a person, place or event, they can add this information directly to the site. We hope that community groups will also get involved to share their own historic memorabilia and the stories of their organisations and activities.” The platform is accessible to anyone, on any device, and the collection is always expanding as new content is added regularly. This photo (date unknown) was taken at Hofmann’s Weyba Ranch. Visit to explore the collection.

9ct Yellow Gold Oval Onyx & Diamond Ring $2,400






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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION. Well, sort of. There are definitely cameras, most likely light set-ups and the action comes from a range of businesses, models and influencers making their way to the Sunshine Coast for their photo shoots. It seems we locals aren’t the only ones who appreciate the untapped beauty of the region and all it has to offer. We already know tourists flock to admire our pristine beaches, drive for hours to appreciate our lush hinterland and hit the strips for the foodie scene that keeps on growing, but more recently, people are also heading here for their photo shoots. And a range of stunning properties across the Coast is providing the goods to accommodate. Let us introduce you to a few of them. 18

18.indd 1


2/09/2021 1:41:20 PM

PALMA SOLEADA Who: Palma Soleada with Natalie Sullivan. What: We purchased land in Diddillibah and built our home, Palma Soleada, around a concept inspired by Palm Springs. When: We have been living in the house since August 2019 and opened it up to the public for photo shoots in May this year. I have my own blog and Instagram account where I work with various brands for content creation for promotion or for their own use, and up until now I only used the house for styling my own photo shoots. But it was built by my husband and professionally styled and is just too beautiful not to share. We now have usually two shoots a week. Best features: We always wanted there to be a huge front

door, lots of glass, and for you to be able to see the pool from the moment you walked into the home, because that is the biggest feature of our property, the pool area. It really plays on that Palm Springs vibe that we wanted, as well as the abundance of natural light which fills every room. Natural light is a photographer’s dream and I think that is why they are so attracted to Palma Soleada. Who shoots there? So far, the women’s clothing space has really taken off here. Actually, the brand I have been most excited to work with here is Billy J Boutique because they are a big brand now that operate from the Sunshine Coast and employ a lot of locals. I wear clothing from their brand and shop in their local store.


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2/09/2021 1:42:07 PM

MAYAN FARM Who: Mayan Luxe Villas with Brett Gowley and Jodie Williams. What: Mayan Luxe Villas in the Noosa hinterland was designed and constructed from rammed earth and recycled timbers and took two years to build and perfect. When: We finished our dream abode in 2020 and decided to offer it to guests in January this year. It’s for anyone seeking a luxury country escape, or shoot location in the Noosa hinterland reminiscent of an overseas Tuscan villa. Best features: Mayan Luxe Villas can best be described as “functional art”. There are lots of quirky bits and pieces and amazing craftsmanship in the fixtures and fittings to focus on even before you venture outside and want to catch a view shot, or 20. We are also a working farm on more than 100 acres of fertile grazing land. It really is a special space. Oh, and the re-purposed front door handles come from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie set. So, Johnny Depp has touched those handles! Who shoots there? Our experience has been that people book our property for the accommodation firstly, and when they arrive, they can’t believe how much it is a photographer’s dream. We have had several influencers stay and use Mayan Luxe Villas for photo shoots and brand shoots, together with local tourism organisations and media. It’s a photographic world these days. Everyone relies on photos to add to their print and online platforms. Now, more than ever, photo shoot locations can convey a sense of travel without actually having to travel that far. It’s “visual escapism” and brings back memories of happy holiday times. 20

20.indd 1


2/09/2021 1:42:34 PM

pieces, which can be seen throughout, as well as rich colours and hues of the sea. I design to create zones and spaces and to cultivate how I want people to feel rather than focusing purely on aesthetics. I also try to be brave with decisions and create the things I wish existed even if people think my ideas are wild! When: I’ve only been offering the space as a shoot location since about July and have already had four bookings and lots of interest. Best features: The property has a number of unique features and one that is particularly special is the outdoor bathroom. Photographers say they love the fact our house has lots of different textures, surfaces and backdrops, so with a bit of creativity you can make the photos look like they are from multiple locations. There is everything – clean minimal surfaces, rustic timbers – so there is a lot to work with from a creative viewpoint. There is also so much natural light, greenery, indoor plants. It’s beautiful.

SOL NOOSA Who: Sol Noosa with Eloise Smith. What: There are so many beautiful, neutral coastal homes and I wanted this house to be different. I have drawn inspiration from the places I’ve visited around the world from the islands in the Mediterranean to the villas in Bali. I like to mix modern with rustic, minimal with antique. I love textures and bold colours balanced by long, clean, minimal lines. I love big, bold statement

Who shoots there? The age of Instagram and the desire to capture our entire lives through photos and then show it to the world has definitely contributed to the demand for shoot locations. I think historically, shoot locations were a very high price and only accessible to big brands, but now an influencer, a start-up or a new freelancer can afford to hire a space for an hour or a day and adorn their Instagram feed with beautiful photos. I think there’s also an element of selling an ‘ideal or aspirational lifestyle’ and what better way to do that than with photographs in beautiful homes and locations. So far, I’m seeing a lot of interest from chefs, life coaches and holistic practitioners, self-care businesses and, of course, influencers. I am excited to see who I attract as the business grows.

Discover Flinders As one of Queensland’s leading schools, Matthew Flinders Anglican College educates for excellence in learning and life. A strong start at Flinders helps students develop as confident, capable and engaged learners. Scan the QR code to learn more, or visit

Stringybark Rd, Buderim 07 5477 3260 | Find us on


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2/09/2021 1:42:58 PM

MUDJIMBA HANGOUT Who: Mudjimba Hangout with Leah Baily. What: We styled our home to match the relaxed, boho lifestyle of Mudjimba. It’s filled with items either locally sourced from the Sunshine Coast or picked up on our travels around the world. So each area of the house really tells a story because it is so eclectic. We’ve also bought the outside in with our collection of indoor plants, so it’s quite the jungle! When: Photo shoot bookings are worked in among our Airbnb holiday bookings and we generally have at least one shoot a week and it’s growing fast. We’ve been offering the space for shoots for the last four years and these days we book out for shoots months in advance. Best features: Our home is very coastal and calming, so it’s designed for and really just the perfect backdrop for people promoting healthy lifestyles and related products. Who shoots there? We have such a diverse range of people from boutique retail stores, fitness clothing brands, real estate agencies, wellness retreats, mental health counsellors, chefs and bedding, baby and beauty products – it’s always interesting seeing how people use the space and what wonderful creative images teams can achieve. I think photo shoot locations have opened up a world of easy-to-access ‘backdrops’ for clients, which are so accessible these days too. 22

22.indd 1


2/09/2021 1:43:30 PM

To help make choosing your suave locale so much easier, businesses like ALOCA are also popping up. According to owners Aleace Cunningham and Rachael Radulovic, Aloca is like an “Airbnb for photo shoots”. “The idea was born out of all the interest in beautiful unique spaces and renovations,” Rachael says. “We also know first-hand how challenging it can be to find the right locations for shoots and smaller events, so we started digging into properties and made it our mission to operate a service that provides our users with the ability to discover unique spaces for creative collaboration,” she says. Aloca launched in March this year and already has more than 80 properties including 15 on the Sunshine Coast. “Our main clientele are photographers, product/brand owners, creative directors, TV production companies, digital managers,” Aleace says. “We are starting to see a growing interest in small events, like creative workshops as well as private dinners too.”

And it seems that these special locations are drawing in the big names. “Michael Hill Jewellery, Legoe Heritage Maternity, Netflix just to name a few,” Rachael says. Visit

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2/09/2021 1:44:12 PM


COOLUM ART COLLECTIVE EXHIBITION This three-day exhibition will feature a diverse range of art and craft works from some of the Sunshine Coast’s leading artists and artisans. More than 200 original artworks will be offered for sale, comprising OCT 1 - 3 both traditional and current styles including oils, watercolours, acrylic, cold wax and pastel works. Entry is free, and visitors will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite artist in the People’s Choice Award. The work pictured is Pt Arkwright by Julie Chadwick. when October 1 to 3 where Coolum Civic Centre, 2-4 Park Street, Coolum Beach visit

OCT 1 - 3

CALOUNDRA MUSIC FESTIVAL COVID means the beloved Caloundra Music Festival will look a little different this year, but despite the reduced crowd capacity, it still promises to be a fantastic celebration. The line-up is diverse and includes Ben Lee, Ball Park Music, Andrea Kirwin and the Yama-Nui Social Club, Sneaky Sound System, The Superjesus, The Whitlams, Flaskas and Thelma Plum to name a few. This is a not-for-profit, family-friendly event that celebrates the environment, culture and community of Caloundra. when October 1 to 3 where Kings Beach Amphitheatre visit

PHOTO: Nicole Cooper



OCT 29 - 31 BUSKERS BY THE LAKE Take part in this celebration of busking, with more than 300 performers showcasing their talents on the banks of Lake Kawana. People of all ages can soak up the atmosphere and enjoy creativity and culture. We’re talking Afro-Brazilian drum rhythms, awardwinning musicians and talented youngsters, sword swallowing, BMX and skateboarding. There will also be great food and artisans selling their wares. when October 29 to 31 where Sportsmans Parade, Bokarina visit COOROORA WOODCRAFT SHOW The 31st annual Cooroora Woodcraft Show showcases the beauty of timber and the endless ways of working with it. Head along and discover the NOV 5 & 6 many beautifully crafted pieces from the members of the Cooroora Woodworkers Club. There will be competition displays from regional wood clubs, local schools and wood artisans as well as a people’s choice competition. Check out the timber milling demonstrations and watch master sculptor and carver Shane Christensen at work. Showbags and box-making kits will be available for purchase for the kids. when November 5 and 6 where Cooroy Memorial Hall, 23 Maple Street, Cooroy visit


NOOSA TRI The Noosa Tri attracts some of the world’s best athletes. The tri is raced around the town’s stunning main beach, town centre and hinterland. But you don’t have to be a world-class athlete to take part. There are loads of events including a fun run, kids’ triathlon, golf events, ocean swim and more. Even if you’re not taking part, head to Noosa to watch the races. when October 27 to 31 where Noosa and surrounds visit 24

24.indd 1

DAY OF THE DEAD Get practising your La Catrina make-up for this event. The Day of the Dead festival will feature a live show from mad mariachis Kallidad, roving Fridas and traditional food and drink. Get your Event Passport at the front gate and collect stamps on your passport. Once you’ve got eight stamps, you’ll get a Golden Ticket to any concert at NightQuarter. when November 6 where NightQuarter, 8 The Avenue, Birtinya visit


2/09/2021 1:44:47 PM

SECRET GARDEN Head down to Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden’s Sculpture Garden, which plays host to performances by local and touring artists. The Secret Garden event happens on the first Sunday of every month, and each event offers something different – from folky tunes and gritty blues to reggae vibes and sweet NOV 7 pop sounds. Take a picnic rug and some snacks, and relax with friends or family in this beautiful setting. Get your tickets from the website. when November 7 where Maroochy Regional Bushland Botanic Garden, 51 Palm Creek Road, Tanawha visit

NOV 12 & 13

WIL ANDERSON LIVE Wil Anderson is a presenter, podcaster and TV producer, but it is on stage that the comedian feels most at home. His comedy is high energy, astute and unpredictable. He has won the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s People’s Choice Award for a record six times, selling more tickets than any other act. After more than 20 years in the game Wil is a relentless innovator, with shows that get better each year. when November 12 where Venue 114, 114 Sportsmans Parade, Bokarina visit

NOV 12

PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT THE MUSICAL Get ready to Shake Your Groove Thing in Caloundra! Based on the Oscar-winning 1994 film The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, this is a hilarious adventure of three loud, proud and very different friends who hop aboard an old bus bound for the outback to put on the show of a lifetime. It’s a beautiful story of self-discovery, mateship and acceptance, set to a non-stop procession of dance-floor classics. The show is recommended for ages 15 and up. when November 12 and 13 where The Events Centre, 20 Minchinton Street, Caloundra visit

PLEASE NOTE: Due to COVID and changing circumstances, please check with the venue before attendance to ensure the event is going ahead.

Your one stop shopping destination in Noosa You’ll find a great mix of local boutiques, major national brands, a host of health, beauty and banking services, fantastic food and so much more. Located 10 minutes from Hastings Street with free parking, Noosa Civic has all your shopping needs covered in air-conditioned comfort. For more information and store directory visit

Big W Woolworths 100 speciality stores 28 Eenie Creek Rd (Cnr Walter Hay Drive) Noosaville Ph 5440 7900

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6/09/2021 1:56:36 PM




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2/09/2021 1:46:05 PM

AIDAN LEONARD AND his late wife Fiona shared the kind of deep soul connection that transcends lifetimes. The minute they met at a workshop in 1991, there was an instant recognition. From the day they met to the day she passed away from ovarian cancer in 2018, there was never a cross word spoken between them. Aidan says he still feels her smiling presence around him in his new home, a wellness retreat in the Sunshine Coast hinterland, a place Aidan and Fiona dreamt up together many years ago. Set on 26 acres of idyllic bushland in Reesville, just outside Maleny, Heaven in the Hills is a peaceful haven, a place to get away from it all, relax and rejuvenate. It’s quiet, close to nature and fulfils a promise made by a husband to his wife that after a busy life working in business and management around the world, raising three children and relocating from Ireland to Australia, they would grow old together in a beautiful place in the country.

The three words we use are: relax, reconnect, revitalise. It’s important people find time to reconnect with each other.

We live here, we work here and we know the Eastern Beaches property market better than anyone else.



Pip Covell: 0418 714 744 | Rob Spencer: 0408 710 556 | Kathy Wise: 0407 968 300 T: (07) 5447 2999 | 36 Duke Street, Sunshine Beach | PO Box 75, Noosa Heads, QLD 4567


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2/09/2021 1:47:43 PM

Aidan Leonard with his children Eoghan, Caelum and Alanna

“I walked in and as soon as I set foot on the place, I said, ‘I’m home’,” says Aidan. “I could see everything work. I knew what I wanted to do with the accommodation and the grounds. I loved the feel of the place. The drive in is like an Irish country road for me. The light is similar as you drive in down the narrow road and there are trees on each side.” Both Aidan and Fiona grew up in the country in Ireland and shared an exciting and cosmopolitan life together. Aidan began a business career from a young age, but while on a visit to Australia in 1990, he felt drawn to do a short massage course – a decision that would change the course of his life. He enjoyed it so much, he decided to complete a two-year course in polarity therapy and other bodywork techniques when he returned to Ireland. It was during a chakra balance workshop in Dublin that he met Fiona. “We just saw each other and there was an instant recognition,” he says. “I was first up on the table that afternoon. I had a lot of unresolved grief and I ended up in the foetal position. I thought, whatever chance you had with that beautiful girl Fiona, you’ve completely blown it now. Fiona later told me when I was on the table that very first day, she had a voice in her head saying, ‘this is the man you’re going to marry’. “I was aware from very early on in the piece I was in the presence of someone very special. She graced me with her presence. I saw how she was around people and how people responded in her space. When she was with you, you were the only person in the world.” They were married in August 1995 in a charming little country church in County Clare and had their reception in Dromoland Castle. They then moved to London and worked in a telecommunications business owned by Fiona’s brothers. Fiona followed Aidan around the world on business contracts, first in Cairo then Kuwait. They shared many adventures together before moving to Brisbane in 2005, raising their three 28

28.indd 1

children, Eoghan, 25, Caelum, 23 and Alanna, 20, there. It seemed like a charmed life, with Aidan working in high-level management and the family taking regular overseas holidays. But then Fiona was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on November 21, 2011 and everything changed. Strangely, the diagnosis came 20 years to the day they had met. They were told Fiona had two years to live, but through a combination of chemotherapy and natural therapies, she lived another six years. She was doing well when Aidan decided to launch his


2/09/2021 1:48:07 PM

business, Orbus3, a company that provides training for civil construction courses, in 2013. He built it up to be a multimillion-dollar business, but when Fiona began to deteriorate in 2017, he sold the business so he could focus on the time they had left. Sadly, Aidan’s brother died of cancer in June that year. Almost unbelievably, both Fiona’s parents died of cancer and she was one of eight siblings, five of whom had cancer. “She was really good after the business sold, and we had a lovely time for that seven or eight months,” Aidan says. “Her brothers were able to travel over and we got a lovely few weeks where she wasn’t in any pain, where we’d sit together, have a couple of drinks or eat together. “She wrote letters to each of the kids and wanted to write me one. I said, ‘Save your energy. What are you going to say that we haven’t already said to each other?’ We did everything we wanted to. The only wish we didn’t fulfil was that we were going to grow old together. “We’d had the conversation a number of times about buying a retreat, but it was never the right timing. After she died, I started looking. About July last year, I saw this place and bought it in October with my sister Clare [Leonard] and her husband Brendan [Tuck].” Aidan, Clare and Brendan have spent the past nine months renovating the property to give it a new lease on life. Bookings have been rolling in without Aidan doing any promotion, which he says is an indication he has made the right choice. Heaven in the Hills is indeed heavenly – with undulating pathways winding through tall forest and no sound other than birdsong to be heard. It features a number of accommodation options, including Ariel’s Cottage, which accommodates a group of up to 10, two cabins called Gabriel’s Rest and Raphael’s Retreat and a 1912 train carriage split into two separate apartments. There are also conference facilities, a pool and a state-of-the-art wellness centre. Here, guests or outside visitors can recharge their batteries with a massage treatment or take advantage of high-tech facilities like a mild hyperbaric oxygen hydrogen therapy chamber, a spacious Dreampod Max float tank, an infrared sauna or a crystal light bed. It’s undoubtedly one of the best-equipped wellness centres on the Sunshine Coast. “I’m feeling the people coming here are needing time out,” he says. “They’re needing respite from their life – the busyness that’s out there. We’ve deliberately not put internet into the accommodation spaces. The three words we use are: relax, reconnect, revitalise. It’s important people find time to reconnect with each other. “One of the things I’m looking for is people who’ve had family in hospital or a hospice and are dealing with the difficulties cancer brings. If they need a place to go for respite, I want to be able to offer them that kind of space. “Being here has been part of the healing journey for me,” Aidan says. “It’s lovely to be in this space. It’s lovely to have Clare and Brendan alongside me. I’m not doing this to make money. I’ve never been motivated by money. I’m motivated by doing something that makes a difference. Rather than a mind or a commercial journey, this is a heart journey.”


as you are. Released from the rough, carefully shaped, and polished to perfection. It's rare, it's precious and utterly unique. There will never be another one like it. We know that what we do is something very special because there is nothing quite like the moment when an opal captures your heart.

