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L a n d S a l e s C e n t r e : 17 H i d d e n P l a c e, S u n s h i n e C o ve, M a r o o c hyd o r e R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y : 21 F l i n d e r s L a n e, S u n s h i n e C o ve, M a r o o c hyd o r e

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a beautiful place to live Certainly beauty is in the eye of the beholder. To some it is lush, natural landscapes, whilst others prefer views of shimmering water. For many however, the beautiful part about the Sunshine Cove lifestyle is that you are right in the heart of Maroochydore. Within easy walking distance of Sunshine Plaza, Ocean Street and the facilities a CBD brings. What beauty will you find here?

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TRACY NAUGHTON COVER PHOTOGRAPHER I’m a local photographer and artist who specialises in minimalist coastal prints, surf photography and art. I love capturing our Coast in all its spectacular spheres with a little bit of soul thrown in. You can find my work at LetMeSea Instagram and Facebook or through my online shop at ON THE COVER This particular image was during the recent butterfly bloom on the Coast. I usually try and capture them when they are about but this year was next level – I had never seen anything like it before. It literally made me cry from the sheer beauty of them being here. I think people on the Coast, especially during these times, hold the butterfly as a symbol of a particular time and meaning for them.

I really wanted to avoid the dreaded ‘c’ word in my column this issue, but really, how can I? As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the world is in turmoil and here at home, plenty of our friends and neighbours, family and colleagues are doing it tough. Even those who’ve been relatively untouched by the pandemic – they’ve kept their jobs and businesses or even seen new opportunities emerge – bear witness to the changes the pandemic has caused in our daily lives. The world has changed and, for good or ill, life might never be the same when it’s all over. But for those of us who love the Sunshine Coast, one thing remains – we live in an awesome region. And here at salt we think that is worth celebrating. If there is one thing that the year 2020 has taught us, it’s to count our blessings. As such, the dynamic duo that is Lahnee and Pablo Pavlovich went holidaying at home (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it) for our spring issue, and they are encouraging you to do the same. We live in a region that has a reputation as a great holiday destination, but too many of us get stuck in our little corners of the Coast, never venturing too far or exploring too wide. We want you to change that – so go and hang out at a park

or beach you don’t normally frequent. Visit that cafe you’ve never been to. Pick a spot on the map and go for a drive to see what gems you can uncover. Lahnee and Pablo help get you started, over on page 18. Off on an adventure of a different kind, Leigh Robshaw met three extraordinary Sunshine Coast women for our other feature story this issue. This trio is doing business differently and leading the soulpreneur movement. What’s a soulpreneur? Find out on page 6. Also this issue, we meet enthusiastic beekeeper Katie Livock and her bees (page 32), the gorgeous and talented couple Tony and Dawn Lewis (page 110) and the Withymans – a local family who’s downsizing and simplifying their lives. Read all about their upcoming adventure on page 40. If you’re going to have a tipple, we’re encouraging you to support the smaller wineries (page 62), while Leigh tells us all about her Noosa Springs pampering session (page 94). We also have plenty of food (from page 50), fashion (from page 74) and fun (page 98). Until next time, JEMMA PEARSON EDITOR stay safe.



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I would head to Noosa and stay in a resort, wander the shops, walk the National Park, eat at the restaurants, go to the spa at Noosa Springs and enjoy a sundowner by the beach! Also, if I didn’t live in Mooloolaba, I would holiday there with my family and stay right on the beach.

A week by the ocean at Peregian Beach is pretty hard to beat. The week would involve plenty of books, long beach walks, and the odd stroll to the local shops. Heaven!



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Spring, inspired. From furniture and homewares to lighting and artwork, create the look you love for your home. 250 brands. Endless inspiration.

Image supplied by Domayne

Furniture. Bedding. Electrical. Lighting. Homewares. Over 900 undercover car spaces. Open 7 days. 11-55 Maroochy Boulevard, Maroochydore Qld 4558  

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FEATURES 6 HEART AND SOUL The rise of the Sunshine Coast’s soulpreneurs

18 HOLIDAY AT HOME Experience a staycation in our beautiful region




32 PROFILE Katie Livock

36 ROLE MODEL Jules Laidlaw

40 PURSUIT OF PASSION The Withyman family


106 ARTIST Sara Paxton



Tony and Dawn Lewis

TASTES 50 NOSH NEWS Food news and ideas

100 ON THE INSIDE A modern marvel

104 HOMEWARES Luxe living

54 TABLE TALK Orleans Restaurant and Bar



Ours. Café & Goods



Sophie Walkom & Charlie Murray

Look after the little guys


70 ONE OF A KIND Diamonds of Distinction


72 I DO Wedding day treats


Your spring wardrobe sorted

Things to do and see




Noosa Springs Spa


Turn the page

97 BEAUTY A fresh start 4

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LOCAL WOULD KNOW Hidden gems to discover

46 OUR BACKYARD Inspiring snaps of our region

98 ATTRACTIONS Touristy treats that locals love

114 ART DATES Galleries you must visit



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Tamsyn Neill, Karla Pizzica, Rosie Chehade


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Karla Pizzica


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IF THERE WAS ever a year where we’ve stopped to reconsider our values and purpose in life, it’s 2020. During isolation, many of us had time to re-examine our lifestyles and resolved to live healthier, less stressed, more mindful lives. Through job loss or career insecurity, some of us have been forced to seek entirely new career paths. It has been a tough year, but it has also presented an opportunity to reinvent ourselves. Stepping up to provide guidance during these turbulent times is a growing movement of soulpreneurs. They are entrepreneurs with soul, who see their work not just as a way to earn an income, but also as an expression of their higher selves. They are people who have found their soul purpose and are working to help others find theirs. Many credit the late Sunshine Coast author and coach Yvette Luciano for coining the term ‘soulpreneur’ and instigating a movement that is now flourishing here on the Coast and beyond. Based at Yaroomba, she was the founder of holistic business school Soulpreneurs and the author of the 2018 book Soulpreneurs: Live Your Purpose, Lift Your Platform and Leap into Prosperity. Sadly, she died of breast cancer in February this year. However, her legacy lives on. Maleny brand and marketing mentor Karla Pizzica says Yvette helped change her life and placed her firmly on the soulpreneur path. In 2016, she was suffering postnatal depression and anxiety, feeling unfulfilled in her work and lacking inspiration. Her sister suggested she attend Yvette’s Soulpreneur Sessions and she never looked back. A performer who sang in a successful Brisbane band for many years, Karla fell into web design to earn extra income, but found it unfulfilling. It wasn’t until she discovered the soulpreneur movement that she became truly inspired in her work.


27/08/2020 9:02:57 AM

I now work with conscious women leaders… who are not just in it for the money; they’re in it to serve and help people with their wisdom, their talents.

“Yvette’s course changed my life,” Karla says. “I decided to use my branding and marketing skills to help female soulpreneurs create abundant, magnetic and aligned online businesses. I realised it wasn’t the work, it was the type of client I was working with, so I niched. I now work with conscious women leaders. Women who are not just in it for the money; they’re in it to serve and help people with their wisdom, their talents and what they’ve learned over the course of their life. They are really conscious of something more. I don’t like using the word ‘spiritual’ because it can be viewed as woo-woo and too up in the clouds, so I use the word ‘conscious’. “Conscious means you’re really aware of all parts of yourself; conscious of what your body is telling you, conscious of your emotional state, conscious of your mindset. Mindset is a really big thing – your limiting beliefs, everything that drives you and why. “I believe alignment is being fully aligned between your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual selves. When you’re not in alignment, you always feel like something is not quite right. When you’re completely aligned, things just feel as if they fall into place.” Karla offers a 10-week mentorship, helping clients refine their branding, messaging, content and social media strategies, while also helping them move past limiting mindsets. She recently founded the agency BRAVE, which offers ‘done for you’ premium marketing services for purpose-led women who want to focus on their business and hand over the rest to the experts. “All the women I work with share the same ethos,” she says. “The reason I launched BRAVE was because I had so many women coming to me saying, ‘I got a website done and they didn’t understand me, they thought I was too woo woo’. If they went to a general marketing agency, they never quite hit the nail on the head. “The other thing I do is I work with the energy of women. I work with the menstrual cycle and the moon cycle. Women don’t really work on the 24-hour clock; we work on a 28-day cycle that’s in tune with the

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On-site Jewellery Workshop p Specialising in custom-made Jewellery m Boutique Retail Showroom

Your Argyle pink diamond specialist on the Sunshine Coast

rovera plaza, 23 cotton tree pde, cotton tree 5443 1955

@ny2kjewellers Fellow Member of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia

28/08/2020 12:09:51 PM

moon, Mama earth and the cosmos. In our cycle, we have our times of momentum and our inner times. For example, I know where in my cycle I’ll have the momentum to batch create. When I’m planning a launch, I get out my diary, figure out where my cycle is and where my client’s cycle is. We know if we’re coming up to our moon time, it’s probably not going to be a good time to be outward and doing a launch.” While not all soulpreneurs are women, it’s this tuned-in energy that separates a soulpreneur from a regular entrepreneur. “A soulpreneur comes from a space that is solid, heart-led and wanting to help raise humanity’s consciousness,” Karla says. “I do branding and marketing and I could be pretty straight if I wanted to, but I’m in this industry helping other women raise the consciousness of humanity. Rather than coming from a place of ‘me’, it’s coming from a place of ‘we’. “Being a soulpreneur is about living your own purpose with passion. When you follow your own purpose and passion, you’re a happier human being and when you’re happier, that’s going to affect others around you by osmosis. 10

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I love seeing people get clear and in alignment with themselves. That to me is success.” Like Karla, Tamsyn Neill found her path through Yvette Luciano’s soulpreneur course. Originally from New Zealand and now living in Yaroomba, she attended Yvette’s course in 2017 and this year launched her online wellness hub, Salty Peaches. It is designed to support women transitioning to or living a plant-based lifestyle and contains a library of plant-based recipes and meal plans, home workout plans, meditations and wellness interviews. “Yvette saw a light within me and a potential within me,” Tamsyn says. “She made me feel like I could do anything. She made me feel like my ideas were valid and I could support and inspire other people with my journey. Yvette was an igniter of people’s inner spark. She helped women to step into the power they had within them.” Tamsyn walked a harrowing path to find herself in the place she is now, a soulpreneur living her dream and helping others benefit from her experiences. When she was 15, she underwent major surgery to reconstruct her spine due to scoliosis and developed an addiction to pharmaceutical drugs.


27/08/2020 9:04:38 AM

Many people are becoming conscious of how they want to live their lives, how they want to conduct their business. It’s not about the old paradigms anymore.

“After the operation, I was placed on a morphine prescription and became reliant on it without knowing the long-term side effects. One day when the pain had lowered and I felt like I no longer needed the morphine, I stopped and my body went into shock. My systems began shutting down and I ended up in Emergency in Auckland having severe withdrawals. I do understand pharmaceuticals have their place, but for me it was really strong in my heart that I needed to learn how to work without them and find solutions that weren’t detrimental to my body. Finding long-term solutions is what led me to seeking more natural solutions, not just for my pain, but for my moods and anxiety. “When I moved to Australia, I made friends in the wellness industry quite quickly. My partner introduced me to Yvette and I did her two-day soulpreneurs retreat. It was an incredible group of women who felt like they had found a home. They knew they had the potential to do something more with their lives, but didn’t have that guidance to bring

Rosie Chehade

Escape to Kansha

A therapeutic haven, Kansha offers ancient and modern therapies to restore balance and harmony.




6 Mary Street Noosaville 07 5473 0724 REFLEXOLOGY



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to me, a soulpreneur is someone who dedicates their lives to finding their true purpose and passion and their true values in life and then sharing it.

Tamsyn Neill 12

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it to fruition. Everyone there was so lit up by Yvette. “To me, a soulpreneur is someone who dedicates their lives to finding their true purpose and passion and their true values in life and then sharing it with other people to inspire and create a positive impact. With Salty Peaches, I was coming from a place of learning with my journey and putting that into something to support other people, so they don’t have to go through what I did. “Being a soulpreneur is spending the time to find your true values and what it means to you to live a happy, fulfilled and vibrant life – stepping into that and doing it. So many people have these beautiful ideas and know their purpose, but are still so held back. A soulpreneur has the courage to step into that power and share that light with the world and have a beautiful, positive impact.” Rosie Chehade is another Sunshine Coast soulpreneur using her gifts to help transform the lives of people around the world. Based in Palmwoods, she is the founder of the Happiness Lifestyle website and is a life coach, speaker, mentor and author. She specialises in helping high-achieving women and business owners reclaim their wholeness, and is a business strategist for conscious entrepreneurs. Rosie has been busier than ever during the pandemic and believes it has been a time of great awakening. “It has been a huge adjustment and a wake-up call for many people,” she says. “Not everyone has had time out. Lots of people have had to juggle the kids at home while working. But this is a phase of great transformation. Many people are becoming conscious of how they want to live their lives, how they want to conduct their business. It’s not about the old paradigms anymore, or burning the candle at both ends. This has been a wake-up to what’s really important and what really matters. What’s important is family, connection, our values and whether we are living in alignment with those values. Many people weren’t.”


27/08/2020 9:05:56 AM

Rosie says her work is not about helping people fix what is broken, but about finding they have been whole all along. “I help people wake up to the love they are and express the love in what they do, which is where it translates into their business. When they realise the truth of who they are they say, ‘wow, I get paid to be me’. There’s so much freedom and liberation in that.” Rosie was working 16-hour days in the construction industry and was a self-described workaholic, before illness forced her to change her life. In 2007, she was at the top of her field and had 700 people working for her when her life hit a crisis point. She became chronically ill with Meniere’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraines, Graves’ disease, digestive problems and debilitating anxiety. She embarked on a healing practice, following holistic health advocates like Deepak Chopra, Dr Andrew Weil, Dr Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton and Dr Walter Willett. She eventually regained her health and turned her life around, reinventing herself as a coach and mentor. “The main thing is really healing our core wounds and our story,” she says. “Essentially it comes down to this: running a successful business is child’s play. Heal the inner child and let her play. The moment we heal our core wounds from the root, everything happens. We open the

gateway. Fear blocks us. Our not-enoughness is what’s stopping us from real success. Our business is reliant on us being able to show up as our true selves, our authentic selves. If we’re worried about being judged, that’s going to block us from being seen.” Rosie is proud to be part of the dynamic, growing movement of soulpreneurs and says while 70 per cent of her clients are women, men are increasingly joining this new, more awakened way of doing business. “We are living our purpose, fulfilling our mission and why we’re here on this planet,” she says. “My mission is to help others to know the perfection of who and what they are and make a difference in their world. “Everybody that comes to me says, ‘I want this, I want that, I want more money. I want to be an expert in my industry.’ All of that is great, but to get to that you have to do the work and know your inherent worth. It’s like looking in the mirror and you finally see yourself as the universal other sees you. You are so much more than your business or your job or anything the mind can place on you. When you actually tap into that, oh my god, it’s absolute freedom.” Visit, and


Award-winning designer, artist and traditional jeweller Creating and producing beautiful handmade art and jewellery, including his signature molten edge In-house services • Repairs & ring resizing • Stone Setting & Stone Sourcing • Custom Design • Remodelling using your precious metal & stones • Emergency 24 hour turnaround for jewellery repairs • Antique Restoration • Watch Batteries • Valuations

Shop 8/29 Sunshine Beach Rd, The Junction, Noosa Heads (BCC Cinema Complex) 9:30am-4pm Monday to Friday & 9:30am-3pm Saturday Ph 0437 231 921 SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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At Kings Beach, the October long weekend is usually a busy one, where the foreshore is pumping and the air is filled with great music from the Caloundra Music Festival. But a few months ago the organisers made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s event and focus on making the 2021 festival the best yet. As a result, there will be plenty of accommodation providers in CALOUNDRA that need your dollars. So holiday at home and enjoy a mini staycation for a few nights at Kings Beach and surrounds. This area has beautiful beaches, loads of accommodation options and great places to eat and relax. Map reference O19

Have you visited the lookout at WILD HORSE MOUNTAIN yet? If not, set aside some time this weekend and make the effort. Those who’ve driven the Bruce Highway to the Sunshine Coast from Brisbane will know the mountain with the hut on top. Given it seems to be out in the middle of nowhere, it is overlooked by the vast majority of motorists, which is a shame. It’s easy to get to the base of the hill from the highway, and there you will be met with a steep 700-metre walk to the lookout, where you can enjoy incredible 360-degree views out to Pumicestone Passage, and Bribie and Moreton Islands on the eastern side, with the pine forests that stretch out to the Glass House Mountains on the western side. Stick around for sunset. Map reference M21



PHOTO: Tourism and Events Queensland


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We just can’t get enough of the wonderful pieces that Karmin Kenny from ALABASTER TRADER creates. Karmin sources old and unusual furniture and homewares from India, and works with local craftspeople to refinish them in a palette of whites and neutrals. The results are stunningly rustic and beautiful pieces that become talking points in the houses they grace. Karmin carefully sources and selects each piece, then spends time with the workers to transform them, before bringing them home to her Noosaville store. Whether you want a couple of small homewares or a whole room of furniture, Alabaster Trader can help you with candle holders, pendant lights, pots, spoons, mirrors, chests, daybeds, even doors and windows. Alabaster Trader is at 3/4 Vision Court, Noosaville. 0401 138 295 or Map reference M13


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PHOTO: Tourism and Events Queensland

Want to make your next bushwalk a bit more meaningful? Then join a BUSHWALKING TOUR GROUP. For bird lovers, Noosa-based Tropical Treks Birding Adventures is the way to go. The owner and lead guide is Steve Grainger, a birding guide with loads of experience – he can take you on birding adventures for a whole day or a few days. Meanwhile, Experientia Sunshine Coast offers tours all over the region, from the Glass House Mountains to the beaches and up past Noosa – we’re talking about day tours, mountain climbs, tailored adventures and overnight retreats. There are also accommodation providers – such as Montville’s Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat – in the Sunshine Coast and Noosa hinterlands that offer trekking and guided bushwalks as part of their accommodation packages.

Looking for an unusual activity to amuse the kids or for a night out with a difference with friends? Why not head to one of the Sunshine Coast’s ESCAPE ROOMS. An escape room is an interactive adventure where you must work with others to find and solve clues to get you out of the room within a set time. Great for birthday parties, corporate bonding or just a giggle with family or friends, you’ll find a few of these escape rooms in our region. Escape Room Oz has two locations – Caloundra and Mooloolaba – and each location has a few rooms to choose from. You’ll also find Red Lock Escape Rooms at Sunshine Plaza and Noosa Junction, while Strike Bowling in the Big Top at Maroochydore has two escape rooms. SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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While we love our outdoor activities here on the Sunshine Coast, we also love escaping the heat in one of the many cinemas in the region. When searching for a place to relax in front of a movie, don’t forget CALOUNDRA’S BIGSCREEN CINEMAS. They are open every day and whether you choose to watch a Hollywood blockbuster or an independent film, tickets are just $10 each. Map reference O19

Even if you’re not an early riser, it is definitely worth dragging yourself out of bed on a regular basis to WATCH THE SUNRISE. Can there be a better start to your day? The Sunshine Coast offers loads of places to enjoy the view. While any beach in the region is a pretty good place to go, we have a few favourites. If you want to pick up a coffee or breakfast afterwards, head to Mudjimba, Maroochydore or Alex, Peregian or Sunrise (of course), Moffat or Kings Beach. We are partial to Shelly Beach as well. Other places to enjoy the sunrise are Point Cartwright – park at La Balsa carpark and walk up the hill on the beach side. Noosa National Park is hugely popular, but if you get there while it’s dark you can beat the crowds. Walk out to Hell’s Gate and watch the sunrise there. The top of a mountain is also a winner – pick the peaks of Mount Ninderry or Mount Coolum if you’re in the Coolum area, Mount Tinbeerwah if you’re further north, or Mount Ngungun if you’re in the southern part of the region.