See the full collection in-store or online . 11 Ballantyne Ct, Glenview QLD 4553 (07) 5494 5400 SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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ROUGH & CUT OPALS The Opalcutter, Montville

The Opalcutter, Montville

The Opalcutter, Montville

A LOVE OF words, writing and the old-fashioned pastime of putting pen to paper has led to a decades-long career for a Mapleton woman who continues to share her stories with younger generations. A successful children’s author, Marg Gibbs, 64, has always been creative and fell in love with words at an early age. Growing up in Graceville, Brisbane in the 1960s, Marg did not own many books but her mother was often writing letters, and a young Marg quickly became interested in words and poetry. “I grew up as a creative girl making puppets, silver paper glass pictures, threading beads, copper enamelling, macrame and sewing,” she says. “I loved words and how they spun around in my head, words that captured emotions, words that shimmered, and so my love of poetry began about 12 years of age. “I wrote poems and made books.” By high school she was contributing to school magazines and by the time she reached university, studying to become a secondary English and history teacher, she was absorbing the work of poets including Dylan Thomas, John Keats, TS Eliot and WB Yeats. Marg loved being in the classroom inspiring her students and testing out her creativity, but her real love of books began after becoming a mother of four and “devouring” the world of well-known children’s authors. “Frequent trips to the library, borrowing picture books and non-fiction enabled me to read daily to my clan,” she says. “A six-month stay in Bristol in the UK saw me take my three small boys to the library often. “I think I was self-indulgent, admiring British authors and learning about illustrators like Quentin Blake and Brian Wildsmith. I devoured the art and illustration in these books, wondering about their backgrounds and techniques. “Always curious, I kept diaries, art journals and scribbled on envelopes to record things.”

31.indd 1

Contemporary Jewellery & Art to Love & Give


The Opalcutter, Montville

Potters Workshop, South Africa

POTTERY & ART The Opalcutter, Montville

OPENÊx DAYS 10 5 (Closed /ÕiÃÊEÊ7i`) 07 5442 9598 Shop 4 ‘The Pottery’ 171-183 Main St Montville

2/09/2021 1:49:50 PM

The magic continued after the birth of her daughter some years later with Marg reading British fairy tales including The Wind in the Willows and The Snowman. Marg’s teaching career spanned 25 years and several schools across Queensland, with some years off when her children were young. While she always had writing on her mind, it wasn’t until she moved away from the classroom that she was able to focus on her stories. “From country schools to city, public to private education, I worked at wearing many teacher hats. I always had my ideas radar switched on. When I eventually took on supply teaching and contracts to be flexible, this allowed me more time to write stories, edit and send them off to publishers.” Marg, published as M J Gibbs, has nine picture books to her name, including the recently published The Post Office Pup – based on the real-life dog that belongs to the family who runs the Mapleton post office. She also has six anthologies with poems and an adult book. “My writing style is poetical, reflective and emotional,” she says. “With children’s picture books I can play with my imagination and take ideas to express a story. “Some of the subjects I have written about are loss, love, friendship, courage, persistence, belonging and communication. “I am inspired by art, children’s storytelling, nature, travel, history and my family. With my inspiration hat on, I try to tap into a particular way of seeing and thinking.” Several of her stories are inspired by Mapleton, including A Very Mapleton Christmas, and she has drawn on local illustrators, including Mapleton Art for her book Arriving Home, to bring the stories to life. Something that came from Marg’s love of teaching and children was a series of successful book clubs, which travelled with her as she moved around Queensland. “The best were my children’s book clubs called Booknook Blue and The Book Loft held in my home. “Aimed at primary ages, children would be dropped off, walk in with their buddies and relax in a safe space to read, create and listen to my love of authors and illustrators. It was hands on, interactive including games, drama, craft and a full program.” To this day, Marg enjoys regular visits to local schools, sharing her love of the written word through her three core values: creativity, communication, and connection. “I love visiting schools, celebrating book launches and selling my books at markets. As a retiree, I aim to network with 32

32.indd 1

other authors, contribute to writers’ meetings and visit independent colleges in Buderim, Palmwoods and Brisbane. “I wish I had more opportunities for this, but COVID has made things harder.” As a grandmother of 10, Marg hopes to continue immersing younger generations in the world of books and literature. “The passion for teaching is something that I still nurture today. It’s priceless. “I absolutely love engaging with young adults. “As a grandma now, I get to share the stories and understand what children like nowadays, their sense of humour and quirk. The grandchildren add another rich dimension to my life as a writer.” In a nod to days gone by, Marg still has a profound love of letter writing and the sentimental connection it brings her. “During my first marriage I wrote hundreds of letters to family and friends. Even to students after they left school. I had pen friends in Africa and France. “When I lived in Charleville, Toowoomba, Townsville and Maryborough, I wrote letters home, always excited to receive letters back. I received many beautiful hand-written letters that I keep in shoe boxes today. My mum’s handwriting still brings joy and strong sentiment for me.” Happily living on the Blackhall Range for the past 10 years with her current husband Bill, Marg is working on her latest project. “I am currently working on the Blue Bucket Cousin series – beginner readers for kids six to eight years. There will be four books illustrated in black and white by two talented sisters who live in town.” She is also working on a poetry book due for release next year and offers online poetry courses.

PUBLISHED WORKS Picture Books Arriving Home, illustrated by Mapleton Art Jaspers’ Jumbled up Words Goose at the Gate Kingdom of Rooms, co-authored with Jenny Catalano A Very Mapleton Christmas The Post Office Pup I’m a Viking Kid: Poems for the Brave and Fierce Harvey and Rose: From Head to Toes Animals at Work, A-Z Anthologies with Poems It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas Spooktacular Stories Tell ’Em They’re Dreaming: Bedtime Ballads and Tall Tales from the Australian Bush Once Upon a Whoops: Fractured Fairytales and Ridiculous Rhymes The Poet’s Voice Memories of the 20th Century Poems The Art Room (NSW School Magazine) Hinterland Times Adult Book Conversations with Strangers: The Art of Creativity and Connection


2/09/2021 1:50:28 PM

Need help getting just what you want for your new bathroom, kitchen or laundry?

For more than half a century, NCP have helped to create the Sunshine Coast’s most beautiful bathrooms, kitchens and laundries. So, don’t take chances with these vital areas of your home. Turn to the experienced staff who can answer your questions about styles, colours, materials and costs, show you the latest trends from the leading Australian and international brands and help you choose the tapware, baths, showers, toilets, sinks and accessories to bring your design ideas to life. When you’re building or renovating, turn to the experts – turn to NCP. Maroochydore | Caloundra | Noosa | Nambour | Gympie bathroom

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plumbing supplies

2/09/2021 1:50:49 PM



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2/09/2021 1:51:54 PM


TUCKED IN AMONG the restaurants and fashion stores of Peregian Beach is a shop called Antiques & Possibilities. And the name sums it up well. The coastal vibe, the beachy feel sprinkled along the Peregian walkways, spilling out from the boutiques, and the scent of the seaside swirling up with the wind – it’s a contrast to the interior of this special store. I stepped through the door and I felt I had entered a whole new world of possibility. It reminded me, in the best possible way, of visiting my grandparents’ home as a child. I remembered moments feeling wide-eyed at their crystal and glass; the beautiful old furniture that drew me into its wonder. Those same pieces caught my attention in this store. That, and the silver plates, stunning jewellery, wonderful sculptures, artwork adorning the walls (including that of a giant peacock), and my favourite piece – an old Hollywood bar complete with crystal decanter set. Mesmerising. And that’s kind of the point according to store manager Mark Kerr. “This store is filled with antiques, but it is all about the possibilities,” he says. “And if you’re willing to allow it and see something magical, the things in here can create a totally different possibility in your life.” A self-proclaimed “Aussie bloke”, Mark spent 15 years as a bricklayer and underground driller before an opportunity to travel the world and create his own new possibilities came about. “I ended up travelling all across the globe doing audio and visual stuff for a self-development company,” Mark says. “One of the presenters was part owner at the Antique Guild in Brisbane and said she had always wanted to set up a shop in Peregian. Next thing you know, there is an opportunity here. I did some of the floor work and she invited me to become the store manager, and here we are.” Mark says this opportunity brought a multitude of other possibilities for him, as does this store for most who walk through the doors willing to look for them. “I grew up drinking beer out of plastic cups and whisky out of cans but over the last few years I’ve also really come to enjoy drinking a good wine or champagne out of cut crystal, cut glassware or a silver goblet,” he says. “It changes the entire

35.indd 1

Social Studio is a registered NDIS provider supporঞng people living with Auঞsm by providing a range of social groups and programs.

• Community Access • Social Sessions • Support Coordinaঞon • Supported Independent Living • School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) • Respite plus more. Get in touch w with us today for a chat! 0459 955 300 socialstudioqld

2/09/2021 1:52:43 PM

Antiques are not just a thing for the rich folk; you can create a new reality for yourself no matter who you are.

experience. But unless you’re willing to try something new you won’t experience these things. “Antiques are not just a thing for the rich folk; you can create a new reality for yourself no matter who you are and that’s very evident in our clientele too.” Undoubtedly those in their fifties and sixties are the most attracted to the character of the store, but the range of customers is becoming as diverse as the pieces in the store. “There has been a huge property boom on the Sunshine Coast recently,” Mark says. “People are building or renovating and of course the Noosa white lines beach look is popular, especially around this area. “But what I’m noticing is the home owners then come here to buy a piece or two as a talking point, to add some character and break up that beachy style. People are searching for something special and unique for their home. 36

36.indd 1


2/09/2021 1:53:23 PM

“Then we have a lot of younger clients coming in for the jewellery – the natural beauty of the pearl and coral pieces, or the bling and excitement of the antique pieces. Younger people are also loving the Venetian vases, which are so beautiful and colourful, plus they are all authentic and signed by the masters in Venice. “We have found too that due to COVID, people have this extra money they would have spent on travelling that they are instead putting towards something unique, like an antique piece with its own glorious story to tell,” Mark says.

“The crystal and cut glassware has been hugely popular, as is the jewellery. But we also have some exquisite pieces of furniture over 100 years old – at one point we had a Louis XVI lounge setting over 200 years old. You can’t believe the different craftsmanship of that time. “We aren’t just a shop where old people go,” Mark says. “We are a place where you imagine what possibility you can create by enjoying the beauty of the store, because there is something here for everyone.”


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2/09/2021 1:54:01 PM





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2/09/2021 1:54:37 PM

Nicola with participants from a recent workshop

YOU DON’T HAVE to be good at art to do art therapy. That’s the first thing Nambour art therapist Nicola Turschwell tells her clients. With more than 20 years as a gestalt therapist and 12 years as an art therapist, she has seen the powerful healing effects of this profound therapy and says the art materials are simply a conduit through which the body can move, express and release stored trauma. “I do sensorimotor art therapy, so it’s very rhythmic and definitely less about art,” she says. “It’s more like a martial art, really. I have got a lot of my own healing from it; it really filled the gaps for me where I couldn’t put words to what I was feeling, but I knew I felt better afterwards. “We might use a crayon in each hand or sticks in the dirt. It’s really about the expression of what’s going on in the body. It’s almost like tai chi, like a movement therapy as much as it is about art.” Nicola was accepted into Sunshine Coast creative entrepreneurial program The Refinery in 2019 and now runs a business that combines art therapy with workshops and clinical supervision in Nambour. However, her aim is to

balance her busy practice with regular trips to remote Indigenous communities. In June, she packed her crayons and paper into her four-wheel-drive and embarked on an epic five-day road trip into the outback. Her goal was to take her art therapy to remote Indigenous communities in Western Australia in order to help people who had been affected by intergenerational trauma. It was a deeply moving experience and one she hopes to repeat on a yearly basis, if not more often. “The country I was working on was Miriwoong Gajerrong country in the Kununurra area and Yawuru Country in the Broome area,” she says. “I co-facilitated with an Indigenous woman who is also an art therapist, Devinia Wainwright. “My workshops are primarily trauma informed, so it’s about working with traumatised people,” she says. “It’s a really gentle way to work with trauma; not going into the trauma stories, but giving options to calm and soothe through art. “Trauma is really body based. Since I first studied art therapy, a lot of research has come out about how it’s not necessarily storytelling that heals trauma. Trauma happens to the body, so we need to use the body to be part of healing

Valuing what matters most We invite you to BOOK YOUR CAMPUS TOUR TODAY 2 McKenzie Road, Woombye QLD 4559 C Ca Call us today 5451 3333


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7/09/2021 9:10:23 AM

the trauma. They call it embodied healing. Often it’s using really rhythmic movement to soothe, the way you’d rock a baby. You can do that by movements on the page for an adult. Parts of their brain get soothed; we call it a felt sense. They are then less in that fight or flight state.” At 58, Nicola radiates a calm joy, her beaming smile lighting up any space she enters. But this is the face of a woman who has survived traumas of her own and emerged with a stronger sense of self. In 2017, she left a 30-year marriage, her Sunshine Coast home of 28 years and quit her job. She fled to a new job as a drug and alcohol counsellor with WA Health, working in the Kimberley, where she spent two years and subsequently fell in love with the place. She describes it as an “astounding” spiritual transformation. “Driving back out there this time, I had spontaneous tears rolling down my face. I love the pace, the country, the people, the big open spaces, the skies from horizon to horizon, the storms in wet season, the stars at night. It’s so beautiful. The red rocks and red earth. It’s healing country, in every sense of the word for me.” A five-day drive into the outback might be daunting for some people, but Nicola took it in her stride. She travelled with her sister on the way there, returning alone and driving for five days straight. “I camped at night, sometimes in free camps if I could find one where I felt really safe and comfortable. Or I stayed in road houses. I felt safe doing the drive on my own. I was really watching for the kangaroos at dusk, which is a trickier time to drive. But I felt so safe and comfortable. I have a hiking tent and a self-inflating mat. I’m connected to the earth and I do ask for country to take care of me like the Indigenous people do – that’s what I’ve learnt from them.” On her recent trip, Nicola primarily worked with health workers she’d made connections with on her first WA stint, highlighting the importance of relationships in Indigenous communities. “Devinia has done the same form of art therapy as me, and she and I collaborated together out there. She’s an Indigenous woman, so that was really valuable and it really makes a big difference to have a local person facilitating, not just flying in and saying, ‘I’ve got this great skill for you’. 40

40.indd 1

Drug and alcohol abuse, along with domestic violence, are some of the areas Nicola is trained to work in. When she works with a client, she watches their breath, their body, all of their nonverbal cues. “I respect the client will take themselves where they need to go,” she says. “Even if someone says, ‘no, I’m not doing that’. We sit down and talk. We won’t even touch the crayons. People choosing to reject the crayons is a valuable part of the session. With kids in the Kimberley, one girl said, ‘I’ve got kids who screw up the pictures all the time’. I said, ‘let’s all do that and see how it feels’. We were all scrunching up the paper and it felt really good. We thought, no wonder they do it! It’s following the motor impulse to scrunch something or punch something, so we do it in a more controlled situation for them. “I was definitely guided by them,” she adds. “Using ochres is not okay; you need permission to use ochres. I took clay with me and I said, ‘is this clay okay for me to work with?’ I asked the questions and I really humbled myself. The clay was fine, but they said we couldn’t use ochres. Also, it’s not okay to pick up rocks without permission, because you’re moving country. It’s really important. “During one workshop we did in Broome, we wanted to use natural materials.” Nicola says there is a red sand called pindan that she wanted to incorporate. “We got permission to use that from the elders, along with sand from the beach and any of the grasses.” Nicola believes the art therapy was well received in the communities she visited – although there was a bittersweet element to it. “I heard people say, ‘we need a full-time therapist out here for our kids’. I said, ‘it’s so tough isn’t it, we come and we go, I know that. I’m part of that.’ People would say, ‘so how long are YOU here for?’ I say to them, ‘while I’m here, I’m fully present’. “I do think it’s important to follow up. It’s really important for me to go back out there. I think a lot of the community out there say, ‘you come into town and then you leave’. I’ve made a commitment to follow up and go back.”


2/09/2021 1:55:49 PM

L I V E O C E A N S I D E AT B O K A R I N A B E A C H , S U N S H I N E C O A S T

Location, luxury & lifestyle



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2/09/2021 1:59:12 PM


Peppermint Crescent WHEN YOU HAVE VISITORS, WHERE DO YOU TAKE THEM TO SHOW OFF OUR BEAUTIFUL REGION? Maleny is always high on the list, Peregian Beach, the Mooloolaba beach walk, a hike up Mount Coolum and who could pass up Noosa National Park! WHAT IS IT YOU MISS MOST ABOUT THE SUNSHINE COAST WHEN YOU’RE NOT AT HOME? An early morning walk on the beach to see the sunrise – it never disappoints. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE CAFE OR RESTAURANT? I have just discovered Peppermint Crescent on Karawatha Street, Buderim. Such great bao buns! WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE MEAL? Anything cooked at Spicers Hidden Vale – their chefs are the best. YOUR FAVOURITE SHOP IN THE REGION? I am a homewares addict so you will find me at Samsara Home in Woombye. WHAT IS YOUR MOST PRIZED POSSESSION? My family and an overweight cat called Potato. WHO INSPIRES YOU? People with a faith that is strong enough to move mountains. FAVOURITE BOOK? Penguin Bloom – a good reminder that things change all too easily.

Olivia Banks

WHAT ARE YOU READING NOW? I wish! I am not a big book reader unless I am on holidays.

WHAT DO YOU DO? I am a mum, a wife and a small business owner – gallery curator of Art Nuvo Buderim. WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WEREN’T IN YOUR CURRENT CAREER? Anything with awesome customers. I love being helpful. WHAT IS YOUR FAVOURITE PLACE TO GET A COFFEE ON THE COAST? I have a few! I am mostly in Buderim so I highly recommend Fee-ka espresso, Hungry Feel and Buderim Floral Art (my two fav things together: coffee and flowers). 42

42.indd 1

Penguin Bloom


2/09/2021 1:59:37 PM

PHOTO: Tourism and Events Queensland

Your Family Health Care We bulk bill for children 18 and under, concession, pension and DVA card holders

Maleny CAN YOU GIVE US A BINGE RECOMMENDATION FOR THOSE LAZY DAYS? I love a good period drama and Dickensian would be my number one recommendation.

OUR SERVICES • General Practice

WHAT WAS THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE? Gosh, so many things that make the cut; not just one day, but many days.

• Skin Checks • Child Immunisations

WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO AT THE MOMENT? As I type this we are currently in lockdown so I am looking forward to being able to open the gallery up again! Also we have my mum and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary this year. I do love a happy reason to celebrate.

• Ante-Natal Shared Care • Work Cover • Travel Vaccinations

DO YOU HAVE ANY REGRETS? None – never live a life with regrets; only look forward never behind.

• Yellow Fever Vaccinations • Aviation Medicals • Queensland Transport Medicals • Pre-employment Medicals • Recreational Medicals • Aged Care

Coolum Beach - 5471 6333

PHOTO: Tourism and Events Queensland

Coolum Village Shopping Centre 8-26 Birtwill Street, Coolum Beach Mon-Fri 7am-6pm Sat-Sun 8am-5pm


Peregian Springs - 5471 2600 Peregian Springs Shopping Centre 1 Ridgeview Drive, Peregian Springs Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Skin Checks by Locally owned and managed

Olivia Banks is from Art Nuvo Buderim, 25 Gloucester Road, Buderim. 5456 2445 or SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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LINDA McCARTNEY’S FAMILY KITCHEN Linda McCartney with Paul, Mary & Stella McCartney | Hachette | $50 I think Stella McCartney must have been one of the original vegans, or at least, she was an integral part of the popularisation of vegetarianism. The fact that her husband was a mega-star and a household name made it possible for Linda to bring her philosophy to the general public. Paul, Linda, their children and their children’s children all became vegetarian. In those days, good, healthy vegetarian food was limited in availability, and quite often flavourless and uninteresting, and carnivores would look down their noses as if non-meat eaters were somehow peculiar. These days things are very different: there has been a plant-based revolution, and there are literally hundreds of cookbooks available full of delicious vegan/ vegetarian food. Linda and Paul’s initial reason for dropping meat was the cruelty aspect, but it didn’t take long to realise the health benefits of a meat-free diet. Linda opened a vegetarian restaurant in London, and published a cookbook and created her own brand, Linda McCartney Foods, which is still in operation – 30 years later. This is an attractive and simple cookbook, with recipes for mere mortals and those with more gourmet leanings. Many of Linda’s intimate family photos are found throughout the book, along with her recipes, her philosophy and personal stories from a life cut short. It’s a beautiful cookbook!

THE LAST OF THE APPLE BLOSSOM Mary-Lou Stephens | Harlequin | $29.99 I held my breath for quite some time as I began to read the opening pages of this novel. Living and working in Peregian Beach, I am familiar with the terror associated with bushfires, but we were fortunate in the fires of 2019, and the damage was minimal. Not so in The Last of the Apple Blossom. Catherine, our protagonist, runs through the scorching air, desperate to find her family and friends as the fiery beast eats up everything in its way. This is a very powerful beginning to a brand-new Australian novel by Mary-Lou Stephens, ex-ABC Local Radio host, musician, writer and interviewer – and friend of us here at Annie’s Books. Mary-Lou has crafted an eloquent and compelling novel; it is a family drama and a tender romance woven through the true history of the Huon Valley and the devastating fires of 1967. I was captivated by the story, but also invested in the characters; I actually began to miss them when I finished reading the book. Mary-Lou’s extensive research gives this novel authenticity as true facts from the history of the Tasmanian orchards and the apple industry are cleverly incorporated into a sweeping tale of love, loss and family.

WANDI Favel Parrett | Hachette | $20



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“This land will always be protected by the creator, Bunjil, who travels as an eagle. From his place in the stars, Bunjil looks down at all of his creations. The rocks and the rivers, the animals and plants. Everything that he has made. And there, high on a mountainside dusted with snow, a tiny dingo cub stares up at the night sky – bright eyes blazing with wonder.” Wandi is a rare pure-bred alpine dingo, snug in his burrow with his devoted parents and his roly poly siblings. He has been warned about the dangers which he will face when he ventures outside the burrow, the terrifying eagles that can spot a dingo cub from high in the sky, but more so, the humans, the tall animals who walk on two legs. Wandi’s parents’ fears come true, as Wandi is scooped up by an eagle, taken from the warmth and security of his home, and dropped into a completely new part of the bush, unable to fend for himself. Will Wandi’s greatest fear be his salvation? This is a beautiful junior novel for children, based on a true story, and written by one of our finest authors.


2/09/2021 2:01:46 PM




CLOUD CUCKOO LAND Anthony Doerr | Harper Collins | $33 Seven years ago Anthony Doerr published All the Light We Cannot See, which became a massive success, selling millions around the world to critical acclaim. We are so excited about the release of Cloud Cuckoo Land, a magical tapestry of literary brilliance. The story takes us from 15th century Constantinople to present-day Idaho and into some uncertain time in the future. Anna and Omeir seek safety in a world of fear, Zeno and Seymour find themselves involved in a terrorist plot, and Konstance lives a sterile life in an interstellar journey to the stars. All are looking for human connection, safety and relevance in their lives. The connection is the ancient text Cloud Cuckoo Land, written by Antonius Diogenes, and translated by Zeno Ninis, which is discovered by each of our characters, and which gives them dreams and direction. It is a lyrical tale about the power of storytelling, beautifully told and absolutely compelling. Don’t be put off by the size of this book; it will transport you to places you could never have imagined and won’t want to leave!



Remember Stuart Diver? The former ski instructor was the only survivor of the 1997 Thredbo landslide that claimed 18 lives. In the new podcast THE ELEMENTS, Stuart delves into other people’s stories to discover what it takes to be a survivor. Search for ‘The Elements’ on your podcast app. Head over to Instagram and follow JIMMY REES (AKA Jimmy Giggle). This TV presenter and dad of three serves up some seriously clever commentary on the state of the nation, while sharing family time and just generally taking the mickey out of anyone who needs it. Described as a good podcast about bad relationships, TRASHY DIVORCES explores what happens before, during and after celebrities’ relationships go sour. While the name might be trashy the podcast itself is far from it – it’s a well-researched and fascinating look at love, loss and what it means to be human. Need a distraction? Head over to LEGO’S OFFICIAL YOUTUBE channel for ideas, inspiration and some fantastic stop-motion videos. These LEGO builders are seriously clever. Russian embroiderer KATHRIN MARCHENKO creates enchanting works, often using human forms as inspiration. Who knew needlepoint could look so cool?

Book reviews by Annie’s Books on Peregian, 8 Kingfisher Drive, Peregian Beach. 5448 2053 or The online picks were selected by salt HQ.

UPCOMING EVENTS Buskers By The Lake Deja Voodoo \ 30 October Wil Anderson Live \ 12 November In Conversation Movember Event \ 19 November David Strassman \ 20 November


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Mudjimba by Jodie Price, 46

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Noosa by Paul Smith,

Coolum Beach by The Salty Pixel, 48

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Noosa by Dave Wilcock, SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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We didn’t need another reason to visit 20 20 Distillery, but the good folk there have given us one anyway. The Cooroy distillery recently launched LIVE ON THE MEZZ, a weekly music series featuring some very talented musicians entertaining the distillery’s discerning whisky and gin drinkers every Saturday from 2pm to 6pm. There will be a rotating line-up of musicians, with plenty of local and emerging Sunshine Coast acts who will take to the distillery’s mezzanine level. We’re talking the likes of Jordan Mac, Sali Bracewell, Manoa and Nathan Kaye. Gather together your mates, nominate a designated driver and relax while listening to some great tunes. 20 20 Distillery is at 1/5 Taylor Court, Cooroy. 0467 818 738 or

nosh news

Dining has never played a bigger part in our lives, so here salt shares news, information and products that enhance our passionate consumption.

Serving our community $304,000 in community contributions for the 2019/20 financial year. y

Ph: (07) ( ) 5447 1766 1 Memorial Ave Tewantin

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While spring is a time for fresh, healthy food, we also reckon there is room for a treat or two. The team at Mayver’s is great at providing inspiration, and at the moment in the salt office we are drooling over these PB BREAKFAST BITES, created by @countdown_til_dinner. Just mix together three-quarters of a cup of Mayver’s smooth peanut butter, two tablespoons of vanilla protein powder, two tablespoons of coconut flour and a quarter of a cup of maple syrup until combined. Pop the mixture in the fridge for 15 minutes to firm up a little then roll into about 30 small balls. Get some pretzels and place each ball on top of a pretzel, then add another pretzel on top of that and squeeze them together slightly. Dip in melted dark chocolate, then let them set in the fridge before enjoying!

2/09/2021 2:06:38 PM

There are so many clever food producers here on the Sunshine Coast and if you haven’t hear of SILVER TONGUE FOODS before, well, let us introduce you. Silver Tongue is a bakery that makes sourdough and crackers, plus jams and preserves. We’re particularly taken with the Organic Raspberry Jalapeno Jam on the Smokey Sea Salt Sourdough Cracker. Add in some soft cheese and you have the perfect match on your next platter. Other Silver Tongue accompaniments include the Organic Fennel & Orange Pickle, which is wonderful on roasts, pizzas, salads and platters; and the crunchy Organic Zucchini Pickle, which adds some zing to salads and antipasto platters. Find Silver Tongue Foods at many IGAs around the Coast plus Silo Wholefoods in Yandina. Search for ‘Silver Tongue Foods’ on Facebook.




Want a springtime cocktail that is as pretty as it is tasty? How about a RASPBERRY MOJITO? For each drink you’ll need half a lime, cut into wedges or slices, six to eight raspberries, a handful of mint leaves and a good teaspoon of sugar. Pop into a glass and muddle well with a muddler (a wooden spoon works too). Add some ice and a few tablespoons of white rum. Top up with some soda water and stir, then add some mint leaves. You can vary the amount of sugar to make it more or less sweet.

enovated Newly R



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2/09/2021 2:07:21 PM

We were thrilled when The Shed opened its doors at its new location in Palmwoods – the store has everything we loved when it was in Forest Glen (antiques, jewellery, collectables, art and vintage treasures) but in Palmwoods it also boasts the CHEW CHEW BISTRO. The licenced eatery offers all-day breakfasts and lunch, plus fantastic coffee and sweet treats. The owners tell us that most of the food and coffee on offer is produced by local businesses and growers. The Shed is at 3-5 Main Street, Palmwoods. 5479 6603 or

Spring is the perfect time to head up to the range and visit our hinterland towns to enjoy lunch or high tea. And if you want a high tea unlike any other, we just can’t go past the ones on offer at FLAXTON GARDENS. We’re not talking finger sandwiches, teeny cakes and a scone or two. This stunning venue has a variety of high teas including the Flaxton High Seas for seafood lovers, Flaxton High Cheese for cheese lovers, and, our favourite, the Flaxton Famous Tapas High Tea – it offers delights such as grilled chicken brioche, turmeric smoked salmon, cream cheese tartlets, cheesecake and lemon myrtle panna cotta. Flaxton Gardens is at 313-327 Flaxton Drive, Flaxton. 5445 7450 or

efood hol P











If you’re after food cooked to perfection, impeccable service and a fantastic atmosphere, may we suggest Noosaville’s ECLIPSE. Head in for lunch or dinner and you’ll be greeted with generously proportioned dishes like seafood gumbo, melt-in-the-mouth beef cheeks with mashed potato, slow-roast duck and Atlantic salmon. While the atmosphere is perfect for a small gathering or date night, Eclipse also welcomes families. Our tip? Make a reservation so you’re not disappointed because this place is quickly gathering a loyal following. Eclipse is at 253 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville. 5470 2305 or

Meal delivery services are proving to be life savers in these challenging times, and the region has plenty of options. One we have just discovered is MUMMA’S SUGO, which specialises in delicious and wholesome authentic Italian food. Yum! All you need to do is join the order list on the website and every Monday Mumma’s Sugo sends a text message with that week’s menu. Check out the menu and if you like what you see just text back your order. You can then pick up your order from Peregian Beach or if you live anywhere from Tewantin to Kawana have it delivered for a small fee. Perfecto!







tainable E GOOD




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ten-Free E GOOD



2/09/2021 2:07:51 PM

We’re always up for hearing about quirky, cool eateries in the region and when a member of the salt team visited Yandina recently and came back full of praise for a cafe there, well, we just had to share it. GUN COTTON COFFEE ROASTERS is a specialty small-batch coffee roastery that sources unique and sustainable coffees from around the world to supply to local cafes. So you know the coffee served there is going to be good. Gun Cotton also boasts a tasty breakfast and lunch menu – make sure you head there with an empty tummy! It’s open seven days a week with live music on Sunday afternoons. Gun Cotton Coffee Roasters is at 13 Railway Street, Yandina. 5446 8691 or