If you live by the beach or in the suburbs, it’s easy to forget that the Sunshine Coast is surrounded by beautiful farming land. Whether you live in Coolum or Mooloolaba, Birtinya or Peregian Springs, you don’t have to drive for much longer than an hour before you hit working farms that welcome visitors. You can stop by for a few hours or a few days to help feed the animals, milk cows, collect eggs, go for bushwalks or join a horse ride. Look out for FARM STAYS in places like Beerwah, Cooroy, Kenilworth and Witta. Salt’s editor recently visited 3C Cattle Co Farmstay in Kandanga (pictured). It’s a working cattle property owned by a young family and offers the perfect weekend getaway for families or a group of mates. 16

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27/08/2020 9:07:53 AM

While it’s always a good time to camp on the Sunshine Coast, we think spring is the best season to pitch a tent. And if you don’t like being without your four-legged friends, there are PET-FRIENDLY CAMPING spots in and around our region. One spot we love is Amamoor Creek Camping Area in Amamoor State Forest. While dogs are not permitted in national parks, they are welcome in the camping area, where they must be on a leash and under control. PETstock vet Dr Marjorie Au says, “Dogs explore their environment through smell, so taking them to a new destination is like Christmas for their senses. With so many great dog-friendly campsites around Australia that both you and your dog will love, it’s never been easier to incorporate your pooch into weekend plans.” According to the most recent report by Animal Medicines Australia, more than a quarter of Australian pet owners take their pets on holidays. Don’t forget to use a travel crate, harness or booster seat when travelling and pack a portable water bowl, poop bags, toys, bedding and towels for your precious pooch. Map reference G12

There are lots of places in the region to enjoy a mountain bike ride, and for novice riders, the SUGAR BAG ROAD MOUNTAIN BIKE TRAILS are a good place to build up confidence. The trail isn’t just one path but a network of trails. Once you’ve parked the car, you’ll find a helpful sign that shows you the paths and their levels of difficulty, so just choose your route, make sure your helmet is on tight, and away you go. More experienced riders can challenge themselves with various timber features, plus there are logs, rocks, jumps and bumps to navigate. One of the best things about the trail is that it is close to town and the beach, so you can take a dip in the ocean and enjoy lunch in Caloundra before heading home. In July, Sunshine Coast Council announced it had allocated $1.32 million to the trail network to improve and add to the tracks and elements, plus build toilets, showers and wash-down bays, so this place will only get better. Map reference N19

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Boee\]nXbemXh\Ziidbh`m qqqҶhiimX[bpb[maijjbh`Ҷ[igҶXo MeX[]mmnlb[nesebgbn]\qbna?ipb\ӝmX^]nsjeXhbhjeX[]Ҷ >iidbh`Xl]]mm]hnbXeXh\l]ko]mnXmgXee\ihXnbihj]lqildmaijҹqbnaҡi^ jli[]]\mqbeeZ]\ihXn]\niiol[aXlbnsjXlnh]lTXp]mi^T]eeh]mmBioh\XnbihҶ

Big W Woolworths 100 speciality stores 28 Eenie Creek Rd (Cnr Walter Hay Drive) Noosaville Ph 5440 7900 SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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Moffat Beach 18

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27/08/2020 9:09:28 AM

White Picket Fence

CALOUNDRA Let’s begin at the south end shall we, where a slower pace makes beach life pretty chilled and the winding pathways that lead you from sandy shores to surf breaks are worth the visit alone. Of course, I’m talking about Caloundra and the plethora of beachside suburbs that surround her. Here, you can jump in for a surf at Moffat or Kings beach, take the kids for a play at Bulcock Beach, ride along the seemingly never-ending pathways with a view to die for or wander around the township of Caloundra. White Picket Fence

OUR TOP PICKS: WE ARE ALL familiar with the term ‘vacation’, but what about a staycation – a vacation where you actually stay at home! Now, hear me out, because when your home is the place people travel for hours or days to visit, it makes sense right? The Sunshine Coast is a tourists’ playground. And we are lucky enough to get to live and breathe her beauty every day. From the beaches of Noosa to the hills of the hinterland, there really is an adventure to have around every corner. But familiarity can sometimes lead to complacency. Which is why I’m here to remind you of just how magical our slice of Queensland truly is. And why the next time you pack your bags for a trip, you should save the petrol or the cost of flights and holiday a little closer to home.

TO DO: Queensland Air Museum: 7 Pathfinder Drive, Caloundra West If you’re feeling like some history, the Queensland Air Museum is a fantastic not-for-profit attraction for aviation enthusiasts, families and everyone in between. So be sure to check it out.

TO EAT: White Picket Fence: 140 Bulcock Street, Caloundra This cafe is a little slice of pink heaven. Not only is the decor fresh, funky and very photo worthy, but the menu definitely matches – it tastes as vibrant as it looks on the plate. These guys are also kiddie and dog friendly.

Discover why Flinders is one of Queensland’s leading schools and how we educate from Prep to Year 12 for excellence in learning and life. Come and explore our new innovative Year 7 Precinct and learn about our Years 5 and 6 Precinct, opening January 2021.

Discover Flinders

Book your personalised tour today at Buderim, Queensland | 07 5477 3260 | Find us on


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MOOLOOLABA Our next staycation stop is Mooloolaba. You can’t possibly live on the Sunshine Coast and not have visited this iconic suburb. Mooloolaba was featured in the fourth season of The Amazing Race, and was the fourth town mentioned in the original Australian version of the song I’ve Been Everywhere. Pretty cool huh? But this isn’t why you would stay there. You stay because of the foodie culture, the hip coffee haunts, the boutique fashion, the views and, of course, the beach.

OUR TOP PICKS: TO DO: Whale One: Shop 11-12, The Wharf Mooloolaba You simply can’t live here and not take a trip on Whale One. Jump on board for whale watching or to take part in an experience where you can swim with the gentle giants of the sea, or just enjoy a cruise – the choice is yours. SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast: Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba A fantastic experience, SEA LIFE is home to thousands of animals, and you can even take part in an unforgettable Seal Island seal encounter. Marvel at the many species of sharks and jellyfish floating up above in the oceanarium’s ocean tunnel. The kids (and young at heart) will love the touch pools. 20

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You stay because of the foodie culture, the hip coffee haunts, the boutique fashion, the views and, of course, the beach. TO EAT:

Pier 33: 33-45 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba Feeling hungry? Located on the riverfront at Mooloolaba is Pier 33, and believe me when I say it is a place you need to try. This restaurant is decked out with a fresh palette of blues and white, with large booths plus indoor and outdoor dining options. So you can sip on champagne or espresso martinis while looking out to the moored boats, enjoy a lunch date with a twist of fine dining or dress to impress and have a great night out by the water.


27/08/2020 9:11:57 AM

Pier 33

Fisheries on the Spit: 21 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba If you feel like some good old-fashioned fish and chips, visit Fisheries on the Spit for some super fresh and very yummy options, then take a seat, or settle at the park or the beach, watch the world go by and enjoy the serenity.

NOOSA Letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s keep travelling up the Coast, shall we? Because the next stop on our staycation checklist is Noosa. Noosa is a slice of the Coast where luxury meets laid-back, beach vibes meet boutique and family fun is just as popular as cocktails with friends overlooking the ocean. Considering Noosa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Australia, it seems only right us locals get to experience it for ourselves too. Oh, and I best mention that while the national parks and walking tracks, white sandy beaches, surf breaks and reefs are all incredibly appealing, if you jump in the car, and drive inland a bit you will also get to explore Eumundi, which, especially on a market day, is something to be seen for sure. Check out the Imperial Hotel for lunch and do a little shopping at the Eumundi Emporium while youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re there.

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Hotel Bedding SHOP Open to Home Shoppers ONLINE IN-STORE Premier CCt, Warana 4575 PHONE (07) 5437 8544


28/08/2020 12:18:43 PM


OUR TOP PICKS: TO EAT: VanillaFood: 2/10 Lanyana Way, Noosa Heads This gorgeous Noosa cafe is all about good food, health and the environment, embracing the power of food as medicine and its ability to connect people. Think vibrant colours on the plate, organic produce and everything free from nasties. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also super delicious. Noosa Boathouse: 194 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville Want something special? And by the waterfront? And with a range of eating options from bistro and bar to coffee, fish and chips, sunset cocktails and, of course, a stunning restaurant? Then Noosa Boathouse is the place for you. It offers delightful food, fantastic beverages and a view to rival all others.

TO STAY: 10 Hastings Street: 10 Hastings Street, Noosa Heads Okay, so you can either eat here, or stay here, or do both! 10 Hastings Street has a collection of beautifully appointed suites with private balconies and interiors inspired by some of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading designers with, of course, that gorgeous Noosa beach-style touch. As for the food, you can dine in for a scrumptious breakfast, lunch or dinner. 22

22.indd 1



27/08/2020 9:12:52 AM



The Opalcutter, Montville

Contemporary Jewellery & Art to Love & Give



Noosa Springs: Links Drive, Noosa Heads A championship golf course, award-winning spa, first-class dining, spacious self-contained accommodation – it is safe to say that Noosa Springs Golf and Spa Resort has something for everyone.

HINTERLAND Moving inland, our next and final staycation stop is the Sunshine Coast hinterland, a nature lover’s slice of heaven. You’re greeted by rolling green hills, and that’s not just a cliche – you literally enter this region on a road surrounded by hills of green as your car glides through the fluff of lingering clouds. It’s magic. And if you have never explored the townships that make up this part of the Sunshine Coast, put this area on your holiday at home list now. I’d say my two favourite towns up this way are Maleny and Montville, but that doesn’t mean the entire region isn’t worth exploring. This is a road trip lover’s paradise. You can drive for hours, through tiny townships, past rivers and lakes, bushland, national parks, waterfalls, rainforests and more. You can explore the main streets, with lolly shops and cafes, plus unique gift shops and boutiques. The history and architecture buffs will marvel at the fine buildings which run along and around the townships. The hinterland is a place to relax and unwind, be romantic, or get adventurous. You get to choose.

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OPEN 5 DAYS 10—5 (Closed Tues & Wed) 07 5442 9598 Shop 4 ‘The Pottery’ 171-183 Main St Montville

31/08/2020 11:13:28 AM


Hinterland views 24

24.indd 1



27/08/2020 9:14:28 AM

Spicers Clovelly

Elements at Montville




Spicers Retreats: Spicers Clovelly (38-68 Balmoral Road, Montville) and Spicers Tamarind (88 Obi Lane South, Maleny) No visit to the Sunshine Coast hinterland is complete without a stay at one (or both) of the two Spicers Retreats in the area. Spicers Clovelly is all about French-inspired luxury, and a degustation at its famed Long Apron Restaurant is a must. You can even bring your dog along for a pooch package. Spicers Tamarind is western luxury meets eastern tranquillity. This gorgeous space offers rainforest-fringed luxury, infused with the seductive spices of Asia. The outdoor cedar hot tubs make it the ultimate in romance too. However you choose to holiday, you can do it at home, so pack your bags and book your next staycation.

Elements at Montville: 38 Kondalilla Falls Road, Montville More than just a cafe, this quirky teahouse and beauty salon in the heart of the hinterland looks out over the rolling green hills of the gorgeous Kondalilla Valley and boasts beautiful high teas plus a world of eclectic goodies to take home. Definitely worth a stop, but be warned, you might stay a lot longer than planned. Flaxton Gardens: 313-327 Flaxton Drive, Flaxton Flaxton Gardens is an iconic events and wedding venue in the heart of the hinterland, but you can stop in for a delicious high tea and a look around â&#x20AC;&#x201C; the views are well worth it.


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31/08/2020 4:33:38 PM


OCT 16

SEPT 19-OCT 4 HAVEN During the September school holidays, Noosa Civic is hosting HAVEN, a mindful and creative space for small-group workshops. Adult workshops include ceramics, macrame, statement earingmaking, photography and paper flower creations. Kids’ workshops include balloon twisting, making beeswax wraps and craft sessions. Workshop attendees are asked to make a small donation and 100 per cent of proceeds will be donated to the charity Waves of Wellness Foundation. Numbers are limited so you will need to book your place on the website. when September 19 to October 4 where Noosa Civic, 28 Eenie Creek Road, Noosaville visit




ANH DO – THE HAPPIEST REFUGEE LIVE Anh Do is returning to the Sunshine Coast with his hit show. Anh’s bestselling book The Happiest Refugee made readers laugh and cry, and was described by Russell Crowe as “the most and inspiring OCT 12 & 13 surprising read I have had in years”. Anh’s stage show combines real-life stories with stand-up comedy, photos and filmed pieces to retell his amazing story. Anh is one of Australia’s most talented and beloved comedians and in this show he delves into his life’s joys and sorrows, creating an uplifting experience that will live on in your memory. when October 12 and 13 where The J Noosa, 60 Noosa Drive, Noosa Heads visit 26

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MZAZA World music favourites MZAZA are bringing their brand-new show, The Birth and Death of Stars, to the Sunshine Coast. The show encourages the audience to take a step away from their daily lives to contemplate our place in the universe. The band members come from eclectic backgrounds to create a musical ride built on exotic rhythms. Led by enchanting French vocalist Pauline Maudy, the group of musicians and songwriters come from Bosnia, Latvia, Greece, Turkey, France and Australia. when October 16 where Venue 114, 114 Sportsmans Parade, Bokarina visit

OCT 18

WISHLIST FUN RUN Throw on your running shoes and head to Bokarina for the third annual Wishlist Fun Run. This is a great event that’s fun for groups, families, individuals and corporate teams, and features several different races including a 10-kilometre and five-kilometre run, a five-kilometre walk and a kids dash. After you’ve had your exercise, enjoy a massage, rehydrate with a drink and enjoy some fresh fruit and a barbecue. There will also be live entertainment, face painting and a jumping castle. when October 18 where Sunshine Coast Stadium, 31 Sportsmans Parade, Bokarina visit

OCT 24 CRAFT BEER & CIDER EXPO Sample some of Australia and New Zealand’s tastiest craft beers paired with locally sourced produce at Craft Beer & Cider Expo Sunshine Coast. The brewers and cideries have been handpicked by the expo organisers to create a carefully curated event. As well as great craft beer, cider, wine and bubbles, there will be plenty of food and live music. Those not into beer or wine, and those under 18, can enjoy mocktails, kombucha and soft drinks. when October 24 where Sunshine Coast Turf Club, 170 Pierce Avenue, Caloundra visit


27/08/2020 9:20:04 AM

NOOSA TRIATHLON Noosa’s world-renowned triathlon is a multi-sport festival that is raced around and through the stunning main beach, town centre and hinterland. With 11 events across five days, you can choose to take part in the event that’s just right for you, including a breakfast fun run, bike ride, ocean swim and golf day. If you’re not that sporty, it doesn’t matter – spectators are welcome to come and watch and take part in the festivities off the course. This is a special event where it’s all about sharing the super-friendly Noosa vibe. when October 28 to November 1 where Noosa and surrounds visit

OCT 31-NOV 15

OCT 28-NOV 1

SCULPTURE ON THE EDGE This outdoor sculpture prize is held every year in the beautiful Sunshine Coast hinterland. Open to artists across Australia, the event offers $6000 in prize money to sculptors who create unique artworks that work with the environment, complementing the natural landscape. Art lovers are invited to the stunning natural setting at Spicers Tamarind Retreat to soak up not just the art and the setting, but also to enjoy the stunning food at Spicers restaurant or a picnic in the grounds. when October 31 to November 15 where Spicers Tamarind Retreat, 88 Obi Lane South, Maleny visit

COLLECTORAMA Get to the Nambour Showgrounds for the last Collectorama of 2020. If you’ve never been to one of these events before, you are in for a treat. You’ll find lots of cute bargains, awesome antiques and unusual collectables. If all that rummaging around mid-century modern items and vintage bits and pieces builds up an appetite, there are food trucks and coffee vans to keep you going. And if you run out of cash, don’t worry, there are also ATMs onsite. Parking is free and entry is just $6. when November 7 where Nambour Showground, 80 Coronation Avenue, Nambour visit

NOV 29



as you are. Released from the rough, carefully shaped, and polished to perfection. It's rare, it's precious and utterly unique. There will never be another one like it. We know that what we do is something very special because there is nothing quite like the moment when an opal captures your heart.

See the full collection in-store or online . GOOD MORNING VIETNAM Incredible vocalists are joined by a rocking live band to present songs from the Vietnam War era, including Fortunate Son, We Gotta Get Out of This Place, For What It’s Worth, These Boots Are Made for Walkin’, Ring of Fire, Purple Haze, My Girl, Proud Mary and loads more. This incredible stage show also features projected images and stories to enhance the music that defined a generation. when November 29 where The Events Centre, 20 Minchinton Street, Caloundra visit

11 Ballantyne Ct, Glenview QLD 4553 (07) 5494 5400


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27/08/2020 9:24:49 AM

AARON CRAIG WANTED to be an animator when he grew up. As a young child fascinated by cartoons, it was a trip to the United States that got his heart set on a job with Walt Disney Studios. And although his dreams took on new dimensions, his love of art, characters, nostalgia, colour and bold statements didn’t. Instead, he simply changed his focus from the cartoons loved by younger children to the more adventurous comics adored by teens. And according to the 37-year-old who grew up in Newcastle, New South Wales, as a teenage boy he really did LOVE comics. “I found any excuse to be around them,” he says. “I loved animation as a kid, but by the time I hit teenage years I found myself obsessed with comics. I would ride on the train 40 minutes one way to the closest comic book shop and I would just sit there, looking at the comic books. I’d imagine starting my own company, write bios, and I think I designed close to 100 characters. “I drew them up every day; these cartoon characters and my own creations. I am lucky that my mum is pretty creative too so she definitely encouraged me a lot.” After he finished high school, Aaron moved to San Diego and then to Canada for a few years. “A friend of mine was an art teacher living and working over in Canada,” he says. “She gave me a spare canvas and I instantly fell in love with that kind of painting and a different kind of art. So, when I returned to Australia, I studied fine arts at Newcastle University, then finished my degree in Brisbane at Queensland College of Arts,” he says. Seven years ago, Aaron made the move to Dicky Beach

I discovered that I’m inspired by the stuff I grew up on, so being an ’80s kid, toys and cartoons

with his wife and two kids, Thor and Rocket. “There’s something special about the Sunshine Coast that I think everyone who lives here understands,” he says. “Being wedged between the ocean and the hinterland is amazing. There is so much to do outdoors, time seems to move a little slower; it’s just the best lifestyle. “I would actually love to paint some murals on the Coast one day,” he laughs. “And there is something so inspiring about creating here too. For me, it’s that coastal, laidback lifestyle, matched with music, mostly ’90s punk or rap, or meditations and audiobooks – it all helps me get in the zone when I paint.” It seems that over the years, Aaron’s art has taken as many twists and turns as his brush does on canvas. “My art has certainly been an evolution over a number of years,” he SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

29.indd 1


27/08/2020 9:25:40 AM

says. “For me, finding my own style was the hardest thing to work out. I discovered that I’m inspired by the stuff I grew up on, so being an ’80s kid, toys and cartoons like Masters of the Universe, TMNT, Marvel Comics, Disney, Warner Bros and Hanna-Barbera cartoons. These were all huge for me and I’ve always had a passion for that, so I suppose my style now is about revisiting a lot of that stuff, because it gives me a hit of nostalgia. “I do a lot of pop art, and lately I’ve been getting a reputation for putting Sponge Bob’s face onto other characters, so he’s a favourite character to paint and play around with at the moment too.” Just as his art evolved, so too has Aaron. “Being able to create art for a living is the absolute dream,” he says. “It’s what I’ve always aspired to do, but self-belief and some misdirection have stood in the way until recently. 30

30.indd 1


27/08/2020 9:26:09 AM




Specialists in Fine Jewellery Design & Manufacture

“I ended up owning an Australian art and art products company called Stupid Krap for about six years, so I’ve always been very involved in the art scene in Australia, but I made the decision to put my own art first and foremost about 18 months ago. It was when I committed 100 per cent that I started to realise how lucky I am, and that my work has been received, and I am absolutely grateful I now get to do it for a living,” he adds. “I’ve been lucky enough to have my characters turned into soft vinyl art toys with Pobber Toys from Singapore. I currently have two new art toys in production with them. “I’ve painted the TMNT on some Pizza Hut matchbooks for collectors, I’ve painted some vintage sheet music and have plans to paint some more soon. I often paint onto old handsaws, and I have a solo show in Melbourne in October that will be paintings on amateur ham radio cards,” he says. “I can’t wait to see what else the future holds.”