PHOTO: Pablo Pavlovich

Did you know that Kawana eatery THE GOOD PLACE has also opened in Noosa? Riverside by The Good Place is one of the newest venues in town and offers up a gluten-free menu with keto-, paleo- and vegan-friendly dishes that taste as good as they look. Stop in for a healthy brekkie to start your day or for a healthy lunch to keep you going. We’re loving this Green Goddess Bowl, which includes flash-fried seasonal vegies, pine nuts, pickled cucumber, quinoa, roasted almonds, chickpeas, avocado, feta, an organic egg and The Good Place’s in-house Mediterranean paleo bread. Yes please! Riverside by The Good Place is at Shop 1, 235 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville. 5474 3876 or

Got guests coming over and you need to whip up an impressive grazing plate? Let the team at BIOSHOP do the hard work for you. The Noosaville store offers readymade hampers and grazing plates filled with beautiful produce and products. There is a range to choose from including the Local Cheese Selection, the Granite Bay Breakfast Hamper, and the Laguna Bay Deluxe Grazing Plate. And what’s even handier is that you can buy the hampers and grazing plates online. Bioshop is at 59 Rene Street, Noosaville. 0409 177 690 or


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2/09/2021 2:08:26 PM



THERE IS NO denying the urge for delicious, fresh, juicy seafood when you’re sitting metres from the blue waters of the Noosa River. Especially when your seat is at the newly renovated Sunset Bar at Noosa Boathouse, and it comes complete with a cocktail in hand and uninterrupted views across Noosaville. Considering Noosa Boathouse is classified as a floating vessel, you can imagine it naturally has a very nautical feel. And according to its owner, Sarah Bradford, it has also earned itself quite the loyal following in Noosa. “It certainly has become an iconic waterfront dining hub in Noosa,” Sarah says. “We have three levels and I guess you’d 54

54.indd 1

call it five dining spots in one, so there is absolutely something to suit everyone.” She isn’t wrong. As someone who hadn’t been there for a while, I have to say my eyes lit up and my taste buds started tingling the second I stepped across the fairy light-lined boardwalk and heard a cheery hello from the barista behind the bar at spot number one, Little Boaty Coffee Bar. To my right was the Fish & Chips Takeaway window, celebrated locally for some of the freshest fish and best cooked chips, and straight ahead through the main doors is where you find the waterfront Restaurant, perched literally on the


2/09/2021 2:09:06 PM

Vintage High Tea . 95 $39 gluten free option $49.95


Little water with open-air dining that looks out over the Noosa River. We followed Sarah up the stairs to the middle level, which boasts a stunning wedding and events space, and then on to the top deck, which is where I found myself sitting, cocktail in hand, admiring the views and the cuisine at the newly renovated Sunset Bar. “We did a complete renovation on the Sunset Bar, taking it back to an empty shell and building it back up to better suit the venue and the clientele,” Sarah says. “It was time to rethink the space and create a fresh new look. So my husband Phil and I redesigned the bar using the eight years’ experience we’ve had in the venue to add more space and create a really workable bar. The design renders were created by Brisbane company By Proxy Retail and the build was carried out by local builders Qld Built,” she says. “We reopened in June and we love it; it’s modern and clean with a chic coastal vibe.” Each waterfront space dishes up a variety of local produce courtesy of the kitchen team led by chef Shane Bailey. And the new star of the show, the revamped Sunset Bar, will be all about fresh seafood. “The menu up here is more casual share-plate style and we want to have a real focus on beautiful, fresh seafood,” Shane says. Shane has been serving up delicious morsels of food to the Noosa Boathouse tables for more than eight years and has more than 20 years in the industry. “It is an amazing spot here,” he says. “I love the day-to-day challenge the restaurant brings; every day is different and I like the way it always evolves, and how you evolve as a person, a chef and as a business. With the renovations done, I’m ready for that next evolution, and am really excited to be bringing out some new seafood dishes to the Sunset Bar.” Shane says the idea was to design the menus so they have the best seafood upstairs and the best steak in the restaurant.

55.indd 1


& High Tea


see package details online


07 5478 6212 38 Kondalilla Falls Rd Montville

2/09/2021 2:09:50 PM

Sarah Bradford

“I grew up in Victoria and I have ties with Beef Australia, and I have also done a fair bit of travel around Queensland,” he says. “I always found that when I was near the water all I wanted was seafood and when I was away from it, I wanted steak,” he laughs. “So I learnt how to perfect both. I reckon I have cooked a million pieces of both fish and steak.” This might be why his favourite dish to cook now is gnocchi. “I love it all, but gnocchi is a good old-fashioned pan work dish – throw in the oil, butter, gnocchi and you are cooking traditionally. When you have a few on the go, it’s a challenge which makes it fun. “When it comes to eating, I love the fish panang curry. It’s a great sharing dish when the family comes in.” But whatever dish you choose, you know it is all fresh, sourced locally and tastes delicious.

Local. Love. Dining. Bars. Music. bottleshop


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2/09/2021 2:10:25 PM

“We have about 40 local suppliers and we even have a lot that just provide one ingredient,” Shane says. “We have a local macadamia guy, a pecan guy, a tomato guy, lime guy, crab guy, strawberry guy. We get our beef direct from the producer, have six seafood suppliers, including one of our chefs who is a commercial fisherman so he brings back fresh fish and we cook it up. “We love to support other local business.” In case you needed a little help to choose what dish to try first, some of our new favourites, which are newcomers to the Sunset Bar menu, are the Fraser Island spanner crab with Asian slaw slider and the Mooloolaba prawn roll with pickled cucumber and cocktail sauce. Of course, you can never go past the good old-fashioned seafood staples too: the ever-popular salt and pepper calamari; Heads of Noosa beer-battered fresh dory, chips and Boaty tartare; freshly shucked oysters; and the crème de la crème, a fresh seafood platter with chilled Mooloolaba prawns, Moreton Bay bugs, oysters natural, Fraser Island spanner crab salad with chilli lime dressing, charred garlic ciabatta, condiments and fruit. Yum. Shane Bailey



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2/09/2021 2:10:58 PM




We’re inspired by the colours and flavours of these delicious and healthy recipes from Kelly Alexander’s Raw by Nature cookbook. 58

58.indd 1


2/09/2021 2:11:46 PM

COCONUT QUINOA WITH FIG, POMEGRANATE AND PECANS Most people reserve quinoa for savoury dishes, but it works beautifully as a sweeter option also. The flavours of this bowl are such a treat and a gorgeous way to start the day. Make sure you use a good quality coconut cream for this recipe as it makes a big difference to the final taste and texture. Serves 2

Ingredients 1 cup quinoa ½ cup coconut cream 1 tsp coconut sugar 2 tbsp desiccated coconut 2 fresh figs 2 tbsp pecans 2 tbsp pomegranate seeds Extra coconut cream and coconut nectar to garnish

Method Rinse the quinoa then add to a saucepan with 2 cups of water. Bring to a boil, then reduce the heat to medium-low, cover and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes or until the liquid is absorbed. Remove the quinoa from heat and stir in the coconut cream and coconut sugar. Cover and allow to sit for 5 minutes. While the quinoa sits, place the desiccated coconut on a sheet of baking paper and toast under the grill. It will only take a couple of minutes so watch it carefully to avoid burning! Fluff the quinoa with a fork and then divide into 2 bowls. Top each bowl with one sliced fig and scatter the toasted coconut, pecans and pomegranate seeds. Before serving, drizzle with a little more coconut cream and a little coconut nectar if desired.

French Mediterranean cooking using locally grown products Nestled in the beautiful village square of Peregian Beach, Periwinkle restaurant offer a modern French Mediterranean cuisine with delicious seafood, hand crafted sourdough breads, char grill beef and seasonal vegetables. Enjoy a relaxing breakfast, lunch or dinner in the family friendly village square park.

Kelly Alexander’s cookbook Raw by Nature: Plant-Based Recipes to Nourish & Inspire offers more than 100 plant-based recipes that combine the simplicity of natural wholefoods with a touch of creative flair. With nourishing breakfasts, unique soul bowls, and wholesome raw dishes, every page encourages you to experience the exquisite bounty that nature offers. It’s available for $20 as an ebook or $40 for a hard copy at product/raw-by-nature-book. Kelly has been immersed in the world of raw food and vegan cuisine for more than 15 years. Initially training with highly acclaimed raw chef Elaina Love in Bali, Kelly has worked in raw and health food establishments in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, America, Costa Rica and Thailand. Her knowledge has enabled her to provide consultancy for detox and retreat centres throughout Australia and Asia. Kelly holds an Advanced Raw Chef Certification, a Raw Nutrition Certification from Body Mind Institute and a Health Coach certification from The Food Coach Institute. Now she calls Noosa home, and offers catering, health coaching and recipe development.

59.indd 1

Monday to Friday 11am - 8.30pm Saturday & Sunday 8.30am - 8.30pm 2/216 David Low Way Peregian Beach QLD 4573

07 5448 3251

2/09/2021 2:12:25 PM

VIBRANT BEETROOT SOUP WITH WALNUT ZAATAR It is amazing how delicious a soup can be when it’s made with just a handful of fresh ingredients. The zaatar perfectly complements this soup. Serves 2 (main) or 4 (entree)

Ingredients Soup 2 tbsp coconut oil 1 large leek, roughly chopped 1 inch piece of fresh ginger, grated 1 tsp ground cumin 3 medium-sized purple beets, roughly chopped into cubes 3 to 4 cups vegetable stock ¾ cup coconut milk

Walnut Zaatar 3 tbsp sesame seeds 2 tbsp walnuts 1 tsp cumin 1 tsp smoked paprika 1 tsp oregano ¼ teaspoon salt

Method To make the soup, heat the oil in a large saucepan and add the leek, ginger and cumin. Stir for 2 to 3 minutes. Add the beetroot and stir for a minute or so, then add the vegetable stock. Bring to the boil then reduce and simmer for around 25 minutes or until the beetroots are tender. Purée the soup with an immersion blender and stir through the coconut milk. Season accordingly and pour into 4 bowls. Drizzle with a little coconut cream and sprinkle with the walnut zaatar. To make the zaatar, toast the sesame seeds under the grill until golden and fragrant. Add the walnuts to a blender or food processor and blitz a few times to break them down, then add the spices, salt and 2 tablespoons of the sesame seeds. Blitz again to combine well. Stir through the remaining tablespoon of sesame seeds. Sprinkle over the soup. The zaatar will store in a jar for 2 to 3 weeks in the fridge and is lovely on all kinds of soups and salads.

SUPER YUM BARS The mix of cacao butter and orange really gives these bars a creamy, zingy kick. These keep well in the fridge and are loved by kids and adults alike.

Ingredients Dry 2 cups crispy rice cereal 1 cup rolled oats ½ cup desiccated coconut ½ cup flaked almonds ½ cup pumpkin seeds ¼ cup sesame seeds ¼ cup raisins ¼ cup goji berries 2 tbsp cacao nibs 1 tsp orange zest


1 tbsp maca powder ¾ tsp salt 2 tbsp ground flax seeds Wet ½ cup coconut nectar ½ cup peanut butter 1 tsp vanilla extract 3 tbsp coconut oil 2 tbsp cacao butter Dark chocolate to drizzle (optional)

Place all of the dry ingredients in a large bowl and mix well. In a saucepan over a low heat, melt the coconut nectar, peanut butter, vanilla, coconut oil and cacao butter. Pour the wet ingredients over the dry and mix very well to combine. Transfer the mixture to a lined slice tin and press down firmly. (I placed 60

60.indd 1

another sheet of baking paper over top to smooth out and press down well). Refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours until firm and then cut into bars. If you wish to add the chocolate drizzle, just melt down some dark chocolate and drizzle over the top. Return to the fridge again to set.


2/09/2021 2:12:59 PM

ALFREDO ZINGUINI WITH PESTO MUSHROOMS Zucchini noodles, or zoodles, are simple to make, fun to eat and easy to mix with various flavours. Spiralizers are quite common now to purchase, but if you don’t have a spiralizer, just use a regular vegetable peeler and create long ribbons, just as you would peel a carrot. Serves 2

Ingredients 3 medium zucchinis, spiralized into long thin noodles 2 tbsp olives, roughly chopped 2 tbsp sun-dried tomatoes, finely sliced 6 cherry tomatoes, halved 6 button mushrooms 3 big leaves kale Fresh basil leaves to garnish Pesto 2 cups coriander leaves ½ cup pistachio nuts 1 cup desiccated coconut ¼ cup lime juice

¾ cup coconut milk ½ tsp salt ⅛ tsp cayenne pepper Creamy alfredo sauce 1½ cups cashews, soaked for 2-4 hours ¾ cup water 2 tbsp lemon juice 1 tsp salt ⅛ tsp nutmeg ⅛ tsp black pepper 1 tbsp nutritional yeast 1 tbsp light miso ½ tsp turmeric powder

Method To make the pesto, in a small blender or food processor, blend everything together until relatively creamy – a little texture is fine but it should be well mixed through and not too chunky. Set aside. To make the alfredo sauce, blend everything in a high-speed blender until smooth and creamy. This sauce will make extra, but it is delicious on vegetables or used as a dip or dressing. It will keep for 3 to 4 days in a sealed jar in the fridge. Place the zucchini noodles in a large bowl and use a knife to gently cut any really long strands to make them easier to eat. Then add the olives, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh tomatoes and mix gently by hand. Add around a third of a cup of the alfredo sauce and mix through with your hands. If you wish to add more you can. Keep in mind the zucchini will wilt slightly and create a little more liquid. For the mushrooms, pull the stalk out from the cup so you have a hollow area. Fill each mushroom with around 1 to 2 teaspoons of the pesto, or as much as you like depending on the size of your mushrooms. Roughly chop the kale and scatter over two plates. On top of the kale, divide the zucchini alfredo between the two plates. Add the mushrooms to the plates and scatter with the fresh basil leaves. For extra cheese flavour, you can sprinkle with nutritional yeast. SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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7/09/2021 9:04:24 AM





62.indd 1


2/09/2021 2:14:45 PM

Modern Mediterranean with a View

After a string of successful restaurants in Melbourne & Port Douglas... Peter Roussos is now open in Noosa. Coming soon – full Greek menu.

Tues - Thurs: Lunch & Dinner 11am - 10pm Friday & Saturday: Breakfast Lunch & Dinner 7am -10pm. Sunday: Breakfast & Lunch Monday Closed SHOP 1 / 253 NOOSA FORESHORE GYMPIE TERRACE 07) 5470 2305

Yalumba winery

THE BLENDING OF different wine varieties is a fine art. There is also a precise science to the production of such wines. Far from being a hit and hope approach, blending all comes back to one word – balance. Some of the elements winemakers consider in their approach to producing a blend include fruit, tannin, acid and alcohol. McLaren Vale winemaker Alan Varney of Varney Wines produces a number of blends, some of which are experimental as he toys with skin contact and savoury appeal. “Regardless of whether I am putting together a multi-varietal blend or a single varietal wine, maintaining balance is always key. Each individual component will have its strengths and they must be allowed to shine through in the finished wine without being lost in the blend. “It must also be remembered that wines will evolve and develop over time so this balance must be maintained over the life of a wine, not just on release. It is identifying what each piece of the puzzle will bring to the wine that takes practice and I suppose a fair degree of intuition.” Australia’s gift to the winemaking world is the cabernet shiraz blend. No one has championed the marriage of these two varieties more than the Barossa Valley’s Yalumba. In recent times, Yalumba has gone about producing a ‘super claret’ and it is a wine that has stamped its authority and then some. Winemaker Kevin Glastonbury says, “People want to see greatness.” And he’s right. From a most impressive vintage, pour a glass of The Caley 2016, embrace the

Tapas High Tea

Local Seafood – Cheeses – Smokey BBQ Delights Take in the views of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and enjoy a delicious tapas high tea, our way. Wednesday to Sunday 10.30am and 1pm sittings

313 Flaxton Drive, Flaxton P 5445 7450


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7/09/2021 9:05:06 AM

Yalumba winery

The beauty of The Caley is that it demonstrates vintage variance – something some other premium-priced wines in the market shy away from. Only ever from two specific vineyards (one each in Coonawarra and the Barossa), the oak management has also varied in this time with 25 to 45 per cent new French oak having been used. Blending wines is not limited to varieties alone. It is not uncommon for different vineyards to be used to blend one variety. Consider the splendid O’Leary Walker Clare Valley shiraz featured opposite. A blend of two different vineyards located across the region, the result is a glorious wine. Next time you see a blend on the shelf, consider the precision, science and decision-making process behind the countless bench trials to deliver a wine that sees numerous moving parts merge into a humble bottle.


Varney Wines

aromas and sip slowly – you’d be forgiven for thinking you were knocking on the door to the promised land. The precision of this wine details all things that highlight a talented winemaker delivering an exceptional wine that marries two different regions. On the fifth release of The Caley, Kevin says he has taken much from the 2012 and 2013, which have since shaped recent releases. The 2015 and 2016 are driven by the Coonawarra cabernet’s style, structure and aromatics.

Blackflag Brewing Affinity Tropical Pale Ale (4.7% alc) In spring the mercury rises and this crisp brew is an ideal cleanser as you laze about the afternoon – post surf, after mowing, or just lounging. Loaded with passionfruit, pineapple and a hint of grapefruit, this is super refreshing. Blackflag Brewing Chiggy’s Middy (3.5% alc) A sessional delight, Mooloolaba’s Blackflag crew loves skating as much as brewing. This mid-strength is a collaboration with Chiggy’s Skateboarding, delivering floral, fruity and tropical goodness with a clean pair of heels. Pop an ollie then crack this for the perfect kick-on.

STEVE LESZCZYNSKI is a wine writer, wine dinner host and MC. Apart from writing for his website, Steve contributes to Halliday Wine Companion Magazine, Vinomofo, Wine Business Magazine, Grapegrower & Winemaker Magazine and has previously written for Must Do Brisbane. Steve is a passionate supporter of the Queensland wine industry. 64

64.indd 1


2/09/2021 2:17:10 PM

EIGHT WINES TO TRY: LONG LUNCHES DONE WELL – TELLURIAN ROSÉ 2020, $24 A blend of shiraz, nero d’avola, mourvedre and grenache, this is a terrific food wine. Expect dried red currants and cranberries, freeze-dried strawberries, fine spices and a dash of white pepper on close – it’s long and persistent. Tick, tick, tick. ITALIAN SUPERHERO – CORIOLE MONTIMARO 2020, $28 Montepulciano, sangiovese, negroamaro and nero d’avola were co-fermented to deliver an Italian superhero – less the cape. Bright and red fruit-driven early, it dances through the mouth with ease. Energetic, red and dark cherries sizzle before blackberries take charge. Just fabulous. GIVE ME MORE – VARNEY WINES GSM 2019, $32 Dripping with delish factor, mulberry and blueberry fruit come at you early. It’s earthy with cola and liquorice nuances but it’s the raspberries that bust a move and stand out. A 66/27/13 blend, gentle spices add impressive detail. Give me more kind of stuff. CLASSIC CLARE – O’LEARY WALKER CLARE VALLEY SHIRAZ 2019, $35 This is a wine that just grows on you. Sourced from Polish Hill River and Armagh vineyards, cool and silky feels run a neat course through the mouth. Liquorice bullets hit the tarmac and run a long race. Dark chocolate, black olives and charcoal work in unison with black fruits – it’s just delicious! Fine tannins develop and show some cocoa appeal finishing dry and powdery. Big love. SENSATIONALLY MEDIUM BODIED – DE IULIIS SHIRAZ TOURIGA 2018, $40 The following this wine is getting continues to snowball. Violets and purple flower aromas shift to juicy blueberries, licks of Ribena and black fruits plus dark cherries and fine spices all mesh together with absolute ease. Fine satiny tannins bask in the glory of the abundant fruit that strides out before. An absolute beauty! LOCAL HERO – WHISKEY GULLY WINES E.B. RESERVE BLANC DE BLANC 2018, $45 It is rare to see chardonnay and colombard used in a blanc de blanc but the rule book has been tossed out here as pleasure rains down. Peel back layers of cut apple, barley, touches of honey with the hero being a peaches and cream drive. CHERRY RIPE IN A GLASS – SCHILD ESTATE NARROW ROAD 2018, $70 This gets in deep yet has a silky touch. Dark chocolate, dense plums, dark cherries and fine oak add to the interest. It swerves and bends on its agile feet caressing the mouth with ease. There is a density and elegance, spice and curiosity too. Salute! INSANELY BRILLIANT – YALUMBA THE CALEY 2016, $365 A 71/29 blend, the dense black fruit and cassis of the cabernet make a move early but it is the savoury characters that shine bright. Partnered beautifully by the perfumed Barossa shiraz, it slowly gathers momentum. The fruit just sings, yet there is an underlying tension that keeps tugging away, ensuring things are in check. That restraint is a beacon for ageing. Just stand and applaud.


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7/09/2021 9:06:46 AM




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2/09/2021 2:18:59 PM

WITH ALMOST 4.5 million Australians using online dating apps, it’s no surprise it is one of the most common ways to meet a partner these days. And when Tatum Dunwoody was tired of seeing everyone around her tying the knot, she finally decided to let her friends create her an online dating profile. Just like all modern love stories, it didn’t take Tatum long to find her Prince Charming, Ben Quintner. It was a love for the ocean and a closeness with family that brought the pair together five-and-a-half years ago. “We were both very attracted to each other,” Tatum recalls. “We love to travel, I love to cook and we adore each other’s humour, which was very important to us.” Ben and Tatum fell in love quickly and decided to start their new life together on the Coast surrounded by sun, surf and sand. Two years later, Ben and Tatum started another journey towards wedded bliss with Ben organising a special family gathering. “It was November 2018 and Ben organised a lunch at my parents’ house as an early Christmas gathering. I didn’t know he had asked my parents’ permission the night before,” Tatum explains. “After we finished lunch, Ben stood to give a speech but he turned to me with a big smile on his face and got down on one knee and proposed. Ben wanted both his parents, Helen and Anthony, and my parents, Sue and Paul, to be there to be a part of that special moment.” For Tatum, it was an easy answer. “I love Ben for his humour, his intelligence and his chivalry. Of course I said yes.” For Ben, it was Tatum’s determination, beauty, quick wit and her delicious cooking that sealed the deal. “We both make each other laugh every day,” Ben says. “We challenge each other, support each other and take each other out of our comfort zones, yet we feel our most comfortable selves together.” Months of wedding planning ensued and when it was time to decide on a venue, it was an easy choice. Both Ben and Tatum’s families are avid golfers and the idea of marrying in the lush green gardens of Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort was an easy choice. “We loved that we could get married in the same place as the

Tatum Ben

67.indd 1

TO LOVE TO REMEMBER TO HOLD AND T O H AV E FOREVER 07 5477 0561 Multi Award Winning Manufacturing Jewellers

2/09/2021 2:19:39 PM

reception and where everyone could stay,” Tatum says. “And our photos, they were incredible with the golf course and gardens as the backdrop. “Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort and their wedding planner, Lisa, were amazing to deal with. Everyone was so helpful and accommodating.” But while most couples worry about the weather on their wedding day, Tatum and Ben didn’t care one bit; they just wanted to tie the knot. The pair had originally planned to marry in May 2020 at the start of COVID lockdowns in Australia and, as a result, they had to cancel their big day. “It is stressful planning a wedding, and planning through COVID adds so much more stress,” Tatum says. “Ben’s family are from Melbourne and my family are from New South Wales. We didn’t know what was going to happen but in the week we sent out our invitations, weddings were cut to five people. So, we took that as a sign.” Despite the last-minute cancellation and the uncertainty at the time, Tatum praises all of her suppliers who were understanding as the couple moved the date to May 28, 2021. The couple welcomed 70 guests in total including Tatum’s 68

68.indd 1

brother and wife who travelled from the United States, spending two weeks in quarantine, paying upwards of $30,000 just to be there and even eloping just one week before the wedding. “Queensland shut their border to Victoria a couple of days before our wedding so all our travelling guests had to quickly jump on a plane and we were fortunate they were able to be there in time,” Tatum says. “The wedding was extra special for me as all my siblings were together for the first time in five years. Sadly, Ben’s dad passed away in January of this year so it was a very emotional start to the year, adding even more emotion for Ben and his family at the wedding.” Though they had to wait an extra year to get married, it was all worth it. “The day was everything we hoped for,” Tatum says. “The best part of the day for me was when I had reached Ben [at the end of the aisle] and we held hands.” For Tatum, after having to cancel her wedding, the fact she was finally marrying the love of her life, with her friends and family watching on, was magical. “For Ben and I, getting our photos done was easy; we couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces. It was the best feeling both of us have ever felt. We married the love of our lives.”


2/09/2021 2:20:22 PM


ABOUT THE VENUE Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort is a haven for couples wanting to tie the knot in style. The manicured lawns, immaculate gardens and golf course provide a picture-perfect backdrop to any event, while the Sunset Room offers an elegant space to host a cocktail reception for brides and grooms wanting to enjoy a relaxed ambience. Guests can stay in the luxurious resort with access to an onsite restaurant, a world-class golf course, an opulent day spa and so much more, making this a must-see for anyone wanting to say ‘I do’.

● ● ● ●



NOW $199 Was $249 Luxurious Spa Facial + Massage - 90mins

At Dolche you will experience beautiful and luxurious treatments that will make you feel relaxed and pampered whilst addressing your individual skin health & concerns.

BOOK NOW Shop 7/8 The Avenue, Stockland Birtinya Tel. 0420 365 243


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YOU’RE WELCOME Whenever we go to any restaurant, venue or event, we’re now used to wearing a mask, signing in and rubbing on the hand sanitiser. Wedding planners are getting more creative at incorporating these details into weddings and making guests feel special at the same time. We’re now seeing more couples offering personalised WELCOME BAGS OR BOXES to each guest as they arrive. These little kits come with a small bottle of hand sanitiser, a mask and the wedding program, but you can add your own touches such as take-home favours, a hand-written thank you note or a poem.

Thank your groomsmen, bridesmaids, flower girl and parents of the bride and groom with a HAMPER. Many hamper businesses will put together a wedding gift box, and there are specialist suppliers – such as The Bridal Box Co (pictured) – which create boxes and hampers that can be personalised with the recipient’s name and their favourite candles, wine or chocolate. You can, of course, create your own box, which you can present to your wedding party as you’re getting ready. It’s a great way to say thank you to someone who has helped you make it to the altar.


Here are our picks of fashionable locations, must-have products, and the latest trends in weddings.


SMALL AND SWEET Most couples stick to the age-old tradition of cutting a multi-tiered cake towards the end of their wedding. But even that tradition is being turned on its head. More and more cake makers are being called on to make MINI AND SINGLE-SERVE WEDDING CAKES. And for good reason. A cluster of mini cakes can look just as impactful as a large cake. These cakes can be detailed or simple, but the advantage of them is that they can be personalised, so that each guest not only receives an individual work of art, but also gets one in a flavour they love. For couples who can’t settle on just one cake design, the good news is that with mini cakes you can mix and match for an eclectic look. 70

70.indd 1

More and more couples are spending time on the tiny details, particularly if they are throwing a smaller wedding close to home. It’s not about the big statements anymore – with today’s weddings, details count. And we are seeing that on the tables. CENTREPIECES are becoming more detailed, and individual place settings are also more personalised. If you’ve got old plates, consider using those, or head to the op shop for a collection of old crockery that the guests can then take home. Go further by adding a sprig of foliage in your guests’ favourite colour, along with a personalised and hand-written thank-you note, a poem or quote on each setting. Gold cutlery, crystal glasses, lots of flowers and candles add to the ambiance.


2/09/2021 2:22:06 PM

NOW THAT’S DIFFERENT Sure, you can put your bridesmaids in exactly the same dress, but more and more brides are embracing MISMATCHED DRESSES for their best friends. This kind of look suits casual Sunshine Coast weddings, and the great news is you can choose a colour and style that suits the bridesmaid, which will make her feel more comfortable on the day. To help create a cohesive look, consider choosing a similar weight and fabric (we think floating fabrics look great) in a softer hue. Choosing the same hemline length and having your bridesmaids wear the same accessories such as headpieces and jewellery will also help tie it all in without looking too samey.


LET’S GET TALKING Thanks to a rise in smaller, more intimate weddings, toasts and speeches are no longer restricted to the best man and father of the bride. There is no reason why you can’t ask any guest to stand up and say a quick word or share a funny story with a MINI TOAST. Wedding toasts are no longer the stuffy, long-winded speeches of days gone by and in a casual or more intimate wedding, it’s perfectly appropriate for other friends and family to stand up and raise a glass to the happy couple. Couples are also now proposing toasts not just to each other, but also to guests.

Wedding photographers report they have been busy this year photographing not just weddings but also ELOPEMENTS. Traditionally, an elopement was just the couple heading off in secret, but these days you can do it whichever way you choose – keep it super casual in your backyard with just you and your partner and a witness, or think about a weekend away with a dozen guests. The trend is about not making a big deal of it and only telling those who are invited. You can always have a big party with other friends and family to celebrate your commitment in the future.

unique & luxurious collection, Bringing together a

as timeless as the heavens above.

93 Memorial Drive, Eumundi 4562 Tel. (07)5442 8778


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Rose gold Zambian emerald, diamond & pearl ring, $4500, Pearls for Girls, Eumundi, 5442 8778


Rose gold gem-set Dearest flower ring, $1495, Avenue J, Mooloolaba 5444 4422

spring! Olayda Aqua boot, Agave Blue, Eumundi, 0409 273 946

Top & pants, Zephyr, Noosaville, 1800 804 776

The bees are buzzing and the flowers are blo blooming – it’s time to add some spring spectacular to your wardrobe. Lulalife California tiered dress in Ocean, Onyx Poppy, Sippy Downs, 5370 9222

Ceylon Oval sapphire with two diamonds in yellow gold, $17,180, Antiques &

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Demi dress, Boom Shankar Noosa Heads, 5474 2304


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Birkenstock Gizeh in Superflowers white print, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755


2/09/2021 2:28:30 PM

Vintage sterling silver emerald green enamel butterfly brooch, $975, Avenue J, Mooloolaba 5444 4422


Zaket & Plover floral skirt, Ginger Lilli, Maleny and Caloundra, 0402 392 836




Desigaul Valkiria reversible belt, Ginger Lilli, Maleny and Caloundra, 0402 392 836

Specialists in Fine Jewellery Design & Manufacture

Original design kaftan and dress, Treasure Store, Mooloolaba, 0488 288 250

ADRIAN G. SCHULZ 3rd Generation Qualified Designer & Manufacturing Jeweller JAA Accredited Master Jeweller

29 Main Street (Middy’s), Buderim • 5445 5709 SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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2/09/2021 2:26:28 PM

18ct yellow gold 15mm Tahitian pearl pendant, $2480, Diamonds of Distinction, Buderim 5445 5709 18ct yellow gold diamond studs (TDW 0.31ct), $2200, Diamonds of Distinction, Buderim, 5445 5709


dreaming We’re embracing our soft side with pretty W colours and accessories that pop.

Strapless dress in blue & white, Treasure Store, Mooloolaba, 0488 288 250

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18ct white & rose gold pink tourmaline & diamond ring, $6975, NY2K, Cotton Tree, 5443 1955

9ct yellow gold tapered huggie earrings, $690, Diamonds of Distinction, Buderim, 5445 5709

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Mesilla Close Up bootie, Agave Blue, Eumundi, 0409 273 946

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country Birkenstock sandals in Mocca, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755

CULTURE Earthy colours and natural fibres make stylish additions to any wardrobe.

Desigual back pack, Ginger Lilli, Maleny and Caloundra, 0402 392 836 Orange coral four-strand necklace, $1350,

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Ethically and sustainably grown Australian pure merino wool products, Coonong Station, Earrings with boulder opals in white gold, handmade in Australia, $1990, The Opalcutter, Montville, 5442 9598


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Holi jacket and dress, Boom Shankar, Noosa Heads, 5474 2304

Art and Vintage Samba red bag, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340

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Australian Pearl bit bracelet in rose gold, $4800, Pearls for Girls, Eumundi, 5442 8778

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18ct white gold & diamond ring featuring 2.43ct Lightning Ridge black opal, Opals Down Under, Palmview, 5494 5400

cherished TREASURES We have some precious pieces to fall in love with.