ADRIAN G. SCHULZ 3rd Generation Qualified Designer & Manufacturing Jeweller

29 Main Street (Middy’s), Buderim • 5445 5709 SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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“THEY SAY IF you want to know what’s going on in a hive, just watch it,” says Katie Livock, casting an eye towards a slot at the bottom of a hive where bees are beginning to cluster and hover. They are young bees, she says, venturing outside of the hive for the first time, testing their wings before they get to work foraging for pollen. Most bees do different jobs in the hive during their lives but every one of them has a role to play in the survival of the hive, their short lives dedicated to toil for the greater good. “They can teach you so much about co-operation, leadership and fellowship and how to live a life,” Katie says. The life of bees has fascinated Katie since she put her first hive in her Point Arkwright backyard about four years ago. The busy high school teacher now has three hives and is vice-president and publicity officer of Sunshine Coast Beekeepers, where membership is increasing thanks to a surge in interest in backyard hives. Between 15 and 25 newcomers head to the Beekeepers’ headquarters at Yandina for a monthly introduction to beekeeping workshop. Some are aiming for their own honey supply but for others like Katie, keeping bees is a way to do something positive for the planet. “One in three bites of food that we have wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for bee pollination,” Katie says. “It’s a big issue as far as food security goes for humans and for the environment.” An article about the decline of the European honey bee and the associated risks for the planet prompted Katie to invest in her first hive and join Sunshine Coast Beekeepers. “Before I had bees, I knew they were important for pollination, but I guess I was more afraid of them rather than in awe of the work they do, like I am now,” she says. “At the time I noticed that there was a lot of education around and a new type of hive: the flow hive. This made it seem like something I might actually be able to do. “I researched and found a local beekeeping club and I joined it. I’ve been to every meeting since,” she says. Katie says keeping bees is not difficult and it costs about $600 for a basic set up. “I think people think it’s going to be harder and more complicated than it really is. When you get


33.indd 1


28/08/2020 12:56:12 PM

started, and start learning, it’s not scary. It’s really rewarding.” She spends about 90 minutes of her time once a month to check her three hives. If something is not quite right, she runs it past other members of the group. “The best thing about our meetings is that someone asks a question, and says, ‘What can I do about that?’ We can have 12 beekeepers in a row and have 13 different opinions. None of them are wrong – you just have to work out which is right for what you’re doing. It’s really good to share knowledge.” She enjoys being part of the beekeeping community and encouraging new beekeepers. “I wanted to learn more, and you get more and more involved. I enjoy sharing information. Because I’m a teacher in real life, I like to see people learning,” she says. “We share ideas and problems and there is always someone who has experienced what you may be dealing with and there is no shortage of ideas being shared. We have beekeepers ranging from 15 years to amazing beekeepers in their eighties. We all talk, share, learn, and laugh together. Everyone has the same focus. We all want to help our bees.” Joe Lynch, of Diddillibah, and his son, Oliver, 15, got 34

34.indd 1

One in three bites of food that we have wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for bee pollination.

their first hive this year and are making the most of the mentorship from other beekeepers. “I’ve always been aware of the environment,” Joe says. “I’ve always been an outdoors person. Bees have always been an interest. “I think everyone in the back of their mind has a curiosity about the mysterious way beehives operate.” Although it will be a year before he and “honey badger” Oliver taste any honey from their bees, they have found a sense of satisfaction in establishing a healthy hive.


27/08/2020 9:28:06 AM

â&#x20AC;&#x153;When you open up the hive, and you can see the wax seals starting to form â&#x20AC;&#x201C; once the bees are happy with the quality of the honey, they cap the wax cell,â&#x20AC;? Joe says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;You can never find the Queen â&#x20AC;&#x201C; itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s like trying to find Wally â&#x20AC;&#x201C; but you can see the eggs and bees at different stages so you know sheâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s working. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s all the different stages you are looking for to suggest itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s going well.â&#x20AC;? Katie says everyone can do their bit for bees, even without a hive, by leaving out water during dry periods, growing flowering plants, reducing the use of chemical sprays, and by buying honey from local beekeepers. Her honey has won prizes at the Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show, but she is more interested in what she can do for her bees than what they can do for her. â&#x20AC;&#x153;For me, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about giving them a healthy hive and helping them where I can,â&#x20AC;? she says. Bees begin their first job at just a couple of days old when they become nurses, looking after the newly hatched larvae. After a couple of weeks, the nurses leave the hive and become worker bees, flying up to five kilometres and visiting up to 100 flowers a day in search of nectar. By the time they are four or five weeks old, they are burnt out. Some do not even see out their 55 days because if they sting a potential threat, they die. If you are lucky enough to hear the buzz of bees this spring, Katie says do not be alarmed, be glad â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and not just because it means you are living in a healthy ecosystem. â&#x20AC;&#x153;If a bee flies around you, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s because theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re trying to work out if youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a flower. I always say take it as a compliment!â&#x20AC;?

The introduction to beekeeping workshop at Sunshine Coast Beekeepers costs $120. ($70 for club members. Membership is $50, which covers a family.) To find out the date and time of the next workshop and to book, phone Chris Johnson on 0411 415 527, email, or go to

! s u h t i w y e n r u o j a Come on EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC OF THE


"9Ă&#x160;Ă&#x160; " Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; / Ă&#x160;/"Ă&#x160; /Ă&#x160;/Ă&#x160;/ Ă&#x160;,1-/9Ă&#x160;,-Ă&#x160;  tĂ&#x160; 8*", Ă&#x160;/ Ă&#x160;-/", Ă&#x160;9* Ă&#x160;-//" Ă&#x160;EĂ&#x160; ,/ Ă&#x160; -*9Ă&#x160; ", Ă&#x160; ",  Ă&#x160;9"1,Ă&#x160;-/", Ă&#x160;,9Ă&#x160;6 9Ă&#x160;,// ,Ă&#x160; 8* , ° ",Ă&#x160; ",/" Ă&#x160; "1/Ă&#x160;/  /-]Ă&#x160;-* Ă&#x160; 6 /-Ă&#x160; EĂ&#x160;", ]Ă&#x160;  Ă&#x160;/"Ă&#x160;"1,Ă&#x160;7 -/ tĂ&#x160;

For more information, visit our website at; SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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27/08/2020 9:29:01 AM

A 15-YEAR CAREER as an emergency nurse left Jules Laidlaw feeling broken. After years of trauma spent with patients in prisons, working on theatre teams and in the emergency departments of Australian hospitals, Jules decided it was time to heal herself and put the pieces back together. As a young girl, Jules and her siblings would spend hours with their Pop, Jack. Jules fondly recalls time spent bushwalking, learning how to track animals and finding water. Jack had a strong connection to country, loved the bush and shared with his grandkids the importance of that connection. “While he never really spoke of his Aboriginal heritage, I think he always just saw people as people. Pop’s passion was our land; he loved it so much,” Jules recalls. After 15 years of working in high-trauma clinical situations, Jules decided it was time to try something new. “I had always been a nurse so it was hard to recreate myself, but I was so broken I couldn’t function. It felt to me like this wasn’t fair, but I always knew that if Pop was here, he would say ‘tell me what is fair’,” Jules laughs. “So, I thought of all the times I had been happiest, and I thought of Pop. Pop taught us to stand strong in our beliefs. He was our rock and formed who my siblings and I are today. I am always so grateful for my time with him.” Soon, Jules had left the field of work she had always known and enrolled in an art class. That was just 18 months ago and now Jules is the owner of The Clay Society, a busy clay studio stocking more than 30 stores nationwide and one international store.

Pop taught us to stand strong in our beliefs. He was our rock and formed who my siblings and I are today.

“It took some time, but I’ve found my groove,” she says. “Spending 15 years in clinical settings, I know each day is a gift. I know that finding a new path was needed.” Jules is a self-taught artist who, in the past 14 months, has been mentored by local artist Andrew Bryant. Andrew has helped Jules develop her skills and sink into this creative life change. First, she began making beautiful clay pieces but soon realised she needed to combine this new-found passion with a real purpose. “I didn’t want to just make pretty pieces for homewares stores,” she says. “I knew I wanted to create products with purpose because I still had a strong desire to help others. It’s great to see a strong shift towards customers wanting to purchase products that are made ethically, and have a positive impact behind them.” Jules connected with her brother Steve Smith, who is the CEO of the Aboriginal Investment Group that runs the Remote Laundries program. This innovative program provides a laundry service to remote Indigenous communities, which not only washes clothing and linen, but also provides local employment opportunities in the community. SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

37.indd 1


27/08/2020 9:29:30 AM

As Jules explains, overcrowding in housing and a lack of access to washing services can result in the recurrence of diseases such as rheumatic heart disease, trachoma and skin sores, which are found in high levels in Aboriginal communities. The bacteria that causes disease can be slowed and even stopped with regular washing of bedding, clothes and towels, making Remote Laundries an integral part of ensuring good community health. Jules started giving $2 per item sold through The Clay Society to the Remote Laundries project, which paid for one load of washing. But Jules’ background in public health meant she wanted to also educate the people about the social and health issues faced by those living remotely.

To bring awareness, Jules recently ran the Kid’s Pledge 48-hour challenge to raise money for the Barunga School to buy uniforms for students. The challenge was a huge success, raising enough money to buy three uniforms for each student, as well as a laundry bag. The students will soon be able to wear their new uniforms to school and bring their dirty uniforms with them. The Remote Laundries bus will collect their washing, take it to be cleaned and return the clean uniform later that day. “We know that seven out of 10 kids will get scabies in Indigenous communities before the age of one. This can have really serious health impacts on the kids, but we can change this by providing a laundry service,” says Jules, who is proud to stand with her brother to help support the Remote Laundries.

Local. Love.

eats. bar. Music Bookings 5448 3111 38

38.indd 1


28/08/2020 12:58:12 PM

“We also know that having a clean uniform can improve attendance rates at school,” she adds. “So this is an important program and if we can help kids and community members have clean clothes every day with the help of The Clay Society, that is amazing.” Jules has also written an art program, called Red Dirt, for young Indigenous girls. “In August I will travel to Groote Eylandt [in the Gulf of Carpentaria] where I will teach the students how to make money from their own business. It’s all about independence and empowerment through their own creations. I’ll show them how to work with ceramics and then they can set up their own enterprise.” Jules will deliver the program to girls aged 16 to 22 in four modules. She is also taking along local documentary maker Sam Hagen from The Human Story and local fine art photographer Cooper Brady, who will capture the experience. Jules is humble when discussing her success, yet confident there is so much more to come for this blooming ceramics business based on the Sunshine Coast. Jules has been able to

employ staff, support the Remote Laundries initiative and help others create a thriving business, all within 18 months of leaving her clinical career. “This whole experience has taught me we all have our breaking points, but maybe obstacles in life are given to us as a gift,” she says. “By linking with my brother and supporting the community through Remote Laundries, I was able to find a new, strong identity. “Now, I have a clear path and I know what I want to do. The world is much bigger place than just you and I, and I feel really grateful I am able to help remote Aboriginal communities.” Pop’s reading glasses sit in Jules’ studio as a reminder of the importance of connecting with ourselves, our community and the natural world around us. “When what you do is so entwined with who you are, it’s hard to find a new purpose and tribe. I am really lucky to have new creative friends and positive people in my life,” Jules says. “For anyone thinking of making a change, I say go for it. You have to back yourself. I know we have bills to pay and families to provide for and it can seem crazy to say you’re going to leave your career and go make vases, but we all have the ability to do something amazing.”


39.indd 1


28/08/2020 12:59:06 PM




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27/08/2020 10:34:03 AM

HAVE YOU EVER dreamt of throwing it all in – your job, the mortgage, and the car – to live a life less ordinary? A local family has done just that, leaving a lush acreage property in Pomona for a 42-foot catamaran. Rod and Cathie Withyman found themselves in a taxi in an exotic land with a driver who Rod describes as larger than life. He was loud and excitable, enthusiastically telling Rod and Cathie all about “pura vita” – the pure life. Since that day, Rod and Cathie have been inspired to live a life that is


simple and connected to both family and the environment. They have raised their two sons, Bon, 11, and Rio, 13, on the land and in the ocean. They have learned to grow their own food, fish for their dinner and catch their own water as it falls from the sky. “We want to show the boys another way of living,” Rod explains. “It doesn’t have to be school, university, work. There are so many other ways to live.” When they married, Rod owned an adventure kayak

We are rocketing into the future! Palm Lake Resort are the new winners of a coveted construction award from the Master Builders Association Qld. If you’re looking for ultimate over-50s resort luxury act now and you can also secure $25,000 off your new home with our New Home Bonus (settle by December 2020, T&Cs apply). Palm Lake Resort is rocketing into the future of over-50s living in award-winning style! Join us now. This is your time.



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28/08/2020 12:59:53 PM

PHOTO: Lisa Pearl

business and when he sold that, they opened a day-trip business in Noosaville. Even as babies, Bon and Rio would join their parents out on the water. Planning for their new life on a boat started more than six years ago and, this year, the family of four, plus their dog Bulla, finally set sail on their catamaran. The first step on their new journey was gathering together and deciding just how they wanted to live their life. “In early 2019, we sat down together as a family and spoke about what was important to us, each individually and as a family,” Cathie recalls. “It was after a day’s work where I just thought, what the heck are we doing living like this where we hardly see each other and life just seemed so disjointed and busy? “We came up with a family manifesto. This is what has helped us stay on track and move every day towards our new life on the ocean.” The second step in planning was to sell their beloved family home in Pomona and with that now settled, there is no turning back. Next, the family sold almost everything they owned, except for what they will take on the boat and some precious keepsakes that are being stored in a container. “When you get stuck in the normal way of life, you feel stressed,” Rod says. “It’s not good for your health; you’re weighed down. You’re caught in a rut. You’re not free. “Once you are in debt, you are not living. That was us three months ago. It frustrates us because even though we tried to reduce our impact, you can’t help but negatively impact the environment when you live like that – normally. “That is why sailing is so appealing. We can’t wait to lessen our impact. Hoist the sail and harness the energy. You’re forced to become self-sufficient.” “Downsizing was so cleansing,” Cathie says. “It was relieving. We just accumulate so much stuff and it felt great to shed all of it.” 42

42.indd 1

We want to show the boys another way of living. It doesn’t have to be school, university, work. There are so many other ways to live.

Cathie, who grew up on a farm and has always lived on the land, admits making the shift to water will be tough. “It will be interesting for me, but if we feel like we need space, there is a whole ocean to explore,” she says. “I’m looking forward to the change. We won’t have a schedule. Our routine will be dictated by the weather.” Cathie, who works as a consultant, will earn the money that will help fund their new lifestyle. If needed, the family can drop anchor and work in paradise for a few months. But as Rod explains, their living cost are now so much lower, with recurring costs reduced from the mountainous pile of bills that include a mortgage, school fees and car maintenance to some ongoing boat maintenance and their insurance. “We are minimising our cost of living,” he says. Rod and Cathie have already started home schooling Bon and Rio, relishing the chance to engage in their son’s education.


27/08/2020 9:32:28 AM

PHOTO: Lisa Pearl

The home schooling will continue on the boat as they travel up and down the Australian coast. Bon and Rio sat patiently as we spoke about the family’s coming adventure, but their excitement is palatable with their jittering legs and fidgeting fingers giving away their eagerness to leave the land and live on the sea. When asked what he is most looking forward to, Bon replied “there is just so much”. Waking up and jumping straight into the ocean, fishing for their dinner, finding new waves to surf, watching and admiring a whole host of animals – these are just a few of the things the two boys can’t wait to experience. The Withymans boarded their boat in late August with Double Island as their first destination for some long overdue

surfing. They will then set sail north towards Hervey Bay until cyclone season forces them back towards the Sunshine Coast and maybe as far south as Tasmania. “The best part is, we will all be learning together,” Cathie says. “Even though Rod has so much experience on the water and the boys love to surf, none of us have done this before. The boys will teach us stuff.” Rod agrees, saying this is a chance for the family to truly bond and create a new life, one that is pure and simple. “We spend so much time on the coast looking out at boats, wishing we were out there, in the view,” he says. “Now, we’re going to be out there looking back into the shoreline. We’re going to be in the view.”


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28/08/2020 1:00:42 PM


365 DAYS OF ART, DRAWING & CREATIVITY Lorna Scobie | Hardie Grant | $25 each

HONEYBEE Craig Silvey | Allen & Unwin | $33 It’s been more than 10 years since we first fell in love with Craig Silvey’s novel Jasper Jones. In this sensational new novel, the author has returned to the world of teenage boys, and this story is about Sam Watson, a 14-year-old uncomfortable in his own skin. Despite an often inappropriate childhood, and a mother who seems to make one bad choice after another, Sam is a boy filled with love, but lacking a place to put it. Navigating puberty is a minefield, and can be confusing and agonising in the best of situations, but Sam is behind the eight ball. He has nobody who truly cares about him, so Sam finds friendship and love in the unlikeliest of places. This is a story of a boy grappling with the usual difficulties we all face growing up, but added to this is a confusion about his own sexuality, something he has been unable to discuss with his mother, and which has resulted in secrecy and self-loathing. The author handles this with great sensitivity and understanding. This could be a depressing book, but it is not. There is a lot of humour here, as well as warmth, light and hope. Craig’s dialogue once again shines with authenticity, and his cast of characters will remain in the hearts and minds of the readers of Honeybee.



44.indd 1

Lorna Scobie is a British artist and illustrator who has teamed up with Hardie Grant to produce three books guaranteed to stimulate your creativity, and help you to find joy in art. We are all creative, although many of us do not take the time to discover it! These books will definitely remedy that, as they all feature a drawing or verbal encouragement on each of the 365 pages, one for every day of the year. Each daily exercise requires just a small amount of time and effort, so it’s easy to fit into the busiest schedule. These books offer a fun and easy way to kindle your creative fires, and they will be enjoyed by adults and children.

ALL OUR SHIMMERING SKIES Trent Dalton | HarperCollins | $33 Trent Dalton captured the hearts of readers with his beautiful novel Boy Swallows Universe, which was largely based on his own childhood in Brisbane. It was a miracle of a book; a blend of fact, fiction and a smattering of magical realism. Of course his readers wanted more, but how could Trent possibly equal the magical story of Eli Bell? This reader says he has done it; and he has given us a completely new and fresh story; a love letter to the landscape of Australia, and the tale of Molly Hook, the gravedigger’s daughter. All Our Shimmering Skies is set in the Northern Territory, at the time of the bombing of Darwin in 1942. Molly and her unusual travel companions, a feisty actress and a fallen Japanese fighter pilot, set off on a perilous journey across the landscape. It is an almost mythical pilgrimage for a small girl dwarfed by the immensity of the country, travelling into the dead centre and carrying not much more than a small backpack and a stone heart. It’s a story of contrasts – darkness and light, good and evil, beauty and brutality and the gifts that fall from the sky. Trent Dalton uses language as an artist uses paint – with vibrancy, skill and eloquence. He has created another masterpiece.


28/08/2020 5:51:05 PM


Want to be more mindful? Then download SMILING MIND – a not-for-profit website and app developed by psychologists and educators – which is brimming with meditations and mindfulness exercises you can do every day.


Sunshine Coast journalist and podcaster Monika O’Hanlon has created a fun choose-your-own-adventure podcast series called WOULD YOU RATHER…. At the end of the first episode, it is you, the listener, who controls the story by deciding which episode to listen to next. Download from your favourite podcast app.


Actor Josh Gad (the voice of Olaf in Frozen) has created a fantastic YouTube show called REUNITED APART, where he brings together (via video calls) the casts of popular movies such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Goonies, Lord of the Rings and Back to the Future. Go to and search for ‘Josh Gad’.


Actors and siblings Kate and Oliver Hudson bring their energy, curiosity and obvious love of each other to their chats with other famous and accomplished brothers and sisters in their podcast SIBLING REVELRY. Download from your favourite podcast app.


If you’re a parent or a grandparent, you need to follow landscape architect Paula Kuka’s COMMON WILD Instagram account. It’s a fun, compassionate and beautiful look at the ups and downs of motherhood.


SKILLSHARE is a global online learning community that has thousands of classes on topics such as creative writing, illustration, design, photography and more.

A ROOM MADE OF LEAVES Kate Grenville | Text Publishing | $40 What a treat to have a new Kate Grenville novel! This is the fourth novel in a loose series based on the early colonial settlements of Australia, and tells the story of Elizabeth Macarthur, the wife of John Macarthur, who is considered to be the father of the Australian wool industry. The novel opens with an intriguing yet fictional preface relating the discovery of the long-lost secret memoirs of Elizabeth. In reality, there has been little written of her as documentation from the time only gives sketchy detail, but it is known she was an intelligent, hardworking and impressive woman, and that she possibly was more instrumental in the building of the wool industry than her husband. Kate Grenville has fleshed out this character and given her an intriguing and believable story. A small phrase from Elizabeth Macarthur when describing her inability to learn astronomy from William Dawes, “I blush at my error” was enough to set Kate Grenville off on a story of passion and enlightenment. The interaction between the settlers and the First Nations people is an important element in the novel, and these scenes are described with sensitivity and authenticity. Her writing is simply a joy to read.

Book reviews by Annie’s Books on Peregian, 8 Kingfisher Drive, Peregian Beach. 5448 2053 or The online picks were selected by salt HQ.


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28/08/2020 5:52:18 PM


Shelly Beach by Damian Watts from The Salty Pixel,

Coolum Beach by Kerry Mulgrew, 46

46.indd 1


27/08/2020 9:38:55 AM

Tea Tree Bay by Dave Wilcock, SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

47.indd 1


27/08/2020 9:39:38 AM


Noosa by Paul Smith, 48

48.indd 1


27/08/2020 9:39:52 AM

Coolum Beach by Kerry Mulgrew,

Cotton Tree by Damian Watts from The Salty Pixel, SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

49.indd 1


27/08/2020 9:40:24 AM


PHOTO: Anastasia Kariofyllidis

PHOTO: Anastasia Kariofyllidis

Since it opened, PEREGIAN BEACH HOTEL has challenged the idea that pub food is secondary to the beer. The menu is brimming with tasty dishes that are made with fresh, local ingredients. Tuck into burgers, chicken parmigiana (of course), wood-fired pizzas or beer-battered fish and chips. Our recommendation is to pair your meal with a refreshing summer cocktail. The hotel is also known for its Sunday arvo live music sessions. Jump onto the Facebook page to see who is playing next. Peregian Beach Hotel is at 229 David Low Way, Peregian Beach, 5448 3111 or

While PERIWINKLE RESTAURANT is the perfect spot to relax and watch the world go by, the Peregian Beach staple also offers takeaway. So if you don’t feel like cooking, this is the perfect restaurant to stop by and get a meal before heading home, or to the beach, or the park. What to order? Here at salt we are partial to the crab souffle, though the spanner crab and seafood linguine is also pretty special. Don’t forget dessert. Chef Frank does a mean crepe suzette and creme brulee. Periwinkle Restaurant is at 2/216 David Low Way, Peregian Beach. 5448 3251 or

nosh news

Dining has never played a bigger part in our lives, so here salt shares news, information and products that enhance our passionate consumption.

PHOTO: Tourism & Events Queensland


50.indd 1

There are many ways we can support our local restaurants and cafes – by picking up a coffee in the morning, stopping by for lunch or getting a takeaway meal on the way home from work. But the Sunshine Coast is also home to a large range of food growers, producers and manufacturers. To SUPPORT LOCAL, your nearest farmers market is a great place to start – here you can stock up on fruit and veg, as well as honey and cheese, breads and sweet treats. But that’s just the beginning. Next time you catch up with friends, head to Sunshine Coast Brewery, Brouhaha Brewery, Your Mates or another small brewery to sample the beers that are created on the premises. You can also support local by picking your own strawberries from June to November, visiting working farms such as Maleny Dairies and QCamel, or joining a farm and food tour. Check the labels at your local grocery shop and wholefood stores and choose locally made or manufactured products, such as chocolate, coffee, honey, herbs, ice-cream, snack foods, meats, milk and more.


27/08/2020 9:57:44 AM

AUTHENTIC ITALIAN FOOD Roof Top Bar and downstairs dining on Hastings Street

Who doesn’t want a little bit of sunshine in their lives? What started as a small stall at Eumundi Markets has grown into a much larger business for the family who owns and runs FROZEN SUNSHINE. These iceblocks can now be found all over the Sunshine Coast, which is lucky for us because they are super delicious! All Frozen Sunshine iceblocks are dairy free, gluten free, egg free and nut free, so they are perfect for vegans and people with food allergies or intolerances. But even if you don’t have an intolerance, with flavours like vanilla bean, mango swirl, strawberry and chocolate, these cold delights are worth looking out for. Grab a single serve at cafes and shops all over the Coast or stock up the freezer by buying a multi-pack to take home. Find your nearest stockist at

A few months ago when the team at salt heard about CAFÉ SISILY, a new cafe/bakery that was dishing up authentic Italian sweets, we just had to try it. If you’ve never had cannoli, this is the place to go to indulge for the first time. Café Sisily’s cannolis are made fresh every day – think crunchy pastry tubes filled with creamy chocolate or vanilla custard. If you’re not in the mood for cannoli, Café Sisily also dishes up other delights such as flaky croissants, danishes, tiramisu, biscotti, mini cakes and bomboloni. Café Sisily is at 40 Landsborough Parade, Golden Beach. 0402 049 812 or

Open 12 – Late Lunch, Dinner & Drinks 7 Days (07) 5447 3346 @PiccolinoNoosa 8 Hastings Street, Noosa




51.indd 1


31/08/2020 10:45:31 AM

We are lucky here on the Coast to have so many national cuisines represented, and if it’s JAPANESE you are after, you’ll find something to tempt you wherever you live in the region. If you’re down near The Wharf Mooloolaba, Rice Boi is the obvious choice. The menu includes street food favourites sticky pork belly, calamari, chicken wings and spring rolls. If you’re in Noosa, head to Sushi Yah Man and load up on sashimi, nigiri, sushi, dumplings and more. Buderim locals can be seen dropping into Hiraku for a bento box, while Caloundra’s Ii-naa Japanese Food has been a favourite for years.

Set in a beautiful building off the main street of Pomona, we have found what we think might be the prettiest place to enjoy a drink and a meal on the Sunshine Coast. POMONA DISTILLING CO features a beautiful bistro and bar area, but it’s the large garden and arbour that we reckon is the spot to relax and enjoy the company of friends with good food and a few drinks. The distillery was created to share the owner’s love of vodka and gin, which you can enjoy with the tasty food on offer. While the food is well above the usual pub fare, it’s the spirits that you’ll come here for. There’s dry gin, pink gin and blue pea flower gin, plus the vodka – our advice is to indulge in a cocktail. It’s a small-batch distillery, which means the distillers can better control the quality of the spirits. We hear that gin masterclasses are also coming soon. Pomona Distilling Co is at 18 Reserve Street, Pomona. 1300 904 633 or

Lunch Friday - Saturday Dinner Tuesday - Saturday Closed Sunday/Monday Live Music Saturday’s 12-3pm


5443 5387 24 Duporth Ave Maroochydore


52.indd 1

Have you had a delivery from DELICIOUSLY CLEAN EATS yet? We have, and we will be back. This Sunshine Coast-based pre-packaged fresh food delivery provider caters for busy households throughout the region. You just need to jump onto the website and choose the meals and dietary options you want. Try out a single order or sign up for a weekly subscription. The Deliciously Clean Eats team will prepare your super-healthy tasty food and deliver it to your door. We like the look of the Italian chicken meatballs with pasta and greens (pictured). If you’re out and about, you can visit the Deliciously Clean Eats cafe at Bokarina, where you can stop in for a coffee and pick up a meal to go. It’s at Kawana Sports Hub, 3/26 Main Drive, Bokarina. 0409 105 250 or


28/08/2020 1:09:21 PM

Salt’s editor was at Silo Wholefoods in Yandina recently and came across what she thinks might be her new favourite spring beverage. Australian company MONDAY DISTILLERY makes these G&T-inspired non-alcoholic drinks, so you can indulge in a bevvy and keep a clear head. Monday Distillery says it is all about enjoying social times while staying elegantly composed. The team at Monday Distillery knows that it’s a challenge to be healthy, and whether you’ve made the decision to go alcohol-free for good or for a weekend, these tasty drinks make it easy. Other Sunshine Coast Monday Distillery stockists are Kunara at Forest Glen, Maleny IGA and Groundskeeper Willie in Moffat Beach. Check out for more.

We offer only the best seafood!

Fresh seafood goes hand in hand with our Noosa lifestyle. There’s nothing like a seafood barbie or fresh prawns with a cold beer. We’ve got the freshest, best quality catch on the coast everyday and Chefs ready with cooking tips and advice.


Tel: 5449 2655 This warmer weather has us out and about SIPPING COCKTAILS with friends. But remember, you don’t have to go out to a bar to enjoy a great cocktail. Get yourself a shaker and a few basic ingredients, invite some friends over, and whip up a cocktail or two at home. Start with a simple recipe, such as the classic sidecar. It’s just eight parts cognac, two parts lemon juice and one part Cointreau. Pop the ingredients in a shaker with plenty of ice, shake until your arms hurt, and pour into a cocktail glass. You can garnish with a twist of lemon, and sugar the rim if you’re feeling really fancy.

Cnr Cooyar Street & Lanyana Way, Noosa Heads


53.indd 1


31/08/2020 10:36:39 AM




Liam Brown 54

54.indd 1


27/08/2020 9:59:21 AM

I WAS SOLD the moment I saw these six little words on the menu â&#x20AC;&#x201C; honey and thyme baked goats cheese. Actually, truth be told, I was probably sold a few minutes before that when the doors opened and we were welcomed by one of the friendly waitresses. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s when I knew I was in for a memorable evening. Stepping over the threshold at Orleans Restaurant and Bar, you are transported from Duporth Avenue in Maroochydore to an ambient speakeasy in the middle of the melting pot of culture and cuisine. The soft swinging jazz music felt as though it was sashaying into my ears, while the vibe was dark and moody with an almost sensual feel to it. Dim pendant lights brought the textures of exposed brick, tile, glass and the Chesterfield-style booths to life. The indoor vertical garden and artwork sprawled across the main wall. Illuminated by candlelight, it made the place come alive with the feel of the

French Quarter. It was cosy, funky, sexy, warm and it was certainly impressive. And thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s exactly the point. Owners Liam Brown and Brendan Bryant wanted to bring a slice of New Orleans to the Sunshine Coast. And itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s safe to say they succeeded. â&#x20AC;&#x153;Brendan approached me about opening up a restaurant in Maroochydore,â&#x20AC;? Liam says. â&#x20AC;&#x153;He had a space up for lease and thought weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d make a good fit. We chatted about it over drinks, as you do, and decided weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d work on the project together. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I have always loved the New Orleans vibe and the style of food. We had both been to France too, so we wanted to incorporate the refined quality of French cuisine and the chilled-out, moody, intimate vibe of New Orleans â&#x20AC;&#x201C; we felt as though it would be a great fit for the Coast,â&#x20AC;? Liam adds. â&#x20AC;&#x153;The town that New Orleans was named after was the French town OrlĂŠans so it actually made perfect sense to do a fusion of both.




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31/08/2020 10:37:43 AM

French Mediterranean cooking using locally grown products Nestled in the beautiful village square of Peregian Beach, Periwinkle restaurant offer a modern French Mediterranean cuisine with delicious seafood, hand crafted sourdough breads, char grill beef and seasonal vegetables. Enjoy a relaxing breakfast, lunch or dinner in the family friendly village square park.

And that is how the concept and the restaurant came about.” Liam started out in the hospitality industry as a chef’s apprentice at age 18 on the Sunshine Coast. “I was fortunate enough to work with some amazing chefs and in some incredible restaurants,” he says. “I became qualified as a chef in my early twenties. From there, my wife Tracy and I got married and made the move to Melbourne so we could experience a different side of the industry. And while we both loved it – the fast pace, the excitement, the change – we also both missed home and ended up back here on the Sunshine Coast. “We continued to work in the industry, me in the kitchen and Tracy front of house, and eventually we decided to give our own place a go,” Liam says. “So we opened a cafe in 2008 and had that for seven years before I was approached by Brendan. The timing was right and now here we are.” As well as wearing the hat of part owner, Liam also wears the executive chef hat and says cooking up this style of food has been a lot of fun. “I am also lucky enough to have an amazing team supporting me both on the floor and in the kitchen, including chef Matt Harangozo, who used to own The 4th Floor,” he says. “So, we bounce ideas off each other often and he has been a great asset to our team.” And let me tell you, my taste buds couldn’t be happier that Orleans came to be. And it is certainly still a crowd favourite four years on. My advice, be sure to book ahead because this funky

Monday to Friday 11am - 8.30pm Saturday & Sunday 8.30am - 8.30pm 2/216 David Low Way Peregian Beach QLD 4573

07 5448 3251 56

56.indd 1


28/08/2020 1:16:36 PM

Vintage High Tea . 95 $39 gluten free option $49.95

I have always loved the New Orleans vibe and the style of food.

place has the trifecta of music, liquor and, of course, delicious food, making it date night heaven. Drawing inspiration from the classics of New Orleans cuisine and finished with a modern French Orléans twist, the menu offers up dishes such as sticky beef cheek with vintage cheddar and potato truffle soufflé; creamed spinach and dark mushroom ragout; and seafood gumbo with jambalaya, prawns, clams, mussels, fish and a crispy garlic bread. Let’s not forget dessert – cinnamon beignets with white chocolate and poppy seed mousse, blackcurrant gel and salted caramel – a crowd favourite. You can pair any of the dishes with a delicious drop of wine or have the bartender whip up a cocktail or two with flare. “I personally love doing the four-course tasting menu with matched wines because it’s a great chance for patrons to taste all of my favourites in a share style setting,” Liam says. “Starting the night with a cocktail is a good idea too.” Needless to say, that’s exactly what we did. Visit

57.indd 1




& High Tea


see package details online


07 5478 6212 38 Kondalilla Falls Rd Montville

31/08/2020 10:31:24 AM



Ours. Café & Goods in Moffat Beach shares these super-tasty vegan dishes that everyone will fall in love with.


58.indd 1


27/08/2020 10:00:56 AM


Ingredients 2 cups soaked cashew ½ cup jalapeño brine ½ cup jalapeños 1 tsp salt 1 lime squeezed ⅓ cup nutritional yeast

Method This is super easy! You basically put all ingredients into your blender, Ninja or Thermomix or any kind of device that is going to blitz the heck out of it and ooh-la-la you have the creamiest, yummiest dairy-free nacho topping ever. This little fellow is a bestie to the Mexican spiced jackfruit, or even as a dip on its own. You could also use it as a beautiful salad dressing on a fresh and crunchy raw Mexican salad.



Ingredients GARLIC YOGHURT DRESSING 1 whole garlic bulb Olive oil 1 ½ cups soaked cashews 1 cup Coyo (vegan) or good quality Greek yoghurt ¼ cup lemon juice Salt and pepper to taste

ROASTED EGGPLANT 2 small eggplants Nut crumble Garlic yoghurt dressing Coriander or parsley Lemon wedge for serving

NUT CRUMBLE ½ cup pecans ½ cup walnut ½ tsp cumin ½ tsp turmeric ½ tsp chilli ½ tsp garlic powder ½ tsp onion powder ½ tsp salt ½ tsp black pepper ½ cup pepitas (pumpkin seeds) ½ cup of dried cranberries

Method First things first, make the yoghurt dressing. Heat the oven to 180 degrees. Drizzle the garlic with olive oil and wrap it in foil so it looks like a nice little pom-pom. Let that roast for an hour. If you don’t usually stash soaked cashews in your fridge, put a cup of natural dried cashews in a pot and cover with water. Bring to the boil and let simmer for 10 minutes. You are aiming for them to double in size. Once they are sufficiently luscious in a very Nigella Lawson kind of way, squeeze out the garlic from the roasted bulb (once it’s cooled). Put all ingredients into a blender and combine until smooth. This will be the creamy dressing for the roasted eggplant, but you can use it for a dip, a dressing or on a potato salad.

While they are in the oven, get cracking on the nut crumble. Once you have this base recipe you’ll be sprinkling it on everything. Put all the ingredients, except half the pepitas and the cranberries, into a blender and blitz until it is a crumbly consistency. Then add the remaining pepitas and the dried cranberries. Once the eggplants are browned, gooey and delicious, leave them to cool for a short time. Top them with the roast garlic yoghurt, followed by that divine nut crumble and your choice of herb. Serve with a side of lemon, which is not just for looks! Give it a good squeeze over the top.


194 Gympie Tce Noosaville PHONE 5440 5070 Book online at SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

59.indd 1


Now cut the eggplants longways. Score the top with a criss-cross and sprinkle with salt. Leave for 30 minutes and then dust off the excess salt. Sprinkle with good quality olive oil and roast on high (190 degrees) for 20 to 30 minutes depending on the size of your eggplant. You want them to be nice and juicy, not shrivelled up like a prune.