Victorian 15ct yellow gold large round citrine earrings with ornate leaf design, $3700, Avenue J, Mooloolaba, 5444 4422

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Aquamarine, chalcadony, amethyst & pearl brooch & Pendant, POA, To Hold & To Have, Buderim, 5477 0561 Custom-made green sapphire & diamond clip-on earrings, NY2K, Cotton Tree, 5443 1955

18ct yellow gold & aquamarine ring, $4350, Antiques & Possibilities, Peregian Beach, 5372 8838

18ct white & rose gold Argyle pink diamond ring (TDW 0.25ct of pink diamonds), $5780, Diamonds of Distinction, Buderim 5445 5709 78

78.indd 1

9ct white & rose gold diamond ring, $2790, NY2K, Cotton Tree, 5443 1955

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United pendant & chain in sterling silver, POA, To Hold & To Have, Buderim, 5477 0561

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Protect our Oceans tie-dye tee, corduroy minis in Ocean and retro skater socks, Salty Shreds,

Albetta International Emma embroidered muslin dress, Kuddly Kids, Buderim, 5445 2486

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blessings We haven’t forgotten your littlest family members with these sweet buys. Mustard stonewash cap, retro tie-dye tee, Be the Sunshine stonewash tee, denim baggies and sandals, Salty Shreds, Wave Rider denim baggies, Salty Shreds,

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Pair special-occasion keepsakes with the perfect jewel for a glam effect.

David’s Australian pearl in gold pendant, POA, Pearls for Girls, Eumundi, 5442 8778

Frank Lyman Midnight Mesh two-piece dress, Onyx Poppy, Buderim, 5477 0902

Original handmade citrine cocktail ring set in 18ct yellow gold, $6700, Avenue J, Mooloolaba, 5444 4422

Twist-front fitted midi dress in blue and pink, Treasure Store, Mooloolaba, 0488 288 250

Georgian gold cased quizzer pendant, $795, Avenue J, Mooloolaba, 5444 4422


82.indd 1

Frank Lyman lace top and straight skirt, Onyx Poppy, Buderim, 5477 0902


6/09/2021 12:03:47 PM

Ruby Yaya Lula Soul Lulalife Bueno Frank Lyman Foil Cienna Pictured: Frank Lyman Lace Navy Dress

Pink tourmaline & diamond 18ct yellow & white gold dress ring, POA, To Hold & To Have, Buderim, 5477 0561



B o u t i q u e

NEW STORE 45 Burnett St Buderim Ph 5477 0902

Frank Lyman Champagne fitted cocktail dress, Onyx Poppy, Buderim, 5477 0902

18ct yellow gold oval diamond pave-set huggie-style citrine drop earrings, $1930, NY2K, Cotton Tree, 5443 1955

Ginger Lilli Boutique European and Australian fashion brands for a woman seeking natural fibres in a variety of styles. TRIBAL DESIGUAL NAUDIC IMAGINE SEE SAW

Enhancer pendant with stunning coloured boulder opal in 18ct yellow gold, handmade in Australia, POA, The Opalcutter, Montville, 5442 9598

12/43 Maple St, Maleny Shop 1/ 33 Bulcock Street Caloundra 0402 392 836.


83.indd 1


7/09/2021 11:35:31 AM

Tara tunic top and block print pant in Hara, Boom Shankar, Noosa Heads, 5474 2304

Frankie’s Melbourne Gucci knit, Urban Tonik, Noosa Heads,


sunshine Fine weaves, textural fabrics, knitted dr dresses and long-line cardigans pro provide a no-fuss style injection.

Portia beaded thong in Champagne, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755 Emerald Ruby Yaya Valeria maxi dress, Onyx Poppy, Sippy Downs, 5370 9222

Dress, Zephyr, Noosaville, 1800 804 776

Desigual sleeveless floral top, Ginger Lilli, Maleny and Caloundra, 0402 392 836

18ct white & rose gold Argyle pink diamond earrings (TDW 0.13ct of pink diamonds), $12,455, Diamonds of Distinction, Buderim 5445 5709 84

84.indd 1


6/09/2021 12:05:20 PM

Watermelon Mini Capsule collection, Treasure Store, Mooloolaba, 0488 288 250

9ct yellow gold ring featuring 1.17ct Lightning Ridge black opal, POA, Opals Down Under, Palmview, 5494 5400

lacce-up sneaker in Carley lace-up Lilac, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755


Desigual Nantes short-sleeve flowing dress, Ginger Lilli, Maleny and Caloundra, 0402 392 836

LAYED NAUDIC ESCAPE POL BIANCO SHANTY CORP HUT CLOTHING AND MORE… Guru jumpsuit in Mittee block print and Laal shirt, Boom Shankar, Noosa Heads, 5474 2304

85.indd 1

Shop 5/5 Hastings Street Noosa Heads

6/09/2021 12:08:44 PM

Edwardian 18ct three-colour gold fancy diamond-set ring hallmarked 1904 Birmingham, $3650, Avenue J, Mooloolaba, 5444 4422

Tuli dress, Urban Tonik, Noosa Heads,

ZK Citizen jeans, Urban Tonik, Noosa Heads,

Desigual Florence blouse, Ginger Lilli, Maleny and Caloundra, 0402 392 836

Ramses men’s Birkenstock in Classic Stone, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755

Dress, Zephyr, Noosaville 1800 804 776

Diamante & pearl earrings in starfish design, POA, Treasure Store, Mooloolaba, 0488 288 250


Women’s & Men’s Fashion . Shoes . Jewellery Leather Goods . Art . Homewares . Gifts The Lane Open Markets Days 88 Memorial Drive, Eumundi . 5442 7340 Open 7 Days


86.indd 1


6/09/2021 12:09:23 PM

Paris pants in Bark and Shell top in Black, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340



Fresh hues and soft fabrics create an effortless style combination.

Australian Keshi pearl, diamond & gold ring, $1800, Pearls for Girls, Eumundi, 5442 8778

Ethically and sustainably grown Australian pure merino wool products, Coonong Station,

Silver metallic sneakers, Onyx Poppy, Buderim, 5477 0902

Tahitian Pearl and 18ct yellow gold ring, POA, To Hold & To Have, Buderim, 5477 0561

Lane silver Mesa Cognac bootie, Agave Blue, Eumundi, 0409 273 946


Shop 97A Memorial Drive, Eumundi Open Tuesday to Sunday 0409 273 946 |


87.indd 1


6/09/2021 12:11:47 PM

Dress, Zephyr, Noosaville, 1800 804 776

Jewelled tassel chandelier earrings, $69, Treasure Store, Mooloolaba, 0488 288 250

Olena dress, Boom Shankar, Noosa Heads, 5474 2304

‘Perfect’ leather toe thongs by Taos Aetrex, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755



C’mon get happy with these fun sun-loving pieces.

Naudic Mabel maxi dress, Urban Tonik, Noosa Heads,

Lulasoul Dallas tiered dress, Onyx Poppy, Sippy Downs, 5370 9222

Desigual women’s bag, Ginger Lilli, Maleny and Caloundra, 0402 392 836

9ct yellow gold U-shape stud earrings, $230, NY2K, Cotton Tree, 5443 1955 88

88.indd 1

Crocs Tulum toe-post sandal in Oyster, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755


6/09/2021 12:12:38 PM

89.indd 1

6/09/2021 12:13:27 PM

Old Gringo Mabell boots, Agave Blue, Eumundi, 0409 273 946

9ct yellow gold textured cone drop earrings, $1160, Diamonds of Distinction, Buderim, 5445 5709

Taxco silver necklace with Mayan head carved in jade, $2750, Antiques & Possibilities, Peregian Beach, 5372 8838

COLOUR ME Diamante & pearl earrings in golden circle design, $49, Treasure Store, Mooloolaba, 0488 288 250


Bright and bold accessories fuel your style needs. Tanzanite & diamond 18ct white gold earrings, POA, To Hold & To Have, Buderim, 5477 0561 Ebony Cognac bag, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340

Italian floral leather wooden-handle bag with detachable gold chain, Treasure Store, Mooloolaba, 0488 288 250

Diamante coloured leaf earrings, $69, Treasure Store, Mooloolaba, 0488 288 250

À VÃÊNÊ ÀV «i` V ÊNÊ/> ÃÊNÊ/iÛ>ÊNÊ/Ã }>ÊNÊ" Õ > ÊNÊ ÃivÊ-i Li Noosaville - 230 Gympie Tce 5447 1755 90

90.indd 1

M Mens Ladies

Caloundra - 82A Bulcock St 5492 7185 Shop Online -


6/09/2021 12:14:07 PM

9ct yellow gold, peridot & seed pearl pendant, $510, NY2K, Cotton Tree, 5443 1955

Italian leather handbags with removable pouches, available in a range of shapes, colours and textures, Treasure Store, Mooloolaba, 0488 288 250

Modeapelle Apple handbag, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340

18ct white gold Tahitian pearl & pink sapphire ring, $6950, Antiques & Possibilities, Peregian Beach, 5372 8838

Aetrex Rita thong in Blue Snake, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755

Thunderbird Turquoise Blaze boots, Agave Blue, Eumundi, 0409 273 946

Birkenstock Arizona in Camo print, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755

Open Tuesday – Saturday

ɝ̊˜˖͑͆˜ʔѪ̧ʔʥΩɹ͑ͰɳѪȵͰɘѪ̭ɝʔ͇͑ɹΩɲ˜ͨѪɳ͑͆˖ΡѪѪ ɲʥΛѪ̊ʔͨѪ˽ʥίΛѪɲȵω͹˜ˈ͑ΩɝѪ˖͑Ͱ˽Ѫ͍˜ʛ̊ͰˎѮѪ ɲΛʥʛѪͰ̲˷̦ʥˈͰѪ˖ʥѪЫЪѪ˽ɝ̊ΛˎѪʥͨɘ

Buderim Mall, 14/86 Burnett St, Buderim QLD 4556 Ph. 07 5445 2486 @kuddlykidsbuderim @kuddlykidsonbuderim

˷ϊ˷ѭͥ˜ɘ̭ʔϐʑɽ̭ˎѭ̧ʥʛѭ̊˜ KK-Salt_Winter21_190x85mm.indd 2

91.indd 1

17/8/21 6:47 pm SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU 91

6/09/2021 12:14:54 PM


connection From butterflies to bandanas, it’s time for some freelance style.

14ct yellow gold & diamond pendant featuring 7.22ct Queensland boulder opal, POA, Opals Down Under, Palmview, 5494 5400

‘Perfect’ leather toe thongs by Taos Aetrex, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755 Holi cropped shirt and Holi pant, Boom Shankar, Noosa Heads, 5474 2304

Vintag red & cream enamel Vintage butt butterfly brooch, $895, Aven J, Mooloolaba, Avenue 5444 4422

Ruby Yaya Basri collection Onyx Poppy, Sippy Downs, 5370 9222

Lane Robin bootie, Agave Blue, Eumundi, 0409 273 946 Aetrex Lexa cork wedges, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755 92

92.indd 1

Indigo tiered dress, Boom Shankar, Noosa Heads, 5474 2304


6/09/2021 12:15:33 PM

Earrings in silver and enamel from Daniel Vior in Barcelona, POA, The Opalcutter, Montville, 5442 9598

" # # # !

Take a deep breath, relax & reconnect $ ! # % !

Original design brown two-strap sundress, Treasure Store, Mooloolaba, 0488 288 250


Modapelle tan bag, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340 O P E N E V E R Y D AY TO E V E R YO N E

Desigual Sheila Mediterranean offshoulder gypsy blouse, Ginger Lilli, Maleny and Caloundra, 0402 392 836

Golf & Spa Resort - Links Drive, Noosa Heads Phone : 07 5440 3355


93.indd 1


6/09/2021 12:16:18 PM




Ease into spring with a range of products that nourish and revitalise.

Ena Rose Geranium & Lavender Body Oil, $44, 250ml. Available at Eumundi Emporium, 88 Memorial Drive, Eumundi. 5442 7340 or

Ena Pink ink Grapefruit Lip Balm, $14.95, 95, 12ml. Available ble at Eumundi ndi Emporium, um, 88 Memorial Drive, ve, Eumundi. 5442 7340 340 or m/ eumundiemporium um

Lust minerals Peptide cream, $52, 60ml. Available at Lust Minerals.

Al.ive body duo, $79 (500ml hand & body wash & 500ml hand & body lotion). Available at Bailey Loves, Shop 2, 171-183 Main Street, Montville. 0413 039 968 or Ultra Nourishment Day & Night Cream, $65, 90ml, Kakadu Plum & Green Tea Toning & Hydration Mist, $32, 100ml, Aloe Vera & White Willow Bark Facial Exfoliant, $55, 200ml. Available at Wendy Christina. 0421 762 173 or

Skin Muk Milky Way vanilla lip balm, $14.95. Available at Skin Muk,


94.indd 1


6/09/2021 12:16:56 PM

Eminence Firm Skin Starter Set, $109, featuring Firm Skin Acai Cleanser, 30ml, Firm Skin Acai Moisturizer, 15ml, Firm Skin Acai Masque, 15ml, Firm Skin Acai Booster-Serum, 15ml, and classic cosmetic bag. Available at Noosa Springs Spa, Links Drive, Noosa Heads. 5440 3333 or

For the silkiest, smoothest and shiniest hair use O Way’s Silk’N Glow range. Available at Eco Organic Hair and Body, 3/1 King Street, Maroochydore. 5451 1300 or

Skin Muk rose quartz Gua Sha facial massage tool, $24.95. Available at Skin Muk,

Lust Minerals Deodorant Stick, $16.99, 30g. Available at Lust Minerals.

Exotic8 Facial Oil – Regenerate & Repair, $59, 30ml. Available at Alexami, 4 Vickers Street, Battery Hill. 5438 1132 or

there’s a new fellow in town. Fellow Studios escaping the ordinary. We will push you. We will know you. We will love you. Boutique Yoga. Pilates based aesthetic training.

Intro month $70 unlimited. Book your class via the MINDBODY app.

Shop 8/311 David Low Way, Bli Bli Qld Mob. 0438 416 169 fellow.studios


95.indd 1


6/09/2021 12:23:17 PM


locals love

There are plenty of things to see, do and explore on the Sunshine Coast, so get out there and head along to our beloved attractions. GET INTO SOME ROAR-SOME AND INTERACTIVE FUN THESE HOLIDAYS A herd of dinosaurs will be arriving at NOOSA CIVIC as part of the shopping centre’s interactive roar-some school holiday family fun. Explore a prehistoric world full of moving dinosaurs captivating the young and the old. Budding palaeontologists can find the walking raptor dinosaur and spot dinosaur eggs that will be hidden in the windows of stores to receive a free fossil egg to take home. For those who love to get creative, there is a colouring competition with a dinosaur prize pack up for grabs. Pick up your copy in the centre or download from Noosa Civic’s website. The free fun runs from September 13 to October 19.


MOVIES, MEALS AND FUN FOR EVERYONE SUNSHINE PLAZA’S popular Supersaver Fun Pass is back. Whether it’s a well overdue date night with your partner, an action-packed day out for the whole family, or some affordable fun for you and your friends, the Supersaver Fun Pass is the guilt-free outing you’ve been meaning to put in your calendar. Choose from one of nine meals from your favourite restaurants, pair it with a movie ticket, a fun adventure, and free all-day parking so you can relax and take your time. Kids receive the same inclusions, plus a free kid’s gelato. The Supersaver Fun Pass is available only until December 13, so be quick. 96

96.indd 1

These school holidays there’s no better place to be than THE GINGER FACTORY. The iconic attraction offers plenty of fascinating tours, activities and fun rides for all to enjoy, a variety of unique retail shops and a cafe surrounded by beautiful sub-tropical gardens. Kids can escape in a world of wonder on the Overboard Boat Ride or create their own garden adventure with the help of the much-loved Gruffalo Trail. Learn about Yandina’s early settlers with a fun and educational ride around the property on the famous 120-year-old Ginger Train, Moreton. Take a tour through the factory and find out how Buderim Ginger has been creating the world’s finest ginger for more than 80 years. If the kids start getting hungry, it’s time to enjoy a delicious lunch at The Ginger Cafe or purchase a DIY Gingerbread Kit and watch their imagination run wild with gingerbread creativity.


6/09/2021 12:19:14 PM

ENTERTAINMENT FOR EVERYONE Enjoy entertainment every day of the week at the familyfocused TEWANTIN NOOSA RSL. Kids eat free every Wednesday night, with face painting and Nickleby the Magician alternating as entertainment each week. If you are looking to discover new soloists or bands, discover local artists at the club’s Live and Original nights every Saturday in the Diggers Bar. Cover bands play hits from all eras Friday and Saturday nights and laidback lounge music over Sunday lunch. If music isn’t your thing, try your luck in weekly bingo or member promotions, take some line dancing lessons, join the chess club, or sit back and relax while enjoying a drink from one of three bars. You can also order delicious food from the bistro or coffee shop.