28/08/2020 1:19:46 PM


Ingredients 2 tins green jackfruit in brine 1 tsp salt 2 tsp cumin 1 tsp chilli flakes 1 tbsp smoked paprika 2 tbsp olive oil 1 capsicum 1 lime 1 ½ tbsp maple syrup 1 large tomato, chopped

Method Heat the oven to 180 degrees. Line a tray with baking paper. Drain the jackfruit and lay it out on the tray. Cover it with the salt and spices, then a sprinkle of the olive oil. We know the recipe says 2 tbsp but feel free to evoke the spirit of Jamie Oliver and get a bit free with it. Be generous. Also chop the cheeks off the capsicum and add it to the tray. Roast them together for 25 minutes. Once they are done, take the capsicum and put it in the blender with the juice of the whole lime, the maple syrup and the tomato. Blend those bad boys together to create a sauce. Scrape the jackfruit into a bowl and try to get as much of the oil and spices off the tray. That’s the gold right there. Using a potato masher, press it down and break it up so the larger pieces separate. Give it a real going over! Then add the blended sauce and mix through so the spices can combine with the sauce flavours. And that’s it all done! This will be your favourite combo for a lovely shared nachos, tacos or burrito bowl. Match it with the jalapeno cream cheese, a fresh tomato salsa and, of course, some diced avocado. It’s super quick and always a crowd favourite among vegetarian friends and meat lovers alike.


60.indd 1


31/08/2020 10:37:59 AM


Ingredients 1 cup ice 1 cup frozen or fresh banana 1 cup spinach About 10 mint leaves 1 tbsp cocoa nibs 1 tsp maca powder 2 seeded dates for sweetness or a dash of maple syrup 1 cup coconut milk or almond milk

Method The team at Ours. made the mistake of taking this smoothie off the menu for a short time. It was so missed that they had to bring it back almost immediately! Maca powder is a great addition to smoothies, especially for women. It is an ancient Peruvian medicine that can help with menopause, fatigue, cognitive functions and skin health. To make the smoothie, put everything in a blender and blitz until smooth. If you need to, add a little more milk as required. Garnish with a sprig of mint because it looks nice.

Recipes courtesy of Ours. CafĂŠ & Goods, 3 Roderick Street, Moffat Beach. Find Ours on Facebook or email


Open Tues-Sat 10:30am-3pm & 5pm to late Closed Sunday & Monday & public holidays

La Balsa, 45 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba P 5326 3468


61.indd 1


28/08/2020 1:21:28 PM


Hidden Creek Winery PHOTO: Tourism and Events Queensland



WE ARE LIVING in some pretty extraordinary times at the moment. The struggle is real for a lot of people from all walks of life. But pouring a glass of wine is a sure-fire way of putting a smile on the dial. A simple purchase decision can also put the spring in the step of a small business. Having been on the ground in the Hunter Valley, McLaren Vale and in the Barossa Valley earlier this year, I know there is some uncertainty about what the future holds in the wine industry during these times. I’ve spoken with numerous growers and winemakers, and it’s clear the concern is far reaching – more than many of us suspect. Like the small family-run winery that received a $30,000 invoice for bottling on the same day wine orders for a couple of pallets fell through due to the closure of restaurants and key 62

62.indd 1

accounts on the eastern states. This same business also has invoices to pay for fruit delivered by growers that arrived during vintage. These growers rely on such payments to get by. Wineries like this need income from sales – be it via on premises, retail or direct – to then pay the growers who support them. But we don’t see the growers. They are faceless, but without them there is no product. Yet, they are often left behind. Many industries and occupations are feeling the same. I’ve heard rumblings that some wineries are staring down the barrel and won’t survive the next few months. Some growers are feeling the pinch in a big way due to a couple of poor vintage yields impacted by drought and little income. But we can raise a glass and help. Jump online or head to an independent retailer and buy a six-pack or a dozen wines


27/08/2020 10:02:19 AM




The little guys, those small, family businesses, are the ones we need to reach out to right now.


Fisheries on the Spit, 21 Parkyn Pde, Mooloolaba, 5444 1165 from a small producer – a family business. Perhaps one you’ve never bought from previously. Over the page is a list of some recommendations. There will be some you have never heard of. Brilliant! These small businesses have mouths to feed at home, mortgage repayments to make, school fees to pay and shirts to put on backs. These are people that shop local in their own communities, participate in their local sports clubs and assist other families in their district, like the growers.


63.indd 1


31/08/2020 10:26:44 AM

The Raidis family from Raidis Estate

HERE ARE SOME SMALL WINERIES WORTH SUPPORTING: GRANITE BELT: Ballandean Estate, Golden Grove Estate, Hidden Creek, Pyramids Road, Ridgemill Estate, Witches Falls HUNTER VALLEY: Comyns & Co, De Iuliis, Dirt Candy, Grandis Wines, Thomas Wines, Usher Tinkler ORANGE AND MUDGEE: Cook’s Lot, Huntington Estate, Robert Stein YARRA VALLEY: Arfion, Bird on a Wire, Luke Lambert, Payten & Jones, Seville Estate, Soumah MORNINGTON PENINSULA: Eldridge Estate, Moorooduc Estate, Ocean Eight, Polperro COONAWARRA: Bailey Wine Co, Redman Wines, Raidis Estate, Wild Game Wine, Zema Estate CLARE VALLEY: Mitchell Wines, O’Leary Walker, Tonic MCLAREN VALE: Bondar, Dodgy Bros, Geddes Wines, Oliver’s Taranga, Smidge Wines BAROSSA VALLEY: Hayes Family Wines, Soul Growers, Tim Smith Wines, Yelland & Papps The Aylward family from Ocean Eight Wines

Buying up cheap wine from large chain stores may seem attractive and save you money, but these are companies fuelled by large corporates whose focus is profit margins, not people. These chain stores have significant buying power and can lure you in with discounts – reductions family businesses simply cannot afford. Some of these chain stores cheekily line 60 per cent of their shelves with their own brands to happily saturate their own (already deep) pockets. The little guys, those small, family businesses, are the ones we need to reach out to right now. There’s no better time to support small business. 64

64.indd 1

MARGARET RIVER AND GREAT SOUTHERN: Flametree, Oates Ends, Singlefile TASMANIA: Grey Sands, Pooleys Wines, Stargazer, Stefano Lubiana After all that you’ll need a cleansing beer. The lads from Your Mates continue to kick goals and their Warana brewhouse is thriving. Hot off the press is a new beer that has just hit the market – Eddie XPA. Summer vibes and sunshine are where this is at. Eddie is a daredevil dude; a full-flavoured extra-pale ale hoppy mid-strength (3.5 per cent) – think mangoes, tropical fruit with a slight bitterness and cleansing finish. It’s a beer sure to please every mouth it hits, just like Eddie’s popular mate Larry Pale Ale and the excitable Sally IPA.


27/08/2020 10:03:06 AM

NINE TO TRY: HIDDEN CREEK CHARDONNAY 2018 (GRANITE BELT) $25 Thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s some good body here; something you can sink your teeth into. An energetic vibe reaches out and just pulls you closer. Matchsticks and concentrated stone fruit linger. Great buying. DIRT CANDY THE WHITE KNIGHT PET NAT 2020 (HUNTER VALLEY) $30 Bottle fermented with a gentle fizz to amuse. Green apple and cut pear do the dancing. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s textural, sourdough yeasty-like with a lick of spice and a lemony tang oozing refreshment factor. Yum. ELDRIDGE ESTATE PTG 2019 (MORNINGTON PENINSULA) $35 A pinot noir and gamay blend â&#x20AC;&#x201C; super juicy and delicious deluxe. Resistance is futile. So soft. So pleasurable. The fruit waltzes with absolute ease on its mission to deliver pleasure in the most humble manner. Splendid, brilliant, all that. ARFION FULL MOON VINEYARD PINOT NOIR 2018 (YARRA VALLEY) $40 One hundred per cent whole bunch fermented, you can immediately see the savoury goodness they bring. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a roller coaster of interest as the fruit dips and the savoury soars. Captivating! Fine spices curl around the mouth then roll out to a long and moreish finish. PYRAMIDS ROAD PETIT VERDOT 2019 (GRANITE BELT) $45 This is a cold night by the fire kind of wine. Dancy violets and purple flowers light up the aroma profile. Blackberry and dark plum fruit have a soothing presence. Still quite tight and linear, decant to enjoy now or be rewarded with patience.

    " !"!" " """ "  " ""  "  """ "

BIRD ON A WIRE CHARDONNAY 2017 (YARRA VALLEY) $45 This would be served as the arrival drink at the gates of chardonnay heaven. Sublime! Immerse yourself in white stone fruit, a nutty drive, butterscotch creaminess and vanilla cream. Lemon juice and grapefruit lap at your feet. Bliss. SMIDGE PEDRA BRANCA SAPERAVI 2018 (MCLAREN VALE) $45 This is a big, athletic fellow. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not dissimilar to that big wave that smooths out helping you glide effortlessly to shore. Barbecued meats and blue fruits keep things moving along nicely with a pretty violet mouth perfume on close. Delicious. THOMAS WINES ELENAY SHIRAZ 2018 (HUNTER VALLEY) $55 Lusciously medium-bodied, pretty scents of red flowers and red currants lead to a mouthful of dainty fruit that just purrs. Soft spices, dried herbs and what seems to be a never-ending finish. Brilliant! SOUL GROWERS DEFIANT MATARO 2017 (BAROSSA VALLEY) $60 Mataro is that weird freaky kid at the back of the party, but in time everyone wants to hang with him. Chocolate and earthy feels are supreme but dark berry fruits are the beating heart of this wine. The fruit just glides through effortlessly. Wow!

STEVE LESZCZYNSKI is a wine writer, wine dinner host and MC. Apart from writing for his website, Steve contributes to Halliday Wine Companion Magazine, Vinomofo, Wine Business Magazine, Grapegrower & Winemaker Magazine and has previously written for Must Do Brisbane. Steve is a passionate supporter of the QLD Wine industry. SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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31/08/2020 10:27:21 AM





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27/08/2020 10:04:08 AM


e Walk om & Charli e Murr ay

MOVE OVER SINGLE ladies, there is a new bouquet toss ritual hitting the wedding scene, and it’s a tearjerker. Instead of throwing the bridal bouquet to all the single girlfriends, newlyweds are now passing the sought-after flowers to the couple who has been married for the longest. For Sophie and Charlie Murray, that special couple was Sophie’s grandparents, who have been married for 63 years (and still going strong). Sophie delivered the bouquet along with this heartfelt speech: “I know I speak on behalf of all your grandchildren when I say that growing up and witnessing the love you have for one another has had a profound impact on all of us. It’s because of you both that I know what real love is, and your story is truly the most beautiful love story of them all.” Sophie adds, “We’ve since been to a wedding where our friends have continued to carry on this tradition.” Sophie and Charlie’s love story started in 2011 after a successful match-making arrangement by two of their close friends. The matchmakers organised a group of friends to watch the Rugby World Cup together, Sophie and Charlie included. Then, one night after watching yet another rugby game, Charlie walked Sophie to her car and asked one simple question, “Would you like to go to dinner?” Fast-forward six years and Charlie was asking Sophie another life-changing question, only this time they were in the city of love. They were living in London at the time. It was a Friday night and they were discussing their weekend plans over dinner in Convent Garden. Charlie had already made plans. He pulled two Eurostar tickets out of his pocket, with the destination of Paris.

TO LOVE TO REMEMBER TO HOLD AND T O H AV E FOREVER 07 5477 0561 Multi Award Winning Manufacturing Jewellers


67.indd 1


28/08/2020 1:24:46 PM

“We had been to Paris a few times during our time living in London and consider it a very special place to us both,” Sophie says. The couple caught the train to Paris on the Saturday morning and spent the day exploring the city. That evening they had a beautiful dinner in the Latin Quarter, and as they were walking back to the hotel, they crossed the Pont des Arts Bridge. It was a balmy summer’s night in August, so the sun was only just setting at 9pm. “We stopped by one of the intricate lamp posts on the bridge,” Sophie explains. “You’re not able to lock padlocks on the bridge anymore, however, on this particular lamp post a few people had managed to secure theirs on. Charlie pointed to one of the padlocks and said ‘oh look, this padlock has our initials on it’. And engraved on the padlock was ‘CM & SW 2017’ and before I could figure out what was happening, he flipped over the padlock and engraved on the back was ‘will you marry me?’. And he dropped to his knee. “He had managed to sneak out of the hotel earlier in the day to secure the padlock by telling me he was off to get some champagne from the shops.” After a two-year engagement, Sophie and Charlie tied the knot on September 7, 2019 at Spicers Clovelly. Recalling seeing Sophie’s mum walking her down the aisle, a teary Charlie says, “It felt surreal, that it was finally happening, and my best friend in the world was walking down the aisle. It was a moment we had dreamed and talked about for so many years.” For Sophie, one of her fondest memories of their special day was taking a small moment alone with her new husband. “Everyone was seated at the reception and the sun was just about to set,” she says. “It was just Charlie and me all by ourselves enjoying the beautiful garden where the ceremony was held. We had about five minutes totally alone to soak in everything about the day so far. It was a moment of quiet reflection with just each other before we were introduced as husband and wife to the reception.” Now approaching their one-year wedding anniversary, their love story continues to grow. “We would love to start a family in the years to come, and create a life that we can both cherish,” Sophie says. “We’re hopeful of one day travelling the world 68

68.indd 1



27/08/2020 10:05:02 AM

High Tea with a Twist Local Seafood – Cheeses – Smokey BBQ Delights

again, and providing our children with experiences that they will treasure. We’re very close to our families and would like to create similar memories that we had growing up – always salty and hungry from surfing for too long at the beach with our siblings! “If 2020 has taught us anything, however, it’s to be grateful for our health and that of our family’s so above all else, that’s all we want – to remain healthy and have the opportunity to grow old with one another.” While they still have a few decades to catch up with Sophie’s grandparents, there is no denying the love and respect these two have for one another is truly special. “Charlie is a true gentleman in every sense of the word and the way he treats me every day is an example to everyone,” Sophie says. “He is kind, fiercely loyal and we’re best friends above all else. We share similar interests, values and beliefs, and have often said we ‘speak our own language’.” “I love the way Sophie can light up my day and put a smile on my face effortlessly,” Charlie adds. “Her ability to understand me without words makes life seamless. And above all else, she has a kind and gentle personality. Her passion for everything that inspires her in life is infectious and makes me very happy.”

Take in the views of the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and enjoy a delicious high tea, our way. An experience not to be missed.

313 Flaxton Drive, Flaxton P 5445 7450

ABOUT THE VENUE The couple inspected various sites for their wedding, however, as soon as they arrived at Spicers Clovelly, they knew it was their perfect venue. They had envisioned an outdoor ceremony. Holding the ceremony on Clovelly’s main lawn meant that all their guests could be seated under the jacaranda overlooking the gardens and surrounds. The grounds are secluded and very picturesque. Sophie and Charlie wanted a very classic and timeless style so the flowers were simply white and green and all the furniture was white. They kept the reception details very minimal with arrangements of flowers up and down each long table together with clusters of open-flame candles. They loved that the ceremony, reception and then dancing were all in different spaces of Clovelly’s main house but all within a stone’s throw of each other. The couple hired the luxurious French Cottage for the bridal party to get ready in, and Spicers Clovelly offered 10 rooms to the guests on the night. This was a major drawcard for the couple, who wanted family to stay on site and join them for breakfast on the lawn together the morning after.


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31/08/2020 10:43:15 AM



LEGEND HAS IT that the ancient Egyptians were the first to exchange wedding bands several thousand years ago. Made of woven reeds, the circle symbolised eternal love and fidelity, and was worn on the fourth finger of the left hand because it was believed that a vein in this finger was connected directly to the heart. Although the wedding and engagement rings of today may be a far cry in appearance from their ancient counterparts, the sentiment and symbolism behind the tradition remains unchanged – nothing says ‘I do’ like a ring. According to one of the Coast’s most renowned jewellery designers, multi-award-winning third-generation master jeweller Adrian Schulz, today’s couples are favouring one-off custom-made engagement and wedding rings to celebrate their love – the more individual the design, the better. Adrian, who has more than three decades’ experience in the industry as a specialist designer and craftsman, owns Diamonds of Distinction in Buderim. He specialises in unique designs, unusually cut stones and specialised cuts. Not surprisingly, he has also seen many stone and ring design trends in his time. “Round brilliant-cut diamonds have made a big comeback,” he says. “Ten or 15 years ago, princess cuts [square cuts] were massive. Everything was white gold and princess cut and channel settings. Now we’re seeing finer styles; a lot of intricate micro and pave settings. There’s a little bit of Deco and Art Nouveau in there. 70

70.indd 1

“But I think the single biggest trend I’ve seen in the last few years is the halo style – that’s the centre diamond surrounded by a fine row of diamonds, or two rows of smaller diamonds.” Another style back in vogue for women is the fitted or shaped wedding band, which was extremely popular about 20 years ago. “I’ve definitely noticed lately some people are opting for having a more flamboyant engagement ring, and then something contoured and fitted around that,” says Adrian. “Some are even having a mix of stones, rather than just a row of little diamonds in a channel setting. They’re now mixing it up with slightly different cuts and styles, and some pretty funky things.”


27/08/2020 10:05:54 AM



It’s not just the women who are choosing to be a little avant-garde in the wedding ring department. The men are “mixing it up” too, with alternative metals to gold, such as platinum and the darker coloured tantalum, making a show. Hammered and patterned textured finishes feature strongly. For engagement rings, coloured stones such as spinels, tourmalines, and Colombian emeralds have proven popular recently, but the “go-to” gem is still the diamond, according to Adrian, who favours it for its hardness and longevity. While many people know about the ‘four Cs’ of diamonds – carat weight, cut, colour, clarity – he explains that the importance of the quality of the cut of a diamond is often underestimated. “A massive part of what we do is the education,” he says. “Sometimes you see a stone that, on paper, should look sensational, but when you see it, it just doesn’t really look as good as it should. Then you see another one that might be a colour lower, but it might be a little bit higher in some other aspects, and it just sparkles. “So that’s a huge part for us; showing people stones before they have to commit to buying one, rather than people buying on the internet and hoping it looks as good as they think it will.” Choosing a stone and deciding on a design is a huge commitment most people don’t take lightly, with many doing it as a couple. “We get a lot of couples coming in on a Saturday morning together, and you can see they’re emotionally invested in that appointment,” says Adrian. “It’s an exciting time, and it’s nice to be able to sit down and take your time with them. I think that’s the single biggest trend – people being involved in that individual process. And it makes the occasion a little more memorable.” But some traditions never die, apparently. Surprise proposals, complete with secretively designed ring, are still delightfully common. “There are some guys that will go to amazing lengths, and it’s really nice to see,” says Adrian. “They’ll sneak out her ring while she’s in the shower, and they’re measuring it on a ruler in the shed, and trying to get information to us that way. Spying on her Instagram [for design ideas]; asking friends; there are some guys that put a lot of effort and thought into it.” Whichever way it arrives, the perfect ring is the one chosen and created with love; a unique and exclusive design that nobody else will ever have. “We won’t recreate that for anybody,” says Adrian. “You leave here knowing that’s your special engagement ring, and it’s all yours. People love that.”

71.indd 1

Based on European aqua therapy traditions, Noosa Springs Spa offers a range of facilities and treatments to relax your senses, nurture your mind, body & soul and help you reconnect.


Golf & Spa Resort Links Drive, Noosa Heads Phone : 07 5440 3355

28/08/2020 1:28:40 PM



AN INTIMATE AFFAIR If there is a phrase that makes a wedding planner cringe, it has to be: ‘the year 2020’. It’s been an unpredictable year for everyone, but just as diamonds are made under pressure, we’ve seen some beautiful love stories emerge from the disarray. DOWNSIZED WEDDINGS, such as intimate hinterland getaways or carefree backyard fiestas, are anything but disappointing. The peacefulness, simplicity and warmth of a tight-knit wedding are things money simply cannot buy. Which is why smaller, more intimate weddings are here to stay – pandemic or not.

It’s wedding lace, but not as you know it. While delicate lace will never go out of style, shoelaces are a new wedding trend hitting the aisle. That’s right, modern brides are embracing their inner Sporty Spice, blending elegant gowns with chic sneakers. Infusing comfort with style, WEDDING SNEAKERS aren’t your average running shoe. Many shoe labels are catering for weddings with pearls, oversized bows and glittery embellishments. Your twinkle toes will be the envy of every squished foot in stilettos.


Here are our picks of fashionable, must-have products and advice for that loved-up occasion. WORDS LAYNE WHITBURN


BACK TO SCHOOL Hair accessories are channelling Blair Waldorf, with HEADBANDS making a serious comeback. When it comes to wedding headbands, we’re not just talking the traditional kind made of petite rhinestones – don’t be afraid to go big and bold. Chunky headbands aren’t just for school kids – they work with an unmistakably cool hairstyle. 72

72.indd 1

Committing to the love of your life is easy. But the commitment of a tattoo? Now that’ll give you cold feet. Save the vows for your future husband and give your skin some bohemian sparkle, without the commitment. WEDDING HENNA has long been a tradition for Indian brides, and it’s making its way to Australia. Henna ceremonies are a common event at Indian weddings, as the special paste is believed to bring good luck and positive spirits. Oh, and it looks absolutely stunning. If you’re looking for something out of the Australian norm, embrace the beauty of henna. There are no worries if there’s no warranty.


1/09/2020 8:49:01 AM

PARTY LARGE Oversized decor is (literally) massive this wedding season. Go for EXTRAVAGANT CENTREPIECES or oversized flower arrangements, and to really fire up the party, why not add smoke flares and fireworks? A smaller guest list doesn’t mean a lesser party.

SKETCH THE MOMENT From floral arrangements, to the cake and every piece of decor in between, your wedding day is a work of art. So why not treat it like art? Many artists are now taking their talents to the wedding scene, offering HAND-PAINTED PIECES as a unique memento. In addition to wedding photos, capture your favourite wedding memories via the exclusive artistic beauty of paint on canvas.

BACHELORETTE HEAVEN Looking for a hen’s party that’s a little less party and a lot more PAMPER? The lead-up to the big day is just that, big. To ensure you’re walking down the aisle glowing, swap nightclubs and high heels for a sauna and bathrobes. That’s right, more health-conscious brides are opting for a wholesome girls’ day at the spa over a nasty hangover. Indulge the senses in a full-body massage, sugar scrub, steamy sauna session and a deluxe facial. The only question that remains: will it be champagne or tea, M’lady?

We could tell you about our award-winning French inspired food, beautiful views, luxury accommodation including our new Montville House and passionate chefs. But why take our word for it? Consider this your invitation to experience all that Spicers Clovelly Estate has to offer.


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28/08/2020 1:31:46 PM


Alana dress, Boom Shankar, Noosaville, 5474 2304



Purolino Millie dress, Urban Tonik, Noosa Heads,

18ct yellow gold ring with Coober Pedy crystal opal & diamonds, POA, Opals Down Under, Palmview, 5494 5400

Embrace delicate, feminine prints in an array of colours and soft floaty fabrics.

Crocs slip-ons, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755 74

74.indd 1

Handmade 18ct yellow gold & amazonite drop earrings, $695, NY2K, Cotton Tree, 5443 1955

Tayla Coral bag, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340


1/09/2020 8:51:19 AM

18ct yellow gold, ruby & diamond Triology ring, POA, To Hold & To Have, Buderim, 5477 0561

Fortis Aeromaster PC-7 TEAM chronograph watch, $6800, Define Watches, Noosa Heads, 5447 4643

Ayala Bar Love Jet Classic Collection medium-long earrings, $220, Avenue J, Mooloolaba, 5444 4422

Desigual blouse, Gingers Boutique, Buderim, 5373 6398; Mooloolaba, 5373 6476

Bamboo polarised sunglasses, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340


Shop 97A Memorial Drive, Eumundi Open Tuesday to Saturday 0409 273 946 |


75.indd 1


28/08/2020 1:32:29 PM

18ct white & rose gold diamond pendant featuring Argyle pink diamonds, $12,137, Diamonds of Distinction, Buderim, 5445 5709

9ct yellow gold rectangular green amethyst & diamond cluster ring, $2100, Avenue J, Mooloolaba, 5444 4422

9ct yellow gold NZ-stylised fern leaf pattern earrings featuring natural pink sapphire and round white diamonds, $2295, Paul Amey Jeweller, Noosa, 0437 231 921

Drop earrings, Pearls for Girls, Eumundi, 5442 8778

Australian Argyle pink diamond & white diamond three-row ring, $29,950, Avenue J, Mooloolaba, 5444 4422


accessories Taupe bag, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340

NY2K specialises in Argyle pink diamonds, NY2K, Cotton Tree, 5443 1955 76

76.indd 1

Main image: Jewellery by Paul Amey Jeweller, Noosa, 0437 231 921

Finish off that outfit the right way with these perfect pieces.

14ct yellow gold earrings with Coober Pedy crystal opals & diamonds, POA, Opals Down Under, Palmview, 5494 5400

MĂźhle-GlashĂźtte Panova Grey watch, $1550, Define Watches, Noosa Heads, 5447 4643


27/08/2020 10:08:25 AM

77.indd 1

28/08/2020 12:00:49 PM


prussian This primary colour is on trend this spring season.

Zoe Kratzmann dress, Urban Tonik, Noosa Heads,

Sterling silver & emerald-cut 16ct blue topaz ring, $685, Paul Amey Jeweller, Noosa, 0437 231 921 Kelsey Collective Emma top and Paris pants, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 0418 727 068

Mühle-Glashütte 29er casual watch, $2850, Define Watches, Noosa Heads, 5447 4643

Taos sneaker, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755

‘The Kite’ boulder opal set in 18ct yellow gold, $7500, The Opalcutter, Montville, 5442 9598


78.indd 1

18ct white gold oval aquamarine & diamond drops suspended from diamond huggies, $6600, Avenue J, Mooloolaba, 5444 4422


27/08/2020 10:09:40 AM

Denim Erin bag, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340 Boulder opal drop earrings set in 18ct yellow gold, $1500, The Opalcutter, Montville, 5442 9598

Kelsey Collective Cinabelle dress, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 0418 727 068

Morrison dress, Gingers Boutique, Buderim, 5373 6398; Mooloolaba, 5373 6476

Natural blue topaz necklace, $6900, Pearls for Girls, Eumundi, 5442 8778

Boulder opal ring, $1750, The Opalcutter, Montville, 5442 9598

Travelling the world to bring together a unique & luxurious collection, as timeless as the heavens above.

93 Memorial Drive, Eumundi, 5442 8778


79.indd 1


28/08/2020 1:33:25 PM

Sandrin top (left) and Asha singlet (right), Boom Shankar, Noosaville, 5474 2304


luxury Keep your cool with a stylishly relaxed approach.

Hand-carved Art Deco jadeite drop pendant, circa 1940, $2600, Avenue J, Mooloolaba, 5444 4422

Donna dress, wYse Lifestyle, Noosa, 5415 1150

Kompanero bag, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340

Tsonga slide, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755

Rose & white gold diamond & pearl drop earrings, $870, To Hold & To Have, Buderim, 5477 0561 80

80.indd 1


27/08/2020 10:10:33 AM

Double D Ranch Four Winds boot, Agave Blue, Eumundi, 0409 273 946

14ct yellow gold ring with Coober Pedy crystal opals & diamonds, POA, Opals Down Under, Palmview, 5494 5400

Harper dress, Zephyr, Noosaville, 1800 804 776

Monday-Saturday 9am-5pm Sunday 9am-1pm Parking behind the store

50 Mary Street Noosaville 1800 804 776 Also at Emundi Market Square Wednesday, Friday and Saturday


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28/08/2020 1:39:04 PM

Naudic Kasbah dress, Gingers Boutique, Buderim, 5373 6398; Mooloolaba, 5373 6476



We canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t get enough of muted mints, soft sage, pistachio, jade, earthy olive and forest greens.



82.indd 1

Bamboo polarised sunglasses, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340

18ct yellow gold, platinum, diamond, pearl & hand-carved paua shell ring, featuring a band embellished with a double scroll, $12,320, Paul Amey Jeweller, Noosa, 0437 231 921


28/08/2020 1:40:45 PM

Original Art Deco silver, enamel & carved chalcedony pendant on silver chain, $995, Avenue J, Mooloolaba, 5444 4422

Gentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; ring with boulder opal, $1150, The Opalcutter, Montville, 5442 9598

Milli dress, wYse Lifestyle, Noosa, 5415 1150

Hanhart Pioneer Mk II watch, $3410, Define Watches, Noosa Heads, 5447 4643

the timeless appeal of stylish quality designs


18ct white gold earrings with pear-cut tourmaline & diamond halo, $3800, and white gold pendant with pear-cut tourmaline & diamond halo, $2300 (package $4300), Diamonds of Distinction, Buderim, 5445 5709

83.indd 1

9/45 Burnett Street, Buderim p :: 5373 6398 The Wharf, Mooloolaba p :: 5373 6476 w :: e ::

28/08/2020 1:42:47 PM


whites When in doubt, choose pale shades for every occasion.

Kelsey Collective Emma top, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 0418 727 068

Bamboo polarised sunglasses, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340

18ct yellow gold molten-edge dress ring featuring a Broome keshi pearl with blue enamel & three round white diamonds, $8699, Paul Amey Jeweller, Noosa, 0437 231 921

Elk Kalla pants and shirt dress, Gingers Boutique, Buderim, 5373 6398; Mooloolaba, 5373 6476


84.indd 1

Rock crystal & sterling silver ring, $869, To Hold & To Have, Buderim, 5477 0561


27/08/2020 10:11:56 AM

Palm shirt, Boom Shankar, Noosaville, 5474 2304

Crocs sandal, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755

18ct white & rose gold diamond ring featuring Argyle pink diamonds, $3158, Diamonds of Distinction, Buderim, 5445 5709

Sinn U50 SDR – $3,870

Habring² Erwin Jumping Second RG – $9,330

Elegant, casual, sporty… whatever your preference we’ve something for you. &GƒPG9CVEJGURTQWFN[QHHGTU#WUVTCNKCŨUNCTIGUVUGNGEVKQPQHKPFGRGPFGPV NWZWT[YCVEJDTCPFUCPFYGŨTGTKIJVJGTGKP0QQUC Old Gringo MacKenzie boot, Agave Blue, Eumundi, 0409 273 946

Main image: Muehle-Glashutte Terrasport IV Bronze – $2,850

Boutique: 5/2 Quamby Place | Noosa, QLD 4567 Phone: (07) 5447 4643 SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU www.dę

85.indd 1


28/08/2020 1:44:21 PM

Handmade ndmade Australian Argyle champagne diamond diamo ring, $5495, NY2K, Cotton Tree, 5443 1955


infused Load up on turmeric, saffron and tans.

Birkenstock Gizehs in Tobacco, Get Set Footwear, Caloundra, 5492 7185; Noosaville, 5447 1755

Kelsey Collective Adel and Paris pants, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 0418 727 068

Cadelle leather bag, Eumundi Emporium, Eumundi, 5442 7340 86

86.indd 1

Zoe Kratzmann dress, Urban Tonik, Noosa Heads,

18ct yellow gold molten-edge traditional ring featuring four white and three Argyle-type diamonds, $9999, Paul Amey Jeweller, Noosa, 0437 231 921


27/08/2020 10:12:57 AM

Mabel dress, Zephyr, Noosaville, 1800 804 776

18ct yellow & white gold diamond ring in crossover design featuring 0.44ct oval-cut Ellendale yellow diamond, $7670, Diamonds of Distinction, Buderim, 5445 5709


Double D Ranch Cattleman boot, Agave Blue, Eumundi, 0409 273 946

Guru jumpsuit, Boom Shankar, Noosaville, 5474 2304 SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

87.indd 1


28/08/2020 1:45:54 PM


night 9ct yellow gold Edwardian-style claw-set necklace with pearshaped peridot drops, $1500, and 9ct yellow gold peridot drop earrings, $695, Avenue J, Mooloolaba, 5444 4422

Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t forget the glam for that special night out.

MĂźhle-GlashĂźtte Terrasport IV bronze watch, $2850, Define Watches, Noosa Heads, 5447 4643

Morgan dress, wYse Lifestyle, Noosa, 5415 1150

Top and tan skirt, Gingers Boutique, Buderim, 5373 6398; Mooloolaba, 5373 6476 Diamond three-band 9ct white & yellow gold ring, $3300, To Hold & To Have, Buderim, 5477 0561

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M Mens Ladies

Caloundra - 82A Bulcock St 5492 7185 Shop Online -


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Freshwater pearl ring, $450 to $1500, Pearls for Girls, Eumundi, 5442 8778

Winnie dress, Zephyr, Noosaville, 1800 804 776

Double D Ranch Skat Kat boot, Agave Blue, Eumundi, 0409 273 946

Victorian 9ct rose gold curb-link day & night bracelet with padlock clasp, $3700, Avenue J, Mooloolaba, 5444 4422

Zazu dress, Boom Shankar, Noosaville, 5474 2304



Women’s & Men’s Fashion Shoes . Jewellery . Leather Goods Art . Homewares . Gifts

88 Memorial Drive, Eumundi . 5442 7340 Open 7 Days


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SCOTT COGGAN MAY be known as an opal cutter, but he is also a true artisan in every sense of the word. Transforming a raw piece of rock into a valuable gemstone is no mean feat – a millimetre can be the difference between success and failure, and the potential loss of many thousands of dollars. However, in Scott’s expert hands, success is assured. In fact, he’s so skilful at his job that he is widely regarded as one of Australia’s finest cutters of the national gemstone. “I can’t say I can do it with my eyes closed, but for me, it’s quite a feel,” he says. “You actually feel in touch with the stone as you’re processing it, and it sort of guides you on how it needs to be done. If you listen to it, you’ll end up with a really good result. For me it is quite instinctive, because I’ve been doing it so long.” Indeed, Scott’s experience as an opal cutter is impressive, stretching back to 1988 when he was in his early twenties.

Having begun his working life in the building industry, Scott went to Longreach in central west Queensland with his father, and stayed with a friend who was opal mining out there. As it turns out, Scott’s father found “quite a large boulder”. They brought it back to the Coast and cut through the middle of it with a brick saw. Although they made “an absolute mess of it”, their efforts revealed a huge green vein of gem-quality Queensland boulder opal, which, with the help of opal specialist and Opals Down Under founders Immo and Louise Stein, made them a tidy sum. “All of a sudden I got the bug, I guess,” says Scott. He saved every cent he could and started investing in opals, and learnt how to cut, process, buy and market the gem, under Immo’s expert tutelage. “In those times it was quite a secretive profession,” he says. “Nobody really liked giving away too many of their secrets on


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28/08/2020 1:49:29 PM

how they cut and polished, but Immo was quite giving of his time with me and he realised I was quite talented quite quickly with cutting – not everyone can do it. “You’ve either got that artistic, soft flair for cutting opal or you don’t. I can tell; I’ve taught quite a number of people over the years, and you can tell almost within 10 minutes whether someone’s really got the potential.” Scott explains that when assessing a piece of raw rock before processing it, he determines the face or top of the stone – the piece of the stone you will be looking at in the cut version. This is a make-or-break decision. “It’s hard to determine until you actually start doing a little bit of grinding of the stone and taking away some of the waste product,” he says. “Then you’ve got to take a fairly educated leap of faith, and knowledge comes into it – which is going to be the top of the stone and which is going to be the bottom of the stone. And it can make an absolute massive difference to the outcome. You’re talking about fractions of millimetres between 92

92.indd 1

a lot of money and not much money. This probably differentiates between amateur cutters and professional cutters.” As well as learning the art of cutting and processing, Scott has spent the last few decades immersed in every facet of the opal business, including several trips a year out to Australia’s opal fields such as Lightning Ridge in New South Wales, Coober Pedy in South Australia, and the vast expanse of opal-bearing strata in Western Queensland. Consequently, there’s not much he doesn’t know about the industry. He explains that there are five main families of solid natural opal: black opal, the rarest and most valuable; semi-black opal; crystal opal; white opal; and Queensland boulder opal.


27/08/2020 10:16:36 AM

In the early days, Scott’s work cycle consisted of visiting the opal fields every four weeks to buy the rough opal, coming back to the Coast to cut and process the stones, then flying to Sydney and Melbourne or anywhere else there was a market to sell the stones wholesale, before starting the process again. These days, he concentrates mostly on buying enough quality stone to retail through Opals Down Under, having bought the business from the Steins when they retired a few years ago. And he’s thrilled to say that he’s noticed a trend in the last few years of young people choosing opal for their

engagement rings. One of the main appeals is the individual character of each stone, with no two opals being identical. “It’s really exciting, because you’ve got this whole new generation of Australian people who are finding an appreciation for our national gemstone,” he says. However, his favourite part of the business remains being out on the opal field itself, where it all began. “That’s the part I really enjoy – the buying, the dealings with the opal miner – that’s the bit that I’ve always enjoyed since I started,” he says. “Even though I’m quite a reserved, introverted kind of guy, I do enjoy the battle of dealing with the miners, trying to achieve the best prices. “That’s another facet to the business; it’s good fun.”

Suffering from ugly, painful varicose and spider veins? Specialist Vascular Surgeon Dr Karl Schulze can offer you the full range of treatment options For more than 20 years, Dr Karl Schulze and the team at Sunshine Vascular have provided specialist vascular services to patients on the Sunshine Coast and beyond. Dr Schulze is able to offer a full range of vascular and endovascular treatment options with an increasing focus on the treatment of varicose veins and surface veins. With minimal waiting times, low fees and competitive packages available for non-insured patients, now is the time to get your legs looking and feeling their best.

Call Now for a FREE consultation with our Practice Nurse Phone 5453 4322 Fax 5453 4344 Email

Sunshine Vascular Specialising in vascular ultrasound, vascular surgery and varicose vein treatments SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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GENTLE MUSIC, SOFT lighting and friendly faces greet me as I enter the Noosa Springs Spa reception area. It’s my first visit and I’m in for a treat, having arrived for a sample experience of the spa’s Girlfriends Getaway package. With the year we’ve had, we’re all in need of a little pampering, and this is the perfect place for it. I’m served a cool lemon drink as I fill out my details in the reception area, before being led into the change rooms, where I’m given a locker and key and a full explanation of how my morning will unfold. I leave my things in the locker (happy to switch my phone off for a couple of hours and lock it away) and change into a soft white bathrobe and guest slippers, before being shown around the extensive thermal suite. This is home for the next hour and my only job is to relax and soak it all up. Bliss. The hydrotherapy pool is the star attraction – it’s a grandiose space modelled on the architecture of ancient Greece and Rome with a towering arched ceiling, columns and statues, transporting me to another time and place. I could easily be in a European spa. I slip into the deliciously warm water and slowly make my way around the large pool, equipped with 16 jets that target different muscle groups. Far from the 94

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unsatisfying jets you find in many spa baths, these jets really pack a punch. The calming sound of flowing water in the cavernous white space lulls me into a deep state of relaxation and I’m hesitant to leave this oasis, but there’s more to discover. I venture into the steam room directly opposite and enjoy the moist heat penetrating my tense muscles. After the dry winter, the warmth and humidity feel fantastic on my parched skin. I pad to the bathroom to rinse off in a hot shower before stepping into the sauna, a pleasant woody aroma calming my senses as I lay my head back and close my eyes. Next, I work up the courage to try out the Blitz Shower, which blasts cold water onto your body to help boost circulation – not for the faint-hearted – before popping back into the sauna to warm up again. I can feel my skin buzzing and tingling as my circulation kicks into gear. Time for another shower before changing back into my white robe and strolling down the hall to the relaxation room to await my next treatment: a full-body massage. I recline on a comfortable lounge chair and gaze at the tropical garden view through floor-to-ceiling glass doors, already in a deep state of relaxation.