EXPERIENCE GOLDEN HOUR FROM THE WATER Looking for a unique and fantastic way to experience Noosa at the most beautiful time of day? NOOSA FERRY’S daily sunset cruise is the perfect way to view this boutique coastal town’s golden hour from the water. Trips range from 1.25 hours to 2.5 hours so there is plenty of time to capture the most perfect sunset picture while sipping a glass of bubbles from the classic-style vessel’s open-air top deck. There are options to bring your own drinks or pre-purchase wine and beer along with a new nibbles box, creating a perfectly relaxed afternoon. For a great daytime option, take advantage of the ferry cruise, which cruises along the Noosa foreshore with stops dotted from Hastings Street (Sofitel Jetty) to the Noosa Marina. Private charters are also available for weddings, events and parties for a unique waterfront experience.

EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF EUMUNDI MARKETS For the ultimate shopping experience, the EUMUNDI MARKETS provide the opportunity to escape to the country, breathe in the fresh hinterland air and relax outdoors while browsing more than 600 stalls offering a beautiful range of original and eclectic products from the region. Stallholders love to share their knowledge and passion for what they do, whether arts and craft, herbal remedies or design inspiration. There are so many opportunities to indulge in culinary delights while watching and listening to local musicians, buskers and entertainers. There is truly something for everyone in the town of Eumundi, and you will always take something special home with you as well as in your heart.


BREAKFAST WITH A VIEW AT RELISH Relish at NOOSA SPRINGS is now offering an a la carte breakfast where diners can enjoy a leisurely breakfast on the terrace overlooking the golf course. Relish favourites include house-smoked salmon on grilled brioche, free-range eggs and bacon or smashed avocado and french toast with grilled bananas, Eumundi strawberries and maple syrup. Relish is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week and dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. Call 5440 3317 to book a table.

NOOSA MARINA has been a popular destination for more than 30 years. It is a favourite dining location for locals, with a variety of restaurants on offer from modern Australian and a la carte, to Italian or family favourite fish and chips. There is always something new to see with a variety of fashion shops and hairdressers, plus a day spa on offer. Noosa Marina is also a departure point for many river cruises or do it your own way with a barbecue pontoon or hire boat. Sundays are a fanfare of colour and entertainment with the regular markets and live music. Why not arrive relaxed by ferry, enjoy breakfast or lunch, or perhaps top the day off with an exquisite dinner with a view straight up the Noosa River. SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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6/09/2021 12:19:55 PM



^ WILD GOOD FUN AT WILDLIFE HQ WILDLIFE HQ is home to native and exotic animals from around the world, located next to the iconic Big Pineapple in Woombye. A Wildlife HQ favourite is the up-close animal encounter. Visitors can also enjoy an immersive dining experience with critically endangered cotton-top tamarins housed in an exhibit right next to you. The new cafe and undercover eating facilities serve fresh sandwiches, burgers, vegetarian options, fruit salads, barista-made coffee and slushies, plus daily specials across a breakfast and lunch menu. Wildlife HQ is open every day, except Christmas.

Forge your love in the most symbolic way as you craft your own wedding or commitment rings at Sunshine Coast jewellery school THE JEWELLERY COLLECTIVE. At the popular Forged in Love Wedding Ring Workshop, couples will create a unique wedding ring design using a range of traditional jewellery techniques. Under the expert guidance of a professional jeweller, you will learn to measure, cut, shape and finish the wedding rings to perfection using new gold, or recycling the gold sitting in the bottom of your jewellery box. All workshops include a gourmet lunch platter and a bottle of bubbles to celebrate.

ALL SEWN UP > < SPECIALITY ROAST MEETS INDUSTRIAL STYLE FLYING WEST COFFEE ROASTERS is an open-plan, industrial-style cafe and specialty coffee roastery located at Doonan, in the Noosa hinterland. Flying West offers a range of wholesome food, from cooked breakfast and lunch to delicious cakes and slices. Enjoy the variety of coffee offerings, including single-origin and coffee blends, as well as organic teas and yummy smoothies. You can also find Flying West’s delicious coffee at Noosa Farmers Market, Yandina Country Markets and Eumundi Markets.

THE PATCHWORK ANGEL has all your patchwork, sewing and stitchery needs to keep your hands busy. Based at Forest Glen, The Patchwork Angel has a range of patchwork and quilting patterns, fabric and notions to suit any sewing enthusiast, as well as regular workshops and classes. Patchwork is no longer just quilts, but now incorporates lovely cotton fabric for clothing, bags, softies and more. The Patchwork Angel staff are always ready to help with colour choices and design suggestions and love to visit local groups and share their passion for patchwork, quilting, sewing and stitchery.

< BRING YOUR ART TO LIFE SUNSHINE COAST ART AND FRAMING GALLERY in Minyama is your expert for picture framing, vintage art preservation, canvas stretching, custom mirrors, wall art and decor, giftware and sports memorabilia framing. Sometimes change is as good as a holiday and adding a beautifully framed piece of art to bare walls can make a space come alive or create a peaceful place. Sunshine Coast Art and Framing Gallery staff have many years of experience working with art and imagery of all kinds and are well versed in how to pair different styles of art with different styles of frames, as well as matching all these together with the decor in your home. Visitors can also enjoy the onsite Art Gallery Cafe ideal for business meetings, catch-up lunches with friends, coffee or a game of mahjong. 98

98.indd 1

^ IMMERSE IN CULTURE, LIVE MUSIC AND MARITIME HISTORY Join SALTWATER ECO TOURS on board a beautifully restored 113-year-old timber sailing vessel, Spray of the Coral Coast, cruising through the peaceful waters of Mooloolaba. Immerse yourself in an authentic cultural experience led by a traditional custodian. Taste delicious bush tucker foods, fresh seafood and try a native-infused cocktail. Soak up the last few hours of sunset while you sip on local beer and listen to live music or book the vessel out for your special event.


6/09/2021 12:20:32 PM



MALENY CHEESE produces award-winning, lovingly handcrafted cheese and yoghurt, and offers visitors an authentic paddock-to-plate experience from its licensed cafe and shop. Enjoy quality food, a range of regional treats and condiments and other local curated delights as part of the seasonally inspired menu or pick up something delicious to take home. The cafe overlooks the working dairy factory that uses pure, locally sourced whole milk from the Maleny Cheese farm and several other dairy farms, in turn supporting the region’s many local farmers. Maleny Cheese shop is open daily from 10am to 3pm with the cafe open Wednesday to Sunday.

If you are a tea lover, you can’t go past TIELKA, Australia’s most awarded organic tea brand. One sip of Tielka and you will be whisked away to your own moment of pure indulgence. Tielka is a champion of all things sustainable and ethical, with fine ingredients sourced from Australia and around the world. In the blends, you’ll see Queensland-grown lemon myrtle, Tasmanian pepperberries and lavender grown in Victoria. Delightfully packaged, even Tielka’s tea bags are crafted from luxurious, plant-based fabric. Use the code ‘springsalt’ at online checkout for free delivery until December 31.

< PASTA LA VISTA BABY ARTISAN PASTA produces award-winning dried pastas here on the Sunshine Coast. Pasta products include traditional Italian styles, gourmet flavoured varieties and a gluten-free range that is suitable for coeliacs. Artisan Pasta products are made using a traditional process and are extruded through bronze dies then dried slowly for up to 48 hours. All Artisan Pasta products contain natural ingredients and are vegan friendly, egg, dairy, yeast, soy, GMO and nut free. Find Artisan Pasta in your local deli or IGA.

< REDISCOVER FAIRHILL NATIVE BOTANIC GARDENS & NURSERY Under new ownership, FAIRHILL BOTANIC GARDENS & NURSERY invites you on its mission to restore Queensland’s original botanic gardens. Fairhill is 21 acres of gardens and nursery in a magical setting in Ninderry, 20 minutes south of Noosa. It offers the most diverse selection of natives that flourish in south-east Queensland, attracting wildlife like the brown honeyeater (pictured). Cafe Botanist and Baker serves fresh Padre coffee and Ten Acres pastries and sausage rolls from Wednesday to Sunday, 8am to 4pm. Enjoy a coffee and stroll through the gardens under the spring sun.


We have a variety of cruises available to suit every occassion: » '!(33& <ø'; 8<-9' 32 !;<8&!@9 !; ¤61 » <29'; 8<-9' 32 8-&!@9 !; ¤61 » <2$, 8<-9'9 32 8-&!@ !2& !;<8&!@9 !; 61 » -+, '! 32 ;,' )89; !;<8&!@ 3( ;,' 132;, !; !1 PRIVATE CHARTERS AVAILABLE: 8-=!;' (<2$ধ329 d ,8-9;1!9 6!8ধ'9 d -8;,&!@9 d '29 { <$09 *Numbers subject to COVID-19 compliance.

Come and enjoy the scenic Mooloolaba river and canals with us! Bookings: 0428 576 474 | SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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6/09/2021 12:21:09 PM




Sketch Nysse occasional chair in milk boucle/light oak by GlobeWest, $1595. Available at Blink Living, 3/100 Rene Street, Noosaville. 5455 5015 or

Muted tones, classic lines, natural fibres and pops of colour are all you need for a spring home makeover.

Indigo Love Ariel mug, $19. Available at Bohemian Sundays, 12/224 David Low Way, Peregian Beach. 5373 8063 or

Samode Azure cushion, $169 each. Available at The Elephant Room, 9 The Hub, 45 Burnett Street, Buderim. 5309 6795 or

Pottery for the Planet Gretel teapot, $89. Available at Pottery for the Planet, 22 Action Street, Noosaville. 5449 9345 or

Wall-mounted and table-top copper yachts handcrafted in Noosa. Available at Hearts and Minds Art, 1 Hastings Street, Noosa Heads. 0418 108 299 or heartsandminds Cut glass and crystal never go out of style. Find a good range at The Shed, 3-5 Main Street, Palmwoods. 5479 6603 or 100

100.indd 1


6/09/2021 12:24:07 PM

PHOTO: Salt Sol Designs

Framed print, $689. Available at Bailey Loves, Shop 2, 171-183 Main Street, Montville. 0413 039 968 or

Noosa bed, from $899, and Minim white mirror, from $189. Available at James Lane, Maroochydore Homemaker Centre, 11-55 Maroochy Boulevard, Maroochydore. 5293 7116 or

Bone inlay tray, $105. Available at Emporium Eumundi, 88 Memorial Drive, Eumundi. 5442 7340 or

We love the handmade, bespoke pieces from Things of Metal and Wood, 9/13 Newspaper Place, Maroochydore, 0407 011 772 or

Empire-style mahogany drum table with red leather top, $1450. Available at Antiques & Possibilities 5 & 6, 6 Grebe Street, Peregian Beach. 5372 8838 or


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6/09/2021 12:25:21 PM

We work for our clients, the investors and home buyers, in helping find the very best property, in the right location and time the market for the best advantage.

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6/09/2021 12:25:48 PM

103.indd 1

6/09/2021 12:26:08 PM




ȆSYVǻVWȳLSQI GS ` ȉȮ ȍȏȍȦ Ȧȉȁȉ

104.indd 1

6/09/2021 12:26:26 PM

;) ƉFb jƉ¤j ~Ɖj bƉzX )Ɖ jjb)~úƉ j`)Ɖ8Fb%Ɖj ƉBj

105.indd 1

6/09/2021 12:26:44 PM



106.indd 1


6/09/2021 12:27:35 PM

FOLLOWING YOUR HEART while keeping your head is no mean feat, but Julie Holland and Greg Peeler have done a spectacular job of doing just that. This couple, the founders and owners of the aptly named Hearts and Minds Art in Noosa Heads, is living proof that not only is it possible to do what you love, but you can actually turn it into a very successful business. Hearts and Minds Art is celebrating its 10th birthday this year and going strong – a particularly impressive achievement in a climate of uncertainty. Julie, herself an artist, photographer and author, is also celebrating the publication of her first novel, That Summer in Nautilus Cove, a work of contemporary women’s fiction. The Hastings Street destination is a gallery and retail store that features the works of artists, ceramicists, artisans and jewellers with a strong focus on locally made work that is not available anywhere else. The gallery also stocks a large range of

inspirational books and stationery, as well as unique gifts and homewares. “We’re pretty proud of it actually,” says Julie. “We set it up ourselves, and it’s grown; it’s nice. “Our name, Hearts and Minds Art, came about because we wanted a business that reflected quality and thought, as well as being conducted from the heart. It’s about doing what your heart wants, against all odds. You always come up against doubters and people that say ‘you can’t do it, won’t do it’. But you’ve just got to be true to yourself and true to where you want to head.” This philosophy is also reflected in the couple’s personal lives. Their love story began as childhood sweethearts in their home town of Melbourne, but they broke up at the end of high school to pursue separate lives – a choice that Greg insists was not his, but Julie’s. “When we got our results in year 12, Julie got straight As

Emily Portmann, ‘Aftercare, Action One’ (2021) (detail). Image courtesy of the artist.

Hiromi Tango, Healing Garden. Image courtesy of Art Dubai and Photo Solutions.


HIROMI TANGO: HEALING GARDEN 15 October to 5 December 2021

This dynamic visual arts award reflects outstanding contemporary 2D arts practice in Australia. The exhibition presents the diverse range of 40 finalist works by artists from across the country.

This vibrant exhibition explores the many ways in which nature sustains our wellbeing. International artist Hiromi Tango will work with the local community to create an evolving paper and textile garden in the gallery.

22 Omrah Ave, Caloundra | | 07 5420 8299 | FREE ENTRY

@caloundraregionalgallery SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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7/09/2021 9:09:32 AM

we wanted a business that reflected quality and thought, as well as being conducted from the heart.

and I went nowhere near straight As – I was too busy playing cricket,” says Greg. “It took 20-something years for her to work it out.” After marrying other people and both having children, Julie and Greg eventually reunited, and enjoyed holidaying at Noosa, which would eventually become their home. “I just looked at Julie one time when we were on the Noosa River, and I was having a lobster mornay as a thunderstorm came along at lunch time and I said, ‘I could live here’, and 108

108.indd 1


6/09/2021 12:29:00 PM

Julie said, ‘so could I’, and I said, ‘okay, we will’. So we moved up when the kids finished school. And here we are.” It’s a decision they have never regretted. Leaving corporate careers in Melbourne 12 years ago, they have never looked back. Over the last decade, their business has grown into a thriving hub for local artists and artisans to showcase their work, and has built a strong following of international and interstate customers. Adapting to change is one of their key drivers for success, according to Julie. “We’d never say there aren’t struggles, particularly now, but you’ve just got to adapt,” she says. “I think that’s what we’ve done over the years; we’ve been really aware of what’s happening around us and overseas, and of course Hastings Street is such a big international market, and we’ve lost that, so you’ve really got to think.” Encouraging the local market is something both Greg and Julie feel strongly about, and which they continue to pursue, particularly now. “It is increasingly essential that people support their local small businesses,” says Julie. “Not just restaurants, but the other small businesses as well, whether it’s a florist, gallery or carpenter. The large chains can offset against their other stores, whereas purchasing even just a card makes a difference to a small business.” One of Hearts and Minds Art’s key points of difference is its suppliers – the artists themselves, whose work inhabits the space. The other is the exclusivity of the works on offer. “We have always had a local focus on Australian product and locally made product, so whereas a lot of other small retailers have maybe struggled with supply, we certainly have found out that it’s been to our advantage,” says Julie. “We work hard at that – it’s a little bit tricky, but we don’t want you to be able to walk down the other end of Hastings Street and find the same thing. We love our long-term artists.” As well as the long-term artists, Julie and Greg always welcome new works into their fold, such as the etchings of Brisbane-based Kate Piekutowski, who also produces stunning one-of-a-kind aluminium earrings. One of the most popular ranges in the store remains the books and stationery featuring inspirational quotes and verse,

a topic that is close to Julie’s heart. Her own work, A Nest Twice Built, is a collection of inspirational verse she also personalises into framed artworks. “We really want people to walk in and first of all have a nice experience,” says Julie. “And to see something different – so many people come and say, ‘thank heavens, something different’. We do our research; whenever we go anywhere, we do check what is around and if we see something that is everywhere else, then we won’t stock it.” Both Julie and Greg work hands-on in the business, but they make sure they have some time off together, as well as indulging in their own individual passions. “We live together and work together and that’s a big call,” says Julie. “I’ve got my writing, and Greg’s got his golf. He can go and whack a ball if he’s frustrated with me. And I’ll write him into my next book, and call him something different.” While the future may be uncertain, Julie and Greg have every intention of continuing to build the business that they have put so much of their hearts – and minds – into. “We aim to continue adapting, but also to stay true to customer service,” says Julie. “We just love our little shop in Hastings Street.”