27/08/2020 10:17:25 AM

Your Family Health Care We bulk bill for children 18 and under, concession, pension and DVA card holders

OUR SERVICES • General Practice • Skin Checks • Child Immunisations • Ante-Natal Shared Care • Work Cover • Travel Vaccinations • Yellow Fever Vaccinations • Aviation Medicals • Queensland Transport Medicals • Scuba Dive Medicals • Pre-employment Medicals • Recreational Medicals • Aged Care

Coolum Beach - 5471 6333

The calming sound of flowing water in the cavernous white space lulls me into a deep state of relaxation.

My smiling massage therapist Steph arrives to usher me towards the dimly lit massage room, warmed to a comfortable temperature. I indicate my preference for firm pressure and wow, she has surprisingly strong hands for a slight person. While she explains it’s a relaxation massage rather than a deep-tissue massage, she smooths oil across my body and proceeds to rub

Coolum Village Shopping Centre 8-26 Birtwill Street, Coolum Beach Mon-Fri 7am-6pm Sat-Sun 8am-5pm

Peregian Springs - 5471 2600 Peregian Springs Shopping Centre 1 Ridgeview Drive, Peregian Springs Mon-Fri 8am-5pm

Skin Checks by Locally owned and managed


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PHOTO: Noosa Springs Spa

IN A NUTSHELL The Noosa Springs Spa Girlfriends Getaway includes two nights’ accommodation in a spacious self-contained apartment, with a daily breakfast and access to the fitness centre and heated pool. Prices start at $415 per person and include a facial or full body massage plus a Thermal Suite experience with high tea. Noosa Springs Spa is on Links Drive, Noosa Heads. 5440 3333 or

and knead all my aches and pains and knots away. I can feel my skin drinking in the oil as all the tensions from a difficult year dissipate. I find myself wishing I had another hour on the massage table, so adept is Steph at her craft. But my hour slips away and Steph leads me back to the relaxation room to await the next indulgence. I’m served a beautiful, colourful platter of fruit and cheese, with a choice of juice or bubbly. I choose the bubbly (hey, it’s 5pm somewhere, right?) and nibble on fresh kiwi fruit, strawberries, grapes and soft cheeses, while I allow the luxurious two-hour indulgence to work its magic. It’s so easy to get caught up in life’s demands and I find myself questioning why I don’t take time out for myself like this more often. It’s so therapeutic. I spot a lovely outdoor garden area that looks like the perfect place to sit in the sun and end my pampering session. 96

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It has been a truly decadent experience and I’m already compiling a list of girlfriends I would love to bring back with me for this luxurious Girlfriends Getaway. As well as the Thermal Suite experience, it includes a choice of a full body massage or a facial, as well as a high tea and two nights’ accommodation in a spacious, self-contained apartment with access to all the facilities at Noosa Springs. After this heavenly two-hour experience hidden away from the worries of the world, it’s wonderful to know you can stroll back to your accommodation and relax with a movie or another glass of bubbles with the girls, rather than having to get back in the car and drive home. We may not be able to travel overseas for now, but we can certainly treat ourselves to a getaway like this that’s just what we need to rebalance body, mind and soul.


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Spring into the new season with these beauty essentials.

Ocean Muse Youth Serum, $97, 50ml. Available at Professional Beauty Clinic, 0410 681 250 or

Saya Lime & Bergamot hand wash, $37.95, 500ml. Available at Saya, shop 6, 40 Gateway Drive, Noosaville. 5442 4667 or

Thanks to Alexami, an eco-conscious beauty brand based here on the Coast, we have a Spring Vegan Make-up Starter Kit to give away. The kit is valued at $203 and features separate eyeshadows; three-in-one brow dust, eyeliner and eyeshadow; vegan make-up brush set, lip gloss and primer.

Saya Glow Serum, $89.95, 30ml. Available at Saya, shop 6, 40 Gateway Drive, Noosaville. 5442 4667 or

TO WIN CHANCE R U O Y FOR IZE, GO TIFUL PR U A E B IS U TH E.COM.A MAGAZIN T L A S O T IN TAB. N THE W O K IC L AND C Eminence Organics Stone Crop Revitalizing Body Scrub, $74, 250ml. Available at Noosa Springs Spa, Links Drive, Noosa Heads. 5440 3333 or

Your skin care professional Skin Health Skin Checks with an accredited skin cancer doctor Cosmetic Medicine ■ Skin Repair ■ Skin rejuvenation ■ Acne management ■ Photodynamic Therapy ■ Anti-wrinkle injections ■ Doctor only skincare products ■ ■

Dr David Simpson MBBS FRACGP Dip Skin Cancer Medicine / Surgery, Dip Dermatoscopy Master of Medicine - Skin Cancer (UQ)

Skin Solutions @PeregianSpringsDoctors To make an enquiry or book an appointment please phone Peregian Springs Doctors 54712600


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locals love

There are plenty of things to see, do and explore on the Sunshine Coast, so get out there and head along to our beloved attractions.

FULL STEAM AHEAD The charming MARY VALLEY RATTLER offers a unique rail experience that dates back to the late 1800s when Gympie was put on the map after James Nash discovered gold. With ongoing restoration and preservation thanks to a passionate group of volunteers, the beloved steam and diesel engines of the Rattler are still chugging away from Gympie throughout the Mary Valley. The journey begins at either Gympie’s or Amamoor’s historic railway stations and makes it way winding through the Mary River, rolling over gentle hills and crossing bridges. Witnessing the process required to turn the engine around for its return leg is an experience like no other in the modern world. Make sure you check out the restored turntable at Amamoor, and leave plenty of time to explore the beautifully restored Gympie Station. Arguably one of the most stylish and elaborate in terms of timber railway architecture, the Gympie Station is renowned for being the largest timber railway building owned by Queensland Rail in the 20th century.


NATIONAL TREASURES Whether you’re an aviation enthusiast, history buff or simply enjoy educational experiences, broaden your horizons and learn something new at QUEENSLAND AIR MUSEUM. What started in 1973 as a group of aviation lovers who wanted to preserve Australia’s aviation heritage is now a collection of more than 100 fascinating aircraft brimming with history. The Queensland Air Museum collects and preserves all aspects of aviation heritage with special emphasis on Australia and Queensland. From helicopters to bombers, fighters to trainers and everything in between, you’ll be blown away by the beauty of these well-preserved aircraft and their stories from the sky. 98

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Enjoy the Maroochy River aboard a vessel from SWAN BOAT HIRE. The picturesque waterway offers many beautiful spots for relaxing. Spend the day dropping a line at a top fishing spot, go sightseeing, bird watching or just enjoy the ecosystem at your own pace. Stop for a barbecue in a pontoon boat, pack a picnic to have at one of the parks along the way or call in for a pub lunch at the Waterfront Hotel. The fleet of boats includes six- to eight-seater tinnies, runabouts, half cabins, cruisers for seven to 10 passengers, and luxury barbecue boats for eight to 12 people. Non-powered options include canoes, kayaks, paddle skies and stand-up paddleboards.


1/09/2020 8:47:51 AM


LOADS OF AQUATIC ADVENTURES Witness the ocean’s largest mammals on their great migration to breed and mate from the comfort of WHALE ONE’S luxurious 65-foot catamaran. No two trips are the same. The whale’s environment is untouched with the beauty of nature leaving the wild creatures to do as they please. Each experience is organic, real and unforgettable. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, jump overboard and swim with the whales. The feeling of getting close to a humpback whale is unlike any other experience. The sheer size and grace of these creatures provides an extremely rare and special moment you’ll cherish for life.

From the coastline to the depths of the ocean, SEA LIFE SUNSHINE COAST is home to some of the coolest sea creatures of all shapes and sizes. With 11 themed zones to explore, daily talks and presentations, unforgettable animal encounters as well as a rare behind-the-scenes tour to reveal the inner workings of the aquarium, there is always something new and exciting to experience at SEA LIFE. Look up at the sharks and massive rays swimming overhead as you walk through the 80-metre-long Ocean Tunnel. Learn some incredible facts about the delicate weedy sea dragons and seahorses in the Seahorse Sanctuary. Escape into a mesmerising world inside Jellyfish Kingdom as you watch the jellyfish pulse through the water. Plus, the fan favourite Australian fur seals and Australian sea lions provide plenty of laughs and surprises with the famous seal presentations.

FAMILY FUN IN THE FOREST Have you heard about the mysterious creature with knobby knees and a poisonous wart at the end of his nose? He’s the Gruffalo, and he’s coming to life at THE GINGER FACTORY this September. Based on the popular children’s storybook, this new free attraction invites visitors to journey into the Ginger Factory rainforest, following the winding trails in search of signs of the Mouse, Fox, Owl, Snake and, of course, the hungry Gruffalo. Visitors can bring the characters to life in 3D animation with The Gruffalo Spotters augmented reality app, and take photos alongside them. Taking family walks to the next level, The Gruffalo Spotters app mixes technology with the real world, encouraging children to get exploring, firing their imaginations and enabling them to have a new and exciting experience. Other Ginger Factory attractions include Moreton the train, the Overboard boat ride, live bee shows, Buderim Ginger factory tours, plus tropical gardens, Ginger Shop, boutique shopping, ice creamery and cafe.

Innovative eats, immersive experiences, live music, experiential artists and local culture. An ever-evolving festival of flavour and sound in a shipping container playground. It’s a festival every weekend.





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THERE ARE SOME houses that you drive by and can’t help but notice how impressive they are. They are those houses that spark a conversation in the car about the design process, or how much time went into building it, what features you like the best. There are just some homes that make you go ‘wow’. This is one of those homes. Although, you wouldn’t get to admire the complete grandeur from the window of your car – you’d get a mere snippet. To really appreciate the craftmanship that went into bringing this magnificent home to life, you’d need to see it from the skies, or perhaps from onboard a boat cruising the beautiful Pelican Waters canals. Designer Tim Christopher, from Christopher Design Group, says the home owners wanted it no other way. “The concept behind this home was that it looked amazing from the water, impressive from the air, great from the land, and was something iconic for the area,” he says. Tim was one of the building and interior design visionaries behind this unique, resort-style home in Pelican Waters. “This was my first time working with the home owner and it was such a fantastic project because I had total freedom to design something iconic for him,” Tim says. “The only real requirements I was given were to include undercover parking for five cars, a separate caretaker’s area, space for a home gym 100

100.indd 1

and a lot of beautiful space for entertaining guests,” he says. “The rest was up to me and I really wanted to tap into the inspiration from the Sunshine Coast lifestyle, where every room has a view out to the water, every room can flow from the inside to the outside, and I wanted to give a real feeling of space and expansive living. “I’m very happy with the way the home turned out and, surprisingly for such a large home, there were very few challenges,” he adds. This home certainly breaks with convention, bringing the focus to the entertainment spaces and the ability to bring the outdoors in; both major features in the design work. “We created a space that welcomes the landscape into the home through the many courtyards, open carport and huge amount of floor-to-ceiling glazing,” Tim says. “There is also a Japanese influence in the courtyard gardens and the home gives priority to outdoor entertaining and space, rather than the usual homes that have many bedrooms, large blocks, closed garages, multiple living areas – instead, this home really flows.” When it comes to special features, this home isn’t lacking; but many of them are hidden from sight in order to create the overall look and feel. “There are so many unseen elements in the home so that we could achieve the desired outcome,” Tim


27/08/2020 10:21:05 AM



4/11 GIBSON ROAD, NOOSAVILLE QLD 4566 @wabisabinoosa



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27/08/2020 10:22:05 AM

says. “All of the plumbing, air-conditioning, exhaust fans, electricals etcetera have been hidden in the floor and directed to the walls near the stairs. Also, there are no walls or posts under the bedroom area at all. They don’t go up to the ceiling because we didn’t want to impede the unique roof shape. Instead, the columns come out of the pool and are then supported, not on the angled posts, but by a curved portal frame in the living area,” he says. “The master bedroom pod was definitely an engineering feat, but builder Jon Mees was up to the challenge.” Sunshine Coast business Architectural Carpet & Tiles was heavily involved in the design and completion of this incredible project. “We are proud to have collaborated on this award-winning project with Christopher Design Group,” says Architectural Carpet & Tiles’ Chris Beszant. “Tim was enthusiastic about using innovative and beautiful finishes in as many areas of the home as possible. For example, the only internal dividing walls in the master suite pod is clad with a Brazilian 3D tile that plays with light throughout the day and the Italian porcelain tiles that mimic timber on the external decks offer the texture and appearance of timber without any of the maintenance. “We have been specifying finishes in luxury homes for over 20 years, and it is rare to have as much creative freedom

in a project, as what Tim had with this home. It was a privilege to host Tim and some of his consultants in our studio to discuss and collaborate together on such an exciting project.” From the aluminium cladding to the cantilevered timber stairs, natural stone walls, the glass that wraps around the huge pool, the landscape design and glowing onyx kitchen benchtop, this home is certainly something special. “It’s designed to be a contemporary resort home with a coastal feel that suits the lifestyle, but it was also designed to be low maintenance and location appropriate as far as the materials go,” Tim says. “So, we have removed as much of the maintenance of other resort homes as possible. We have designed this home with no timber windows or timber floors and instead used a timber-look tile from Architectural Carpet & Tiles, and this has been a fantastic option because it gives the beautiful timber look without the high level of maintenance. “We also went with James Hardie products such as the weatherboards – always a great idea for this style of home – Linea cladding, and aluminium roofing because it is the best for a coastal environment,” Tim adds. This house also boasts natural stone wall features that merge seamlessly with marble tiles in whites and charcoals for glamour throughout, real timber veneer joinery with brass inlays and oak tiles in a herringbone layout. Just a few more of the standout features and textures that truly bring this home to life. To see more of the incredible projects Architectural Carpet & Tiles has worked on, go to




D e si g n e r S e c o n d h a n d E m p o r i u m A n t i q u e s & Vi n t a g e Co l l e c t a b l e s Je w e l l e r y, Bo o k s, H o m e D e c o r F i n e Ch i n a & Cr y st a l w a r e , Li g h t i n g G i f t L i n e s, C a f e , A r t G a l l e r y

@ Forest G l e n

Open Tues to Fri 9-4pm, Sat 9-3pm . Tel 5479 6603 . 1/319 Mons Rd Forest Glen


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O homes are our sanctuaries, so make Our yyours comfortable and unique with these covetable keepsakes.

Saya Noosa summer candle, $55.95. Available at Saya, shop 6, 40 Gateway Drive, Noosaville. 5442 4667 or

Melrose cushions, $79.96 each. Available at Main Linen, 2/27 Premier Circuit, Warana. 5437 8544 or

Villa cushions, $71.96 each. Available at Main Linen, 2/27 Premier Circuit, Warana. 5437 8544 or

Aniline leather armchair, $2599. Available at Global Living, Maroochydore Homemaker Centre, 11-55 Maroochy Boulevard, Maroochydore. 5293 7116 or


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Hollywood-style lamp, from $1295. Available at Wabi Sabi, 4/11 Gibson Road, Noosaville. 0400 220 813 or instagram/ wabisabinoosa


27/08/2020 10:25:37 AM

For ceramics with a story, head to The Shed, 1/319 Mons Road, Forest Glen. 5479 6603 or Framed canvas artwork, $1999. Available at Global Living, Maroochydore Homemaker Centre, 11-55 Maroochy Boulevard, Maroochydore. 5293 7116 or

Liz Enger Interiors cushion, $120. Available at Emporium Eumundi, 88 Memorial Drive, Eumundi. 5442 7340 or

Hand-painted enamelware spoon poon by Kitty, $32. Available at Emporium Eumundi, 88 Memorial Drive, Eumundi.i. 5442 7340 or eumundiemporium diemporium

Hollywood-style lamp, from $1295. Available at Wabi Sabi, 4/11 Gibson Road, Noosaville. 0400 220 813 or instagram/ wabisabinoosa

For ceramic decor candles handcrafted in Noosa, head to Hearts and Minds Art, 1 Hastings Street, Noosa Heads. 0418 108 299 or heartsand


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THERE’S A GOOD chance you’ll recognise one or more of Sara Paxton’s dreamy landscapes as somewhere very familiar – although it might be difficult to pinpoint exactly where. That’s because Sara’s particular brand of contemporary impressionism, awash with light and vivid colour, has a charming way of merging reality with imagination and memory. The result is a delightful resonation of the viewer with the painting as a place of special meaning – a favourite childhood haunt; a holiday destination – and Sara could not be happier with that. “Mostly, my subjects are very simple things – fields, trees, rivers, lakes. Sometimes I just entirely make them up,” she says. 106

106.indd 1

“They are mostly Australian landscapes, but not necessarily always. Sometimes you’ll get English landscapes creeping in. I don’t tend to name paintings by place names because people look at it and say ‘that reminds me of where I grew up’, and I don’t want to ruin it for them. “For them, it can be that. It’s however people choose to interpret where it is.” Perhaps that’s why Sara’s large-scale oil paintings have found their way not only all around Australia but overseas, as buyers the world over are enchanted by her vibrant and timeless depictions of coastal, rural and floral scenes. Although based in Geelong, Victoria, UK-born Sara has


27/08/2020 10:26:34 AM

a strong link with the Sunshine Coast thanks to her Queenslander husband, John. Having frequently visited the region on holidays, she was always taken with the environment, climate and people, and began exhibiting on the Coast a few years ago. Unsurprisingly, her work has garnered a keen following in the region – hence her latest exhibition at Art Nuvo gallery in Buderim, fittingly titled Great Southern Land. The exhibition will encompass a variety of subjects with the majority being landscapes – although Sara cannot guarantee any particular formula. “I don’t tend to paint series of things; I paint a variety,” she says. “If I paint a whole series of things, it’s too restrictive. The other thing is I get bored. I go through phases of subjects. At the moment I’m doing landscapes, and I’m doing big skies, and not so much land.” Although Sara has painted and drawn her entire life, and was accepted into tertiary art college in the UK after school, after a last-minute change of plans she studied geography instead – a choice she describes as “completely bizarre, really”, but which set her on a different course for the next few years. It wasn’t until much later, after she had immigrated to Australia, married, and her children were at school, that she sat at the easel again, enrolled in some art classes, and realised how much she had missed it. Her husband encouraged her to approach a gallery. SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

107.indd 1


28/08/2020 2:00:37 PM

“So that’s how it started off – with one gallery and one painting,” she says. “That one painting sold, and it kind of went on from there.” Today, her art has become a “massively full-time occupation”, with three or four exhibitions a year in Victoria and Queensland. Inspired by nature, Sara takes “thousands” of photos wherever she goes, and sometimes uses them as starting points for a new work. “I don’t sort of paint anything realistically, although sometimes I will start with a photograph, for example, and I’ll use that as a base,” she says. “But it doesn’t end up actually looking like that. It’s a fairly loose, semi-impressionistic style, I suppose. It’s not abstract, but some of it is a little bit leaning towards that. “I don’t necessarily even have a photo; or, I start and I say ‘okay, I’m going to have these hills’, but then all the trees I put in are of my own making.” While the subject matter may be open to interpretation, one unmistakable element throughout all Sara’s work is her


31st October – 15th November 2020 Hosted within the picturesque 18-acre natural surrounds of the Spicers Tamarind Retreat, Maleny. This free outdoor sculpture exhibition attracts renowned artists from all around Australia and is open to the public for 2 weeks.

TO BOOK YOUR TICKETS to the Opening and Sculpture awards twilight event on 31st October 2020 visit Proudly presented by Arts Connect Inc, hosted by Spicers Tamarind Retreat and supported by our generous sponsors


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28/08/2020 2:01:48 PM

distinctive use of vibrant and extravagant colour – much of which can be attributed to the artistic licence she skilfully employs. Working exclusively with oils, Sara loves the depth and texture she can achieve with this medium. “I love the feel of oils; I love their characteristics and the lovely, buttery texture,” she says. “I think I’ve probably become more colourful over time. I think the base colours are there [in the landscape], but I sort of really accentuate and bring out the colours. And because I just love colour so much, to me, that’s what makes a painting; that’s just the way I love to paint. I’ll put colours in that aren’t even there [in the real landscape]. You might start with a colour that is there, then it just carries on from that.” With an ever-increasing body of work and a number of repeat buyers, Sara is kept extremely busy in her studio, while John manages the business side of things. Highly disciplined in her work, Sara begins every day with a session at the gym or yoga, followed by a full day’s painting until late afternoon when the natural light begins to fade. It’s an occupation she loves, describing it as her “ideal state”, yet one she acknowledges is not for the faint-hearted. “I think the life of an artist is not necessarily that easy, to be successful,” she says. “You’ve got to love it. A lot of artists don’t have any formal training; I’ve just built up techniques

through experimentation and seeing what works and what doesn’t. Eventually you just kind of find the way that you paint. And that’s not always necessarily clear at the start. “You tend to be very critical of your own work. But occasionally, you’ll paint something and you look at it and you think, wow, that does work, which is incredibly satisfying. And then if somebody sees that painting and they love it enough to buy it, that is incredibly rewarding, because you’ve invested a lot of time and effort. “Hopefully, my paintings are joyful. People who have bought them have told me they look at them every day and it makes them happy. That’s all you want really; if it brings joy to their life, then that’s my job done.” See Sara Paxton’s work at Art Nuvo, 25 Gloucester Road, Buderim. 5456 2445 or

Over 45 artists on permanent display with a different featured artist each month...

September: De Gillett Cox

October: Jacaranda Exhibition

November: Judy Dalozzo

MONTVILLE ART GALLERY Open 7 days at 138 Main Street, Montville QLD 4560


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28/08/2020 2:02:31 PM





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27/08/2020 10:29:45 AM

DURING THE PHOTO SHOOT for this magazine, artist Tony Lewis gave wife Dawn a cheeky kiss on the forehead and she smiled at him before they both turned and smiled at the camera. And as it turns out, cheekiness is very much in character for the 96-year-old artist. In fact, according to Dawn – who shares Tony’s love of watercolour, a talent with the paint brush and a career in the international art scene spanning decades – cheekiness is what sums up the way the pair met. “I was born in Wellington, New Zealand, and I began my work in commercial art there,” Dawn says. “But I eventually moved to Auckland, continued to paint and I became well known for drawing old buildings and houses in pen and ink,” she says. “It was there that I actually became aware of Tony, after I attended a few of his exhibitions. “I used to wonder what type of man he would be because I loved his art so much,” she laughs. “But we never met while we were both in Auckland.” It wasn’t until Dawn moved to Hamilton to work in an art gallery, sell her art and build her home that, much to her surprise, Tony came in with some of his work. “The gallery owner was a friend of his, and it was a little funny because when Tony came in, the first thing he did was ask the owner if I was married. He said ‘no, would you like to take her out to dinner’ and we were married six months later.” After the two were married, they lived on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand for a number of years where they set up a studio. Every year on New Year’s Eve, they held exhibitions with a number of other talented artists. “It was so wonderful,” Dawn says. “The artists would come, hang their art and just hang out. Tony and I would sell almost everything we hung and everyone just had so much fun; those were the days.” In 1997, they made the move across the sea to Australia, settling initially in Buderim for six years before buying their home in Twin Waters, where they have been ever since. “It is so wonderful here; we


Gallery Features 2020 September

‘Ageless Beauty’

- Tony & Dawn Lewis


‘An Array of Clay’ - Gallery ceramic artists November

‘Animal Attraction’ - Cynthia House December


- Our Christmas exhibition Art on Cairncross

Cairncross Corner, 3 Panorama Place, Maleny, Qld. P. 07- 5429 6404


Open Wednesday to Sunday - 10.30am to 5pm SALTMAGAZINE.COM.AU

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31/08/2020 10:42:10 AM

I always try to convey a sense of happiness with the use of shadow, light and colour.

love our home and we each have a studio that we still paint in while listening to classical music together. It takes you into a different world,” Dawn says. While the trip across the Pacific Ocean was the first big move for Dawn, for Tony it certainly wasn’t the first time he had packed up his life and settled overseas. Born in London in 1924, Tony lived an adventurous life. He served in the Royal Navy during the Second World War, and even created two Christmas table decorations for Prince Charles. And that’s before we even touch on his accolades as an internationally recognised artist. “I have always loved art, and I suppose that came from my father who had a talent as an illustrator,” Tony says. “I remember the first time I decided to buy a set of paints was actually after I saw Sir Russell Flint’s work at the Royal Academy, London. It was incredible and I was inspired.” Since that significant day, Tony’s art went from passion to career, he moved to New Zealand and met Dawn. It’s a story that makes them both smile as they reminisce. “Tony and I have both exhibited all over New Zealand and Australia, including having works at Art on Cairncross, in Maleny, and Art Nuvo in Buderim,” Dawn says. “Tony’s first-ever exhibition was actually a sell-out.” 112

112.indd 1


27/08/2020 10:30:25 AM

Not only that, he has also spent most of his adult life tutoring other artists, judging art awards, winning awards and being published in multiple books. “He was even featured in the first edition of International Artist [magazine],” Dawn says. And it’s not hard to see why. There is a saying that you can see into an artist’s soul by looking at their work, and after meeting Tony and Dawn, I’d say that rings true. Dawn has a caring presence; composed yet vibrant and happy. And so does her work. I was swept away to a cottage in New Zealand looking at one piece, transported to a garden bursting with colour in another, the third sent me to a field somewhere in Tuscany. “I love using watercolour to paint, and I always try to convey a sense of happiness with the use of shadow, light and colour,” Dawn says. “I enjoy small corners of the world, flowers and colour, homesteads and old houses because of the stories they can tell.” Her artwork is also displayed on beautiful cards and bookmarks and she has won numerous accolades over the years.

As for Tony, his love lies in water, the light, the atmosphere and expressing the mood in his art. Tony’s work reminds me of the early morning, or those moments right before the sun sets; the moodiness of the environment, the ripple of the water. His art truly does draw you in and ask you to feel. And that’s exactly his intention. “As soon as I can, I establish the mood I’m trying to create,” Tony says. “The idea is to keep it simple and understand that less is more. Painting wet on wet can really ask a question of the viewer too, as nothing is spelt out; rather I leave it to their imagination,” he says. “Planning out your work is very important too. I use sepia or just a thumbnail sketch to crystallise into my mind the finished painting and I have always found that the more you have a sketch book in your hand the more you will grow.” And his advice to other artists is “have fun, it’s only a piece of paper”. See Tony and Dawn’s work at Art on Cairncross, Cairncross Corner, 3 Panorama Place, Maleny. 5429 6404 or

The Sunshine Coast Art Prize is one of the most dynamic and prestigious visual art awards in Australia; reflecting contemporary arts practice from across the country. The diverse range of 40 works by established and emerging artists from across the country will be showcased in an exhibition at Caloundra Regional Gallery from 16 October to 6 December 2020.

22 Omrah Avenue, Caloundra 07 5420 8299 @caloundraregionalgallery Michael Nelson Jagamara | The Old Men | 2019 | acrylic on canvas | 100 x 140cm Proudly supported by


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28/08/2020 2:04:10 PM



NEW YORK RAMBLING (DETAIL) BY MIRIAM INNES, Noosa Regional Gallery. Image courtesy of Logan City Council


Take a moment to peruse some of the finest works from some of the best galleries on the Coast.

ONGOING 1. PAUL SMITH IMAGES Featuring stunning landscape and aerial photography from this incredible part of the world, this space is definitely worth exploring. when ongoing where Paul Smith Images, shop 1, 16 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction. 0405 834 864 or


2. SALLY HAYES ART STUDIO Montville artist Sally Hayes has created a vibrant gallery and studio space, where patrons can enjoy a chat while watching the artist work, surrounded by her colourful, quirky pieces. when ongoing where Sally Hayes Art Studio, 127-133 Main Street, Montville. 0439 726 836


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27/08/2020 10:31:08 AM

3. GARNER-MORRIS GALLERY The works of Olga Garner-Morris and other talented artists are showcased in Olga’s beautiful Buderim home. when ongoing where Garner-Morris Gallery, 201 Ballinger Road, Buderim. 5478 2418 or 4. SPRING EXHIBITION Hearts and Minds Art continues to showcase a stunning range of works by artists including Maree Welman, Tamara Sewoff, Kate Piekutowski, Phillip Rolton, Leigh Karen Joyce, Sara Paxton, Jeanette Smith, Elizabeth Gair-Palmer, Pepi Wren, Glenn Doyle and Vaughan Robinson. when ongoing where Hearts and Minds Art, 1 Hastings Street, Noosa Heads. 0418 108 299 or





“Italian Winter” A series of hand-painted oil over ink art works, inspired by Inese Owen’s photographic sojourn in Italy. Enjoy a champagne preview 12 noon - 4pm, Saturday, 17th October 2020.

201 BALLINGER ROAD, BUDERIM PH 54782418 MOB 0466 116 007


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28/08/2020 2:05:33 PM


TO BEE OR NOT TO BEE BY SOPHY BLAKE, Sculpture on the Edge

SEPTEMBER 5. BIRDSONGS OF MONTE LUPO An exhibition of unique handmade garden sculptures made by people with special needs. when see Art Nuvo website for details where Art Nuvo, 25 Gloucester Road, Buderim. 5456 2445 or 6. AGELESS BEAUTY This exhibition features quietly engaging watercolours by inspirational couple Tony Lewis and Dawn Lewis, each with their own beautiful approach to their subjects. Most are landscapes, and all have atmosphere, born of great skill and bringing much-needed calm. when now to September 27 where Art on Cairncross, Cairncross Corner, 3 Panorama Place, Maleny. 5429 6404 or 116

116.indd 1

7. SEPTEMBER EXHIBITION Montville Art Gallery’s feature artist for September is De Gillett Cox. De’s sumptuous paintings offer an unfettered celebration of life, with brilliant colours, light and movement. when September 1 to 30 where Montville Art Gallery, 138 Main Street, Montville. 5442 9211 or 8. EXTRACTS Local artist Rowley Drysdale is known as one of Australia’s foremost ceramic artists. He works primarily in ceramics, sculpture and mixed media. when September 19 to November 7 where Noosa Regional Gallery, 9 Pelican Street, Tewantin. 5329 6145 or

9. PENANCE AND REPENTANCE French-born Australian Beatrice Prost is a multi-media artist who lives and works in the Noosa hinterland. Her works are created using techniques she has developed herself. when September 19 to November 7 where Noosa Regional Gallery, 9 Pelican Street, Tewantin. 5329 6145 or

OCTOBER 10. OCTOBER EXHIBITION Montville Art Gallery salutes the jacaranda! The gallery’s artists are all taking part in an exhibition of this wonderful tree, so there will be a mixture of styles and techniques, but all including the jacaranda in all its glory. when October 1 to 31 where Montville Art Gallery, 138 Main Street, Montville. 5442 9211 or


27/08/2020 10:31:43 AM

…ȸǣǕǣȇƏǼ ȸɎɯȒȸǸɀ


nǣȅǣɎƺƳ 0ƳǣɎǣȒȇ ¨ȸǣȇɎɀ

!ƏȸƳɀ ۭ JǣǔɎɀ

RƏȇƳ‫ٮ‬ȵȸǣȇɎƺƳ ƫƏȅƫȒȒ ِِِ nƏƳǣƺɀ ³ǼƺƺȵɯƺƏȸ ³ƬƏȸɮƺɀ Á‫ٮ‬³ǝǣȸɎɀ

RƏȇƳ‫ٮ‬ȵȸǣȇɎƺƳ ƬƏǼǣƬȒ ɎȒɎƺ ƫƏǕɀ


127-133 Main St, Montville 0439 726 836 sallyhayesmontville




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31/08/2020 10:41:25 AM




4 15. FURUSATO: PATTERNS FROM PILGRIMAGE Elysha Rei is a Japanese-Australian visual artist whose work draws on her mixed heritage and lived experiences. when November 14 to January 23, 2021 where Noosa Regional Gallery, 9 Pelican Street, Tewantin. 5329 6145 or 16. DANIEL AGDAG: MISCELLANEOUS ASSEMBLIES Melbourne artist and filmmaker Daniel Agdag creates fantastical sculptures of machines, gears and technological structures. when November 14 to January 23, 2021 where Noosa Regional Gallery, 9 Pelican Street, Tewantin. 5329 6145 or



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11. AN ARRAY OF CLAY A mesmerising display of ceramics from vessels to sculptures by the gallery ceramicists including Ann O’Connor, Rowley Drysdale, Johanna De Maine, Yvonne Bouwman, Lynn McDowell, Gerry O’Connor and Carol Forster to show the incredible range of artwork to be created from clay. when October 3 to 31 where Art on Cairncross, Cairncross Corner, 3 Panorama Place, Maleny. 5429 6404 or

13. NOVEMBER EXHIBITION Long-time gallery artist Judy Dalozzo is Montville Art Gallery’s featured artist in November. Judy uses mixed media, oils and gold leaf to produce gorgeous contemporary still lifes and floral works. when November 1 to 31 where Montville Art Gallery, 138 Main Street, Montville. 5442 9211 or

12. SCULPTURE ON THE EDGE Sculpture On The Edge is an outdoor sculpture prize held in the hinterland and open to artists across Australia. The free exhibition is set in the stunning natural settings at Spicers Tamarind Retreat and open to the public in November. when October 31 to November 15 where Spicers Tamarind Retreat, 88 Obi Lane South, Maleny.

14. ANIMAL ATTRACTION Cynthia House’s passion about endangered species is palpable in her paintings, which depict the power and vulnerability of each creature. Her precise images of the animals convey the soft fur through to knowing eyes. when November 7 to 29 where Art on Cairncross, Cairncross Corner, 3 Panorama Place, Maleny. 5429 6404 or


17. NEW YORK RAMBLING Irish artist Miriam Innes is best known for her drawings and large-scale charcoal installations of hyper-realistic city streetscapes. when November 14 to January 23, 2021 where Noosa Regional Gallery, 9 Pelican Street, Tewantin. 5329 6145 or

DECEMBER 18. PRECIOUS – CHRISTMAS DELIGHTS Expect originality and quality at this exhibition, which is a great place to pick up Christmas gifts or small pleasures for yourself. Make Christmas precious with a memorable impression and a gift of lasting joy. when December 3 to 27 where Art on Cairncross, Cairncross Corner, 3 Panorama Place, Maleny. 5429 6404 or


27/08/2020 10:32:28 AM


Explore the region’s many galleries, artists’ studios and antique stores from Noosa down to Caloundra.

Buderim Art Nuvo, 25 Gloucester Road, 5456 2445 Garner-Morris Gallery, 201 Ballinger Road, 5478 2418 Koningen Art, 0490 778 462 Tiffany Jones, 0407 452 024 Caloundra Caloundra Regional Gallery, 22 Omrah Avenue, 5420 8299 Cooroy Cooroy Butter Factory Arts Centre, 11A Maple Street, 5442 6665

Maleny Art Direct, 21 Maple Street, 0413 885 220 Peace Of Green Gallery, 38 Maple Street, 5499 9311 Mapleton Art Antique Antlers, 3/1 Post Office Road, 0414 782 079 Moffat Beach Seaview Artists Gallery, 4 Seaview Terrace, 5491 4788 Montville Montville Art Gallery, 138 Main Street, 5442 9211

Doonan Art by Brooks, 0417 071 336

The Opalcutter, 4/171-183 Main Street, 5442 9598

Eumundi Artisans Gallery, 43 Caplick Way, 0409 848 098

Australis of Montville Antiques, 160-162 Main Street, 5442 9400

David Suters Timber Craftsman, 43 Caplick Way, 0413 509 482 Red Desert Gallery, 46 Caplick Way, 0414 504 360 Forest Glen The Shed, 1/319 Mons Road, 5479 6603 Glenview Opals Down Under, 11 Ballantyne Court, 5494 5400

Illume Creations Gallery, 4/127-133 Main Street, 5478 5440 Ben Messina Landscapes Gallery, 178 Main Street, 5478 5164 Sally Hayes Art Studio, 6/133 Main Street, 0439 726 836 Mooloolaba Avenue J, 14/47-51 Mooloolaba Esplanade, 5444 4422

Solitude Art, 163 Glenview Road, 0413 013 882

Bluechip Investment Art Galleries, 23/13 Mooloolaba Esplanade, 5452 5600

Maleny Art On Cairncross, 3 Panorama Place, 5429 6404

Gallery Beneath, 81 Mooloolaba Esplanade, 5444 7775

David Linton Gallery, 14 Maple Street, 5429 6831

Noosa Heads Enigmatic Drawings, 75 Hastings Street, 0490 395 346

Hearts and Minds Art, 1 Hastings Street, 0407 840 745 Isabella’s Fine & Antique Jewellery, 2/41-47 Hastings Street, 5449 2626 Jive Art + Design, 3/2 Hastings Street, 5455 3308 Poeta Herford On Hastings, 5/62 Hastings Street, 5455 4899 Noosaville Noosa Arts & Crafts, 1 Wallace Drive, 5474 1211 Art Vision, 4/47 Gateway Drive, 0400 490 720 Peregian Beach The Gallery Peregian Beach, 12 Grebe Street, 5448 2314 Pomona Pomona Railway Station Gallery, 10 Station Street, 5485 2950 Sippy Downs University of the Sunshine Coast Art Gallery, 90 Sippy Downs Drive, 5459 4645 Tewantin Noosa Regional Gallery, 9 Pelican Street, 5329 6145 Tinbeerwah Phillips Gallery, 0406 198 300 Art Tours Noosa, 0424 456 877 Yandina Yandina Historic House, 3 Pioneer Road, 5472 7181 Stevens Street Gallery, 2 Stevens Street, 0448 051 720


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SF state forest

major road

NP national park

minor road

golf courses



ON THE COVER: Noosa Heads

Map Disclaimer: This map was not created to any scale, and no claim is made to its accuracy. Most natural features are eliminated, as are changes in elevation. This map does provide a starting point for finding your way around. Map depicted is subject to change.


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27/08/2020 10:33:18 AM

L a n d S a l e s C e n t r e : 17 H i d d e n P l a c e, S u n s h i n e C o ve, M a r o o c hyd o r e R e a l E s t a te A g e n c y : 21 F l i n d e r s L a n e, S u n s h i n e C o ve, M a r o o c hyd o r e

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28/08/2020 11:37:39 AM


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31/08/2020 3:26:45 PM

Profile for salt magazine

Salt spring 2020  

Salt magazine is a quarterly tourism and lifestyle publication based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Salt spring 2020  

Salt magazine is a quarterly tourism and lifestyle publication based on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.


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