Over 45 artists on permanent display with a different featured artist each month...

September: Dave Groom

October: ‘The Jacaranda’

November: Keith Betts

MONTVILLE ART GALLERY Open 7 days at 138 Main Street, Montville QLD 4560


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6/09/2021 12:30:20 PM

ARTIST FINN COSSAR likes to think big. But it’s not just his ideas that are large – his industrial-style, gravitydefying sculptures, crafted from stone, rock and metal, are upscale in both size and impact. Two of his works – Megalo (which means ‘big’ in Greek) and Crucial Weight – gained critical acclaim in the Sunshine Coast’s prestigious Sculpture on the Edge art exhibition last year, attracting Highly Commended awards. This recognition has validated Finn’s pursuit of the art form he has a passion for. “I’ve always wanted to do sculptures on a large scale, ever since I was 16,” says Finn. “I’ve always wanted to do huge sculptures. I want people to look at my work and think ‘how did he do this? How did he physically do it?’ I want it to astonish.” At just 22 Finn seems well on his way to achieving that goal. He is currently working on two sculptures for this year’s Sculpture on the Edge, and a collaborative piece for the Sunshine Coast Council, planned to be a permanent outdoor sculpture at Nambour. Finn’s works are based on the tensegrity principle – tensional integrity, or floating compression – a structural principle of isolated components in a state of continuous tension. In Finn’s words, the elements of the sculpture are “pulling on each other and pushing on each other, and it makes it look like they’re floating. Without the tension in the sculpture, the whole thing would fall apart”. Starting with a single idea, Finn’s sculptures evolve into their final forms after a research and development period, while he sources materials and experiments with different combinations and techniques. One of his works that sparked the creation of the larger-scale sculptures was a fire pit he made for his mother, based on the tensegrity principle. “As I was building it, I thought, I could just scale this up, because I’ve always wanted to do big stuff,” says Finn. “I sourced the materials for about a month, and then I bought myself a welder, then just taught myself how to weld and started to make the big sculptures. “Ever since I got that recognition from Sculpture on the Edge, I thought this is something that I really want to jump into wholeheartedly.” His favoured mediums are rock, “really thick metal” and some copper, which give the works an industrial look and feel. SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

111.indd 1


6/09/2021 12:31:01 PM

PHOTO: Sculpture on the Edge

I want people to look at my work and think ‘how did he do this? How did he physically do it?’ I want it to astonish. “I don’t like working with a flimsy material,” he says. “I only work with materials that will last upwards of 100 years. “A lot of the materials that I source are recycled; they’re off old farms, or they’re bits that I’ve purchased from people – old wagon wheels and that sort of stuff. Then I’ve got a friend who allows me to go to his place and get rocks from his creek.” Describing his style as industrially inspired with an environmental factor behind it, Finn says it’s all about striking a balance between the natural world and the industrialised world. Mixing the elements of machinery and nature, Finn’s works are balance-focused, underpinned by the tensegrity structure, which requires all of the sculpture’s components to be in perfect balance with each other to work. The use of recycled and found materials also emphasises this theme. “I always make the meanings of [my sculptures] about balance within the eco-system,” he says. “I’ve always thought my one goal of the work is to inspire people. If I can inspire them to think environmentally about balance within the earth and that kind of stuff, I’m doing something good.” 112

112.indd 1

Always having been drawn to art but not thinking it would be practical as a career, Finn studied Screen and Media after school before landing his current job as a camera-operator filming live events, an occupation he describes as “awesome” and one that allows him to practise his art as well. He credits his creative family for supporting his work as an artist, as well as acknowledging his high school art teacher at St John’s College Nambour, Olive Thompson, for recognising that his work was sometimes outside the artistic box. “She was just awesome,” says Finn. “She bent the curriculum so it applied, so I could create whatever I wanted in the art classes and I wouldn’t get marked down for doing my own crazy cool stuff.” Undoubtedly, Ms Thompson would be very proud of her former student, who is not only a young artist to watch, but is also one who is planning to make a lasting mark as a sculptor. Finn says while his larger-scale works are always in the making, he has also been creating smaller versions of his work that will support the same theme of balance.


6/09/2021 12:31:42 PM

“It’s the same medium – stone and rock and balancing and all that sort of stuff – but it’s almost like a Willy Wonka of different crazy things but all tying in together,” he says. This growing collection of works is perfectly suited to what he hopes will be the next phase of his career and a long-held dream as an artist – a solo exhibition. “The goal I’ve set for within the next couple of years is to have my own exhibition,” he says. “That is a life goal; a bucket list item. I’ve got lots of sculptures underway and I’d love to have an exhibition. I just think people coming to see my work on a night would be crazy. “The main reason I love to create sculptures is that out of all the professions or all the people in the world that are usually remembered, or whose work is remembered, it is more the physical kind that will last, and what the message was behind those physical works. I think that’s why I do it mostly – I want my name to be remembered as someone who inspired other generations to do better and to be creative. “I think that’s why I work with such hardy materials – I want my sculptures to live way longer than I do. If that could happen, that would be cool.”

See Finn’s work at Sculpture on the Edge, the Sunshine Coast’s premier outdoor sculpture event that showcases the work of dozens of sculptors in 18 beautiful acres of landscaped gardens at Maleny’s Spicers Tamarind Retreat. The exhibition opens on October 22 and runs until November 7, from 9am to 4pm daily. A twilight viewing awards event will be held on Friday, October 22 to open the event.


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7 EVENING BOUQUET BY DE GILLETT COX, Montville Art Gallery. Image courtesy of the artist


Take a moment to peruse some of the finest works from some of the best galleries on the Coast.

ONGOING 1. ART NUVO Art Nuvo showcases a diverse range of mediums and subject matter in a wide range of genres. The gallery has recently welcomed works from artist Chalie MacRae, an abstract artist based in Yarraville, Victoria. when ongoing where Art Nuvo, 25 Gloucester Road, Buderim. 5456 2445 or

RTO 0275 114

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7/09/2021 9:07:33 AM



2. SPRING EXHIBITION Hearts and Minds Art continues to showcase a stunning range of works by artists including Erin Hughes, Pepi Wren, Maree Welman, Sara Paxton, Kirsty McIntyre, Kate Piekutowski, Phillip Rolton, Leigh Karen Joyce, Jeanette Smith, James McKay and Jade Thompson. when ongoing where Hearts and Minds Art, 1 Hastings Street, Noosa Heads. 0418 108 299 or 3. TINA COOPER ART & GLASS Montville glass artist Tina Cooper is an internationally recognised glass blower and artist whose work is in collections all around the world. She runs a small, private studio in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. when ongoing where Tina Cooper Art & Glass, 0417 194 329 or

4. SEPTEMBER EXHIBITION Few south-east Queensland artists live and work in the landscape they portray as Montville Art Gallery’s featured artist for September Dave Groom does. All works are on the website and on display seven days a week. when now to September 30 where Montville Art Gallery, 138 Main Street, Montville. 5442 9211 or 5. SUNSHINE COAST ART PRIZE 2021 This dynamic visual arts award reflects outstanding contemporary 2D arts practice in Australia. The exhibition presents the diverse range of 40 finalist works by established and emerging artists from across the country. when now to October 10 where Caloundra Regional Gallery, 22 Omrah Avenue, Caloundra. 5420 8299 or 6. SPACES IN WHICH THE SOUL CAN PLAY This is a retrospective exhibition of internationally recognised, award-winning Australian architect Gabriel Poole, who is known for innovative, lightweight designs that are site and climate responsive. when now to October 31 where Noosa Regional Gallery, 9 Pelican Street, Tewantin. 5329 6145 or


Amy Clarke

Veronica Cay | 5/43 Access Cr, Coolum Beach, QLD, 4573 | (07) 5471 7366 Instagram: @coolartgallery | @cagalleryau Facebook: @coolartpictureframinggallery


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6/09/2021 12:33:21 PM

Sunshine Coast’s premier outdoor sculpture exhibition Discover over 40 sculptures set among the natural landscape of the beautiful Spicers Tamarind Retreat. Free Entry | OPEN DAILY 9AM - 4PM Spicers Tamarind Retreat 88 Obi Lane South, Maleny



Proudly presented by Arts Connect Inc. Hosted by Spicers Tamarind Retreat and supported by our generous sponsors.


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7. OCTOBER EXHIBITION Montville Art Gallery salutes a Queensland icon, the jacaranda! The gallery’s artists are all taking part in an exhibition of this wonderful tree, so there will be a mixture of styles and techniques, all including the jacaranda in all its glory. when October 1 to 31 where Montville Art Gallery, 138 Main Street, Montville. 5442 9211 or

This vibrant exhibition explores the many ways that nature sustains our wellbeing. International artist Hiromi Tango will work with the local community to create an evolving paper and textile garden in the gallery. when October 15 to December 5 where Caloundra Regional Gallery, 22 Omrah Avenue, Caloundra. 5420 8299 or

8. SEA U Sunshine Coast photographer Keith Hamlyn examines the unique relationship people have with the sea. The exhibition presents a visual narrative of private moments in the transformative space of the ocean. when October 15 to December 5 where Caloundra Regional Gallery, 22 Omrah Avenue, Caloundra. 5420 8299 or

10. SCULPTURE ON THE EDGE Sculpture on the Edge is an outdoor sculpture prize held every year at Spicers Tamarind Retreat, which attracts renowned artists from across the region. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the picturesque 18-acre property that provides a unique setting for site-specific works and installations. The event starts with a twilight viewing opening and awards event that will be



6/09/2021 12:33:58 PM

Tina Cooper

Art & Glass


Exclusive Gallery Nestled in Montville Hinterland

Glass Artist Tina Cooper

Ph. 0417 194 329 | BY APPOINTMENT


CAFÈ | GALLERY | WALL ART RENTALS COLOUR LIKE A DISCO THANG BY FRANKY HOWELL, Caloundra Regional Gallery. Image courtesy of the artist

held on Friday, October 22 from 4pm. Enjoy drinks and an Asian-inspired travelling feast while you mingle with the artists. A visit to the exhibition is a great day out with more than 40 sculptures to discover as you wander through the beautiful 18 acres of landscaped gardens. when October 22 to November 7 where Spicers Tamarind Retreat, 88 Obi Lane South, Maleny.

YOUR LOCAL SPECIALISTS FOR CUSTOM FRAMING, PRINTING & DESIGN. Mention this ad for 10% discount on custom framing

3 Longwood St, Minyama (Next to Pillowtalk, Nicklin Way)

Tel: 5444 0009 | SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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NOVEMBER 11. NOVEMBER EXHIBITION New South Wales artist Keith Betts is Montville Art Gallery’s featured artist for November. Working in oils, Keith’s works mainly feature iconic scenes from national parks in his beloved Blue Mountains. All works are shown on the website along with a display in the gallery. when November 1 to 30 where Montville Art Gallery, 138 Main Street, Montville. 5442 9211 or 12. THE LYN MCCREA MEMORIAL DRAWING PRIZE A national award held annually, the Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize is open to all practising Australian contemporary artists in the promotion of excellence in contemporary Australian drawing. when November 5 to December 5 where Noosa Regional Gallery, 9 Pelican Street, Tewantin. 5329 6145 or

DECEMBER 13. ASIA PACIFIC CONTEMPORARY: THREE DECADES OF THE APT, QAGOMA TOURING EXHIBITION This exhibition celebrates the 10th edition of the Asia Pacific Triennial of 118

118.indd 1

12 FLINDERS STREET CROSSING IV BY LYN RAYMER (finalist of Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize 2020), Noosa Regional Gallery. Photo: Lorena Carrington.

Contemporary Art (APT) with a selection of work by artists featured in the triennial over almost three decades. Since its inception, the APT has been a preeminent platform for the art of Asia, Australia and the Pacific, surveying a vast and dynamic region through a series of exhibitions, forums and cultural exchanges. Artworks have been acquired from each APT by Queensland Art

Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art. Drawing on this collection, Asia Pacific Contemporary presents a panorama of the practices that have made APT so central to understandings of contemporary art in the region. when December 10 to February 27, 2022 where Noosa Regional Gallery, 9 Pelican Street, Tewantin. 5329 6145 or


6/09/2021 12:35:46 PM


Explore the region’s many galleries, artists’ studios and antique stores from Noosa down to Caloundra.

Buderim Art Nuvo, 25 Gloucester Road, 5456 2445 Garner-Morris Gallery, 201 Ballinger Road, 5478 2418 Koningen Art, 0490 778 462 Tiffany Jones, 0407 452 024 Caloundra Caloundra Regional Gallery, 22 Omrah Avenue, 5420 8299 Coolum Beach Cool Art Picture Framing & Gallery, 5/43 Access Crescent, Coolum Beach. 5471 7366 Cooroy Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre, 11A Maple Street, 5442 6665 Doonan Art by Brooks, 0417 071 336 Eumundi Artisans Gallery, 43 Caplick Way, 0409 848 098 David Suters Timber Craftsman, 43 Caplick Way, 0413 509 482 Red Desert Gallery, 43 Caplick Way, 0414 504 360 Glenview Opals Down Under, 11 Ballantyne Court, 5494 5400 Solitude Art, 163 Glenview Road, 0413 013 882 Maleny David Linton Gallery, 14 Maple Street, 5429 6831 Maleny Art Direct, 21 Maple Street, 0413 885 220

Peace Of Green Gallery, 38 Maple Street, 5499 9311

Hearts and Minds Art, 1 Hastings Street, 0407 840 745

Mapleton Art Antique Antlers, 3/1 Post Office Road, 0414 782 079

Isabella’s Fine & Antique Jewellery, 2/41-47 Hastings

Moffat Beach Seaview Artists Gallery, 4 Seaview Terrace, 5491 4788 Montville Montville Art Gallery, 138 Main Street, 5442 9211 The Opalcutter, 4/171-183 Main Street, 5442 9598 Montville Antiques, 162 Main Street, 5442 9400 Illume Creations Gallery, 4/127-133 Main Street, 5478 5440 Ben Messina Landscapes Gallery, 178 Main Street, 5478 5164 Sally Hayes Art Studio, 6/133 Main Street, 0439 726 836 Tina Cooper Art & Glass, 0417 194 329 Mooloolaba Avenue J, 14/47-51 Mooloolaba Esplanade, 5444 4422

Street, 5449 2626 Jive Art + Design, 3/2 Hastings Street, 5455 3308 Poeta Herford On Hastings, 5/62 Hastings Street, 5455 4899 Noosaville Noosa Arts & Crafts, 1 Wallace Drive, 5474 1211 Art Vision, 4/47 Gateway Drive, 0400 490 720 Palmwoods The Shed, 3-5 Main Street, 5479 6603 Peregian Beach The Gallery Peregian Beach, 12 Grebe Street, 5448 2314 Pomona Pomona Railway Station Gallery, 10 Station Street, 5485 2950 Sippy Downs University of the Sunshine Coast Art Gallery, 90 Sippy Downs Drive, 5459 4645

Bluechip Investment Art Galleries, 23/13 Mooloolaba Esplanade, 5452 5600

Tewantin Noosa Regional Gallery, 9 Pelican Street, 5329 6145

Gallery Beneath, 81 Mooloolaba Esplanade, 5444 7775

Tinbeerwah Phillips Gallery, 0406 198 300

Noosa Heads Enigmatic Drawings, 75 Hastings Street, 0490 395 346

Yandina Yandina Historic House, 3 Pioneer Road, 5472 7181

Art Tours Noosa, 0424 456 877


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SF state forest

major road

NP national park

minor road

golf courses



ON THE COVER: Noosa Heads

Map Disclaimer: This map was not created to any scale, and no claim is made to its accuracy. Most natural features are eliminated, as are changes in elevation. This map does provide a starting point for finding your way around. Map depicted is subject to change.


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e lift HIFU Fac

0 was $150 NOW


Non-Surgical Lifts & Tightens Safe & Effective Lasting Results Fast & Affordable Suitable for Men & Women

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Articles from Salt spring 2021